A Gender, Studied

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This person who styles himself Lia Thomas says he is a woman and thus entitled to compete with women, physically.

Much debate has raged over whether he can become a “she.” Notwithstanding the inarguable biological fact that – physically – he can’t be a she. Unless it is possible for a human being born with male genitalia and male chromosomes to become a woman – literally, physically – by simply changing hairstyle, clothes and name.

And – of course – insisting “she” is.

Getting others to agree “she” is. Pressuring others to pretend “she” is. As in, deny objective reality.

We do know what “she” is, actually. That being an asshole. Something humans of both sexes have but which only a few are.

How do we know “she” is an asshole? Because it takes an asshole to steal scholarships and awards from people who deserved to win them.

“She” doesn’t – for the same reason the varsity football team doesn’t deserve to win the national trophy for JV football.

The same reason you don’t serve people cat and tell them it’s chicken.

For the same reason this writer doesn’t deserve to be ranked among the world’s most powerful women weight-lifters by dint of claiming he lacks the male genitalia, chromosomes and hormones he was born with, which make him a fairly strong man (for a middle-aged man) because he says he feels like a woman.

As “she” has done.

I’d be an asshole, too, if I did that.

But because I am a man, I don’t almost literally beat up on women. And literally beating up on them is where this he-says-he’s a “she” business is going to lead when he – another asshole, like “Lia” – only perhaps 225 or so – decides “she” wants to play against women in contact sports. That – and worse – is coming if assholes like “Lia” Thomas aren’t called out for being exactly what they are.

And aren’t.

Sorry, sweetie. Your name-change and hairstyle change don’t change anything – as far as what you are. Which is a guy with confused feelings about his “identity” – at best. If not actually confused, then something else.

“She” ought to be embarrassed – but not so much because of “her” “identification,” though of course those who are trying to shut up any criticism of “her” asshole behavior are trying mightily to make it all about that.

Which it ain’t. 

No one is suggesting that “Lia” ought not to be free to “identify” as whatever he wants to “identify” as. This however imposes no obligation upon others to affirm the asserted “identity” is actuality – though there are psychopathic people who do assert such an obligation exists.

In which case, any 50-year-old who wishes to have sex with a 14-year-old has only to “identify” as 14-years-old, himself.  Age being just as bullshit fungible as sex. But if the latter form of bullshit is accepted as being actually fungible on the say-so of whomever “identifies” as a woman – or a man – who isn’t biologically a woman or a man – then there is no logical reason why some 50-year-old asshole pederast could not claim to be a 14-year-old and have relations with them.

If you object, you must be transchronologically phobic.

This isn’t an attempt at humor. It is a logical extrapolation of the principle and people had better damned well come to grips with it.

As far as “Lia.” He needs to come to grips with the fact that he is an asshole.

That his leveraging of cultural and mental rot – including the pathetic passivity of people who know a man who was born with male genitalia, male chromosomes and whose body has been suffused with male hormones since puberty and even prior (it’s why a man’s testicles migrated outside the body when he was still an infant boy) is “woman” as much as a dog is a cat.

“Lia” knows what’s between his legs – no matter how deftly he tucks his bits and pieces between his legs. He may feel like a woman. But if he actually believes that he is one, he’s delusional and very badly in need of therapy.

If he insists on competing with women, despite his being a man, then he is a massive asshole – and in need of something else.

. . .

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  1. Anyone who questions and even flat-out denies objective reality is not only stupid, but evil. Why? Because (s)he would be supporting the cessation of morals and self-accountability.

  2. RINO overruled:

    ‘Republican lawmakers in Utah overrode a veto from the state’s governor, also a Republican, to push through a ban on transgender youth in girls’ sports.

    ‘A total of 15 Republican lawmakers – 10 state Representatives and five state senators – flipped to support the bill.

    ‘Gov. Spencer Cox earlier this week vetoed the measure, H.B. 11, that “[prohibits] a student of the male sex from competing against another school on a team designated for female students.”

