The Next Two Months

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Things have probably never been more dangerous than they are today. At least, not since  election day, 1860. Whatever the outcome of this election, it could result in something like what happened after that election.

Lincoln’s election was intolerable to the people of the South, which shortly after his election in 1860 began to form what became the Southern Confederacy and shortly after that,  attempted to withdraw from what it, with cause, saw as a political system that not only did not represent its interests but which it saw, also rightly, as a system that could not represent its interests. That last being an important point rarely, if ever, discussed in the schools established by the government that forced the Southern states back into the “union.”

The North controlled the “union” politically and so actually because the North had the population and the money to dominate federal elections. And so the South had no way to redress its grievances within the construct of the “union.”

It was not the election of 1860, per se, that triggered the South’s attempt to withdraw but rather the realization that future elections would go similarly. What option does a minority have in a political system that is based upon majority rule? The choice is either acceptance of subordinate status and hope the master will be kind – or get away from the master.

It is exactly what the American colonies had done – and for same reasons and realizations – those “four score and seven” years before the election of 1860. Their successful attempt to withdraw from the union – with Great Britain – is celebrated by modern Americans, many of whom also think (if that is the right word) that the failed attempt by the people of the Southern Confederacy to do the same, for similar reasons and on exactly the same basis, in terms of the principle at issue – i.e., that of being governed by themselves rather than a distant people with whom they had increasingly little in common and who wielded political control over them that could not be redressed within the context of the “union” – was, somehow, a kind of crime.

And so, the Southern states – like the American colonies, which were also states – declared their political independence from the “union” and fought for it.

If today’s elections ensconce the power of the political Left, whether legitimately – in terms of the actual votes – or because the votes were jiggered with – the people who are not of the Left will have to face the awful realization that the Left is in perpetual control and that they no longer have any means, within the system, to combat it. That the oppression of the Left cannot be voted away.

It must be gotten away from – or submitted to. The latter being a condition as intolerable to those not of the Left as the subordination of the not-Left is to the Left. This is a matter of irreconcilable differences – and both sides know it, just as they knew it in 1860. Like a failed marriage, it is not what either party wanted at the beginning. But it is what it has become and there is no fixing it except by separating the estranged or forcing the estranged to endure one another in a state of mutual, endless hatred.

It is even worse than that given that one of the two estranged simply wishes to end the “union” as peacefully as possible for the sake of both – while the other estranged will do anything to the other to force them to remain in a “union” it despises, knowing the other despises it.

The Left will make that very clear to the not-Left, in the event the not-Left fails to redress its grievances via the ballot box today. It will use the power it cements via the ballot box – stuffed or not – to consolidate its power, possibly forever.

It has said it will do exactly that, as by “reforming” the Electoral College so as to assure the impossibility of a not-Leftist ever becoming president again. By ending the Filibuster, so as to assure there is no check upon the legislative juggernaut of the Left in Congress. And by adding Leftist justices to the Supreme Court, so as to eliminate that last check upon the absolute dominion of the Left.

Some Leftists have even been urging that those who spread “misinformation” – the Left’s term for anything the Left dislikes, despite being true – be subject to criminal prosecution. The Left has made it very clear how it feels about free speech. To say nothing of freedom of choice.

The Left may make things even more clear – as regards its power – by “electing” itself, irrespective of the vote.

And what, then?

On the other hand if the Left should lose power as a result of the vote, it will still have power for the next two months. What the Left may do with that power can be predicted with a high degree of certainty based upon what the Left has done with the power it already has.

The leadership of the Left – including the current president, who has much in common with the man elected in 1860, in terms of his belligerence to all who question his absolute authority – has stated quite openly that any who question the Left constitute a “threat” to “our democracy,” by which is meant the cannot-be-questioned power of the Left to run the country as it sees fit.

How improbable is it that the Left will declare an “insurrection” if the vote turns out to be a “threat” to “our democracy”? How unlikely is it that the Left will not do whatever it takes to hold onto its power, irrespective of the vote?

Whatever the vote turns out to be, the result is probably foreordained. As it was in 1860. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Nor should it.

. . .

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  1. The Deep State Is What Disables Democracy

    The idea of democracy is that the people govern themselves…….
    Many totalitarian societies have figured out over time how to appear to be democratic without actually being so.

    check out the last 2 1/2 years….

    They locked us in their homes, closed our churches and schools and businesses, restricted travel, segregated whole cities based on whether a person had taken a medicine like some kind of dystopian movement, wrecked the entire economy, and separated families by force.

    Not one person in this entire country voted for a single one of these things to happen. It was never on the ballot. And for the most part, the elected leaders in this country were not the main actors in this. They gave approval to be sure but mainly because most of them are deeply ignorant, easily led, and deeply scared.. (and got huge bribes).

    The main actors were people who were never elected. They were appointed bureaucrats. Most of them cannot be fired. They have permanent jobs with high income and benefits. They have vast power, more power it seems than the politicians and certainly more power than you. Indeed they have awesome power over you. And over everything, to the point that they can say whether you can go to church or not or whether your children can play with friends.

    Not even the courts can act fast enough to control them and stop them from exercising total power over our lives.

    The Deep State has learned that it can announce or wholly fabricate a national emergency and practically put the entire country on a wartime footing wherever it wants.

    This permanent and unelected class of rules is called the administrative state, or, more colloquially, the Deep State. It exists at the federal level, the state level, and at the city level. In the COVID crisis, they all worked together out of their own interests. They showed their face and their power. We had never experienced anything like this.

    Their power is not new. It’s been growing for more than 100 years. What was new was the ferocity of the attack and the brazenness of imposition. They went on TV to brag about what they were doing and shame dissidents. Media companies and Big Tech did their best to give them cover and block voices that made rational points.

    In effect, this country became a multivariate dictatorship but the people doing the dictating were mostly not the politicians we elected, though they went along with the whole caper. It was this permanent class of rulers, managers, and specialists who were in charge—people who have never faced the voters and cannot be fired by anyone no matter what.

    This is not a just system. It wrecked this country. We pay the price every day now: rent, gas, groceries, bills, and now job loss. All of this wreckage you see today traces to what they did. It’s why your child is behind in language, math, and reading skills. It’s why your grandmother died alone and no one could attend her funeral. It could be why your friend’s husband died suddenly. It’s why your brother has a crisis-level addiction to liquor, weed, and pills.

    The administrative state waged a war on the country for longer than two years. No politician in the country had the power to stop it.

    This is just the beginning. There is another layer of the Deep State that is not employed by government. It lives in the private sector that is well-connected. Think of a person like Scott Gottlieb. He now works for a fancy think tank in Washington, D.C. that is funded by industry and foundations. He also sits on the Pfizer board,

    How does Gottlieb or Bill Gates fit into this deep state structure? They are essential to it. But no one elected them and they don’t even work for government. This is an enormously complicated problem but the solution must be to break up these networks of influence and control. That’s what must happen if we are to restore democracy.

    I just watched a clip of an interview with Gates in which he says that if government rounds you up for quarantine in a stadium, you should have no choice but to go. And so too if government says you have to take this shot, you have no choice. “People act as if they have a choice but they do not,” he says.

    No system of self-government, of government by the people, can exist with this sort of person exercising such power.

    • **”The idea of democracy is that the people govern themselves…….”**

      The idea of democracy is that the collective governs itself, and that what the majority decide is best for the collective, must be adhered to by all. Many rulers and even more enablers [Those who consent and participate] instead of one or a just a few or no rulers.

      • This must have a functioning constitution or it becomes simple mob rule. It is the tyranny of the majority, where 50%+1 can vote to pillage or murder the other 49%. It is where we are today in the good old USA.

  2. Abe, the hypocrite and tyrant.

    “Nearly all men can withstand adversity;
    if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
    — Abraham Lincoln

    “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right – a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit.”
    Abraham Lincoln, in an 1848 speech before the US Congress

    “The Gettysburg speech was at once the shortest and the most famous oration in American history…the highest emotion reduced to a few poetical phrases. Lincoln himself never even remotely approached it. It is genuinely stupendous. But let us not forget that it is poetry, not logic; beauty, not sense. Think of the argument in it. Put it into the cold words of everyday. The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination — that government of the people, by the people, for the people, should not perish from the earth. It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves.”
    — H. L. Mencken

    • ‘Abe, the hypocrite and tyrant.’ — Old Jarhead

      In public school, our history teacher actually took the nickname ‘Honest Abe’ at face value, comparing it approvingly to young George Washington confessing to chopping down a cherry tree (probably an apocryphal tale, though Teach didn’t know that either).

      In fact, ‘Honest Abe’ was ironic mockery by critics, calling out Lincoln’s glib misstatements of fact and endless flip-flopping.

      ‘Honest Abe’ is of a piece with ‘Sharp as a Tack’ Biden — a pointed jest, at least in its own time. Let us hope that teachers a hundred years hence don’t equate Biden to Einstein.

  3. Or maybe it’s simply that so many Americans have been bedazzled by the satanic Hollywood propaganda and hypnotic liberal ‘education’, that most have truly embraced leftist principles- not that any alternative exists, as the Repugnantcans no longer offer a non-leftist alternative- such as advocating for free-market healthcare; they instead just offer a different ‘brand’ of socialized healthcare….etc.

