One Picture Says it All

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The Cheney Thing thinks it is the Lincoln Thing rebooted. It confirms everything those who voted against it suspected.

“The great and original champion of our party,” it said, “was defeated in elections for the Senate and the House before he won the most important election of all . . . Lincoln ultimately prevailed (italics added) . .  saved our Union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history  . . .  speaking at Gettysburg, of the great task remaining before us, Lincoln said that ‘we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people and for he people shall not perish from this Earth’ . . . as we meet here tonight that remains our greatest and most important task . . . ”

First, a correction.

Lincoln enforced “the union” – at bayonet point. At the cost of half a million American dead.  Ended forever the previous freedom Americans assumed they had a God-given right to – including the right to choose their own form of government, rather than have a form of government imposed upon them by force of arms.

The Gettysburg Address is perhaps the most effronterous piece of beautifully crafted, cognitively dissonant inversions of truth ever penned. The states of the Southern Confederacy sought precisely what Lincoln and his Republicans used military force – including scorched Earth tactics that specifically targeted civilians for rape and pillage – to deny  them; i.e., self-government.

Cheney is indeed the natural inheritor of this tradition. She cannot abide the idea of the people having chosen Donald Trump. Worse, that they might choose him again. That they did not choose her – the daughter of the man who helped to set many precedents for the kind of government Americans now suffer under. A government that uses force to intimidate those who question its actions. That characterizes questioners as dangerous – the “enemies of freedom.”


This Thing licks its chops at the thought that Lincoln – the murderer of the American republic –  “ultimately prevailed,” just as it hopes it may, one day. So as to “define our obligations as Americans” – a phrase nowhere to be found or implied in either the Constitution or the Articles of Confederation that preceded it. The generation that fought for the right to self-government – a government “of the people, by the people” – did not consider that they owed any “obligation” in the collective, government-worshipping sense meant by this Thing. Rather, they considered that government had an obligation to let them alone. To let them decide for themselves how to “pursue happiness,” in the far more felicitous phrasing of Thomas Jefferson – the great and original champion of freedom.

And – specifically – freedom from government.

The Thing is fundamentally opposed to that – as its self-referential leg-humping of the “great and original champion” of consolidated, coercive government unintentionally but devastatingly reveals.

But it is not merely this Thing that has revealed itself. A much more worrying thing is revealed by the reaction – of Republicans – to the Thing’s self-referential Lincoln leg-humping. They take umbrage at the soiling by association of the Thing with the “great and original champion” of their party, whom they leg-hump just as fervently.

Which tells us they understand nothing about the “freedom” they imagine themselves and their party to be the defenders of. Worse, that they do not give a damn about freedom, beyond being “free” to support their form of its opposite. That being the slightly tweaked variant of the consolidated and coercive apparatus of government embodied by the only alternative Americans are permitted, courtesy of Lincoln’s murder of the right to say no to both of them.

And – in the event that no is not respected – to depart from both of them.

That secession being a synonym for the independence still paid lip-service to but which has lacked substance since the “great and original champion” of the GOP sent his locusts down South to do their dirty business.

For the sake of business, it must be added.

Lincoln’s nimbus derives from the idiot belief that he “freed the slaves.” And that he did – in the states where he had no power to do so (i.e., the Southern states that had departed from the Union). He did nothing about the slaves in the Union. The war was fought to enslave all – white and black – to the money power that controlled the Republican Party and bought and paid for Lincoln to be its standard-bearer.

And he returned a handsome profit on that investment.

Getting rid of the Thing was a step in the right direction. But there will be no walk back toward freedom – real freedom – until there is a party that respects it and which will defend it.

This is probably why the Thing roils with hatred for Trump – who, for all his many flaws, has reawakened a spirit long dormant in a Union maintained by the force and dread of a consolidated government that shits all over the idea of government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The Things are scared now. Not so much of Trump. But rather of what Trump has awakened.

. . .

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  1. Yep – Lincoln was a tyrant who used extra-Constitutional means to preserve the Union. He jailed his political opponents and suspended the writ of habeas corpus. He admitted he didn’t care so much about slavery as he did keeping the Union together, and as a result there was death and carnage and the southern states were ruined for the next 100 years.