    ‘The measure will now go into effect July 1, making Utah the 12th state to enact some form of a ban on transgender athletes in school sports. The other 11 states are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.’ — Epoch Times

    Remember chivalry — men using their superior strength to protect, defend and honor women?

    Trans female athletes — those with xy chromosomes — competing in womens sports are anti-chivalrists.

    They use their superior size, weight and strength to publicly steal athletic titles from women who don’t share their genetic make-up.

    Greater shame is unimaginable.

  3. “We do know what ‘she’ is, actually. That being an asshole. Something humans of both sexes have but which only a few are.”

    That’s about as neat and succinct a summary of this as I’ve seen.

    I don’t remember where I saw it, but someone had an amusing idea for a solution to the particular “Lia” problem. One more male collegiate swimmer — a really GOOD one, this time — should “come out” and “identify” as female, and enter only the races in which “Lia” is entered. (He could solve the problem of locker room decency by “preferring” to use the men’s locker room, which is presumably empty at a women’s meet anyway.) Kick “Lia’s” ass, and then, at the medal ceremony afterward, take the first-place one and hang it around the neck of the actual woman who came in third: that is, the fastest woman, and therefore the proper winner. It might only take a time or two of this before “Lia” goes away, and the really good male swimmer can “de-identify” and take up where he left off in the male world.

  4. Was not the purpose of the creation of women’s sports that men on average are bigger, stronger, and faster than women? Allowing factual men to participate in them deletes the need for them. There’s that pesky “fact” thing again.
    An observation: You will rarely see a female actor that is NOT wearing high heels. Even in badass women action hero roles. There are exceptions, such as Sigourney Weaver who is close to 6′ tall. But apparently, either the actors or directors, or both, simply cannot abide the “fact” that men on average are 6″ taller than women. Although I do applaud women for being able to function while wearing them.

    • The problem today is that most women do not wear heels, because they have no idea how to walk in them. In the older movies (1940s-1980s) the women always wore heels and I agree with you, John, it was to increase an actress’s height against guys like Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Steven Seagal, and Donald Sutherland, who all stood between 6’2″ and 6’4″. Today the optics are a bit awkward – either the movie has an actress who is 5’1″ and the actor is 6’4″ or the woman is towering over the man.

      In regard to that is anyone noticing that boys/men today (millennials, Gen Zers, etc.) are getting shorter? Is it just me? Both of my children are shorter than my husband and me. My son is 5″ shorter than my husband and my daughter is 2″ shorter than me. My husband and I look at them and ask, “Are they ours?” They have our features and our huge feet, but how did we get such short kids? I still love them though. 🙂

      • I don’t see women not wearing heels, or not knowing how to walk in them as a problem. If anything, I see it as a victory of common sense, over excessive concern with appearance. Firm footing is important in life. Heels don’t provide it.

        • Well, you are getting your wish, John, because I rarely see women in heels anymore. I am old school – my grandmother wore them, my mom wore them, and I wear them (at least while visiting clients or attending certain events). They force you to stand straight and tall, are excellent for balance, and make ones butt look good. Plus, Stuart Weitzman manufactures such pretty ones.

  5. A guy walks into a bar…
    He starts yelling: All transgender swimmers are assholes!
    A second guy sitting at the bar says: I take offense to that remark.
    First guy: Are you a transgender swimmer?
    Second guy: no, I’m an asshole.

  6. Do any of these sports dykes really even care about this issue? Many of them are sympathetic to transgenderism since many of them wish they could be men.

  7. “Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

    We’re just starting to get a glimpse of the atrocities.

    For most people, they have already fully embraced the absurd.

  8. Nothing to do with Lia, but an interesting bit of news…could the “conspiracy theorists” have been right along? I can’t help but feel we lived through this…oh what was it that those anti vaxxers were proclaiming…vaccine shedding taking place?


    Obviously, no one has considered Mother’s Nature opinion on this. She is not a big proponent of science messing with nature. I see no good coming from this and a lot of righteous fear.

