What is SCR in Adblue Warning Light?

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Today, increasingly more diesel is outfitted with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Diesel technology. This means to altogether diminish unsafe nitrogen oxide emanations to the climate and subsequently follow as far as possible on gas discharges laid out by European (Euro 6) and American norms. This is achieved with the AdBlue Warning light, which, despite many people’s thought process, isn’t a fuel added substance butane extra fluid for use in diesel cars that should be topped up consistently. For this, the car has an independent tank for this fluid. The filler neck can be found under the fuel filler cap, in the boot, or the motor compartment, depending upon the car model.

Consumption of AdBlue Warning Light

Its consumption varies relying upon the kind of driving, the system’s working temperature, and the surrounding temperature. A car consumes around 1.5 to 2.5 liters of AdBlue warning light per 1000 km. Beating up is something basic and ought to be done routinely, particularly on a little while trips, like a get-away. Assuming the tank is empty, the engine won’t turn over!

Yet, don’t be alarmed because all cars with this system have an admonition system on the instrument board that will inform you when it is important to top up the AdBlue warning light tank. At the same time, it is additionally informed of autonomy. 

To know the arrangement of the AdBlue warning light, we use here the clarification that can be found on this fluid on the websites of Galp, BP, and Repsol service stations.

Action for Reduction of Harmful Gases

The AdBlue warning light is a fluid urea arrangement (32.5% pure urea, 67.5% demineralized water) that follows up on the fumes gases of weighty car engines as an exhaust system to lessen destructive nitrogen oxide emanations (NOx) produced in the burning cycles.

BP: AdBlue is a compound product (urea disintegration) of manufactured starting that makes it conceivable to diminish discharges from weighty cars with a diesel motor with the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system introduced. This product, supplied with remarkable perfection, follows the European standard DIN 70070 and has the most requesting quality control, permitting you to lessen dirtying outflows and increase the assurance of your car’s exhaust system.

Repsol: [Adblue warning light is] A manufactured product made out of an answer of urea and water, which decreases discharges from weighty cars. It is a product explicitly intended for cars with SCR technology. Ecoblue isn’t added to the gas tank however follows up on the impetus with the gases produced in burning, changing over Nitrogen Oxide into pure Nitrogen and water (steam).


If the admonition light doesn’t come on when the start device is in MAR position or on the other hand assuming that it stays on while driving, there might be a shortcoming in the limitation systems; for this situation, the airbags or pre-tensioners may not enact in that frame of mind of an accident or, in a more set number of cases, they might enact mistakenly. Before continuing, contact a Fiat Dealership to have the system checked right away.

Failure of the warning light is shown by the lighting of the symbol on the instrument board show. For this situation, the admonition light may not show any oddities in the limitation systems. Before proceeding, contact a Fiat Dealership to have the system checked right away.


If, moving the start device to MAR, the AdBlue warning light doesn’t come on, or on the other hand if, while driving, it comes on with a consistent or flashing light (on certain versions, along with a message displayed in plain view), go to them at the earliest opportunity to the Fiat Dealership.

If the warning light or the symbol in plain view begins to streak while driving, contact a Fiat Dealership. If the image illuminates while driving, stop the motor right away and contact a Fiat Dealership.

Driving with the image on can make seriously harm the gearbox, making it break. also, it can cause the oil to overheat: its conceivable contact with a hot motor or high-temperature exhaust parts can cause fires.

The water in the store circuit can make extreme harm the infusion system and irregularities in the motor’s activity. If the image shows up in plain view, contact a Fiat Dealership straightaway for the depleting activity.

At the point when a similar sign happens following filling, water might have been brought into the tank: for this situation, switch off the motor right away and contact a Fiat Dealership.

The driving velocity should constantly be adjusted to the traffic circumstance and the environmental circumstances and regard the ongoing laws of the Highway Code. We also call attention to the that it is feasible to switch off the motor even with the PDF warning light on; in any case, rehashed interferences of the recovery cycle can cause untimely motor oil debasement. Consequently, it is dependably fitting to trust that the image will go out before turning off the motor, following the guidelines given previously. It isn’t prudent to finish the PDF recovery with the car fixed.

When the warning light comes on, the corrupted motor oil should be supplanted at the earliest opportunity and no later than 500 km after the principal warning light comes on. 

serious motor harm and void the guarantee. We help you that the lighting to remember this advance notice light isn’t related to how much oil is present in the engine; thusly, in the event of an irregular start, the client shouldn’t add more oil to the engine.

If the AdBlue (UREA) tank is empty and the engine is halted, it won’t be imaginable to restart it until the AdBlue (UREA) tank is loaded up with somewhere around 5 liters of AdBlue (UREA).