No More Down by the River?

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“Electrification” – as it is styled – is also an attack upon those of modest means, who can least afford a 30-50 percent increase in the cost of  transportation. That being about how much more you’ll spend on an EeeeeeeeeVeeeee vs. an otherwise similar non-EeeeeeeVeeeee.

It is also an attack upon them that strikes even closer to home.


For many – for more than a million of them – it is an attack on their homes. Because their homes are on wheels. That is to say campers and RVs. For a lot of people, living in an RV or camper is a way to avoid having to pay the rent they cannot afford – or the mortgage that is beyond their means. Or which they’d simply rather not pay, so as to save (and so, have) money for other things.

Many “van life” people also like the idea of not being tied to a particular place. If you don’t like where you’re living – or what it’s becoming – it is a simple matter to pack up and drive away from there and head someplace else. Much easier than selling a house or finding a new apartment. Plus the moving of all your stuff.

If you live in an RV or camper, your stuff comes with you as a matter of course.

Many people live in RVs and campers precisely because they desire that kind of freedom – of movement and otherwise. It’s a particular perk for young people, the self-employed and retirees, who aren’t tied down to a particular place for reasons of work. But it is also a way for workers who cannot afford to live where they work – or don’t want to live anywhere near where they work – to be able to work there – and live here.


One can buy a very cozy – and very nicely fitted out – small travel trailer (these are the type that are pulled by a truck, SUV or even a car – depending on the weight of the trailer and the tow rating of the car) with a full kitchen, bath (including shower), queen-sized bed for two and a “living room” area with either a sofa or a pair of kick-out lounge chairs for hanging out and TV watching for $40,000 or even less – brand new.

That’s about $10k less, by the way, than the cost of a Honda Civic-sized Tesla 3 EeeeeeeeeVeeeee – which does not come with a kitchen, queen-sized bed for two or a bathroom.

This isn’t “living in a van down by the river.” It is living large, by the river.

Or anywhere else that suits

Plus, the travel trailer isn’t tethered by a cord to a plug. It can travel anywhere the gas in the tow vehicle will take it – which could be anywhere and on the spur of the moment. The EeeeeeeeVeeeee owner must plan his (short) drive around the length of his cord. Or rather, how far he can go before he must find a plug.

The take-home point being that an RV or camper is that dread thing that the “electrification” agenda cannot abide – i.e., an alternative to it. People – the common people – are not to be permitted an opt-out. One can see this in the recent bans on other-than-EeeeeeVeeeeeeees for sale (new) in states such as California and New York. This is certain to be followed by bans on the use of vehicles that aren’t EeeeeeeeVeeees possessed by people who do not want an EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeee or who cannot afford one.

This to include RVs that aren’t EeeeeeeeVeeeeees – and the vehicles that pull them, too.

This will place a double burden on the shoulders of RV and travel trailer owners. One, because they won’t be allowed to buy a new non-EeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee tow vehicle to pull their trailer, leaving them stuck in place and thus eliminating one of the great perks of owning and living in an RV or travel trailer.

Two, they won’t be able to go very far – even if they can afford to “electrify” their tow vehicle.

One of the suppressed facts about EeeeeeeeeVeeeeees is that when they are tasked with pulling or hauling a trailer their range plummets by as much as half or even more. For example, the range of a new F-150 Lightning – the “electrified” version of Ford’s F-150 pickup – plummeted to just 80 miles after the EeeeeeeVeeee truck was tasked with pulling a 6,000 pound trailer. Which is about the weight of a small travel trailer/camper as  in the video above. Also never mind the $50,000-plus the Lightning costs – which is easily $10k more than the travel trailer in the video above.

People who like – and live in – RVs can expect to find their cost of living soaring as the cost of gas – including the cost of compressed natural gas/propane  – that they need in order to be able to move (and heat) their RVs and campers soars.

It is not inconceivable they’ll be forced out of their homes in the name of “climate change” – since their homes “emit” the dread inert gas, carbon dioxide.  If that sounds far-fetched, consider that states such as CA have already banned water heaters, stoves and so on that are powered by natural gas in new (in situ) home construction. Surely the same will be directed at RVs and campers. It is not at all improbable that only “electrified” campers will be allowed, going forward.

The object of all of it being not to prevent the “climate” from “changing” but rather to change the way people live in this country. To Sovietize living, for the people of this county. Any type of living that facilitates physical and economic independence cannot be abided.

Of course, they cannot say that. Not, at least, until after the process of Sovietization is completed.

After which it will no longer matter.

. . .

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  1. More might be headed for their van by the river…

    LQD – the Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF – collapsed to its lowest since the Great Financial Crisis today

    the lowest close for the S&P 500 since Dec 2020.

    today VIX itself topping 32…..up 50% since aug. 16th

    Commodities were clobbered…A strong dollar did commodities no favors with Bloomberg’s Commodity Spot Index hitting its lowest in 8 months…

    • fed tightening……

      Whether or not this is a sham or a delaying tactic depends on the Banking Cartel’s degree of control over the government, or the governments control of the Cartel.

      If the global banking Cartel believes its control is sufficient, then they will let everyone default, including themselves and the government, and use Force Majeure to declare themselves recapitalized via CBDC. They will then collect ownership of every piece of property: land, Tools, factories, homes, gizmos – everything, as the lender from the defaulted borrowers.

      They will “own” everything, including the shirt on your back.

      This regime will be totalitarian and dystopian. The human race will be their disposable slaves. And they have already expressed their preference to dispose of all but 500 million. This goal will be accomplished incrementally over decades or centuries to avoid spooking the herd.

      They have that degree of control over government ministers and officers. We deserve that for allowing politicians to be bought while simultaneously allowing someone to print currency to their hearts content.

      What I expect they did not anticipate was that ordinary people would attempt to challenge that control. Most places on earth, nominally democratic or not, people believe that influencing government is the sole domain of “important” people – an aristocracy that is formally or informally hereditary.

      I believe they are surprised that the middle class revolts. And now they want to criminalize the middle class.

      If their control is insufficient for Force Majeure then this is a delaying tactic, and we will go into hyperinflation instead.

  2. Range, range, range. What about recharge time?
    As an RVer, I can “recharge” my IC tow vehicle’s tank in 10-20 minutes and be back on the road, several times each day.
    That’s 2-3x the daily progress of an EV.
    With an EV, getting there takes 2-3x as long, and costs me the 2-3x the price in overnight stays at campgrounds that are NOT my destination.
    No thanks!

  3. London Banks Prepare For Possible Blackouts

    This summer, London narrowly avoided a blackout in the eastern part of the city at the end of July. While London and much of the UK were reeling from the hottest day on record in Britain, high power demand and a bottleneck on the grid left parts of East London close to blackout.