    I do love how they refrain from saying anything about humans, but the “animals” will be the guinea pigs of pending science. I guess if we kill all of the wildfire by messing with natural laws, we can easily take out a few extra humans on the way.

    • I personally don’t think they can hurt us with ‘shedding’ etc. I don’t think nature/biology/physics works that way. I think the universe (with all it’s laws of sacred geometry, math, & physics) supports life. I think the big criminals of the world would’ve already wiped us out if they could. So personally I’m not worried about it. The only thing we need to worry about it chemicals/poisons, just don’t put them in/on your body. And I highly recommend everyone eat organic everything from now on, just saying.

      No pressure on anyone, but I think we can & will be changing things for the better someday soonish, but just thinking… if we don’t… I’m sure there are advanced alien species that do not want this current crop of criminals to be space-faring and wander into their home solar system bringing quackcines & dictatorships. I’m pretty sure other alien species want us to stop this madness on our planet & solar system. We’re living in a ‘star trek’/’star wars’ universe, but we don’t know it yet because we haven’t evolved to have a real society yet so all the truth about the universe has been suppressed.

      • Eating “organic” is not necessarily a refuge. Not long ago I saw “organic” honey in a store. Given that Bees travel up to 5 miles in search of nectar/pollen, how could any honey source legitimately claim their bees never strayed? Many organic producers use what I like to call the Halo method. They don’t put chemicals directly on their product, they just create a sterile zone around their product with chemicals. A case in point. A friend grows an “organic” garden in a local urban setting. She has little problem with insects. Because the ground around her is saturated with pesticides. My ex-wife was astonished by the insect predation when we moved from the city out into the county,

  9. For most people, “reality” is a top down thing that is “received.” Sometimes it is dressed in the garb of “science.” It is a function of human action. When enough people receive and believe something and especially when it is parroted and exclaimed by “experts” and the credentialed, it becomes a “reality” for them. Some people use the term “mass formation.”

    Elite controllers know this and they control many, if not all, of the levers necessary to create any reality they wish. The dollar, for instance. Everyone on here knows it has no value beyond the “laws of men” and “belief” of the people, popularly styled as “full faith and credit in the gov’t.” Trump is a good businessman who will drain the swamp as president. There’s a novel virus and pandemic that warrants tyrannical measures. Keeeeeev and on and on.

    This sentiment is best expressed in the following quote:

    Guys like [Suskind] were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” –George W. Bush Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, chided Pulitzer-winning journalist, Ron Suskind three weeks before W. Bush’s election for a second term in 2004.

    Use knowledge and discernment to call out the BS. Just don’t expect claims of “objective reality” to hold any sway with the deceivers.

  10. Remember back in 2003 when it was comedy that Buddy had delusions of being an elf? “He thinks he’s an elf!” I wonder if that movie could be made today. It’s amazing how quickly we can slide downhill.

  11. Feminists have much to do with this… for well over a century they have been claiming there is no difference between a man and a women physically or mentally. This ‘total’ equality crap is why women can now be drafted and soon made to go head to head with a male enemy which of course most would lose.
    Real women have allowed this militant group to speak for them so long that no one listens to them.

    Then we have the wokesters in politics egging this on. The Indiana governor for instance just vetoed a bill that would stop this. Florida just passed a bill to prevent this but ALL media are against it calling it a “Don’t say gay” bill.

    Bottom line,,, collectively the nation has bought into the trans narrative,,, especially of their young. Like covaids this is simply another method of depopulation disguised as science.

    As we just witnessed,,, the West, and Especially Americans, are so mind controlled they switched from covaids to war in 24 hours. For two years they wore a useless mask because some jerk with a PhD and zero authority said so. They have been convinced to take a DNA changing witches brew of poisons and are now injecting their children with the same.

    The propaganda in all culturally destructive issues in ‘America’ is so thick you can spread it like butter.

