Midterm Scenarios

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The midterms are coming. If we have them – if they aren’t completely jiggered with – what is the likely outcome? 

It could prove to be the beginning of the final outcome. 

If the Left loses, the Left will lose it. For all of the Left’s leg-humping of  “our Democracy,” what the Left really “humps” is its control of the apparatus of government , which the Left regards as the sole fief of the Left.

If the voters decide it isn’t, the Left will lose interest in “democracy” as quickly as Dracula would lose interest in a mannequin he bit into, thinking it was his next warm meal. Interest will surge in questioning elections, a thing the Left opposes when elections of Leftists are questioned. But unlike those who’ve questioned the workings – and so, the results – of the last election, those who question the results of this one (assuming they aren’t in line with “our Democracy”) will not do so peacefully. The Left being “peaceful” like OJ is innocent.

When the Left doesn’t get what it wants, it explodes. It attacks. Viz, the “peaceful” protests of the Left during Trump’s last year in office. Viz, the attempted assassination of a Supreme Curt Justice the Left doesn’t like, despite his having been nominated to the court by a president elected . . . democratically.

Viz, the “sport” – exclusively practiced by Leftists – of cold-cocking people in the streets, pushing them off subway platforms and onto the tracks. 

Expect such “sports” to become more popular in the event “our Democracy” rejects the Left at the ballot box in a couple of weeks.

But also expect more than that. Especially if, as is expected, the Orange Man announces he will be running for office in the next election, in the wake of a rejection this election of the Left by  . . .”our Democracy.”

Keeping in mind that the Left would still control the apparatus of “our Democracy” for at least the next couple of months after its repudiation at the polls. What do you suppose the Left will do with those two months? Keeping in mind that the Left – unlike the opposition to it – never goes gently into that good night.

Several likely scenarios come to mind.

The first is that the Left repudiates the results of the elections – just as the Left repudiated the election back in 2016 of the Orange Man, whom the Left immediately characterized as “illegitimate.” But the Left lacked the power to do anything about it at the time. Well, to do anything about it in a direct way, Indirectly, Leftists used every tool at their disposal, including the FBI and the media (including what is styled “social media”) to undermine the “illegitimate” president. They eventually succeeded in getting rid of him via a “pandemic” that he wasn’t astute enough to understand was designed to get rid of him.

Now, it is likely they will indict him – regardless of this election’s outcome – but much more probably if the results do not jibe with “our Democracy.” The Left will use its waning power to hound the single greatest threat it perceives to “our Democracy.” That being the democratic re-election of the man who probably won the last election.

And that may just trigger the violence the Left uses as reflexively as a carpenter uses a framing hammer.

Just not by the Left, this time.

The post-election indictment of the Orange Man – or the repudiation of the election’s results, if they do not jibe with “our Democracy” – could spark what many ruefully consider to be inevitable.

That being a repudiation of this no-longer-tenable system.

It is no longer tenable because of irreconcilable differences. Because of the Left’s insistence that everything that isn’t to the liking of Leftists constitutes a “threat” to “our Democracy.” A “threat” that must be met with violence – including economic violence. Viz, the threat by the Leftists who control PayPal to “fine” account holders who question “our Democracy,” the “threat” defined by the Left as anything the Left dislikes. The “fines” being outright seizures of peoples’ money – by a private company operating as the enforcement division of the Leftists who control the government.

Viz, the threat by Leftists to take away the license to practice medicine of doctors who state facts about the “vaccines.”

And to use the force of government to force parents to submit their children for “vaccination.”

There are all too many things to viz – all of them making it plain the Left will not abide anything – or anyone – not in line with the Left.

Regardless of the “democratic” process.

This is understood. It is what comes next that must be fleshed out. That being, how to separate from the Left. In politics, that word has come to be associated with “seditious” things. But why should it be? The American colonies separated from Great Britain – and this has been celebrated every year since. The states of the Southern Confederacy attempted to do the same and – had they been allowed to go in peace – it is probable there’d be a lot more peace today. If only because people would have a peaceful alternative. Those who wanted to live in a “union” held together by force would be free to do so. Those who preferred to live in a different kind of place would be free to do so.

Of a piece with a man and wife who realize they can no longer live together except by forcing themselves on each other. Far better for them both to be free to choose new partners and a different kind of life.

You might even call that “democracy.”

. . .

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  1. In re Leftists: drove into NYC this morning for meetings, and I see tents all over the streets of midtown; these were not here just weeks ago. Homeless, bums, weirdos and druggies are now very ubiquitous, as opposed to comically random. I’m sitting here in Bryant Park watching a drugged out 20-something man yelling in the air while bathing in a public fountain, freaking out the tourists. And there are many creepy hood-rats milling about giving evil looks to people.

    I’ve never seen this city like this, and the past two years it’s been mostly dead, with only diapered zombie townies walking around.

    This is our country on Leftists and vaccines. Let the mother fucker burn.

    • Hey, BAC!

      Heh…ya’d think what with “bail reform” and all of the “diversity” and all the other loony leftist wet dreams which have been fulfilled in NY, that the place would be a paradise! 😉 (Like Detroit!)

      Why is it that people are willing to pay top dollar to live in the two worst most oppressive crime-ridden dumps in the entire country- NY and the Gay Area/SF? This just shows the true insanity of modern society, when even people of the highest means are willing to embrace garbage which even I, -a humble pauper- would never tolerate.

      Sad thing is though, that the decline is visible everywhere. It’s just more advanced in places like NYC because they’ve been at it longer- but even here in rural southern KY the societal changes I’ve observed since I first came here 21 years ago, are disturbing.

      Those changes may seem insignificant compared to the rot one sees in places like NYC, but it’s equally scary because it portends a changing of culture and values, which will lead to embracing the same mentality as has destroyed places like NY.

      For instance: When I first moved here, cashiers would treat ya in the old-fashioned personable Southern style- talking to you and calling ya “Hun” and all of that- and it was a pleasant experience. Those cashiers were from the days when indoctrination…errrr, I mean ‘edumacation’ wasn’t as tightly controlled or well-funded, and when there were only 2or 3 broadcast TV channels to watch- vs. the new cashiers…who are the product of more ‘nationalized’ well-funded indoctrination, and who have 100’s of TV channels, internet, and other sorts of screens in front of their faces 24/7 since toddlerhood…and now they don’t even so much as say ‘Thank you’ after a transaction.

      I’ve always been one to just naturally and habitually say ‘thank you’ to any cashier- but just as of late, as I’ve noticed that so many now say nothing…even when YOU say it to them, as an experimented I’ve started saying nothing….and they say nothing either!

      My point? Clearly the local culture has been influenced and changed, and is essentially being made into one homogenized national lump. It’s beginning to feel a lot more like NY than the South. Peoples attitudes and values are changing (for the worse, of course)….we’re seeing more liberals and fags, even in the smallest towns.

      Sons of farmers are becoming social workers…. (Seems fitting…as those farmers are essentially welfare recipients- their principal business being navigating the subsidy system). Couple of queers (Husband and husband) opened a restaurant in a nearby town of 1500 people. In the past, they would have had no business- maybe even have had the displeasure of those around them expressed in other more demonstrative ways….but today? Pffttt…farmers and truck drivers eat happily at the male-owned restaurant with the female name.

      Appropriately, that fagggoteria was the only bidness around here to “lock down” when that was a thing….

