Hardening Soft Targets

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Now the cry erupts for more armed guards in government (not “public”) schools, so that there will be more guns in government schools, so as to shoot back in the event a shooter attempts to shoot up another government school. But there is a much better, much more foundational way to deal with the problem of government schools being the soft-targets of choice of soft-headed people:

Get your kids out of government schools. 

And not just because they are soft targets. Do it because government schools are the places where soft-headed people are created. Not just intellectually, either – although government “schools” do their best to stunt the development of critical thinking in favor of critical race theory and other orthodoxies that must be truckled to.

Government schools are emotional wastelands.

Instead of family and friends – people your kid knows and whom the kid knows cares about them – random strangers constantly changing, from classmates to the teachers – some of whom may care but not in the way a kid’s actual parents do (or ought to). Your kid is one of the herd, herded along from class to class, among kids he may not really know and whom you, the parent, are even less likely to know much about, if anything. 

Who are the people teaching your kid? What are they teaching him? How do they treat your kid? In a government school, you have not-much right to know the details about these things and no right to do much, if anything, about them.

But there is one thing you can do to assure your kids are not made into soft heads by government schools – and not rendered soft targets at a government school. 

Take them home, school them there. 

Arguably, this is a moral imperative for every parent, as what your kid is taught (and how) ought to be a parent’s responsibility. Not the government’s. Certainly not the financial obligation of your neighbors, whose kids they’re not.

Schooling kids at home also assures their safety, another moral imperative for any parent with moral sense. At home, you will not have to worry about your daughter having to deal with boys who “identify” as girls in the bathroom. Your son will not be hectored and shamed about his being a boy. No one will bully your kid – including government school administrators who force kids to wear Face Diapers and practice other variants of ritual humiliation.

Your kids will not have to walk through a metal detector and past an armed guard and so be habituated to prison life from earliest recollection.

You, the parent, will be there to protect your child – physically as well as emotionally – from the soft-headedness and psychological-emotional-developmental dangers of the government’s feed lots for kids.

They will learn to read and write, to understand how to do math and about history. Most all – and most profoundly unlike what occurs in government schools – they will learn to think, without which skill all there is is the memorization and recitation of a well-trained golden retriever.

Teaching kids to think was once the essence of a child’s early education. It was called the trivium – Latin for the three basic disciplines of grammar (basic competence with the written language) logic and rhetoric. Simply put, how to think. How to grasp the essence – the principle – of a thing and then articulate and apply it. To understand inferences, implications. What a thing means, in both abstract general as well as specific terms.

And so to understand, in order to be ever-more-capable of understanding more.

The trivium that once formed the basis of an education in former times and, ironically enough, was often referred to as liberal, before that word became political has been pushed aside in government schools because thinking isn’t desirable. It leads to questioning. To individual assertion as opposed to herd-collective reflexive obedience.

In government schools, kids are taught to memorize and regurgitate reams of arbitrary, disconnected information. The ones who do it best are rewarded the most. The ones who question it are treated the worst. The goal being to create as many quiet herd animals as possible. Naturally, kids chafe at being herded by this regime because it is unnatural. The human animal is not a herd animal by nature – though government very much needs him to be.

It is why there are government schools, you see.

The trick the government uses to get people to think government schooling is a good thing – for the parents – is the lure of the “free” (and of free time). Parents are relieved of the burden – as they see it – of schooling their kids at home and so free to work two jobs, instead. So as to earn the money necessary to pay for the government’s “free” schools via the property tax payments they never stop making, long after their kids have graduated from government schools.

In many – most? – parts of the country, these “free” schools cost a typical household tens of thousands of dollars over the 18 years of a kid’s growing up years – and then ongoing, until the parents sell their home and move into the old folks’ home.

How much money – and time – would parents have if they didn’t both have to work to pay for all the “free” things government so generously provides? One parent might not have to work at all – and so have time to teach her kids, with the love and patience that only a parent can provide, in a home that is both physically as well as emotional safe.

From “active shooters” as much as the government-schooling that tends to grow such.

. . .

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  1. Private schools are pricey too. I get to shell out 18k for tuition for the grandchildren.
    If I am paying, I get to berate the moronic face diaper policy. I told them that if they fall for that BS I find them to be incompetent on the face of it. They can ignore the real “science” on masks, but I will not pay for it.
    My mother taught me how to read quite well by three. Daughter the same; Phonetic method that is hardly practiced any more.

  2. Another good that flows from home schooling is that you get free labor from the urchins to clean your motorcycles. Just tell them how they work and promise that they get one at sixteen. I have too many “old” bikes from 1957-1984. Learning on a British parallel twin is a good way to get the basics of several aspects of mechanics. Guzzis are simple too.

  3. If you all hire Mr. Gold for job of POTUSA, he will sign EO that directs joint chiefs of staff to make a one time purchase of 330 million AK-15s from Kalishnokov Concerns, complete with 3 30rd magazines, strap, cleaning kit and 1200 rds of 7.62X39mm ammunition, and distribute to each of us people of the 50 states, after completion of safety training.

  4. Law-Abiding West Virginian Woman With Concealed Firearm Stops A Mass Shooting

    Instead of waiting for the police to arrive, a woman with a concealed carry license in West Virginia acted fast to stop a crazed man with an AR-15-style rifle who was about to kill dozens of people at a graduation party.

    “Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night,


    The gunman who massacred 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas lingered outside for 12 minutes firing shots at people in a funeral home across the street, before scaling a fence onto school grounds where he fired more shots. He then entered the school and barricading himself in a classroom before opening fire

    Texas law enforcement officials ignored pleas from distraught parents as a gunman was left alone for up to an hour at a Texas elementary school – killing 19 children and two teachers, before a Border Patrol agent charged into the school and killed the suspect.
    “Go in there! Go in there!” women shouted at the police soon after the attack began,
    One of the women was tasered by AGW for telling them to go inside and help.
    it took between 40 minutes and 1 hour from when Ramos began opening fire to when the CBP agent, backed by his tactical team, shot him.
    Children inside the school were phoning the police for help, no help came.
    AGW are not legally obligated to protect you, you are going to have to do it yourself….


  5. I must say, Eric, that this was not the take I was expecting, but it was eminently sensible, and true.

    This is the type of thinking about which you wrote, the ability to understand a problem in its essence. To go beneath the deceptive labeling and euphemisms and get right to the core issue.

    I have to admit that I would have been caught up in the banter about hardening the schools and missed your point… until later. I would have accepted the narrative and the way the issues were framed, while forgetting that there is a more fundamental problem that was not being addressed, and never would be.

    I know better. Think about how all those people who don’t know better are being trolled by the way the issues are being framed. Separating kids from public schools would never have been on the agenda for them.

    Thank you for reminding me that the public schools are evil institutions, and for reminding me to think outside the box.

  6. Public schools have proved a raging success to those whose interest they serve. Individualist or libertarian advocacy of public school abolition just on a cost basis is immediately balked by the short sighted who see only welfarist “solutions” to the problem of teaching poor kids. High property taxes are justified by high net payers who altruistically think they aid the poor the least suffering of whom whose property tax payments do not quite meet their kids’ full schooling cost. They simply refuse to believe a laisser faire capitalist economy would even if robust enough spread wealth broadly enough to guaranty every family could afford itself its kids’ full schooling cost. Of course not; no system is perfect but laisser faire capitalism would at least prove so much better poverty would shrink to a mild annoyance so charity could meet the poor’s needs. People “learn” communitarianism starting in nursery school so if they are “lucky” enough by adulthood to be net tax payers they must first defeat 2 decades of statist anti-individualist & anti-capitalist indoctrination to see their success costs the poor nothing so need not be dulled by welfarism. In 1979 I graduated high school “only” in my class’ academic top 1/3 with National Honor Society awardees who just naifly ran to this nonsense like cat-nip. The same people as participants in the machinations of the Junior Council on World Affairs never thought to poll the states first when backing plots to make America a world government’s magic ginger bread pan. As to mass private ownership of military quality guns, forget it! Don’t you know the revolution ended & we nominally–were allowed to believe–won?