    The UK, however, managed to avoid a blackout in London by buying more electricity from Belgium at a mind-blowing price of $11,812 (£9,724) per megawatt-hour (MWh) = $11.81 per kwh, which was more than 5,000% higher than the typical wholesale price, not retail price.

    A tesla EV battery is 90 kwh x $11.81 = $1062.90 to charge it for a range of 200 miles….lol.
    A diesel VW can be filled for $70.00 for a range of 900 miles

    With the energy shortage brought on by shutting down reliable hydrocarbon power plants and switching to very expensive, unreliable, intermittant, fire hazard, high maintenance, environmentally damaging, wind turbines and solar power.

    It will be very expensive to drive an EV, only the .01% rich will drive, you will be stuck walking within 1 mile of your soviet style 150 sg. ft. vermin infested, slum social housing, in a big city, where you can be watched 24/7, broke (you will own nothing) and eating bugs 3 times a day….lol.

    Outside the UK, banks across Europe are bracing for energy rationing and possible power outages this winter by getting…….. NOTE: diesel powered backup generators ready so that they won’t leave bank transactions and ATMs in the dark if the energy crisis worsens,

    As governments in Europe appeal for voluntary gas and electricity conservation and even consider rationing, banks are also bracing for a difficult winter. The banking system is too important for Europe and its economy to be left affected by power outages.

    from zh comments

    “Sorry folks, you can’t withdraw your money. The power’s out.”

    “Due to the blackouts, power surges and the EMP, all our account records have been “temporarily” rendered inaccessible and your funds are not currently available.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

    The ‘event’ will be a run on the banks for cash when people try to buy food in stores with no power.
    Electronic transactions won’t be possible so the only alternative will be cash.

    someone else mentioned it: get an old Lincoln Navigator, they’re worth zero since high fuel prices, fuel it up, and leave it in the driveway. Live in it when the power and heating are off. The comfiest, cheapest way to survive.

    In 2020 when the system was collapsing, they whipped up hysteria over a cold and locked everybody down to save the banks.
    Looks like the plan for 2022 or 2023 is taking shape; just turn the lights off. Nobody will go anywhere or spend money. Problem solved.

    • what a great idea….

      someone else mentioned it: get an old Lincoln Navigator, they’re worth zero since high fuel prices, fuel it up, and leave it in the driveway. Live in it when the power and heating are off. The comfiest, cheapest way to survive.



    News: “The California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted unanimously last week to pass a plan to ban natural gas heaters and furnaces by 2030,”


    “According to a recent 2020 count, a startling 20,000 people now live this way in Los Angeles County, residing in cars, vans, and RVs. This marks a significant increase over the start of the pandemic. And while statewide numbers are sparse, it seems like the vehicular homelessness phenomenon is booming all across the Golden State, with Bay Area cities like San Francisco and Oakland observing similarly rapid increases over the past few years. If we haven’t already hit it, as many as 100,000 Californians could soon be living out of cars.”

    • business opportunity…

      in california someone was buying old clunker cars (if you have a towtruck sometimes you can get them for free), he then rented them out to people for $100 or $200? per month to live in…lol

  5. Did you know that China makes an EV that costs only $4500?

    “…the $4,500 Wuling Hongguang Mini. It is the best-selling EV, in China. Practically anybody in the USA could afford one, even some high school students. It’s small and light—just under 1,500 pounds (slightly less than a 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle). It has a 17.4 horsepower electric motor powered by a 9.2-13.8 kilowatt-hour battery pack that weighs only 250 pounds, a fourth of a Tesla’s half ton behemoth. It can go 106 miles at 62 mph on a charge, adequate speed and range for many Americans. And being much lighter, it gets far greater kilowatt efficiency than an overpriced Tesla.”

    • John

      Regulations won’t let you drive it here, but you can build your own for less momey…

      The EV’s they are selling are all 4000 lb to 10,000 lb whales …..(The Hummer 10,000 lb), which require 1000 lb to 3000 lb batteries which require enormous amounts of energy to recharge.

      There is no way to recharge these batteriers other then getting huge amounts of electricity from the grid, a little solar panel won’t do it…lol…no grid access, it won’t move.
      This may have been done to control movement (they said it was to go 0 to 60 in 3 seconds….lol.)

      The electric cars they should have built would be very small and light, good for around town, very inexpensive, powered by 100% green lead acid batteries, easy to recharge, but then you would be independent, not good.

      DIY electric car runs 200 miles on old lead-acid batteries, which are 100% green…..

      People should boycott all big manufacturers receiving ESG cash to push EV’s, don’t give them one cent.

      Buy an older analog car without all the computers, don’t buy any new ice or EV vehicles.

      If you want an EV buy one of these only, or build your own….this could be cheap wheels when ice cars are banned….

      bribed with ESG money, automakers are building, pushing electric vehicles,

      several individuals are using their skills to create low-cost electric rides.

      David Cloud is one such individual who has spent $3,000.00 in converting a 1997 Geo Metro to run on an electric engine fueled by old lead acid batteries. A new EV is at least $50,000.00 or more.

      The vehicle is powered by 8” ADC motors that are included on each rear wheel and are powered by old 12V lead-acid batteries. The vehicle has a top speed of 72mph and can hit 60mph in 18 seconds, with a range of about 200 miles.

      Someone should build these and sell them, there is a market for them, the new EV’s are $50,000 +

      Lead acid batteries are 100% recycled so are green. Lead acid can be traded in for reconditioned ones for $60.00 and come with a warranty. Twelve of them cost $720.00

      EV lithium batteries cost $22,000.00 to $30,000.00 to replace.

      Only 5% of lithium fire bomb batteries are recycled, plus there is a rumored $4500 recycling fee, so lots will get thrown into the woods…..

  6. I was at Lowe’s today and they had a dozen $9000 souped up, camo covered 4 seater golf cart EeeeeVeeee thingies flanking the main entrance. Nine thousand dollars…. WTF?

    • Spidey,
      The gas ones cost even more! The welfare recipients…err…I mean subsidized farmers buy the damned things with their subsidy money, so they can zero-out their books at tax time. Else who in their right mind would pay thgat kinda money for those toys? Ya think they’d just buy a li’l truck or Jeep or something…. I’m wondering if maybe they can’t write them off in the same manner? Just like with EVs…it’s an artificial market created by Uncle, and it perverts any vestiges of the free market, so that non rent-seekers are left out of the game. These evil bastards have got their filthy mitts truly on everything!