    And no, “the people” are not going to do a damn thing, as too many rely on the government teat- from school bus drivers to “healthcare workers” to farmers to engineers and architects…..there’s hardly anything left which would not be seriously affected by any government disruption- and people who are heavily in debt for what meager assets of dubious value they still possess do not want to “lose it all” for liberty- real or perceived. They’d rather endure slavery and debt and the destruction of their country and culture- as they have been for decades- than to upset the status quo, regardless of their position in that hierarchy.

    Why would people who would vote for candidates of dubious value and who offer no real alternative care when their brand of tyranny fails to achieve a majority?

    “Next time we’ll get ’em!”. 😀

  4. dominion voting machines….haha

    “Protest, Protest, Protest!” Trump Calls For Action Over ‘Complete Voter Integrity Disaster’ At Polls

    “The Absentee Ballot situation in Detroit is REALLY BAD. People are showing up to Vote only to be told, “sorry, you have already voted,” Trump wrote on Truth social. “This is happening in large numbers, elsewhere as well

    “Maricopa County in Arizona looks like a complete Voter Integrity DISASTER,” adding “Likewise Detroit (of course!), Pennsylvania, and other places.

    20% of precincts in Maricopa County, AZ which have had major issues, ‘Truthing’: “Only Republican areas? WOW! Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and all others are being greatly harmed by this disaster.

    “We’ve had a few tabulator issues at a couple locations where the tabulator isn’t immediately taking the ballot,” said County Recorder Stephen Richer after being asked about two locations with issues.

    Meanwhile, every single Dominion voting machine is down across Mercer County, New Jersey, according to officials.

    In a Tuesday morning notice, West Windsor Township informed residents that “Due to a Mercer County-wide system outage, all voting machines are currently down in each district across the County.

    “The Board of Elections has advised the county of issues with voting machines. Poll workers will be on hand to walk voters through the process. The board is working with Dominion, the machine maker, to resolve the issue,” reads a notice posted on Facebook

    from zh comments…
    I voted Republican across the board. The voting machine rejected my ballot twice then it got tossed into a “secured” box I’m assuming for hand counting. Same thing happened to the woman in front of me. Is the steal happening again?

    On the day of a very anticipated mid-term that’s been in the news for like 3 or 4 months now:
    Poll worker: Oh, sorry, all our machines are “broken” … unless you’re voting Democrat

    The steal is on again. They are just laughing at everyone now.
    There is no way, after stealing the 2020 election, weaponizing the FBI and DOJ, hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to go after political enemies and collapsing the energy sector and economy, that they were going to let the public punish them in the midterms.

  5. Via Lewrockwell & Ginny:

    “If you want to see the best election night coverage that will report election results including any suspicious activities hinting at fraud, tune into the network created by the man who has led the effort to get rid of the election machines and other fraudulent tactics. Watch Frank Speech to see Mike Lindell, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Brannon Howes, Alex Jones and IT experts who will track every race by cyber and report in real time election results and any fraud. Link:

    […] Alex Jones will also have election night coverage featuring Warroom host Owen Shroyer, Roger Stone, and others.” at Infowars.

    • **”Mike Lindell, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Brannon Howes, Alex Jones “**

      Aww gee, Helot- Sounds like the Who’s Who of Q-Anon Neocon “4-D chess” club…… Maybe the military will install Trump next month…. 😀

      You guys are starting to make me think that I should check out the Larken Rose site, ’cause i have a feeling that those folks probably don’t waste their time indulging in statist stage-show politics.

      • Dang, Nunzio. You think I’m a registered voter or sumthin?
        The – Only – time I ever voted was in the Iowa Primary for Ron Paul. Learned some things about party machines & how they roll.

        The link was offered as an alternative to say, MSNBC or CNN,.

        I didn’t watch any of it, I get up too early.

        Your last line reminded me of the saying, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

        So, I suppose it may be worthwhile to spend some time knowing what’s going on. Not a Lot of time, mind you, just some.

        It’s been a long time since I’ve read any of Larken Rose’s stuff. If you do go to the Larken Rose site and come across any practical useable solutions not already discussed on EPA, perhaps you could cross-post them?

        ‘Ending Tyranny Without Violence’

        “… La Boétie speaks most sharply to the problem which all libertarians – indeed, all opponents of despotism – find particularly difficult: the problem of strategy. Facing the devastating and seemingly overwhelming power of the modem State, how can a free and very different world be brought about? How in the world can we get from here to there, from a world of tyranny to a world of freedom? Precisely because of his abstract and timeless methodology, La Boétie offers vital insights into this eternal problem. […]

        The prime task of education, then, is not simply abstract insight into governmental “errors” in advancing the general welfare, but debamboozling the public on the entire nature and procedures of the despotic State. In that task, La Boétie also speaks to us in his stress on the importance of a perceptive, vanguard elite of libertarian and anti-statist intellectuals. The role of this “cadre” – to grasp the essence of statism and to desanctify the State in the eyes and minds of the rest of the population – is crucial to the potential success of any movement to bring about a free society. It becomes, therefore, a prime libertarian task to discover, coalesce, nurture, and advance its cadre – a task of which all too many libertarians remain completely ignorant. For no amount of oppression or misery will lead to a successful movement for freedom unless such a cadre exists and is able to educate and rally the intellectuals and the general public.” …

        • Hey, Helot,
          Hey, I even would have voted for Ron Paul!

          I just question why libertarians are so concerned with statist politics, and the phony “left vs. right” show. We’d do so much better to just avoid it all and not pay any attention to it, lest some watching get the idea that it is real.

  6. I don’t vote because I refuse to take part in fraud. If you vote you are putting your rubber stamp of approval on a fundamentally flawed system of violence, you are condoning state violence against the individual by taking part in the vote fraud.

    And they cheat at voting, so what is the point? If they cheat, which they do, their whole claim to authority is bunk. Before “Democracy” their authority was based on the right of kings, or some holy book scribbles – see Romans 13. The Bible says God ordains governments, and you must obey them or you are going against God. Yes, it says that!

    When I was in the USAF, one presidential voting year, I think it was 1984, I was the only officer in the squadron that did not vote (yeah they checked) and to punish me they made me the voting officer as an additional duty. I found out that the squadron commander gets rated on his OER that 100% of his troops engaged in voting. I also refused to check the box to give money to the United Services, which also landed me in hot water. I was not a team player, I was not a sheeple, I thought for myself, and later I became an advocate of Libertarianism in a rural Idaho county, and I found out no one wanted to be a Libertarian.

    I gave up wholly 30 years ago, and now see very clearly the whole ritual of voting is mass cultural insanity. The system is rigged, and even if you stop vote fraud, you are still making a huge mistake of voting between two false alternatives, like Biden or Trump. Both are completely unacceptable.

    Today they are voting in the Libtard State of Delusion called Oregon. You can only do mail in voting in Oregon, there are no voting booths in the State of Oregon, and there is no vote counting transparency. If your name is Jimmy Carter, and you want to monitor how votes are tabulated in Oregon, you can not. Democrat Jimmy Carter will be the first to warn you the danger of mail in voting:

    ‘Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

    Well Virginia, I am sure the reason Oregon has mail in voting is to “protect” Democracy from “wrong” votes. So what happens if you did vote Republican in Oregon? Well the vote goes somewhere and gets processed, right into the shit can. Red votes go into the circular file. Blue votes go into the win pile. Those who vote red in Oregon are put on the “list”, potential subversives and terrorists.

    So the Oregon Governor race is between a conservative woman and a woke “thing” called Tiny Kotec, hideous is she/it and I call her “Tiny Twat”. Certainly Ms. Tiny Twat will win, because she correct thinking on abortion, she wants more welfare and more taxes, and no guns. So of course the correct thinking scum sucker will be installed, just like Justin Turdeau, son of Fidel Castro, was installed, just like Emmanuel Macron – married to his mom (Bridgette is 25 years older – nothing weird about that, uh huh) – is installed.

    Thus, if you do some simple research, the leaders that are voted in, is a huge charade, they are hand picked to carry out a hidden hand’s agenda. (This information came out of the closet just this year, they are all related to being WEF students)

    What did Stalin say? “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” In Oregon, the Demoncraps count the vote in a locked building with no windows, and thus the Demoncraps will always hold power. Thus I refuse to vote under this completely fraudulent system, which is why the Greater Idaho project and the State of Jefferson are going to stay in high gear.

    • RE: “The Bible says God ordains governments, and you must obey them or you are going against God. Yes, it says that!”

      ‘Romans 13 and Obeying the Government’

      “I continue to be puzzled that some Christians stumble over this. Only a madman would say that obeying the government in Romans 13 is absolute.” …

      See also:

      ‘Romans Chapter 13’
      By Chuck Baldwin

      ‘More Indictment of the Mistranslated Romans 13’
      By Becky Akers

      ‘A Reasoned Approach to Romans 13’
      By Bionic Mosquito

      • I am very familiar with the patriot Christian response to Romans 13. They will spin it and retain their faith.