    • Hi ken,

      I agree with you. With feminists demanding a seat at the men’s table we put ourselves in a position that will be hard to back out of. The men that are joining these women leagues and declaring themselves the “new woman” are doing what the women’s lib groups have been doing for generations…ingraining themselves into groups where we weren’t wanted.

      There are many smart, capable, strong women out there, so I don’t understand the need to infiltrate into the boys’ clubs. Why can’t we just start our own?

      • Yet…they are working on it. Personally, I am surprised that they didn’t toss it into one of their massive trillion dollar bills that no one has gotten around to reading yet.

        I am not for this. I realize many are screaming about equity and inclusion, but if my job as a woman is to push babies out and then go shoot them…that is f’ed up.

  12. I’m old enough to remember when the East German women’s swim team gave their athletes testosterone and that was deemed cheating. But this isn’t?

  13. Can’t help but think satanic shit like this is part of the reason if not the reason for the war in Ukraine. Russia said ‘not here’. Kindergarten poster found in Russia liberated Ukraine https://twitter.com/sosashk/status/1501161379839025152

    The tweet reads: SHOCK! Russians learned that in our schools educate young people without prejudice and with respect for the world, not slaves for whom the FSB

  14. If a man can identify as a “woman”, can I as a 50 year old instead identify as a 70 year old and retire?

    Just asking for a friend.

    • Like minds, Jim!

      If “Lia” can be a man just because “she” says so, then why can’t I be taken as an old man – and gibs me muh Social Security now, please…?

      • I figure, if anything, I could continue to work (as a “70-year old man”) and collect my social security and invest that in something productive.

        • Hi Jim,

          I seriously toy with the idea of writing SS to demand I start receiving my SS payments, as I am now “eligible” since I am 65… because I say so.

          • Eric, et al,

            Don’t rush it…..it will come soon enough…being over seventy is not for the weak of heart…literally. Of course, within two years at most, none of this will be relevant if the NWO types prevail….none of us in this community would have enough social credit to have a cup of bad Victory gin…name that reference.

  15. My husband says really smart people engage in this type of thinking all the time. He believes this all started in the 60’s when the notion of the nature of reality being subjective began gaining cultural popularity. That reality is actually subjective because we each perceive it through the filter of our own biases and prejudices. That idea bled into the field of journalism where at least before this journalists tried to see objective reality in order to identify and report on issues with some accuracy. And on and on the idea of subjective reality spread and ultimately over the decades led us to this.

  16. I honestly am at a loss for words on what this asshole is thinking. These people are mentally ill and should be in an institution. All of them and their enablers. In fact, the coaches and teachers need to be shot. I know that there are trans people who are nice and think they are in the wrong bodies. It is likely a hormone imbalance that is not going to be solved by chopping your whacker off. It would be solved with more testosterone or some kind of homeopathic treatment. Big pharma is never an option.

    Maybe the solution is a frigging bullet in the head of the coaches and this asshole and maybe all of the leftist faggots at all levels running around. I’ve had it with this shit.

    • Hi Bob,

      Once upon a time, most men would have never tolerated this. Not some guy dressing up as a woman. Live – and let live. I mean some asshole abusing their women – their daughters and sisters and wives – by interposing themselves where they have no right to be, aren’t welcome and (most of all) do not belong.

      I agree with RG that men need to step up – or else this gets even worse than it already is.

      • Hi Eric,

        While I appreciate men very much and love several of them dearly, women need to step up and band together. This is not a man’s fight. We women have consistently stepped back and waited for a man to come along and fix things for us, to invite us to the table, to offer us opportunity because of nothing more than our vagina. We, gals, need to put on our bras and stilettos and kick ass. I am not banging the drums of feminism here, I still believe men can be protectors…and should be, but not when it comes to this.

        This is a clash where we have been invaded. Just as times a coalition of male lions try to make their way into the lionesses pride we need to converge and cast out.

        This is a fight for the records, achievements, and stats that we women have reached over the years. This is our brawl and no one else’s.