      • @Nunzio

        So true and so sad. In my little town in the NW corner of the Reich which I moved to to escape Nazi controlled Mexifornia many years ago, it has slowly devolved in a similar manner to what you’re experiencing. Yeah, we can snicker all we want about the situation in these large urban shitholes but the trend here is moving sickeningly & relentlessly towards what’s already happened there. So the question is how long do I (we) dare wait to make the next move. . .and to where?

        Idaho sounds reasonable, but it’s just a little chilly there. And what makes us think any alternative city will be able to hold out any better against a fascist onslaught? Eric has covered this ground before and I’m thinking a lot of people are thinking the same thoughts.

        • Yeah, Dave….it’s inescapable pretty much anywhere where people subscribe to what this culture has morphed into; anywhere people are ‘plugged in’; anywhere in the industrialized world for sure. All the various ‘agendas’ which have been being pushed for many decades now have brought about the very results for which they were intended.

          Every community is obsessed with ‘growth’; everyone goes to pooblik school or adopts a home-school routine which is ‘accredited’ (Assures that their kid learns the same state-sponsored BS as every other kid) and then goes to college in an attempt to take their place in the collective system- which ensures that they will learn liberalism to a greater or lesser extent, whether they realize it or not- and the common values are now those preached by the entertainment cabal (And try finding someone who doesn’;t consume their shows, movies, sports and music…and most egregious of all…’news’) as opposed to their family herritage, tradition and religion- which academia and the entertainment cabal now makes them believe are backward and evil…..

          It’s getting to be impossible to live among them- not just because they demand assimilation by force, but because of the environment which they create, and how THEY view US as the enemy. We really do need to get away from it before it all goes down in flames (Whether literally and collectively, or just as a result of the inevitable consequences of their actions, which we are already seeing in spades all around us.)

          A remote place in the jungle…or one of the many outer islands of a tiny nation in the Pacific, or a vast wilderness- where at best, maybe some of us can get together and have little Gault’s Gulches on a small scale low-tech level. We’ll essentially be the new Pioneers- or we’ll stay and be consumed.

          It’s only going to get worse. Thecourse has been long set, and it’s too late to steer the Titanic away from the iceberg (Or should I say The Warburgs[& Co.]? )

          • I’ve always pondered living somewhat alone somewhere out in the boondocks with wifey-poo but that’s not my cup of tea. I like the idea of a Galt’s Gulch approach as about the only possible viable alternative to staying put and trying to tough it out. Doug Casey’s idea of phyles is a similar approach.

            I can easily envision a group of like-minded people – somewhat small at first then growing larger & larger as the word gets out – secretly getting together, purchasing large tracks of land, and later forming some type of sovereign entity which would allow them be left in peace & without harassment by govt gangsters. Maybe something like the religious sects in Pennsylvania, without the common religious ties. I just know this is going to be tried sometime soon as things continue to spiral downwards. Whether it’ll be successful is another matter. But it’s something I’m hoping for. I’m banking on human ingenuity to do its thing.

            • Dave, even a lot of the Amish have left/are leaving already. I had conversed with a missionary (not Amish) who said that a large contingent of them were relocating to the mountainous regions of Belize….but I’ve basically written-off Central and South America, as their cultures are already in shambles, and they are psuhing socialism heavily- although there may be hope in the more remote areas.

              The Swiss Family Robinson/Remote thing [minus the family, in my case :o] has always appealed very much to me- Hell, I’m practically a hermit on my 28 acres here! Having others of like mind around would definitely be a plus/make things easier. I think just a loose informal voluntary association would be the most fitting, ‘specially for us Libertarians- and also would ensure the best chance of not having problems- ’cause once people start organizing, things usually go south (even among the Amish!) or we end up right back in the same boat we started from. Kinda like I buy my own acreage and you buy yours..and if we’re within a reasonable distance we can barter and be friends and all that, without having any speciual rules or obligations or politics- know what I mean?

              • Yes, trying to overcome the problems of human nature is another matter. Human nature being fallible (I’m being kind), when you get a bunch of people together you get a lot of fallibility. You’re no doubt aware of the noted examples of this concerning attempts at establishing Libertarian enclaves in Argentina and Chile somewhat recently by Herr Casey und Herr Berwick. Both failed fairly quick, with Berwicks attempt failing spectacularly. And I suspect Casey’s was similar but who knows. He’s been tight lipped about the whole affair. Besides, even if you surround yourself with people professing a Libertarian philosophy, that is no guarantee they know what they’re talking about. I’m sure we’ve all come across many a pseudo libertarian via the internet. In my case, way too many.

                Hell, maybe Eric’s right. Just go out and buy a trailer and hop around the country looking for a good spot. Become a vagabond and try to make the best of it.

                • Hi Dave,

                  I think about this a lot; in fact, constantly. What is the basis for a live-and-let-live society? Not a perfect one. That is a fantasy, as people can never be perfect. But simply live – and let live? It requires, at the least, a pervasive respect for the individual’s right to himself, from which all other rights follow. In the Western world, Christianity provided this (at least, after the Reformation) though it wasn’t articulated that way (rather, it was articulated as the individual’s right to his conscience, to choose, in terms of belief). That belief has of course been massively eroded and it is probably part of the reason for the situation the West finds itself in.

                  The individual is no longer sacred (though the authoritarian Left pretends to belief that it is, when it comes to obscenities the Left supports, such as the mutilation of children’s genitals) and thus thus, the individual has become disposable. Disposable people have no “rights” worthy of the term.

                  Libertarian morality asserts the primacy of the individual as a foundational principle. That he owns himself exclusively – which implies the rarely-but-ought-to-be-regularly stated corollary that no one else owns anyone else. These two propositions seem to me self-evident, as Jefferson might have put it. For who can lay rightful claim to ownership of another? It is almost universally agreed that no one has such a rightful claim – slavery being considered a universally immoral thing. The problem is that a majority of people do not regard partial slavery as immoral or even recognize it as partial slavery, because it is euphemized by styling it “taxes,” “fees” – and so on – and made to appear legitimate by process; i.e., because something called “the government” does these things and because they have been “voted” on. Most people do not consider that none of the foregoing would serve to justify overt enslavement yet they raise no objections to partial enslavement. It is as if, in their minds, a slave who is “free” to walk about the plantation – within prescribed limits and according to whatever arbitrary rules are laid down by the overseers, who is “free” to work – under certain conditions and only with approval and provided he hands over a portion of his work product – is somehow . . . not a slave.

                  He is certainly not free.

                  And will never be, until his self-ownership is generally acknowledged and respected, in law. That will require a religious awakening along with a moral-philosophical one (and both are ways of saying the same thing). Slavery – whether full body or partial body (and mind) will continue as an operational fact until that happens. If it ever does.

                  • **”The individual is no longer sacred (though the authoritarian Left pretends to belief that it is, when it comes to obscenities the Left supports, such as the mutilation of children’s genitals) “**

                    How ironic. They rail against ‘genital mutilation’ when practiced by Jews, Muslims, Christians or any other group….but when they advocate the mutilation of genitals; the reproductive system, and one’s very mind….it is somehow just fine, and even constitutes ‘science’- because they somehow have a right to decree such things when it suits their sick agendas, because they somehow own all children, and feel that they have a more superior right to decide such things- and such perversions they justify because of their religion of ‘science’, to which they assert that every knee must bend, while decrying the ‘abuses’ of ‘crazy and harmful superstitions’.