    • If you all hire Mr. Gold for job of POTUSA, he will sign EO that directs joint chiefs of staff to make a one time purchase of 330 million AK-15s from Kalishnokov Concerns, complete with 3 30rd magazines, strap, cleaning kit and 1200 rds of 7.62X39mm ammunition, and distribute to each of us people of the 50 states, after completion of safety training.

  7. Ramos gets the Charles Whitman Award for being another Texas shooter with good aim at sitting ducks.

    How come there are bodies counted in mass shootings at schools here in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    In Iraq, they didn’t do body counts. Can’t be that important if you don’t do any counting, well, except for dollars, those count a lot.

    Authorities marching in lockstep confiscating guns and firearms and rifles and pistoles and bb guns sort of gives away the reason for the Second Amendment, does it not?

    Not everybody is going to cooperate, criminals would be one group of people who would definitely not surrender their guns. Well, they’ll surrender the ones they don’t want for some cash somehow from Uncle. Keep the good ones.

    How many? 300 million firearms in the hands of Americans? Might have some organized resistance if attempts to collect all firearms move forward.

    Would you say there is a plethora of firearms?

    The cartels will hold on to theirs. Possession counts a lot.

  8. Public schools 60 years ago were pretty good (albeit regimented as hell). Now they clearly suck (after six decades of teachers’ union ever-growing greed and incompetence).

    • My public schools sucked 60 years ago. Fully a third of the teachers were incompetent but couldn’t be fired because of tenure. I had a couple who routinely took 10-15 points off my grade for being an advantaged blonde kid while bragging about how well their minority students were doing.

      • About 1971, one of my classmates in physics had read the entire textbook a few weeks after the class started. Every time he raised his hand, the teacher retreated behind her desk. She knew she was about to be asked a question she couldn’t answer. Had a math teacher that castigated the entire class because she had failed to properly instruct us in geometry. An “Education” degree has long been an escape route from failing in your chosen major.

  9. Leftists are the problem…….

    Left’ Is Now Political Shorthand For ‘Corporate State Technocracy’

    The corporate state technocracy’s personal servants: What modern ‘Leftism’ actually is
    Perhaps the most succinct summary of the modern ‘Left’ is illustrated by “Antifa” (a truncated version of “anti-fascist”) unironically cheerleading fascistic lockdown, masking, and forced lockdown measures:

    To tie the threads together, the modern ‘Left’ is reduced to a conglomeration of the absolute worst of all political machinations: authoritarian, elite centralized, anti-free speech, economically rapacious, warmongering.

    The “Right” political machine, though, is not the inverse of “Leftism” nor should it be exempt from criticism. At the top, it’s staffed by the exact same types of cancerous vultures as found on the Left, albeit with mildly saner social positions in the culture war (they at least don’t advocate transing kindergarteners).


  10. It took less than two days to prove that “officer safety” was the prime directive at Uvalde. Nothing new to see here, folks.

  11. This is the new America. And it’s only going to get worse. The young people growing up and being indoctrinated will only know the new normal. The demographics are changing. We will be the Brazil of the north. And there’s nothing we can do about it. The democratic party is the evil party and the republican party is the stupid party and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Elections are coming up and I am inundated with electioneering promises. I am seriously considering not even bothering to vote as almost all the local candidates make me want to vomit. BTW I live 2 miles from the jungle so your situations may be different.

    • I haven’t voted on other than issues, such as increased taxes, for decades. I refuse to put my stamp of authenticity on elections. What if they held an election and nobody came? From where would they gain their authority?

    • Brazil has Bolsonaro, now. A lot better than the socialists that preceeded him. At least he’s a natinoalist, not a globalist like like the rest of the “western world.”

  12. This is good advice since it seems that public schools have become nothing more than leftist indoctrination centers. And it doesn’t get any sicker and vile than that.

    There have been 14 mass shooting in schools (4 or more murdered) in the last 22 years. Meanwhile, during that time millions of people have been murdered for various reasons and no one seems to care much about that.

    Big pharma kills off at least 500,000 every year with their horrid drugs and opiates and now a lot more with mRNA gene therapy injections.

    The liberals like to use every tragedy involving the murder of children to push for gun control. Yet, they are perfectly fine with murdering 100’s of thousands of babies every year using abortions citing it’s the woman’s choice. Yet, they feel it is fine to force poison injections into every person not allowing them any choice. It’s the my body, my choice except when it’s my body and your choice kind of thing. Thus is the convoluted logic of democrats and liberals.

  13. govt schools is where the kids learn that when they are adults to surrender their natural rights to survival and self defense to a bunch of scumbag coward cops who only care about their pensions and giving tickets

  14. Common denominator among school shooters: hazed and bullied by other kids, and the adults who are in charge didn’t do anything about it. Somehow this does not seem to happen in private schools, only in public schools. Why?
    My son was bullied in elementary public school until he lashed out at his tormentor with a punch. He was hauled into the principal’s office and my wife and I were called in. When I heard the story of what had happened, I looked at the teacher and the principal and said they ought to be supporting a little kid (my son was smaller than most) who stood up for himself, not writing him up.
    They did nothing to protect him from bullies (girls as well as boys), and, long story short, we had to find a different school system at great expense.
    He was at a private school for two years and there wasn’t one incident of bullying.
    There is something about the value-free environment of public schools that makes the teachers and administrators blind to the snake-pit that a building full of children can become.

    • The common denominator is boys being put on SSRI’s one of them being Ritlan. Boys are not allowed to be boys and those that act like boys are drugged into a pliable stupor.

    • Ron, same thing happened to us in middle-school. At the time ‘anti-bullying’ and ‘no retaliation’ posters were everywhere. Of course this has little to no effect on the bullier, but big effect on the other 99%. I’ve said this story before on EP-autos before so I won’t re-hash the long version. The short story is my kid finally had enough of the bullier’s against his peers (my kid was bigger than most), that he finally took action an took the kid out. never a problem again.
      We were called in and I wouldn’t let my wife go, just me and kid. Our principle was a good man and my kid did all the talking, I would not engage at all, except at the end “do not call me again for these issues, my son can stand on his merit and actions”. We never were called again with 10 +/- incidents, all handled by him and his now emboldened peers. Turned out to be a wonderful group of kids all through MS and HS that took care of everyone in their own ways (things like: no you freak wannabe-trans will not be going in the girls bathroom). They earned respect from most of the teachers and admin people and just overall took care of things the way they should be.

    • This does not portray the Uvalde PD in a very good light. I read a similar story on Breitbart earlier.

      Something doesn’t add up though. This kid allegedly had two Daniel Defense rifles (retails about $2k a piece). He also purchased 375 rounds of ammo. Let’s say he bought Winchester 5.56 (I am assuming the rifles were AR 15s). A box of 125 rounds is averaging $80 x 3 = $240. Not to mention the nice $40k pick up this kid is driving around in.

