It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like . . .

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It’s important to be careful about assuming the worst – as opposed to those who purvey the worst. Like the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

But even if it’s not the worst, it’s already pretty bad. Have a look at this video; stay with it. The first 30 seconds or so – which assume the worst – isn’t the thing to focus on. Watch the rest, which is hard to avoiding drawing some pretty awful assumptions from:

Such scenes – especially as regards healthy young athletes keeling over – were once extremely rare. Once every decade rare. Now, for some odd reason, they are becoming regular occurrences. Weekly, even daily occurrences.

Kids are developing heart problems – a thing which used to be something kids were essentially immune from manifesting.

In sane times, such strange developments would be . . . reported. Questions would be asked. Answers demanded.

Instead, the “reporting” focuses on the “variant” that has killed far fewer people than the number of people you can watch keeling over in this video. And the answer given? More of the thing which, in all likelihood, is the proximate cause of all this keeling over.

Get the Jab! Get it (summoning Ahhnold voice) now… !

Never mind the bodies actually stacking up. Nothing to see here.

Just keep on counting “cases.”

People are lining up – many of them in the cold – to find out whether they are a “case.” And thus, increase the mass hysteria, which serves to drown out what people ought to be panicking about, which isn’t being reported.

Thousands have dropped dead who weren’t elderly or sick.

They have one thing in common, which no one is supposed to notice – even when it’s staring them in the face.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

What’s the common denominator? 

The PR agencies of the pharmaceutical cartels made sure to publicize the alarming (and staged) images of people keeling over in China, two years ago – some of them gushing blood from their noses and mouths. These images were used to terrify people about “the virus,” headed our way.

Does anyone remember?

We were all going to die! Well, millions of us – so we were told. Also that granny would die – if kids didn’t “mask.”

Almost no one is dying of the Moronicon, the latest “variant.”

But a week doesn’t pass without someone – often a young athlete in the prime of life and in prime condition – passing out (sometimes, permanently) right there on live TeeVee.

But never mind that. Don’t panic.

The Jab is “safe” – and “effective,” too!

. . .

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  1. anon 1

    Complete A to Z story behind the fraud PCR “test”:

    1990s: The inventor of the PCR test – Kary Mullis – says that the PCR test cannot tell you if your are sick (1:46 Min Video)….video in link

    July 2020: Fauci says that any positive COVID-19 case that was discovered with a PCR test using a cycle threshold value higher than 35 is a false positive (1:10 Min Video)… in link

    2020 – 2021: Every PCR test provider uses a cycle threshold value higher than 35.

    January 2007: The New York Times reports in that the misuse of the PCR test can cause the appearance of epidemics that do not actually exist due to its high false positive rate.

    August 2020: The New York Times reports that the PCR test has a false positive rate for COVID-19 in the neighborhood of 90%.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, positive cases have driven everything: masks, social distancing, lockdowns, economic and food destruction, mental and physical health destruction, the arrested development of millions of children, a large number of preventable suicides, and a bevy of new, rushed, and barely tested vaccines.

    Given that then, let us take an objective look at the main COVID-19 test, PCR, which determined whether a person was infected with SARS CoV-2 or not – all the while keeping in mind that positive case counts were the primary driver of the aforementioned restrictions.

    July 2021: By December of 2021 the CDC will no longer accept the current PCR Test Results to determine if someone is infected with SARS CoV-2.

    1990s: The inventor of the PCR test – Kary Mullis – says that the PCR test cannot tell you if your are sick (1:46 Min Video).

    July 2020: Fauci says that any positive COVID-19 case that was discovered with a PCR test using a cycle threshold value higher than 35 is a false positive (1:10 Min Video).
    2020 – 2021: Every PCR test provider uses a cycle threshold value higher than 35.
    So all positives are false…so people lost jobs, were fired, businesses were destroyed, the economy was destroyed, there was/is forced lockdowns and masking, people were banned from society, couldn’t travel, were demonized (the new Jews), based on a fraud test people and little children were shoved/forced to take an extermination injection, millions were injured or died from the injections and the unvaxxed are now being hunted down.

    January 2007: The New York Times reports in that the misuse of the PCR test can cause the appearance of epidemics that do not actually exist due to its high false positive rate.

    August 2020: The New York Times reports that the PCR test has a false positive rate for COVID-19 in the neighborhood of 90%.

    May 2021: The CDC will no longer accept PCR test results of vaccinated individuals diagnosed with breakthrough COVID-19 infections if the PCR cycle threshold is above 28. Why? To make the vaccine look like it is working, and because they know the PCR test is useless at cycle threshold values above 28.

    ATTENTION IMPORTANT: February 2020: Finally, the COVID-19 PCR test is not even able to look for SARS CoV-2 because SARS CoV-2 had not been isolated when they created the COVID-19 PCR test, and instead they made a bunch of assumptions about what to look for and ran with it. Let that sink in.

    December 2020: But wait there’s more! The COVID-19 PCR test may not be able to differentiate between bacteria and a virus!

    All videos and images of articles in link:

  2. Yeah, gee, what the hell IS the “Jab” supposedly “effective” at?

    Preventing transmission? Where the “Gubmint” holds sway, as in commercial air travel, we see the stupid face diaper edicts as much in effect as ever, “jabbed” or not. There’s ample evidence that what should be what would aptly named the “Xi” variant (the proper Greek letter in sequence instead of Omicron) spreads MORE among the “jabbed” than the remaining unvaxxed.

    Reducing symptoms? No way to tell, as there’s just as much of a case that the latest “variant” is simply a WEAKER mutation, that is, much less danger to the general population. BTW, everytime the Xiden regime faces further evidence that it’s a complete clusterfuck, funny how another “variant” crops up to mask said failures, or to impose further tyranny.

    The actions of the current (mal)Administration seem about as dumb as the fictional country, based on the then-extant German National Socialist regime, portrayed in this classic Three Stooges short. At least Moe, Larry, and Curly KNEW it was just an act. Why, even if “Curley Joe” DeRita were still around, he could run things better than the current crop of “knuckleheads”. Why yew…


    • safe and effective injections

      they never clarified what that meant.

      safe means it was safer for them to use injections instead of something more obvious like firearms, some people might shoot back………

      effective means the injection is effective for the depopulation agenda. depopulation agenda? money is gone, stolen, no pension or benefit money for the herd, so cull the herd before they wake up……

    • shearing……

      The bioweapon is the Covid vaccine. Isn’t it obvious? They can’t activate the weapon until they have very high vaccination rates. (Plant high tech gernade type medical devices in you, set them off when they are ready),

      The boosters are to replace the deadly agents that are being eliminated from people’s bodies over time. The mass die off will unintentionally destroy all progress from the last thousand years. Those who are left will become peasants over night.

      another cool feature of the injections:
      the combination of injecting metal nano particles and then applying high intensity 5g emf which makes the metal move around to cause shearing (shearing rips apart your organs).

      if you turn 5g up to 60 ghz (some people call this the kill switch) it makes the metal bits move around, oscillate, causing shearing, tearing your organs apart, it is like a ball bearing flying around inside a watermelon, but it is your brain or other organs. these satanists are sick bastards, now they want to do it to children.

      from zh comments……..
      gotta wonder if those kids at that travis concert got fried by stimulating the graphene superconductors in their bloodstreams via 5g radiation, it sure looked like it and i have seen no more credible explanation – news calls it a stampede, but they were dying just standing there, handing bodies overhead like sacks of rice at a unicef giveaway.

  3. Another thing, after reading the comments on this thread, & elsewhere on the net, it’s quite obvious we’re all considered test subjects in a grand experiment … and with the exception of those here & there, No Body Says A Fuckin’ Word!

    It’s like most everybody is A-ok with being a lab rat!

    W.T.H.? …I think perhaps some people are correct, the mass of humanity has either been hypnotized, or else God has allowed everyone to believe in a grand delusion.

    I’m not sure there’s a difference between the two.

  4. I went through the comments in this thread, and a few others -regrettably – sometimes, too quickly. I wish I had time to read them, deeply. And, to respond. Especially when bacterial infections were lumped in with so-called viruses, like they are the same. Psft.

    Maybe, someday, there will be an A.I. which condenses all that I read? ( I hope not) Or, better, some body with more time & talent than I.

    This thread had some very ‘good stuff’ in it. It probably encompassed The whole world wide con going on.

    It is a con. … A long con. It’s sad to see people fall for it. Bits & pieces, all.

    I’m reminded often of the guy here who wrote, ~ if you believe some of it, you believe All of it.

    • Hello from the UK

      Thank you for your comment. Bacterial diseases are different to viruses as you suggest. Bacteria are biological, viruses are chemical.

      I have had a go a condensing the issues with Covid 19 and the evil agenda. Which goes back to the usual suspects. Vaccination is an anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’, which gives a big clue.

      Covid 19 Summary on my site contains sub-links to various issues and those behind it. I do use humour to lighten the mood and help make the points.

      Happy New Year

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

  5. anon 1

    Protests over post-vaccination deaths spread across South Korea

    One of the most vaccinated nations on earth is seeing increased public pushback over Covid-19 jabs, as demonstrators in South Korea are demanding accountability for deaths that they blame on the shots.
    Aggrieved demonstrators held up large portraits of deceased family members and testified as to how their loved ones died soon after being vaccinated against Covid-19. Protesters called for the government to identify the causes of adverse reactions and admit that vaccines are to blame

    in other countries if you say these injections cause injuries they say you are insane and give you psychiatric drugs

  6. Anonymous
    You wrote;”

    “How does this end? It starts with you personally choosing not to further false narratives about the “one virus” as cause of this or that when you interact in person and online. Every time you mention “it” as a “reality” you publicly proclaim a belief in covidism, which is inescapable no matter how many caveats you attach or how much blame you ascribe to some person or how much you disagree with everything done in “it’s” name after the fact.
    There is a thing as cold and flu season. Always was, always will be. Some people get sick and die, mostly the old and infirm but occasionally for no good reason. Always was, always will be.”
    I recently tried to tell a friend what is meant by the term “isolation” in regards to the so-called virus. He is very familiar with landfills. I told him that if someone said that there was a certain kind of boot in his landfill there is only one way to know for sure if it’s the truth. You will have to go there and separate every item in that fill until there is nothing else left. When done, if the boot is there you will be able to clearly “see” it. It will have been “isolated”.
    Until this is done everything said or believed is just speculation.
    You and I, and some others are well aware of Jon Rappaport and all that he has done to point out the fact that this has never been done with the item in question.
    It bugs the hell out of me to hear and read all the BS by so many that they promote the lie about this crap is real. Even the Doc on Rogan who acknowledges its existence just by his going along with the lie that it is out there.
    I thought Rogan might be the real deal but he is also a phony because he never asked the one most important question. “Have you seen this so-called virus? Have you “isolated” it?” “How have you proved to yourself that it really exists?” “Can you PROVE its existence beyond any doubt?”
    Until someone, anyone answers these questions, I don’t even want to discuss this subject with them.
    I think that the reason Eric hasn’t gotten sick from IT is because IT isn’t out there to begin with.
    When someone who is obviously not qualified makes a statement like: ” There are seven hundred million viruses on Earth on a daily basis. It is delusional to believe that one (or a few) aren’t going to migrate into something more. “, I have to wonder who is delusional or maybe they just don’t know the meaning of that word.
    I’m 82. I haven’t touched a mask yet. No needles, aka lethal weapons. I haven’t been sick or even uncomfortable save for my old knees. Lots of miles there.
    Like you, I won’t stop demanding that it be Proven by isolation so that I and everyone else who wants to, can look at it in real time.
    I think you and I have a mutual problem. We tend to forget to first see if we are dealing with an open and rational mind before we start trying to get through the door.
    We can read in Isiah about the arrogant Harlot who brags; “…none seeth me.” Ah, but a few do.