        The correct response is to lose the religion that tells you to be a slave.

        At least that is what I think. But few people think like I do, I have observed that most people are very willful and choose to believe whatever they like and damn the facts.

        It is my observation the situation is completely hopeless. But people will hope and try to fix the wrongs, it is our nature. There is always the lone crusader who will make the valiant effort to fix society.

        • Your comment caused me to search the phrase, “the situation is completely hopeless” as a result I read Harry Browne’s 2005 optimistic bit, ‘The Future Is Not Hopeless’ where he wrote, “When, in your lifetime, have Americans been given a clear-cut, honest choice between security and liberty?”

          We just lived through that, eh? It seems to negate much of the optimism of Harry Browne’s article.

          You wrote, “I have observed that most people are very willful and choose to believe whatever they like and damn the facts.”

          That statement, is it a description of Wokeism?

          Jayant Bhandari writes in his 2022 article, ‘Falling Apart of the Civilization’ … “wokeism,” a belief system of no beliefs, a value system of no values, where there is no objective morality. […]

          For the wokes, everything is subjective and relative. Emotions, not reason or morality, are the basis of logic. […]

          What matters to the wokes is virtue-signaling while they have no empathy or compassion for anyone—their materialistic, animalistic desires drive them. Lacking any moral fabric, they have no inhibitions about dipping their hands in others’ pockets. They feel no shame in asking for the unearned. Lacking self-responsibility, they always have someone to blame for their real or imagined suffering. Unable to think critically or think at all, they don’t want their valueless, hedonistic, animalistic ways to be challenged. […]

          under the influence of wokeism, the West will fall a lot, and there is nothing to redeem it.”

          So,… perhaps optimism without Wokeism may only be found here & there, in small places, in small groups, or in small towns? Idk.

          The county I live in changed some, from Red to Blue, last night. The State I live in remained Red.

          Will I find common cause here with individuals, families & small groups? I imagine so. Just thinking out loud and not getting enough done on the last day before The Cold arrives.

      • 1. Christianity has to lose the “judeo” part of “judeo-Christianity”.
        You see, slavery (of goyim) is not only tolerated, but condoned and encouraged in judaism to this day. Judaism is a supremacist “belief system” that relegates all non-believers to a sub-human status. Jewish souls are considered to be on a higher plane than that of “non-believers”. It’s all in their supremacist talmud.
        2. Now for the New Testament…and Romans 13.
        Ever hear of “prima noctus”? This vile “practice” would not only be condoned but commanded in Romans 13.
        The problem is that Protestants consider the Bible to be the “inspired word of God” similar to what Catholics (are supposed to) think about the infallibility of Popes. The concept of “sola scripturis” is flawed on its face as the Bible was written, translated and retranslated by MEN each with their own agendas to fit their respective societies. As to papal infallibility, this is a more recent concept that is open to question. Look at today’s heretic Pope who is going against every traditional Roman Catholic belief. Infallibility is (supposed to apply) in matters of spirituality, faith and morals–not everyday earthly “problems”.
        The Bible can be used as a “guide” to proscribe certain behaviors, but in itself is not infallible.
        Look to the Old Testament for the multiple celebrations of genocide of entire populations and civilizations with “help” from a vengeful “God”. Jewish “holy days” are still celebrations of conquests and genocides.
        Those who think that the Bible (Old or New Testament) is the “inspired word of God” have it all wrong.

      • haha….the church of satan…there is such a thing……

        but….mainstream religion is all in with the wef satanic cult….. the government/church/medical system…it is all one big satanic cult now…

        someone said the government is inherently evil…it always has been….

    • Well-said, Yukon!

      And what’s with all these women? We’re being taken over by women. Even the so-called “conservative” women. Do conservative women really spend their lives pursuing grueling public and or business careers, and seeking positions of power and authority? (Much like the “conservative” male pols…who end up spending and taxing as much or more than their libtard counterparts. It’s all a show, folks!).

      Voting: Process in which you think you get to choose who has the right to rob you and your neighbor, and by which you formally cede your individual rights to “the will of the people” [Some other people, apparently, or whatever someone says ‘their will’ is- because their will never seems to be the same as our will, even though the last time I checked, we were people too!) and in which you agree to abide by the results of said elections, as interpreted and determined by those who are elected. Lick it, seal it, put a stamp on it…you vote…you are entering into a contract by adhesion and agreeing to abide by the terms of it.

      • Hi Nunz,

        Ruefully – reluctantly – I have come around to your point-of-view. Either the system is so irredeemably corrupt as to make voting an exercise in futility – a servile one, at that – or there are truly that many maggots out there, which achieves the same end result. So I’m done. No more voting for me. No more pretending the system works, at all – except to further our enslavement.

        Our only hope, I think, is to somehow persuade enough people to also stop voting so as to make it clear what the nature of the system is and who it is run by – and for.

        • Welcome to the club, Eric!
          Hey, the futility aspect is probably the least of it- but it is indeed futile.

          In a mass[ive] society, all we can do is try to carve out a little sanctuary of freedom for ourselves and those of like minds. Resist; don’t participate; live free; maybe physically escape if we can….those are the only true options- all else is an utter waste of time.

          We are less than specks of dust on the wall- We are not at this late date going to influence, let alone change a few hundred million people who have been taught statism as a veritable religion for generations, and whose minds have been plied by the fairy tales they’re told in government schools/colleges, and with which they are bombarded 24/7 by carefully crafted big-government Zionist propaganda from Hollywood and Silly-Con Valley.

          It has taken well over 100 years for *them* to get society to this point, through the auspices of some very rich and powerful people who have been working for generations to bring about what we are now experiencing… If we think we can stop it and even reverse it, we are merely admitting that we do not recognize the scope of it.

          And suppose the R’s had won, and by a landslide? Then what? More GWB or DJT? I don’t know about you, but be it WJC, GWB, BHO, DJT or FJB, I fail to notice any real difference, but the one thing which remains consistent is that we are less free after each admin’s reign…regardless of the color.

          Anywho, glad that maybe now you can stop devoting so much of your precious time to shenanigans.

          • Hi Nunz!

            I don’t intend to stop wasting whatever time I have working toward something better – even if I do not live to see it. Others did the same for me (and you) and besides, it’s the right thing to do. I will continue writing and speaking until I am dead or they shut me up, somehow. God damn them, all. Full speed ahead!

            • Oh, I agree, Eric! I’m perpetually working toward something better- and have reaped many benefits in my own life over the years…and have even helped a few others. It’s just the idea of a society-wide collective effort that I would caution against. We can offer; we can ‘splain…but we are truly a different breed, and our message is only make sense to others like ourselves. We help the ones who may not be there yet…but we’re not going to change the masses- Even God Himself does not endeavor to do that.

      • Hi Nunz,

        Women such as Lake may be trying to do good – are well-meant – but (per an earlier comment of mine here) I also think they miss the much more fundamental evil of encouraging women to value a “career” over being the anchor of families and so, communities. It took me a long time to wheel around on this but I have come to believe, as many others (though not enough, yet) do that without strong families there can be no strong communities and strong families are anchored by strong women who take care of their families – especially their kids. As by not turning over their raising or their educating to others while they pursue a “career.”

        I submit that women have been sold a lie about meaning. It is not found in a “career,” which for most is just a job – a way to pay their bills. It is to be found in . . .anchoring a family. Having and raising kids. Men find meaning in providing for and protecting women and kids. These are the natural ways men and women find meaning. I do not mean women should be told they must be mothers and wives. I merely state that for most it is natural and so preferable.

        Like heterosexuality.

        Instead, the unnatural is pushed as the new normal. And the results are . . . unnatural.

        • Exactly, Eric!

          Men and women were created for very different purposes- just as cars and airplanes were created for very different purposes. People can deny it all they want…but the reality still slaps them in the face- and we are seeing that in spades today! One can duct-tape wings to their car and call it an airplane…but it’s still not gonna fly…and will then become a less functional car.

          A “conservative woman governor” is as oxymoronic as “Christian prostitute” or “Libertarian communist”.

          As BJ said somewhere else, “It’s all about principles” [or something to that effect]- and voting for a conservative who violates the most fundamental principles of conservatism in theiur own personal life is not an establishing of conservatism, but rather a tacit rejection of it. Yet another example of the absurdity of voting.

          They vote for one of these chicks and think they are defeating the system, but in reality, I wouldn’t doubt if these chicks are shills being proffered for the very purpose of getting any lingering true conservatives to let down their resistance to feminism.

          • All one has to do is look at Michigan’s “governor” Whitmer who locked down the state for more than a year, continually extending the “lockdowns” whenever she received “pushback” from the public. Every time the public protested, she extended the “lockdown” expiration date.
            While churches, small businesses such as restaurants, hair stylists, barbershops, and most bars were shut down, “attorney general” Dana Nessel,s favorite “gay bar” was allowed to remain open.
            Churches should have resisted and remained open on First Amendment grounds.
            Whitmer’s husband attempted to get his boat launched ahead of everyone else while the governor’s prohibition on “powered watercraft” was still in effect. His request was denied. If I was the marina operator, I would have taken it a step further and “accidently on purpose”, punch a hole in the “first man’s” boat and said “oops”. Paying for repairs would have been worth it.
            Whitmer’s Michigan plandemic “lockdowns” were among the worst in the country.
            Women act on emotion, not logic. That’s not to say that there are women who have common sense, but “why take the chance?”