      The kid was supposedly upset he didn’t graduate but has enough money to buy $4240 in guns and ammo and to make a $700 truck payment each month at the ripe old age of 18! Something stinks.

      • Hi RG.

        The truck was his grandmothers. He stole it after murdering her. It appears he had only one rifle (5.56 x 45) and a handgun with him. I also wonder how a 18 year old came up with that amount of cash. As for the ammo, do you know what a fully loaded 5.56 mag weights? They run (depending on if poly or metal) a bit more than a pound each. Looking at his picture, I seriously doubt he was carrying that many rounds.

        As for the police staying outside for more than an hour, what else would you expect? Most police are not trained for this type of operation. Its just a job for most of them. Having a badge and a gun doesn’t mean they have the courage to do whats necessary. I’m also not surprised that the police didn’t get over run by panicked parents. Most people are Good Citizens, and wouldn’t dream of such things. They are after all the “authorities”…

        Over all, this was a typical situation of its type. They follow a standard pattern, if you’ve been watching them. What links most of these is that schools and churches tend to be “gun free” zones. In other words, psychopath hunting preserves. Its sad, because Texas is a Constitution carry state. But of course most government schools have been over run by the Progs.

        I totally agree with Eric. There should be a total separation of education and state. But anyone familiar with the writings of John Taylor Gatto knows what the real agenda is.


        • Let me revise and extend my remarks… 🙂 375 rounds of 5.56 x45 would be 12.5 30 round mags. Each mag weights a little more than a pound. So you are looking at around 15 to 16 pounds. Even a soy boy could carry that. I really need to refrain from posting when I’m tired.

      • Hi RG,

        I’ve read – not that you can trust anything you read in the “news” any longer – that the kid used a credit card to buy the weapons and ammo. But whose card? I very much doubt a barely 18-year-old had a card in his own name with a $5k (or higher) limit. So – if he did use a card – it had to be someone else’s, perhaps his grandmother’s. In which case, there may be an issue for the gun shop in terms of processing the payment on a card that did not have this kid’s name on it or absent confirmation that he had permission to use someone else’s credit card.

        I doubt a gun shop would do this. In my experience, they are (necessarily) meticulous about paperwork/ID. For all the obvious reasons…

        • There’s quite a few things about this sordid incident that don’t seem to be adding up. False flag event, anyone? But, hey…it’s ALL for the “CHILDREN”!

          There was a pic of the Feminazi icon, Gloria Steinem (why is it always, as one Archibald Bunker of 704 Hauser St, Queens, NY, would say, someone from “dat TRIBE, dere!”?), pontificating that if confiscation of ALL guns (never mind that’s an utter pipe dream) would save the life of but ONE child, it’s be worthwhile…and she’s wearing an INTERESTING T-shirt. The inscription on the shirt? “I Had an ABORTION.”

          Why anyone gives any of these libtard idiots the time of day escapes me.

          • In re false flag: My thoughts, as well. I seem to remember some talking head recently saying about another exposed FF event – “it SHOULD have happened that way”…therefore to them it did! Could it be any more obvious they are making everything up, all the time?

    • Plus he was inside the school for over 40 minutes before the cops made a move on him. What a bunch of effing pussies! Big brave AGW’s only good for shooting unarmed civilians on the side of the road, run away and hide when someone is shooting back. AGW at Parkland shooting did the same thing; fire all those useless bastards and give their weapons to the parents, I’d gladly charge any s.o.b. that was shooting at my kids.

      • Mike,
        I read that some of the cops there had kids in the school. I can’t figure out why those cops weren’t going in to save their kids.

        If it were my kids in there, I would either get in or be having a fight with the people trying to keep me out. Maybe the story is wrong, but I just can’t even understand how a cop could stand there while their kid may be getting shot at.

        And F all those worthless pigs that kept the parents away. You can be part of the solution or you are the problem.

        I guess officer safety is the highest order, children be damned. Protect and serve your pension.

        • Some of the cops with children DID go in and retrieve them. While their partners were forcing other parents to keep out.
          Cop training focuses very heavily on officer safety. They are essentially trained NOT to intervene in an active shooting. This has been the usual police action in mass shootings.

  15. One of the single best decisions we made as parents was to home school our children. Started out in a private school which I don’t regret either. Once we made it through the first year and realized we not only weren’t “ruining our children” we were giving them actual education, social skills and living skills. Schools are literal minimum security prisons.
    Sure, not everybody is capable of homeschooling, but if you care about your children and are of average intelligence, and discipline you’ve got 90% of teachers beat. You should seriously consider it. We found the kids could generally make it through a curriculum’s daily assignments in 2-3 hours then pursue other interests, classes work, socializing etc.

    Oh, and they’ don’t act like golomized slaves.

    • Hi Sicilian,

      I agree as regards home (and private) schooling. A parent who is literate and has basic competences in math and so on can teach the fundamentals far better than the rote-“learning” so-called “teachers” in government schools impart. Something many don’t know is that many of the “teachers” in government schools have a degree in “education” rather than any specific discipline. They are often extremely mediocre people who have no real skills or knowledge of anything substantive.

      Beyond the basic building blocks, a parent can find people who are learned in various disciplines to instruct their kids in areas where they may not be learned, themselves. The beauty of the arrangement is two-fold: First, that the kids learn from people whom they can respect, since the people are learned and competent to provide instruction in the various disciplines. Second, the parents can exercise direct control over who teaches what to their kids.

      This same applies to private schooling, too – as the parents have the (financial) power to call the shots and the school has an incentive to deliver the services it advertises. There is a reason why there aren’t many Tranny Dance Days at private schools.

      The only incentive a government school has is to perpetuate its existence by any means necessary; i.e., to force people to give up their kids and give up their money. Once they have both, these “schools” have everything they need.

      • Guys, guys!
        C’mon…. It’s not “home schooling</em", it's "home educating". "Schooling" is the act of going to a school and being just another body in a mass group; like a li'l fishie in a school of fish. It involves little to no education, but rather just indoctrination and social conditioning.

        Most people who wisely opt-out of the government's local junior prison system (i.e. pooblik schools) actually educate their kids. Such kids grow up to be educated adults. “Schooled” kids….if they ever do actually grow up at some point, become CNN viewers……

        • Nunzio:
          The fact that I was dropped off in a Prussian style day camp for 13 years is the very reason I automaitcally associate skoool with education. Their model works exactly as intended, producing meat robots.

      • Hi Eric.

        If you look at the origins of government schools, you will see what the original agenda was and is. Education was entirely secondary. Its main focus was indoctrination, and creating Good Citizens. Cannon fodder for the governments wars, and cogs for the corporate machines. Make no mistake, there have been many good teachers (Like John Taylor Gatto and Jaime Escalante to name but two). But the entire system has always had an agenda. You may find this of interest. Its a short video on Gattos book of the same title.


  16. School shootings have not increased nor decreased since compulsory education started. The media’s response to school shootings has gotten worse over time as has the response to shootings over time that have turned schools into training-for-prison centers that have not increased student saaaaaaaafety one iota.

    • You’re right. During the 2020 psyop, I regularly perused Google’s news feature by typing in “shooting.” They happened on almost a daily basis around the nation, yet the major newspapers barely reported any of them! (Of course, we all know the reason why). The point is that in a nation as big as ours, shootings are an everyday part of life. It’s just that the leftist media like to focus on them strictly for ideological reasons.