                    • There are three “reasons” for male genital mutilation” that are touted by those who advocate such a barbaric procedure:
                      1. Health reasons–many well-meaning people surmise that the penis (sans foreskin) is “easier to keep clean”–which is still NOT a valid medical reason. Any intact child can be taught to “roll back” the foreskin to keep it clean. Removal of a healthy body part without medical necessity is a crime.
                      2. Follow the money. Male genital mutilation is big business–using the “health excuse” (#1) is a big moneymaker for doctors and other medical professionals.
                      3. Dilution of jewish culture. Perhaps this should be the #1 reason why male genital mutilation is pushed on those in western cultures, especially in the USA. There is a specific prohibition on jews being “counted”. This extends to the United States Department of Commerce which, by law, is prohibited from establishing jews as a statistical category on census and other forms. Male genital mutilation is used to “blur” the number of jews as many gentiles have been so mutilated.
                      Let’s look into the jewish practice of male genital mutilation (B’rit Milah) further.
                      This practice is performed on the eighth day after birth at a specific ceremony in a synagogue celebrated by the male infant’s relatives.
                      After the cutting is done, the “mohel” (cutter) performs fellatio on the infant (metzitzah b’peh) which is a way to transmit STDs from the “mohel” to the infant–not good.
                      In fact, there are many documented cases of jewish infants suffering from STDs transmitted by the “mohel”.
                      Male genital mutilation should be outlawed worldwide, at least for infants who have no say-so in the matter. If an 18-year-old male wants the procedure done, so be it, but for infants who have no choice, absolutely NOT.

                    • Anarchit, nothing should be outlawed when it comes to comes to someone else’s children, as the matter of how their bodies and minds are treated are solely the province of the parents who procreated them- and once someone else gets to decide those things, the parent ceases being the parent, and the one who decrees such things takes upon himself a superior right which does not belong to him- and also sets the precedent to decide any other matters he so chooses delegate to himself. And what is so magical about the age of 18? Many 30 year-olds today are mentally infantile, while a 16 year-old Amish dude is a man. We are not truly our own until we are independent…and neither are we the state’s.

                      Hey, speaking of circumcision: Did ya hear about the mohel who did circumcisions for free? He just took tips!

                    • Nunz, just saw your other comment, “but the thing is, once we advocate any intervention beyond shunning and ostracism, we are giving someone else a right which they have no legitimate claim to”

                      I ask this only because I know you are Christian. Is that really what Jesus would do/say Nunz? He can’t stop it because he has no legitimate claim to stop it?

                    • [Replying here ’cause reply button under appropriate post is MIA]

                      **”Nunz, can a third party intervene if a parent(s) habitually torture or rape their child?”**

                      Hey Brandon!
                      Shouldn’t you be playing video games or practicing ironic affectations or something, instead of reducing subjects to the heart of their matter in one sentence?

                      That is a tough question. A few thoughts:

                      Since something like raping or torturing [That’s redundant, isn’t it?] an infant is generally something that would not be done in front of witnesses, -much less credible witnesses, how would such a crime be truly known, unless we were to have a system such as we do indeed have today, where the privacy of all is invaded, and every parent doctor or other person with whom one interacts is turned into a spy, to the point where millions of innocent parents are routinely harassed and treated aa criminals; and where cases are built upon circumstantial evidence?

                      Such rare abuses are the price that some pay for privacy and liberty- and even if you were to advocate the abolition of all privacy and liberty, truth is, evil people would still be evil and do these things, -the only difference is that the 99.999% of innocent people would be made to pay a great price, just so that the .001% could be caught and punished- and then bear in mind, that there would be no guarantee what would happen to the poor kid anyway- as I can tell you that the few very brief glimpses I have seen over the years of people with state-appointed foster kids, have been DAMN scary.

                      YA know, one of my nephews when he was 20 raped his 12 year-old sister several times (Yet I’M the one who lives in Kentucky!)…nothing ever came of it (Well…other than being ostracized from the family- Which was a great blessing for us.) because it was deemed just a “He said/she said matter- even though another sibling was a witness. So imagine how hard it would be to make a legitimate case in the case of in infant- unless one were to really construct cases in such a way as to be able to convict anyone…which is often what they do in such cases…and even then, it’s usually not for the specified crime, but rather for ‘other things’ they find when conducting the investigations- such ‘not maintaining proper living standards (Which in many places today could simply mean a homesteader not having electricity…etc.), or ‘drug use’ (A few doobs in the house where it’s not legal can be a charge of “endangering the welfare of a child”).

                      It still ultimately comes down to the matter of who has jurisdiction/ownership over your home and family. Once you establish that someone else does *if* you’ve committed a crime, then they have then gain the right to investigate and restrain and interfere on the mere basis of allegation or circumstantial evidence- AND at what point does one draw the line? They can say that you are “endangering the life of your baby” because you did not vaccinate it….. A parent back on Lawn Guyland was charged criminally because their toddler got up and undid the lock on the door and got out and drowndeded in a neighbor’s pool while the parent was taking a nap…. Once you [excuse the pun, in light of the preceding] open that door…there is no end to it- and this is a microcosm of how a limited government became this Orwellian monster that now have.

                      More to come in reply to your other question…….

            • Look up Orania. This is a White Afrikaner-only community in South Africa that is quite successful.
              Of course, here in the USA we would have to get around the oppressive illegal and unconstitutional “civil-rights (for some)” laws and statutes that have outlawed true “freedom of association”, but only for us Whites.
              It is doable…

              • Yeah, Anarch- It could never work here in America, for the same reason we can’t even be free as individuals on our own[sic] property. And even worse, once *they* get wind of an organized community…they seem to target them.

                A lot of places elsewhere though, if you’re off in the boonies, there is virtually no government- aand the locals are by nature independent, and used to not having any government, and totally disregard it. The poor countries concentrate their resources on the cities, and unlike here, can’t afford to have helicopters and planes criss-crossing every inch of the wilderness looking for “criminals” living in the Unabomber-style shacks. (O-K, make it a place where Nelson Mandela ain’t gonna “necklace’ ya, too! 🙂 )

                • You make a good point about “parental rights”. There are no easy answers either way.
                  However, in today’s climate where young pre-pubescent children are being allowed (and even encouraged) to select their “sex” by adults, girls, “choosing” to become “boys” and vice-versa, should “parental rights” (or the absence of) still apply? School districts are encouraging “gender fluidity” even to the point of keeping the child’s “decision” from parents–in loco parentis.
                  Parents are “pushed” into vaccinating their children by the state, the latest being the poison mRNA injections. So much for “parental rights”.
                  I respect your opinion on parental rights but cannot abide an unnecessary medical procedure performed on an infant who has absolutely no say in the matter.
                  Parental rights must not apply when genital mutilation is involved.
                  This should also apply to “gender fluidity” where a parent’s decision to “change” their child’s gender on a mere whim from a child is advocated.
                  True gender dysphoria is actually very rare, but is being pushed on children who legally cannot make such decisions for themselves by those who seek to destroy society.
                  As I previously stated, there are no easy answers…
                  Best regards,

                  • Very true, Anarchyst.
                    The whole ‘gender fluidity’ ‘choose your own sex’ thing is abhorrent to me- probably the most egregious thing that has ever been conceived- but that’s the thing about liberty; having it works both ways- it allows us to do what we believe to be propitious and right for ourselves and ours, while at the same time allowing others to do things that may be sick and evil in their own lives and with their own families.