      • Hi Nunz!
        I have to respectfully disagree about UTVs (I assume that’s what FDS is talking about). We ordered a Kubota about three months ago and are still waiting. I’m not sure why I didn’t get one a long time ago: they seem to be very handy little things. I plan to use it mainly to run around with a spot-sprayer to keep the Johnson grass and thistles under control. I’m getting too old to walk all over our hilly 56 acres with 50 pounds of Roundup on my back. There are many times when the ground is soft and I don’t want to tear things up with a tractor or 4WD pickup to get to a remote location with a chainsaw or trimmer. Plus, the little 17-HP one we’re getting is narrow enough to go across a couple of bridges I’ve built across the creek.
        Ours comes in around $10k new, but you can easily spend $40k or more. This is one application where battery power might make sense, but the electric ones I’ve seen are crazy expensive, and even harder to get. The only ones I’ve seen at our local Lowe’s have been crapily-built gas-burners.
        Far from being a rent-seeking scheme, I see this as the market meeting a legitimate demand that did not exist until the things were invented. Farmers around here use them for legitimate work, and everybody has one.

        • Hi, Roland!

          Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that UTVs aren’t useful- Hell, I could use one myself. I just think the prices on many of ’em are crazy, and I think the only reason many would pay so much for something that is way over=priced (Compared to a regular vehicle ) has a lot to do with the subsidy/tax thing.

          I do wishj someone would make a cheap electric ATV or UTV-type thing, just for getting around the property…like you said, it’s one application where eeelectric would make sense. I was considering getting one of those GEM electric “cars” to use on the property (I had a client who had a bunch of ’em he picked up at an auction, coulda had one pretty cheap) but I don’t think such a contraption would get very good traction.

          Hey, my diesel mower has a Kubota engine….love that thing! And I once had to correspond with Kubota about a technical detail- and although I bought the old mower used from a private party, Kubota was very responsive and helpful- I was really impressed by that experience, so I think you likely chose wisely.

          • Nunz, what attracted me to Kubota was that they have several models that use engines similar to the D722 three-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel that I have in my Walker lawnmower. That’s a great little engine, but those machines are overkill for what I need to do, and too wide to fit across the little bridges that I built for the mower, so I settled for gas. It also saved me about $6k.
            The Kubotas are unique in that they are hydrostatic drive instead of CVT. Some don’t like them because they’re relatively slow (24 MPH tops), but that’s plenty fast for what I need to do. Most UTVs do seem to be overengineered and overpowered, but I find the prices no more shocking than any other farm equipment.

      • Ok. I stand corrected. These things are gas powered. Still, $9000 ($141 per month at 84! Month financing lol) There are NO farms nearby or within 50-100 miles of this store. From what info I can gather, this is an attempt by Lowe’s to compete with the EeeeVeee golf carts that are being seen more and more on the roads in the “villages”, definitely not the highways, here in coastal NC. Apparently, they’re only legal in a handful of states at this time and Lowe’s is taking advantage of this. Weird.

        • Spidey, there’s a used one on my local Craigslist- several years old too- and they want $18.5K for it!!! I’ve never paid that much for any car or truck I’ve ever owned…not even commercial vehicles! I can’t even imagine……

          • Maybe I should leverage up, buy ‘em all locally, and set up shop in a Hampton or Days Inn out your way and get on that C-list! A dozen @ 17-6! brandy new! Arbitrage, baby! Just kidding… maybe….

          • Nunz, the first dealer we visited last summer had some for more than $40k new. Crazy overpowered, but I guess some people race the things, or pretend to.

        • Doc, in our state you can run a UTV on the highway without any registration. I believe they are treated the same as farm tractors. Some days when I go for a walk on the county road I see more of them than pickups and cars. Saw three on the way home from church this morning. A lot of people insure them with an auto policy. But my agent tells me that as long as I keep it on our property, or drive it over the road only between non-contiguous pieces of our property, our farm policy will cover it.
          Apparently, large get-togethers of UTVers are a thing now. Come Saturday night everybody throws the kids in and heads out for a big cookout and party in somebody’s hayfield. Sounds like fun.

          • I’ve never seen a UTV on the many 55-65 mph 2-lane highways out here. No tractors either. It isn’t that kind of place. I am starting to see many tricked out golf carty things in the 25-45 mph towns that dot the highways. I’m not sure of the laws, but they seem to stay within village limits.

  7. A welcome and detailed assessment of what most of us knew intuitively… Solar and wind will not, in the foreseeable future, provide reliable and abundant energy.

    Those who ignore fossil fuels will live to regret it bitterly… and will freeze in the dark in just a few weeks.

    Solar energy is most abundantly available in the May-June-July period, making it a poor candidate for fixing the problem of the need for winter heat.

    In some ways, the lack of availability of fuels for winter is a canary in the coal mine regarding future energy shortages. People have been concerned about oil shortages, but winter fuel shortages are, in many ways, just as bad. They can result in people “freezing in the dark.”

    Wind energy is not greatly better than hydro and solar, in terms of variability and poor timing of supply.

    For example, Europe experienced a power crunch in the third quarter of 2021 related to weak winds. Europe’s largest wind producers (Britain, Germany and France) produced only 14% of their rated generation, output, capacity (the theoretical amount of electricity they are supposed to put out) during this period, (so if it is advertised to produce 100 mwh in reality it only puts out 14 mwh…14% of the advertised/claimed output), compared with an average of 20% to 26% in previous years. No one had planned for this kind of three-month shortfall.

    If a power source only puts out 14% of it’s advertised, claimed, in theory only, rated electricity generation, output, capacity, this sounds like fraud….lol

    In 2021, China experienced dry, windless weather, resulting in both its generation from wind and hydro being low. The country found it needed to use rolling blackouts to deal with the situation. This led to traffic lights failing and many families needing to eat candle-lit dinners.

    The word “sustainable” has created unrealistic expectations with respect to intermittent wind and solar electricity.

    A person in the wind turbine repair industry once told me, “Wind turbines run on a steady supply of replacement parts.” Individual parts may be made to last 20-years, or even longer, but there are so many parts that some are likely to need replacement long before that time. An article in Windpower Engineering says, “Turbine gearboxes are typically given a design life of 20 years, but few make it past the 10-year mark.”

    There is also the problem of wind damage, especially in the case of a severe storm, for wind turbines and solar panels, so they are constantly damaged and have to be rebuilt and repaired.

    There is also the problem of fire damage, wind turbines and solar panels have a bad history of catching fire, they are very dangerous.

    Furthermore, the operational lives for fossil fuel and nuclear generating plants are typically much longer than those for wind and solar. In the US, some nuclear plants have licenses to operate for 60 years. Efforts are underway to extend some licenses to 80 years.

    With the short life spans for wind and solar, constant rebuilding of wind turbines and solar generation is necessary, using fossil fuels.

    Between the rebuilding issue and the need for fossil fuels to maintain the electric grid,
    NOTE: there has to be many hydrocarbon burning or nuclear power plants running continuously in the background as a power source for the grid because wind and solar is intermittant, not reliable, there is big gaps in the power supply they put out, which has to be supplied by fuel burning power plants, running in the background 24/7 365, this is crazy….

    the output of wind turbines and solar panels cannot be expected to last any longer than fossil fuel supply, they can’t run without hydrocarbon backup. The problem with this is now you have to build and maintain two power production systems, this is very expensive, the cost of electricity will be many times higher, you will freeze in the dark…lol

    When researchers make cost comparisons, they should be comparing the cost of the intermittent energy, including necessary batteries and grid enhancement upgrade costs, plus thre cost of having a backup system running 24/7 in the background.

