Some Reasonable Questions That Deserve Answers

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It is very hard to even try to have a conversation about “vaccines” – unless it’s with someone who already agrees with your point-of-view.

This is why there are now two camps of irreconcilably opposed people – those who cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would oppose taking the “vaccines” (however many it takes) and those who cannot understand why anyone in their right minds would take any “vaccine,” at all. Let alone as many as it takes.

Which no one seems to know is exactly how many. 

There is no debating these two opposing points-of-view because each feels certain of theirs and derisive of the others’ point-of-view.

Perhaps a sound footing for discussion is a simple question that has nothing to do with “vaccines” or “the virus” at all: 

 Why should anyone trust anything the pharmaceutical companies have to say – about anything?

There are at least two very sound reasons for answering that question with a sturdy – Hell no; I don’t trust them. 

The first is their long record of being haltingly untrustworthy. They have lied about their drugs, pushed their drugs in ways both unethical and criminal. They have been caught red-handed doing this, repeatedly. From Olestra to Vioxx to Fentanyl – going all the way back to Thalidomide, for those old enough to recall. All of these – and more – were peddled as “safe and effective” by companies that knew they were neither.

To not be “hesitant” to trust a company (an industry) that has established its untrustworthiness so incontrovertibly would be indicative of very poor judgment indeed. 

Would you take your pet back to the same vet who treated your last pet with drugs you later found out the vet knew were dangerous? Would you buy another used car from a dealership who sold you a used car they knew had accident damage but covered it up? 

What prudent person would just trust their health – the health of their children – to pharmaceutical cartels who have done far worse, serially, than sell a crappy used car to someone? 

The next question is related – and the answer is telling, as well.

If those who insist we have nothing to worry about from these “vaccines” – and so much to gain by taking them, no questions asked  . . . if they truly believe this – or rather, want for us to believe it – then why not have the pharmaceutical companies that make them back them? Is it unreasonable to be wary of anything that is sold without some kind of warranty as to its basic soundness and safety?

It is not legal to sell a blender without such assurances – and if the blender-maker sells a unit that injures the person who bought it as a result of defective design, the person injured has legal standing to sue the blender-maker for just compensation. There may even be criminal penalties in store for the blender’s maker if it can be proved that the company knew the blender would injure people but put it on the market anyhow.

And – unlike these “vaccines” – no one is under any pressure to buy a blender.

Can any fair-minded person explain why the same standard of liability does not apply to drugs that people are being heavily pressured to take? Would it not ease the “hesitancy” of those who are suspicious about what the effects of these drugs might be to reassure them that if, in the unlikely event they are harmed by the drugs they’re being pressured to take they will have legal recourse for themselves as well as their families?

If not, why not?

Especially in view of the way these drugs are being all-but-forced on people. An argument can be made that a person has every right to waive liability for himself. But when the element of duress is involved, liability arguably becomes a right. It is extremely difficult to understand how any reasonable, fair-minded person could insist that another person be expected to take a drug they’re leery – with reason – of taking that clearly entails risks and absolve the company that made the drug from any liability for harms caused the person as a result of their being pushed to take the drugs.

In this scenario, people are being expected to accept the role of guinea pigs in a non-consensual medical experiment.

Liability would not eliminate the ugly coercive nature of this business but it would at least provide some incentive to not carelessly use people as guinea pigs. To not treat them as disposable test subjects. There would be an incentive to make sure – as sure as possible – that the people being guinea-pigged weren’t being harmed in the process. The same incentive that causes blender-makers to be more careful about the design of the blenders they sell and the quality control used to make them.

That would go a long way toward making the guinea-pigged feel somewhat better about it.

The final question also has to do with the question of incentives. The financial incentives the pharmaceutical companies have to push their drugs – an incentive magnified by the exemption from liability they’ve managed to secure. When we had an operational press in this country, there would be investigations into who was making money from what – especially when the who was able to push the what.

How can any reasonable person not ask questions about the motives of the pharmaceutical companies when it is undeniable that they stand to make – have already made – billions from the drugs they have been able to push on people? People who have less recourse in the event they are harmed than the person who freely bought a blender is entitled to under the law?

When the people who think everyone should line up for what is always styled “their” shots can answer these questions, then maybe we’ll think about it.

. . .

