Chem or Contrails?

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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

It’s not Superman.

But it is something. The question is  . . . what?

Many of you have seen it, too. And then not seen it. Some days, there’s nothing in the sky but blue and some clouds and – up high – commercial jets at cruising altitude, their passing marked – briefly – by a thin white condensation trail, or contrail. It’s very cold at 30,000 feet. The hot exhaust stream (mostly water vapor) of the aircraft’s jet engines condenses as it cools, hence the thin white-looking trail. We’ve all seen this. And we’ve all seen how quickly these contrails dissipate after the jet has left the area.

You have probably also seen something else that may in fact be something else. A sky criss-crossed by lines that do not dissipate but spread out, creating what look like lines of artificial clouds that gradually blend into one another. They remain in the sky for hours, long after the jet that left them has left the area. It is claimed that these aren’t condensation trails at all but rather chemical trails, containing  . . . something that isn’t the normal byproduct of jet exhaust.

The reasoning – which is reasonable – being that contrails didn’t used to linger for hours after the jet had left the area without dissipating. Also, that there is a clear difference – you can see it – between a jet leaving a contrail in its wake and a jet leaving something that looks very different in its wake. It is possible, certainly, that varying atmospheric conditions at altitude might account for the same thing (a contrail) looking like a different thing (chemtrail). And at one time, the default reasonable presumption would have been that it’s probably the same thing (a contrail) that just looks different, for reasons having nothing to do with sinister causes.

But – bearing in mind the times we’re living in and knowing what the people we’re dealing with have already done – it is not unreasonable to wonder whether there is something sinister afoot.

Arguably, it is prudent.

Is it conceivable that the same people who have been lecturing us for decades that people (us, that is – never them) are a blight upon the planet that must be “mitigated” and who have ginned-up one excuse-crisis after another to further that end could just possibly be doing something to the sky to further that end? These are, remember, the same people who want us to eat “sky prawns” while they eat steak. To “own nothing” while they are very happy about it.

Who forced degrading “masks” on billions of people, knowing their only purpose was to degrade them. Have tried to force people to take “vaccines” they know – and knew – were no such thing and who continue to dismiss out-of-hand the now-established fact that these “vaccines” have harmed and killed more people than all actual vaccines of the past ever did, combined.

They are, in other words, sociopaths and psychopaths (the distinction between the two is fine and also overlapping). They don’t care about us except insofar as they can use us.

They care very much about power – and will do anything to us in order to get it and hold onto it.

But it is darker than that. They are also sadists. They enjoy degrading us. You can see it in their smirk. You can hear it in theor tone. You can see it in their actions.

It is not enough that they – being rich, which they are because they literally have a license to steal (i.e., to tax and also to “inflate” the money supply, a subtler form of theft). It is necessary that we be poor. Being sociopathic-psychotic people, they cannot stand it that any of us live lives of relative ease and affluence – have our own homes, our own cars and so on – because, in their minds, our possession of such things diminishes the glory of them having bigger homes and fancier cars. What they desire is for us to not have homes or cars – and to eat “sky prawns” rather than steak – so as to rub it in that such things as private homes, cars and steaks are exclusively for them.

This is why they peddle the lie that the “climate” is “changing” – and “catastrophically,” because of us. While jetting to conferences at which plans are elaborated to further impoverish us.

Never them.

It is why they “locked us down.” Have been trying – even still – to push their drugs, whatever they are, into as many of us as possible, knowing that these drugs are not vaccines. Knowing they have harmed and killed more people than all previous vaccines combined. It raises the reasonable question: If not vaccines then what are these drugs – and what might be their true purpose?

And the same with regard to what we’re seeing in the sky.

As to the why . .  .

It cannot be to thwart “global warming,” because they know it isn’t. Hence their changing of the verbiage to the “climate changing,” which can be anything and so cannot be pinned down and questioned, as “global warming” has been. Successfully. The predicted “warming” hasn’t happened. And so now the “climate” is “changing.”

Possibly, artificially. As by seeding the sky with . . . something. God only knows what. As far as the what-for, it’s hard to say. But we can know with certainty that whatever it is, it’s not being done out of benevolence – because we know (we ought to, by now) what the people who are doing it (if in fact something is being done) are capable of.

That being anything they think will enhance their power while diminishing our lives. Even to the extent of ending our lives. It’s a hard thing to believe anyone in human form is capable of doing. But we’ve been staring it in the face for the past several years now.

We pretend we don’t see it at our peril.

. . .

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  1. Is this, something? Over the course of one day, like many other days, ~ one hundred jets fly over you at a very low altitude, so low, their shapes are quite clear.

    They leave trails from horizon-to-horizon, these very low altitude jets, often leaving a grid pattern in the sky.

    They do not always fly that low while leaving their long trails, often they are far above the clouds.

