Remembering the Lesson of “911”

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Tomorrow is September the eleventh – styled “Nine-Eleven” ever since that day in September, more than 20 years ago. It is styled that way on purpose, for the same reason that the MRNA drug cocktails people have been injected with, most of them under duress, are styled “vaccines.”

Words are how we think. When people think of vaccines, they think of drugs that immunize. That is to say, drugs that will prevent them from getting or spreading a given sickness; i.e., the one they have been “vaccinated” against. How many people would have accepted being “vaccinated” by a drug that they were told, in advance of taking it, would not prevent them from getting the sickness so many dreaded – nor spreading it, to others? Especially in view of the fact that there are definite and dangerous side-effects as well as known effective treatments for the sickness – if you get it – without those side effects?

Hence the need to market what was never a vaccine as that very thing – rather than the thing it actually is.

It is also why the attacks perpetrated on that September day, more than 20 years ago were styled “Nine-Eleven” – phonetically identical to “911.”

As in emergency.

Which, of course, it proved to be.  The attacks, themselves, though horrific, were no such thing. This is not to minimize the deaths – nor the destruction – but rather to put the day’s events in context. The attacks – whoever actually perpetrated them – were localized to three areas, New York City, the area just outside Washington, DC – and a field in Pennsylvania.

The rest of the country – which a pretty big place – was not attacked by the EvilDoers that day. That happened next day – and in the days that followed – when a war of terror was waged against the people of this country by its government. Osama Bin Laden and Co. took down three building – if we give them credit for it. The real terrorists took down the country.

It began by terrorizing them, psychologically. And that began by getting them to use words like “Nine-Eleven” – so as to get them think in terms of an emergency whenever the topic of that day’s events came up. So as to get them to accept the necessity of the domestic terrorism that ensued. The eavesdropping on their conversations; the de facto illegalization of privacy, previously regarded as sacrosanct (except in the case of terminating the life of an unwanted child).

And most infamously, the founding of a Heimat Sicherheitsdienst  – or Homeland Security Department. It sounds better in the original German. In italics to remind people – most of whom do not know it – that the original version was the internal security apparat created by a fellow named Reinhard Heydrich, who was an SS-Obergruppenfuhrer and also the “protector” of what had been Czechoslovakia  . . .

Heydrich’s SD found many “enemies of freedom,” too.

We became the same. Every one of us a presumptive “terrorist” – subjected to terrorism, by terrorists, dressed in blue (Heydrich’s SD men preferred field gray). Forced to take off our shoes, raise our hands and spread our legs. Stand in place while a terrorist touched us in intimate places. Herded, like cattle. This degradation was deliberate – for anyone who wishes to get another person to submit must first succeed in degrading them.

It was wildly successful. Americans, in the main, grew accustomed to submitting to degradations beyond the imagining of most Americans prior to that September day, more than 20 years ago, in the name of which they were conditioned to think urgently – and fearfully – about the emergency that had just happened and which was never going to end, either.

Life resumed but it was never the same. The emergency – etymologically an acute rather than chronic thing – continued. Became normalized. An entire generation – born after that September day, more than 20 years ago – has grown up thinking it is normal for there to be a chronic emergency. That measures heretofore inconceivable are simply the way things are.

Indeed, the way things have always been – insofar as they are able to remember.

Is it any wonder they wore “masks” – when told it was an emergency? Accepted being “locked down” – as if in a prison?

After all, it was an emergency.

It was easy enough to get millions of them “vaccinated,” too. Just tell them it’s  . . . an emergency. And don’t tell them that the drugs they are being injected with aren’t vaccines.

They’ll do as they’re told, so long as you can control what they think. And the most effective way to do that is to control the definitions of the words they use to think.

That is the “lesson” of Nine-Eleven.

And, yes, it is an emergency.

. . .

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  1. When the towers collapsed on 911, angry New Jersey residents called the police about a group of “middle eastener” looking men rejoicing and high fiving over the destruction of the WTC.

    Later the 5 men were identified as a film crew from Israel, all five were Israeli Jews sent to the scene to document the event.

    These suspects were sent back to Israel without charges. The decision to do so came from Michael Chertoff, an ordained Rabbi, who was chosen to head the newly formed Homeland Security.

    • Ooops, I got the ‘you are posting. too quickly’ thingie.
      This comment was supposed to nest way down below in response to Eric about the painters.

  2. Trump the queen and davos globalists

    from luongo

    The British crown has been a captured piece for generations to British globalists and Communists, but I repeat myself. They have dominated British foreign and domestic policy for decades.

    And if there is one thing we know about Elizabeth, she hates Commies.

    Sadly, so much of what we hoped for died when Davos stole the 2020 election and destroyed the Trump/Johnson/Elizabeth axis of power. Who do you think was really the target of COVID?

    Us? The plebes? No. It was The Fed, Trump and the Queen. Davos got two of three. It ain’t bad, as the song goes, but without all three they can’t win.
    when Trump “lost” the stage was set to off Johnson and reverse Brexit.

  3. Since today is nine hundred and eleven, I thought it might be fun to post your favorite whacky conspiracy theory. I’ll start. Mine is out there.

    First two planes hit the world trade center, knocking down three buildings. Then a guy who could not successfully fly a Cesna takes a 757 and maneuvers it to fly it level at almost ground altitude, and hits the exact office of the Pentagon responsible for investigating the missing 2 trillion dollars reported missing the day before by Rumsfeld.

    Hey, I told you all it was out there.

  4. 20 odd years later, a hostile communist nation, in illegal collusion with our government, designs, produces and releases a “gain of function”, weaponized respiratory virus, lies about its origin, lies about its spread, lies about its containment, while millions of your fellow citizens, and millions more around the globe, die.