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  1. “Olestra to Vioxx to Fentanyl – going all the way back to Thalidomide”

    Don’t scare me like that.
    Don’t scare me like that.
    All I want is a new fancy hat.
    One that won’t cry
    and one that won’t say why

    I stopped having problems with police
    when I turned 3. That is when I was sent unconscious for 30 minuets .
    i could have said
    No I will not get up
    But I did get up with multiple concussions
    But now I suffer the conseaquences
    Of nausia
    And I still carry on however long I can.
    Cookies with max fiber and protein
    with a palatable shape.

  2. Once you realize people are being killed, on purpose, it all makes sense. The fear, propaganda, mandates, passports, concentration camps. Not only are western countries with pensions being targeted, whats left of White Christian nations are being systematically destroyed. Let that sink in, why? The bodies are already dropping, soon they’ll be stacking up and hard to hide. Will that wake people up ? I never understood the Jonestown thing… I do now.

    • That Crazy Calgarian Christian Pastor Pawlowski has warned politicians in Canada to resign now before it is too late.

      It won’t be done with guns and swords said Pawlowski, it will be justice that gets ‘er done.

      • where are the chinese troops blackface let train in canada?….back soon….

        blackface said he doesn’t like the old white canadian citizens, he said he would replace them, this cull is the opportunity. he also hates indigenous.

        The communist/globalist/satanist control group wants the population down to 500 million, they will all be chinese (easier to control), so the U.S., canada, australia, new zealand, great britain, europe, will be recolonized. blackface already sold off most of canada to the ccp, all levels of government are infiltrated by the ccp, brandon the same thing…..

    • Indeed, Dennis –

      Took me awhile as well. Because it seems so . . . inconceivable. And yet, evil and crazy as it is, when you plug that assumption into the equation then it all makes sick sense, doesn’t it?

  3. Eric, Funny story. The Mrs is down with the winter bug, and has tested positive for “covid”. She’s had it quite bad, but the funny bit is im perfectly fine – but I also “tested positive” (did the home test more for curiosity, to prove something Dr Mccullough said on Rogan). But the funny thing is i’m officially sick now !!! Were our dear leaders to find out – I’d also have to sit at home and feel sorry for myself at being so sick!!!

    What I find most shocking is how people dont wake up to whats happening in front of them (fine 1 year ago one may have relied on the Dr on the TV to tell them to take a jab). Now, it seems like all the people who have a bad case of this bug are those who have been jabbed!!

    • Hi Nasir,

      My GF also caught whatever I had; her symptoms were even milder than mine. She felt a little tired, had a slight cough. Oh, the humanity! Granny might die!!!

  4. Upon hearing that “vaccines” were available, I was confounded. How in hell can a vaccine be tested for long term safety in so short a time? The answer of course is they weren’t. That test is currently being conducted on the public. Any who claim the “vaccines” are safe is a moron or a bald faced liar. Because they have no way of knowing they are safe until that test on the public has concluded. In 5-10 years. The very instant that the words “warp speed” erupted from Trumps mouth, I reasonably decided there was no way in hell I was taking one. Better the devil I know. I’ve had the flu, occasionally very bad flu.

        • It was obvious this was poorly conceived and doomed to cause death and destruction from the day the Orange Ass put on that spectacle round table circle jerk with select big pharma CEOs where this idea of warp speeding a vaccine was first put into the collective conscience. Using experimental technology we didn’t fully understand, on a highly mutagenic and historically vaccine recalcitrant virus family, with a track record of colossal failures from previous attempts. From there, the only issue was how to paper over the wake of mayhem that was sure to – and did – result. Let us never forget who brought this hell upon us – Orange Ass, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca.

          • Amen, BAC –

            I will never forgive the Orange Ass for midwifing the cult of the Holy Needle. I cannot believe there are still people who support that bilious gibbon. .