                    Men with good intentions have tried to restrain the possibility of people doing evil, through legislation/government, but as I think we can all agree, that has not worked out so well, as it often seems fine UNTIL they view something that we do as evil, or until the power structure comes to be controlled by those who are of the opposite opinion- as we are now seeing, in which that power structure is used to promote evil and suppress our rights to practice good, such as in forcing your kids to get vaccinated, or decreeing the terms of their education or the conditions under which they may live, to the point where if you do not comply the state deems itself the owner of your kids and will forcibly take them.

                    While I may retch in disgust at he idea of someone ‘changing their kid’s gender’, I have no problem with circumcision. You may be repulsed by both, and that is certainly your prerogative and I can respect your opinion….but the thing is, once we advocate any intervention beyond shunning and ostracism, we are giving someone else a right which they have no legitimate claim to- similar to when a parent is charged with neglect or murder for choosing to treat a sick child with alternative medicine if it ends up having a negative outcome [Oooo! That sounds like medical-guy boilerplate! 😀 ]….but yet if your kids dies from chemo therapy, they have no problem with it…..

                    I think such concepts are things that every libertarian has struggled with at some point along the way of becoming a libertarian- and I often hear the desire to restrain various evils cited by those who advocate government [even limited government] “We gotta provide for the elderly” [Fine, provide for them- don’t force someone else to] or “We have to protect the children!”- but I think, as we are seeing before our very eyes, those good intentions have only led to tyranny, and the mechanism by which the evil have gained prominence to the point where they are now using that power (and even our very resources) to promote their evil, while restraining the good.

                    My conclusion has long been that as long as there are humans, there will always be evil- and T’is far better to be free to do what we know or believe to be right, or what we desire, so that at least we can protect ours…rather than to have a power structure which in the name of restraining evil always seems to restrain the good, and either promote the very evils it was intended to restrain, or create new evils which would otherwise have not even normally affected us.

                    Just something to think about…

                    I know that your intentions are only good. Who in their right mind would ever have imagined that things would come to this point where not only people would be so insane as to try and alter their kid’s gender….but that such would even be promoted by the state?!

      • I hear ya’ Nunzio, and that’s one of my pet peeves. It’s so irritating that none of the hired help these days says “Thank You” anymore. Like you, I’ve decided to stop saying it to them since they obviously don’t care when customers show them the courtesy they should be showing us.

        • Hi Jim,

          I’ve encountered the same here in my area of SW Virginia. Sullenness is much more common now than the friendliness of former times. I think part of it can be accounted for by the endless chaos and pressure (social/economic) most people are dealing with. It is turning the country’s milk sour….

  2. After a cringeworthy performance by Democrat John Fetterman in tonight’s debate with R-party candidate Dr Oz for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, an R-party Senate majority has become more likely.

    Check the Zerohedge post titled “Oz Odds Of Winning PA Soar After Historic Fetterman Debate Meltdown” for grisly details and horrifying video clips.

    I’m no particular fan of the R-party. But neutralizing “Joe Biden” by putting both houses of Clowngress under control of the other party is the single best way to fight inflation … and EeeVees … and the panhandling Ukies. 🙂

    • Hi John,

      “Our Democracy”? In various speeches he gave around the world and in his book “The Real Anthony Fauci”, longtime liberal Democrat RFK Jr makes the case that there was an assault on “Western Democracies” in 2020 from technocrats when virtually if not ALL of the “Western countries” implemented draconian measures such as lockdowns, social distancing, and mask mandates that, over time, have proven to not only be INEFFECTIVE but also causing incalculable DAMAGE. These lockdowns also disproportionately affected small businesses, as GOVERNMENT deemed them “Non essential and had to close down” but LARGE corporations were deemed “Essential businesses that could stay open”, which made it possible for Amazon and other LARGE retailers to make record profits during the height of the “pandemic”. The drug companies also made new billionaires, but we don’t hear much if anything from “The Left” about that nor about the MASSIVE amount of money that Jeff Bezos and other titans of large retailers made out with during the height of lockdown insanity. With the insane narratives they keep putting out, how long before they deem those who didn’t become guinea pigs for the drug companies or buy a Tesla instead of continuing to drive a gas powered car “Threats to democracy!”?

      And now, people who want no part of their agenda or that of the World Economic Forum (which seems to have identical agendas) are deemed “Threats to democracy” or “INSURRECTIONISTS”.

      • Hi John,

        You can see that the WEF has pretty much lined up Europe and the Western Hemisphere like a game of dominoes. A flick of the finger and the whole damn thing will cascade into a pile of rubble. With the United Kingdom’s newest PM having just been announced (not to mention how close he is to Schwab and Company) I expect the last purveyors of faux democracy to crumble. Prince Charles must be gleeful.

        On the other side of the world, we have those that hold no allegiance to the WEF, but still
        wish for serfdom on behalf of their people. Neither outcome is good, and we are in chains no matter what.

        Why is it so hard to find a decent place to live that believes the individual and not some government institution (made up of evil individuals) has the right to make their own choices?
        Honestly, is there any place left?

        • RG,
          Did you mean a “pile of rubble”, or a “pile of Rubles”? Could go either way. Which is why there’s a war. Well, that and the Military Industrial Complex profit motive.
          “Honestly, is there any place left?”
          Liberty has not often existed outside one’s mind and heart. Slavery and serfdom have been the norm ever since socio/psychopaths learned how easy it was to get over on the marks, and created government.

          • LOL. John, I am still going with a pile of rubble, although, rubles may be worth considering as an investment. 🙂

            I still get the eerie feeling China comes out the winner no matter what.

  3. Eric, nicely put. I think you have it down pat. Elections are a heads-we-win, tails-you-lose proposition when neither selection has the remotest understanding of what a Constitutional Republic is supposed to be, nor when either selection has the remotest intention of restoring rule of law as understood by our Enlightenment forefathers.

    A Republic based on the Rule of Law, with Law being based upon Natural Law principles, immutable and not subject to the whims of legislatures, governors, bureaucrats, et cetera, was the dream. It lasted for a short while, in the main, but eventually avarice and apathy combined to weaken the resolve of the electorate.
    As a wise man once said, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government…the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury…a democracy always collapses…followed by a dictatorship” A. Tytler

    The Tytler quote sequences the stages of a popular democracy; ours appears to be sliding from abundance into selfishness, then into apathy followed by dependence and back to bondage again.
    A Constitutional Republic, based upon immutable principles of Natural Law, requires a majority population of citizens who practice self-governance, thrift, and are culturally stable. As my father taught me, “if you don’t control yourself, someone else will.”

    This mid-term election will provide us with a ringside seat to the crazy show…Carlin was right, just sit back and enjoy the show.

  4. Now that all of my existing entanglements with PayPal have been resolved, I closed my account this morning. The last page of the process is entitled “We’re sorry to see you go” and says “To help us improve our services, please tell us why you want to close your account. (select all that apply).

    [ ] I have another PayPal account.
    [ ] This is my only PayPal account, but I don’t use it.
    [ ] I’m concerned about data privacy.
    [ ] I receive too many emails and notifications.
    [X] Other reasons (please specify below).

