Screw Your Freedoms

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Arnold Schwarzenegger made news a few months back when he angrily denounced people who objected to being “locked down” like convicted criminals for health crimes they’d never committed. Not unlike millions of people in Arnold’s Austrian homeland who were treated similarly on account of the supposed threat to the health of the volk they presented.

Screw your freedoms, the aging bodybuilder growled.

It’s a sad thing – for those of us who made the mistake of admiring Arnold once-upon-a-time as a guy we were led to believe valued our freedom. As opposed to just his. He rode this image to stardom – and into the California governor’s mansion.

But it was all for show – like the steroid-pumped muscles he flexed on stage which now droop flaccidly under the cruel effects of time and gravity.

More evidence of Arnold’s posing cropped up a couple of days ago, when what’s left of the former Mr. Olympia blew through a red light and terminated a Toyota Prius . . . which he wasn’t driving.

Arnold was driving the anti-Prius, a GMC Yukon. It is currently the largest non-commercial vehicle sold by any car company. Many people like to drive big SUVs just like it, probably for many of the same reasons Arnold likes to drive his. They provide a sense of physical security no other type of vehicle can match and that is no small thing in a world coming unglued. They are powerful, which makes them capable – which makes them appealing.

All of that is perfectly natural and reflected in the fact that big SUVs are the most popular type of vehicle being made right now.

But don’t make the mistake of believing that because Arnold likes to drive a big SUV he supports our freedom to drive one, too.

If he did, he would not be using all his muscle to push “clean” and “green” alternatives . . .  right down our throats. As governor, he signed into law numerous edicts that make such “alternatives” mandatory.

Big SUVs are for big and powerful people.

Like himself.

The rest of is should be driving cars like the Prius he terminated.

The unconsciousness shamelessness of people like this presents an interesting psychological study in the etiolation of a particular form of insanity which seems to attend becoming a celebrity – whether of the Hollywood or political-office-holder variety (Arnold being both).

They are in so deep they no longer see how far. Their talking points become reality, or its ersatz rhetorical equivalent. It’s the only plausible explanation for what would otherwise be clear evidence of mental derangement.

Either that – or someone has Polaroids of Arnold with a dachshund.

The psychological trick seems to be that by talking about how committed to being “green” they are, they come to believe they are in fact actually “green”  . . . even if they’re driving around in a 5,500 pound V8-powered SUV that averages 17 MPG.

They do this without blinking, without shame. With the arrogant entitlement of the pathologically shameless. Just as they went “maskless” to dinner parties at restaurants closed to the unmasked who lacked the special exemption from the getting and giving of sickness that comes with political office and celebrity.

This is nothing new, as such. Pathological narcissism has been an affliction of humankind since the time of Adam in the Garden

What’s different is the lack of outrage when it manifests. People were disgusted, back in the ’80s, when Leona Helmsley blew off the taxes she didn’t feel obliged to pay as being the exclusive burden of “the little people,” as she styled them.

This made her a pariah.

Today, it makes one a governor.

Gavin Newsome, for instance. He is a worthy heir to the title once held by Arnold. No doubt they both got their teeth capped by the same glamor dentist. But Arnold’s successor doesn’t drive a 5,500 pound V8 SUV that averages 17 MPG. He is driven around in one – attended by a fuhrerbegleitkommando of ancillary vehicles, to make sure he and his entourage can blow through red lights with impunity.

Just the same in DC, where the Biden Thing issues electrification decrees while exempting himself and high federal apparatchiks from having to abide by them. Special dispensation having been issued recently to ensure that a fleet of 5,500 pound V8 SUVs that average considerably less than 17 MPG (being heavily armored for the protection of the apparatchiks) will be available for them – for decades to come.

Screw your freedoms. 


It’s the whole point of the thing, you see.

. . .

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  1. The political terrorists are destroying religion and nationalism/westphalian state system.
    Their goal is a world without boarders controlled by bankers and businessmen.
    Read the Illuminati (written a couple months before the declaration of independence).
    1776 was a good year.

  2. Like the death rate, accidents are going thru the roof. Sirens go off 24/7 here, like it’s the Bronx. Driving while Madcowed. Alot of the satanjabbed seem quick to anger, off kilter and out of whack. Something about the eyes, the soul window, is wrong. Sheep, slowly going mad. God help us all.

    • These vaxxed, demon jabbed morons might get mad cow’s disease, prion disease, might start acting crazy….after the shot they say you are no longer human….the trans-humanism agenda, they are targeting the children so no more natural free range independent humans, the end of mankind.

      “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease,” published in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, Dr. Bart Classen warns there are also troubling evidences suggesting some of the mRNA shots may cause prion diseases such as Alzheimer’s and ALS.

  3. I suspect we would all be better off if we just said “Screw Your Movies”. Might I suggest a fitting punishment for him is to be forced to take public transport for 5 years as part of his punishment as he is as unfit to drive as he was to be a Governor.