        • Hi Anon,

          The problem – the vicious misrepresentation – was the way “vaccines” were presented as vaccines; i.e., that they conferred immunity. This is the metric by which vaccines have always been defined. If a drug is a symptom-reducer it is not a “vaccine.” To claim otherwise – as some of the apologists have – begs the question: Why even use the word? There are other words for symptom reducers…

          • Eric: if you take a good look at history, vaccines have always been a dangerous scam. George Washington madated vaccines for his army and booted soldiers who refused. In the early 1900s smallpox was covid. Very few people were dying of it, there were many plauges from radiation and chemicals to food poisoning and fleas but newspapers hyped smallpox. but then they launched a vaccine campaign and many died. Children went to school and we’re vaccinated without parental consent. The raggody Ann dolls were made by the father of a 12 year old girl who want to school one day and died of smallpox vaccine. The polio epidemic was the first one of the TV age. Celebrities shilled vaccines on TV, news showed hospitals full of crippled children. Polio was almost burned out at that time, and polio actually increased as a result of poor quality control in manufacturing. Also since the polio vax was made with monkey cells it introduced sv40 cancer to humans. The 1976 swine flu vaccine was promoted hard and then stopped due to a few cases of autoimmune issues and death. Vaccine manufacturers threatened to quit producing vaccines due to liabilities in the 1980s, but Regan and everyone in Congress saved the children by making vaccine manufacturers immune to lawsuits in the event that they crippled children. And all vaccines are rushed without actually testing or efficacy.

            • Hi Anon,

              I’m skeptical of vaccines, generally. I think that they are of a piece with the over-emphasis in Western medicine upon pills rather than natural health measures.

              But the thing that causes all the problems, fundamentally, is the pushing of vaccines. If these drugs were simply available to those who wished to assume the risk for the sake of whatever benefit derived – along with legal liability for the manufacturer in the event harm is caused – then there wouldn’t be a problem. Or at least, no more problem than there is with the availability of any other consumer product that people are free to buy or not.

    • The claim was that MRNA tech has been being developed for 10+ years, and the problem wasn’t that they had side effects, but they didn’t work worth a damn. Much like electric cars they are a great theory but in the real world are worthless.

      • Covid19 vaccines are moderna’s first product. Before that they were trying to develop vaccines or Gene therepy for cancer.

        There is a strong association of cancer with vaccines. By Summer you will hear about the cancer epidemic and mRNA cancer therepy.

  5. ‘Liability would not eliminate the ugly coercive nature of this business but it would at least provide some incentive to not carelessly use people as guinea pigs.’ — eric

    If Pfizer, Moderna and J&J faced full liability, ‘vaccination’ of children — for whom the risks exceed benefits — would end instantly.

    Indeed, so-called vaccines probably would be administered by prescription only, much as other dangerous, debilitating treatments such as chemotherapy are recommended only for those with life-threatening conditions.

    ‘In March 2020, the HHS Secretary issued a PREP Act Declaration covering COVID-19 tests, drugs and vaccines providing liability protections to manufacturers, distributors, states, localities, licensed healthcare professionals, and others.’

    This outrageous abuse of the law was committed by HHS secretary Alex Azar under the Trump regime, and continues under Xavier Becerra of the ‘Biden’ occupation government.

    I have asked Becerra in writing to revoke the PREP Act declaration. I will keep pounding his thick skull with my demand, sending copies to my supine Kongress Klowns.

    FJB, and eff the US fedgov.

  6. I’m 2/3 through RFK jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci & it’s so much worse than the tiny bit that is touched on in this article.

    Given the enormous amounts of citations in the book, I’ll take what is written as backed by some evidence.

    Big Pharma, Fauci, Gates = extremely unethical merchants of death in pursuit of power & money.

    This is way bigger than just Covid shots. There is a long history of the govt, pharmaceuticals, medical establishments, researchers, media, and NGOs outright lying to us. Much of what you think you know about vaccines may well be totally false.

    • Indeed Dan, vaccines have NEVER had a stellar record, either in effect or safety. Along with a great deal of the pharmacopeia shoveled at us.

  7. Group think is a mental disorder. The enemies of freedom are monolithic non-thinkers. A bunch of babies, afraid of the collywobbles, because some high priest in a white robe told them ‘be afraid, be very afraid’ Sadly with the overwhelming amount of clear, undeniable evidence, about 75-80 still believe the ruse. No amount of persuasion, at this point will change them. Anytime a rey of truth shines in they break out in chants of my teams better than your team.

    Those of us who see the light as light are formidable. The problem is we are soo spread out. It would be nice if more of us existed in physical proximity to each other. I know in ten years away from the city I’ve found a few allies IRL. Still it would be nice if we had mostly coalesced around a single geographical area. Florida, Arizona, and Idaho seem like the best bet.