            • Scary thing is too, Anarch, when women stop acting on emotion, that is when they usually really become monsters- for to overthrow the very basis of the unique way they think as women, is essentially to commit personal mutiny against one’s very own nature- and in so doing, to relieve oneself of their very humanity. So ya can’t win…either way- which is why God made women to be under the authority of their husband or father, and not to be “independent’, and especially not to have authority over men.

            • Oregon Governor Kate Brown also enacted draconian COVID measures such as lockdowns and mask mandates, and even declared “COVID EMERGENCY POWERS” for herself, which were only supposed to last for 30 days per the state constitution unless she consulted with the state legislature to ask for an extension. However, she never did that; instead she unilaterally extended it again and again and again for over a year and half until she finally let it expire earlier this year. NOBODY in the Democrat Supermajority stood up to her during that time to ask for their say, and one of those legislators now wishes to be her successor. In November 2020, Brown even “encouraged” Oregonians to SNITCH on neighbors who “Had too many people at their house for Thanksgiving.

              Even though NOBODY in the State Legislature stood up against Brown and her effectively ruling as a QUEEN, there’s a former legislator who wishes to take her place. Her name is Tina Kotek, and she all but admitted in an interview earlier this year that she would “Bring back mask mandates if ‘The Science calls for it.'”

              Have Oregonians FORGOTTEN the COVID tyranny under Brown the past 2 1/2 years, not to mention her releasing violent criminals from prison, because so far it appears they’ve voted for Kotek, who would undoubtedly try to impose even MORE COVID tyranny on Oregonians than Brown has, or try to ram through other INSANE ideas.

  7. ‘Live Coverage of 2022 Mid-term Election Tonight 11/8/22’

    “Join Greg Hunter of and Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, as they team up to cover the 2022 Mid-term Election. Coverage starts at 8:30p EST Tuesday Nov. 8 and lasts until around 12m.” …

    I’ll be asleep 1/2 hr. after it starts, 4 A.M. comes early.
    I wonder if it’ll be anything like the recent Kid Rock sit-down discussion with Bill Maher? Prolly not,… I can imagine Eric doing something like that, tho. Sorta. That might be interesting.

  8. There is no political solution the situation.

    I also don’t expect any chaos after this fraudulent (s)election. After witnessing many stupid Americans partaking in the virus hoax, I’ve lost all faith in people.

    • RE: “I also don’t expect any chaos”

      Via merriam-webster:

      a state of utter confusion
      a confused mass or mixture
      a state of things in which chance is supreme
      the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system

      …Surely, you jest?

    • Handler,
      Ha! Maybe THAT is the point of the clot-shots… To make people too weak and sick to rebel! (Not that they would anyway…a people who would tolerate a tax on their income and property, and government interference in their own families and every little aspect of life, has had rebellion long bred out of them in favor of god-like state-worship.).

  9. Depopulation vaccine advocate Bill Gates also designed the fraudulent election software used by Dominion

    November 25, 2020 Ethan Huff

    In a new video, the illustrious Roger Stone drops a major bombshell about Dominion Voting Systems, alleging he has proof that Microsoft, at the direction of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, designed the software used to commit election fraud.

    The longtime political veteran who is helping spearhead the “Stop the Steal” movement for election integrity in the United States says that Microsoft developed what is known as Election Guard, which is capable of hiding votes, switching votes and altering election outcomes.

    Election Guard has “been used by Dominion, as well as Election Services, Hurt Intercivic, Clean Ballot, Election Systems and Hardware, BPro, and Smartmatic,” Stone claims.

    “In other words, 100 percent of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes.”

    For the past several weeks, reports about Dominion’s vote-counting software altering votes have been flooding social media. Numerous sworn affidavits contend that administrators have backdoor access to the systems, allowing them to switch votes at will.

    Attorney Sidney Powell, who is working independently on behalf of both President Trump and the American people, says she has in her possession solid proof of this, not to mention the fact that more than 100 Dominion employees have been caught purging their LinkedIn accounts in recent days.

    On top of that, Dominion representatives changed their minds at the last minute and decided not to meet with Pennsylvania lawmakers about the allegations, which clearly suggests that they have something to hide.

    “The denial by the mainstream media that there’s any evidence whatsoever is ludicrous,” Stone correctly points out, debunking the bizarre and nonsensical media claim that there is “no evidence” of election malfeasance.

    “The evidence is overwhelming and compelling. Whether Sidney Powell, a fine attorney who isn’t given to making claims she can’t back up in court, can bring a case without the cooperation of the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI to come clean remains to be seen.”

    Bill Gates’ actions are the epitome of treason
    That Bill Gates is connected to Dominion is really no surprise, considering his “philanthropic” organization paid Black Lives Matter (BLM) “students” to count ballots in key battleground states.

    The so-called “Campus Vote Project” recruited what were described as “young black students” to flood polling places as poll workers, replacing elderly polling place veterans who were told that it would be too scary to work at them this year due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

    Gates is also behind the mass vaccination campaign that is being rolled out at “warp speed” to inject the entire world with Covid-19 jabs. According to Gates, the world will only be able to return back to “normal” once everyone is vaccinated with his “cure.”

    The infamous “Antifa U-Haul” incident in Louisville, Ky., has also been linked to Gates, who reportedly funded the shields and other riot gear that was supplied to BLM “protesters” following the Breonna Taylor verdict.

    They say that where there is smoke, there is also fire. The same can be said of Bill Gates when it comes to fraud, deception and mass genocide. If evil lurks, Gates is almost certain to be hiding in the shadows.

    • globalist/satanist gates one of the worst monsters ever created….and his fellow wef/satanist klaus schwab…satan klaus….who was hired by king charles the 3rd…..

      millions killed/injured with his nazi needles….many elections rigged with his dominion software…but he still walks the steets free….laughing at the useless eaters….

  10. The difference between 1860 and today is that back in 1860 the Federal government didn’t have anywhere near the command and control over the country it has now. Heck, they couldn’t even have a central bank and currency thanks to Andrew Jackson. The only thing they got to do was mint coins. Banknotes were just that, notes redeemable for gold and silver from private or state banks. Lincoln had to finance his war with state scrip. That’s also the main reason for the late 19th century silver boom. The feds needed to pay the people who accepted the greenbacks. And much of what they paid the miners with came out of the southern reconstruction.

    Which begs the question: How will the federal government pay back the loans this time? I don’t think there’s enough silver in the ground to do it this time. Maybe sell off the land itself? I hear Bill Gates is buying up Montana. Maybe Elon can start buying up Nevada.

    • Amen, RK! -Nor did that 1860 government have a propaganda organ mouthpiece in every household, like it does today; nor did it have control over the “education” of virtually all citizens for generations; nor did it have every citizen carrying a tracking device/propaganda-receiver 24/7……

  11. Our zionist occupied government seees white men as their only real potential adversary hence alll the demoniaztion of them/us. Also all the forced diversity in all Western nations and in every institution. Inconveniently for them, there’s still a fair amount of us left around. If white men ever discover that cheering for blacks on Sunday is really a distraction for the destruction of their families, their race, and everything great about our society and world, maybe something will happen. Probably not though.

    • the nazi needle cull was focused on the G7…lots of whites there….then the data shows that the non placebos were targeted on the conservative inhabited areas….

  12. 160 years later, and we still have to see homages to that stove-pipe-hat-wearing lying bastard everywhere we go! My goodness! I live in southern KY, and I still have to hear people around me fawning about ‘how great’ the rail-splitting prick was….. It’s definitely not 1860 anymore….’specially with half of NY and CA living in TX and TN.

  13. Tucker Carlson is brilliant and entertaining much of the time, but other times he can be such a dumbass.
    For weeks, he has been raising legitimate questions about John Fetterman’s fitness to serve as a US senator. At first he always made it clear that he was sympathetic toward the candidate’s status as a stroke survivor, and was not making fun of him for something that was outside his control. Nothing personal, but the cold hard fact is that he simply is not physically and mentally fit to hold office, Carlson would say. Besides, he has stupid collectivist ideas that will further wreck the country. So far so good.
    But recently the sympathy has disappeared, and every time Carlson talks about Fetterman they show a picture of him with that big bulge on his neck showing prominently, and the caption “FETTERNECK.”
    So now Carlson really is holding Fetterman up to ridicule for a physical attribute that he has no control over and that has no bearing on his ability to be a US senator. Can’t Carlson and the idiots who conceived that graphic see that they are confirming the suspicions of Fetterman’s supporters: that their guy is being mocked by bigots who hate the disabled? And that this meanness might actually convince lukewarm Oz supporters to change their minds?
    If the commie wins, he’ll have Carlson to thank.

    • I’d agree with you Roland, except for the part about Fetterman being able to serve as a US Senator. To be fair, most in the Senate seem like low IQ sociopaths, so he would fit in nicely on that account. But it is even worse than that, he reminds me of the kid, taking the IQ test in the movie Idiocracy. He should be getting treatment for his disability in a group home, not voting on matters affecting all our lives.