  4. Its wierd how many celebrities have turned into total losers. Afraid of anyone unvaxxed. Afraid of free speech, totally unhinged. Most recent ones that come to mind:
    Coward stern
    Neil young

    Im always surprised at who is supporting authoritarianism, how hard they shill it, and that they are still alive.

  5. As Eric said, so sad to see some we considered to be such good guys dive into the wokeism swamp. Praying with all my heart that my main man-CLINT EASTWOOD-never slips into this putrid goop.

  6. SAAAAAAAAFETY, comrades — bend over, here it comes again:

    ‘Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is vowing to help stem rising traffic fatalities, releasing a broad-based strategy aimed at reducing speed, redesigning roads and boosting car-safety features such as automatic emergency braking.

    ‘[He] urges pilot programs to study and promote greater use of speed cameras. Among the possibilities is rethinking how speed limits are set. Currently, many cities set limits at whatever 85% of drivers are traveling, essentially letting drivers make the decision.

    ‘The NHTSA also plans to require automatic emergency braking in all new passenger vehicles, set new standards on car-safety performance by emphasizing features such as lane-keeping assistance, and require crash-avoidance information on new car window stickers.’

    More fedgov nannyism, all the way down to dictating the format of window stickers, which probably will need to cover ALL the windows to present the mandated SAAAAAAAAAAFETY boilerplate.

    Freedumb ain’t free …

  7. We live now in an upside-down world. Where in the past the Left was:

    The Left was anti-war now they want to take on Russia in a winter war they think they can win. Most common sense on the right are anti-war on this one;

    The Left always had a distain for authority. Now the proclaim authority over others including use of their bodies. The right is now saying “my body my choice’;

    Robert F Kennedy Jr would normally be the Left’s darling child spokesperson for their cause, now he is their hated enemy. Now RFK is a hero to the common sense right and libertarians bravely calling out the government tyranny in progress, corruption of Fauci and big pharma;

    The Left always hated big business, now they are in bed with the high-tech oligarchs, master of the universe types and big pharma. The Right use to like big business now are trying to find ways to regulate these high-tech oligarchs they helped to create;

    The Left accused the American of an immoral war in Vietnam. Now the Left want to start a war to keep Hunter Biden’s pay masters in power. Again, most common sense on the right are anti-war except for the usual names on the RINO list.

    • leftists they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      written by Brandon Smith:
      if you are a leftist and don’t like what he says go argue with him

      They are the ONLY group of people that has consistently supported mass surveillance, mass censorship and deplatforming, mass violence, property destruction and looting as well as violations of individual rights through medical mandates and lockdowns.

      Leftists are afraid to question anything within their own circles. To dissent on the smallest detail is to be a heretic, a traitor to the cause. They use the word “diversity” all the time, like a battle cry, but when confronted with true diversity (diversity of thought), they panic and react violently.

      Leftists don’t actually care about diversity; they only care that you have blind allegiance to the collective. Stray but a little, and the mob will come for your head. They LOVE plantations, they love slavery; as long as they own the plantations and they control the slaves.

      A natural consequence of this Animal Farm mentality is that irony and hypocrisy is lost on the followers of such movements. They project all their shortcomings and crimes on others. The devils they see in conservatives are actually the devils they see in the mirror everyday. That said, the higher up you get in the leftist pyramid, the less it becomes hypocritical and the more it becomes malicious and deliberate.

      The gaslighting, the word association propaganda, the selective memory hole they use to erase historical facts that contradict their ideology, the people at the top and their lackeys KNOW exactly what they are doing. They don’t care that their claims are hypocritical or outright fraudulent. They know they are lying, they know they are gaslighting. They’re not interested in being right, they are only interested in WINNING.

      There is much more going on here than meets the eye. There is a great deal of power and money behind the rise of the hard left ideology and there are certain people that benefit from it’s expansion.

      Leftists like to view themselves as the “underdogs” or revolutionaries fighting against “the man”. However, every resource of global power brokers has been offered in support of the political left. The “Man” is the ally of the leftists; in some ways he is even the creator of the leftist movement.

      They aren’t revolutionaries at all; they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      It was globalist institutions like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation that funded different elements of the feminist movement and “gender studies” movements from the late 1960’s onward. This included the Rockefeller Foundation’s large donations to ‘The Feminist Press’ and the Ford Foundation’s programs to indoctrinate university professors into injecting social justice talking points into their curriculum.

      That’s right folks, social justice activism was paid for and encouraged by the so-called “patriarchy”. This is reality, and it never stopped.

      Even today SJW groups are funded by globalists. For example, as the mainstream media often tries to dismiss or ignore,

      Black Lives Matter was initially funded by the Ford Foundation and George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. BLM coffers were flooded with over $100 million from uber rich white elites.