    • Censorship:
      There is no such thing as free speech, that is pretty funny.
      The two main subjects that are censored right now are climate change (including EV’s) and viruses/diseases.

      The leftists control all communications, only their narrative is allowed.

      Use one word outside their narrative on climate change and you will be mocked, banned, deplatformed, demonized. A climate nazi will jump out of the bushes and attack.

      Use one word (or do or not anything) outside their narrative on viruses/diseases and you will be mocked, banned, deplatformed, demonized and soon jailed, you are a biosecurity terrorist. Banning speech on this narrative goes way back, it has been banned since 1933, say one word and a germ nazi will jump out of the bushes and attack…..

      The infection theories were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.” There is a good reason, it is the most profitable business in history, plus population control and controlling the useless eaters.

      you are only allowed to talk about meaningless things like cat videos.

      • Anonymous
        I just finished reading the thread you suggested. Thanks for pointing it out. Some quite interesting stuff there.
        The one thing that really turns me off regarding Rogan is that years ago I learned, ( or somone? showed me) that I didn’t have to use every filthy and derogatory word on the planet in order to try to get my point across.
        Rogan, Jones, Carlson, et al are paid by somebody.
        I read a comment from decades ago that says; “Through the press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade.” I don’t think that TV had even been imagined yet at that time. The comment was not made with anything but absolute assurance that it was true. They were not guessing. They knew. “They” laid out the whole explanation of how they had done it and what they would do with it. Talk about something that will make your blood run both cold and hot.
        Power once obtained will not be relinquished voluntarily. Nor will endless begging and pleading do it. One has to discover exactly who and what they are dealing with before any hope of regaining control can even be hoped for.

      • You’re absolutely right.

        “There simply is no ‘virus pandemic,’ there is no Covid-19, and there are no variants of same, because no such thing as SARS CoV-2 or Covid has ever been separated, isolated, identified, or shown to exist. Not one sample from any sick human claimed to have this mystery disease, has ever been properly qualified or quantified. In addition, no PCR test can identify or diagnose any particular ‘virus,’ especially one that has never been proven to exist, so how can this scam be believed based on this nonsense? This is nothing more than a purposeful conspiratorial propaganda campaign being used to corral the easily led masses into accepting their own slavery.”
        Gary Barnet/Lew Rockwell/1/3/22

        • To add to the list of self-evident questions:

          Why is a PCR tool being used to “detect the virus”? Why don’t they use a blood test, tissue sample, etc.?

            • note….all autopsies were banned…..
              No one has died FROM the corona virus

              according to Dr. Stoian Alexov, a veteran and highly renowned Bulgarian doctor.
              Dr. Alexov has been a physician or 30 years, is the president of the BPA (Bulgarian Pathology Association), is a member of the ESP’s Advisory Board and head of the histopathology department at the Oncology Hospital in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

              THE STORY:
              More evidence is in: a Bulgarian doctor shares how many European pathologists state (after conducting autopsies) that Covid is not causing the deaths.
              (nobody else does autopsies, the WHO told them not to, they just say all deaths caused by covid).
              Additionally, they cannot find any evidence of a Covid (SARS-Co V, 2) antibody. read again…no covid antibody. the vaccine antibody story is a lie too, the vaccine is fraud..

              zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections.

              The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

              Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

              they use the pcr test, it wasn’t designed to test anything so it is deception, lies. it can be adjusted to fake a positive result with anyone tested, so it is the perfect tool for this hoax.

              attention: you can’t test for a cgi, computer generated image of an imaginary virtual virus.

              using the fake positive tests and a cgi image of a virus they commited their crime. based on the fraud they forced masking, social distancing, lockdowns and very soon forced injection.

              you can believe if you want, but that would just be a religion.

              attention: There can be no ” vaccine” for what is just a cgi, a computer generated image of a ” virus”

              I’m not sure what exactly Bill Gates is doing with his laboratories – is it really a vaccine he’s producing, or something else?
              injection : good opportunity for inserting chips, nano wires, nano particles, gene altering tech, etc..

              Dr. Alexov had some choice words for the WHO and Gates:

              The criteria are a set of conditions known as Koch’s postulates. They are:
              The microorganism must be identified in all individuals affected by the disease, but not in healthy individuals.
              The microorganism can be isolated from the diseased individual and grown in culture.
              (nobody has isolated, identified or photographed even one cv19 viryus yet, yes not even one virus, but they locked down the planet and destroyed the economy over a hoax, lie, bs, biggest crime in history )

              When introduced into a healthy individual, the cultured microorganism must cause disease.
              The microorganism must then be re-isolated from the experimental host, and found to be identical to the original microorganism.
              Firstly, the corona.. virus (allegedly causing the disease ) has not been shown to be present only in sick people and not in healthy ones.

              Secondly, the virus has never been isolated and identified which must be done with proper equipment such as electron microscopes and which cannot be achieved through CT scans (as the Chinese were using)

              It has to be proven to cause a disease. They can’t even isolate and identify this thing properly let alone go to the 2nd step of proving it causes a disease.

              ATTENTION: It admits…….. that the corona virus failed Koch’s postulates: “Further development of accurate and rapid methods to identify unknown respiratory pathogens is still needed … our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates.”

              Covid: no proper scientific proof = just a belief, like a religion
              They don’t even know what they are looking at. The Chinese dug something out of somebody’s lung didn’t isolate and identify it properly then gave it a bs name corona virus, it was actually an exosome. This is an amateur hour effort, really stupid people.
              pcr test
              “None of these pcr tests detect the virus itself, nor do they detect cv19 particles,
              they are testing for anti bodies.

              ” They add that there are “more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positive without an cv19 infection.
              if you run the pcr test to a high enough number of cycles it will make anybody test positive.

              test is fraud: the inventor of the test said: the pcr test can’t be used to detect disease, saying it can and using it for that purpose is fraud. the corona virus tests do not at all prove presence of a deadly virus in any patient. it is perhaps the greatest criminal fraud in medical history.

  7. I guess the silver lining to this very dark cloud is that anyone stupid enough to by now still insist on getting jabbed, even with all the evidence staring them in the face as to why that’s not a good idea, is getting the Darwin Award they deserve and doing civilization a big favor by removing a little bit of Stupid from the population. In that sense maybe the Globalist depop agenda isn’t such a bad thing after all.

    • Hello from the UK

      Thank you for your comment. After 20 months of what I call Stupid 20, the year the world went particularly stupid, I had some hope that most people by now would have ‘got it’, the fraud that is.

      That is that Covid 19 is the ‘flu dressed up as a monster to scare (and scar) the children. Especially the adult children who have lost their marbles.

      Indeed, I did think that the variant Moronic (anagram Omicron) might have done the trick. Sadly not, except in some cases.

      What we are witnessing is Darwin’s anti-theory, devolution, where people have devolved their brains to central government. And hence fall into the pit, the abyss, of destruction.

      Except that I do not wish my family, who still seem to be rather dim about the matter, to fall in themselves. Still, I think removing Stupid from the population might do us, who decided to not to take government guidance and keep our brains, a big favour.

      Anyway, I did write about Stupid 20 on my website if you are interested. I use humour generally to lighten the mood and help make the points.

      Happy New Year.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

  8. I now have several family members double or triple injected with mRNA poisons. Some not feeling well with minor cold/flu symptoms which after being tested are told they have covid. Since it is cold/flu season, well dah. Some doing home covid testing…you can surely trust that? No one dying or in the hospital, but who knows in the next year or two.

    Almost everyday you can find new articles about the disaster these mRNA spike proteins are causing to the immune system. Some people seem to die quickly, like within days, weeks or a few months and others may be able to fight off death for a time longer.

    I will never submit to these horrid injections because I firmly believe they are designed to maim and murder. Those who are severely injured will face countless days in the hospital, or at the doctor office as these “fake professional of medicine” try to determine what your problems are. They will offer no answers. They have all been brainwashed by the AMA and big pharma.

    Meanwhile they will charge you up the wazoo and all the time never asking the supremely important question…could it be the mRNA spike protein injections causing all these problems? This is why I will never trust the stone-age medical mafia, not even to treat my heart problems which I am self treating.

    As of January 1, 2022, the CDC will no longer recommend the PCR test…what does that tell us? All the previous PCR tests are now highly questionable. Cases? All fake.
    The CDC and NIH have a yearly budget of $58 billion or $1.87 million per employee. Where does all this money go and into which pockets?
    After two nearly 2 years of this nonsense, there is still no FDA approved injections for covid…what does that tell us? That big pharma will never be responsible or culpable for the damage they are doing to mankind.
    Recall that back in mid 2020, there were some 100 companies trying to develop a
    ‘fake vaccine” for covid. Where are they now? We only have 4 different injections in use.
    Why is almost every objectionable, questioning or counter argument being erased by big tech and censorship? What does that tell us? The truth must remain hidden and buried for the next 75 years according to pfizer. Nothing wrong about that?

    It all adds up to a fake pandemic, fake vaccines and the willful and unlawful destruction of humanity by fauci, gates and big pharma and dozens of others (hiding in the woodpile) as presented by Dr. Davin Martin.

    And it all started back in the 1950’s with the Sackler family and their extreme desire to directly market drugs, especially opioids like OxyContin in the 1990’s. Drug marketing got it start 65 years ago and now has developed into a gigantic fake drug/vaccine/mRNA marketing empire purely created for profits only.

    Millions are now dying each year due to medical interventions. They say this is progress.

    • Dr jekyll


      from Dr Carrie Madej

      you can patent anything that has been created, modified, or engineered.
      The c,,v//1…9 v……..s are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms in the same way Monsanto has modified and patented their seeds.

      For example, Monsanto genetically modified various seeds.

      So transpose that to a human cell line that could potentially mean that we could be patented, or human cell lines could be patented. And if it’s patented, it has owners. Do you see a problem with this?

      What if our DNA is modified with genes from another species? Are we still human? Is this trans-humanism? And what if our DNA, our genome, is modified and thus can be patented and owned? This is going on right now, today.

      I will add that this type of DNA v……..e has never been used on humans before.
      They are now proposing to take something we have never used and in//j….ect it into everyone that will make them trans-human.

      They are not using good scientific methodology at all. They have no randomized placebo-controlled trials for any v……..e, They’re not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us, to make sure it would work for us, or to know anything about it—and they want to in//j…e,,ct the v……….e and DNA altering cell lines into the masses.

      The v…….e manufacturers, referred to as Big Pharma, were made exempt from product liability in the 1980s. Meaning that if a v,,……e causes seizures, paralysis, etc., they as a group are not liable.

      here is the big lie:
      Big Pharma just has to prove that the v……..e is producing antibodies.

      Just because you’ve got antibodies does not make you immune to something.
      the efficacy of every single v……..e is predicated on the idea that it induces antibodies and therefore immunity. This is the key assumption – and it is patently false.