    Competitive pricing plans that enable the growth of wind and solar electricity are part of what is pushing a number of areas in the world toward a “freezing-in-the-dark” problem.
    In fact, under this arrangement, wind and solar were also given the privilege of “going first.” so they got a better price when electricity is bought, (this is sort of like price rigging to give them an advantage), if they competed on a level playing field, thay couldn’t compete, they are far too expensive.

    the share of total energy provided by the Wind and Solar category is very low, only 2.2% for the world as a whole, they want to ban hydrocarbon power generation and make it 100%, you will starve and freeze to death.

    • from zh comments

      Industrial society runs on oil. Period. No oil – no industrial society. You go back to the best thing you had before it – feudal life and slavery. Complexity fails without cheap energy. And without bio intensive farming only 1% of the current population can be sustained off the same area of arable land. You go back to days when the whole planet had the population of a single city.

      There are hundreds of years of coal and natural gas reserves. “They” are creating the energy panic because anxiety makes the sheep more herd able.

      Google leaked climate change emails East Anglia University
      It amazes me how, over the past ten years, the Left has re-written those WIkipedia article.
      What once was a clear cut and obvious attempt by the scientists to manufacture “climate data” now reads as though climate scientists were the victims.
      Man-made climate change is a hoax. The sun, moon, and Earth’s orbit are what determines the climate.Idiots…

      I completely agree and this fraud is managed at very high levels of governments and “scientific community” in order to get the gullible public to support impoverishment policies.

      I will believe that govt is truly serious about ecology ONLY when they mandate that all defense contractors must use 100% renewable energy to manufacture all weapons and all military equipment.

      Without nat gas and imported power CA wouldn’t have a functioning electrical grid as solar panels and wind don’t work 24x7x365.

      ‘What’s wrong with wind and solar.

      California’s grid leaning heavily on natural gas to survive energy crisis, despite green push
      About 47% of California’s electricity was generated by natural gas while 19% was produced by imports. Just 21% of electricity generated was produced by renewables, including solar and wind power.

      “Make no mistake, the lights will stay on in the governor’s mansion, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, but not in working-class neighborhoods because those who pushed this failure always unplug from the consequences,”
      Renewables are a scam as they don’t work 24x7x365 and cause chaos and havoc on the electrical grid. The left likes to tout green energy but in reality are burning a massive amount of Nat gas to keep the electrical grid going. They love to mislead about their green policies.

      Davosman solution is to reduce population instead of burning more oil. Bill Gates is smirking again.

      America was settled without electricity. Kill enough Americans – such as WW3, and the sturdiest will survive. Elites are Darwin inspired.
      Given sufficient population reduction from primitive living – a much lower standard of living can be accommodated.
      And that – is the goal of Marxism. 7 Billion is too many to control. 500 M will be controlled just fine. As primitive serfs.

      Sustainability was never a goal. The goal is to equalize first world and third world living standards in preparation for the OWG and one world currency.

      Here’s my projection–renewables will give you a standard of living equivalent to the late 1700s. Of course the private jet crowd will fare much better.

      Well, you could wear animal hides, live in an igloo and chew blubber…Eskimos laugh at Klaus Schwab

      • We have to get away from the fraud that oil is a finite resource and that it is composed of “fossils”.
        Far from being “fossil fuel”, hydrocarbons are not only plentiful but are being created by yet-unknown processes deep within the earth.
        The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when little was known about the processes by which oil is produced. Oil is “abiotic” in nature, as even depleted oil wells are “filling back up” from deep below the earth’s surface.
        Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits way below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
        As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
        Not only that, but there are planetary bodies in which hydrocarbons are naturally occurring (without fossils).
        “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
        Follow the money.

    • anonymous1 The problem with nuclear is that it supplies too much electricity, too reliably. With an extremely stable supply there’s no way to run a trade. Just boring old steady power at 98% of rated output. Investement banks’ traders don’t like reliable supplies, they want dynamic (dramatic) swings and just enough production to meet supply with no reserve. Any reserve is inefficient and therefore must be eliminated.

      People laugh at the “energy too cheap to meter” quote from Lewis Strauss, but he was right. If you actually allow nuclear power plants to be built without endless lawsuits they will pay back their construction costs in less than 30 years and then run for 60+ years. I could see where every coal plant was replaced by nuclear plant and peaking natural gas being so cheap it isn’t worth reading the meters. And that’s using the 50 year old designs. But no one wants to buy a 30 year bond on a power plant that might never be completed, especially when the bankers trade on market scarcity.

      • Let’s not forget the forever changing demands of governments regarding nuclear reactor designs. The lawsuits filed by anti-nuke types result in design changes, which in themselves are not cheap and are quite often counterproductive, making it difficult to get a nuclear power plant out of the design stage..
        Yes, I remember Lewis Strauss stating that electric power would be so cheap, metering would be unnecessary.

        • anarchyst

          Nuclear will work, but only the Chinese and Russians seem to be building them these days. It is not possible in North America or Europe.
          What are your politicians doing? russia and china will get ahead, survive.

          G7 will freeze in the dark….lol…part of the plan to exterminate the G7 whites, the most hated group on the planet……..

      • RK

        One of the largest inputs into the modern economy is energy. Much of that energy comes from fossil fuels. The availability of that energy at reasonable costs when compared to human effort is declining due to a number of factors including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but the number one reason is depletion. In other words energy is getting more expensive because we’ve used up all the easy to extract stuff.

        Remember the oil embargo in the 70’s? They were able to mute much of the effect of that over time by drilling Alaska and the North Sea, areas that were known to contain oil but that were not profitable to drill prior to the embargo. But those sorts of fallbacks are all explored and on production (and thus decline) now.

        What we got left is fracking and the oil sands, both of which are much more expensive per barrel and hated by some of the fake green agenda part of the population, ATTENTION: despite their very lives depending on them.

        Our communist government wants to shut down the oil sands so we can freeze in the dark….lol

        As the amount of energy going into the economy declines, so will economic activity. Dollars and interest rates can’t fix it. Remember, they are real. They are just agreements among men and nations. Agreements that can’t be kept, aren’t.

        ATTENTION: wind turbines and solar panels won’t fix it because they do not work. To make them work would require a wind turbine and a solar array (or both) on every rooftop, but even once you did that you need batteries. Lots of batteries. A prohibitive amount of batteries. Batteries like we’ve never imagined before. And you have to replace them every 5-7 years. dangerous lithium fire bomb batteries.