    “There is no way PayPal can ever be trusted again. The illegal and immoral “policy” that was proposed to steal funds from your customers is unforgivable. You have no right to steal anything. You have no place to judge anymore. The entire premise is anti-American, anti-Liberty and against our God-given rights that do not come from government but from virtue of being human beings. Clearly PayPal is an organization that doesn’t understand the simple, irrevocable, and unquestionable principle. After such an admission, PayPal is irredeemable, and I will never use it again.”

    • For sure cannotbimagine how they still have any customers now. I never trusted or used Paypal to begin with. People make fun of me for not using that or Venmo but this paypal incident is making it way less likely.

    • Excellent response, EM! We can only hope that it cuts into their bottom line. Unfortunately, I have a feeling we are a society of convenience and there aren’t too many that will hold out for very long especially when it affects their own bottom lines. Hoping checks make a comeback. 🙂

    • Hey Dan,

      My understanding is that originally, pre-Consitution, yes (a “loose confederation”), but now no.
      How? It would take a mass awakening and education, which we all know is impossible.

      But the best idea I’ve heard is from a podcaster named Legalman whose show is called The Quash:
      That a state-wide referendum be voted on every year, that very clearly asks “Do you want Texas (your state) to remain in the Union and ruled over by Washington D.C?” Or something to that effect. I don’t remember the episode, but if he’s new to you, start from the beginning and listen to them all!

      The thinking is that initially, the population would vote to stay in the Union, but over time people would start to more seriously consider the idea of leaving and you might see the “No” increase above 80-90%, at least in places like Texas and Idaho. And as the “Leave” crowd grows the idea can’t be ignored by state politicians and the media, and it will help to get the peaceful secession ball rolling.

      And if your state people consistently vote to Remain, at least you know the reality of your situation and can choose to move to a state that’s trending Leave.

    • Dan,
      Indeed, the “our democracy” lunatics insist on the right to democracy and self determination, unless you disagree with them. Then it’s not “our democracy”, it’s yours, and piss on it. Which is why we’ve had a Stasi that will shoot you for leaving ever since 1865. Which is why Eastern Ukraine overwhelmingly voting to leave Ukraine doesn’t count.

      • John

        These Deranged Lefties also INSIST on “A woman’s right to choose”, screeching “My body, my choice”, but INSIST that everyone else take an experimental mRNA vaccine that we now know “Doesn’t prevent infection” NOR “Stops the spread of COVID” or be FIRED from their job or banished from society for refusal. These Lefties who run various governments around the world and in our country even tried to implement MANDATORY Vaccine Passports.

        Many of them have now moved on to trying to FORCE the masses out of gas powered cars and into electric cars that are no more “Environmentally friendly” than the ‘vaccines’ were “Safe and Effective”. Some of them are even calling for lockdowns similar to what we were forced to endure in 2020, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they also call for mass mask wearing again, this time to “Stop the spread of CARBON DIOXIDE” from our noses whenever we exhale.

      • Since democracy is essentially mob rule, these creeps seem to be acting in exact accord with what their political moniker represents. (I wonder if they have Mob rule in Sicily? “Mafiocrity”?).[Actually, mob rule is what we have anywhere government exists….it’s just that it’s their mob, not ‘the people’s’- yet the people will gladly delegate their autonomy to that mob- and even formally signal such in a ritual in which they engage in every few years]

        • Hi Nunz!

          As it happens, I am reading a book about Sammy “the bull” Gravano – John Gotti’s underboss. In a number of ways, the mob is preferable to the government. I may put together something along these lines…

          • Har! I’ll be looking forward to that piece, Eric!

            The Eye-talian mob is certainly easier to steer clear of than the other kind…unless John Gotti’s son happens to ride his bike out in front of your car….

  5. I’m a cynical optimist, I expect nothing to really change but would like to be pleasantly surprised.

    I hope repudiation happens, love to see the commies get a taste of their own medicine, but excuse me if I don’t hold my breath either

  6. “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” – Gerald Celente

    I would revise that to read “When the left has nothing left to lose, they lose it.” Because the left leaning types rarely produce anything of real substance the only thing the have going for them is control of the power centers. When they lose that control they lose their minds. So they write their songs and do their interpretative dances, and their echo chamber applauds, in their self-grandizing manor. When that doesn’t work they take to the streets and burn the world they didn’t create down.

    And that seems to be a big difference between the two sides of the aisle. The right usually has something to lose and wishes to hang on to it. Anything that might upset the state of affairs that got them what they have is to be avoided. This is why the right only acts as a brake on the leftist ideas.

    Neither side wants real change.

    • Ready,
      “When the left has nothing left to lose, they lose it.”
      Nah. They pretty much lose it all the time. At the slightest hint that their male bovine excrement isn’t being eagerly swallowed by all.

  7. In the conspiracy world (which is the real world outside of the media and Left false narratives) Democracy means Jewish rule. If you want proof of that statement, just turn on the television (which we call the Jewtube) and listen to Rachel Maddow (Jewess and Israeli intelligence agent) tell the Amerkan Goyim (in yiddish we are considerd cattle or goy) all about lovely Israel Democracy (in which the natives – the Palestinians – have no rights and are mowed down on a daily basis).

    Proof that the Jews rule the thoughts of Amerikans is few if any in any position will even dare mention that Jews run the media and Hollywood, and the pedophile child trafficking and are the lobbying force behind the Ukraine war. The Amerikan slave state is literally being looted to the tune of tens of billions of dollars – to send to Ukraine – in which we have no vital interest.

    But since Ukraine “democracy” run by the Jew Zelensky (actor and puppet of Jew George Soros) who has outlawed all other political parties (yet is still a “democracy”, is allied with Jews in the US State Department like Jewess Victoria Nuland, who single handidly overthrew the democratically elected govt in 2014, whose husband Robert Kagan is the author of the Gulf Wars and PNAC.)


    And in our wonderful Democracy, you will never see a mainstream article how this dynamic due Nuland and Kagan, are responsible for two major wars. And our war secretary, Anthony Blinken, is also a Jew working with Nuland to assist Ukraine in stealing our Treasury funds.

    And if you are a black rapper superstar like Ye, who says Jews rule Hollywood, Jews in Hollywood will demand a total ban, just like Lara Logan found out over at Jew run Newsmax. And those of us who know what is really going on say Amerika is really a Republic being rubbed out by Jews who run the whole show, including pedo Biden, a green screen actor in a rubber suit, just like that other actor in Ukraine, Zelensky who played president of Ukraine on a Ukraine sitcom.

    Amerika is not a Republic anymore, the Rubicon was crossed when Jews in Amerika (and Israel) pulled 911 and got away with it scott free. Amerika is called Amerika with a “k” because it is a police state run by Jews. In police state Amerika you can not openly talk about Jews who run the government or did 911, or that Jews run Hollywood, unless, of course, you are Jew in Hollywood who is bragging about how Jews run Hollywood, which was just proven by the brave rapper Ye.