    • In case anyone hasn’t noticed, PRISONS, despite all the “security” around, aren’t particularly safe, either. The reason is obvious…and the same as for schools.

  17. Article is 100% on spot. Government schools are designed to provide the ruling class with docile, rule following, robot workers just smart enough to read and obey, but too dull to be competitors.

    The “education” they dole out is designed to make students see learning as something to be avoided. Yet the sheep have been conditioned to believe the mental slaughterhouse is for the good of their kids and themselves.

    Let’s get to the violence. Government school is one of the few places kids will be subject to violence, and almost never due to a Robb Elementary type situation. Theft, assault, battery, harassment, threats, and intimidation are common. And I’m not referencing good old fashioned bullying.

    The worst of what happened this week is that apparently the police did not go in to save the children – and physically prevented parents from doing so – for up to an hour. While these “brave” men of law enforcement stood in the parking lot, with ballistic vests and rifles – their full cowardice on display – a mother made her way to the other side of the school, jumped the fence, and rescued her daughters.

    The real and dangerous problem is these school teach reliance on govt, when, as happened at Marjorie Stonemann Douglas, the coward cops stayed outside as kids died. The govt can’t protect you, had no duty to, and does not intend to.

    Get your kids away from the brainwashing.

  18. School resource officers and cops in general are next to useless.
    It is interesting to note that today’s “law enforcement” personnel have statutory protections that us ordinary “civilians” do not possess. Despite having these statutory protections, they still fail to act.
    “Law enforcement” is useless in school shootings. Almost every school shooting was responded to by “law enforcement” waiting for the shooting to stop–NOT ACCEPTABLE–PERIOD!
    Hiring veterans who are willing to take on the responsibility for ensuring the safety of the children is the solution.

    • Most “veterans” these days are soft and slow humans that functioned largely in the paper pushing arms of the glorified banker’s enforcement division. The company I work for loves “veterans”. I can count three in 25+ years I’d trust with a firearm at all.

      To find a real shooter who’s “comfortable” being shot at without a battalion behind him and artillery behind that is a fools errand. I mean, those guys exist but not in any significant numbers.

      The average prole thinks the same of the police, that they’re all retired SEALs. I’ve trained local police at the range and it’s frankly sometimes terrifying who’s carrying firearms in supposed defense of the public.

      • Some cops have very little firearm training. Then they often don’t do much or ANY training as time goes on too. I wouldn’t be surprised if some haven’t fired a gun since police academy.

        • Hi Rich,

          In re cops (AGWs) and their training: The thing is, I think, that they don’t have skin in the game. It’s not their kids getting shot. I’s just a job. Not many people will die for the sake of a check. But some of those parents would have gone in – and their motivation might have been sufficient to end this thing a lot sooner.

          • The primary focus of most police training is officer safety. They are essentially trained NOT to intervene in an active shooting. Some of the cops did go in and retrieve their own children, while their partners prevented other parents from doing so. Given this happened in Texas, I suspect many of those parents were suitably armed to do so.

          • Hi Eric. Yes, that might have lead to a better (less bloody) ending. But that wouldn’t suit the Narrative. Just as Orange Man is Bad, so too are guns (especially “scary” black rifles…). Anyone who has any sense of history knows why they target the most effective tools, that would be used in resistance to tyranny.

            The monster Mao once said; “Power comes from the barrel of a rifle”. It was true then, its true now. The fundamental power of the gangs that rule us, has always been in the clubs/spears/swords/rifles of their enforcers. That eternal truth, is why some of the Framers/Founders demanded the 2nd Amendment be added to the Constitution.

            To counter that, the government schools were created. Those behind this, knowing that attacking the Second Amendment directly was wasted effort. Set out to undermine the judgement and will required to use those tools effectively. They have been remarkably successful in that endeavor. But as with all gang operations, its not been nearly as effective as they had hoped. It is in that reality, that what hope we have remaining lies. I very much enjoyed your article. Thank you.

        • Rich,
          It’s always the same argument that the AGW’s need more training more resources. I am not a defund the police Marxist but they make their own political statement of *want* when these events take place. No less disgusting than what Bite-me did the other night.
          What is now becoming known is the damn cowards retreated, then stayed outside protecting themselves and preventing parents from taking action. The damn psycho kid had almost an hour inside. No wonder the death toll is so high. The AGW’s were waiting for SWAT, they needed negotiators, they needed body armer, yea they needed some intestinal fortitude. Explains why the Boarder Patrol finally arrived and had enough and did something.
          At the Clackamas Mall about 15 years ago in Portland, a young psycho kid starting shooting. He was met by a citizen with his own concealed carry pistol. The citizen had enough discipline not to shoot, due to people running in the background, but all it took for the psycho kid to run was a barrel of gun pointed at him. the kid ran down a empty hallway and killed himself. Situation ended.

      • Many “veterans” that ended up in law enforcement are those that couldn’t hack it in the military, or they realized they’d be lucky to make E-6 and retire at twenty years, and got out in hopes of a better paying career. And, in a lot of cases, it’s not that they’re not competent enough to do their jobs; but many of them are “head cases”…or they let what little authority they have go to their heads. Quite a few of these cretins are as abusive to their spouses and children as the scumbags they mix up with on the streets.

        • Hi Self. As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a family of cops. Father, uncle, 2 brothers, one retired one still working. Unfortunately my youngest son also became a cop. I’ve known their work buddies, partners, bosses, etc, hundreds of cops over my lifetime. One unfortunate thing I can tell you is that there are damn few of them who are NOT abusive alcoholics. Don’t think I’ve ever met one that hasn’t been divorced either. Not to make excuses for them, but the job does something to you. My youngest brother was the nicest guy you could ever know when he got out of college. Now, after 30 years on the job he’s a hard drinking grizzled miserable old prick who hates everybody. My son has always been an easy going good guy. He’s only been on the job a couple years, and it really makes me sad and frightens me, knowing what he will probably become.

          • Hi FM.

            I’ve also seen that. It comes from dealing with scum, day in and day out. Especially over the last decade or two. They have a dirty, ugly job, with out the proper training and support. What we need are properly trained peace officers, who patrol in pairs. Not poorly trained and supported enforcers. What we don’t want is combat soldiers attempting to do the job of peace officers. That’s why I’ve always advocated making that (and everything else) private. A professional security service would have the incentives to properly train and support their staff. This is from Rothbard on taking the police private.


  19. All 4 of my grandparents were teachers, my faternal grandfather was a principal. There was a reverence and respect for public schools in the house that became a problem for me. Instead of diagnosing my dyslexia, the school system just called me lazy and that was that. Because “educators” were always right I got grounded for flunking instead of the help needed. Luckily I found computers with spelling checkers and complex trigonometric programming to get me through my senior year and tech school.

    But most of that was before the Department of Education, or at least before it got their roots into the local school districts. I hate to think about what my education would be like with a “disablity” today. Not only would they handicap me, they’d do whatever they could to get extra funding for the SPED kid.

  20. Why no videos?

    Are we to believe the ‘school’ had no cameras. All schools have dozens of cameras inside and out. Why no pictures/videos of how that perp got into the school classroom areas. Schools were supposed to be hardened. No way in unless you were buzzed in. Administration offices were supposed to be hardened with steel doors and bullet proof glass.
    Why no pictures inside of the classroom? Should be bullet holes and blood everywhere. Not even pictures of ambulances carrying off the dead and wounded. Funny how protecting the victims and parents prevent us from properly investigating a murder scene. Why did the lard ass po-lice hold off for over an hour? Do we really need a chicken shit police that won’t try to defend children. What the hell was a Bortec team from the Border patrol just passing through. Supposedly one went into the classroom and shot it out with the perp. No way your getting through that doorway without being shot unless possibly the perp knew the person.