    Lincoln to Horace Greeley in 1862: “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. ”

    Wilson sent hundreds of thousands of young men to fight a war in Europe that meant nothing to the average American but resulted in great profits for war-profiteers and numerous deaths.

    FDR, that icon of liberalism, sent hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans to prison camps.

    And the great Clinton, Bush, and Obama bombed and destroyed multiple countries, and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents in their quest to save the world for democracy.

    We need to be saved from the “do-gooders” who are destroying the country and the world. Putin is an evil tyrant? Let’s clean up our own backyard first.

  2. Thank you so much for pointing out how awful Lincoln truly was with his War of Northern Aggression! It makes me sad that kids are not taught the truth, every one of them should be required to read Thomas DiLorenzo’s excellent books, The Real Lincoln and The Problem with Lincoln! I’m heading down to Columbia, TN Friday to visit the National Confederate Museum at Elm Springs.

  3. Very, very good article Eric. I will have to save this one.

    I would love to make that much money in so short a time. I guess crime really does pay and very well, wow.

  4. Looking at these creatures, I really don’t even know how one would classify them. “Human” is off the table. Maybe “transitioning” to some other life form. Large amoeba? Wads of scum?…those things are not evil, and any harm that they could cause can be easily avoided, whereas with these ‘creatures”, they can’t seem to exist without exuding evil and inflicting it constantly.

  5. As craven as Lincoln and his gang of grifters was, they were mere amateurs compared to today’s parasitic class.

    Why have we, the people, allowed our elected officials to continue to operate private enterprises while in office is beyond me. Allowing them to profit from their office, during and after, is something I will never understand. “Public service” is such a disgusting euphemism these days.

    If the Russians or Chicoms nuked Washington DC, I believe half the country would cheer…seriously.

  6. Great writing Eric,
    You caught the sentiment perfectly. Lincoln was a tyrant.
    I think the Orangeman has a lot to answer for regarding pushing the vaccines. However, the Orangeman lives rent free in Miss Piggy’s brain along with Pelosi, Shummer, Schift, Garland and all the rest on Gilligan’s Island of Marxism.

  7. I feel sorry for the politicians, they think it’s all about Trump. Little do they realize he’s just a county fair caricature reflection of themselves: An optimistic egomaniac who believes his own press releases.

    Lizzie didn’t lose because of Trump, she lost because she was no longer representing her constituency. They are going to replace her with someone more in line with their values. This is a good thing, as far as the system mostly working. Time will tell if the results are going to be accepted by the establishment.

    Politicans in the progressive era somehow took on an air of respectability and scholarly insight. It’s long past time for that facade to come down. Everyone knows these people are corrupt but enough people were willing to play along because it wasn’t affecting them personally. Or they received some benefit themselves, such as working for a defense contractor, or regulatory licensing protection. With the actions of the last few years, and promise of more to come (87,000 IRS agents), that’s no longer the case.

    “When people have nothing to lose, they lose it.” -Gerald Celente

      • Eric,
        And will continue to increase from her tax supported pension, and whatever else she can conjure up from holding the office.

      • Wyoming has two industries: Oil and gas. But just as important to the federal represntive class is the very large Air Force base in Cheyanne. If not for that base most of the state would be barren wasteland. Oh sure, there’s Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the jobs program that is Francis E Warren Air Force Base.

        Oil pays the bills, the AFB brings in the votes.

  8. Excellent, Eric!

    -Mike aka the unreconstructed asshole from Alabama, lineal descendant of American Revolution and War for Southern Independence soldiers.

  9. A very well prepared and presented piece!

    As an “unreconstructed” sort,
    This makes me smile.

    May G-d always bless, protect and prosper you and yours.

  10. During the Civil War, wealthy New Yorkers didn’t set their slaves free. No way, not going to happen. Who’s going to do the dirty work? Not some well-heeled Old New Yorker, let the Irish die out there.

    The Gettysburg battlefield is grotesquely obscene, killing fields, then Lincoln made a few observations.

    You have to pay a visit to envision what took place.

    Three days of battle, 51,000 casualties, 17,000 dead.

    Today’s Gettysburg is the vaccine plan, man.