      Just because I don’t want any more incompetent, not sure(s) in office, doesn’t mean I hate the disabled. If the commie wins its because of uncontested Mail-in ballot fraud, pure and simple. Anything else is just pedocrat party spin, along with Dr. Oz being a week candidate.

      • Hey whats wrong with Fetterman ! Hes makes about as much sense as the President himself !!! Who knows I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the white house one day !

  14. Election day always reminds me of the stupid voter syndrome. Because it seems that most people — that is, those who are intellectually honest — continue to miss a most important point, and it’s one they keep missing over and over and over. They fail to realize a HUGE factor which explains why we find ourselves mired and bogged down in a hopelessly corrupt society.

    Those in the know claim they have no confidence in the wisdom of the average american voter. They say the proof of this is obvious due to the corrupt & unqualified idiots being continually elected to office. Well, their observation about electing misfits is right about that part. The part they get wrong is that all of this is due to voter stupidity, or at least most of it is the theory goes. And this is where they and the good guys on our side fall down and stumble into that tired old mental trap of believing that all of our problems are due to voter ignorance & stupidity. I’m sorry to have to burst some bubbles, but that just ain’t so.

    People do stupid things all the time and yes the world seems filled with a high percentage of dummies. But when it comes to elections the vast majority of voters (whether ignorant or informed) are pulling that lever for one important reason, and one reason only: because they stand to benefit from it. Nothing tastes better than a free lunch, and in this day & age most people have become so dependent on free sh_t and preferential treatments that voting for a handout has become the voters top priority. And like Pavlov’s dogs they have been mentally conditioned to behave this way and it’s become a habit that’s damn near impossible to break.

    Now I know what a lot of you are thinking: what about those who are brainwashed and manipulated by the media & the education industry? And what about all those who vote primarily by custom & tradition? After all aren’t there lots of generations of family’s who have a tradition of voting for one particular party? And you’d be right except for the fact that those are all minor elements which drive voting habits. Those explanations are simply outdated and nothing more than an easy way to explain the problem by so-called experts who simply don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge human nature.

    So what is the primary reason people vote the way they do? Greedy self-interest, envy & avarice, and a something for nothing mentality. And they simply do not care about the consequences of their actions. If others are hurt because of their vote, well, that’s just too bad. “I want my goodies & I demand to be at the head of the line, and those who are injured can just learn to live with it because I don’t give a damn.”

    I believe the people who think they can persuade others with that kind of mindset are misguided and their efforts will be for naught. It’s like trying to teach cats not to chase mice. The solution to the problem isn’t one of convincing them to vote for your party or candidate, it’s about educating them on ethics & moral behavior. And good luck with that.

    So when you go to the polls today and see those others casting their ballots, understand that most of them believe they’re getting a free lottery ticket hoping to hit the jackpot of free govt goodies.

    Yah, I don’t have much confidence either.

    • Dave, that’s EXACTLY why I believe the people in PA are going to vote for Fetterman. They don’t care that he’s mentally incompetent. They care about one thing: that he’ll vote the party line which will keep the welfare flowing.

      But, at the same time, that kind of proves that voters are, in fact, pretty stupid on average. I mean, all they have to do is promise people a pittance within a life of tyrannical misery?

  15. Discussions of politics inevitably cause one to use terms with muddy meanings: state, Union, Confederacy, colonies, we, Southern States, Americans. Terms that are totally useless in describing anything real, factual, or with any degree of accuracy.

    The American colonies did not, in fact, revolt from English rule. From the perspective of Great Britain at the time, the colonies were, politically speaking, English, and every person living within those colonies were subject of the crown. If that was what you meant by “American colonies”.

    Just the term American, by itself, cannot be defined with any clarity. Literally speaking, an American can and could be meant to include every human being who has ever lived, emigrated to, or been born in the geographical area commonly known as the New World.

    The city I live in is Lincoln. In Nebraska. My father recently visited me here on his drive from Idaho to North Carolina. None of these words-Lincoln, North Carolina, Nebraska, Idaho- are describing anything that actually exists. Lincoln is a figment.

    Oh, there are buildings and people compressed into a tight area. The actual land mass with the infrastructure and people are real. The boundaries that supposedly designate a “city” are imaginary, changeable, and elusive. My father and I discussed this. He used to rail at me for being, well let me say he once called me stupid, then irritating, and now we have progressed to the all-encompassing “unrealistic”.

    I asked my father if he was a citizen of Lincoln, having crossed the imaginary borders from not-Lincoln into Lincoln; he proclaimed he was not. “Are you a citizen of Idaho, where you have lived and worked for the past 2 years?”
    “No. We (dad and wife) own a home and property in North Carolina, the Idaho time was temporary and we are going back to our home in NC. We are citizens of NC. ”
    I asked him if he was a legal resident of Lincoln. I asked him if he was subject to all of the laws, ordinances, taxes of the imaginary city of Lincoln. He admitted he was. I asked him if he was, like me, under the jurisdiction of the county courts, judges orders, and any act or proclamation of the mayor of Lincoln, and the governor of Nebraska. He admitted he was.

    The American Colonies did not revolt or secede from English rule, any more than the South seceded from the Union; people acting as those imaginary things said they did. By what authority did they decided these things for the totality of the populations within those imaginary borders?

    Literally, there are no such things as what are usually referred to as cities, states, nations. They are imaginary. One would have thought that with the growth of liberty, technology, cheap information, and human development in general, that our species would have out-grown childish fantasies. Some have outgrown religion and other outdated and useless practices; why not politics, too?

    Anyone who claims homo sapiens is a rational species is either trying to delude others, or also deluded themselves. Political speech proves it.

    Life is forced upon us, a game we all must play. Why add layers of insanity onto it? Religion, politics, irrational beliefs and prejudices; outgrow these things. Reality is so much better without them.

    If everyone in the kingdom died except for the king, what would he be king of?

    • Looking back through American history, states WERE considered to be separate entities, with a voluntary, loose confederation called the “federal government”.
      The only purposes of the federal government were to raise armies (from the several states) in case of invasion by outside sources, deliver the mail, coin money, and resolve interstate disputes between “the several states”, nothing more.
      Citizens of the “several states” considered themselves to be citizens of their respective states, NOT “citizens of the united States”.
      A citizen residing in Virginia was considered to be a citizen of Virginia, NOT a “citizen of the united States”. Likewise, a citizen residing in Georgia was considered to be a citizen of Georgia, and the like.
      Notice that the word “united” is not capitalized which is uncapitalized in the documents of those times.
      This all ended with the “War of Northern Aggression” which greatly expanded the powers of the federal government and subordinated the states to the (external) control of the federal government.
      One could safely argue that the states that were “(re)admitted to the Union” did so under duress; any agreements signed could be considered “null and void”. The end of “reconstruction” was based on the states signing “non-secession” agreements, as a condition of being readmitted to the “union” which was a way to force the states to succumb to the will of the federal government. Duress, indeed.
      To Texas politicians’ credit, the state of Texas never signed a “non-secession” statement subordinating itself to the power of the federal government.
      It would be interesting to see what the feds would do if Texas decided to “go on its own”. Texas, possesses its own electrical power grid and could easily divorce itself from both the eastern and western power grids if it chose secession.

  16. I punched buttons on the fraud machine today.

    We’ll see, in time, how much damage was inflicted on the country as a result. I hope I helped keep it to a minimum. I also hope I win the Powerball. I think I could do a great deal more good with a billion dollars, than I could ever do by voting.

    There was unfortunately no third party option for the most “important” race (US House) in my area.

    I’m sure they will find a way to rig it, anyway.

    If they rig it, the good thing is (if you can call it that) I will no longer bear responsibility for the (dismal) results. Or will I? This could be an interesting discussion.

  17. Elections matter because they convey legitimacy upon the winning side. Leftist/communists realize this fact and will lie,cheat and steal to win. As we have witnesses in the last two years winning elections means controlling the apparatus of the state, the purse, the courts, the permanent bureaucracies and most importantly the military.

    2022 is not and cannot be 1860. The federal government and standing army were small in 1860, not so in 2022. With leftist in control of the federal government bureaucracies, the military and the media, any overtly violent actions against the state would be crushed immediately by the military/police and used by the media as a propaganda event to demonize any dissent, as the events of January 6, 2021 demonstrate.

    There may still be a short window to regain control of the governments (federal, state and local) through the ballot box. If not, it took 70 years for the Soviet Union to implode, so we’ll be in for a long struggle.

    • Griff,

      This is why TPTB hate it when massive numbers of people cry “Shenanigans!”

      It strikes to the very heart of their legitimacy.

      But, they can’t come out and say that. So, they call it “democracy” instead.

    • @griff Elections matter….

      elections matter in the same way as the weather matters. Except for one major difference; people cause elections to happen, weather is a natural phenomenon. But everyone in the area in which both happen are subject to both weather and elections. Weird.