    Nope,,, All we get is the death count and antigun slogans. So far I have counted over five versions of this. What! we cannot investigate shootings anymore? There has been plenty of shooting to get practice, for sure. And I am sure it would not take an idiot more than a whole half hour for so to come up with a pretty good idea of what happened.

    Too bad,,, Like all the other shootings,,, we will never know…. and anyone that questions whatever ‘official’ version prevails will of course be ostracized.

    • ken,
      report indicates Ramos gained access through an unlocked door.

      as for the cops. I used to think that people became cops because they are bullies or were bullied. Now I believe most are cowards who are running from fear.

      • Still,,, no cameras! Even the uriinalists don’t ask why. This was a supposedly ‘hardened school’ that required all to be buzzed in. That door being unlocked is a definite clue,,, like why. Possibly he had a friend unlock it.
        All the doors to the classrooms were to be locked when school was in session,,, again, more unlocked doors! By not following security protocol the school put children in harms way. The shooter spent 12 minutes outside the school shooting at folks in a cemetery next to the school. Why wasn’t the school locked down immediately! What, the staff thought it was just someone squirrel hunting… And then there’s the 7 foot fence. Did he actually climb this fence carrying the AR? A Rambo for sure or the fence was damaged and not repaired (more likely).

        And the Border Patrol just happened by. How is it possible they got into the room without being shot? I guess they got buzzed in or did they know about the unlocked door. With only kids in the room the shooter would have been especially focused on the door. Someone would have been shot coming through that door for sure. Did the shooter know them?

        The shooter was definitely a sicko but the school was also at fault. If all the doors were locked the shooter would not have gotten in so easily.

        There is so much wrong about this case that it boggles the mind but few if any seem concerned about any of it except for the gun control issue.

        I have read many comments at many different Internet sites and not one,,, one (1),,, even questions the security mess at the school. Their concern is not the 21 people that died but mostly the gun laws coming because of the shooting.

        Already the news about the shooting is fading. I’m not sure anyone really cares except maybe the parents about to plant their children. I have read much more about the 40 billion dollars being given to Ukraine nazis and sympathizers after already giving them 20 billion. That’s 60 billion buckeroos! Maybe that 60 billion could have been used to make the schools safer rather than waving little blue/yellow flags around.

        Except for the new gun laws coming, this story is rapidly being memory holed…..

  21. This IS the best, one of many,,thanks to Eric, and the rest. I sort of survived many years of both public and parochial schooling. What was really eye opening was living in foreign countries, and being schooled in their versions of history.

  22. These “false flag” shootings are legal because of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. (signed into law by Marxist Obama)

    “Basically, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (SMMA) allows the US Government to treat the American people as enemies of the state – just as they would treat a foreign enemy”


    “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act is the modernization of Smith-Mundz from 1948 designed to protect the public from propagandizing her own citizens. The modernization is the source of official fake news. During World War 2, the public and government did not want to go to war and resented WW1. Roosevelt wanted to create the Office of Wartime Information via Executive Order but no one was having any of it. After Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt was able to create the OWI. The primary mission of the OWI was to propagandize American citizens to incite interest for war.

    After WW2, OWI was set for termination. The Smith-Mundt Act was passed after World War 2 for legal propaganda against all other countries except the US. The US never stopped propagandized the public but the statute allowed us to hold them accountable for lying.”

  23. Even in rural areas the government schools are unacceptable. I share driving duties with daughter and son in law for the grandson to a Catholic school 36 miles away. Due to the influx of illegals and the proliferation of white trash (enough blame for both groups) the local schools, even junior high, are a mess. Drugs, gangs, serious fights – not the environment for a quiet white kid to get an education.

    Socialization? Ha! Really? Not with the local cretins.

    My wife went to a freshly integrated high school in Seattle, early 70s, which basically resulted in no learning for four years. Total chaos plus the stress of worrying about personal safety. Dad was too cheap to pay for private school.

    Washington state schools are a feather bedded gravy train for teachers and admin, this cabal owns state government including WA Supreme Court. In our area there is a school district consisting of two buildings and four buses. This is less than eight miles from the small city district, each separate districts with their own administrative teams.
    The two building district leader makes $170k a year, in that group is an “elementary home room teacher” making north of $93k. Hey Republicans – how about some reform?

    • Hi Sparkey,

      I’d resent being forced to hand over my money to finance government schools if I had kids in them – and if they were receiving an education rather than an indoctrination. Jefferson said it was evil and tyrannical to force a man to hand over money for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors. This latter being a good working definition of what government schools do.

      • Eric – It’s a double whammy here. Indoctrination plus spiraling property tax. The foolish homeowners keep approving the school levies “it’s for the kids” a sure fire hook for these idiots.

        The tiny district I mentioned managed to get a levy passed for a school hobby farm, exciting! Especially the extra $750 a year that costs me. Low cost field trips to local farms and orchards naaw can’t do that.

        I ran the numbers this district budget vs the enrollment, it’s close to $22k a year per student. The Catholic school for the grandson is about $8600.

          • As a former Catholic school student, I can sum that up in one word – discipline. The nuns and the few lay teachers had no problem giving you a whack if you got out of line, and if you went home and complained to your parents they would give you another whack because you must have deserved it. Any habitual troublemakers were expelled, no appeals. Nowadays if Johny or Suzy Snowflake even get yelled at the parents are calling 1-800askgary to sue the school. At the other extreme are the kids whose parents don’t give a rat’s ass about their kids and are probably drunk most of the time. Feel bad for those kids but not sure what can be done about it.

            • In addition to what Mike said, *any type* of private school attendance means parents have skin ($$) in the game. Public schools enable parents to have *ZERO* skin in the game. You betcha, if they were paying out of pocket money, they would demand performance! From either the schools or their kids!

              I’m absolutely certain there are legions of parents whose educational involvement is maxxed out with, “Hey, time to get on the bus, sweetie!”

  24. One of the greatest evils taught in schools, -both pooblik and private- is capitulation. If I recall correctly, even the late great John Taylor Gatto(meow) did not explore this most evil of all products of communal edumacation taught by strangers.

    Capitulation, accommodation, toleration, obedience, submission; getting used to overthrowing one’s conscience in return for receiving the favor of some functionary in some minuscule way; learning to say nothing/do nothing in the face of injustice or evil because ‘it is not your job’ and you must let only ‘trained and authorized’ authorities handle it; learning to ‘suck it up’ (or just suck it, more accurately). Learning to tolerate injustice.

    Oh sure, they may rail against ‘injustice’- like the injustice of slavery,….while teaching you to be a slave; but their real concern does not lie in the true injustices of slavery as they apply to all who are enslaved, but rather in using the subject as a narrative to elevate one culture while destroying another- so white kids are taught to be ashamed that ‘they are the descendants of slave owners’- whereas in-fact very few actually are- and even those who are bear no responsibility for the actions of their ancestors of 200 years ago; and black kids are taught to be proud victims, though they were never personally affected by slavery- nor anyone in their or their parent’s or grandparent’s lifetimes….and somehow, though white kids are supposedly responsible for the actions of their distant ancestors, black kids are in no way responsible for their own conduct, nor that of their present culture…..