      ATTENTION READ: there it is: based on an assumption = a belief. this v………e bs is just a belief = religion. this is being pushed by religious fanatics. the new co//v,,,i…..d religion.

      v………s are just a belief = a religion no science behind them: v……..e religion: an occult satanic religious death cult

      j//e…r,,,,m theory: never been proven, just a belief = a religion. now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult, run by witches.

      it is worse than that: and now we have more evidence of this in the form of certified pathologists stating that there is no proof of the existence of C//O,,,V…..ID antibodies as well.

      Without testing we don’t know for a fact if it would really work as claimed out in the population of people. A real study would show that it actually works, or doesn’t work, in the population of people. But they are not testing, saying they don’t have time.

      Another important fact to know about all v……….s is that many of them are using the MRC5 aborted fetal cell lines from the 1960s. This is an immortalized cell line. Immortalized means it does not die. In other words it’s a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis—natural cell decay and death. A cell that cannot go through that death process is called cancer. That is a definition of cancer.
      So they are trying to use a lot of words to mask the fact you’re being injected with cancerous cells.

      Some of the v………..s that are using these cancerous cell lines from aborted fetuses are:

      MMR – measles, mumps, rubella
      Chicken Pox
      Hepatitis A & B
      Polio, etc.

      An Italian report backed by the government of Italy and a group of scientists called Corvelva They state that these v……….s have the potential to increase tumorigenesis, which means increased risk of cancers, increased risk of mutagenesis or mutant genes.
      anyone taking those v………..s would also have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. This is well known.
      SUPER SPREADER: read this…………..They would have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. so when you get the v……..e you will be a biosecurity terrorist. shedding spike proteins…a new zombie

      There’s new evidence that double-vax//xe..d individuals build up huge viral loads in their noses and sinuses, causing them to become super-spreaders, and infect others

      Israel is one of the most heavily vax//xe…d countries in the world, with nearly 80% of the population fully vac//…ted and almost 100% of the elderly. But now Israel is experiencing a massive increase in infections (and of serious cases), mainly among the fully vax//xe..d.
      sweden has banned people traveling from isreal

      The Co//v….i,,,,,,,d-19 v………..s will have a bacteria that’s a contaminant—mycoplasma pneumonias. It’s a very common bacteria used as a contaminant. This really has nothing to do with the v……….e itself but they have it in there. So you are getting an infection on top of the v………e.

      This stuff is so bad it has the potential to be used as a bio weapon. They are in//je…c,,,,ting cancers into your body along with very toxic substances, like mercury derivatives, aluminum derivatives and other things like that. In addition to the unknown effect of the combination or an accumulation of these v…….s together and the synergistic effect that happens. mixed together they could be 10 times as dangerous.

      “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’” these satanist witches are nazis.

      Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)

      Earth 2020 = V……….e will make you free

  9. “We gotta do something about all these stiffs.” – Johnathon Winters in the movie ‘The Loved One’

    Phoenicians? Still here, Phoenicia is gone though.

    Sumerians? Still around, how could they be gone? Sumeria is gone.

    Manhattan tribe? Gone. If you want to know what genocide is, what you see is nothing else but genocide right in front of your lying eyes.

    Manhattan needs to be razed and returned to its original natural state before the Dutch made it into the shithole it has become. What’s the use in having it like it is now? Useless place filled with useless eaters. The cartography from yesteryear exists, use it to make Manhattan great again. lol

    Scatter the inhabitants to the four winds and get the machinery ripping the place apart, brick by brick.

    Joe Biden’s next executive order can get the job done.

    The cat is a loon. Cart him off to the Funny Farm. har

    You have to have some empathy for the poor old clueless fool.

    “If you see them sister, please tell them I’m a poor mourning pilgrim
    bound for Canaan land. Well, I weep and I moan and I move slowly on,
    I’m a poor mourning pilgrim bound for Canaan land.

    If you see them brother, please tell them I’m a poor mourning pilgrim
    bound for Canaan land. Well, I weep and I moan and I move slowly on,
    I’m a poor mourning pilgrim bound for Canaan land.”

    Weeping Pilgrim, Natalie Merchant

    • Scatter the inhabitants [of Manhattan] to the four winds

      NO! Keep them right where they are! I don’t want their noxious presence infecting any other part of country. Far from emptying the Big Rotten Apple, make it a prison city/Dindustan (a la Escape Drom New York). Being an island it creates a natural barrier. Just blow up all bridges across the Hudson and block/barricade all of the rail and automobile tunnels as well.

      • If thats the case, can we please build a fifty foot high wall around the border of California to keep their idiocy from infecting the rest of the western states? What is really funny, is watching the Good Citizens who fled the socialist hell hole they have created. Moving to Montana, Idaho and other such states. Only to flee again, once they experience the joys of winter. 🙂

  10. Great article!
    I’m not sure I ever had the flu. As a kid, I had occasional fevers and colds but NEVER stayed in bed more than 2 days.

    I find this Covid Hysteria…beyond the pale.
    So glad I’m on a “solid third base” with my plan B.
    Returning to the Dominican Republic for a final recon.
    The third time was a charm and I think I’ve found an ideal expat country.
    For a nation that is 18,000 sq mi, it hosts world class Geography.
    Furthermore, LOCAL supply chains predominate (No GMO).
    I’m 65 , have a cool Venezuelan GF and we literally meet halfway, geographically speaking.

    I won’t bore you with details but will provide some grocery store/roadside vendor inflation fighter specials, as of Oct 2021
    (please note ALL prices pertain to MAX RIPE TREE to TABLE freshness. All prices converted to USD$)
    3 pineapples $1.47
    5 pounds soursop with skin $3.75
    30 free range eggs $2.89
    Mangos in season $0.00
    Head of lettuce $0.46
    1 gal. gas regular $4.39..remember everything is close.
    Coconut $0.45
    Will be searching for a “finca” (small farm/land) to set up shop in the near future.

    Heck, If I’m living in a Banana Republic I may as well reside in an inexpensive one!

    Semper Fi Mac

    • DR has a pretty strict covid passport requirement for restaurants, grocery stores, etc and a curfew unless things have changed. Wouldnt matter in the all-inclusives but stricter than even the commie holes here.

      “As of Monday 18 October, proof of COVID vaccination with at least two doses or a negative PCR test (valid for 7 days after it was taken) will be required to enter any public or private establishments – including schools, universities, workplaces, public transport, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, clubs, shopping malls, stores, casinos, gyms, sports centres, and any other recreation centre. This restriction applies to anyone over 12 years of age who does not possess a special medical exemption from the Ministry of Public Health.

      Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test will not be required to enter hotels or access the services offered within tourism complexes.”

      • M3,
        The best part about the DR happens to be the -local supply chains-! You can have at least 80% of your
        general requirements fulfilled by stopping into “Colmados”-local stores that are ubiquitous throughout the country.
        Last time I was there ,October 2021, the only places I had to wear a face speedo were when entering a Jumbo or La Sirena, the DR equivalent to a Walmart superstore. Also a large grocery chain called National.

        We generally avoid “formal restaurants” here as they tack on another 28% (18% tax and 10% tip) to your bill. However a HUGE “informal” market exists “Comidors” (mom and pop eateries) that feel so free and old fashioned it’s delightful!
        This time around we will finish scouting out the few parts of the country we haven’t seen so far, while looking for our “finca”, preferably somewhere along the southern slope of the Septentrional mountains facing the monstrously fertile and productive Ciboa valley.
        (The heart of the world’s largest organic cocoa farms).

        If the authorities want to play games with me about “clot shots” F–K THEM!
        Then initiate plan C ….just forget about the 30 day visa and overstay. For the record, that is the strategy most of the expats use down here. I wanted to be a “good guy” and apply for a retiree visa thus being a good citizen…..but if they are going to institute asshole measures F–K it. We’ll just get lost in the hills! (very easy to do, believe it or not.)

        Lastly, forgot to mention the price for over the counter purchases of 6mg Ivermectin ($0.59 per tablet.)

        Good luck with these Covidiots, we’re going to need it!

  11. Whats the frequency indeed Eric.

    Whats the urgency Toni? A mass murderers wet dream. Uh huh.
    Your adepts are brain dead, low IQ, and not up to speed.
    We know of your works, from the way back machine.
    Docile sheep line up to test, as the pure bloods we scream.
    I never understood the urgency, Uh huh.

    You wear a white coat, stained red with blood.
    Everyone is asleep, before the flood. Uh huh

    An orange shit shot, untested, rushed, and made at warp speed.
    Its fairly obvious as the vax-tards they scream.
    Propaganda, from the Talmud Vision screen.
    I never understood why it needed a spike, protein.

    Toni the hero of the old boomer Klan. Uh huh.
    Putting words in the mouth of every Fake news, Anchor-man.

    You wore a white coat, stained red with blood.
    I never understood, the urgency, uh huh.

    Whats the urgency Toni? You seem most unclean.
    Boomers took the clot shot, while you took the safe Saline.
    You smile like a plague doctor, speaking untruths.
    You sold this shit shot as a fountain of youth.

    You wore your special gene like an armored suit. Uh huh
    All so you’d get a nice, fat, golden parachute.
    You said the diapers would stop all the spread.
    You’ve outed yourself as an sick dunderhead.

    You wear a white coat, stained red with blood. Uh huh.
    I still don’t understand. Don’t fuck with us uh huh.
    I’ll never understand.

  12. More from the Slimes:

    ‘A Johnson & Johnson booster shot provided strong protection against the Omicron variant, greatly reducing the risk of hospitalization, according to a clinical trial in South Africa.

    ‘The study found that two shots of the vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization from Omicron by about 85 percent. Another study in South Africa found that two shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization by about 70 percent.’

    There they go, playing the ‘relative risk’ game again. If the absolute risk of getting hospitalized with omicron is very low, does it make sense to reduce it with a definitely risky injection?

    Likewise, a bulletproof vest will reduce your risk of hospitalization after getting shot in the torso. But do you realistically expect to face a hail of bullets today?

    Selective science asks misleading questions, with malicious intent to deceive. Sleazy stenographers wouldn’t know a risk-benefit ratio if it bit them in the ass.

      • The South African study compared 69,000 vaccinated health care workers to 69,000 unvaxxed individuals in the same health network.

        During a five-week period, 713 unvaxxed persons were hospitalized, while 21 vaxxed HCWs were hospitalized. They adjusted this raw data for risk factors such as age, gender, comorbidities, etc, and that math is not shown.

        Roughly, though, about 1.0% of unvaxxed people (including some who were elderly and had comorbidities) were hospitalized, while around 0.15% of vaxxed and boosted HCWs (after adjustment) were admitted to hospital.

        How many of either group died is not reported. But other reports from South Africa indicate the death rate from omicron is low.

            • The definition of unvaxxed, however, has been changed to mean those who have had one shot, but not the 2nd. IOW, “partially vaxxed” is the new “unvaxxed.”

                • That’s what I’m thinking. The lame stream media keeps rolling out the “unvaxxed” meme – which to a normal person would seem to mean those who do NOT have any injections. However, what they are really describing is those who have had a jab…that means they are implying that those who had no jab are more likely to be hospitalized, when in fact the ones hospitalized (and dying) have had at least one jab (they call them “unvaxxed”).

                  This is intentionally confusing and misleading – actually lying, on their part, in order to make it sound as if those unjabbed are clogging up the hospitals.