      You claim elections convey legitimacy upon the imaginary side that proclaims a win. Legitimacy in whose mind? Do you accept the legitimacy of wind, rain, temperature changes? Or are you just accepting reality as it is presented to you? Many people move their residence to find a climate that suits them.

      What is the “apparatus of the state”? The business I work for owns offices, mechanical shops, thousands of trucks and trailers, land and has everything the business needs to accomplish the goal of shipping products everywhere and anywhere it can.

      The state? Office buildings. That’s it. People in offices and other gathering places, telling you what to do through a complex web of concepts we commonly refer to as laws, regulations, executive orders, rule of law, patriotism…and so on. What if no one but those who voted for the winners obeyed? If a tiny minority of people in whatever imaginary State actually voted for the Winners, then where is the legitimacy? If no one voted, or obeyed, who would the State rule?

      Do you go hunt down illegitimate rulers? Do you hunt down robbers, thieves, fornicator’s in your neighborhood or area?

      Since you are forced to accept the supposed legitimacy of the winning side, how is the state, courts, police and bureaucracies they supposedly control–a bunch of misnamed concepts–how is the winner’s legitimacy any different than the supposed legitimacy of the Mafia, or rapists, robbers, or thieves?

      The State has no legitimacy to me. But I accept it as I do the weather. I weather the changeable antics of those around me, playing politics with themselves, as I act accordingly when the snow comes, or high winds blow.

      Which is a more legitimate action, forcing others to play politics, or using force to quit the game they are forcing me to play?

      What if they gave an election, but no one came?

      • Andy L,

        Elections convey legitimacy both nationally and internationally. You may choose not to recognize that legitimacy, but a majority of citizens will or at least go alone with what the media tells them and a majority of foreign governments will recognize a “legally” elected government. As far as the “apparatus of the state”, to list a few, FBI, CIA, IRS, ATF, SEC, DMV, FAA, NSA, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or any of the innumerable federal, state or local government regulatory and law enforcement agencies, the list is endless. These agencies have tremendous power over your life. If you don’t think so, don’t pay you taxes, refuse service to a protected minority at your business, break one of thousands of laws and regulations and you may be arrested and/or financially ruined.

        Hey, it sucks, but it is what it is. I’m not saying an election will change the system, but if an election will make the system slightly less intrusive into my life, I’ll play along. You can ignore reality, but sooner or later reality will not ignore you. So, ignore it at your peril.

  18. I read in a book on economics, Keeping America Poor, the title if I remember correctly. Blamed the unions and did comment that the wages in the South didn’t catch up, parity, until 1961.

    Trickle Down Economics first appeared around 1854. Ain’t nothing new in 1980 CE, it’s as old as the hills. It’s in the book.

    I remember traveling through Virginia, got to Richmond, the Southern States grain elevators were fully lit for all to see along I-95. Been 50 years ago now, a long time.

    Too many military installations, bases, in all of the states for secession to happen.

    The vote will be active until all eligible voters have cast their votes. Might take few months, lots of homeless out there, stuck Americans in Afghanistan have to make it home. Countless illegal immigrants have to vote too. Plenty of people will die after their vote has been cast before the final tally is determined, they still voted when they were alive.

    Vote until the cows come home.

  19. Yeah: Just heard on local DC radio that DoJ is sending people to Prince William County VA, where Abigail Spanberger is in a tight race against Yesli Vega. So fedgov intimidation happening there. Notice how they’re not sending anyone in Virginia district 10: Jennifer Wexton vs Hung Cao. That tells me Wexton will win. Man, those stupid white women in Fairfax and Loudon counties!!!

    • I just voted for Vega this morning. Prince William is a very Hispanic county, hoping the community comes out and kicks Spanberger to the curb. They completely redistricted the counties and Spanberger is no longer along the Richmond border (her safe space). She is in trouble. Where I voted not too many of her supporters walking around. The polling place wasn’t crowded, but busy with people coming and going. My guess is there will be a dump of ballots in Stafford or Prince William later this evening for Abaigail. The same crap happened in Spotsylvania with 99% of the vote in back in 2020, when she ran against Freitas.

      Also, hoping Cao wins. Anyone that publicly announces they want to punch Fauci in the face is okay by me.

      • Hi RG. I too voted for Yesli this morning. Based on yard signs in my area of southern Stafford County, she had about a 2-1 edge over Spanberger. Alas, I share your expectation that a late ballot dump will occur with just enough “votes” to put Spanberger in the lead.

        • Hi Mike! It looks like we were right. Vega leading until about 80% of the vote was in and tada, Spanberger takes the lead and wins. I wish I could say I am shocked, but we have seen this play out time and time again.

            • If the Democrats can work with a brain-dead fook in the White House, not that when he had his “full faculties” that he amounted to much, they can certainly prop up a Senator from a state where they’ve had long-running political machines in the big cities anyhow.

    • tom,
      The DOJ told my home State of Missouri that in the capitol City of Jefferson they WOULD be monitoring their election process in person. Missouri told them to “bite me”, you are NOT going to be allowed to.

      • Shocking History of Dominion Voting

        2020-11-15 update: since 2009, Dominion Voting Systems operated from 215 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON, M5T 2C7,Canada – an office space of the radical Tides Foundation. This building houses (or housed until a few months ago) a Toronto office of Tides Canada and a Tides’ incubation space for leftist groups.

        Dominion Voting Systems Corp. is the Canadian company behind the ballot switching software.

        Dominion was founded in 2003, with a mission to provide electronic voting systems friendly for progressives. Because of such partisanship, it languished with almost no customers for the next 5-6 years, until the Obama administration came to power.

        Depopulation va//cc……ine advocate Bill Gates also designed the fraudulent election software used by Dominion
        In a new video, the illustrious Roger Stone drops a major bombshell about Dominion Voting Systems, alleging he has proof that Microsoft, at the direction of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, designed the software used to commit election fraud.
        Microsoft developed what is known as Election Guard, which is capable of hiding votes, switching votes and altering election outcomes.

        Election Guard has “been used by Dominion, as well as Election Services, Hurt Intercivic, Clean Ballot, Election Systems and Hardware, BPro, and Smartmatic,” Stone claims.

        “In other words, 100 percent of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes.”

        In 2010, the Obama administration confiscated electronic voting systems assets (software, intellectual property, manufacturing tools, customer base, etc.) from two established American companies, and gave them to Dominion. At the same time, Dominion got some employees and assets from a foreign EVS company, tied to Hugo Chavez.

        Its software has been used by some 40% of the voters in this elections, mostly by Democrat-controlled states and election commissions. Apparently, no protections were put in place against ballot switching, deletion, or creation. According to Dominion’s own website, it software was used in “battleground” states and the largest Democrat states, including MI, GA, AZ, NV, NM, CO, AK, UT, NJ, CA, NY.

        Dominion Early History
        Dominion Voting System Corp., was founded in Canada in 2002-2003 with an openly progressive mission – to develop electronic voting software which would not just process ballots, but also “mobilize voters” – a popular slogan of the Left.

        It is not clear what products or services the company has developed. It found almost no buyers, until Obama was elected in 2008. In 2009, New York ordered a few dozens of systems from it. In 2010, Obama’s DOJ (Holder – Mueller) took the EVS unit, purchased from Diebold, away from the market leader ES&S, and gave it to Dominion.

        This gift included the installed base of about 30% of the US electronic voting systems (EVS) market. Within two weeks, Dominion also acquired Sequoia, which was formally spun from Smartmatic, but ties between these two companies remained.

        Smartmatic is a UK based EVS vendor, whose software was used by Chavez to “win” the Venezuelan referendum in 2004. Smartmatic’s unit Sequoia faced troubles in the US. Those troubles quickly ended when its assets were purchased by Dominion.

        Thus, the new Democratic party created a pocket pet corporation, gave it the lion share of the US electronic voting systems market. Dominion is ideologically aligned with the Democratic Party, owes it everything it has, dependent on it for most of its business, and needs it in power to avoid prosecution for corruption. Sounds like a conflict of interest.

        Electronic Voting
        Using electronic voting machines has always been controversial. The pros for electronic voting – saving working time of the ballot counters – are minuscule. The cons however are infinite. Because software is inherently complex, non-transparent, and volatile, there is always a risk of significant errors. There are also suspicions and doubts about election results. The complexity of software and hardware on which voting machines run has been continually increasing, aggravating these concerns.

        At the beginning of 2009, there were four major US EVS suppliers: ES&S, Premier (a unit of Nixdorf-Diebold), Sequoia (linked to Smartmatic), and Hart Intercivic. The market size was a few hundred million dollars a year and growing. EVS vendors competed among themselves and against traditional pen and paper voting. There were no barriers to entry for other competitors, other than government’s regulations.

        Electronic voting, which sounded like a good idea in the 1980s is so no more. Electronic voting machines and their vendors were under criticism for many years. In 2007-2008, this criticism materialized in the SEC, DOJ, and states lawsuits against the voting machines vendors. Diebold was catching flack for having a prominent Republican party supporter among their top executives. It spun its EVS unit as a separate company Premier, and was looking for a buyer. The existing vendors were burdened with liabilities, including DOJ investigations. This opened up an opportunity for the Obama administration.