        Nuclear will work, but only the Chinese and Russians seem to be building them these days. It is not possible in North America or Europe.
        What are your politicians doing? russia and china will get ahead, G7 will freeze in the dark….lol

        Thus, the longer term outlook for the economy is pretty grim. The best bet, if you live in North America, is to enjoy the next decade or so because it is probably the last prosperous one. If you are in Europe it may be too late already, as the damaged energy trade routes may never be restored. I’d get the heck out of there if I could.

        When the trouble starts, now you know why.

        Re: nuclear
        One needs to have a clear understanding of just why it is that nuclear power is so hated
        all over the world, and why the fake “environmentalist” movement, established and
        financially supported by the Club of Rome, was called upon to wage war on nuclear

        With nuclear energy generating electricity in cheap and abundant supplies, Third
        World countries would gradually become independent of U.S. foreign aid and begin to
        assert their sovereignty, instead they are forced to borrow money from the world bank at
        very high interest rates pushing them into bankruptcy.

        Nuclear generated electricity is THE key to bringing Third
        World countries out of their backward state, a state which the Committee of 300 has
        ordered to remain in position.

        Also as you point out nuclear is bad for energy traders….

  8. Instead of wasting hundreds of billion$ on EV’s that solve NOTHING WHATSOEVER (and create additional problems,) how about instead using the funds to properly super-insulate all the residential and commercial structures now existing.
    That would save about 15 to 20% of all energy used in the US.
    Would it be easy? Well, it would be easier than switching to EV’s and easier than putting a few men on Mars for a few days.
    Would it be costly? Up front yes, but the real savings of energy would return dividends greater than the costs, unlike the billion$ already wasted to make Elon, the looter, wealthy.

  9. The 80 miles driven wasn’t even realistic. 55 mph? Slow it down to 45 because of range anxiety.

    The pos lightening didn’t even go a realistic 80 miles. Kick that sucker up to 70 on a cruise down hwy 20 or I-15 in east Idaho and you’d be lucky to get 50 miles.

    EV’s are unacceptable in the real world.

  10. I lived in a mid-Eighties Fleetwood for 7 years. The rent was quite cheap, and I couldn’t complain much, save for having no place to work, build or store anything. I’m actually moving back into a stationary RV parked on my land. More permanent structures will follow.

    That Fleetwood was powered by the once ubiquitous 454 big-block. I can only imagine how it would’ve fared if that were replaced by an electric motor and the batteries to power it. I guess, on one hand, you’d always have a full charge after a (long enough) stay at an RV park, but how much range you’d have before you’d reach another would be a concern. The other, of course, is sleeping on a bomb, ready to incinerate you and your RV, should it use standard Li-ion batteries.

    Electric propulsion is great for some things. Submarines and bicycles, for example. My dad still really digs the 1,000 watt bike he got for his birthday. I’d love to have one again. But I’m not sure an RV is an opportune application for the electromotive force, especially these days. Have you seen the mobile mansions people are driving around? Often times, it’s a little, old, white-haired lady, in control of this enormous land-ship. I’m SURE those would do well if converted to electric.

    Next, let’s convert the country’s main battle tanks.

  11. I-65 runs the length of Alabama, and this is the time of year that the high dollar Roll Tide alumni drive their $500K pushers towing a Lexxus or Mercedes SUV to T-town (Tuscaloosa, home of U of Alabama).

    The it’s the snowbird season –yankees going to winter in Flarrrderr. It’s half & half in that some use big 3/4 ton trucks to tow 5th wheels and some use undersized 1/2 ton trucks to tow bumper pulls.

    I can’t imagine either using stupid eeeeeveeeees to do so. As someone mentioned in this thread –there’s absolutely nothing positive about EVs.

    • And the ironic bit? If they’re recharging their EeyVeees north of Birmingham, they’re most likely using TVA juice, generated mostly with nuke, natural gas, and coal! TVA has been one of the biggest proponents of nuke generation in the USA, sort of like our version of EdF.

      Another ironic observation, TVA is owned by Uncle Sugar. So, how is that whole decarbonizing thing going, TVA?

  12. >CA have already banned water heaters, stoves and so on that are powered by natural gas

    Not only that, there is a move afoot to ban cremation, which typically uses natural gas and can cost as little as ~$600.

    The “environmentally responsible” alternative?
    >Recompose, a Seattle funeral home that specializes in natural organic reduction, charges $7,000
    >CEO of Recompose Katrina Spade said in a statement to Changing America the company is “thrilled”
    I’ll bet.

    Or, you could just bury the body on your own rural land, and let the “natural organic reduction” take place, without paying for anything but a shovel.

    To quote the late John Prine,
    “Every side I get up on is the wrong side of bed.
    If it weren’t so expensive, I’d wish I were dead.”

    I think I will get a t-shirt made which says “I emit CO2.”
    Danger, Will Robinson!

    • Yes, Adi, what in the hell? They’ll turn your body to soil in as little as 30 days. Sorry, but that’s not how nature works. They probably will just bury people in mass graves, and give those who pay the $7k a bag of potting soil bearing the name of the deceased.

      You have it, though. Just bury them by a tree. Tree happy.

      • Bad,
        Indeed, there is no better application of such dead body fertilizer than an orchard. Having lived here for 35 years, and with several fruit trees always in progress, and keeping dogs, which often don’t live for ten years, they get buried in the orchard. I have never needed to fertilize any fruit trees. Even those apple trees that frequently produce 10 or more bushels each.

  13. Motortrend testing F150 Lightning towing:

    Interesting that he found it lacking when it comes to passing or hill ascent. Maybe that’s just because he’s used to getting the kick-down boost from a traditional transmission, or perhaps because of an algorithm programed into the system to prevent pushing it at the expense of range. One would think there’d be plenty of on-demand torque at any RPM, but they might limit big current dumps through the ESCs or something. Either way, not a good choice for towing anything.

    • Hi RK,

      It’s even worse than that. A standard F-150 with 4 gallons of gas in the tank can take on another 4 gallons in about two minutes. Meanwhile, the EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeee driver waits 30 for the equivalent of those 4 gallons of fuel.

      • Eric, what I don’t understand is just why so much denial? I’ve watched a few reviews of the Lightning from YouTube “car guys” who can’t say enough about how great it is, while completely ignoring the elephant in the room. Are they just paid shills for Ford, worried that they won’t continue to get access to review vehicles? Or are they so in love with the idea that they’re just going to gloss over the obvious failings of the whole concept?

        Meanwhile, when it comes to the F150 hybrid with Powerboost, crickets. That seems like it would be a fantastic work truck, and great for RV towing too, just throw a few jerry cans of fuel in the back to make up for what you use at the campsite -no extra generator needed. A modern equivalent of the Model T with PTO to run farm accessories.