    NOBODY is held accountable…

  5. Another lesson of 911 – when Saudi nationals fly planes into your buildings and kill thousands, attack Afghanistan and stay for 20 years, reigning down death and destruction on that poor, backward country. Then leave behind billions in weapons, waste trillions in treasure, and shed your own blood and the blood of numerous innocents. Maybe kill a few terrorists if you can find them. Does anyone feel safer now?

  6. Nothing like a war to implement “temporary” measures. And keep those “temporary” measures in place long enough and people tend to forget the reasons for implementing them in the first place.

    We’ve left Afghanistan. We’ve given up on Iraq. Allegedly Iran is selling drones to Russia (I guess the Russian aviation industry isn’t up to the task of building a remote piloted vehicle). The War On Terror™ is over, but we still live with the security theatre, the digital panopticon and now the constant threat of vaccine passports. Do you feel safer? You should, since we’re theoretically retreating our global military back to the homeland. Not to mention the military is now a tool for social justice and societal engineering, not killing people and breaking things. We should be celebrating the end of a 20 year war, instead we’re back to post Vietnam malaise.

    Never forget

    • Hi Dan,

      Indeed. And fear is now the normal state of mind for millions of Americans. I mean this in a clinical-diagnostic sense. That it is literally true. Neurosis, anxiety… mass hypochondria. We live in a sick society. And the worst part is this sickness is being normalized. Hypochondria being the obvious example. At least, it ought to be obvious. Three years ago, people with an unhealthy obsession with germs and getting sick were understood to be sick. Now we are supposed to pretend they’re healthy.

      Which is crazy.

      • Eric,
        Not too sure being afraid is the wrong path. We certainly have shitstorm of FedGov induced pain and death on the horizon. It’s the absolute obsession with fear that is mindboggling. And as you said, accepted as normal. Which reminds me of a couple of other things which used to be mental disorders that we are now driven to accept as normal. Like boys using the girl’s restroom.

  7. And people vote for these psychopaths. Which is why I don’t. Not for either of the pretend parties. I will vote this fall. Because there is a referendum on legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Not so much because I think it should be, which I do, but more because it’s a small move to get the state out of the business of telling me how I must live my life.

  8. NYC: Two buildings received asymmetric damage and three buildings collapsed symmetrically at near free fall speed into their own footprints.

    DC: Thousands of cameras around DC and the pentagram, but all we got were three grainy images strung together. No aircraft wreckage. No damage consistent with a large aircraft impact. Nothing.

    I was one that bought it for the first year or so. My mind wasn’t capable of realizing that our own people could do something so evil. Now I know that they are capable of evil that we can’t comprehend.

    For those that want us to focus on the “race” of the perpetrators; there’s only the human race. Splitting hairs any further than that is a waste of time and energy. Besides, it makes you come off as imbeciles that can’t see past the shiny object. It’s an intellectual dead end that you are too stupid to see.

    Never forget.

    • Local,
      “Now I know that they are capable of evil that we can’t comprehend.”
      We can’t comprehend it because we aren’t psychopaths. We DO have some of the normal human virtues, like compassion, charity, sympathy, guilt and remorse, etc. They don’t. They only recognize them as weapons to be used against us.
      Every single government, ever, is founded upon its usurpation of authority to kill you if you disobey. Sane people do not seek such authority over their neighbors. Psychopaths do.

      • Hi John,

        It took me awhile, too. Until I applied the following method: Assume you are dealing with a dangerous insect, such as a scorpion. Its nature is to sting you. Do not be surprised if it does, for that is what it does. Be surprised if it doesn’t.

        But – some will object – these are still human beings. No, they aren’t. They may have the form of human beings but that does not mean they are human beings. They are worse than scorpions, since the scorpion merely acts in accordance with its nature. These things have betrayed their nature.

        But the relevant thing isn’t so much trying to understand what they are but rather to understand that they are. Then one can deal with them just the same as one would deal with a scorpion. Or a cockroach.

        • Eric,
          Unlike a scorpion, there is nothing these psychopaths WON’T do if it pleases their psychosis. Why do you think we haven’t seen Epstein’s client list?

    • “the human race” is wrong. The Human SPECIES is correct. The species has multiple breeds. For humanity, we don’t say “breeds,” we say “races.” The horse species has multiple breeds/races, very easy to see as different in appearance, physical structures, and mental capabilities. Likewise, the canine species (dogs).

      Arabs didn’t own/control the towers. Asians didn’t own/control the towers. Africans didn’t own/control the towers. Whites didn’t own/control the towers. Jews owned/controlled the towers, thus controlled the installation of the explosives for the controlled demolitions.

      • I agree, humans are a species, and the races are the different breeds – and if you read Zacharia Sitchin, and Dr. Sasha Lessin, his protege, the different breeds were all created by Anunnaki crossing their genes with the local hominids. Humans are hybrids and domesticated at that. And even the Bible eludes to that in Genesis 6:

        “6 When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 3 Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with[a] humans forever, for they are mortal[b]; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.” ”

        4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them…

        So it is perfectly obvious the “gods” were flesh and blood because they physically mated with humans who they lusted after. The different “breeds” are based on how much Anunnaki DNA the breed has, and in Sithin’s tale, like in “The Lost Book of Enki”, Enki the chief scientist of the Anunnaki mission to earth repeatedly bred with his hybrids, and thus each time gave that race more Anunnaki genes.

        The part about Noah and the Flood, Noah was blond haired and blue eyed, and this “god” found favoritism with this hybrid line, because, of course, it looked the most like him. All the rest were to be wiped out by the deluge, because after all, going to planets and interferring with the natural evolution on the planet is strictly forbidden by Galactic/Federation Law. Humans are an illegal creation.

