Save the Environment – By Killing Yourself!

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Toyota has the ultimate – the final – solution – for the problem of human-caused “climate change.” Have a gander:

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  1. If environmentalism restricted itself to truly caring for our natural resources, I would have no problem with it. However, with the secret science and questionable funding that these environmental groups possess taints the whole barrel. It turns out that many claims that environmentalists make have no basis in fact and are not based on good, honest, scientific investigation. This is why environmental scientists have to hide their data, as it does not fit their agenda. A good example of this is the so-called global warming crap, now renamed climate change. For one, the climate is always changing. The East Anglia emails in which data was purposely falsified by climate scientists comes to mind. Not only that, the climate scientists purposely installed temperature monitoring sensors in cities, contrary to manufacturers recommendations and good scientific practices, in asphalt-covered parking lots, and other heat sink areas in order to prove their (faulty) hypothesis. This is scientific dishonesty at its worst.
    It turns out that the solar system is in a cooling cycle due to decreased solar activity. There are two long-term solar cycles that reinforce themselves when in phase and cancel themselves out when out-of-phase. Look up the Maunder minimum. There are no SUVs on Mars or other planets, yet they are also experiencing the same solar variability.
    Environmentalism has been the method used to impose communist principles on western society, especially in the USA.
    Environmentalists are not content with promoting clean water, air and land, but are hell-bent on controlling human behavior, and yes, promoting extermination plans for much of humanity as these anointed types consider mankind to be a pestilence (except for themselves) to be reduced in population by any means necessary.
    Environmentalists HATE the God-given concept of private property and have imposed government-backed and enforced land use controls on private property owners without compensation, clearly an unconstitutional taking of private property. If environmentalists want to control land use, let them purchase it themselves, not by government force. Today the only method of negating government-imposed land use restrictions is shoot, shovel, and shut up.
    If environmentalists had their way, the earth’s human population would be reduced by approximately 90%, with the remainder to (be forced) to live in cities, in soviet-style high rise apartments, utilizing bicycles, buses and trains for transportation. The use of automobiles and access to pristine wilderness (rural) areas would be off-limits to us mere mortals, and would only be available for these anointed environmentalists.
    The endangered species act is another abuse of environmentalism. Species are always changing, to adapt to their environments-survival if the fittest. In fact, the hoopla over the spotted owl (that placed much northwest timber land off-limits to logging) turned out to be nothing but scientific misconduct and arrogance. There are virtually identical species in other parts of the northwest.
    More scientific malpractice occurred when government biologists attempted to plant lynx fur in certain areas to provide an excuse for making those areas off-limits for logging or development. Fortunately, these scientists were caught, however, no punishment was imposed.
    In order to promote the false religion of “global warming” aka “climate change”, NASA “scientists” purposely installed temperature sensors in city parking lots and roads contrary to good scientific principles and practices in order to “skew” the “global warming” results.
    In a nutshell, today’s environmentalism IS communism like watermelon-green on the outside and red (communist) on the inside.
    It is interesting to note that communist and third-world countries have the WORST environmental conditions on the planet. Instead of the USA and other developed countries spending billions to get rid of that last half-percent of pollution, it would behoove the communist countries to improve their conditions first. Here is a question for you environmentalists: Why is there a push for restrictive environmental regulations, but only on the developed first-world countries, and not the gross polluters such as India and China?

    • Anarchyst , the reason they focus on the developed world, is that outside of that they are laughed at. China and India are major nuclear powers. They aren’t going to damage their
      countries because some Greenie nut cases stomp their little feet and exclaim “How Dare You!”.
      Absent the backing of the Empire, very little of this nonsense would be taken seriously.
      Anyone who has any background and common sense can tell its just not practical. But
      this is about ideology, not reality.

    • Haha! So true, Mike! Would be a great anti-car-jacking feature if the car-jacker were able to get into the car…. Car stolen? Just press a button on a little secondary remote, and incinerate the bastard!

      [I owe ya some replies, Mike. I was having posting problems, which Eric and his computer dude have resolved!]

  2. I keeping wondering about how people say that the covid hoax is for total control over the lives of people. Not that I would put that past the average politician these days but…

    What are they going to do with 330 million people?

    Unlike the killing fields of Cambodia or the communist takeover of China, there aren’t enough fields for 330M people to plow or fruit to pick. Not enough farm animals to attend. Or even burgers to flip or things to clean.