                • The goal posts keep being moved to suit their nefarious agenda. In a year, the “unvaxxed” will be those that haven’t had four “jabs” of whatever product the PTB try to foist upon a gullible public.

                  • Hi Douglas,

                    If I’m remembering correctly, one of the tools used by psychopaths against their victims is just that – constantly moving goalposts/expectations, to keep the victim off balanced and in a state of perpetual uncertainty. As soon as you’ve addressed one of their “issues,” another is presented – often before the other is resolved or can be resolved. This way, the target can never “fix” anything…

                    • Eric, thats how government normally operates. No matter how many times they fail, they keep getting ever more funding and power. Look at the “War on Poverty” the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Global Terrorism” as just three examples. All of those have failed. All are still running, with massively more funding and power.

    • Not going to the hospital also reduces “hospitalization” 100%. I guess we’re all supposed to infer that reducing the risk of hospitalization somehow shows that “Omicron” exits and the clot shots somehow reduce its potency.

      I am certain these “studies” are absolute BS.

      • ‘CDC recommends avoiding cruise travel, regardless of vaccination status’ — headline today

        And why would CDC say this?

        Obviously, because ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infection.

        If it don’t work, it ain’t a vaccine. It’s just an injection of mystery molecules.

    • anon 1

      These guys are the biggest liars in history:

      ATTENTION: The extermination injection is only 0.8% effective, under 1% it is totally useless
      not 86% effective,

      there is a HUGE difference……why would anyone take this poisonous injection? they think everyone is stupid and can’t do math….

      comparative effectiveness instead of overall effectiveness

      14,300 group injected number got disease = 20 = .00139 (0.1%) 99.9% didn’t get it

      14,300 control group placebo number got disease = 140 = .00979 (0.9%) 99.1% didn’t get it

      they divide 20 by 140 = .14 so they say it is 86% effective. that is comparative effectiveness.

      actually the real difference is 99.9% – 99.1% = 0.8% improvement it is 0.8% effective

      so for an 8/10 of 1% improvement you take huge risk.

      The reality: actually one doctor said if you take the extermination injection you will be dead in 2 years.

      NOTE: the odds of survival after the injection are only 0.08% = walking dead

      the odds of not dying or being injured, disabled after the injection are above zero but not by much, so the odds of survival after the injection are 0.08%?

      the unintelligent will get the injections. darwinian. karen remover…

      • The studies were not performed properly. Of the hundreds of vaxxies who came down with covid like illness during the trial and were treated for respritory illness, most of them were not given a pcr test, and so their illness wasnt counted. There were more sick in the vax group, and they also had a higher all cause mortality than the control group.

        That relative risk reduction was from the study being conducted improperly.

        • anon 1

          yes all their data and studies are corrupt

          The reality: actually one doctor said if you take the extermination injection you will be dead in 2 years.

          NOTE: the odds of survival after the injection are only 0.08% = walking dead

          the odds of not dying or being injured, disabled after the injection are above zero but not by much, so the odds of survival after the injection are 0.08%? it is suicide

    • Your new leftist/globalist/communist government

      Crisis gives our decrepit, aging, and ideologically fanatical ruling class something to live for. COVID is just one more narcotic with which to fill the God-shaped hole in the liberal heart. Like any good religion it has its prophets (Fauci) its villains (the unvaccinated) and its own demand for ritual sacrifice—in this case, of the young. And like all religions, it does not tolerate heretics.

      The crackdown on the unvaccinated reveals how deep and rotten the liberal instincts have become. Joe Biden’s pre-Christmas message promising a “winter of death” explains exactly who these people are.

      Whether the COVID response was a product of a global conspiracy or not is irrelevant. The ruling class of the world is already on the same spiritual sheet of music. They all want the same thing—the reduction of the world into one homogenous, undifferentiated mass that they can shake down for the foreseeable future.

      The destruction of all higher life, all aspiration, all real science, and all real human community is what these people mean by “democracy” and “human rights.”

    • Bear thats interesting. Did you notice that it was posted September 20th 2019? Do you remember what else happened in September 2019? The Repo market melt down on the 17th of September. Some wild eyed “conspiracy theory” types have speculated that the pandemic was used to provide cover for the Fed and the other central banks to paper over the gaping cracks in the worlds economy by injecting many trillions of out of thin air currency to stabilize it.
      Of course, since I’m a Good Citizen™ I’d never believe any such wild fantasies.

      • Guilty. I am a believer of the Repo Market meltdown. Usually everything in life always comes back around to money and control.

        Currently, China is overstocking their food supply. By June 2022, China will hold 51% of the world’s wheat and 69% of the world’s corn. This country has 20% of the world population. To stockpile that much wheat and corn means something is on the horizon. It could very well be that China plans to invade Taiwan and is hoarding it knowing when they attack Taiwan the majority of the world will cut off their supply chain. It could also mean that China knows the financial market is about to crash and is preparing ahead of time.

        Next year will be interesting to say the least.

        • ‘Next year will be interesting to say the least.’ — RG

          Elon Musk now says he expects a recession by mid-2022, definitely by 2023.

          Surely he knows that auto makers get pummeled in recessions, as discretionary purchases plummet.

          You’d think he is fully hedged or something … which I wouldn’t put past him. Probably using private-label put options purchased from Goldman Sachs.

      • Yes BJ I noticed. Seems like every event I research leads back to the same old place.. the central banks, and counterfeit money.
        Fiat money pays for all of this modern evil.

        Btw- Happy New Year!

      • anon 1

        There is a theory about that: they are printing money like crazy, bailing out the billionaires,

        1st time from the financial crash in 2009, 20 trillion $ printed,

        2nd time the repo blowup in sept. 2019, another 20 trillion $ printed the last 2 years, covid used as the excuse……… making them even richer,

        also the covid hoax (the excuse) is designed, for another purpose…. to slow the economy down a lot to create deflation to offset the money printing inflation.

        Catherine Fitts says all the money has been moved offshore, there is nothing left, it was all stolen…….so cull the useless eaters before they figure out the robbery, no money left for pensions or other entitlements/promises etc., reason #2 for the hoax.

        something you have to understand about governments everywhere, they are thieves stealing taxpayers money, they have their hands on the money coming in from taxes, fines or money they borrow, so they steal some and never get caught, they are in control, untouchable. money ends up in their offshore accounts and accounts of friends and family.

        Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

        mullin’s quote
        people refuse to believe that we are governed by criminals. I refer you to the opinion of one of the most famous FBI agents, Charlie Winstead, the man who gunned down John Dillinger. In his book, “The Bureau”, William C. Sullivan quotes Charlie Winstead as saying, (P.27),

        “When I investigate a man and prove he’s a criminal, if he doesn’t already work for the government, they’ll hire him. If he already has a government job, once they hear he’s a crook they’ll promote him. The criminals in Congress only feel comfortable with other criminals.”

        We could not ask for a more qualified source, nor for a more apropos phrase than “the criminals in Congress.” The criminals enact into law program after program to reward their fellow-criminals, and to rob and enslave the workers of America. Anyone who gets in their way is disposed of by the “majesty of the law.

  13. ‘The Jab is “safe” – and “effective,” too!’ — eric

    A headline and subheads in the NYT earlier this morning, now replaced, described the official dilemma over changing the definition of ‘fully vaxxed’ to include a booster shot.

    The downside, according to official thinking, is not only logistical problems but also that it might stoke popular resistance and criticism (gasp!) of public officials.

    One can imagine the ‘booster hesitant’ publicly burning their now-useless two-shot CDC vax cards, the way students used to burn their draft cards during the Vietnam war.

    Now we see: even if the boosters actually DID work, the decision criterion is based on protecting the approval rating (and fragile egos) of the authorities — NOT public health, which never was high on the priority list.

    We all understand that the top priority is peddling jabs to enrich Big Pharma. This is just a marketing campaign that needs random bare arms to jab, just like the veterinary industry needs herds of sheep (b-a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h!) to sell sheep dip.

    Proceed accordingly.

    • From the NYT article:

      ‘Moreover, the change [in definition of fully-vaxxed] risks undermining trust in public health officials after two years of shifting recommendations, experts said. Some Americans may feel that the goal posts have been moved again, and too suddenly.’

      Hell, after they’ve already moved the goal posts so many times they’re on another continent by now, what’s one more little artful dodge?

      “It’s just nonsensical to have that mandate coupled with a state of vaccination that we know is markedly less effective than you could achieve with a completely safe and easy to take additional intervention: one more shot,” said Dr Robert Wachter, chair of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

      Wait … 20,622 dead and 34,615 permanently disabled — per VAERS, thought to be under-reported by a factor of thirty times — is ‘completely safe’?

      Congratulations, Doctor Wachter! In one deviant personality, you combine the depravity of Dr Joe Mengele with the compulsive lying of Joe Goebbels. I hereby nominate you Vice Lord of the Vaccinazis.

    • safe and effective injections

      they never clarified what that meant.

      safe means it was safer for them to use injections instead of something more obvious like firearms.

      effective means the injection is effective for the depopulation agenda.

  14. Someone at work very suddenly passed out & died. No breathing, no heartbeat. Fine one second, dead the next.

    I don’t know if he was Jabbed, but i wonder.

    • Hi Publius,

      The thing you describe was once – just a few months ago – a highly unusual occurrence. Now it is becoming a common one. Only one thing has changed over the course of that period…

      • Eric….Body Bags—- a new employee benefit for vaxxxxed individuals. Hang ’em next to those portable defibrillators on the walls at work….

    • OSHA specifically exempted vaccine related injuries from the workplace injury reports. And they admit they made that exemption because reporting vaccine injuries would cause some people to avoid vaccination

      • They said they were going to suspend the reporting requirements for this.

        A smart company, that wanted to cover its butt, would report it anyway, or at least have a report ready to file at a moment’s notice.

        The reporting is required by law, and the law didn’t go away. The administration just said they weren’t going to enforce it for a while, under certain circumstances. And that could change with a new administration. And if there were no report, and that did change…well, the company would be in hot water. And “they said they weren’t going to enforce that part” isn’t a very good defense, even if you have that in writing. You’d have to be a fool not to file the report.

  15. The real genocide isn’t the immediate vaccine “side effects” – though that has killed a few hundred thousand people already. The real genocide is that the “vaccine” tells your immune system to respond to a viral infection with antibodies that aren’t the best defense against a virus. Your body eliminates a viral infection with cytotoxic T cells that force the infected cells to die. Without the T cell response, the jabbed person will suffer from worse viral reactions to every virus, including Covid. And while the body is in an inflammatory state from not being able to fight a virus, it won’t be able to do proper DNA repair. And that means more cancer. So if you survive the heart problems from the jab, you can look forward to worse outcomes for every other infection – and more cancer too. But all of that will blend in the natural course of events well enough that it can be blamed on things like the lockdowns. Meanwhile, Bill Gates will probably be pleased that he “did vaccines right” and reduced global population by 10 or 20 percent.

  16. Wow, guys! Just watched this great interview in which a psychologist is being interviewed about ‘mass formation’ (Mass hypnosis), and is using the sickness Kabuki as an example. It’s long, but it touches on everything, and not in a hyperbolic- once you start listening, you won’t turn it off. This is not some political/conspiracy rant or speculation about what is going to happen…but rather a very well reasoned observation of history and human behavior, and how the advent of mass media is changing things.