        Excellent site with shit tons of information about human origin:

        Concerning 911 and who done it, it is safe to say no one involved in the planning, implementation, or coverup has ever been charged. Muslims were the patsies, because when you do a false flag you must have someone to blame it on.

        Those Saudi pilots the FBI tried to frame? Most are still alive:

    • So it’s irrelevant to you that the motive for the destruction was to aid in the establishment of regional hegemony by a country that is outright defined by the “race” of its inhabitants?

      What, praytell, do you believe the motive was, if not the aggrandizement of the “race” that inhabits the land of occupied Palestine?

      Without acknowledging ethnic, cultural, and ideological realities, one can never make any sense of the grandiose horrors that are our lot in life on this infernal planet of suffering.

      You, Local A Hole, seem to be unconcerned with motives and systematized understandings of events. That’s all well and good, but it certainly strikes me as the mindset of a simpleton. Nothing to brag about. You come across as a bewildered and utterly empty-headed passive victim of events well beyond your understanding, and even beyond your meager desire for knowledge.

      • RE: “What, praytell, do you believe the motive was”

        Seems there’s multiple motives.

        The Daily Bell put forth decades ago the primary motive was to subjugate the uncontrolled tribal “hill people” in places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan & the like, as well as corral & marginalize the various free-minded peoples in the West. Who else stands in the way of implementing a New World Order? …Lawyers?

        I’m still a bit surprised no one has traced the race of the 1% named in the book, ‘Giant’ that would surely settled the matter of If there’s a one racial group intent upon being Masters of the Universe.

        I suspect, the list would be only a motley crew of psycos.

  9. What would we do without cash?

    Visa, Mastercard, and Amex have apparently jumped on board and have agreed to identify gun purchases made via credit card. This not only infringes on our rights to privacy and security but will kill most internet-based ammo dealers and gun suppliers, which is the goal. UPS has already jumped on the “safety” train stating that they will not be transporting ammo and guns. I would love to see how this truly works though. If I buy a box of 9 mm ammo and a canoe at Cabela’s, does it ring up as sporting equipment or a gun sale? Or is it two separate transactions now?

    Of course, we know this will decrease crime, because those who obtain guns illegally always use credits cards. 🙁

    Thank you, government and the woke corporations that sleep with them – you will make the Black Market successful beyond belief! You have made all of us criminals.

      • Hi John,

        Isn’t that the truth? Not to mention how valuable guns will become. The Sig Sauer P320 will no longer be $550, but $5500. Gun owners would be the new millionaires.

        • And ammo even more so, as anyone that does any significantly serious shooting will spend far more on ammo than they did on the gun. Any investment should be in the most widely used calibers, as I have. 9mm and 223/5.56. Others may apply. And above all, be well stocked to load your own. And learn how.
          I seriously doubt one can buy any Sig for $550 any more, but I get your point. They are excellent guns, but you are spending at least a couple of hundred for the badge. My son fell for the Sig thing. Until I introduced him to the Beretta 92. Which actually outperformed the Sig in durability in the military trials that ended with the change to Sig. After all, Germany is more important than Italy is. He’s now a big fan of the 92.

  10. I’m losing faith in a large percent of humanity. I’m starting to wonder if people actually LIKE being warred upon? They never do anything… nothing at all. They get 100,000+ people to stand in the streets with a damn sign (how demeaning is that) and nothing ever gets done or fixed. They’re all there in one place, they could just take over the whole damn city and then state. But they just go home and starve to death or whatever the dic’s do to them next. It’s very bizarre. Twilight zone. Would it kill people to organize a little bit… and stop worshipping evil dictators/rulers? What is up with this? It never ends on this planet! No-one learns from history? Well, I guess SOME of us do, and SOME of us actually try to do something… besides try to elect another ruler (in their fake elections). I guess people just never get mad… they want to be peaceful, non-violence, blah blah… well they’re just losers that get slaughtered because the #1 most important thing in any civilization is POWER. But power is nothing without control, so we need that too. I think animals are smarter and more evolved then ~most of the humans on Earth right now. But hey, who are you going to fake vote for in the next fake election? [sarc] Let’s hope they can fix everything… because you know… everything was just PERFECT a while ago, just perfect. [more sarc]

    BTW, I liked when replies to a comment were indented. Would be nice to get a real forum someday.

    • krazy,
      A fundamental problem is that the mostly sane among us simply cannot comprehend the insanity of the Psychopaths In Charge. They cannot relate to a person being completely devoid of any human virtue. No sympathy, charity, compassion, guilt or remorse, etc., completely egocentric. They erroneously believe that if only they make there desires known, that those psychopaths will consider them. Voting is indeed a choice between psychopaths.

      • Thanks for the insight. It’s still hard for me to believe that one single person still believes that the ‘leaders’ are honestly trying to do good but are just inept. How many protests does it take for the leaders to get the message? Maybe these protesters should send them an email instead? Or have a live in-person meeting with their leader(s) so they can talk in person? Hey, maybe if we just protest some more… it’s never worked in all of history… but hey maybe we need just one more protest. Peaceful of course, because you wouldn’t want to put any pressure on the leaders… wouldn’t want them to have any stress. We’re all just broke, starving, freezing, payiing 90% taxes etc, but that’s okay, we wouldn’t want to upset the leaders… the leaders might be relaxing in their hot tub on their yacht, so we wouldn’t want to interrupt them. We’ll just have another peaceful protest so as not to bother them so much. UGH. I’m beginning to hate humans.

  11. The climate change emergency…lol

    Banning all ice cars, shutting down power plants based on a huge lie. Just a huge money grab by climate cultists….