        • Wow RG, I wish more women had come to your conclusion sooner. I remember the 90s when this rot started to come into the open. I remember being mocked and derided for talking about what a slippery slope we were starting down. Girlfriends, mothers, wives, sisters, co-workers, aunts, all of them bonding together for team girl, And yes it was probably rooted in the camaraderie that men uniquely share.

          The arguments applied to the queers, ‘They make great hairdressers, interior decorators and listeners.’ Well fast forward 30 years. Sow the wind, reap the whirl wind. This is a problem for women to fix. The way I see men fixing it is in the parking lots of the county commissions, city councils, and local news stations. With baseball bats and such. Once we travel down that road civil society evaporates and women’s market value will be only that which a protective man places on it.

          Reminds me of abortion where men were told, get to the back of the bus, sit down, and STFU. We’ll call on you if we need money/child support, otherwise you have no say in the matter. Team gurl did a really good job around 92-94ish if I remember. “The year of the women.” Thats when the family courts became a tool of divorce rape that women were free to wield without consequence. So it all kind of ties together leading us to where we are today.

          The sad and scary thing is we are nowhere near the bottom of said slippery slope, so look out below.

          • Hi Norman!

            This – “The way I see men fixing it is in the parking lots of the county commissions, city councils, and local news stations. With baseball bats and such” – just made my day.

            Thank you, sir!

            • I know you work for a living Eric, but thank you sir, for how you continue to shape the narrative. I hope everyone pitches in and you receive all the support you need to carry on.

        • Then, women need to band together and toss this asshole out of the ring. And all others who dare enter. Unfortunately, a lot of them are leftists and are happy to let this happen since defeating real men is the goal, even there are casualties on the female end. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but this shit has gone on too long. This battle of the sexes thing started a ridiculous chapter in post war history. No one is subject to, inferior or superior. Men and women are different.

      • Why should men step up? For decades women and their government ‘husbands’ have been shitting all over us. Let them get what’s coming, learn what it feels like.

        • I hear you, NonA –

          And I have gone ’round and ’round with myself over this, too. But I’ve decided I won’t abide it. If I am confronted by it, I will call it out for what it is. I think the time has come. At least, it has for me!

        • Indeed Non, women want a world without real men, let them have it. See how that goes when the wolf is eating your children.

          • Which women, John? Liberals? Most women would prefer real men except these “real” men seem to be dwindling at a pace faster than the icebergs in Greenland.

  17. RE: Raider Girl and ReadyKilowatt
    All women and girls need to absolutely refuse to participate in the event where one of these freaks appear. I thnk it is nothing more than a sexual perversion that used to be classified as mental illness.

    • Yes. They need to realize their role as enablers of this insanity. It will only help them (and society) in the long run if they bow out in the short term.

      What if they held a competition and no one showed up?

  18. I have always been envious of the comrade shared by men. It is something that is rarely seen with women. Men will defend each other, they will assist each other, they will shake hands in silent mutual agreement and see through what was implied or promised.

    Lia would have never succeeded in women’s sports if women bonded together and said “No way, we aren’t participating. This is unfair to us and everything we worked hard for.” When will women stand together? When other Lias (seeing an opening) not only take the gold, but the silver, and bronze, too? Do we speak up then? We won’t. We will be upset, cry, realize all of the hours, sacrifices, and effort that we put in to prevail was for naught. We will sit back and wait for a man to come along and defend us, because we refuse to take the reins and band together to stop something that is wrong and immoral.

    We will sit back like the good obedient girls that we are and watch as every record we achieved be erased by men. Some women will even defend Mr. Thomas’s attempts to enter women’s sports. This won’t end with Mr. Thomas though. Because every man who can’t succeed in a men’s world will look toward our world for their self gratification. These men share no companionship with us. They don’t appreciate being a woman, their goal is not to help other women succeed, or bring attention to the endeavors we have made over the years. Their only goal is to destroy us…and we will let them.

    • Morning, RG –

      This is well-said (and sad) … for men, too. The male coaches of women’s teams who play along with this. The men who have daughters on women’s teams who don’t do something about this. So many pussies – of both sexes – litter the land. It’s why the Diapers – and it’s why this, too.