      Again, this is a FACT that even the dishonest spin doctors at Snopes are not able to deny. Instead, they attempt to use strawman arguments and sophistry to distract from the implication of extreme-left mobs receiving seed money from elitist billionaires.

      But let’s follow this path even further: Who gets the support of the mainstream media behemoths? Conservatives or leftists? The answer is obvious.

      What about Big Tech platforms? Do they enforce leftist ideological standards? Do they censor conservative viewpoints predominantly or leftist viewpoints predominantly? The reality is that conservatives are deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook far more than leftists, this is verifiable fact.

      When alternative platforms like Parler are built, are they allowed to simply exist? Of course not! The leftists rampage in an effort to destroy them, but the leftists would have no power without the backing of corporate monopolies like Apple, Google and Amazon. Not only does Big Tech aid the leftists in their Jihad against conservatives, but the government does as well.

      They don’t just go after alternative platforms, they try to go after web service providers. And when alternative platforms move to more freedom oriented service providers like Epik, the leftists get government support in order to intimidate them also.

      Leftists revel in the argument that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences”; they seem to think it is rather clever. I would say, actually, yes, that’s EXACTLY what freedom of speech means. Freedom of speech means that no single group of people is allowed to use fear, intimidation and punishment to compel silence in other groups or individuals that disagree with them. With corporate monopoly and government on their side, it is clear that leftists have appointed themselves the sole arbiters of “consequence”, and this violates the constitution in every conceivable way.

      The collusion between government, corporations and extremist ideological movements is the classical definition of fascism.

      And, just as the Third Reich enjoyed immense funding, investment and industrial support from globalists and corporations in the decade leading up to WWII,

      the political left is enjoying immense support from the global corporate oligarchy today. You cannot be “anti-fascist” while you are colluding with fascists.

      quote from byrne……….(when you get your new nwo/ccp/un/.0001% government) “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,”

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.
      the track record of communist governments is a horror story:

      They have littered the 20th century with 160 million corpses, not foreign people killed in a time of war, but their own people, killed by their own governments in times of peace.
      Over 66 million slaughtered under communism in the Soviet Union,
      over 69 million murdered in Red China.
      Over two Million killed under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

      The millions more killed under Mengistu in Ethiopia, under Samora Machel in Mozambique, and Agestino Neto in Angola and under Fidel Castro in Cuba.”

      when communists take over: The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.

      This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned. note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

      • jordan peterson on the leftist/maxists

        the postmodernist Marxists liberals just basically pulled a sleight-of-hand, and said, ‘Okay if it’s not the poor against the rich than it’s the oppressed against the oppressor.’ We’ll just re-divide the sub-populations in ways that make our bloodied philosophy continue in its movement forward, and that’s where we are now.

        So for the liberal postmodernists, the world is a Hobbesian battleground of identity groups. They do not communicate with one another, because they can’t. All there is, is a struggle for power, and if you’re in the predator group, which means you’re an oppressor, than you better look out, because you’re not exactly welcome. Not exactly welcome, and neither are your ideas. So that’s what you’re up against.

        I would say it’s time for conservatives to stop apologizing for being conservatives.

        You don’t apologize to these people. It’s a big mistake. They read apology as an admission of guilt. You don’t apologize, and you don’t back down.

        the humanities, and much of the social sciences have turned into a postmodernist neo-Marxist playground for liberal radicals. The scholarship is terrible.

        80% of humanities papers are not cited once. Once!

        And so what that means is that they write papers for each other, and they sell them to libraries, and that’s a how the publishers are making money. No one reads them, but the publishers can print them and the libraries have to buy them —

        And they are buying them with your tax money. And so all of you who are sitting here are funding a postmodern radical neo-Marxist liberal agenda that has its roots in the university, and your tax money is going towards it.

        Our society needs to figure out how to stop shunting public tax money to radical left-wing liberal activists.

        So that’s what conservatives and also liberals –true liberals in the English sense– are up against me. What’s happened also as a consequence of this postmodern neo-Marxist intellectual invasion, is the center keeps moving way to the right now, so if you’re a classical liberal, you’ve become a conservative.

        And so for all of you who are interested pursuing the conservative agenda. There’s a lot of classic liberals that you could be talking to.

        conservatives want to maintain things. liberals want to change things (for the worse).

        Well now you conservatives have got something to sell to young people– you can sell them freedom of speech, and you can sell them responsibility.

        The left is selling them rights, you can sell them responsibility.

        I can tell you, because I received many letters of this sort … young people are absolutely starving for someone to provide them with a sense of responsibility, and say look here, here’s something worth living for,

  8. They buy carbon credits to offset their high energy lifestyles. A modern take on “let them eat cake.” You want a nice old V8? Sure thing, brother, just pay a tax that will go towards windmills or solar panels or planting trees.