    “Nothing To Do With Man” – Astrophysicist Says Climate-Cultists “Are On A Gravy Train” To Make Money

    Piers Corbyn – physicist, meteorologist, and elder brother of former UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn – explained to the shocked RT anchor that the climate “has always been changing, but this has nothing to do with man”

    The astrophysicist instead believes that changes in the Earth’s climate and its weather are dictated primarily by cyclical activity on the surface of the sun (and not, pointedly, by the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere).

    “For one thing science doesn’t do settled opinions,” Corbyn says.

    “And for another they are all wrong.”

    “Surely man has something to with this,” exclaims the struggling new anchor, to which Corbyn responds:

    “No, the only connection is that man is here at the same time as the sun and the moon are doing things.”

    • anonymous1 There’s a correlation between sunspot activity and average temperature on Earth. The 1970s comes to mind, where sunspot activity peaked and “global cooling” was a problem. The old boys in the amateur radio community still talk about band conditions back then, mostly because the E and F layers were so charged “you could work the world on a bedspring.”

      But climate is a great scam. Predictions of gloom and doom aren’t verifiable, so no matter what you can claim a victory or loss no matter what action might be taken. “If we’d only done more” can be just as useful as “Well, good thing we took action or it would have been much worse.” Like the people who got the jab, the boosters and still got COVID.

      • Ready,
        Or, as in the case of Meth, or supporting politicians (close to equally dangerous, not sure which is worse) “if only we’d done less”.
        And they won’t even admit they changed “global warming” to “climate change” because their predictions weren’t coming true.
        Here in Missouri, the hottest summer I ever worked outdoors in was 1980. It went over 105 every day for more than two weeks. Guess what happened that winter. Yeah, 15 to 20 below on Christmas eve. 30 below on my thermometer down in the creek valley.

  12. Thanks Eric. Hard to believe how much our country has changed in 21 years. Clown World.

    To the Rest of You: It’s not just Jews screwing things up. They couldn’t do it without the help of the various people in each country across the world. I’m part Jew. I know others that are full Jew. Actually we are most likely descended from the Khazars. The Khazars wish everybody to be screwed including me and my friends. And I am a conservative as is are friends.

    There are very few true Jews left, genetically, as per scripture. Revelations 2: Those that call themselves Jews yet are not. Evil Bastards.

    I am surely American in my beliefs.

    • All this “Khazarian” business is pure poppycock. Koestler’s masterpiece of misdirection, “The Thirteenth Tribe” carefully avoids all mention of conventional geneological records, which are uncommony robust in the traditional synogogue-centered Jewish communities. This is so he can advance an off-the-wall “theory” that is not only thinly supported in and of itself, but one that also contradicts the actual records that would typically be used to prove such a thing.

      No genetic research has ever been unearthed to support his contentions.

      In addition, he admits that the longstanding Jewish communities of France and Germany looked down on the so-called “Karaites” that came from the fallen Khazarian “pretender-Jew” empire.

      Moreover, Koestler’s “theory” was actually quite modest and limited. At most, he surmised that there was some admixture of “Khazarian Empire” Jewish blood into the Eastern European Jewry that had immigrated westward into Hungary and Poland. People tend to overread Koestler’s actual argument to a gross degree. He admits outright that the Khazar Empire “was largely absorbed by the Golden Horde” after being defeated by Russia in 965. (Page 141.) He merely goes on to surmise, in picayune fashion, that he has “little doubt” that pre-defeat “emissaries” of Khazaria “not unlikely” contributed to Eastern European Jewry to some significant degree. (Page 142.) Although he has “no doubt” there was some contribution, he admits uncertainty as to the degree of that contribution. (Page 159.)

      But he goes on to admit that the Khazarian Jews were looked down on as bumpkins by the preexisting communities of Ashkenazim. Those “real Jews” called the Khazar-mixed Jews “Karaites” and derided them as bumpkins that rejected many core precepts of Mosaic Judaism. In fact, the biggest point of derision was that the Khazarian “Jews” were totally ignorant of the Talmud! (Page 79.) They also sat in the pitch dark for the entire Sabbath, which was considered heretical and barbaric by the Rabbinate. (Id.) In other words, they were never integrated into Jewry proper, and never came to dominate the culture or the genepool. The Karaites spoke a Turkic dialect that never made any impact on the developing Yiddish dialect that would come to characterize actual Jewish communities.

      • ‘Who Rules America: Power Elite Analysis, the Deep State, and American History’

        … “This examination of causal relationships regarding the nature and scope of political power, who has it and how it is exercised, is crucial to understanding the State as organized crime.” …

        “Evil Bastards” for sure.
        There’s no particular race to pinpoint, only, “Evil Bastards” of every stripe.

          • Convenience ain’t got nothing to do with it.
            Do your conclusions support or contradict the facts within this book, ‘Giants’?

            … “My research effort was to identify the most important networks of the global power elite and the individuals therein. I name and provide biographies for over 300 people, who are the core members of power networks that manage, facilitate and protect global capital. The global power elites are the activist core of the transnational capitalist class—1% of the world’s wealthy people. They serve the uniting function of providing ideological justifications for their shared interests through the corporate media and they establish the parameters of needed actions for implementation by transnational governmental organizations and capitalist nation-states.” …


            …I.e. are the 1% all Jews? You got the names? The data? The org chart?

            • It’s extremely telling that the author of that book, in the lengthy statement reproduced there, omits to mention even a single proper name of an individual. That’s because the book is hasbara. He doesn’t even mention the Rothschilds, for Yahweh’s sake. He does mention BlackRock. Larry Fink is Jewish. Fink is arguably the single most powerful person in the world, since his ALADDIN program has swept up control of almost every single equities trade on Earth. So there’s that.