    “Now I don’t mind choppin’ wood, and I don’t care if the money’s no good.” – The Band, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

    • Truth.

      You never hear one peep about the Irish slaves in the North who were chained to machines.

      In fact, many Southern plantation owners used starving Irish to do really bad jobs like clear cottonmouth and alligator infested swamps because slaves were too valuable to lose, and there’s always more starving Irish that you can pay only a dollar a day.

      But the Irish are white, so who cares, right?

  11. Need to send many more politicians packing like this. Just vote them out!

    Don’t be surprised if she continues to live in DC rather than go “home” to Wyoming. She is a total creature of DC.

  12. Dick Cheney is one of the worst criminals on the planet, along with Donald Rumsfeld, he played an active role on 9-11-2201 false flag.

    Cheney Says He Masterminded 9/11, But the Spinners Refuse to Be Spun

    By John J. Jenerik
    TMNS Exclusive

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    NEW YORK: Their opinions may differ, but American politicians and commentators of all persuasions seem united in their resolve not to let Dick Cheney’s 9/11 confession turn their world upside down.

    Mr. Cheney used a White House press conference last Tuesday to extol his own role as a “primary architect of the events of September 11, 2001.” In response to an unrelated question, the Republican vice-president unexpectedly told reporters that the aerial attacks on New York and Washington were orchestrated by “a network of experienced covert operatives” under his command.

    On that day, Dick Cheney helped Israel and the deep state murder nearly 4,000 Amerikans, just so the US of Israel could start an endless war of terror on Muslims surrounding Israel. In case you don’t know, Israel has near complete control of Amerika’s government, and can pull 911 and get away with it.

    Israel is a terrorist state, it admits to having done the USS Liberty attack, and in Israel the celebrate 911 on Purim. Most Amerikans have no idea that beloved Israel did 911 for the simple reason the MSM is run by Jews and they ain’t going to tell.

    • Too true Yukon, and the missile that hit the Pentagram conveniently blasted away any records of the umpteen $billions that have gone missing over the years, not to mention WTC 7, also housing incriminating documents, magically collapsed without receiving any damage. Cheney is evil personified.

  13. Most people are unaware that Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” declaration freed no slaves in the North, but only in the “states in rebellion”.
    THAT fact is conveniently left out of the history books.
    Obtain and read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo.
    You will not think the same about Lincoln or the “War of Northern Aggression”…
    Do an internet search on “the missing thirteen amendment”. The amendment originally prohibited united States political “office holders” from holding “titles of nobility”. This amendment was replaced with today’s thirteenth amendment after the summation of the “War of Northern Aggression”. You can till find old textbooks with the original thirteenth amendment “lined-out”.

  14. Lincoln was much like Obama regarding public speeches. Both were eloquent flowery speakers, who didn’t believe a damn thing they said. You can bet that Liz doesn’t either.
    So Eric, where did you get that picture of her? From the dictionary entry for “pathological liar”? Or the one for just your basic “psychopath”?

  15. Orange Man ain’t all bad…
    But the Swamp is deep,
    And has many tentacles,
    She’s only the 1st to go,
    And 534 still to follow…

    Let’s Roll, Everyone!!!

  16. All of my life I’ve seen and heard many right-thinking and well-minded folks call for a return to this or that freedom or other, now lost.
    The one thing I’ve never seen is a government or political leader who actually made it happen. Every possible opportunity to do so is squandered and lost, for reasons. The slide into totalitarianism continues regardless.
    Apologies for my decided lack of enthusiasm about future change.
    Vote harder, everyone!

    • Ain’t that the truth, Karalan!
      The peons vote for the lesser evil- though there is no lesser evil these days- just the evil which better echoes the brand of tyranny that a scant majority of the peons would like to see enforced; and they never roll back the evils of the previous admins, but rather just add to them- so here we are, still living under the tyrannies of FDR and LBJ and GWB, et al.

        • John, I left most of ’em out. I really needed to insert the name of every one of ’em, ’cause which one hasn’t added to the tyranny and or committed mass murder?


