“Sarah,” et al

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Hi everyone –

You have probably noticed the recent influx of Russian spambot “posters” – such as “Sarah” – who tender incredible news about how to make $95 an hour at home, etc. I’ve been trying to manage this without managing to make it overly difficult for real people to post here. I am posting this notice to find out whether I’ve been successful.

Please let me know if you are having trouble posting comments or other issues so I can tweak things.

Ideally, I’d like to send “Sarah” a helicopter load of dead fish heads, dropped on “her” head from above. But keeping her – and their – scheisse – off our boards will be sufficient.

If you cannot post here on account of the tweaks, please email me – EPeters952@yahoo.com – and let me know. So that I know!

Thanks for your patience and understanding…




  1. I still sometimes get the ‘you are posting too quickly’ message, like when I post for the first time that day.

    Nothing else.


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