        Technical Vulnerabilities of EVS Systems
        The voting software developers can easily insert code, changing numbers in favor of or against one candidate. No hacking is necessary. The malicious code can be designed to pass tests and to be triggered only at the time of a real election, automatically or manually. Both case are possible even the the machine is disconnected from the internet and has no ordinary I/O devices.

        The malicious code can be activated manually in real time by inserting a ballot or another paper with a pre-defined QR or image code. An audit of the source code is necessary, but not sufficient. Dominion software runs on Windows, and the malicious code can be hidden in any part of the operating system. Malicious code can be hidden in the firmware, too.

        If a state wants to take risks and to rely on testing and the source code audit, they should be conducted with the participation of technically competent representatives of both parties. If the system passes testing and auditing, the machine image must be securely stored. All supplied machines must have exactly the same hardware and the software as the audited system.

        As far as I know, thorough tests and source code audits are conducted very rarely, if at all. Further, the vendors are not required to use only the audited image, and are allowed to update the software almost at will. That means that election commissions are forced to blindly trust the vendors. Blind trust is always wrong and invites abuse. But even “trust but verify” is applicable only to trustworthy vendors. Dominion Voting is the opposite of trustworthy.

        The only real solution to the vulnerability of EVS is not to use them at all. Manual ballot counting has no software vulnerabilities, and is much cheaper. Virginia appears to be the only state that decided to use only manual ballots.

  20. Like so many others, I’m tired of hearing the Left, and others, talk about “threats to democracy.” The US is not a democracy. It is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic where the rights of the minority (and all people) are protected. A democracy can be mob-rule – especially when the majority believes that based on a simple plurality it can shut down churches, mandate jabs, etc.

  21. I live in the North, but if there would ever be another civil war I will fight for the side of freedom. Which would be the southern states. There are many liberty loving people up here just we are over shadowed by the big cities and leftist loudmouths.

    • Quite a few “Nawthunuhs” DID enlist in the CSA Army. At first, they were not given the post-war general amnesty for “treason” as were CSA enlisted and junior officers that had resided in the seceeding states (CSA officers above the rank of Major were not offered the amnesty; their cases were taken on a specific basis until President Andrew Johnson, several months after narrowly escaping removal from office by ONE vote in the Senate, issued a Presidential pardon to all remaining CSA senior officers and civilian officials, including President Jefferson Davis, who had been charged with treason and bailed out by friends, and was waiting trial; this move was Johnson giving the Radical Republicans the proverbial “finger”).

      As for those that remained and criticized the war, and advocated to let the Confederacy be; Lincoln had their newspapers seized and printing presses destroyed; and prominent critics like Congressman VanLandingham of Ohio JAILED for “sedition”.

      Let’s see what happens with those DOJ jokers harassing election workers in areas where the outcome is a tossup. My guess is that should the results go VERY badly for the Dummycrats (i.e. even blatant election fraud won’t change the outcome) that the Phony POTUS will use phony allegations of “voter intimidation” and the like to attempt to invalidate the elections, and/or declare the country in a state of insurrection and rule by Presidential fiat.

    • Jim,
      Indeed, the South has never forgiven the Yankees for what was done to them, especially AFTER the war, except in the urban areas infested with Yankee migrants.
      In my home State of Missouri that battle is still being waged. The audacity of the University of Kansas naming their sports teams “Jayhawks” is an in your face glorification of a Kansas militia that inflicted untold pain upon Missourians in an invasion. The Missouri “Tigers” are the same, glorifying a Missouri militia that resisted the “Jayhawks”. There is a great deal of enmity in this sports arena. While true that sports teams are rather superfluous, the do reflect public attitude. Even if the public doesn’t remember why.

      • There is a reason that Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, etc. are the poorest States in the “union”. They have not yet recovered from “reconstruction”, or “re-demolition”, which is what it was.

      • I recall that conflict being referenced in the early part of the 1976 Clint Eastwood film, “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, wherein some “Jayhawkers” storm Josey’s farm and kill his wife and son. Wales, understandably, stricken with grief, joins the Confederates when the Civil War breaks out, and his unit continues with guerilla warfare for an unstated period after the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court House in April 1865. When amnesty is ostensibly proffered by the the one-time leader of the “Jayhawkers”, now a US Senator from Kansas, their leader, Captain Fletcher (John Vernon), tells Josey and the rest of the “Bushwackers” that he’s had enough and will surrender and accept the pardon in return for professing his loyalty to the United States. The rest of the group, save for Josey, join him. As Fletcher enters the Union Army camp, he notes the presence of the notorious “Redleg”, Captain Terrill (Bill McKinney) and expresses contempt for the man. The haughty senator dismisses Fletcher’s outrage and further rubs it in:

        Senator: The war’s over. Our side won the war. Now we must busy ourselves winning the peace. And Fletcher, there’s an old saying: To the victors belong the spoils.
        Fletcher: There’s another old saying, Senator: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

        The men are given breakfast and line up to ostensibly take their loyalty oaths when the Union sergeant leading it breaks off and calls them “lying Missouri scum!” as a tent flap opens, revealing a Gatling gun, which opens fire on the hapless guerillas. Fletcher is naturally dismayed and outraged:

        IDK that many on either side of today’s political angst have the fortitude to fight and die for their beliefs as they did ca. 1861 to 1865.

  22. The Left has developed some truly insane terms the past few years.

    1) People who oppose abortion are now called “Advocates of forcing women to give birth”. Some deranged Lefties even advocate MANDATORY vasectomies for young men.
    3) ANYONE who questions “The Narratives” on Ukraine/ Russia are deemed “Tools of Putin” or worse.
    4) People who questioned this obsessive MASS VACCINATION campaign or “The Narratives” on the “vaccines”/ mass face diaper wearing are deemed ANTI-VAXXERS, ANTI-SCIENCE, etc., or, if they’re a doctor, they LOSE their license or job.
    5) High gas prices were deemed to be from “Putin’s Price Hike” or “Corporate greed”, not the Biden Regime’s anti-oil policies, despite Biden’s own near admission from earlier this year that high gas prices were INTENTIONAL as part of “An incredible transition to CLEAN ENERGY.”
    6) People who question the idea that men can become women and vice versa are deemed HATE MONGERS or worse.
    7) Those who question “The Narratives” on climate change are deemed CLIMATE DENIERS.
    8) People who question “The Narratives” on the 2020 Presidential election are deemed ELECTION DENIERS. How ironic would it be though if these “Election Deniers” who are running for office win, and “The Left” questions it? Will THEY be called ELECTION DENIERS? I doubt it.
    9) People who opposed LOCKDOWNS or face diaper wearing were accused of being ANTI-SCIENCE or “Wanting to kill Grandma”, despite NUMEROUS studies showing such draconian measures didn’t freaking WORK.
    10) People who advocated the use of drugs (which have been around for decades) such as Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin as treatments for COVID were deemed ANTI-VAXXERS or “Advocates of using horse dewormer instead of a ‘Safe and Effective vaccine'”.
    11) People who questioned Tony Fauci and/ or Fauciism were accused of “Attacking The Science”. It’s astounding how some people have come to regard Fauci as some sort of “Public Health Saint” despite the fact he’s proven himself to be a corrupt unelected bureaucrat who places the pharmaceutical industry’s interests above his agency’s stated purpose of “Public Health”.

    I’m sure there are others.

    • While the left is worse about it all, plenty on the right fly the same route as those on the left.

      15.) People who notice the sky marked up resembling the lines on a football field and saying that’s not normal are called tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.

      16.) Some of the people who do their own research and come to conclusions contrary to the quack ‘consensus scientism’ are not even called anything, they are simply ignored & dismissed.

      “Her long-standing position is the entire CV19 plandemic was, in fact, a manmade bioweapon from infection to injection.” …

      • Of late, the spraying has been non-stop near me in coastal NC. The weather has been unusually calm, hot and humid for November. Today, Election Day, it’s 60 and blowing 50 mph. This was predicted to start precisely at 1 am today and it did. Now some weird non-tropical/tropical chimera of a storm has been ginned up near FL and is headed North.

        FWIW, I have a screened in porch that has been accumulating some sort of minute fibers on the screens overnight which become very visible in the morning dew/high humidity environment. I have taken many photos recently. The blue fibers are bathed in a much larger surfactant strand that reacts to the humidity. When you rub the fiber on the screen, a soapy residue forms. They’re everywhere and I have no doubt some are in me simply from breathing and being outside because I have pulled them out of my skin as the body invariably attempts to reject such foreign objects. I have taken no shots.

        I entered a room today in another home with a newly installed 5G router and separate 3 antenna “amplifier.” I immediately felt the power of the signal come over me and almost knock me down, a la those 3/20 5G videos out of Wuhan. In minutes I also had what seemed to me like mild flu like symptoms, all of which stopped when I unplugged the damn thing but lingered until I left the premises.