          Makes me think: Voting: Process by which the next mass-murderer will be selected, who will then be admired, honored, obeyed, enriched, celebrated and have have many stranger’s children named after. (Thankfully Lyndon and Barrack never took off…)

          • Nunzio,
            Woodrow: 1913; income tax, Federal reserve, popular elections for senators. Possibly the very, very worst. He finished what Lincoln started.

            • John, I often cite the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax as the official end of any remnant of the original US of A. But then again…there was so much else- both before and after, that it gets to the point where in retrospect, ya just think it’s always just more of the same- egregious breeches of liberty, and rampant tyranny, just piled higher and deeper. Any ONE thing that any single one of these mad emperors has done would be an unspeakable and intolerable crime worthy of execution- but here we are with a whole litany of such madmen and their cohorts having practiced THOUSANDS of intolerable crimes. It’s hard to isolate just one. And the sickening thing is, rather than calling for justice or taking up arms, people not only venerate these creeps, but keep voting for more and abiding by their dictates. It just never ends.

              • Hey Ya, Mike!
                Ha! I had forgotten about that! Gosh darn…if one were to compile a list….it would never end!

                And what they did to the Injuns! Sad thing is, the government and the people have not changed: When it came to the Injuns, the vast majority of the people supported the tyranny, because I guess genocide, lying, theft, murder, etc. are all fine in their sight as long as it benefits them and is practiced against someone else. Same deal today- where the voters just choose the side which they feel will enforce what they want upon those who do not comply- as opposed to an option which would simply maintain liberty- which is I guess why no such option exists- because few actually want it.

      • RE: “so here we are, still living under the tyrannies of FDR and LBJ and GWB, et al.”

        That, “et al”, part:

        ‘Ideology, Abstractions, and Terror’

        “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. These were the ideals of the French Revolution. Ideals not only in conflict with tradition and custom, but in conflict with each other.

        . Liberty, setting the free individual out alone against the state – as if he could remain free in such a condition. […]

        The birth of liberalism, socialism, and nationalism would follow” …

        • Hello, Helot,

          Seems to be a common trait of human nature- whether individually or collectively- people tend to use coercion, deception, and violence to get their way. The good seek to overcome those traits in their own nature; the bad use them to their full extent; the masses enthrone those who will use those traits if the masses think that such will result in some benefit to themselves, seemingly not realizing or caring that empowering such people and the legitimizing of such traits will result in they and their children being victims of that which they so willingly advocate- least of all caring about all of the other victimes……

    • The only time I have ever seen an elected body in this country restore a freedom that had been taken was when the 104th congress repealed the 55 mph national maximum speed limit. That’s the only time.

      • They repealed it and upped it to whatever it was previously. In other words, they exchanged one lost freedom for the same lost freedom at a different level.

  17. AHhh! Glorious truth, so good to read! …and so rarely seen anywhere but here these days! Thanks, Eric. Hearing it proclaimed is always a great pick-me-up! No comments needed on this one..just a hearty “Amen!”.

  18. It seems the deep state is tossing a bunch of chicken hawks under the electric bus. In Lizzies case she has the look of one who has outlived her shelf life, bitter, evil, hag that she is.

    The war party can and will do better.

    After 2020, every election feels like a controlled opposition reality show to me. This kind of stuff is designed to reel the plebes back inside the big tent, give some hope to the hopeless. Just in time for the carny barkers to plaster our streets with their dirty paper. Step right up, come on inside, BOHICA! The clown show is back in town.

      • Warm sensual femininity, silky smooth sexuality.

        Bitter evil hags, dried and withered in the nether bits

        One of the very few differences I can discern between blues and reds is expressed in the female form.

        45$ mil, nuthin but chump change for a Cheney. Every. Single. One of them, rich beyond belief, for the simple exchange of their souls. OK not every single one. Maybe 4 or 5 out of 534 not completely corrupt.

        Some folks are born, silver spoon in hand, lord don’t they help themselves. CCR

    • That’s an acute observational quote, BaDnOn.

      Is it yours?

      It reminds me of how, in American films, almost never does the bad guy win.

      … Runs in tandem with a comment from the making of a Euro film/series (‘Arn’ which I thought was pretty good) that in American films, people scream, yell, and all that, but in Euro films and others, there’s none, or very little.
      I kind of found that, fascinating.
      Hadn’t noticed before.