        • Hi RK,

          I think it’s a combination of factors. Some are just PR shill-types; others are just lacking depth of understanding and think the tech is “cool” – in a 14-year-old kind-of way.

      • That F-150 can carry a camper with a camp toilet, shower, sink, stove, micro, and fridge, a spot to stretch out upon, and a bed over the cab that two can *ahem* SLEEP in quite nicely. The trick is to be able to get the camper off the bed if you want to “set a spell”. It can even have an attached rollup awning, and you can put out a folding table and chairs to dine in the great outdoors when weather permits. A mobile twist on the tiny house…

    • Electric motors have torque peak at one rpm, half way through the rpm range the torque starts dropping and falls lower, they don’t have top end power. EV’s have a low top speed and are slow in the 1/2 mile compared to ice cars.

      steam engines have torque peak at one rpm, but don’t drop off in power at higher rpm, they are far lower rpm then electric morors so last longer, some tesla motors turn 19,000 rpm so will wear out quickly.

      a modern steam engine is 60% efficient an EV is 12% to 25% efficient, a diesel 50% efficient

      some gas and diesel engines have flat torque curves pull right to redline, some don’t get maximum torque till 1800 or 3000 or 4000 rpm but will pull to redline, turbos give huge low end torque and pull to redline.

      Howard Hughes’ 1925 Doble E20 went 0 to 75 mph in just 5 seconds, with its engine turning over at less than 1,000 rpm, a steam engine is a very low rpm engine.
      The tesla plaid motors runs at up to 19,000 rpm, that sounds dangerous, will wear out quickly, car electric motors are too high rpm. The steam engine goes 600,000 miles without an overhaul. After 100,000 miles the tesla battery is dead so it is worthless, scrapped, at 19,000 rpm the motors are probably gone too..

      Howard Hughes’ 1925 Doble E20 top speed was 133 mph in 1925, with today’s technology the steam powered car might be quicker then anything.

  14. I’m glad to see Eric using a Soviet metaphor rather than a Nazi metaphor to describe the tyranny of our government. To be sure, the Nazi government committed atrocities against targeted minorities, but they never tried to control the daily lives of the German volk as long as the people did not challenge the regime. Indeed, they tried to improve the individual lives of most Germans, including personal transportation through the autobahn and the Volkswagen.

    It was the Soviet Union, and other communist countries, that used a clique of bureaucrats to control the daily movements of the population, deny them access to cars and firearms, and dictate what apartment they would be granted by the State, and where.

    It’s worth remembering that the U.S. allied with the USSR in World War II, and that both communism and democracy pronounce everybody equal.

    The point is not to defend Nazism but to recall that democracy and communism have much more in common than we are led to believe.

    • If those who fought in WW2 had a “crystal ball” and could see what the world has degenerated into, they would have sided with Germany. The term: “Germany bad, Allies good” is false…and must be relegated to the dustbin of history.

      Those we “saved” during and after WW2 were actually the enemy even before WW2, during the Wiemar Republic days, and yes, the communist bolshevik revolution of 1917 that was formulated and instituted by “you know who” (those of the “tribe”).

      Tribe member Theodore N. Kaufman’s genocidal book “Germany Must Perish” advocated the complete destruction of German culture, art, architecture, technology, and anything German. Just as in the biblical book of Deuteronomy–nothing was to be left alive. That being the case, who could blame Germans for fighting back? This sickening book is available on the internet for free and shows the mentality of those of the “tribe”. I encourage anyone interested the the mentality of those of the “tribe” to obtain and read it. It will change your perception about the buildup to WW2 and Germany.

      Kristallnacht was a one-night riot against certain “tribal” interests, while the “tribe’s” pogrom against Germany lasted the entirety of WW2. As a matter of fact, Hitler was livid about Kristallnacht as he did not advocate violence against Germany’s internal “enemies”, but an orderly transition with already-in-place agreements with the “tribe’s” leaders.

      During the reign of the Wiemar Republic, the average German did not have a “pot to piss in” while his wealthy “tribal” neighbors were trading bread for land, disenfranchising Germans for their own interests. Of course, extreme WW1 “war reparations” imposed by the “victors” played a large part in Germany’s troubles. German women were reduced to selling “themselves” for a loaf of bread or a bowl of sugar just to stay alive.

      Even General George S. Patton realized that Eisenhower and his “tribal” enablers destroyed one of the greatest European cultures known to humankind.

      Eisenhower’s Rheinwiesenlager death camps (which almost no one in the western world has knowledge of) was tribal “revenge”. For those who are unaware, these “death camps” were used to intern German POWs after the conclusion of the war. Eisenhower purposely refused to define these internees as POWs, thereby denying them human treatment under Geneva Convention protocols. Eisenhower defined these internees as “disarmed enemy combatants”, not worthy of humane treatment. These “death camps” were open-air facilities with no buildings. The internees lived outdoors in all weather. Food was starvation rations. The internees were reduced to eating grass or any plants they could find. Anyone who attempted to feed these prisoners was shot on sight. Eisenhower should have been tried for war crimes for this. Instead he was made president.

      Patton decried the truly unwashed “masses” of those we saved, who refused to use latrines and sanitary facilities, preferring to defecate and urinate in the corners of the rooms they occupied. Soldiers had to use rifle butts on those who refused to “clean themselves up”. Of course, Patton was murdered by those who opposed him and wanted to silence him.

      Let’s not forget the Nuremberg “show trials”, the “kangaroo courts” which codified feelings into “crimes against humanity” where defendants were tortured in order to achieve the desired results.

      We are living with the very results of WW2 to this day.

      • Hi Anarchyst,

        I will say that it’s interesting high school textbooks (and so on) rarely, if ever, mention the fact that it was Germany and the Soviet Union that swallowed up Poland – yet Great Britain and France only declared war upon Germany. The Soviet Union got a pass. Indeed, it got help – lots of it – from the “allies.”

        At the end of the war, Poland was wholly occupied by the Soviet Union – along with all of eastern Europe.

        Who really won the war?

        • >Great Britain and France only declared war upon Germany
          Q: And what possible “national security” interest could the UK have had in the future of Poland?
          A: None whatsoever, AFAIK.
          Can you say, “Just an excuse?”

          Somewhat ironic that the Polish liberation from Communism movement got started in he shipyards of Gdansk, a.k.a. Danzig, which was over 90% ethnic German when it was known by the latter name.

        • As someone who grew up in poverty, with no running water and occasional electrical service in Poland, I can definitely tell you who lost.

        • ISRAEL. Though ostensibly taking heavy casualties (in reality, nowhere near the purported “sechs millonen”), most of those Jews that perished were decidedly not Zionists. So not only did the Zionists gain “gravitas” and support for their stealing of the Holy Land, they eliminated rival Jews that wouldn’t support them.