  23. Maybe I am too simplistic but my view is that the forced vaccinations really were a line in the sand crossed. Vaccine hesitant realized that if the governments and big corporations could ostracize and remove ordinary people from society and even block them from being able to buy food as was one of the ideas put out, then their very survival was in jeopardy. Spin is incredibly effective but the bottom line is there is no amount of propaganda that can convince most people to put their own individual lives at risk just because government says so. The survival instinct and mama bear instinct to protect our young (ie our children) is primal and hard wired in individuals. So although I am not sophisticated enough to project how this realization will play out, this blank stubborn all or nothing refusal to allow bureaucrats and elites to hurt us will get stronger. It will make those who understand what they/are trying to do to us stronger. It is not going to go away.

  24. I’m reading this morning (on Emerald Robinson’s substack) that the establishment along with their liberal media bullhorns are setting the stage for the same shady vote “counting” as we saw in 2020. In unison the White House long with numerous media outlets are telling everyone to get ready to wait for weeks for the results.

    There has always been fraud and there will probably always be fraud in elections. It’s just a question of how blatant they’re willing to allow themselves to be. The only hope that I have for this election going in positive direction is that the fraudsters pull back this time after having took huge risks and gotten away with it in 2020.

    But the flip side is that, having gotten away with it, they will have no problem doing it again and again. Each time they get away with it, they cement in the power to avoid any inspection or examination.

    I’m pretty sure that, if they’re not calling results in the next couple/few days, then the cheat is on. They know how many people can vote in total. There is no scenario where they’re just waiting for votes to materialize out of nowhere except in fraud.

    It won’t be long before we see how this goes. I think we’ll know by Friday.

    • Pretty much hits the nail on the head EM.

      It’s not a question if they’ll cheat, it’s a question of how much. It’s akin to a youngster stealing cookies out of the cookie jar. He can probably pilfer a few cookies, but he dare not grab the whole jar.

    • EM,
      Any human endeavor that can be corrupted will be corrupted. I think the estimate that socio/psychopaths are about 10% of the population is woefully low. There are always one or the other just waiting around for an opportunity to corrupt.

    • Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank With Connection to Chinese Government Before Election
      December 2, 2020

      Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government, according to filings

      An investigation into SEC filings has revealed that the firm which owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million dollars from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government less than a month before the election.

      The investigation centers on Staple Street Capital, which acquired Dominion Voting Systems in 2018.

      Dominion Voting Systems operates voting machines in 28 states and has been accused by President Trump and his supporters of being involved in deleting millions of votes for Trump in addition to switching votes to Biden on election night.

      “On Oct 8, 2020, Staple Street Capital filed SEC Form D offerings and sales amount of $400,000,000 with the Sales Compensation Recipient identified as UBS Securities,” states the investigation, which also notes that another payment of $200,000,000 was received in December 2014.

      “UBS Securities is a Swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities CO LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” states the report.

      The overall owners of UBS Securities Co LTD are;

      – Beijing Guoxiang (33%)
      – UBS (24.99%)
      – Guangdong Comm. Group [zh] (14.01%)
      – China Guodian (14%)
      – COFCO Group (14%)

      Aside from UBS, the other four owners of UBS Securities are all Communist Chinese front groups.

      Beijing Guoxiang is a state owned asset.

      Guangdong Comm. Group 100% stakeholder is the Guangdong Provincial Government.

      China Guodian is state owned enterprise administered for the SASAC for the state Council

      COFCO Group is a state owned enterprise under the direct supervision of the SASAC.

      SASAC The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) is a special commission of the People’s Republic of China, directly under the State Council.

      The revelation that Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government via UBS Securities will bolster claims by Trump supporters that foreign actors working on behalf of Communist China may have sought to meddle in the presidential election to help Joe Biden.

    • Dominion Received $120 Million From 19 States And 133 Local Governments To Provide Election Services
      Submitted by Adam Andrzejewski,

      Dominion Voting Systems is the second largest vendor in the non-transparent and entrenched election system industry where three vendors control 88-percent of the market.

      Recent Dominion contracts with major counties and cities across America set service agreements for years or even decades—helping lock-in the company’s dominant market position and prevent competition.

      Dominion Voting Systems was paid $118.3 million to provide election services during the past three years, according to public records. Their revenues came from 19 states and 133 local governments including counties, cities, and even a couple of school districts.

      Since presidential election of 2020, Dominion has come under wide public scrutiny, particularly in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—critical toss-up states with close winning margins.

      In their Dunn & Bradstreet filings, Dominion claimed annual sales of $36.5 million with contracts in 22 states and 600 local jurisdictions. However, the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative estimated that Dominion was in 1,645 jurisdictions with $100 million in annual revenues (2018).

      So, our auditors at tracked Dominion’s revenues using state and local government spending disclosures, i.e. their checkbooks. (Dominion is a private company and, therefore, is not required to disclose financials. However, public bodies must be transparent, because they spend taxpayer money.)

      Compiling the records required open record requests in 49 of the 50 states and in 11,400 local governments. Only California, which we are suing, rejected our sunshine request.

      Here is a state-by-state description of our findings. (Download our raw payment data spanning 2017 through 2019.)

      Georgia: In 2019, a $107 million ten-year contract with Dominion procured by the Secretary of State covers 30,000 touch screen voting machines and the installation of a “verified paper ballot” voting system. $89 million in payments were front-loaded into the first two-years of the contract.

      New Mexico: Dominion received $52 million from the state government. Services included the full suite of hardware and software information-technology agreements.

      Michigan: $31.5 million flowed from the state government ($30.8 million) and 22 localities over the last three years. Top spending local governments included Detroit ($457,880); Livonia ($65,310); Saginaw ($53,314); Dearborn ($22,975) and Antrim County ($20,056).

      Services included machines, equipment repair, election services, ballot marking printers, vote tabulators and ballot boxes, modem cell services contracts, election coding, and voting machine coding.

      Nevada: Clark County, the largest in Nevada, contracted for $28.7 million to have the company run its elections through 2032. The Secretary of State’s Office paid Dominion for $510,130.

      California: In 2019, the County of Santa Clara contracted with Dominion for up to $16.2 million to run their election services for the next eight-years. San Francisco’s 2019 contract covers five-years for an amount not to exceed $12.7 million.

      $11.1 million in payments to Dominion came from just 15 counties and cities. The largest payer was Alameda ($5.2 million). Other counties included San Francisco ($4.2 million, Butte ($376), Glenn ($42,350), Monterey ($233,291), San Benito ($173,049), Santa Cruz ($583), Shasta ($3,975), Sierra ($9,571), Siskiyou ($127,314), Kern ($127,267), San Luis Obispo ($500,536), and San Mateo ($457,703).

      Illinois: Cook County, the second most populous county in the country, signed a $31 million ten-year contract with Dominion in 2018. Competitor Election Systems & Software (ES&S) sued alleging equipment scanning problems and lack of state certification; later, ES&S dropped the case. Chicago has a ten-year $22 million deal.

      From 2017-2019, payments of $6.2 million from six counties and cities flowed to Dominion. Cook County ($5.5 million) and the City of Chicago ($533,018) were the largest payers. Other counties included DuPage ($70,520), Kankakee ($9,900), Macoupin County ($15,153), and Winnebago ($18,900).

      Arizona: We found the 2019-2022 contract in Maricopa County at total taxpayer cost of $6.1 million over three-years. The City of Phoenix also paid Dominion $48,300.

      New York: The state spent $95.8 million with Dominion from 2008 through 2014 then renewed the contract through 2021.

      From 2017-2019, $4.4 million from 44 government entities paid Dominion. Here are the top five counties: Suffolk ($1.1 million), Niagara ($539,334), Orange ($336,480), Monroe ($301,435), and Madison ($300,884). Interestingly, there were six school districts paying Dominion for election services.

      Purchase descriptions ranged from batteries, compact flash memory cards, receipt paper for voting machines, warranty and support for “imagecast voting,” EMS 3-day training, absentee central count ballots and election day ballots, “pre marked test ballots,” firmware and hardware warranty, voting systems, and much more.

      Pennsylvania: $1.1 million from five counties contracted with Dominion: Armstrong ($701,560), Crawford ($201,880), Washington ($121,880), Somerset County ($39,286), and Warren ($10,532). The disclosures did not list the services purchased.

      Wisconsin: Dominion voting machines are used in the counties of Racine, Washington, and Ozaukee. In the large counties of Dane and Milwaukee, ES&S machines are used.

      We were not able to capture government checkbook data on Dominion expenditures in Wisconsin.

  25. In Missouri: in response to a presumptuous memo from a fedgov prosecutor — “we wanted to let you know that we will be reviewing Cole County’s voting program on site on Election Day” — Missouri Secretary of State office replied:

    Missouri SOS Office

    Nov 6
    Under Missouri law, the local election authority is empowered to decide who, other than voters and poll workers, may be at polling locations. Cole County Clerk Steve Korsmeyer has rightfully declined to allow this over-reach and the secretary of state’s office fully supports him.

    That’s how to deal with Merrick Beria Garland’s DeeCeeeee carpetbaggers, meddlers, and election thieves of no authority: confront them and evict them.

      • “we will be reviewing Cole County’s voting program on site on Election Day”?
        So, openly declaring they intend to trespass? And not just simple trespass, but in effect invading. Which just might be met with Missouri law enforcement, if not the National Guard. Formerly known as “the militia”.


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