    And your kid is taught to accept such insanity….and you as a parent go along with it because you were taught the same thing, namely, the threat of someone writing ‘the wrong letter’ on a slip of paper (like a C, D or F) or of being excluded from the system (suspension/expulsion) and of being permanently alienated from their system by not receiving a slip of paper, and therefore being barred entry to the grown-up school system of ‘the office’, where your capitulation and submission are essential.

    And instead of telling them to shove their whole system, and that you and your kid are perfectly capable of living as men, producing a product or service of value to trade in the marketplace….you capitulate as you were taught, because ‘in today’s world that is what it means to be an adult’ [Translation: They suckered you into debt, and reliance on various insurances and ‘services’ from an early age…and if you want to continue to fund these things, you must stay in *their* good graces…which means capitulation to them and theirs].

    It starts early and in small ways- when you are in the single digits and experience some little injustice, like not being ‘allowed’ to go to the bathroom, or being punished en-mass for something because the teacher doesn’t know who the culprit is and wants the class to rat them out….or because little Tyrone started wailing on you and you hit him back, and there is a ‘zero tolerance policy’…or your asthma inhaler is classified as a ‘drug’ and must be held by the school nurse, and you must ask teacher’s permission to go and use it when you have an attack- all such things at which if you DARE not comply, you are threatened with the dreaded writing of the wrong letter on the piece of paper (They’ll literally “F you’ 😀 )- and “it will be on your permanent record”, and you will not be able to become president, an astronaut, or some guy working in a cubicle, AND what’s more, your parents will be pissed AT YOU. THAT is the evil genius of such a system- the parents not only enable it by sending their kids to the schools, BUT they demand that the kid obeys and does what ever he has to do in order to receive the formal written praise of his captors, in the form of a favorable letter written on the piece of paper- i.e. an A or B. -or that you do well on a test to prove that you can take tests, and are capable of repeating their propaganda back to them, or that you have actually accepted it- and perish the thought you dispute what *they* teach you, no matter the facts and how much proof is on your side! You MUST learn to capitulate and submit- the facts don’t matter! How will you ever ‘grow up and be an adult and keep a good job’ if you don’t learn this most vital of all skills?!

    Just follow the rules and do what you are told, and you will be in the good graces of the god of state and it’s subordinate lesser gods, the corporations. But dare to seek truth and stand up for what is right and abide by your conscience, and you may have to be a mere laborer or tradesman or [gulp]homesteader, like those ebil raciss ansisters of yoors!

    Oh, and even if you have the sense to home-educate (truly educate, as opposed to just ‘school’), you still must pay for the pooblik indoctrination of the kid’s of others- though you had no say in whether or not those kids were procreated, and though you may well also be paying for the food and shelter of their mommy, and baby-daddy….but it’s O-K, because their ancestors may have been salves (You evil racist honky, you!)…if their ancestors were even here then, and from the South; if your ancestors were even here then (even more unlikely) and as if it matters….) -but you get to pay for what you do not approve of, beause it is your obligation to provide it to others…such is slavery- but that slavery doesn’t count, because ‘you white’.

      • Great stuff Nunzio, and spot on. I can say it can be beaten though if you have some hutzpah and are willing to fight. We won for my boy, and we won big. We could not win with our girl and we pulled her and put her in private school. (different people, some that get it some that don’t)

        • Thanks, Chris!

          Yeah, one of the biggest differences between private and public schools, is that pretty much all of the parents who send their kids to private school actually care about their kids and take an active interest, whereas in the public schools, it’s a mix of everything, from those who would send their kids off to be with Charles Manson if it meant the opportunity to have them out of their hair for a few hours, to mouth-breathing welfare queens who don’t care nor know any better, to the alcoholic plumber who just sends the target of his abuse to school because ‘that’s what ya do’, and the kid comes home a little happier, having been able to inflict the same abuse he got at home onto the smaller kids around him. And then there are the teachers..and administrators, and unions, and curriculum, and gov’t mandates….

          I’ve never had nor wanted kids, but if I ever did have kids, it has always been a given that they would be educated at home. (Ironically, having escaped NY. I now live in the county right next-door to the county which was the birthplace of the home-school movement -Adair county, KY. It was a long arduous fight just for people to win the right to educate their own kids in a ‘free country’….)

    • I don’t even have kids, and I’m forced to subsidize the local school prison system.

      Public schooling is child abuse.

      Change my mind.

    • Your theory is right on point. Think about it applied to the past 2 years of diapers and jabs. No duly legislated laws necessary. Perhaps that was just a beta test. Now imagine the same applied to what is styled “gun control.” I shudder to think.

  25. School shootings a natural reaction of (some) (usually male) adolescents to:

    a) being overly regimented and controlled.

    B) Social ostracism.

    C) Psychotropic drugs.

    D) Staged by the CIA.

    E) Other.

    F) All of the above.

    Choose the best answer.

  26. Why should parents pull their kids away from the deep states clutches? The reasons are so many, they boggle the mind. Your article does a great a job pointing out the major ones, indicting the Techno/prison complex on the damage they do by indoctrination. Its a downward spiral, to the young parent of the participation trophy generation, indoctrination and education sound alike.

    Hopefully this article can convince some parents to do their jobs, and teach their own kids.

  27. Excellent article, Eric! One of your best. Maybe I am bias because it matches my stance on homeschooling and removing children from the indoctrination of the State.

    Children enjoy learning, moving, doing. Everything in life can be a teaching experience from a field trip, to the grocery store, to a day at Grandma’s house.

    As a homeschooling parent I would state parents have more freedom, not less. My family has the flexibility to leave on a Wednesday to go fishing on the lake, we can take a two week vacation in October, and get up at 2am to watch the lunar eclipse. There is no such thing as trying to cram my kids activities on weekends or after “school hours.” If we want to visit a museum, the zoo, or a park we are not forced to abide by the bus schedule and the corralling of children at a certain time and place. We can get in depth on certain topics and their learning is not interrupted by a bell and another class with another teacher. They are not someone else’s one of thirty and are not allocated a one minute space for questioning before the instructor has to move to another student and another class.

    Homeschooling is freedom at it’s finest. It is the State’s worst nightmare.

    • My hat goes off to you.

      It really gets under my skin when I hear people tell homeschooling parents, “Aren’t you worried about your kids’ socialization?”

      To that I say, “Why yes, I am worried about my kids’ socialization. So worried, in fact, that I don’t trust the schools to socialize my kids. And don’t get me started on the kids!”

      • Hi Bryce,


        I have been asked that question multiple times over the years. I usually point to my children, who are usually with me, and feign some type of concerned expression before clearly stating, “look at them, they are like untamed animals” as my children stand quietly near by. I usually get an eye roll from my daughter.

        I guess most state supporters believe we lock our kids in the house all day. My children are constantly meeting with and socializing with people from multiple backgrounds and all ages. It is what one does when not tied to a desk and chair eight hours a day.

    • ‘We can get in depth on certain topics and their learning is not interrupted by a bell and another class with another teacher.’ — Raider Girl

      Who was it — the late John Taylor Gatto? — who pointed out that the rigid schedule of periods and bells was intended to instill compliance in future assembly line workers.

      Just like an assembly line, mass schooling proceeds at the pace of the slowest learner. I got a lot of surreptitious reading done as the teacher droned on about stuff I already knew. Not gonna happen these days, as kids instead sneak peeks at TikTok on their phones.

      It’s no accident that as children, we referred to school as ‘prison.’