    Why People Willingly Give Up Their Freedoms:

    • This is not some political/conspiracy rant or speculation about what is going to happen…but rather a very well reasoned observation of history and human behavior, and how the advent of mass media is changing things.

      Nunz, I don’t think anyone capable of critical thought will dismiss anything as a “conspiracy theory” anymore, but will be far more likely to embrace conspiracy fact, with few questions asked. The pattern of events over the last two years alone has shredded the effectiveness of the label “conspiracy theorist” or “tin foil hat wearer” as effective epithets. Only brainstem-driven, rectalcranially-inverted normies rely on the old insults anymore.

  17. Just a thought, but remember when all those people started dropping dead in China and later we were told it was all a psyop? Not saying this is what’s going on but it would be nice to know what jab they got, when and any underlying conditions. I assume most athletes are in excellent shape though.

    • It’s important to recall that the United States and over 100 countries initiated lockdowns exclusively because of the “data” that was being transmitted out of Wuhan.

      It was faulty, unchallenged Chinese data, repeated by authoritative figures like Fauci (all fauci does is repeat ccp lies, he will make billions of dollars), and his colleagues, that convinced the world to undergo lockdowns and embrace early, aggressive ventilation of patients, among other botched, unscientific treatment and mitigation measures.

      zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections.

      The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

      Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

      china isn’t vaccinating their citizens or military and ARE NOT using the mrna GMO gene therapy shots, other countries are, in a war china will win, they won’t be dead or disabled from an extermination injection.

      china runs the WHO. The WHO wants to force inject everyone. everyone except china.

      Great Reset” Schwab’s son is married to a Chinese woman. The Schwabs are China lovers. The “build back better” part of the great reset agenda intends to turn the west in to China, China light or even worse.

      the Chinese had a few faked lockdowns in three provinces over a very short period of time, they did not lockdown and destroy their economy, their gdp rose 3%, they invented the lockdown, which they recommended to their competitors.

      ATTENTION: they showed people falling over in the street, play acting, to sell the lie.

      then they were partying and mingling like nothing happened.

      meanwhile in other countries there was social distancing, masking and lockdowns, poisonous mrna injections (never used in china) and soon forced injections, millions died from this, businesses were destroyed the whole economy destroyed and buried in debt,

      cv19 hoax was a coordinated plan by bankster/nwo/ccp/wef/.0001%. the satanist doctors with china,

      they use the pcr test, it wasn’t designed to test anything so it is deception, lies. it can be adjusted to fake a positive result with anyone tested, so it is the perfect tool for this hoax.

      a main objective in the plan by the elite nobility/nwo/ccp/wef/.0001%. is to cull 7 billion. schwab says there is global warming so depopulation is required. Catherine Fitts says all the pension money was stolen so depopulation is going to happen……maybe the 500 million survivors will be chinese, they are easier to govern and obey the government.

      the U.S., canada, australia, new zealand and europe are the main targets for the forced injection/depopulation agenda some have 70% plus injected already….it appears the white population is targeted…lots of countries have below 1% injection north korea below 1%, china at 3%….

      the united states china’s biggest rival has a very negative outcome from this situation. china is barely effected, canada is wiped out,

      from: deagel dot com

      projections for 2025
      population gdp numbers

      canada population 26 million 30% decrease gdp $667 billion 60% decrease

      united states population 99 million 70% decrease gdp $1,630 billion 91% decrease

      china population 1.39 billion 2% decrease gdp $23,490 billion 3% increase

      united kingdom population 14 million 78% decrease gdp $131 billion 95% decrease

      as they put in place their great reset, the billionaires behind it got 2 trillion dollars richer and all the politicians and their helpers were well paid with bribes, as the people on the bottom got wiped out. china ends up way ahead after the reset.

      china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines (the quality of the stuff they are injecting is horrible, bringacoffin) for all the world so china will make huge profits from the hoax. the ccp and military own a lot of shares in pfizer

      fauci personally has over 2300 patents on drugs and vaccines and millions of shares in big pharma companies, he runs big pharma, he is big pharma’s head witch. big pharma controls everything now, the government, media, the official narritive. fauci will make billions of $ off this medical tyranny.

      armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.
      part of the cv19 hoax nwo/reset is installing a ccp model government worldwide, another win for ccp/china.

      look at who is EXEMPT from the experimental gene therapy extermination injection:
      politicians, judges, doctors, scientists, courts, nba players, the elite billionaires, the elite nobility at the very top, the top controllers (17 royal families in europe), US postal service, pfizer and moderna employees, anybody with a lot of money (buy exemption).

      Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)
      Earth 2020 = Vaccine will make you free

      This chinese professor says china defeated the U.S. with biological warfare.

      • If you want to know how well paid these politicians were, look at Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand. She started of the pandemic with a net worth well under $1 million and a salary of around $470,000/year. Now she has a net worth north of $25 million. I saw a fact check trying to explain it. They said she wrote a book. SMH.

            • Hello from the UK

              Thank you for that. Are you sure her teeth are real? ‘The tooth will set you free!’

              I gather she was brought up a moron (sic). this might explain things. I wrote about Jacinda Ardern on my website. Is she pinching New Zealander’s ‘ard erned money??

              I say yes.

              Happy New Year.

              Kind regards

              Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

              • Hi Michael,

                I try – I really do – to avoid ad hominem as it detracts from the core argument, but sometimes, I can’t help noticing (and commenting about) the physical ugliness of people like Ardern. She’s the sort of female that could make a man decide to become a monk!

                • Hi Eric

                  I quite agree. Actually I think she would be quite pretty with smaller teeth. But I do mean what I say about false teeth. It just doesn’t quite gel, and I saw her touch her mouth in a video which made me think mmm, suspicious.

                  However, just because she is quite pretty to me does not mean I would want to marry her. She is already anyway. And she is still a moron. I have my standards you know!

                  If you read my post on her you will see what I mean – unless you already have.

        • Hi Krista,

          Sexist comment, coming…

          It’s tragic that the natural feminine inclination to protect and soothe has been perverted into a suffocating mania to control – to “keep us safe.” Things are in balance when the male inclination to risk-taking is balanced by the female aversion to risk. When one or the other is allowed to run to extremes, the result is rarely good.

          • The feminine aversion to risk is because her primary motivation is, or used to be, protecting her children. As it should be. The lack of masculine aversion to risk is because providing for his family will often require risk. Whether physical or otherwise. Coupled with the fact they are expendable, and know it, consciously or not. The balance comes when one does not expect the other to see risk in the same light, and indeed encourages the other. The father expects the mother to avoid risk to protect their children, and the mother expects the father to take risks to provide for them.

            • Well-said, John –

              The one complements the other- or should, in the natural/normal scheme of things. It is tragic we’ve lost sight of this eternal verity, as a culture.

              • Eric, if you study the Prog’s ideology, you can see that all of these “issues” are part of their divide and rule tactics. Look at the blacks for example. They have convinced several generation that absent the Progs “kind and caring” government, they wouldn’t be able to survive. They have done that with all of the so called “victim” groups. Of course behind the Progs and their ideology is the ultimate “victim” group. Some how, I find it difficult to class them as “victims” when they control the global central banking cartel (just to name a few)…

              • You can lose sight of it, but it will not go away. These are basic survival traits, and it appears we may be putting such traits to use before long.

            • Well said Eric and John, this is how it worked for my wife and I as we raised our children and grew our biz from nothing to something. I think an important key which I noted frequently was ‘it’s OK to disagree’ and ‘it’s OK to show the kids/biz both sides/ideas’. And we gave each other ‘put your foot down’ moments’, where one was not willing to budge and the other had to let it go. I think I used more of these than her, haha.
              I don’t think as humans we’ve lost this, but your right Eric, as a culture, we surely have.
              There are always standouts and they will stick out. I know we do among our peers. Happy life/marriage/biz/kids. We also tired very hard to avoid the kids being pushed into extremes (sports, academics, etc). Our moto was we want to raise very average, well rounded kids that can think for themselves, and I think we accomplished it.

            • EXACTLY, John!

              One trait isn’t “better” than the other. It’s simply how God/nature created the two sexes to function together as one flesh when properly balanced and when the sex roles as biologically programmed are respected. The fact that prog-humanist society has not only ignored this for the past half century, but actively fought against it is the source of society’s misery and collapse today.

          • Eric,

            I’m not sure that qualifies as sexist.

            Sexist would imply that one is better than the other (usually men, but sometimes could be the other way).

            Your comment does not imply that one is better, merely that the two are different.

            Having said this…our culture generally does not understand this important nuance.

        • The last honest politician,
          a real man, not a crooked, bribed, woke, wimp, stealing everything like all other politicians.

          On 16 March 2020, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, dismissed the threat of coronavirus and encouraged working in fields and driving tractors as a way of overcoming the pandemic: “You just have to work, especially now, in a village, there, the tractor will heal everyone. The fields heal everyone.”

          In his further comments on the pandemic, the Belarusian leader referred to it as “psychosis”, and on 28 March he played a game of hockey, later stating in an interview “it is better to die on our feet, than live on your knees, sport, especially on ice, is better than any antiviral medication, it is the real thing”.

          Alexander Lukashenko, has the best medical advice for preventing viral infections: sauna and vodka.
          Either his medical advice works far better than any quarantine measures or the exploding number of COVID-19 infections reported elsewhere is manufactured.

          lockdowns are profitable
          Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last year via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the
          President of Belarus: ( he refused it, he has more ethics than these other leaders).

          • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
          • force them to wear face masks
          • impose very strict curfews
          • impose a police state
          • crash the economy

          Overall, the Belarussian approach has been the least authoritarian in Europe. Belarussian football went ahead as normal and fans were allowed to continue attending games. Theatres, cafes, restaurants and other social events continued and there was no shutdown of the economy. Victory Day Parades also went ahead on the 9th May.

          England and wales who had lockdowns had more excess deaths per million population than belarus, so belarus had a better outcome without lockdowns.

          Meanwhile in countries with crooked leaders who took the billion dollar plus bribes, all the citizens are screwed, waiting for their forced experimental gene therapy extermination injection. (but the leaders have very fat offshore bank accounts).

          They don’t care about the useless eaters on the bottom being exterminated, for they say: the good of the new cult GAIA religion/climate change eugenics/satanic depopulation/sacrifice agenda.

        • Wrote a book.
          Nobody would publish the book if it wasn’t for public office never mind pay for it. Writing a book to me is like speech fees. It’s a way to pay someone in political office for favors more times than not.

    • Rule #1: Do not believe anything the Chinese government tells you, especially if it is not independently verified.

      Rule #2: Do not believe anything the U.S. government tells you (see Rule #1).

    • Wuhan has astronomical air pollution levels over the winter. Wuhan flu has been a thing for 40 years. Workers pull overtime, apartments get moldy, the pipes dont have u traps to prevent sewer gas from entering homes. There are a lot of environmental factors involved with health. I think it was SO2 that hit 1700 ppm back in January 2020.

        • If you thought that 5G was bad, wait until you see the Horror of 6G! It will link everyone into the aliens orbital mind control lasers!…

  18. The PCR test is being discarded by CDC because it cannot differentiate between the covid and influenza. Kary Mullis the inventor said the test should not be used for diagnostics as it can find anything you want it to find if you cycle it enough.