    Of course the real scam is that they also own shares of some wind farms or solar plants or Tesla stock. Or maybe they own some of the scrubland that is leased to the wind farm operator. Another good scam is giving a speech at a climate change conference to gain a few more indulgences and make a few bucks at the same time. The IRS becomes a money laundering racket for them, and they can sleep well on their pile of money knowing they’re saving the enviroment…

  9. ‘Screw your freedoms’ — Ahhhhnold S

    Israel — on the verge of mandating a fourth injecticide shot to maintain one’s greenpass bona fides — now has the highest covid ‘case’ rate on planet earth: an astounding, off-the-charts 10,970 per million per day. See it and weep:

    But the ‘vaccine’ cultists just can’t let go. Confronted with total, abject, Chernobyl-meltdown failure, they double down for more of the same, but hotter, harder and deeper: vax till it hurts.

    The Pfizer state of Israel is dog-sick: acutely with covid, but chronically with Big Pharma-induced irreversible brain damage.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    • They can’t stop because they are “progressives.” As their name implies, these creatures are like lemmings who think “progress” is made only by going forward, no matter the obstacles ahead. Political progressives are like Derek Zoolander, who couldn’t turn left; progressives can’t go backward–just forward. Sometimes this works in their favor, but when you’re marching straight for a 1,000-foot cliff, turning back is the only logical choice. Tragically, the progressive mindset is to keep marching further into the minefield of Covidianism because going back to the “old way” (pre-Covid normality) is simply unthinkable. Thus, onward to the inevitable cliff plunge…

      • ‘going back to the “old way” (pre-Covid normality) is simply unthinkable’ — Jim

        Our daily dose of brain damage from the ‘progressive’ New York Slimes:

        ‘The coronavirus seems likely to become endemic — a milder illness and a permanent part of American lives that people must learn to manage.

        ‘But the future also depends on a wild card: Most researchers believe other variants are coming, because too little of the world is vaccinated.

        How many eminent epidemiologists have spoken of ‘immune escape’ driven by the virus finding its way around any tenuous, temporary ‘vaccine’ protection?

        Respiratory viruses are going to mutate in any case, but a majority-vaxxed population undoubtedly shapes and steers mutations.

        If frontal lobotomy conferred immunity from covid, the Slimes would lament that ‘too little of the world is lobotomized.’

        • “the Slimes would lament that ‘too little of the world is lobotomized.’”

          How else are they going to get people to read their bird cage liner?

  10. Former mayor of San Luis Obispo takes a trip to San Francisco in an EV. Turns into a nightmare.

    The amount of stupid this woman has packed between her ears is mind boggling. I want to find this video hilarious, but visualizing a future influenced by people this stupid is truly terrifying.

    Diary of a Mad Climate Change Warrior

  11. So, standing next to a Prius after it’s been stomped on?

    Not the safest place to be IMO, but I love the picture of the Yukon using it as a kickstand.

  12. Nasir,
    Exactly what I would like to know. All the illegal clowns swarming over the border and I have to blow 40 bucks for a USELESS Covidiot test 24 hrs before I fly back to Stupidlandia (the country formerly known as the United States).
    The PTB are just ramming their Great Reset agenda down the proles throats and unfortunately there are way too many morons that question nothing.

      • Nice video, don’t usually watch them, especially when its an hour long. Glad I watched that one. Gold and silver switching places? That would be a pole shift of epic proportions.

          • Thats the best part. That and the possibility that we get a true reset of the monetary system, without the federal reserve.

          • 5 hours long, couldn’t even begin to unravel the hoax lies, they are 200 feet deep…..leftist/communists have been hard at work….

        • Yes Norman. Most sources say that there is much less silver on earth right now than gold, mostly due to silver being used and abused and it is destroyed. AND silver has far more usage than gold, yet it is valued (in $$$ of course) at a 75:1 ratio?! (assuming $25 silver to $1850 gold).


          Silver’s free, ladies and gents. Take it.

          • silver gold ratio used to be 10 to 1, now 75 to 1. silver is far more scarce then gold, they call silver gold’s crazy uncle, if gold goes up silver will explode.

            yes buy when cheap (silver now), sell when expensive tech stocks jan 3rd 2022,

            the problem is gold and silver is tightly controlled by the banksters

          • Hi Andrew, You are absolutely correct about the gold/silver ratio. Many times in history it narrowed down to 10-1, more or less. Cliff High thinks silver will exceed golds price. That would completely obliterate the criminal cabal thats been suppressing PM’s for the last 30 years.

            I’ve been a silver hodler since it was 5 bucks. No matter how the great reset settles out, there is very little downside to owning some silver. In one scenario it goes parabolic and can be traded for lands and other forms of tangible wealth. In another scenario, an ounce of silver may be the only medium accepted for a can of beans, a gallon of clean water, or a piece of tail. Either way everyone should own a little. Plus its a huge middle finger to JP morgue and golden slacks.