              I don’t know anything about that author or that book, and there’s nothing of substance in the article you link to make me interested in it. (I sense, indeed, that you haven’t even read the damned thing.) I certainly have no interest vouching for the book or trying to hang my arguments onto its framework. Like I said, it looks like run-of-the-mill limited-hangout hasbara.

              And I’m certainly not going to sit here trying to spoon-feed you obvious facts. You are clearly terrified of Jews to the point where you will never, ever allow yourself to acknowledge the obvious. You, like most goyim worldwide, have taken up a “white saviorist” role as advocate of the Jews, rather than seeking truth dispassionately and in good faith. One must actually desire knowledge before any truth can be perceived. You’re not worthy.

    • “Kirby”‘s comment is laughable to us who know very well about jews. The jews know that the jews planted the Khazar nonsense to misdirect and confuse. And then the absurdity of saying “there are very few true Jews left.” And he/she mixes in a statement about religion. Again, to misdirect and confuse. Jewry know they are a race. They control Hollywood and all big media, where the anti-White propaganda is pumped out 24/7/365. If Whites controlled Hollywood and big media, would there be a ubiquitous anti-White agenda and complete ban on supporting the White race? Of course not. It’s all very obvious once we open our eyes to facts, and then we realize we’ve been lied to our whole lives.

      I fell for their lives, the same as nearly everybody else, until after I turned 50 years old. Now, I’m 64. In the interim, I voraciously researched and learned. Sharing the knowledge is very unpopular, to say the least, but I feel the duty to do it.

      It’s nice to see I’m not the only one in this comment thread. Yukon Jack, for example, shares much good knowledge, too.

  13. One of the most fascinating things about the whole incident was how Shmuel Berger, Clinton’s National Security Adviser, was caught and pled guilty to stealing and destroying classified documents from the National Archives prior to testifying before the 911 Commission.

    “Nothing to see here, kids…. move along, now!”

  14. Well said Eric,
    Why go through the pesky process of getting a law passed and just declare an “emergency”. Seems like that’s the way of our future – our overlords just rule by decree because it’s always an “emergency”. I recall reading that there’s about a dozen emergency declarations going back decades that have never been repealed. So much for constitutional law; I’m declaring an emergency for my finances and decreeing that I no longer have to pay taxes 😆. Don’t think that would keep the IRS away, especially since FJB just gave them $billions to harass taxpayers.

    • Hi Mike

      ruling by decree….king charles the 1st liked that idea

      Which G7 leader does king charles the 1st remind you of?

      king charles the 1st

      king charles was ignoring parliament, shutting down debate, ending democracy

      king charles the 1st responded to political opposition to his rule by dissolving Parliament on several occasions and in 1629 decided to rule entirely on royal prerogative ignoring Parliament.

      In 1642, the bitter struggle between king and Parliament for supremacy led to the outbreak of the first English civil war.

      In 1648, Charles was forced to appear before a high court controlled by his enemies, where he was convicted of treason and sentenced to death.

      In London, King Charles 1st is beheaded by axe for treason on January 30, 1649.

  15. I suppose eventually I’ll just sit here in my living room, if the trend continues. I don’t partake of the services of the Medical Industrial Complex, because they have proven themselves evil. I have not partaken of the services of airlines, not because of them, but because of the criminal searching and fondling home land security insists one must go through to get aboard. It would be of no use to me to try. The instant some new and improved gestapo agent put their hands on me, I would be arrested for assault and taken to jail. Not my intended destination.
    Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t think anyone has commented on the fact that the patriot act was already written up, and voted on little more than a month after the buildings collapsed. The Psychopaths In Charge may or may not have planned, carried out, though I suspect they did, or predicted this exact thing, but they sure as hell were ready for it.

    • Hi John,
      I was going to comment on the several hundred page “patriot act” that magically appeared right after the attack; when a few brave Congress critters tried to slow it down then all of a sudden there were anthrax attacks on various govco officials. That tipped the scales to get the blatantly unconstitutional piece of garbage passed.
      In my best church lady voice “how conveeeenient!”

  16. Yes, the language of emergency. Here’s the latest iteration out of Europe.

    European Union President Proposes Cutting Off Electricity to Consumers to ‘Flatten the Curve’

    The author of the embedded link’s conclusion:

    Expect COVID propaganda to be used all the time to justify new horrendous policies from the globalists, even when it does not make any sense. They understand much of the public is in a dumbed down, zombified trance state and can be compelled to submit to anything with these magic words that have been programmed into them by futuristic propaganda.

      • Though I homeschool my own, I am a product of 16 years of gov’t schools. On nahneleven, I worked in NYC in a skyscraper on the East Side (literally the corner of Wall and Water, the trade center and #7 were on the west side) but commuted through the trade center from NJ 15 mins before shit popped off. One thing I’ll never forget and think about very differently now is how, when the first building was “hit” (it was reported locally at first as a “small plane” accident), people in the second building started bailing. They were told by the “authorities” to return to their desks. A few said FU and left but, by most accounts, most people complied and a lot of them died when the second tower was “hit.” I guarantee you the gov schooled me at that time would’ve returned to my desk. I still shudder when I think about that now.

        Another weird thing, unrelated to gov school but anyway… By late morning that day, NYC was CRAZY. Some people spent tens of hours walking home within/from the city over bridges and stuff to get home. Basically no one was getting in or out through normal channels. I happened to live in a town contiguous to the CEO/owner of my firm as well as a few big wigs. We all took the same train and everyone knew the others as you’d ride sitting next to them from time to time. Around noon, I get a heads up that a “special” NY ferry boat had docked behind our building and was taking “certain” passengers across the East River to the NJ Transit hub and would I like a ride. I was like, hell yeah. We get on the boat and it’s all Wall Street CEOs and heavy hitters from the towns near me (Morris Essex line), about 50 or so… and 27 year old second year employee me. We get to NJ, get on a “special” train and I’m home chillin’ with a brewski at 1 pm.