    • I agree, and it is sad that men always support each other while women remain in pointless bitchy competition with other women. I suppose its some weird evolutionary characteristic but it’s so degrading to our sex. Behavior of the subjugated.

      • Exactly, RS. I never understood why women didn’t support other women. Feminists state that men are our competition (I don’t believe they are), but we are so willing to break the bonds of sisterhood to try to play in a man’s world. It is regrettable to not assist and stand up for each other.

  19. This is spot on. Ture story:

    It just so happens my uncle used to work with “Lia’s” father.

    Lia’s father had an older son who actually was quite competitive in men’s swimming in college. Lia could never stack up in his/her father’s/brothers eyes. Lia would be smoked by her older brother in any swimming competition. Nobody has ever heard of Lia’s brother though.

    My uncle’s working theory is he/she did this to get the spotlight off his/her brother’s obvious swimming superiority.

    Asshole is right. Seems his father might be an asshole as well.

    • Interesting stuff, Blake!

      Also pathetic stuff – as regards “Lia’s” sad effort to “compete” with his brother and for his father’s approbation… by “competing” with women.

      What’s next? Hulk Hogan arm-wrestling kindergartners because he “identifies” as a five-year-old?

    • Supports my theory that Lia will be un-transitioning in a couple years. He’ll keep his pee pee, and then turn around and become Will once again when no one remembers or cares about his swim team membership anymore.

  20. Asshole is right. I wonder if all the women stopped playing sports for 6 months if that would make people wake up. Allowing biological males to compete with biological females is like thinking it’s a fair race when you put a Hemi Cuda up against a top fuel dragster. On the bright side the Ukrainians are telling all the trannys that are trying to leave that “Your a guy and your going to fight”.

    • Morning, Landru –

      I’m a pretty liberal – old school/18th century meaning – guy, so I would not gratuitously insult a guy who wears a dress and would even be okay with using “her” preferred name. If that’s the end of it. But it’s gone beyond that. This “Lia” dude insists on being treated as if he were, in fact, a woman. Insists on abusing women – as by “competing” with them in sports where a biological man has an inherent physical advantage that renders any such “competition” a cruel farce. As by being with them in their locker room – along with his penis. It’s disgusting – and he’s an asshole.

  21. This Lia business seems quite staged. I don’t believe for a minute that “Lia” is actually “trans” in any form or manner.

  22. Always said, pull the rug out from under them by making all these trannies compete against one another, leave the women alone.

    Wonder how many would keep up the masquerade if they instead of women half their size, they competed against other Will Thomas’ and Macho Ma’am Tranny Savages.

  23. So young women are finally being adversely affected by the leftist ideology the majority of them hold/support. They didn’t/don’t care when it empowers them. It’s only an issue when the consequences of their ideology turn on them.

    • Bingo, Brandon –

      This is deeply true. Leftism is only “righteous” when it serves a Leftist purpose. When it no longer does – e.g., free speech – then it is no longer virtuous. It is often an actionable offense.

    • Agreed!
      These same coontz live in the fantasy land of equality and strong independent womanism. If we’re all equal they can surely compete with men. They can also fix the car and house, take out the trash and sign up for the f’n draft under threat of felony. They’re slowly getting what they’ve been whining about for decades. Welcome to life as a man, now shut up and get back to work, you’re on your own.
      I sympathize with women who wish to live as women but men are having their purpose destroyed by the same programming. The only fix for this mess is likely an epic crash and burn.

  24. ‘Do we blame Lia or zhers enablers?’ — BAC

    Among those enablers would be RINO governors such as Holcolm (R-IN) and Cox (R-UT) who just vetoed bans on transgendered female athletes in girls sports.

    Today I’m identifying as president of the United States, and issuing an executive order that’ll stop ‘Lia’ in her tracks.