    Now the CDC comes out to say the antigen tests are unreliable to detect o-mi-con.

    So here’s the count.

    1: The alleged virus has not been isolated, purified, sequenced or proven to cause any disease. No one has laid eyes on it. The sequence they’re using is computer generated.

    2: The PCR cannot determine the flu from the alleged virus.

    3: The antigen does not do well on the o mi con virus and I’ll bet the others as well.

    So how can the medical quackery system claim there is a virus?

    Where’s the beef? Other than “we say so”

    And lastly 66,000 reported dead now from US VAERS & Social Security numbers. Another 40,000 reported dead in the UK and EU. That’s 106,000 dead from the safe and effective concoction. Anyone think that might be enough to stop the vaxxecutions for an alleged unproven virus with a 99.7% average recovery?

    • Ken:

      Yes. They claim the virus is “in silico” and therefore it exists. This is utter BS! “In silico” is just a fancy way of saying a computer simulation. BS!

      The PCR test spits out “Covid” positives for the presence of tiny fractions of any corona virus dna/rna (which include the common cold) and the flu. More BS! It’s the rebranding of a number of common human illnesses as a new and deadly “Covid” virus.

      Ask anybody who has allegedly had “Covid” how they know they had it. The answer is usually “because I got tested and they said so.” The question that nobody can answer is how the “test” can determine that one has the alleged virus. People just have faith, that’s all.

      The lack of curiosity among the general population regarding this boggles the mind.

    • I have not heard nor read exactly what method of testing the CDC is going to recommend come Monday morning. At which time every single statistic proclaimed in the charade, from start to now, will become invalid.

      • As if they were valid to begin with.

        There is a greater than 50% chance that a fine line exists between official government statistics and blatant fraud.

  19. I have a question. After exterminating those willing to submit, what do these psychopaths propose to do with those of us who refuse to? We are the most defiant, and the least controllable. We won’t obey those who are self proclaimed superior. We understand that more die under tyranny than do opposing it. They are in the process of selecting for the most independent and self sufficient among us. While I’m too old, and nearly invalid to practice this, I’m far from too old to endorse and encourage it. Discomfort is likely to become a way of life, as it has most often previously been. Embrace it. Live with it. Then defeat it. Good times create weak men who create bad times which create strong men which create good times. It appears we cannot escape this cycle, and logically so. If we could just understand and remember that the government is not your friend, and prefers to kill any who disobey, in the cyclic transition.

    • Hi John,

      I have put some serious thought into this and much like you I question why they would want the most defiant to hang around.

      I veer between two conclusions:

      1. They want those that are a drain on the system to no longer be a drain on the system. These are usually the obedient who are willing to agree and do as Uncle Sam, Uncle Bill, and Uncle Klaus tell them. The obedient need the system whether for employment, Social Security, the Western Medical Complex, welfare, etc. They are willing to get shot up with whatever Fauci says. They don’t question it since the belief and dependence on government is their umbilical cord.

      Most of the guys (TPTB, WEF, etc.) are pretty old and remember when the world was a different place. Maybe their goal is to bring that back. To instill independence and reboot the system to that of personal responsibility and survival of the fittest. Of course, I chuckle when I state this, because I don’t believe any of these say men could survive without minions at their beck and call.

      2. The goal is to keep the obedient around and take out those of us that would question the new system. It may take some work on the TPTB, but let’s be serious we wouldn’t be that hard to round up. An IP address = traceable location. We all have them. Of course, one has to question the sanity in such a proposition. The obedient will oblige, but the obedient are very costly to feed, house, and clothe. Communism has never been effective. As those living in the USSR stated, “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.” Ownership is expensive. When the feeding, housing, and clothing stops the pitchforks usually rise since one has nothing to lose.

      • RG,

        The first point is, as you state, laughable. The second could be the case, though as far as “we wouldn’t be that hard to round up”, I think we sure as hell would be, especially if the plan had come into full focus with the jabbed all dropping like flies and arrests/disappearances of the the “purebloods”.

        I could only think we would be speaking of a full culling of the population, but they let most people kill themselves with the jabs, because they would meet too much resistance once their goal was clear.

        That all said, despite the horrible and terrifying effects we’re seeing in some people, I don’t think that mass murder by jab is actually the objective. I think China-esque databases and “social credit” control systems are. All the poor people suffering these atrocious effects are merely collateral damage.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          The next two years will be interesting. I am curious on how much we have seen and heard will come to pass. What will become of all of us? Will today’s conspiracy theories be true or will there still be 8 billion of us worldwide standing around saying “Now, what?” Will there come a time where COVID and the flu no longer bring fear to the masses? Will any of us ever get on a plane again? Will we ever be able to walk through a grocery store and not see someone’s face and nose covered?

          • Hi RG!

            I wonder a lot about all of this, like many here. If it turns out the Moronicon is – essentially – just a cold, which few people die of (or with) then will the masses finally recover from their instilled hypochondria? Will those responsible for instilling mass panic be held accountable? Or will the worst happen – and a third to half or more of the population die as a result of being Jabbed?

            In two years – or less – we’ll know…

            • Hi Eric,

              So far everyone I have talked to has gotten sick over the last month. My grandmothers and my parents (thankfully) are the only ones who have not gotten ill, and I hope it remains that way. My body can take the hit I don’t know if theirs would be as successful. So, if my sisters, BILs, nieces and nephews can take one for the team we will.

              Every client I have talked to this week and last – their child has been sick, they attended a party, their partner has gotten sick, etc. Everybody has made it through, but a few have gotten hit harder than others. I don’t see any rhyme or reason for it, but nobody has been hospitalized or died, fortunately. This is among the jabbed and unjabbed.

              No doubt in my mind natural immunity in the country has succeeded.

              I anticipate the LT effects of the jabs to be a major issue in the future. Just reading the four animal studies that were conducted on the MRNA vaccines during the 2000s and now the 75 years it will take for the FDA to complete their FOIA request shows our government, and the pharmaceutical companies are not being truthful in what they know.

              As much as I detest the crazies for their shouts of “Die, unvaxxed, die” I do not want to see illness and death occur for anyone. Telling someone “I told you so” is no fun when they are six feet under.

              • “This is among the jabbed and unjabbed.” But carried and spread by the jabbed? I see no other explanation for the rise in children hospitalized. Either the children are jabbed, or the jabbed are creating “new and improved” disease.

                • The jabbed believe they aren’t sick and are moving around continuously spreading the virus. I believe anyone symptomatic can spread anything they have – coughing, sneezing, etc. will do that. While the purebloods seem to be more willing to stay home when ill, the jabbed believe they do not transmit this, which in fact, they are doing. My guess is as more people get the shots more variants will spurn off. The vaccines have prolonged the virus. This probably would have been over and done with if natural immunity would have been the incentive.

              • Amen, RG –

                I have no desire to see anyone – except Fauci and a few others of his ilk – ending up where they want us to end up. That said, we also find ourselves in the position of having to recognize that many of these deluded/fear-crazed people are our functional enemies, until we figure out a way to calm them down. Or at least, get them to turn inward and focus on their own issues (as we all ought to, per Professor Peterson).

                I’m note sure why I haven’t gotten sick – but I have a working hypothesis. It is that I run 4-5 miles every other day (and right now, if I feel at all like a cold is coming on). I hypothesize that running does the following, to ward off nascent respiratory illness: It raises my core temp – like a fever – and sustains it for the duration of the run (about an hour) and it purges my lungs, deep down.

                I may be wrong about this, but so far… so good!

                • Eric,

                  I have a hypothesis of my own regarding why you and others never got sick. Check out my recent comment on your “Fascinating” article…

                  But yes, keeping in good shape will ward off illness better than anything else. Just don’t make out with your girlfriend when she’s sick. 😉

                • I got really sick for a couple of weeks after thanksgiving. I havent been getting out enough this winter,. My diet and sleep habits havent been very good recently either. Makes me think that the “stay home stop the spread” campaigns were designed to ruin the health of an already sedentary and depressed population so that they could make the munchausens epidemic worse. Nothing makes you sick like binging on tv/internet and avoiding people. Visit friends & family, excercise every day and stay active.

                  • Yes! Unless you are sick, live normally. If you get sick, spare everyone else. That should be the general rule, Kung Flu or not. Stuff everyone in a dark box and feed them fast food for a few months, they’ll sure as hell develop problems.

                  • I agree with you, Anon –

                    I strongly suspect that my OCD exercise habits are responsible for me not getting sick. I always run – even if it’s colder than a witch’s tit out or pouring rain. And I never stopped working out with weights – even when the gym was closed. Plus I have to get outside, practically every day – to deal with the critters and the place, itself.

                    Being “locked down” is not just demoralizing; it is bad for your physical health, too.

                • Neither my wife nor I have been sick since the “pandemic” began. Around that time, March of 2020, my wife accompanied me to the local hospital. I was suffering from an infection unrelated to COVID. I mention this because mask mandates had yet to be implemented in our area, so we did not wear them while waiting in the ER. Surely, we were exposed to many infected individuals that day.

                  During the rest of the “pandemic” my wife and I traveled extensively, between a number of far-ranging states. Even more than not getting sick, neither of us have witnessed a single fellow human being drop over sick or dying in all the many public places we’ve been—as surely would be the case with a genuine wildfire global “plague”. Such has been the foundation of our point of resistance.

                  Despite her employers’ best efforts vis-à-vis the vaccine mandate, and the pandemic murdering my small business, she remains employed and I sane and the both of us pureblood.

                  We recognized the pungent stink of pandemic fraud early on in the ordeal and have kept our heads above the dark waters of mass formation to this day. Unfortunately for them, many of our friends, family members and colleagues have succumbed to both COVID cult membership and the jabs. The loss of some of them to the other side nearly broke us. But we remain.

                  I feel we are riding the crest of a monolithic, ten-mile-high wave of foaming, churning, icy dark water poised to crash across civilization as we knew it and after it breaks on shore, wash it all away, in a very terrifying manner.

                  We’ll hold on when that wave crashes. I do look forward to meeting other survivors. Until then, stay human and, as Iron Maiden once sang, “You’ve got to watch them. Be quick or be dead.”

                  • Hi Aphotic,

                    Your story/experience mirrors my own. I also concluded early on that something was very fishy. I saw no bodies stacking up like cordwood. I purposely went to see for myself – at the local (area) hospital in my part of Virginia, almost every day during the first weeks/months of this operation. There was nothing to see. No lines of desperate, half-dead people queueing up for admission. No “overflow” of bodies – or anything else. Dead quiet.

                    Like you, I was out and about practically every day – clinging to normalcy by continuing to go to the coffee shop I used to go to almost every day with my laptop, to work for a few hours amid human company. Of course, I now had to have my coffee outside – in my truck. But I went anyhow. I went anywhere I could. Met with people. Never once wore the idiotic Chin Speedo. Have yet to get sick – of anything besides the sight of Chin Speedos. I concluded that either I am an anomalous genetic superman or “the virus” is far less infectious – and far less lethal – than people were being told. I assume the latter.

                    Yet so many cannot see what seems so obvious to me – and you.

          • How does this end? It starts with you personally choosing not to further false narratives about the “one virus” as cause of this or that when you interact in person and online. Every time you mention “it” as a “reality” you publicly proclaim a belief in covidism, which is inescapable no matter how many caveats you attach or how much blame you ascribe to some person or how much you disagree with everything done in “it’s” name after the fact.