    And why in this “Republic” do we even call ourselves a “Democracy” when in fact we are not a democracy, well that is because Jews run the media and have decided to call it a democracy because it is to their advantage to do so. And this so-called Amerikan Democracy is really a Jewish run police state, which is now killing off the Amerikan sheeple. It is a fact that Jews are running the vaxx genocide, and here is proof:


    And let us not forget that Albert Bourla, is a Jew, who runs Pfizer, who designed vaccines to kill the goyim, which he did very efficiently, so he was recently awarded the Israeli Noble Peace prize for a job well done, and here are the results the Jews are so proud of, watch the goyim keel over and die:

    September 6th, 20226,453 views


    • Hey Jack — pretty good analysis, but probably more accurate if you replace the word “Jew” with Zionist (like Ye is starting to do) or Communist or Satanist — all the same thing. “Jew” is just a liability shield for those people.

      Also, the Republic ended way before 9/11. Some would say during the mass genocide event commonly called WWI/part II, or back in 1913, and most definitely the War of Northern Aggression ended any pretense of a Constitutional Republic (voluntary union of States), or even the Whiskey Rebellion.

      But if you really want to get technical, it was actually a Republic that never was, since the perfectly fine Articles of Confederation were illegally and secretly replaced by the “Constitution” coup.

      Lysander Spooner’s No Treason is a great resource to understand this better.


      • ‘The perfectly fine Articles of Confederation were illegally and secretly replaced by the “Constitution” coup.’ — Kurt V

        Or the ‘Clownstitution,’ as it’s properly called after nine hacks in black systematically dismantled it, denigrating the crucial Amendment X as ‘a mere truism.’

        He only has the moves of a knight
        But he wants the absolute freedom of a queen
        Too bad the only money he’s got
        Is coming in colored American green

        You know it’s worthless paper you can spend or save
        Go ahead and count that by yourself but look out
        Somebody’s looking

        — Jefferson Starship, Devil’s Den

      • “Hey Jack — pretty good analysis, but probably more accurate if you replace the word “Jew” with Zionist”

        I get that alot, but will not, because I have been in this truth movement for a long time and I learned a few things, one thing I learned was no one has to be a Jew, any more than being a Catholic. I was raised in a very strict Catholic household, and when I left home I stopped being one, out of free choice, because I do not believe the Bible at all as I consider the Bible to be very bad myth.

        Likewise, being a Jew is a choice, Judaism is a religion (not a race as all races can be Jews) I worked for a black Jew, he was Ethiopian, and in Israel there are over a million very black Jews who are most definitely not the same as the European Jews. To be a Jew is to be a believer in the Torah. Any other definition is wrong and I have been engaged in this argument for over a decade.

        But because we are all brainwashed and emotionally conditioned by the Jewish run media, out of politeness and fear we don’t like to use the word “Jew”. and that includes me, and I have no hate against any race or religion, including them. We are all taught Nazis are bad and Jews are victims. People will defend that to the death.

        But no one has to be a “Jew”. It is choice, and a good choice if you want be on the winning team and get rich. But I do not want to be on that team, because it consists of liars and murderers and people who exist in a simulacrum of false narratives.

        And then we have the Zionists, those that believe in the State of Israel. I do not, because the Bible is myth, and the Jews are an invented thing, just read what the top Israeli archeologist Shlomo Sands says: Jews are invented, and King David did not exist: “The Invention of the Jewish People”


        He renounced being a Jew, because he found out it was all fake. The account of God and Israelites, is all made up, and thus Israel has no right to exist. The King David story was lifted from older myth – the story of Enki and Batenash because David and Bathsheba. In fact the entire old testament is plagiarized from older text.

        In fact Jesus did not exist either, and that can be found in Joseph Atwill’s book “Caesar’s Messiah”. Just watch the movie for a quick 2 hour overview.

        I am also not a Christian and I say Baptism is one of the most evil things you can do. I, of course, was baptized without my consent or knowledge, as a Catholic baby. Why is Baptism bad? Actually, it is worse than bad, it is evil because you are saying you are going to heaven and those not baptized are going to hell. And with that mindset the invading Europeans, with their King James Bibles slaughtered the native Americans, which was justified since, they were going to hell anyways, might as well send them early.

        Likewise in the modern State of Israel you have the “chosen ones” – the Jews – and the not chosen ones – the Palestinians. The not chosen ones are shot dead on a regular basis, and even if some white European goes to Gaza, to defend the natives from tribal aggression, and gets run over by an IDF bulldozer (Rachel Corrie) the Israeli courts will not convict the Jew for that act of murder.


        So why am I on EP automobile site saying this? Because these self chosen ones are running the US government, the vaccine program (Rachel Walensky is a Jew) and the Jews in California legislature are the ones pushing the electric car. Why do they do this? Because they are chosen and know better, they know what is best for you, and if you say you like freedom and the Constitution, it is the Jews in power who will call you an antisemite and a radical and a terrorist.

        Until you see the Jews behind all this unAmerican activity, the situation will be very confusing. It is the Jews behind all the anti-gun legislation – but we have Second Amendment rights, and these supremacists don’t care what our founding documents say, because they are superior to us and their thoughts and wishes outranck any free government we form.

        Note: the white European Jews are not Semites, the Palestinians are Semites and if you defend them, you are called an anti-semite. Who lies like that? Jews do. The biggest Jew liar was the ADL Director Abe Foxman, who is a white Polish person. Bibi Netanyahu is also Polish, both of his parents were white Polish, so how in the hell does he have any right to invade Palestine and wage war on the natives?

        Note how wikipedia is corrupted by Jews who do not want you to know the truth, the Mileikowsky page is changed to Netanyahu.

        “Benzion Mileikowsky (later Netanyahu) was born in Warsaw in partitioned Poland”

        And these Polish Jew imposters, who believe they are better, because they are chosen by almighty gawd, are busy censoring at Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Who gave them the damn right to censor anyone in this country, we have First Amendment rights?

        Like I always say, Amerika is a bigger Palestine. Just examine this map to see why:


      • Kurt,
        The Articles did not need a means of enforcement. The current edition does. And does not provide for it. Before 1865, the States had enforcement power. “Play by the rules or we take our marbles and go home.” After our beloved Lincoln killed about 650k Americans to dispose of that notion, their is no enforcement. The SCOTUS is part of what needs that enforcement, and its power to be that enforcement was usurped. Not defined in the Constitution. The fox in charge of the hen house.

    • Look up:
      King David Hotel bombing…
      The Lavon Affair…
      USS Liberty (AGTR-5)…
      Beirut bombing…
      Stuxnet virus…
      Continued interference in political American affairs…
      israel, and by inference jews have never been our “friends”…
      They are a parasitical part of humanity whose supremacism knows no bounds.
      In fact, all of us “goyim” are considered to be “animals with souls, born only to serve the jews”. It’s in their holy book, the Talmud.
      Listening to Hannity’s radio show, a caller asked Hannity about the deliberate israeli attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) on June 8, 1967. Hannity abruptly cut off the caller and declared: “israel is our best friend and greatest ally and never would have done such a thing”. I damn near ran off the road when I heard THAT. To this day, this “act of war” committed against the USA by israel has been covered up.
      Normally, the 50th anniversary of any notable historical event receives a mention in the so-called “mainstream media”. Not so for the 50th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5).
      Guess who “owns” the media?
      It ain’t the Amish.
      Ukraine is being “prepped” to become the “new israel”. A dirty little secret among jews is that most European jews HATE the israel landmass as it has a distinctively middle eastern flavor. What better way to establish a new “homeland” for European jews than to have the goyim fight for Ukraine. In fact, the jews’ favorite battle hymn is “Onward Chrstian Soldiers”.
      If I had my way, israel would have ceased to exist on June 9, 1967.