      • Hi Jim,

        As a survivor of the public school system I am amazed how much has changed since my time there. My nieces and nephews still attend public and private schools to the absolute horror of their aunt and I hear about their experiences. Every single one of them is a little Democrat in the making. Ugh!

        I started kindergarten in 1983. The parents and teachers knew each other. My kindergarten teacher lived on the same country road that we did. When there was a problem the parent or teacher picked up the phone or stopped by the house. There was no shenanigans. Teachers still had wooden paddles and were not afraid to use them. Even through junior high and high school parents and teachers kept a good repertoire on the process of the child. A lot of the parents volunteered for supervising field trips or did small tasks around the school to keep abreast of what was going on.

        Many parents today have no idea who is teaching their children. They have very little curiosity on what their child is learning (or not learning). They claim to be too busy to get involved. Little Johnny needs to be at T-ball at 4:30, we don’t have time to chat. Teachers no longer stand in the front of school so Mom and Dad can walk up and inquire about Little Rosie’s day. Many teachers seem to do their darnedest to hide what Johnny and Rosie are learning. The last thing they want is Mom and Dad to be involved or to offer oversight. Even when the parents determine what is being taught and how they disapprove of it, they complain, shrug their shoulders, and maintain the status quo.

        Yes, a prison is an apt description of what the government school is in this day and age.

      • Did that phoney-baloney actually win the Democratic nomination for Governor of Texas? It’s not that everyone the GOP puts up in the Lone Star State is so great, either, but SHEESH…whoever would vote that moron to be a dog catcher, let alone governor, is a waste of breathable atmosphere.

  28. Eric: All of your points are spot on, but the elites desperately want to criminalize home schooling (https://arizonalawreview.org/pdf/62-1/62arizlrev1.pdf). Check out this excerpt from Elizabeth Bartholet, the “Morris Wasserstein Public Interest Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and Faculty Director of Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program.”

    “This homeschooling regime poses real dangers to children and to society.
    Children are at serious risk of losing out on opportunities to learn things that are
    essential for employment and for exercising meaningful choices in their future
    lives. They are also at serious risk for ongoing abuse and neglect in the isolated families
    that constitute a significant part of the homeschooling world. Mandated
    reporters are key to child protection, and compulsory education has served to protect
    many children against maltreatment. Teachers and other education personnel have
    long been responsible for a significant percentage of all reports to CPS, larger than
    any other group. Parents have no obligation apart from compulsory education to get
    their children out of the home, where they can be observed by others and reported
    to CPS for obvious signs of maltreatment. Parents don’t have to take their children
    to doctors. And unlike parents in many of our peer countries, they don’t have to
    allow health practitioners into their homes during their children’s infancy.

    Society loses out as well. Homeschooling presents both academic concerns
    and democratic concerns. Appropriate education helps give children the academic
    skills needed to participate productively in society as adults through employment. It
    also makes children aware of important cultural values and provides skills enabling
    children to participate productively in their communities and the larger society
    through various forms of civic engagement. Even homeschooling parents capable of
    satisfying the academic function of education are not likely to be capable of
    satisfying the democratic function”

    • Thank you, ML for posting this.

      I knew it was going to be a load of manure when the very first sentence reads “Homeschooling is a realm of near absolute parental control.” Why, yes it is. I see we have some brainiacs working on the aversion of parental responsibility for the education of their offspring. I noticed how they glossed over in two sentences how the majority of homeschoolers did better on standardized testing than those indoctrinated by said government. I guess we can’t put too much focus on that one less we have a government controlled parent see that and question it. Another personal favorite was how the HSLDA is comparative to the gun lobby. LOL. The right to educate your children and to protect them against those wishing to them harm. Oh, the horror!

      Fortunately, this saves me greatly on having to buy some printable shooting targets in the near future. I can just print out and use this pile of shit and enjoy it.

      • The late “Gunny” (R. Lee Ermey) would have a simple response to that b**ch’s diatibe,

        “Homeschooling is a realm of near absolute parental control…”

        Well…NO SHIT.

  29. As a Judeo-Catholic (raised Catholic, but I have a drop or two of Jewish ancestry) I attended Catholic schools from nursery school to graduate school.

    I am thankful and grateful of the sacrifices my parents and I made to allow me to attend those schools. Looking back, I might very well have been pushed over the edge in the viper pit that is the public school system.

    My parents thought that public schools were rotten even way back in the late 1970s. (Surprisingly, they bought their house where they did because the public schools were supposed to be good.)

    But since homeschooling was illegal, the only option was Catholic school.

    That said, I know that even many Catholic schools fall short, and some are more about religious indoctrination (“liberation theology”) than actual education. To say nothing of the cost to attend many of them.

    But to my point: Parents actually HAVE seen what goes on in the public schools, thanks to the Covfefe Virus. One such parent was one of my neighbors, who is a Lutheran minister.

    Her daughter was struggling mightily with Zoom learning and became quite depressed about the lack of in person interaction, and the fact that she just wasn’t learning anything well via Zoom. What’s more, some of the things being taught in the classes were quite worrisome.

    So, said minister enrolled her daughter in the local Catholic school, which was open for in-person classes (They still had masks, social distancing, and the whole works going on.) Her daughter went from night to day.

    I’ve seen similar results from parents who decided to homeschool from now on.

    Perhaps a silver lining of the Covfefe Virus is the beginning of the end of the public skool racket?

  30. I can think of a good reason why public schools are used to stage mass shootings (false flags being used to mold public opinion against guns) would be because the government owns the real estate and the staff.

    And what better way to indoctrinate the public to hate guns than at a government indoctrination center. So these Gladio style shootings are at public schools because the state owns the set.


    I am reading on certain sites that Michael Chertoff (aka skeletor) is being brought back to life to head Marxist Biden’s disinformation board. (Also note he worked for the Repugblican GW Bush, but now hired by the Demonrat Biden)


    Chertoff was the guy (actually he is a ordained Rabbi) who headed homoland security and let the dancing Israelis go back to Israel after they were caught filming the pre-planned 911 event. They later admitted on Israeli public TV they were sent their to document the event.


    The media (of course) reports this arrest as middle eastern men to protect their Jewish identities – and to also hide the fact that Israel did 911. Yes Virginia, no Arabs were involved in the 911 false flag, Arabs were the patsies in a sophisticated state level false flag. The enemies of Israel got blamed for 911 so the US military would bomb the crap out of Arab states – which it did – so 911 was a smashing success for the Israelis and this also proves the MSM is in on it – and it proves who owns the MSM.

    It should be obvious that Amerika is being systematically taken down. So who is doing this, who is the deep state? Well here is a clue, a quote from the Bibi Netanyahu:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    (And Eric – another great article – and since your philosophy is diametrically opposed to the ruling class you should seriously consider leaving police state Amerika for a free area.)

    • You’re spot on.

      Something that not a lot of people know: In many jurisdictions, the local school district is the largest white collar employer. And in some, it’s the largest employer, period.

      And a very lucrative one at that. Many school districts have administrative staff that take in six figures—with lavish Cadillac benefits—and they can’t be fired, even if they get caught red handed molesting kids, let alone if they can’t run the school to save their lives.

      But the fly in the ointment is this: The property owners and taxpayers significantly outnumber the tax taker school apparatchiks. And once the taxpayers realize this—and realize that they are paying more and more in taxes—not to mention that the kids coming out of these schools are less and less literate, well, it won’t be pretty.