    To your point Eric of the Government being haltingly untrustworthy in regards to all things drugs, it’s even worse than that. Every Single Time they speak, they lie. Everything they touch turns to poo. The rot is now so deep and systemic we should probably wrap our minds around the idea that a speedy crash is preferable to a long, slow decline

    • NF
      Libertarians should coalesce along the southern slope of the weirdly named Septentrional mountains in the Dominican Republic.
      I’m finishing up my 4th 30 day recon of the entire country and this area is optimal. Nobody including the cops give a shit what you do, within reason…sounds Libertarian to me!
      Local supply chains? Check. ( you can score virtually everything you need food wise within a 5 mile radius of where you live….with no Monsanto bullshit added. The organic local farmers do not want to lose their premium pay by allowing the evil within their midst.
      Given the above taste of FREEDOM…I won’t bore you with excessive details…Suffice it to say I’m going expat to this place before 2022 is over PERIOD.
      I’ll dribble in more reasons in the near future,stay tuned.
      Semper Fi 👍

      PS if you learn Spanish…you will be “in like Flint “. Furthermore…they have RESPECT FOR WHITE PEOPLE …unlike the Slow Joe and Ho show 👍👍👏

      • Dominican Republic certainly sounds nice. It seems as if you’ve checked off all the boxes, and done a lot of due diligence, congrats. I know how nice the Caribbean is from visiting the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas.

        About fifteen years ago we spent a couple weeks on St. John, and you’re spot on, the natives there are nothing like the black people here in this country. They seem happy, not entitled. Everywhere you go, mangos, pomagranites, bananas, too many fruits to list, and wonderful sea food. Wild chickens run around the town square where you get off the ferry.

        I think all the sunshine, warm water, and plentiful food makes for happy people so I imagine Dominica is no different. Hope you can get some like minded Libertarians to join you. Be careful though, you might attract lefties fleeing from the shitholes of their own creation. I know in the last ten years thats what happened in Northern Az. Our success has brought in many bad actors.

        Again congrats Licknickel on finding paradise, hope you have a seniorita or two to share it with. Remember the words of Alexander Supertramp, ‘happiness is only real when its shared with someone you love.’

        • NF
          Glad you experienced “the manana lifestyle “. My GF is Venezuelan and handles the natives like a pro! ( I’ll bet even odds she can out drive that blonde broad in the Italian Job shit and that says a lot when handling the “odd driving “ habits 🙀down here .)
          Therefore we literally meet halfway geographically speaking. The DR is almost 4 times the size of Connecticut (my home state) yet possesses INCREDIBLE geographic diversity.
          I’m off to the Santiago airport in about 5 hours and am sorry I have to go.
          I have some odds and ends to close out and then it’s bye bye USA and hello “Green Acres…is the place for me “👍👍
          Will probably skip the formal retiree visa BS and just overstay…Permanently!
          Can’t wait to try out the Excalibur dehydrator..and the mason jar canning of some of the most organic (chicken shit, cow shit and my own free range urination fertilizer 👌)
          It’s adios muchachos ASAP.

          • Hi Lick,

            Just a quick note to thank you for sharing your expat experiences; many of us here are very interested in this topic. I hope you will continue to file “reports” along the way!

            • Sure , thanks for reading!
              Just got back to Ft Lauderdale yesterday…
              Put up with 6+ Hrs of Maskhole nonsense from airport to airport..F..k it
              I’ll check into a 20ft container (purchase and freighting rates) and stuff all my remaining stuff….including lounge chairs for myself and the GF …and simply….sail away 👍

  8. It is impossible to argue logically with brainwashed people. They never have valid arguments to present, just groundless beliefs. For them the pandemic narrative is some sort of religion. Unfortunatelly, we are prisioners in a madhouse and must keep a low profile when dealing with these insane guys. Where I live, they comprise over 99% of the population. Virtually everyone is hypnotized by TV and social media. Sad, but there is nothing that can be done, the personal risks are too high.

    • Yep, Konstantin- We’re long into the point where those who control the media control the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of the majority of people- literally anyone who consumes mass media (and even much alternate media) is under their spell, to the point where at the least they are confused and reality is obfuscated to them, or they are totally brainwashed. What we have been seeing recently proves it, and the fact that it is now working on a concerted worldwide basis.

      • Unfunded pensions, depopulation agenda.

        Catherine Austin Fitts says the agenda 2030 ho…ax is to cover up a financial crime, around 1995 during globalization money was looted, went offshore, all the pension funds were looted, there is no money left. all there is left is massive debt.