    As your president, I’m also ordering a 21 BB-gun salute at the late Madeleine Albright’s funeral. 🙂

  25. If there is a mass formation psychosis, this is it.

    Deny the obvious truth. This man is a lady.
    Curses be upon you if you say different.

    My question is, where does this come from?
    Someone put out the word some time ago that men are women if they say so & mock and cancel those who deny it.

    Why would they do this?

    • Hi Dan,

      In re: “Why would they do this?”

      I think because – on the one hand – it subverts objective reality. When facts about objective reality no longer serve as a way to dispute something, then it becomes possible to impose practically anything by just saying it is so. It also serves – in this case – to demoralize the general society – which serves the interests intent upon destroying it, so as to rebuild it to their liking

      Also, this business foments resentments – as between women and men. As between people of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. This serves the same purpose – via the old “divide and conquer” technique.

      • Yes. And wasn’t it interesting that Judge Jackson refused to define woman because she is not a biologist. So…biology has something to do with sex? However she also also basically stated that she would not revisit a precedent as long as the issue was one she agreed with. So I guess at the highest levels of law we will now have reality…a clearly worded legal opinion- which can be completely disregarded if there is a political reason to do so.

        • The biologist thing is her retreat into scientism, which, unfortunately for many, constitutes what is considered “objective reality” these days. Some “scientist” or “doctor” will be found to confirm this swimmer dude’s pathology is really a reality to be “affirmed.” No, make that an entire profession, as those who doubt it will remain silent for self-interested reasons or be silenced by the others. That’s how we end up with such chestnuts as the novel virus has been “isolated”, lockdowns and masks “work”, the shots are “safe and effective”, and on and on.

      • Eric,

        You are correct – in as much as I am correct (dicey proposition). These two theories have bounced around in my mind as to reasoning.

        Yet I still can’t get around the feeling that it is too shallow and too elementary of a plan to be the real answer. But I can’t think of a better one.

      • Eric, et al,

        If y’all have never heard or read anything about post-modernism, this is the influence of that ideology on the western world. So called philosophers like Foucault, Rorty, Derrida, Marcuse et al, postulated the underpinnings that all of these idiots unwittingly use as justifications for their aberrations. My nephews have blathered on about such ideas, because they read a book by Chomsky but when asked if they knew where such ideas derived had not a clue. As Eric says…it makes my teeth ache……fucking ignorant assholes the lot of them. To quote Heinlein….”Ignorance is curable, stupid is forever.”

    • Because apparently telling everyone the emperor is running around naked gets you onto the shit list pretty quickly.

      In the story it was a kid who said that, which kind of makes sense since kids are generally naive that way, and so they are often allowed to be far more honest about things than adults are.

      What is most distressing to me, though, is that people seem to be so determined to continue the charade long after it’s been pointed out, over and over again, by many people trying to be as loud about it as possible. Their voices are simply shut down, or drowned out. There is no moment when everyone achieves clarity. And we all know that this is happening, but there is not enough agreement about what to do about it next so we are all kind of stuck.

      I think that things will take their course in due time, soon enough. Unfortunately this seems most likely to occur when hunger really starts to set in. Perhaps it is hunger that will provide that moment of clarity—did the story skip a step or two on the way to the ending?. May God have mercy upon us all.

  26. Do we blame Lia or zhers enablers? Leftist pukes who get a rise out of destroying all that’s holy, the NCAA, the “doctors” who offer estrogen, implants, and chopadickoffame procedures, the girls who attempt to compete instead of letting Lia swim by zherself, and the media who love to shove our noses in shit? Or is this really just a ruse by Lia to see boobs in the locker room?

  27. We’ve reached the logical conclusion to liberalism where we’re forced to accept people’s individual choices no matter how depraved and destructive they are.

  28. I still want to see you dressed as a giant lobster and driving your orange Trans-Am, Eric!

    You can be the first trans-species street racer!

    I think this sports phenomenon might be self-limiting. The women with vaginas and sans Y-chromosomes already don’t appear to be too happy with how things are going.


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