      • anarchyst,
        It should never have been founded in the first place. Not because it was Jewish, but because it was out right robbery.
        In biblical history, the Israelites could not even get along with each other. Much less the rest of the world. They moved into Canaan, and proceeded to exterminate the indigenous population. To quote from “John Carter”, “They are a warring species, and I want no part of it”.
        This from one who was married to a Jew for 37 years. I had no complaints in that regard, except for her incessant love of money.

    • Check it out: Trump To receive a Zionist award from the Jew group Zionists Of America- They said of him “He’s the best friend Israel ever had in the White House”:


      Gee…now we don’t know who will be selected in 24- Trump, who has already proven his faithfulness to America’s owners…or that little weasel DeSantis, who has pledged the same…

      • You make a good point. However, I think there is more to the story of the “election” being co-opted by jewish interests. Trump was not allowed to receive a “second term” as president due to jewish interests as (((they))) did not want to complete “their end of the deal”–typical jewish behavior.
        You see, Trump is a “deal-maker”.
        During his first term, Trump pretty much gave israel whatever (((they))) wanted. His “plan” for “completion of the deal” was to be completed during his second term in office (where he could not be touched as he would have been “term-limited”). Trump’s plan was to demand that the Palestinian situation finally be solved with land–the “illegal jewish settlements” in Palestinian areas to be eliminated, giving Palestinians a true “homeland”, not a fragmented inaccessible, checkpoint-ridden sham as is presently the case.
        This was the reason Trump could not b allowed a second term. It comes right out of israel…

  8. The Woke Mob Crosses The Streams

    Being woke used to be about raging against the machine, remember? Now it’s about scrapping to defend the machine.

    The left used to be advocates for free speech who harbored a healthy skepticism of government, corporations and elites. This ideology has now turned into an addictive dependence on “big brother” that they once rallied against.

    As anyone of sound and sober mind can see looking from the outside in, that dependence has manifested in a baffling show of blind support and trust for big pharma, calls for censoring the opinions of those who don’t agree, a desire for state-sponsored “fact checking” of discourse and advocating for a completely manipulated ESG agenda, backed by giants like Blackstone and being used by global elites to abscond with people’s civil rights.

    the sheer lunacy of the things that woke culture is currently fighting for – ending fossil fuels during an energy crisis while using everyday items made from petroleum, never-ending Covid protocols and mandates, arguing both sexes can get pregnant and menstruate, advocating for biological men to be allowed to beat the shit out of biological women in mixed martial arts matches and general equality of outcome – the charade otherwise finally appears to be obvious.

    Regarding Pfizer’s recent admission that it never tested its Covid vaccines for transmissibility before they were released (so they can’t say they stop transmission) ….they lied and said they do

    …….Academy Award and Grammy Award nominated musician M.I.A. asked: “If Alex Jones pays for lying, shouldn’t every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?”

    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky took to national television to proclaim that “data from the CDC” suggested that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus” and “don’t get sick”….complete total unbacked lie, wrapped around more lies…..these are the biggest liars in history….lol

    former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, who just left her party because, in her words, it is “now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness.”

    Former President Barack Obama, who recently made comments on the Pod Save America podcast calling Democrats “buzzkills” who make people “walk on eggshells”.

    “Sometimes Democrats are [buzzkills]. Sometimes people just want some acknowledgment that life is messy and that all of us, at any given moment, can say things the wrong way, make mistakes,” Obama said……..
    wokeness……. probably not something on the minds of most voters, their basic interests are….. Can I pay the rent? What are gas prices? How am I dealing with childcare?”

    And, while we’re at it, here’s another shining example of relinquishing power to the woke mob: Europe is in one of the worst energy crises of its history – a crisis that could last for years to come. The continent is in “desperate straits”. Yet the world is so dedicated to fulfilling a corporate and government-backed ESG and climate change narrative that simple solutions proposed by experts, like nuclear power, are no longer feasible


    • CDC Director Rochelle Walensky took to national television to proclaim that “data from the CDC” suggested that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus” and “don’t get sick”….complete total unbacked lie, wrapped around more lies…..these are the biggest liars in history….lol

      data from the CDC” ….they just use fake science, everything is based on fake, false, fraud computer models, total bs.

      vaccinated people do not carry the virus………
      We All Have Viruses, All The Time, as Part of our Virome and Immune System
      The human body is composed of an estimated 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion viruses.
      that lying witch wouldn’t know one virus from another….lol….which of the 380 trillion is she talking about?

      They talk about a virus they never found/identified/isolated….lol
      Michael S. of New Zealand, and other helpers have submitted Freedom of Information requests to various institutions in various countries seeking records that describe the isolation of “SARS-COV-2” (the alleged “COVID-19 virus”) from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient.

      47 institutions and offices have responded to said requests.

      NOTE: Every institution has failed to provide, or cite, even 1 record describing the actual isolation of any “SARS-COV-2” from a patient sample by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever………so it is just a huge lie, hoax, deception, fabrication, fairy tale…..

      don’t get sick…….what a huge lie, everyone gets sick sometimes….

      these are causes of disease: deficiency, toxicity and trauma….

      when you have symptoms like a cold or flu, your body is going through a cleaning cycle, cleaning itself out, this is something positive, but big pharma wants to sell you drugs to mask the symptoms saying they are bad/evil……you are possesed by evil germs….lol

  9. These Deranged Lefties LOVE to spout off the words “ELECTION DENIER”, the “BIG LIE”, “COVID DENIER”, “SCIENCE DENIER”, etc.

    However, it was THEY, along with technocrats, politicians, and unelected bureaucrats, who spouted off LOTS of lies for the past going on 3 years. Here’s a few, in no particular order…..

    1) Mass mask wearing would “Stop the spread of COVID”
    2) Tony Fauci “Represented Science”
    3) Mass vaccination would “End the pandemic”
    4) “There were NO treatments for COVID other than a brand new mRNA vaccine” that previous attempts at creating such a vaccine ended up being a FAILURE
    5) The 2020 election was the “Most clean and secure in history”
    6) There was a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”
    7) The mRNA COVID vaccines were “Safe and Effective” and ANYONE who said otherwise was “Spreading misinformation”
    8) A senile, corrupt, longtime career politician named Joe Biden “Got more votes than any presidential candidate in history” and subsequently said he was “The most popular president ever”

    I’m sure there are others….

    • Here’s one more BIG LIE…… The January 6th capitol riot was an INSURRECTION and ANYONE who doesn’t approve of President Brandon is an “Insurrectionist” or “MAGA EXTREMIST”.

      • They are desperate, because they stole the election and everyone knows it, and the penalty for treason is death. So that is why they are calling it an insurrection – to cover up their own crimes and shift the blame onto us.

        But time is running out for them:

        What are the odds?

        The truth is all those involved in the 2020 election fraud are facing life in prison or execution. Thus they are desperate criminals on the run from justice.

  10. This will be an *inflection* week assuming the Marxist are planning something big to upset their inevitable loss. If the Marxists allow the election to move forward and lose, don’t be surprised to see indictments of many more: Trump, All Trump’s men, all new electorates who won by ousting sitting lap dog RINO’s, joe average citizens who voted for Trump in 2016.

  11. What I find curious about the assassination attempt on Kavanaugh is that he was starting to morph into the exact same kind of swing vote on The Court that the Left came to rely upon from his direct predecessor in that chair, Anthony Kennedy.