        They said in 2005 there would be a big population drop between 2021 and 2025, 2026 is an important date that is when the money really runs out, no money for pensions.

        No pension money left means there has to be population reduction. It is like a cattle rancher, when there is not enough resources for the herd you cull the herd, first you have to corral the herd and stop their movement before herding them down the chute.

        The depopulation agenda is focused on the countries with government pensions, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Great Britain.

        Note: Dr. Marc Faber says all governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

        Then along came the magic vi……rus, they can now say there is no money because of the magic vi……rus problem. this is easier than trying to explain where all the money went.

        There was zero debate allowed about the agenda 2030/ho….ax, for two years, anyone saying one word outside their narrative was banned, deplatformed, demonized, in some places locked up, the biggest part of the censorship was the msm like cbc,

        Politicians and their helpers were very well paid to go along with the agenda 2030/ho…ax crimes.

        There is zero science behind anything they have said or done, that is why there can be no discussion about this, their lies would fall apart very quickly, it was just a diversion, from the main crime.

        They can’t debate it because it was just an excuse to hide a financial crime, you can’t let people figure it out, they could get very upset.

        Government workers (the parasite class) are the biggest losers, they will never get their gold plated defined benefit pension, if the enforcers were aware of this they might change sides.

        Ironically the truckers who are mostly independent business owners, who have no loss (no government pension), are the only people in canada telling the government, this stops now, an explanation and debate is needed right now. They realized they have been lied to for 24 months, there is an entirely different agenda happening.

        Parasites at cbc attack the truckers, the only people trying to save/find out what happened to, their defined benefit pension money, how stupid are they?

        People are starting to smell a rat now, they have a bad gut feeling, the story is far beyond fantasy land, makes no sense, they want answers.

        The government has 1000’s of programs, if you ask where the money went, they won’t tell you.

        Seize all the offshore accounts and have an audit.

        There is nothing left, looted, just an empty hulk, massive debt, shut it down and elect all new politicians.

        Depopulation? starvation is another tool, check out the supply chain issues.

        gates said if injections are done right the population can be reduced by 15%

        Stolen money:

      • Hi Nunz,

        The power of the media is impressive – Orwellian. Literally as in his book, wherein he describes the party orator shifting gears mid-harangue and the crowd immediately understanding that Oceania is now at war with Eastasia.. has always been at war with Eastasia.

        Just so, Leftists who once railed against the power of big corporations – especially pharmaceutical corporations – now fiercely defend and even worship them.

        • Hey Eric!

          Another interesting thing re this and the mental illness of liberalism:

          I was watching a little documentary on YT about the old sit-com Sanford & Son. The narrator was praising the Fred Sanford character for “‘speaking his mind, and not caring who he offended, even if his views were ‘bigoted’…yada yada”. And yet, when they mention those very same traits in reference to the white Archie Bunker [not in the same video] , the very same descriptive terms are uttered with disgust and contempt and the character condemned instead of celebrated…….

          Orewll certainly was prescient- even the two-way huge TV mounted on the walls- now we actually have 72″ ‘smart’ TVs, and even worse, almost everyone has a stoopit ‘smart’ phone in their pocket so they can have the surveillance and mind control wherever they go, 24/7.

  9. The Radium Girls were encouraged to use the tips of their tongues to wet the narrow-tipped brushes to apply radioactive paint to watch dials. Geiger counters above their graves still detect emitted gamma rays.

    An analogy that is relevant to what is happening.

    • Drumpish: ive showed my dad dosens of examples where government propaganda said something was good and turned out to be bad. He thinks vaccines are good, and all concerns are stupid, all evidence they are bad is fake. No amount of commercials for asbestos, cigarettes, teflon, leaded gasoline, radium water, or nuclear power can convince him to question the vaccines. No documentary on the Tuskegee syphilis experements, or mk ultra can convince him that the government would ever test mind control or harmful substances on him. Hes justified every moved goalpoast, every reversal of policy and every change in covid narrative. Hes boosted, he plans to take the omacron shots and subsequent shots he has no concern about mandates, restrictions, supply chain or any of that. He trusts the experts. Except he wont wear the n95 mask cause it doesnt fit in his pocket and it fogs his glasses. A dirty old kn95 is just as good to him

      Many People will march to their deaths before admitting they were wrong.