            I recently began buying some platinum. If Russia has any say in the next monetary system, the price of Platinum should far exceed the price of gold, IMHO. The last time a failing empire got smoked in Afghanistan (Russia 1979), the price of platinum went up 300-400% in short order.

      • It turns out that in 2019 many people develloped asymptomatic aoritic stenosis, and asymptomatic Myocarditis. Totally normal to have that amount of heart failure

  13. Oh how I tire of the hypocrisy of the court jester class. What is it, of late, with adults (and celebrities) publicly throwing temper tantrums like a toddler? Leftists are literally coming unglued. Myo-tarditis.

  14. Didn’t Arnold also impregnate some heinous Mexican maid whilst married?

    What is it with certain aging boomers that have them sucking so hard on the flaccid narrative even still???? Howard Stern, Neil Young, etc… not all of ’em but a good chunk are total and complete Covidians.

    And say what you want about Toyota Priuses…. They crash pretty damn well from that photo!

    • Hi David,

      It’s interesting, isn’t it? Especially as regards Leftists such as Stern – who built a career on being contrarian, opposed to “the Man.” Until he became an old man.

      As far as Arnold: I don’t believe he ever was a pro-freedom guy. I think he is an opportunist who will do and say whatever he believes will curry favor with those in a position to enhance his wealth and power.

      • I think the aging mind simply chooses the path of least resistance. Even Barry Goldwater got progressive in his dementia years. Being 68, I’m approaching that age. I pray I don’t succumb to the politically stupid part.

        • Amen, John –

          My bout with a cold – and the cold (it’s been brutal here for the past ten days) has had me feeling off my game considerably. Coffee seems to help. Sleep would help more. A couple of days above freezing would really help!

          • Eric. Do you ever take time off from drinking coffee? I detox caffine a couple of times per year. It was really wierd the first few times. But oddly enough after 4 days my energy baseline goes to where I was at with lots of coffee, and i have a slightly different outlook

          • Hi Eric,

            Are you just suffering from lack of energy? Any other side effects?
            I had very few cold symptoms, maybe a small fever for a day or two. It was the lack of energy that got me. Didn’t move from the sofa for several days. Fortunately, none of us in the house could smell to determine how bad we all stinked. I ended up taking bubble baths, because standing in the shower was too exhausting.

            • Hi RG,

              I’ve just felt flat for about a week now – physically as well as mentally. I make myself work but I want to sleep. Especially given what’s outside! My running trail is entombed under 5 inches of cement-like white shit. I could run on the road but haven’t been able to summon the will to do it.

              I think it’s mostly the cold – rather than the cold – that has me temporarily (hopefully) detuned…

              • Florida is calling you, Eric. 😉 Just wait until next week…Miami is really cold this week, but the Keys are in the low 70s during the day.

              • Eric – For low energy levels after a bug i’ve learnt quercetin does wonders. are you taking some of that ?

                Also, from what I hear the bug can cause brain fog and a feeling of being down. My dad said the same after he got his. The solution I read was Ivermectin (saw a number of videos on this too). If you cant find any and wish to try, shoot me a message and I can drop some in the post for you, though dont know how long it will take to send that to you from the UK.

    • Yeah, and unlike many Latina honeys, she wasn’t all that good-looking. Oh well, whatever “Was schwimmt seine boot.”

      I have no issue with “Herr Gropenfuhrer Ah-nuld” driving his personal “Konigstiger” with chrome and mag wheels. And he did take out a “Pious”, so “Sehr Gut!” But his very arrogance, YEAH, Eric, that’s just it. He and his “enlightened elites” drive around in THEIR massive rides, often, as our Frog-restaurant-haunting Governor, accompanied by a slew of fuel-hungry rides of their personal “Liebstandarte”. The issue is that THEY presume to deny me the CHOICE of buying and maintaining mine own outrageous ride, IAW mine own tastes and budget, because we “proles” are the ones harming “Das Erde”, not THEY.

      • >she wasn’t all that good-looking.
        I think that is what is known as a “juicy Lucy,” or, possibly, “hoochie mama.”
        Jedem das seine.
        >Herr Gropenfuhrer
        LOL 🙂 Good one, Douglas.
        But didn’t Ahnold get promoted to ObergropenFührer at some point?
        Just askin’…

        • Many Affairs are based on convenience. Also you tend to build relationships with people who work for/with you particularly a housekeeper who is like a better version of a wife. Think about it. The house keeper is well behaved, keeps the house clean, is at your house regularly, and is a woman. Personally id prefer a housekeeper to a trophy wife

          • I think men have a tendency to cheat when they are not getting enough attention. I don’t agree with it, but I can understand it. Women usually get busy between working and raising kids and the guy gets pushed to the back burner.