      • Anarchyst the intellectuals of the day assumed Communism was the “logical” choice. A tightly managed nation, compliant population and everything working according to the five year plan. Even when presented with the reality of the Soviet Union and the plenty of the United States they chose ignorance.

        But who’s to say the Germans didn’t lose the battles and win the wars? Operation Paperclip is pretty well known when it comes to scientists, but what about all those Gestapo? And the military leadership? Kubrick was on to the scam with Dr Strangelove, everyone knew it, yet if you ask anyone under 70 on the street they probably won’t know anything about it. And most anyone over 70 will blow it off like “Well Von Brawn got us to the moon” as if that makes it all OK.

        • The “Gestapo” that you mention had more honor and courage than anything coming out of the west. In fact, all German military personnel lived under very strict “rules” when it came to the treatment of civilian non-combatants. Transgressions against civilians were severely punished, even to the point of death. Even camp commandants were not exempt from the death penalty for mistreatment of their charges.
          Today’s leaders’ behavior has nothing to do with German behavior and tactics, but are totally (tribal) communist totalitarian in nature. The tribe takes after Lavrenty Beria: “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”,
          You see, the bolsheviks (who were primarily of the “tribe”) actually ENJOYED torturing their victims and were constantly thinking up new ways to make torture “more effective” and enjoyable for “them” (the tribe). It is interesting to note that during the communist reign in Russia, “anti-semitism” was deemed a “crime” punishable by death. Christian Orthodox properties were seized and “repurposed” as barns, stables, warehouses, and the like by the communists while not one synagogue was touched. THAT speaks volumes, as well.
          Even today, all one has to do is witness what is done in the Palestinian territories where israeli snipers purposely target kneecaps, legs, eyes, hips, and other areas where the most damage can be done while allowing the “victim” to live, suffering and in pain. Children are not exempt from such treatment by israeli snipers. These israeli snipers are actually rewarded with shekels and other benefits for their “body counts”.
          Why israel is not brought up on war crimes and crimes against humanity charges is beyond me. Follow the shekels.
          Let’s move on to the Nuremberg “show” trials conducted after the summation of WW2 where a new concept of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” law was established. EVERY defendant was tortured to the max and was forced to adhere to a “script” imposed by their torturers. Sleep deprivation, extreme temperatures, severe beatings and and crushed testicles were the norm for these defendants. In addition, their families were threatened not only with the same punishment, but exile to that communist paradise, Russia was a constant threat. Almost every torturer belonged to the “tribe”. THAT speaks VOLUMES.
          The USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was attacked by israel on June 8, 1967. To this day, the survivors have had trouble getting their message out there. Even on the 50th anniversary of this attack “by our bestest friend and ally, israel” received absolutely NO recognition from the “mainstream media”.
          If I had my way, israel would have ceased to exist on June 9, 1967. As far as I am concerned, israel still owes me for 34 dead and 173 wounded Americans.
          Germany will have won the war when Hitler is vindicated and people begin to realize that WW2 was fought to make the world safe for communism and domination by the “tribe”. We are living with the results today…

          • >Germany will have won the war when Hitler is vindicated and people begin to realize that WW2 was fought to make the world safe for communism

            I agree.
            Not holding my breath, though.

            20th century AD was the inception of the Age of Propaganda, which continues to this day.
            The battle for control of human minds is an ongoing saga.
            Stay tuned for further developments…

          • IMO, it is *WAY* past time for the terrorist “State of Israel” to declare itself a nuclear weapons power, and to join the NPT as such.

            You say you need nuclear weapons for self defense?
            Fine. So do many other countries.
            We recognize that, and acknowledge your concerns.
            Time to put your cards on the table.
            Duplicity earns you no friends.

            • If a nuclear device is “lit off” in an American or European city, it will have Israel’s fingerprints all over it. Israel is desperate to keep the American money spigot running, as well as sabotaging the Palestinian “peace process” that the world wants it to take seriously.
              In fact, if a nuclear device is “lit off” anywhere in the world, it will have come from Israel’s secret nuclear “stockpile”.
              Israeli nukes are already in place and ready to use at a moment’s notice in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. New York City is “off-limits” for obvious reasons.
              European targets are Rome (Vatican City), Paris or Brussels. Israel zionists would LOVE to take out Rome, being the seat of its nemesis, the Roman Catholic Church.
              Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel is not able to produce all of them as almost all of them are not in Israel, proper. No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already in place.
              As an aside, American foreign aid is prohibited from being given to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (the Symington Amendment) or refuses to abide by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines and inspections regarding its nuclear devices.
              Guess what??
              Israel does not abide by EITHER and still gets the majority of American foreign aid.
              This prohibition also applies to countries that do not register their agents of a foreign government with the U S State Department.
              Guess what??
              Israel (again) with its American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) still gets “foreign aid” in contravention of American law..
              There are forty or so congressmen, senators and thousands of high-level policy wonks. infecting the U S government who hold dual citizenship with Israel. Such dual citizenship must be strictly prohibited. Those holding dual citizenship must be required to renounce said foreign citizenship. Refusal to do so should result in immediate deportation with loss of American citizenship. Present and former holders of dual citizenship should never be allowed to serve in any American governmental capacity.
              In addition, any American citizen who serves in a foreign military (Israel Defense Forces) should automatically lose his/her American citizenship and be deported to israel.
              When Netanyahu addressed both houses of congress, it was sickening to see our politicians slobber all over themselves to PROVE that they were unconditional supporters of Israel. It was a scene out of the Soviet Politburo where every zionist or Israel supporter tried to outdo the others with the applause. Just who the hell do they work for? Certainly not for the interests of the American people and the United States. They should lose their United States citizenship and be deported to Israel. .

          • LBJ was supposedly Israel’s “best friend in DC”. I’ve been reading a book by Laurent Guyenot, “The Unspoken Kennedy Truth”, which asserts that Israel’s Mossad was behind the JFK and RFK assassinations, as well as SecNavy and later SecDef James Forrestal. My Dad strongly believes that LBJ was involved in JFK’s murder, and maybe RFK’s also, as he had obvious motive. Connect the dots…