      • Anon, I guess it would be pointless to let your dad read up on Ted Kaczynsky ‘The Unabomber’- of whom it is undisputed that he was a victim of MK-Ultra, not only ruining his life, but the lives of those whom their experiment caused him to harm.

        • Hi Nunz,

          Ted made some sound points regarding the potential dangers of technology (and technocracy) run amok. I have a copy of his opus somewhere in my mess; I think I’ll try to find it and read again. It’s been about 30 years…

          • Can you make it available to those that didn’t read it? I have only read excerpts and not the whole manifesto. I cannot find any copy of it in libraries., Thanks, Kevin, Cederq

            • Hi Cederq,

              I will do it – if I can find the thing! I have a scanner. I last saw the Manifesto among my old clips in the closet where I keep that stuff. Stay tuned!

  10. “It is very hard to even try to have a conversation about “vaccines” – unless it’s with someone who already agrees with your point-of-view.”

    As has been the case with me and my boss ever since the SCOTUS ruling for businesses with employees over 100. I have been constantly asking if the company still requires vaccination to get a job after SCOTUS. He replied “yes” and I started getting firm with him that the reason we have so many job openings is because he (and the company) are discriminating against the “dirty unvaxxed”. Further, I complain that it is unfair to ask for employees to go to other areas and work when they could be hiring in those areas if they weren’t discriminating.

    So I quit this week. Well, turned in my notice of resignation. It didn’t take long for the boss to call and ask if I was serious about quitting as I have been employed for 15 years at this employer. I told him I was. When asked what could be done to get me to stay, he was aghast at my answer. “I find it immoral and unethical for the company to demand people do with their bodies which they don’t wish to do just for a paycheck and I cannot work for such a company”.

    He started off by trying to say “everyone has their own opinion” and there was “no mandate for current employees”. To which I think I have to thank a poster on this site for giving me the ammo I needed to shoot him down. Sorry, I don’t remember who said it to thank them.

    I gave that poster’s definition of rape. Something penetrates your body without your consent, injects a liquid, and leaves you to deal with the consequences the rest of your life”. Anticipating his next response, I immediately brought up Hollyweird letting Weinstein get away with ‘raping’ young actresses in return for a chance at fame/fortune. I told him that actresses didn’t “have” to sleep with him, but for a job, potentially one that could put enough in the bank to not need another job, many made the choice. And that my company was no different for a father or mother trying to feed their children or keep roofs over their heads is being coerced whether the company thinks so or not. My company is no better than Hollyweird or Weinstein.

    A light bulb went off in his head. Probably won’t burn long, but there was an “aha” moment in his voice.

    • JumpR: that ahah moment in your bosses voice was to realize that antivaxxers have a fundimentally incompatible viewpoint and therefore he has to double down on mandates and never discuss vax things with people who have another pov. Hes probably lobbying to end free speech right now

  11. Since its rare for children to have moderate to severe covid19, the trials are checking the antibodies after injection. The standard for getting the EUA for 0.5 to 5 year olds is that the vaccine causes “non inferior antibodies” in the test subjects.

    That is to say that the reason that general population babies arent being injected with covid19 vaccines already is because they instantly weaken the immune system. But they think that starting children with 3 shots might boost natural antibodies above their baseline temporarily. As we know from all other age groups the immunity from covid19 vaccines is temporary and rapidly decreasing, and.there are other immediate and medium term side effects

  12. The article would be more effective if it included some data.

    Four suggestions follow:

    For Covid vaccines, about 22,000 deaths have been eported post-vaccine. That compares with about 400 reports in a typical year, from 1990 through 2019, for ALL vaccines in that year.

    22,000 is 55x larger than 400 !

    That HUGE increase should be investigated, while vaccinations are halted, but it is merely ignored.

    Total US deaths in 2021, with vaccines, will be higher than total US deaths in 2020, with no vaccines. (CDC estimate)

    Total US deaths WITH Covid in 2021, with vaccines, will be higher than total US deaths WITH Covid in 2020, with no vaccines. (CDC estimate)

    Vaccines have no effect on Omicron, which is currently the primary infection in the US, and most other nations. Omicron has symptoms the same as a common cold (it is a coronavirus common cold), so it does not require any vaccine, especially a high risk Covid vaccine that doesn’t work on Omicron, and would not prevent infections and spread, even if it did work on Omicron.

    • It should be noted that thousands of children die of vaccine side effects every year but even if a child dies the day after his shots, its rarely attributed to the vaccine, and oftentimes they get several shots in a short period of time, so it would be impossible to say which one did it.