            Very rarely is the “girlfriend/mistress” better looking, but she is attentive to him. I have a feeling this was probably Arnold’s case.

    • arnold missed this……

      when communists take over: The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.

      This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned. note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

  15. Arnold cruising around in a Yukon? What ever happened to his Hummer that he converted to run on french fry oil a few years back?

    • Hummers are so, like, y’know…”Nineties”…and they’re an orphaned make, anyway. Besides, with like some pretty hefty alimony payments to ex-wife Maria, perhaps he’s had to take, for him, a “downgrade” to some stock “Amerikanische Schwerepanzerkampfwagen”.

      • Hi Doug,

        It has been no fun at all watching – one by one – the heroes of my youth turn into bete noires of my middle age. Gene Simmons, Dee Snider, Howard Stern, Arnold… at least (so far) Stallone hasn’t joined that company.

        • **” at least (so far) Stallone hasn’t joined that company.”**

          Uhh….Eric? I wouldn’t expect too much from a guy who started out as a hairdresser…..

          These celebs are all image- Smoke and mirrors- Like Burt Reynolds, with his 6″ heels…..
          (I don’t think they work so well anymore, now that he’s horizontal full-time).

          Think of it more as them being exposed for what they truly are. Anything positive anyone saw in them was just an act, because they are…..actors.

        • This is the exact reason I like Kid Rock. Talk about a guy who doesn’t give a shit. God bless him. The only other one that will speak his mind is Rob Schneider. I loved Noah Gallagher for a while since he was speaking out about the masks and then he went and got jabbed…boo, Noah, boo. 🙁

        • And Neil Young, though he was always a leftist, conceited JERK. As Lynrd Skynrd put it in their classic, “Sweet Home, Alabama”…

          “Well I hear Mr. Young sing about ‘her…well I hear ol’ Neil put ‘er down…
          Well I hope Neil Young will remember…a Southern man don’t need him around, anyhow!”

          • Have you seen the meme with a “Sweet home Alabama” sign modified to say:

            “I hope Neil Young will remember, Spotify don’t need him around anyhow.”

            What is even douche-ier than Neil saying “me or him”, Neil doesn’t own the rights to his music from what I have heard.

  16. You can’t get anymore narcissistic than someone who is so obsessed with his own body image so much that he would devote his life to sculpting his own body by devoting the majority of his time to doing so, and even taking health-destroying drugs to help, all to garner admiration, not based on quality of character or ability to create anything of true and useful value, but rather just for vainglory, -to be admired and envied by others just for being stronger and more muscular than the those whose admiration he sought.

    And such a personality so mirrors the mindset of many, who desire to be so but who can not or will not, that they would elect such a person to a position of authority. ‘Democracy’ in action! They vote for their champions- screw their freedom, and ours…… They value power and image, not character or liberty. That is how Hitlers get elected. By voting for such, they are voting for a proxy share of a membership in the collective which exercises that power- not caring that such a collective weilds ultimate power over them, just so long as they feel that they are a member of that collective to any slight degree, which exercises power over their neighbor.

    The sheep will vote for the wolf as long as they are convinced that they are not what is for dinner, because it makes them feel as if they have the strength of the wolf, and it doesn’t matter to them if the wolf eats their neighbors, because when he does, the sheep and the wolf are still on the same side. It isn’t till the wolf comes knocking at his door that he has a problem- and even then, he will invite the wolf in because he still thinks they are on the same side until he is in the wolf’s mouth.

    • “You can’t get anymore narcissistic than someone who is so obsessed with his own body image so much that he would devote his life to sculpting his own body by devoting the majority of his time to doing so, and even taking health-destroying drugs to help, all to garner admiration, not based on quality of character or ability to create anything of true and useful value, but rather just for vainglory, -to be admired and envied by others just for being stronger and more muscular than the those whose admiration he sought.”

      LOL, if only he had spent 1/50th the time body sculpting to vocal work. How is it that everyone in the world can do an Ahhhnold impression but he cannot do an impression of an American?

      • **”How is it that everyone in the world can do an Ahhhnold impression but he cannot do an impression of an American?”**

        HAhaha! -Because zee muscle between his ears vuzz deprived of all the blood and oxygen that went to the muscles in his torso……

    • Our founders would be mortified if they were alive today. They were well aware of the evils of universal suffrage and fake aristocracy.

  17. Perhaps they are among the chosen. After all, they got far more votes than they deserved, or were paid far more than they deserved, for pretending they were someone else in a video, or just got filthy rich by whatever means. So there must be some divine power that chose them to be above all others. You know, like Kings and Queens used to be? Nah. People are just suckers for their act.

    • “People are just suckers for their act.”