    Kavanaugh, along with Roberts, sided with the liberals and gave the Biden Thing his vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

    Kavanaugh probably would have supported the mandate for all employees of large organizations, but, at this time last year, that would have sparked a mass resignation which could easily have crippled the economic “recovery” from the lockdowns. The “swing” vote swung.

    • Roscoe,
      Why should anyone but the ignorant or insane be surprised with Kavanaugh being as you so accurately pointed out, seeing as he (among many other things) was instrumental in helping the Clinton Crime Family get away with murder? (But Trump was going to ‘lock her up’…LOL- then appoints her savior to SCOTUS…).

      This just illustrates the insanity of believing in the phony right vs. left paradigm show. THEY are all members of the same club and work for the same people- the only difference is the audience they pander to, in order to keep people occupied and participating. Ya’d think after over 100 years of this bullshit, people would get it by now……

  12. Once again I point out that the only difference between the two parties is the speed of the handcart to hell we ride on. The Republicans prefer to drive the cart a bit slower. The destination remains the same. The only difference in result is how far from the face of the cliff we land.

  13. There appears to be a HEAVY effort to censor the movie version of Robert F Kennedy Jr’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. Fauci seems to be one of those unelected bureaucrats who must be protected no matter what.
    There was a similar effort last year to cancel RFK Jr’s book, but his book still managed to make it to various Best Seller lists including Amazon and the New York Times.

  14. If one looks at the history of nations, secession is common. So is unification. in fact, given the basic fundamental democratic principal of self determination, both should be common. The problem being, if the left doesn’t win, the election was a fraud. Just like Eastern Ukraine voting to depart Ukraine, and become Russian, by huge margins, is “illegitimate” because the West lost.
    All hail Abraham Lincoln, who murdered about 650k Americans to dispose of the South’s right to self determination. And any and all thoughts of self determination thereafter.

    • ‘Repugs win, nothing changes’ — Horst Muhlmann

      Repugs win. Historically, the party not holding the presidency gains seats in midterm elections nearly every time. On this basis alone — knowing nothing about the candidates — one would expect Repugs to gain a couple of Senate seats and 20-30 House seats. We’ll get fresh data in two weeks, and see how this recurring phenomenon holds up.

      What’s fascinating is how the Lügenpresse spent all summer fantasizing about a nonexistent blue wave (the 2022 version of ‘locked-in Hillary’ in 2016). Now they are frantically backpedaling to preserve a shred of credibility, as if the giant ocean liner of public opinion just executed a sudden, unforeseeable zero-turn pivot. Who coulda node?

      Nothing changes. Case in point: before the lame duck 117th Clowngress expires on January 3rd, RINOs will link arms with DemonRats to shovel another $50 billion to the Ukies in a ‘must pass’ omnibus spending bill. The R-majority 118th Clowngress could repeal it. But “Joe Biden” would veto their repeal.

      The Ukraine is our misfortune.

      • Jim,
        “Misfortune” would indicate an incident of chance. None involved in Ukraine. It’s all planned and designed to be exactly where it is 8 years after the plan was implemented. Well, exactly as it is except for Russia kicking the Washington sycophants in Ukraine’s butt.
        The US Psychopaths In Charge are about to deliver another 50 or 60 billion to Ukraine, which will make the total of US “aid” to Ukraine far more than Russia’s entire military budget. Nearly twice as much. It ain’t going according to plan.

        • And, what seems to be forgotten is the $5B that the Obama Administration spent in 2013/14 to overthrow the duly elected government.

          At least that’s what Vicky Nuland said in the phone call where she said, “F the EU.” Such a classy broad…

    • Amen, Horst!
      I’m surprised to see that Eric still apparently believes in the right vs. left theater.

      So if the left wins, we get unabashed promoting of fags and trannies and radicals. And Zionist ass-kissing, and extending of the ‘pandemic’, and war and welfare, and printing trillions in funny-money….

      And if the right wins…..we get the exact same things, only couched in language that makes it less obvious the oblivious that they are doing those same things- or that those things are now ‘For ‘Murica’ [wave little flag] because they’re being done by some Zionist scumbag extortioner who speaks nicer words than the leftist Zionist scumbag extortioner, because he is pandering to a different audience.

      This shit has been going on for how many umpteen decades; there has basically been a 50-50 sharing of power between the both sides of the same coin, and has anything ever gotten better as a result? Nay…it just gets worse.

      The inflation [literal printing of trillions]; the expanding of the military; the scamdemic [ad infinitum] were all initiated under the auspices of a Repugnantcant admin -one DJT- and have been continued and expanded under the Dumbocrap PJ’s [Pedo Joe] admin….so to those who still believer in this charade of right vs. left, please tell me how this time it will be different?

      And even if there were a difference, it wouldn’t matter, for our countrymen have allowed their culture, traditions, values, religion, customs and very souls to be obliterated and morphed by these tyrants to the point where even if every politician disappeared tomorrow, there would still be no recovering of what we’ve lost, but rather just a continuation of the devolution towards a Mad Max-style wasteland.

      So let us not waste our valuable time speculating and participating in their clown show, for that is time we could be devoting to saving outselves from what they have planned for us, and which is already starting to come to pass.

    • “Nothing changes”
      Yep. I will never forget Newt Gingrich chortling on C-Span in the mid-1990s that upon taking power they would stop funding the National Endowment for the Arts. This year it’s getting $180 million.

    • Agreed, Horst!

      Our country will be filled with Congressional investigations until the end of time, but did anyone notice no one goes to jail? The usual players such as Fauci, Walensky, Wray, the bank CEOs, and Zuckerberg will each grace the numerous committees with their presence as CSPAN tapes away (most of us don’t get a rats ass and will be at work). Each and everyone of them will be dragged and questioned by some bloodsucking boob of a Congressperson, who couldn’t hold a real job if their life depended on it, and then…nothing.

      We then have the pleasure of arriving home after working 8, 10, 12 hour days to turn on the news and be inundated with little zingers that Fox, Newsmax, and the like believe will hold sway with us. Yes, Jim Jordan asked Walensky a question she couldn’t answer! Now, I can finally enjoy my meatloaf knowing Rochelle had a bad day! Will she indicted? Hung in the village square? Her home swat teamed? Nah.

      Another waste of taxpayers money and time.

      I am sick of both sides.

      • Try OANN (One america News Network). Although I do not agree with everything they promote (israel, for one), they are on track as far as covid and clot shots are involved and have been speaking out against them for some time now. Their news programs are not 10 second sound bites, but are actually based on real investigative journalism.
        OANN was “deplatformed” from both DirecTV and Verizon FIOS despite having good ratings. The feds were influential in getting OANN removed from those two sources.
        You can stream OANN for free for 30 days to see if you like it. I recommend it.
        Best regards,

      • Yup.

        They almost had me, when they proclaimed that if the Republicans win, the Ukraine money stops. Almost. Then I realized tgat was probably a lie and a scare tactic, like when they say the Republicans will take away Social Security. When was the last time any Republican seriously threatened to do that? (I wish one would do I could vote for them). Just more BS. I think the Republican nominee in my district is a phony, and the Democrat incumbent votes with his own party far too often for my liking. Clearly neither one is going to stop the country from going to hell. So I’m either voting 3rd party or staying home, haven’t decided yet.


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