      Parents that follow the cdc schedule just accept and expect their children to be sick all of the time, and to grow up stupid, weak and or autistic.

      “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” spikes around the time of vaccination. But the doctor is paid to vaxx children and then to treat lifelong health problems

      Sv40 cancer was only found in monkeys untill they made vaccines with monkey cancer cells, and mow lots of people have sv40 cancer.

      • Had a co-worker who has a kid with autism. Before this scamdemic, he had already said that it was vaccines that did it to his child. His child was developing and speaking properly and then got a “vaccine” and didn’t speak again for over 5 years.

        If not for the vax damage, his son would be old enough to be on his own now but instead they have a life-long responsibility to take care of the “child” the rest of their lives.

        • My cousin is autistic and his mom thought that vaccines did it to him. But since some crackpot alternative medicine person reccomended bleach enemas to cure autism, she realized that the vaccines didnt make her son autistic, all antivax people are crazy and shes made sure to only shop online, sanitize the groceries, mask everywhere, they got vaccinated for covid19 as soon as possible and keep masking, sanitizing boosting etc. They dont believe me that I can go to work and shopping without a mask or vaccines or hand sanitizer. Interesting what propaganda does to people.

        • I used to think the “vaccines cause autism” crowd was just searching for answers.

          I now believe they may well have a good case.

          ex. thimerasol was phased out of most vaccines due to problems. the original DTP is known to cause problems (including death) and is no longer allowed in 1st world countries. still fine to use in Africa though, thanks to Bill Gates & co.

      • The only reason people are concerned about covid vaccine side effects is cause they themselves are subject to those side effects. If they only ever mandated them for children, no one would care as people just bully and belittle children for not wanting shots. No one protests the 30 to 60 shots that children are subjected to. At best parents exempt their own children from them. You ever remember an honest assessment of risks being explained to children or getting their informed consent? No at best children are told they will get horribly sick and die if they dont take all of the vaccines and they get stickers, and ice cream for taking them and they get shamed bullied and ridiculed and force injected anyways. If they cry and scream in pain as inflammation, detergents, animal cancer cells, 60 year old abortions, & heavy metals damages their body and mind you belittle them. If they get chronic illness, you subject them to more pharmaceuticals.

        Im against all vaccines except the ones that are taken by informed consenting adults or for those adults who have subjected children to vaccines.

  13. Eric:

    You hit the nail on the head.

    If “only an idiot” would dare question the safety of these products, then why is Pfizer/Biontech still offering the EUA product, and only the EUA product, when they got full FDA approval on “Comirnaty” over 5 months ago.

    Comirnaty is subject to liability. EAU vaccines are not. What’s scary is that if the vaxxes are placed on the childhood vax schedule, then the manufacturers are held harmless for as long as they are on there.

    Sheds some light on why they are pushing this so hard on kids who are at statistically zero risk from severe COVID outcomes.

    My extended thoughts:

    • Not true
      Comirnaty as an approved vaccine (which is the same as the Prizer EUA vaccines but not for sale at least until the EUA vaccine is used up). It would follow the process for all approved vaccines — The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). There is 75 cent per vaccine fee (the last time I looked) used to fund a special vaccine court ( U.S. Court of Federal Claims ) that pays claims for vaccine injuries. That process has worked for many years. It does cover all routinely recommended childhood vaccines, and some adult vaccines, but not every one. If you lose in vaccine court (where there is usually a negotiated settlement) , you can sue the manufacture but the probability of winning money from them, after losing in vaccine court is very small.

      I can’t imagine the vaccine court working with the approved mRNA vaccine, assuming it is ever used. There are far too many injuries for 75 cents a shot to pay for them.

  14. It would seem that people are more concerned with drug prices than the drugs themselves. They want them, cheap or free, and good and plenty.

    CDC statistics suggest half the US population has taken a prescription drug in the past 30 days, and 85% of adults over 60 are on at least one prescription drug. They obviously trust these companies in overwhelming numbers. The occasional Vioxx that bubbles to the surface is not sufficient to shake that trust. They just go to the quack who tells them they need this drug, they go to the pharmacy who hands them a little yellow bottle, and it’s off to the races. Risks and side effects rarely enter the equation. Instead, they get a new drug to counter the effects of the first drug, and on and on. Like the old lady who swallowed a fly. Trust is overwhelming.