  17. I think it is pretty clear the mask emergency is a continuation of the 911 emergency. The vaccine queen herself, Rochelle Walensky, is Jewish and a hardcore Zionist. And what about Bill Gates, is he Jewish? Yep.

    The Zionist State did 911, that is very clear also, and they did it to wage a War OF Terror on the world. A self inflicted wound to launch endless wars on everyone, a carte blanche excuse to pre-emptively attack to prevent another 911.

    Jews view the Goyim with utter contempt, thus killing Goyim on 911 is not a moral problem for them. Of course, the 4,000 Israelis were not at their WTC office jobs that morning:

    Osama said he didn’t do it, and how could he, being holed up in 4th world Afghanistan. The idea that some towel head resistance fighter living in some cave in some mountain with no running water, electricity, or phone service did 911 is utterly ludicrous. And he condemned it also:


    On September 28, 2001, bin Laden told the newspaper Karachi Ummat:

    “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. Neither had I any knowledge of these attacks nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an acceptable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people.

    “I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people, whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; the people who are a part of the US system.

    “There are intelligence agencies in the US, which require billions of dollars worth of funds from the Congress and the government every year. They need an enemy.”


    So who did it? Israel did 911. They benefitted from it, they got the sole superpower Amerika to bomb the shit out of their enemies. So it is logical they organized it and pulled it off as a national strategy. And ALL of the evidence says that.

    Amerika lost millions itself, millions of servicemen wounded, many with depleted uranium poisoned, mental illness, thousands lost their legs. Trillions and trillions spent doing a war for Israel, and epic national denial of the whole damn thing.

    Only a moron does not see Israel as the real enemy, as an existential threat to our freedom. Muslims did not do 911, no Muslim had any role planting the explosive charges in the Trade Towers, no Muslim was involved in the controlled demolitions on 911. That is a fact Jack that everyone ignores.

    But Israelis were in NYC filming the event, Israelis were caught on 911 driving a van with a mural of airplanes going into the towers, the dancing Israelis even admitted on Israel public TV they were sent there to document the event.

    911 Suspects: The Dancing Israelis – James Corbett

    9-11 Mossad ‘Mural Van’ – NYPD Radio Transmission

    9/11 WTC – Biggest Gold Heist in History: ~ $300 Billion in Gold Bars

    • Yukon,
      Nihneleven wasn’t the first time Israel pulled a false flag on US. Never forget the 1967 attack on USS Liberty that took the lives of 34 servicemen. In the age of global “terrrrrr” Israel uses Americas federal syndicate as a golem to do it’s dirty work. If things keep going as they are only chosen ones will live in gated communities while the rest of us will get the Palestinian treatment.

      • Gates is German, English, and Scot Irish. This information has been around since the dawning of time. Newsflash: sometimes evil white Anglo Saxon men create crimes. Not everything has to be boiled down to some Jewish interlink. Atrocities can be manufactured by any gender, race, and creed.

        • Since Gates himself has most certainly not been around since the Dawn of Time, I’m not sure how this information could have been….

          But anyway: True that Gates is probably not Jewish.

          He is, however, definitely a shabbos goy front-man for the Levite inner rabbinate, which is ultimately behind the destruction of Amalek that is currently underway, by means of weaponized pseudo-medical bio-security totalitarianism and kill-and-maim low-intesity warfare.

          You are also correct that “atrocities can be manufactured by any gender, race, and creed.”

          It just so happens that the global one currently underway, which includes both “9/11” and “Convid”, has been manufactured by a Judaic cult of Levite rabbis in fulfillment of the end-times prophesies of the Book of Isaiah, in which Yahweh promised that a global government would be erected in Jerusalem, from which the Tribe would rule all the goyim. (2:2-3.) Yahweh specifically promises the Tribe that It will deliver them the entire population of gentiles “walking in chains, and they will bow before you.” (45:14.) Yahweh promises that the Kings of all the gentiles will “fall prostrate before you, faces to the ground, and lick the dust at your feet.” (49:23.) It goes on, “You will suck the milk of nations, you will suck the wealth of kings.” (60:16.) “Strangers will come forward to feed your flocks, foreigners be your ploughmen and vinedressers; but you will be called ‘priests of Yahweh’ and be addressed as ‘ministers of our God’. You will feed on the wealth of the goyim, you will supplant them in their glory.” (61:5-6.)

          RG, be honest. Does this really sound like a benign ideology?

          If you want to continue commenting on current events, it would be helpful if you learned something about those events, and about their deeper causes. You could do worse than starting with Adam Green’s “Rabbis Reveal Shocking Kabbalah Secrets” here:

          The Rabbinate openly declares that the US is “Edom” and that they are bringing about the “Destruction of Edom” in order to engineer the fulfillment of their “religious” (war-creed) eschetological fantasies. It’s all there, if you only dare to look.

  18. ‘the original version [of Homeland Security] was the internal security apparat created by a fellow named Reinhard Heydrich, who was an SS-Obergruppenfuhrer’ — eric

    Likewise, Russia had its Cheka secret police, started by the Bolsheviks in 1917. Today’s equivalent is the Fourth Branch of government, whose four pillars are the FBI [under Chris Wray]; the DOJ [under ‘attorney general’ Beria-Garland]; Homeland Security [under Alejandro Mayorkas]; and ODNI [under Avril Haines].