            There is a thing as cold and flu season. Always was, always will be. Some people get sick and die, mostly the old and infirm but occasionally for no good reason. Always was, always will be.

            • I believe in covidism. How’s that for you? Do I think there is a new variant circulating the globe? Yep. Now what?

              Do I believe in masking? Nope. Do I believe in the vaccine? Nope. Do I believe that one should quiver in fear until their dying day because something may be going around? Nope. Do I believe Fauci and the Chinese worked hand in hand and this thing spread throughout the world? Yep. There are seven hundred million viruses on Earth on a daily basis. It is delusional to believe that one (or a few) aren’t going to migrate into something more. A look at history will tell us, on average, that the world deals with a new illness once every decade. Covid is this decade’s.

              Do you not believe in TB, H1N1, the Hong Kong flu, the 1918 flu, the bubonic plague?

              If you don’t want to believe it exists, that is your prerogative, but you don’t get to choose what I believe in. If you don’t like or agree with me, you are free to skip over any of my posts.

              Happy New Year.

                • Believe it or not, in the Fascinating post, she stated that she self diagnosed herself having “it.” She’s obviously creating her own reality. That and the other red herring propaganda she notes above are strong markers of covidism in my book.

                • ML,

                  The NIH acknowledged in October 2021 that the US did provide the funding for gain of function research to the Wuhan lab for experimentation on bats and coronaviruses.

                  Do you believe there is no way in hell that they could have been creating either a) a biological weapon; or 2) they did not take all necessary precautions and the virus leaked and spread? Not possible?

                  I have head colds, sinus infections, stomach bugs, and the flu. What I got this go around was altogether different. I have never lost my taste and smell and I have never had to take two weeks to recover from any illness. Not only me, but everyone around me – sisters, spouse, aunt, BILs. We all had the same symptoms. I find it hard to chalk it up that every single one of us was crazy or deluded.

                  We do a disservice believing that our government or another country could not harm us. The link of Event 201 pretty much stated what they were are going to do. Why do we believe that they would not follow through? Why should we only believe the things we agree with and not take in consideration other theories that may not coincide with our viewpoints. Just because we deny it doesn’t make it any less real.

                  There was no point in testing for COVID. I don’t test when I have the flu or a stomach bug. Most of us can self-diagnosis ourselves without running to the doctor for a prescription and assurances. The virus has been around long enough that most of us can tell the difference between getting it and something else.

                  • What if, like many other manufactured societal problems (think systemic racism, global warming, peak oil, pervasive Islamic terrorism, et al), the powers that be simply rebranded normal sickness that people experience as a new and deadly virus/pandemic in order to (among other things) (a) generate billions in income and (b) impose draconian controls on the population?

                    • I don’t dispute the fact that this was released to make money and to instigate control over the masses. The only part that you and I do not see eye to eye is the validity off the virus itself. You believe it has been rebranded. I believe it was lab created and released.

                    • “Just because you deny it doesn’t make it any less real.” The absolute stock answer used to silence any critics or skeptics of all of the other scams you mentioned. It’s like some kind of script…

                  • RG, the lab leak theory is currently the leading focus. Who knows, it might even be true. There are some who claim that it was created within the Empire, and then planted in China. Ron Unz is one of the leading advocates of that.
                    A case can be made for either.
                    In any event, I doubt we will ever really know the truth.

                  • They tried gain of function, it hasn’t worked very well, flopped, they were running out of time to get their reset going, so they announced a pandemic anyways.

                    It’s important to recall that the United States and over 100 countries initiated lockdowns exclusively because of the “data” that was being transmitted out of Wuhan.

                    It was faulty, unchallenged Chinese data, repeated by authoritative figures like Fauci (all fauci does is repeat ccp lies, he will make billions of dollars), and his colleagues, that convinced the world to undergo lockdowns and embrace early, aggressive ventilation of patients, among other botched, unscientific treatment and mitigation measures.

                    zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections.

                    The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

                    Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

                    but all you need is a made in a computer cgi image of a scary so called virus and a bs story to go with it to pull off the hoax, and 24/7 for two years fear mongering….

                    there was no pandemic, the death rate in 2020 did not rise, but no problem just call every death…… from covid and ban autopsies.

                    when the extermination injections started the death rate did start rising, a lot, but it can’t be blamed on the injection, no just lie, call it omicron and blame it on the unvaxxed.

                    • Agree – they tried to create a pandemic legitimately (if there is such a thing)…but when the seeds of pathogens they planted all over the world didn’t have the bang they wanted, they just went with the story anyway. Worked like a charm, as they say.

                • How indeed. One of the best is to have a staff virologist sequence it. Lacking access to that, it becomes rather difficult. The typical so called tests are unreliable. Some from South Korea are a bit better, but still too unreliable to be useful. But that’s not the current focus.

                  Its all about The cases! The CASES! In order to keep the panic and hysteria running. Those are going to be vital for the for the mail in ballots for the midterm elections.

            • Anon: This is such an important point you’re making! It needs to be continuously repeated. This is all a bunch of made-up bullshit. There is no “pandemic.” It’s just the reality of human life on earth.

              • Thanks Mister. I’m never gonna stop calling it out. Especially among folks on here, some of whom I consider libertarian thought leaders. Style be damned.

                What I’ve found in real life is that people believe the foundational premise for “reasons.” It seems to run the gamut and I won’t take up too much time listing them all here. Suffice it to say, the whole thing benefits some.

                • The powers that be love to “diagnose” (i.e. brand) common human phenomenon as diseases in order to create a “treatment” to generate income. Think about ridiculous, alleged ailments like “Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)” or “Non-24.” Hell the non-profession of psychiatry has an entire manual full of this shit known as the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).” Conveniently, big pharma has “medications” for all of these. Insurance and Medicare Part D pays for all of them at the expense of a society required to pay taxes and have insurance “coverage.” “Covid” as the same BS writ large.

                  • The “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” does not contain a single method of clinically diagnosing a single one of them. All left to the “judgment” of psychologists and psychiatrists.

                    • John, thats to be expected when dealing with an Art. Neither are, nor are likely to be anytime soon a science.

                      Neuroscience is making very great advances. But until all of that data can be formulated and put into a testable reference frame, they will remain an Art.

                      Some of those practicing the Art have insights and have been able to help people to help themselves. Others, not so much. But for now, its all we have.

              • they made the symptom list for covid so long it covers almost every disease, no matter what problem you had it was labeled covid, fell of a cliff and died = death from covid, that is how they got their covid death numbers, total death numbers in 2020 did not rise = no pandemic….

                then using a fraud fake pcr test that is 99% inaccurate they said there was millions of cases, pure lies… excuse to force inject

                now that people are falling over dead after the extermination injection, no one has died from the injection or been injured, zero, if you report an injury blaming the vaccine, they label you insane and are given psychiatric drugs, all the deaths now are caused by the unvaxxed, they will be hunted down.

      • “we wouldn’t be that hard to round up.” As long as the cowboys doing the rounding up don’t mind being shot at. And said cowboys are not jabbed to death themselves. After all, is not nearly the entire US military now jabbed?

        • I don’t disagree with anything you said, John. I was just pointing out in the days of phones, cameras, and IP addresses no one is really hard to locate, unless they want to be.

          • RG, unless one understands the technology. 🙂 Keep in mind that tech details are very much available for those willing to do their own research. One of the better sources to start with is called the Hated One. Also keep in mind that most of the best minds in any given field, will not work for either corporations or governments.

        • The thing is the ones (who will be) doing the rounding up or door-to-door jabbing are organized, trained and psychologically motivated to carry out the order(s). They have access to limitless back up, legal backing and excellent morale based on an almost collective belief they are doing the right thing, protecting the American way of life and the lives of the general public.

          Any who resist will almost certainly find themselves doing so alone or in small, poorly trained groups who one moment will be watching television or eating dinner and the next being blinded by flashbang grenades shot through their windows.

          They won’t come after all of us at once. If round ups or door-to-door vaccinations go down they’ll be conducted randomly, in different states at different times, different cities, different neighborhoods. This will prevent some kind of mass resistance from the unvaccinated, who even if organized into some kind of guerilla force, would be fractured by this slow death of a thousand cuts of randomness.

          While I have no doubt some of us will resist quite splendidly when the Man comes around, when our time is up so to speak, it is most likely those instances will be a matter of going down fighting rather than liberating anyone or anything from tyranny.

          Perhaps the most disturbing validation of my opinion on this matter is the absolute lack of any kind of action taken by American men and women to prevent COVID vaccine distribution to American children. No freedom fighters to be found. No heroes on the horizon. It’s just that sort of Age of man, apparently.

          • Hi Aphotic,

            You may be right; I hope – of course – you’re not.

            I hope that there are enough people not sufficiently Obedience Habituated – including cops – to make it impossible to impose what we’re dreading may be coming. I think there is a much better chance of this opposition developing in rural areas; the cities are probably lost. And yet, even in places like NYC, there is resistance. It may – and hopefully is – a case of people trying to avoid a conflict at almost all costs. But “almost” may no longer be a price worth paying.

          • Aphotic_Joe , In times past I might have agreed with you. But its been my experience that the Cult is already showing cracks in its foundations. Only the True Believers are still following the Sacred Narrative at this point. Now granted there are still tens of millions of people following along. But thats been true through out human history.

            In terms of operational logistics, I’ve no doubt they could do some limited smash and grab operations. As long as they target specific areas. If they attempted to move into many areas of the country, they would start losing assets. I know this without question, because I have long term connections out and about. Once they start losing assets, their morale is going to tank. Even using information control, only the fanatics (which always make up only a small percentage of any given group) will be willing to continue to expose themselves to risk of harm and/or death.

            You are quite right. We live in a time when the vast majority will go along to get along. But the age of attrition warfare has left many insights. Look at the Empires record since World War II.
            What is needed isn’t mass numbers. But only a small percentage
            who take intelligent, well considered action. Believe me, that is what the enemy fears the most. Only a handful of such events would be required to demoralize their forces. Especially as matters grow ever worse. Lets hope matters do not go in that dark direction. But let us also plan to do what is necessary.

    • They….them, whomever…love having hard-core non-conformists around, need them, in fact.

      If you are a multi-billionaire, what kind of game gives you the “juice”? You can already buy or command anything you could possibly ever want or desire. Anything. Anything at all.

      So, the power game becomes your juice of life, the fun. Controlling life, destinies of millions, forcing the masses to dance to your tune, whatever your personal bug-a-boo might be.

      “How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?” “By making him suffer” -G. Orwell.
      The louder we squeal, the stronger the shiver of pleasure they…them, whomever, experience. They….them, whomever,….will always increase the ratcheting of control so as to continue creating resistance. Without resistance there is no feeling of power.

      “We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power…the object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.” G. Orwell

      So you see, the power mad need resistance to make it fun. My personal catchphrase when responding to someone who is incredulous at the crass disregard of our political master’s for the law, morality, decency, et cetera is this: What is the point of having power if you can’t abuse it?

      The game is more fun when the masses struggle, resist, and try to fight the inevitable. Raping the willing ain’t no fun.

      “How do you make a man know

    • John,

      In my opinion they didn’t think their cunning plan all the way through. Probably at least in part because they naively assumed that everyone would just automatically buy into the hype and then do as they were told.