    As for standing behind the vaccines – they all know this would cause them to face the reality of the harms caused. They all know they’d pay out more in damages than they received in revenue and, in some cases, would bankrupt the vaccine proprietor and its insurance companies. So they hide behind “public policy” that vaccines are good and necessary, and so must be shielded from liability in order that they may be available in the first place. Maybe that’s all we need to know – that a product so dangerous would not be available absent immunity from liability – and such a class of products should be released only after rigorous safety testing, and never warp speeded into existence.

  15. Forgot one: If the pro-vaxxers truly believe that the [non]vaccines work, then why not just take them themselves and not worry about what anyone else does (or doesn’t do), since they would be ‘protected’?

    When they put a dead-bolt lock on their door, do they stress if their neighbor doesn’t put such a lock on his door? Is their lock rendered non-effective because their neighbor doesn’t have one like it?

    The very idea is preposterous, and is not a construct one would invent unless it was promulgated by the social engineers of media and academia. And just the fact that NOW after it has become undeniable that the non-vaccines are not efficacious nor safe, that it is blatantly obvious that LIES are being purposely pushed while the truth is ignored by all of the institutions of society in some countries (such as ours) and that that truth is readily available to anyone who is willing to pull their head out of their rectum and just make a few clicks or merely open their eyes, and yet so many believe the lies they are fed (Many, likely because they were initially duped into taking the vax and now don’t to admit they were had…)…..

    • Nunzio: normies believe in.mandates.
      Seatbelts make you safer in high-speed crashes? Mandate them. Put a an alarm to bother drivers if they start the engine before buckling up, put it in delivery vans so the driver has to buckle up 300x per day and or go deaf from the beeping.
      You like airbags? Make it manditory.
      You cant modulate your inputs in bad weather? Mandate traction control, stability control and abs for every car.
      You cant check the lanes before changing lanes? Manditory blind spot monitors.
      You have trouble paying attention on long drives? Manditory nap time and continuous electronic surveillance for truckers.
      You like driving slow? Impose the speed limit on everyone.

    • The vaccines touch a very deep seated emotional response that evolved in tribal days. It is the same response that evokes stranger danger and racism. Back when your tribe all shared viruses and bacteria you built up immunity to local pathogens. When outsiders came along, they bring along their infections. Germ theory describes what we already knew but couldn’t express.

      This week’s Jordan Peterson podcast is an audio book reading of Needle Points, by Norman Doidge. He gives a brief history of public health and infectious diseases and the psychology of sickness. Then he shows the continued problems with big pharma and lax government oversight with lots of examples, with a focus on vaccines.

      Worth a read/listen.

      • Hi RK,

        What I object to is this business of one-size-fits-all (or else). In everything. A healthy/fit person is told they must live their life as if they were an unhealthy person – without any obligation imposed on the unhealthy person to take steps to be healthier, I might add. Also, this business – unique to this “vaccine” business – of pressuring people to assume risks without those applying the pressure obligated in any way to be held liable for bad outcomes. Leaving aside the hateful idea that anyone has an obligation to submit to taking drugs of any kind whatsoever.

        If there’s one potential good outcome of all of this, it may be that there is a general conversation about who owns whom – and what the answer to that implies.

        • Dr Doidge goes into the broad brush medicine problem in depth as well.

          I hit post too soon, I was also going to mention that the hypochondriacs who are afraid of everyone they don’t know aren’t willing to confront the strangers either. And thanks to the “asymptomatic spreader” they aren’t willing to believe their own eyes either. Hence the reason for the healthy to wear a mask and declare their vaccination status to a “neutral” third party. If you ask me directly, I’ll probably tell you my vaccination status. If you want armed thugs (who assume I’m going to lie) to ask me on your behalf, go to hell.

          100% agree that the drug companies need to be held liable for their products. That would stop this nonsense in its tracks. Then go after the NIH for… pretty much everything they’ve done for the last two years. As for the media, shave their heads and march them though the streets, French style.

          • Indeed, RK –

            The liability issue is secondary only to that of the use of coercion to pressure people to take drugs – any drugs. While I understand (though do not agree with) the arguments made by some that there is a “public health” obligation to take certain vaccines in certain contexts, there is no understanding this business of absolving the manufacturer of any product of liability for the harms caused by their product – most especially when the person injured had the product forced on him.


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