    These thug organizations have escaped from constitutional checks and balances; they answer to no one but themselves. They held hundreds of political prisoners [e.g., J6 protesters] without bail. No member of Clowngress dared to utter a peep.

    We live under de facto martial law. Work, produce, consume, and you’ll probably be left alone. But get involved with protests, political criticism, or associating with purged figures from the past [e.g., Trump] and you may be disappeared.

    America as we knew it pre-2001 is over.

  19. Another September 11 arrives.

    Let us raise the bloody shirt of 9/11.

    Let us pick the scab, renew the wound, lest it heal.

    Let us resurrect our hatred of the Evil Others.

    Let us never question the Official Legend, which might lead to understanding the True Evil of those that consider themselves Our Leaders and Betters.

  20. We can lead commenters to water, but we can’t make them drink.

    Facts, not “theory” of any kind:
    – jew Larry Silverstein owned/controlled the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7, which he got six weeks prior to 9/11.
    – WTC Building 7, not hit by any plane or missile, also went straight down that day — proving a controlled demolition. Silverstein is on video saying they decided “to pull it,” which is controlled-demolition terminology.
    – No Arabs, no Muslims, controlled the towers nor the security details in the towers. Jews did. Thus, jews conducted the planting of the explosives for the three controlled demolitions.
    – jew Silverstein went to the top of one of the towers for breakfast Every Day EXCEPT on 9/11. Likewise, his daughter.
    – jews had a jews-only messaging service named Odigo and used it to warn the hundreds of jews who worked in the towers not to go to work that day.
    – Who benefited? Not us. Not Arabs. Not Muslims. jews benefitted. They got our duped population to support the U.S. military machine to go kill Arabs all around Israel. We got rights taken away — treated as guilty till proved innocent at airports. That’s just for starters.

    Who controls the media so that none of the tv-addicted population ever hears the above facts? Yes, anyone can quickly get the answer. Again, jews.

    And yet, after this, this comment thread will fill up with the same old garbage.

    • Lisa Silverstein was told by her dad, Larry, not to go to the resteraunt at the very top of the WTC. She says this in an interview. She and her dad had breakfast there every morning. But not that morning. Obviously Larry knew what was up and did not warn the people in the building, NYC, the police, FBI.

      So don’t you think the law enforcement agencies would be interested in the suspects who had foreknowledge of the worst terrorist event in history?

      The FBI NEVER questioned Mr. SilverSTEIN. The FBI also confiscated all the videos around the Pentagon. The Pentagon was the most surveilled piece of real estate in the world, yet we have no video of a 767 plowing into it. Uh huh, right.

      Larry Silverstein was the owner of the Trade Towers. He knew. He did not warn his coworkers, just his own daughter. Lisa never told her friends, who ended up getting killed,

      The Silversteins are monsters. And never forget, they were the largest financial beneficiaries of that event, the Silversteins collected BILLIONS in insurance claims.


      BTW Eric, you are right to suspect Trump as controlled opposition. He said on the campaign trail he would do a new 911 investigation, which he did not. He said it to get votes, and if he was an authentic leader, he could use that to indict all of Congress in a mega crime and destroy his enemies.

      Trump even made a 911 sheep sleep commercial mocking us:

      2010 Trump Serta Luxury Mattress Commercial

    • We can lead commenters to words, but we can’t make them think.

      Fixed it.

      Jew Laffreystein is not leading us out of Egypt into the Promised Land like some Noah, Moses, Abraham, et al. Not parting any seas, no exodus to Patagonia.

      Speak for yourself, sailor. Suspected counter-intelligence at work.

      Anti-Semitism is a disease caused by… Jews

      Anti-Semitic rhetoric smacks of propaganda to indoctrinate you.

      If the truth be known, lies rule.

      • “drumphish,” an anonymouse, makes a vicious accusation against me. I am not a jew. I am White. I am completely open about my parentage, etc., as stated on my current website and my past websites. I provide evidence when I identify jews that aren’t openly identified as jews by such sites as the jew-owned jew-edited wikipedia.

        Your empty, insulting accusation exposes you. I’m not going to ask for personal info about you because I would not expect what you might say to be true.

        In regard to 9/11, I provided some of the hundreds of easily verifiable FACTS. I stand by what I say.

        I won’t return to this comment thread. Spew to your black heart’s content.

        • JL:

          I see at your website that you are white and also a cracker. You don’t don your 600 thread count white sheet KKK outfit, but I can see the supremacist in you for sure. Your whiteness shines, dude.

          Take your caustic vitriol someplace else.

          Hard to believe that Larry Silverstein ate breakfast on the top of the twin towers every morning. Smells bad. A cold day in January in NYC would not be conducive to eating breakfast outside on the top of any building there.

          • Hi drumpish,

            Apparently, JLaffrey hasn’t figured out that most Jews actually are “white”, Caucasian. He seems to think that Jews are their own race distinct from whites, despite the fact that there are Jews of multiple different races.

            • Morning, Martin!

              I wish people opposed to collectivism would stop collectivizing people… don’t you? How do we advocate for the individual by denying the individual in the same breath? George Soros is a Jew! And Joseph Stalin wasn’t. Ben Shapiro is a Jew. I prefer him infinitely to “aryans” such as Joe Biden and the former governor of my state, Ralph “Coonman” Northam.

              • If they are collectivizing people, wouldn’t that indicate, simply, they do not advocate for individual liberty? Wolf in sheeps clothing and all that.

                I do not recall reading any such advocacy for liberty from those individuals here who do that. I do not recall seeing even a single libertarian solution from them in response to the many issues you write about.

                I do, however; recall numerous smudges against what other libertarian writers have online.