      Exactly, John. The blame should be placed on the people that put them in these positions – fawning over them, worshipping them, coddling them. I never understood the focus on celebrity fame. Anyone remember watching the Beatles concerts where young women would actually pass out watching them perform? Why? Don’t get me wrong I believe the Beatles wrote some impressive music, but to be screaming and crying like a wild banshee over anyone is absolutely ridiculous.

      The elite have the egos that they do is because the general public puts them in a place of blind faith. Imagine a world where nobody tells you no. I guess we would all walk around with a big head and feel we could do no wrong. The thing is they do…all of the time. The problem is nobody takes them down from their pole position.

      The Governator is an asshole, of course, we are all assholes behind closed doors, but the public needs to stop treating these fallible men and women that they are greater than they are. Actor/actresses, singers, sportsmen, politicians, media “influencers”, etc. We all arrive into this world buck naked and screaming. That we hold any of these individuals up in higher regard than ourselves is our own fault.

      • Great post! I feel about the same towards celebrity worship.

        A great talk show host a long while ago remarked about who was destroying America, celebrities. They present themselves as role models but many are druggies, immoral, and get married/divorced on whims. Nowhere do the personal images of celebrities match up with regular America where people work hard, keep their families together the best they can, and don’t go to “ego boosting” awards ceremonies to be photographed by the paparazzi.

      • I just watched an old documentary about Amy Winehouse. Not a pretty ending for a young woman who was talented enough, attractive enough and willing to climb into the machine. No one would say no because they all were in on the exploitation. Every scandal sheet cover, every Jay Leno joke, every Entertainment Tonight story just promoted her. Even her “husband” and father piled on. Critics loved her, even though they didn’t know what to do with her. The labels wanted her to be a Spice Girl, not an R&B Diva, because we all know white girls from London can’t sing soul.

        As a palate cleanser I then watched the profle of Kenny G. Here’s a complete opposite of Winehouse: sober, obsessive and extraordinarily successful. You’ll never see his face on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Hated by the critics for his saccharine and sterile sound, yet has been selling out venues for 35+ years.

        Imagine what might have happened had they collaborated.

        • I think that would have been a great combination, RK. There aren’t too many female soul singers left…Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight, maybe Adele. It seems to be a genre that very few have an interest in, which is sad, because it is some extraordinary music.

    • elections?

      Depopulation vaccine advocate Bill Gates also designed the fraudulent election software used by Dominion

      November 25, 2020 Ethan Huff

      In a new video, the illustrious Roger Stone drops a major bombshell about Dominion Voting Systems, alleging he has proof that Microsoft, at the direction of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, designed the software used to commit election fraud.

      The longtime political veteran who is helping spearhead the “Stop the Steal” movement for election integrity in the United States says that Microsoft developed what is known as Election Guard, which is capable of hiding votes, switching votes and altering election outcomes.

      Election Guard has “been used by Dominion, as well as Election Services, Hurt Intercivic, Clean Ballot, Election Systems and Hardware, BPro, and Smartmatic,” Stone claims.

      “In other words, 100 percent of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes.”

      For the past several weeks, reports about Dominion’s vote-counting software altering votes have been flooding social media. Numerous sworn affidavits contend that administrators have backdoor access to the systems, allowing them to switch votes at will.

      Attorney Sidney Powell, who is working independently on behalf of both President Trump and the American people, says she has in her possession solid proof of this, not to mention the fact that more than 100 Dominion employees have been caught purging their LinkedIn accounts in recent days.

      On top of that, Dominion representatives changed their minds at the last minute and decided not to meet with Pennsylvania lawmakers about the allegations, which clearly suggests that they have something to hide.

      “The denial by the mainstream media that there’s any evidence whatsoever is ludicrous,” Stone correctly points out, debunking the bizarre and nonsensical media claim that there is “no evidence” of election malfeasance.

      “The evidence is overwhelming and compelling. Whether Sidney Powell, a fine attorney who isn’t given to making claims she can’t back up in court, can bring a case without the cooperation of the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI to come clean remains to be seen.”

      Bill Gates’ actions are the epitome of treason
      That Bill Gates is connected to Dominion is really no surprise, considering his “philanthropic” organization paid Black Lives Matter (BLM) “students” to count ballots in key battleground states.

      The so-called “Campus Vote Project” recruited what were described as “young black students” to flood polling places as poll workers, replacing elderly polling place veterans who were told that it would be too scary to work at them this year due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

      Gates is also behind the mass vaccination campaign that is being rolled out at “warp speed” to inject the entire world with Covid-19 jabs. According to Gates, the world will only be able to return back to “normal” once everyone is vaccinated with his “cure.”

      The infamous “Antifa U-Haul” incident in Louisville, Ky., has also been linked to Gates, who reportedly funded the shields and other riot gear that was supplied to BLM “protesters” following the Breonna Taylor verdict.