    If every person in this country were instantly decreed as now being a slave, the vast majority would (at least attempt to) do nothing. They’d have in mind, the govt. dole, video games, surfing the web, getting high/drunk and hanging around.

    Does anyone really think that people that would go to these lengths for “total control” are going to allow that scenario? I don’t think anyone actually does think that.

    So, what *are* they going to do with “total control” of millions of useless and unproductive people… for the common good?

    • Soylent Green?… If They are shape shifting lizard people, from another dimension, perhaps They are here to farm humans? Or perhaps its just the usual power mad “elite”, who see themselves as the natural Over Lords of the world? Keep in mind, that if they actually believe their own nonsense, they think that unless they take really drastic action, the entire human species is going to be wiped out. Thus ANY action they take is to their minds justified. Or could it be Satan?… 🙂

    • Hi EM,

      This is a difficult question. The answer is something along the lines of what was said by the Left about having to pass (I think it was Obamacare) in order to find out what’s in it.

      We won’t know for sure until it’s over – or we’re in it.

      We can, however, know something very bad is afoot. It is indisputable that a mass hysteria has been deliberately fomented all over the world, in a concerted manner that is unprecedented in its extremity and ferocity. It is indisputable that strange and dangerous drugs are being pushed on the population, with the implicit precedent being that our “health” is meant to become a matter of “public concern.” It is beyond debate that a “technocratic” managerial elite comprised of billionaires who wield unprecedented wealth and who control a relative handful of interlocking international corporations exists – and is the driving force behind both.

      We don’t know whether they merely intend to establish a kind of panopticon control grid that will make it very difficult to be disobedient – but without the overt/Stalinist-style tyranny of the past – in order to create a kind of worldwide “company town” that will both enrich them and satisfy their sick lust to control the “cattle” (us) . . . or something much more sinister.

      All we can know for certain is that it’s sinister – and that it must be opposed by any and every means we can bring to bear,

    • What are they going to do with 330 million people?

      Corral us, inject us, tax us, have us only shop at the company store, keep us as a captive market for the preferred cronies, use us as cannon fodder, use us to gain power and wealth, control us, etc. In other words, enslave us. This had been the elites plan for millennia. It’s a constant battle that must be continuously resisted.

  3. It’ll be the Darwin Award edition with the Dracula interior design.

    It will have the special seppuku backrest.

    Just a better world.

    • The first iteration had the spike coming out of the seat instead of the backrest- but that was causing disproportionate numbers of homos to buy the cars, and homos are not marked for eradication, since they do not reproduce. But they were snapping up those cars faster than they could pack their shit the time TWA was selling $29 airline tickets to San Francisco!

  4. Don’t think that there isn’t anyone out there that thinks this is a good idea.

    Though I’ve noticed they are never the first to volunteer.

    • Even if “Global Warming” were truly an issue, one would have to be a psycho to advocate the agendas which purport to fight it. They want to kill off the better part of humanity; Can’t have cows or large populations of other large animals because of their farts….. Someone who went into a coma in 1985 and awakened today would think we were making this crap up- that it can’t possibly be real….but here we are, and the majority around us actually buy into the BS.

      So what is the overt goal of the ‘environment savers’? If their efforts to ‘save the environment’ (As if they could, as if it needed saving) require the mass elimination of life- human and animal- and a return to the ‘stone age’ for those who are allowed to live…what then would be their point in saving the environment, if not so that that environment can support and nurture life? Instead, it becomes a god to whom life, including human life, is literally sacrificed.

      They’re essentially saying: “Destroy life to save the environment whose function is to nurture life”- and for what? So that rocks can continue to exist? It is a death cult, and the return to a primitivism thaty literally worships nature.

        • Anon, there definitely has to be something more to it than what meets the eye, because the agenda they are pursuing clearly transcends even wealth and power, since ultimately it will result in the destruction of the very sources of their wealth and power.

          • Nunz, I refuse to be baited that transparently… 🙂
            What we are seeing can be perfectly explained by
            human lust for power, mental derangement, and malice.
            We don’t need to drag in extra dimensional Sources
            of Evil™ or other such props. Humans are more than
            capable of creating any amount of evil, death and destruction
            that we see all around us, all on their own.


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