                … Are they painters, creating a certain image for the purpose of making those who favor liberty to be something they are not? Idk. Seems like it.

                • Hi Helot,

                  One of the dilemmas faced by those who run libertarian/freedom-defending sites is wanting people to be free to say whatever they wish – I am a man who believes the truth can stand on its merits while falsehoods cannot stand up to truth – without risking marginalization of the site via it being peppered with anti-semitic/racist stuff. It is very easy to paint us with that brush – and that is a great way to marginalize us.

  21. What strikes me about 9/11 is that we utterly failed to address the real causes of that emergency.

    And don’t get me started on any conspiracy theories—It’s a matter less of malice and more of incompetence and willful ignorance.

    We knew darn well that our porous borders were allowing bad actors to enter, and that these bad actors were young men from Middle Eastern countries. So why didn’t we secure our borders and more closely vet young Middle Eastern men?

    We knew darn well that aggressive countries and terror groups thought we were paper tigers. So why didn’t we strike back with real fire and fury? I mean, if we are the Great Satan, shouldn’t we have opened the gates of hell to those who attacked us?

    We knew darn well that our misguided meddling in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries (of which there are too many examples to list) would create “blowback.” And we knew darn well that “spreading democracy” and “nation building” were futile. So why didn’t we change our policies?

    We knew darn well that our dependence on Middle Eastern oil was a Sword of Damocles hanging over us, and that this was giving aid and comfort to our enemies. So what did we do to increase our energy independence?

    We knew darn well that we needed real airline security—like the kind El Al has, where they don’t engage in the “security theater” of taking off your shoes, banning your liquids, and touching your junk, but engage in the hard but effective work of behavioral profiling and intelligence, and thorough vetting that’s mostly invisible to the naked eye. So why didn’t we do that?

    We knew darn well that there were people in our universities and high tech companies gathering information on building dangerous things like nukes and germ warfare. So why didn’t we kick them out?

    We knew darn well that our government got so caught up in doing things they’re not supposed to do such that they forgot about what they are supposed to do—protect us from being attacked. So why didn’t that change?

    We knew darn well who and what our enemies are and what they’re about, and that no amount of political correctness would change that. So why are we still putting political correctness ahead of reality?

    We knew darn well that Western values are nothing to be ashamed of, and that the principles of free markets, rule of law, and Judeo-Christian morality rooted in Greco-Roman and Northwestern European traditions have created societies that are wealthier, healthier, and yes, happier, than the Islamic sand-traps that would be sinkhole countries without their obscene oil wealth. So why are we apologizing for living and kissing up to them?

    That is why The Chimp and his Stupid Party are so stupid.

    • Reading your comment was like time travel to 20 years ago. Dem muzzlims hats ur freedumbs!

      Anyway, I put on my space suit to get into your narrative and set a few items straight circa 2022.

      The supposed terrists with box cutters didn’t come over a porous border in the night. They were credentialed as students and the like. They were primarily Saudis.

      Just under 20 years of 2 wars in Afghan and Iraq. Not Saudi Arabia, though. What more could you want for fire and fury? Not nation building but destroying. Not spreading democracy but installing puppets.

      Saudi Arabia (hmmm… them again) is what’s known as a satrap of the US empire. Dreamed up by Rockefeller interests and implemented by govco a la the British East India company back in the day. Personality conflicts aside, they don’t exist but for the U.S. Imagine the kind of black ops intelligence agencies could run out of such an opaque medieval kingdom.

      The same kind of folks that dreamed up El Al’s security got the contracts to set up the TSA and the Dept. of Homeland Security. It’s the purpose of neither to keep you safe.

      Nukes and germ warfare? Neither has happened. The scamdemic, though, was run by home grown types. It didn’t even involve any germ warfare beyond weaponizing fear of the cold and flu and death.

      Prior to nahneleven, folks inside and connected to the gov’t wanted a Pearl Harbor type moment to implement their “Project for a new American Century.” To do so, they would want the American people to be and feel unsafe. Whether it facilitated nahneleven or turned a blind eye to it is a subject of debate.

      Per a great Karl Rove quote you can look up, the U.S. is an empire that makes its own reality. It’s way past political correctness now. Demonic possession would be a better description.

      The U.S. has a mixed bag of interactions with Islamic countries. It doesn’t care about anything but hegemony. The superiority of the U.S. these days compared to a country like Egypt is debatable. We both live under permanent states of emergency, a uni-party described as “democracy”, have political secret police and fugazy elections but Egypt is perhaps less socially degenerate.

    • Bryce: “Judeo-Christian morality rooted in Greco-Roman and Northwestern European traditions…”

      Now that’s a mouthful! The “Judeo-Christians” (ah, but you repeat yourself, so I’ll just call them “Jews”) had nothing but contempt for Greeks, and detested the Romans with hot passion. Christianity was cooked up specifically to undermine the rationalism of the Greeks and the stoic honor of the Romans with nonsensical, deranged, perverse myths about sister-wife-pimping, son-sacrificing self-mutilating “patriarchs” and the sick-and-twisted-cartoon antics of the calamitous cacodemon Yahweh. To this lurid dreck, the scheming tricksters Saul and Peter and James added infantile drivel about magical treasures in “heaven” and so forth, as well as the horror-stories of “eternal damnation in Hell” to whipsaw the gullible goyim with grandiose promises and terrifying threats. (It’s a classic love-bomb-abuse technique used by domineering spouses and governments to evoke Stockholm Syndrome.)

      “Christianity” was just “Nighny Levin” for the circa-50 A.D. set. A voluptuous Jewish horror-fantasy faerie tale to frighten and herd the dumb gentile masses into the slavery of a totalitarian weaponized narrative. Just like Convid-1984, for that matter.


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