      • Hey Helot,

        Nope, that was part of the opening narration to “Braveheart”. 😉 But it’s all-too appropriate, more and more often, especially as I learn more and more about history. DiLorenzo’s “The Real Lincoln” was particularly enlightening for me, and the teachings of my “publik educashun” were shown to be clearly propaganda.

        Yes, I’m afraid history is horribly biased, even though “historians from England [and Washington] will call me a liar.”.

      • Oh, and as to your second point, Helot: Cultural differences can be interesting, no doubt. To us, Europeans, especially Eastern Europeans and Russians, seem to be quite uptight and often somber and grim. But perhaps it is us who, as you point out, have grown to accentuate our emotions. I’ve heard that for Eastern Europeans, for example, the type of grinning we do in photographs, and often in daily life, is called an “American smile”. To a Russian, if you carry on conversation smiling and laughing like we often do, you look like a damned retard.

        Unfortunately, I like smiling and laughing, so they’ll have to get over it. 😉

  19. she failed to learn the lesson on ol johnny maccain – going against “your side” will gain you praise in the media, but no one wants you.

    reality is politics is a game of parties & when you bite that hand, you will be left in the cold.

    bye liz

    • RE: “bye liz”

      Something tells me, she’s gonna be around for awhile, cause:

      ‘Tucker… How did Liz Cheney get so rich…’

      Tucker Carlson questions how Liz Cheney got to be worth so much:

      “[There’s] probably an honest explanation for all of this. We’re not accusing her of robbing liquor stores.”

      “Liz is now worth $44 million after joining Congress.”

      I didn’t know that. <- said in my best Johnny Carson voice.

  20. Liz forgets her daddy started two wars and shot a guy in the face. Perhaps she shouldn’t seek his endorsement for a presidential run as she just did for the senate…

    • Agreed, Haakon.

      Dubya, Rumsfeld, and Cheney did more to destroy this nation than the previous 42 that presided them (with the possible exception of Wilson). The Patriot Act, the continuous invasions into the Middle East, and the 2008 recession all fell (and were designed) under their watch. Dubya, much like Cheney, rode through life on Daddy’s coattails. They would not have been elected dog catcher on their own. It is amazing what life has in store for you depending on whose womb one vacates.

      • RG,
        Wilson definitely an exception. Income tax, Federal reserve, and popular election for senators. And not a single good thing.

  21. ‘Cheney … cannot abide the idea of the people having chosen Donald Trump.’ — eric

    So imagine her [sic] humiliation at the drive-thru window (.jpg image):

    Might like to munch carpets
    You might like to eat bread
    May be sleeping on the floor
    Sleepin’ in a clown-size bed
    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody
    Yes bitch, you’re gonna have to serve somebody

    — Bob Dylan, Gotta Serve Somebody (edited for Liz)

  22. The Things are not scared of votes, but the voters…IOW, the people who are peacefully (for now) registering their dissent.

    • If they had done a better job of running things, they wouldn’t have to be. Just saying.

      Well, it’s too late now. The genie is out of the bottle.

      The Swamp maybe is beginning to figure out that Trump was the safety valve, and by refusing to let him do anything there is nothing left except for the whole thing to blow up in their faces. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.

      I would like to see someone better than Trump 2024. But, if that’s the best we can do, I’ll probably hold my nose and vote for him.

      I shudder to think what happens when/if voting no longer works.

  23. gates involved says it all……

    Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act “Secretly” Brought To You By Bill Gates

    BBB becomes IRA….
    The Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act” – which according to the Congressional Budget Office will raise taxes on the middle class to the tune of $20 billion – not to mention unleash an army of IRS agents on working class Americans over the next decade, was made possible by Bill Gates and (in smaller part) Larry Summers, who have been known to hang out together.
    $738 billion more for the ESG agenda…

    All about their global warming/climate change agenda
    Gates looks back at the new law with satisfaction. He achieved what he set out to do. “I will say that it’s one of the happier moments of my climate work,” Gates said. “I have two things that excite me about climate work.

    ATTENTION: climate change is just natural sun cycles, it has been going on for millions of years, but a good excuse for a robbery….lol


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