  31. Can’t agree more. Public schooling used to be somehwat beningn. The History taught was complete Orwellian lies of course but the basics were there math, reading, etc. Kids like me were separated out according to ability so the retards (most of the students) didn’t slow us down. Now even that’s gone and Jesus Christ college is waiting to turn your kid completely into a lobotomized weirdo. Public schooling is now just pure child abuse. Use home schooling while you still can – it’s illegal in Germany, of all places, of course.

      • Not entirely true…
        The ban on “homeschooling” in Germany was imposed by the allies to prevent Germany from teaching the TRUTH about the Third Reich.
        It’s just the OPPOSITE of what most people are told.
        This also goes for the famous Goebbels quote on the media. Goebbels was actually correct as he described our present-day mainstream media.

    • That’s because schools were LOCAL. The expenses came out of the pockets of the local town folk, who had a vested interest in the educational quality of the local children, but also in keeping the COSTs in line.

      It went awry once the tax monies for local schools went to the State capitals, and, of course, Washington, DC. That’s when all the self-interested corporate apparatchiks and the weirdos could get their hands on OUR kids.

      I’m so glad that my youngest is 21 and in college…but I have grandkids to be concerned about.

  32. Great article Eric.

    I think it is more than safe to state that the public (government) schools are too far gone.

    There is no “reforming” or “improving” them. They are doing exactly what they were designed to do: Indoctrinate.

    They are filled with 95+% of people who despise conservative values. Libertarian values?
    They wish Libertarians dead. The other 5% are too afraid to say anything or push back for fear of losing their jobs. Politics cannot be discussed in school – unless of course it is “progressive” politics.

    I hear from many so called conservatives that they’d be wiling to fight in a civil war if it came down to it. But many/most of these same conservatives cannot even pull their kids out of government schools: Too inconvenient. Might have to work longer or something.

    If they think pulling their kids out of government schools is inconvenient, I can’t fathom how they think they will participate in armed revolution against the state.

    That would be multiple orders of magnitude more “inconvenient” than pulling their kids out of government schools. But they can’t even do that.

    This is why I ignore any conservative who keeps their kids in government schools who also says they are ready for a civil war. No – they obviously aren’t. It’s all talk.

    • Truth to that, Blake!

      One thing that people like MLK Jr. and Gandhi got right is that merely taking your ball and going home can be as effective, if not more so, than storming the barricades.

      In the case of the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, MLK Jr. told the bus company (which incidentally, just like publik skools, was a government monopoly), “Forget about your buses. We’ll handle our transportation needs ourselves.” And black people organized carpools or merely walked to where they needed to go. It was truly inconvenient, but black people in Montgomery were willing to deal with the inconvenience to avoid having to ride on segregated buses. They cared enough about ending segregation to endure those inconveniences.

      Only when faced with a loss of ridership and revenue did the bus company get rid of segregation.

      The same can be applied to the publik skools: Concerned parents of all stripes can do something about bullying and mass shootings, not to mention all the wokeness and inadequate education—take your kids out.

      Yes, it will be really inconvenient for you. You’ll probably forego extra money, which means less money for other conveniences. You’ll actually have to interact with your kids more. You’ll have to find workarounds for a lot of things. You might even have to relearn a few things you were taught.

      Tell me, how is it that you’re willing to arm up to take on DC, but not willing to either pony up for private school tuition, or have one of you stay home to teach the kids? By the way, a mass exodus from the publik skools might send a message, because it deprives the publik skools of warm bodies and REVENUE, which is what really makes things go.

  33. Once a kid learns to read, write, and do basic math, NO education would be an improvement over public education. Teaching is easy. I frequently ask my grandchildren questions that encourage them to think. A recent one being when I asked my grandson if cold was actually a thing. He immediately responded, “yes”. I then informed him that it is not. That it is in fact an absence of of a thing called heat. I could see the gears turning in his mind after that.

  34. Schools are becoming schools of hard knocks. Education is out of control. You’re not getting one, how about that.

    The high school I attended is a minimum security facility that you cannot walk into and have a look. You must have a reason for the visit, not getting through the door if you don’t.

    No need to go and see what is inside anymore. Besides, there’s a cop there all day long.

    After you graduate, you don’t go back to the high school and take more classes. On the last day of school, you walk out the door and don’t look back. Don’t have to be there another second. Thank God.

    Before my time at the local high school, a history teacher was over-powered by a few male students, they grabbed him by the ankles and hung him out a third floor classroom window for a few minutes. Back in the days when school was also a lot of fun, you could take some real action. lol

    A fight on the school grounds was always a scary situation. Two guys at each others throats is not what you want to see at school. A teacher tried to breakup the fight and was hit right now, instant bloody nose. It was a mean scene.

    Not everybody sees it your way, sometimes, it takes more than words to convince them.

    You gotta reference those two magpies, Heckle and Jeckle, can’t forget them.

    They would taunt and harass Klouse to teach him a lesson the hard way, mocking and laughing at him, flying non-stop around his hairless all bone and no brain useless head, he’ll learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

    The bonehead might finally get it, dawn on him, actually does wake up. Dream on, Klouse. Good luck with that.

    • Hi drumpish,

      When I was in high school in the ’80s, the kids came and went. Anyone could come in, too. No metal detectors or “SROs.” No shootings, either. Now, today, I could not walk into my old high school, to have a look around – as you say. Without a “pass” it’s Hut! Hut! Hut!

      These prisons can’t be closed soon enough.

      • I know right? I always ask myself that question when there is another school shooting. I graduated high school in 1978. No guards, detectors, locks, open campus, students
        roaming around downtown for lunch, jogging on the school track at night and on weekends and in one escapade, driven down main hall in a vw beetle by a crazy friend just for a laugh. Going back to your high school to visit a favorite teacher or coach and even continuing to be involved in their volunteer projects was definitely a thing. Our football coach organized food drives for the poor in his hometown in Gilroy every Thanksgiving. And school shootings were not on anyones radar. At that time Kent State was the only campus that had ever had a shooter. I cannot even imagine the psychological effect todays schools have on kids.

      • I’ll throw ya one better, Eric…when I was in high school in the SEVENTIES, in the South (Central Florida), during hunting season, we brought our GUNS to school with us, since we’d get together after school (this was shortly after football season ended), to go HUNTING. You’d see quite a few pickup with gun racks, and they weren’t empty! And no one brandish a firearms, nor did anyone get shot.

        • One better Self, in the ’60s, when I was about 8 years old, living on the outskirts of town, it was not unusual to see the “big boys” walking down the street carrying a rifle to go hunting.

          • I graduated high school in the mid 1990s. I grew up in the country, not a city or suburb, and a few of the guys I went to school with had gun racks in their pick up trucks, where their Ruger and Remington rifles hung. You didn’t bring them into the school, but the parking lot…no big deal.

  35. Sometimes I daydream about winning the lottery. One of those daydreams includes bankrolling a million graduates of the Ron Paul homeschool curriculum.

  36. Eric, thank you for expressing so cogently the essence of what many of us are passionately pursuing. Although it is a benefit to escape the cesspool, we who homeschool are not running FROM government indoctrination, as much as running TO developing and nurturing adults who can take care of themselves and their own families. A carefully planned and executed strategy which allows great accomplishment and reward, not only academically but in life.

    And it’s not as hard as the drones would like others to assume it is. Kids want to learn. I have worked with special needs kids and find that even at “lower-functioning” levels, they are excited and eager to demonstrate what they can do. It’s the institutions of so-called learning that actually crush the human desire to achieve.


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