      • Publius, our so called Over Lords have many faults, but I seriously doubt that stupidity is one of them (at least for the most dangerous). I’ve no doubt that they knew that some people would resist. But emergent behavior is VERY difficult to properly model. Its obvious that who ever did their modeling didn’t have a fine enough grasp of the different cultural dynamics involved. Keep in mind that these models are very sensitive to the basic assumptions made when formulating them. Look at the ICCP’s various models for example. Most have a difficult time matching the past, let alone predicting the future. Keep in mind that is dealing with complex aspects of various real sciences. Modeling human behavior and psychology is a black art at best. Fortunately Edward Bernays is no longer with us. But I’ve no doubt his successors have picked up the pace, and are involved in this global psych op.

        • I didn’t say that they were stupid. I said they overestimated themselves.

          Everyone has a weakness, even the most fiendishly clever. If you can find it, you can exploit it. Once they figure out you’re doing that, they put up their guard–but, without fail, they leave you another opening somewhere else. This is the way of things.

          • They aren’t stupid, but they are psychopaths. Which means they have no comprehension of the ordinary human virtues. Which means they have no comprehension of how we will act\/react upon those virtues.

            • Very true John. But those psychopaths tend to be very intelligent and totally ruthless. Which makes them dangerous. Even approximations of their various plans have already caused countless deaths and trillions of dollars worth of damage. Yet we remain only in the early stages of this world wide crisis. The final butchers bill will be truly horrible.

              Its too early to be certain, but its beginning to look like they are starting to fight among themselves. Let us remember some wise words; “Never interrupt your enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves”.

              I’ve no doubt that the Russians and Chinese are abiding by these insights, as the West self destructs. Lets hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

    • Let’s not forget that hospitals are getting upwards of $100k per COVID death they can create, and not so much lesser funds for cases and admissions. And then they whine about being understaffed, which was a business decision in the first place.

      • I wonder what would’ve happened if they were given some substantial cash per every COVID victim they SAVED? Logically, they would’ve said that nearly everyone coming through the door had the Kung Flu, except those who were actually violently ill, so there would have to be significant scrutiny about who actually had the illness and who did not.

        Might’ve been interesting, though.

        • Of course! But like everything else, common sense doesn’t apply. In fact, whatever the Fedgov says/does is exactly opposite of what makes sense to normal people.

          The saying, “You get what you pay for” (or rather, “what you pay for is what you will get more of”) comes to mind. Fedgov wants cases and deaths, so they pay (our money) for that (ventilators, remdesivir, funerals). If they wanted survivors (which would be what a normal person would think they should want), then they would be doing what you suggest.

        • You can’t scare the gullible into taking the most dangerous and least effective “vaccine” in history without killing people. Or at least pretending to.

      • New York state fired 31K health care workers for not being vaccinated. Thirty-one thousand! It isn’t a shortage of beds affecting today’s hospitals, but a shortage of staff. The blue states are causing their own demise. Minnesota is now bringing in the National Guard since the nurses’ union has actually lost 37% of the state’s nurses due to either the mandate, retirement, or transferring to another state.

        The mandated vaccine passports will erode foot traffic into retail stores and restaurants wherever they are implemented. They (liberals, Karens, Kens, nutjobs) state they don’t want the unvax’s money, but I am curious on how long they will hold out. Roughly 30% of adults are still unjabbed in this country. Now take away a 1/3 of anything…. that is a lot of labor, resources, and moo-lah to lose. They will fail. We can hold out as long as needed. Good luck trying to run a successful store front or eating establishment when you have told almost a 1/3 of your clientele to take a hike.

        The District (which I have not visited in years and have no plans to) will be implementing a vaccine mandate for all sporting events, restaurants, theatres, etc. beginning January 15th.

        Here are a few of the concessions: employees who work at these establishments do not have to be vaxxed (Bowser said the federal mandate will take care of this), you must have a vax to eat in a restaurant but walking in to pick up a “to go” order is exempted. You can also eat outside, and vaccination is not required. You also do not need to show photo ID – just your passport.

        • Hi RG!

          It ought to be telling that so many medical people – i.e., people who have seen firsthand and so know the deal – are willing to lose their jobs rather than submit to these Jabs.

          No job is worth your life.

          • What troubles me is the large number of medical people who have swallowed the whole program hook-line-and-sinker. The vast majority of physicians are either for the tyrannical treatment of this phenomenon, or cowed into being silent. (I do have to wonder, with hope, how many physicians have left the American Medical Association and jointed Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.)

            Our granddaughter is working toward an advanced nursing degree right now. Totally enraptured by her professors, of course. She has convinced nearly all in our family that you vax or die. Totally refuses to accept natural immunity as the best approach in the long run. Of course, “In the long run we are all dead!”, but with in situations like this, in the long run, more survive (e.g. a head cold). According to her, only “Science” can do that now. (Also has no memory of The Donald, a good Republican, having started all this crap.) I would be totally depressed except that her brother, having had a bad, verified, case of the bug, says “No way!”

            • Hi Arylioa,

              They’ve been screeching at me for two years now that I’ll get sick – and die! – if I don’t wear a “mask” or get Jabbed. And yet, I’m fine. I’ll go with that, thanks.

      • I was told by a good source today that doctors are getting around $4,000 per patient that gets the jab. The doctor doesn’t even have to be the one to give the jab. If they have a patient that gets jabbed, cha-ching.

        • Hi Krista,

          Doctors have been receiving bonuses from health insurance companies for well over a decade if a certain number of their patients are immunized, received pap smears, mammograms, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, etc.

          Here is an article from the NCBI from 2011 detailing Pay for Performance. We can all thank Obamacare for this!

          It shouldn’t surprise any of us that doctors are getting kickbacks for COVID vaccines. The world revolves around money, and everyone wants a slice of the pie. My biggest concern with this issue is the need to hide it from the patients of the practice. One doesn’t know who has their information – not only the doctor’s office and his/her affiliates, but also the insurance company, HHS, CDC, etc. Unfortunately, the health and welfare of the patient has been moved to the back burner.

          Doctor: “I can tell this individual to go home and lose twenty pounds and change their diet or I can just give them pills for the high blood pressure and cholesterol and they have to come back and see me every four months for a refill. In the meantime, Pfizer and Merck will also provide me a bonus for pushing their products. Win-win.”

          Every new pill that is pushed and gadget that is required the insurance company, manufacturer, or pharmaceutical conglomerate has a few crisp dollars dangling in the doctor’s face for each one they prescribe and sell.

          It is one of the reasons I don’t have health insurance coverage. My only regret was not getting rid of it years earlier.

  20. “The time for war has not yet come, but it will come, and that soon; and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard.”

    Stonewall Jackson

    • Nasir, get with the program! Those where “mostly” peaceful protests! 🙂
      That resulted in mostly expensive damage (to the tune of billions of dollars nation wide).

      Keep in mind that if Burn Loot and Murder was composed of Trump voters, they would have brought in the military, armor and air support to suppress them.

  21. I have a car buddy friend who is 82. Unfortunately, he is a low-information type and got the jab. He was over at our house for Christmas and mentioned his current heart condition started about 2-weeks after his jab. He questioned out loud if maybe there is a connection? I didn’t and wont say anything at this point since worry is not going to help him and might make him worse.

    My liberal California sister had a heart condition (slight) before she took the jab but it got worse quickly after the jab. She has a pacemaker now.

    My brother’s wife’s brother died within 2-days after the jab.

    All anecdotal and all coincidences but a bigger picture is emerging.

    • Someone just commented that the so called omicron is the extermination injection injured becoming visible, they blame the injuries on the imaginary omicron, which in turn is blamed on the unvaxxed, they have to do this, they can’t have people blaming the vaccine (extermination injection).

      In austria they have vigilantes hunting down the unvaxxed, it is getting exceedingly dangerous for the purebloods out there.

  22. Actually, Ready does have a point. When something does become common, like gang shootings in major cities, people DO become immune to it. I read The Organic Prepper regularly, and one of her contributors (Selco) hails from the Balkans, and was there when the shooting started in Serbia, Kosovo, etc. Scary stuff, but after a while, the population got used to it. Same thing here – people will get used to it and not think much of it. Sick as that sounds.

  23. The most amazing, and overlooked/unrealized, aspect of this 2-year fiasco is that the 1918 epidemic, infinitely more lethal, was over after 2 years despite being a hundred years before the “miracle science of today” that everyone is so full of deference for. All they did back then was business closures and masking, both of which failed until the people finally refused to go along. Soon after, the disease burned itself out.

    We are now at 2 years and this thing is spinning further and further out of control every day, with the most vaccinated venues being overrun with disease – pro/college sports, airlines, cruises, highly vaccinated nations, etc. That’s only the disease part.

    Then the so-called solution has smart bombs implanted in bodies all over, some exploding already, while others are on some unknown timer.

    Great job guys!! Humans are being rewarded for their faith in you (/s). And yet those same afflicted people reward them with their continued trust and confidence.

  24. I have seen this video before, and it is very disturbing and shocking. There is no getting used to the collapse and death of so many (especially young) people, all with only one thing in common: the Jab.

    Speaking of getting used to, I had seen a picture somewhere (may be in Europe) where the sides of transit busses now include posters advertising the “signs of stroke in children.”

    Trying to normalize the abnormal sickness and death of young and previously healthy people. EVERY creature behind this needs to swing from the rafters.

    • The cultists will reply with “well, people die every day” and write it off as routine and an unfortunate casualty of war.

      But a year ago, “one death was too many.” Remembah?

      • Just had an email from a friend whose mom has Stage 4 cancer. She had had the jab (not sure before or after cancer diagnosis), then about a week before Christmas “tested positive for covid.” On Christmas Eve she was admitted to hospital with “covid.” If she passes, I have a feeling it will be blamed on “covid,” not stage 4 cancer.

        I personally know of two people (one now deceased) who developed lymphoma after their jabs. I have four family members (including my dad) who were here last Christmas but not this one, having died within a short time of their jabs.

        I know NO ONE who has actually “died of covid.”

          • Anon, get her these:
            I have personally had many stage 4 cancer patients add apricot seeds to their diet and all of them recovered, whether undergoing mustard gas (chemo) or not.
            The article explains how they work and why they’re safe.
            I’m batting a thousand with these suckers.
            Convincing the patient will be the hard part, however, as most have “doctor worship.”

            • Thanks for the info. When I had cancer, someone shared similar info with me. I learned that a doctor in Mexico is also having great success with laetrile, but (of course) can’t practice his proven medicine in the US. I wound up taking a different course of action (no poisons or burning), and after 3 years continue to be cancer free, by the grace of God.

              And I agree about the doctor worship thing – it’s also hard when you’re facing something entirely unknown and you are sitting in front of the “expert” who is hard selling the burning and poisoning.

              Are you familiar with the asparagus detox? Seems a diet heavy in asparagus can remove heavy metals from one’s body.

        • “Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced
          I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.”

          Dr. W.B. Clark, New York Times, 1909

        • Good friend’s son-in-law got such severe brain fog/dementia after the shot he now gets lost when he goes out, forgets to eat, etc. Die in misery Fauxchi!

  25. Maybe its become so common it isn’t worth reporting on? Like the Chicago murder rate. Or the Clinton death count. I mean, school shootings have become so rare that they get weeks of coverage. Dead people? Happens all the time, why bother?

    (sarcasm of course)


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