      They say that where there is smoke, there is also fire. The same can be said of Bill Gates when it comes to fraud, deception and mass genocide. If evil lurks, Gates is almost certain to be hiding in the shadows.

  18. In 2022, you only have four freedoms: anal, weed, abortion and the right to cross the border illegally. All four are specifically protected by “our Constitution” and the very foundation of “our democracy.”

    Those are the only freedoms you need, peasant. For everything else, you do what your overlords instruct you to do… for your own good, of course.

        • But I am entering illegally so COVID restrictions and quarantines don’t apply. Science has proven that COVID knows to only attach itself to visitors who travel legally. Illegal travelers do not carry the virus and are not such to such crazy whims as masking and vaccinations. Once they discover that I am there they are obligated to find me a job, provide fully paid health insurance, and free tuition. 🙂

          • I forgot! You are right. Now I’m wondering why the “experts” haven’t replaced kids’ school desks with restaurant tables so they wouldn’t have to sit all day with masks on. 🙂

      • RG
        The Maldives? The damn country is virtually at sea level or below! The islet which contains the capital Male is surrounded by a sea wall with all the buildings shoehorned into a virtual rabbit warren. Yikes I’ll take the Dominican Republic any day of the week.
        Plus waaay less supply chain problems.

        • The Maldives were supposed to be under water from “climate change” like twenty years ago. Yet they are still there. Some islands are growing instead.

          But don’t worry there will be another story of how the Maldives are going to be wiped out because of our carbon sins again soon. It’s perpetually just around the corner.

      • Speaking of crossing borders – whats the word with President Brandons border vaccine mandate ? I understand the employee mandate is gone – any luck with the border one (i mean the one for people who have to cross legally for work 😛 😛 :P)

        • Nasir –

          It’s frustrating being under the boot of this demented kid sniffing piece of shit. Mandate after mandate, and when it fails just put Miss Ronald McDonald bush out there to tell businesses to comply anyway. Then shut down effective monoclonal antibody treatments for political revenge. Now we get treated to an economy and stock market in the opening act of a meltdown. And for fun lets poke Putin in the eye at every turn hoping for war with Russia over … Ukraine??? Soon we will get treated to the nomination of another functional retard to the US Supreme Court. All the while, they stick up their middle fingers and laugh in our face, as we watch hopelessly as everything we used to hold as holy, good, and enjoyable gets destroyed by a satanic mental patient and his administration. It’s all being subject to controlled demolition in real time while the whole of the United States watches in amazement and sucks their collective thumbs in the hope that Trump will rise to the rescue in 2024.

    • Probably the best Simpsons vignette of the entire franchise, “Citizen Kang” (1996), which is a parody of the then-Presidential election, has the two Rigellian big, green, one-eyed tentacled aliens, Kang and Kodos, abduct and assume the identifies of Bill “Clin-Ton” and Bob “Dull” (Dole), after having abducted Homer while he was fishing, and having asked him who his “leader” was. Homer mentioned the upcoming election, so the two Rigellians were obviously covering their bets. They place their two captive candidates in stasis, and go through some “bio-duplication” process (which later is revealed to be some believable covering), and then they kick Homer out of the spacecraft, spraying him with rum, so if he talks, no one will believe his story…not that Homer had much credibility to begin with.

      Hilarity ensues as the two aliens in disguise assume the roles of their captives in their campaign, with some quirky behavior. Kang, in the form of Bob Dole, addresses a group and has trouble connecting them until he figures out how to win them over:

      Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, 73 y.o. candidate, Bob Dole! (He steps up to the podium)…
      Dole (Kang): Abortions for all!
      Crown (in unison): Booooo!
      Dole: Very well, then. No abortions for anyone!
      Crowd (again): Booooo!
      Dole (exasperated): Very well…abortions for some, miniature American flags for everyone!
      Crowd: Yaaay!! (members of the crowd raise and enthusiastically wave miniature US flags, “Dole” smirks)

      Needless to say, even when the bumbling Homer finally manages to, the day before the election, find the Rigellians’ saucer, free Clinton and Dole, and eject them into outer space, killing them, and crashes the saucer into the US Capitol, and exposes the aliens by yanking off their human coverings, they still persuade the American voters that they HAVE to vote for one of them, as it’s a “two-party” system. When one man declares that he’ll vote for a “third party” candidate instead, Kang taunts him, “Go ahead! THROW your vote AWAY! Ah-ha-ha! (both Kang and Kodos laugh, as Ross Perot, in disgust, puts his fist through his straw campaign hat). A short time later, the Rigellian takeover is complete, as one of them uses a megaphone “All hail…President KANG!”, and the Simpson family is pressed into back-breaking labor to build some super weapon to destroy a previously unknown (to Earth) planet. Homer’s disclaimer that he wasn’t to blame for Kang as the new and cruel POTUS is well known…

      Hey, don’t blame me…in 1996, I voted for Harry Browne!


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