            • LBJ was instrumental in denying help for the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) which was attacked by israel on 8 June 1967. Even the lifeboats were strafed, a violation of Geneva convention conduct of war. LBJ wanted the ship and all hands on the bottom to provide a pretext for israel to nuke Egypt. When a brave sailor reconnected a antenna, reestablishing communication with the fleet, “the jig was up”. Johnson could no longer hide his vile plan and see his “plan” to fruition. If I had my way, israel would have been turned into a “glass parking lot on 9 June 1967.
              Yes, Johnson was a POS who planned the attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) with israel and was was instrumental in implementing the Kennedy assassination.
              It is interesting to note that the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) is the most decorated ship in the Navy. The skipper was awarded the Medal of Honor, not at the White House, which is protocol, but at an obscure naval base. The citation makes no mention of the attack by israel, but merely denotes Vietnam.
              There has never been a formal board of inquiry as well. John McCain’s “daddy” Admiral oversaw the whitewash of the whole incident. The “apple” didn’t fall far from the tree”.
              Another Admiral (George Morrison) vehemently protested the “cover-up”. Admiral Morrison was the father of the musical group Door’s front man Jim Morrison.
              To this day, justice has not been served in this case. israel got away with an act of war” against “its bestest friend in the whole wide world”.
              Normally, the 50th anniversary of any notable historical event is at least mentioned by the “mainstream media”. Not so, for the USS Liberty (AGTR-5). Sorta tells you something…
              I will NEVER forgive israel or its occupants for this…as far as I am concerned, israel still owes me for 173 wounded and 34 murdered Americans…

  15. Thanks for bringing this up Eric.
    My antique Class A motorhome holds 90 gallons of gas and gets between 6-7 mpg. It’s ancient chebby 454 sucking through a holley gets me over 500 miles. Gassing up, while a painful affair, doesn’t take much longer than a full size SUV. An electric motorhome would be a lead brick monstrosity only affordable by billionaires, who would likely turn up their noses at the thought of mobile living and half day charge times. Why aren’t companies like Winnebago and Airstream lobbying the whores in GovCo and buying ads to educate the public? Their business depends on internal combustion! Once the EV pushers get their way all RV’s are dead in the water and will become yet another bright blip in history snuffed out by uncle scam… Another piece of Americana sent to an early grave. Damn these people to hell!

    • Electric Winnebago.

      Evolving battery technology and applications continue to drive capabilities and mileage range increases are anticipated as the concept vehicle further develops. Currently, an industry standard, 86-kWh battery configuration provides a range of 125 miles while powering on-board systems. This range will meet the needs of a majority (54%) of new RV buyers who prefer to make trips under 200 miles (1).

      I don’t see the (1) footnote on the web page. I’m guessing they did a survey of some sort. “Majority” being one of those weasel words. Or they had 20 people respond to the survey and 11 of them travel 200 miles or less in their RV.

      • >This range will meet the needs of a majority (54%) of new RV buyers who *WILL* prefer to make trips under 200 miles
        and they *WILL* like it,
        once they graduate from re-education camp. 🙂

      • Trips under 200 miles my ass! My sister drives an RV from Florida to the Adirondacks every summer. Given the range and recharge time of the equivalent EV beast, by the time she got there it would be time to turnaround and head back.

        • Hi Mike,

          I doubt it’s even that far. How far in the very cold, with the heat on (for the battery, too)? How far when it’s very hot – with the AC on?

          It’s absurd – and evil. I’m not sure which is more.

        • It’s worse than that Mike, your travel battery is also the house battery, so that range will decrease while you’re camping too. That 350V water heater and air conditioner will chew through power like a dog on a rawhide bone. Most RV’ers know how to budget power consumption but even with a diesel heater it’s more just to make sure you don’t get too cold at night, not to make sure you can get out of the woods to a charging station.

          • Lets not forget many motorhome owners also tow a cargo trailer or vehicle, further reducing range. They’re digging their own grave relying on a supposed 54% of buyers only traveling 200 miles or less. My rig is from the mid eighties and still made a cross country trip no problem. An EV RV will be toxic waste within 10 years.

      • RK

        NOTE: you can only use 60% of the battery capacity…… between 30% and 90%. using the battery below 30% you can damage the battery, charging above 90% can damage the battery and cause a fire. So you can only use 60% of the range advertised…..

        with a 86 kwh battery they say 125 miles range….. in ideal conditions, 30 mph, flat road, no wind, 70 degrees out, no accessories on, AC, etc…

        with a 86 kwh battery they say 125 miles range x 60% = 75 mile real range, in very cold weather -50% = 37 mile range… won’t even make it to the next charger….lol

        what good is a 75 or 37 mile range? you will get it towed all the time. RV’s usually are driven 1000’s of miles on long trips……

        travelling 125 miles in an EV RV uses 86 kwh of electricity @ $0.40 per kwh (on the road charger) = $34.40

        maximum range before recharging 75 miles…
        this makes it impossible to use, you would go insane and there isn’t chargers every 75 miles, you would get it towed all the time costing 1000’s of dollars…lol

        travelling 125 miles in an ice diesel RV uses 6.9 gallons of diesel x $4.00 gallon = $27.60

        maximum range before refueling 500 miles

  16. There just seems to be no upside to EVs
    High entry price
    charging inconvenience
    replacement battery cost
    short range
    fire hazard
    environmental problems

    But they will try to force us so they can make $$.
    With a side benefit of control.

  17. ‘To Sovietize living, for the people of this country.’ — eric

    Narrative shift in progress, comrades:

    ‘Stanford scientists say that it costs more to charge your electric car at night and it could stress out your local electric grid. Instead, researchers suggest drivers should switch to charging their vehicle at work or in public charging stations.

    “We encourage policymakers to consider utility rates that encourage day charging and incentivize investment in charging infrastructure to shift drivers from home to work for charging,” says study’s co-senior author, Ram Rajagopal, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University.

    “We were able to show that with less home charging and more daytime charging, the Western U.S. would need less generating capacity and storage, and it would not waste as much solar and wind power,” explains Siobhan Powell, a doctor of mechanical engineering and lead study author.

    In other words, because the sun shines and the wind blows the most at midday, therefore EeeVees need to be charged then too. And if you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated charging station where you spend your day, then you’ll just have to reserve an hour out of your midday once or twice a week to cool your heels at a charging station.

    One by one, all the marvelous advantages cited on behalf of EeeVees — such as the alleged convenience of overnight charging at home — are being yanked off the table.

    Climate change –> solar & wind power –> EeeVees –> daytime charging

    Gail Tverberg, in an article posted at ZeroHedge this morning, explores some other nasty quirks of wind & solar energy on the grid, including power transients, lack of inertia, resonance between power line compensators and rotating machinery, and unwanted reactive power.

    “Wind and solar are not truly replacements for electricity produced by fossil fuels or nuclear. The problem is that most of the current system needs to remain in place, in addition to the renewable energy system,” concludes Tverberg.

    Try explaining this to a Kongress Klown. He/she/it/they will stare at you like a duck listening to thunder.

    • That’s just because “we” need to convert the grid over to DC power! That’ll fix everything…

      See, just change out everything to DC and all our problems will be solved! Just replace all those old dumb transformers with new smart inverters! With smart monitoring and control systems. And smart real-time billing! The Wall Street electricity trading desks will make trillions providing just about enough power to run society. Like California the country will be under constant threat of blackouts as the futures contracts go hyperbolic. Enron was the model. Goldman and Citi are the implementation.

      Better get that backup generator soon.


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