    Do you ever see these same numbers of jets flying at the low altitudes and they are Not leaving behind any trail,… or even a very short one?

    I do not. Ever.

    If the moisture level of the atmosphere were the determining factor as to why these horizon-to-horizon trails appear and linger, then where are the days when hundreds of low flying jets leave either short contrails, or none at all?

    …Just one of the things I ponder as I work outside.

  2. Eric, glad to see you picking up this topic. I remember growing up in AZ in the 90s that there would be MONTHS of blue skies, I’d get so bored with sunshiny days…the only time clouds would pop in is if rain was coming or just passed. Other AZers can back me up on that.

    Now, it seems every other fucking day in Phoenix is “overcast” with the airplane spray bullshit.

    The Youtube channel 1PacificRedwood has excellent analysis of this, with weather maps and all that. His thesis is that these planes spray aluminum particles out of their ass. Aluminum is a desiccant, like in anti-perspirant. Spraying these dries out the atmosphere and allows them to choose who gets rain and who doesn’t. He also points to the WSR-88D microwave radar installations as part of it, saying when turned on they chop up approaching moisture fronts.

    Like other posters, I saw them pick up big time in 2012…still thought “wow gee, look at that look airplane trail, you can see where it’s been and where it’s going!” Now I know better. Never saw them living in Asia either.

    • Hi Michael,

      It’s a very interesting (and alarming) topic, assuming there isn’t a natural explanation. I plan to check out the channel you mentioned; thanks for the advisory!

  3. Dane Wigington is a good source of information, as is Clifford Carnicom ( and

    Glad to see you bringing up the subject. “But we’ve been staring it in the face for the past several years now.” Actually, over 20 years in my case. They were overwhelming in Spokane (2005+), rare when we moved to Mexico in 2007, more frequent when we left almost three years later. Very rare in Uruguay – I’ve probably seen fewer than 20 in 13 years. And with sites like, easy (if you have internet access; I don’t carry a phone) to ID the flight, e.g., Lufthansa from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt.

    • I recall reading a South American online newspaper article (Santiago Times, maybe?) about 15 yrs. ago where they openly discussed their perceived need for using geoengineering for the first time (not cloud seeding, geoengineering) to create more rainfall in the Eastern highlands etc.
      They didn’t hide the fact they wanted to use it and were in fact implementing it at that time. In a way ~ in was sorta refreshing to read such,… I don’t know the best word choice for it… honesty?

      Anyway, Michael above mentioned aluminum as an ingredient in this stuff, from what I’ve read, coal fly ash makes up the largest percentage.

      Imitating a poisonous spewing volcano.

  4. The fact that sociopaths or psychopaths rule is only ONE part of the equation. There are 2 pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED — read The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon” at

    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the human rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant in a fantasy land and play victim like a little child?

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.

    And if anyone does NOT acknowledge, recognize, and face (either wittingly or unwittingly) the WHOLE truth THEY are helping to prevent this from happening.

    “Separate what you know from what you THINK you know.” — Unknown

  5. As a chemist, there is something to be said for the phenomena of nucleation, condensation and precipitation…

    Precipitation can be a beautiful and wonderous process when observed in a beaker. It serves to solidify one’s understanding of what happens in the sky with clouds and rain.

    With regards to what is seen with “chemtrails”: I believe you are witnessing nucleation events, initiated in a water-vapor-saturated sky when a plane and its contrail passes through.

    You can have a saturated or super-saturated solution of a salt, for instance, which will be perfectly clear until there is a disturbance, such as a single crystal of the dissolved salt added. In some instances, the whole solution will crystallize into a wet solid!

    For a more plebeian example, take a Corona beer (due to its transparent bottle) and put it in the freezer. After an hour or so, if it was done correctly, you can remove the beer and find it is a super-cooled solution. The beer will be liquid, but only while it is undisturbed. A little shake, and it will turn to slush right before your eyes.

    Now I’m not saying that there haven’t been plans to seed the sky with some kind of aerosol or whatnot, and either block out the Sun or poison the populace. But, I somehow doubt it is done wholesale, everyday. To put that to rest, perhaps a sampling of the nation’s jet-fuel should be done at point-of-use. The samples could be analyzed for adulterants. I believe adulterated jet fuel is probably the only way such a program could be done without alerting everyone, that is to say, hiding it in plain sight.

    • Is the atmosphere always and everywhere in a water-vapor-saturated condition?

      Enough so, to produce what you’re thinking of?

      Year round? Day & night?

      The numerous videos & photos suggest the fuel is not the source.

      I’m reminded of the many people at all levels who worked on The Manhattan Project, RE: “the only way such a program could be done without alerting everyone”.
      There have been other similar projects.

      It seems you’re operating under the assumption commercial aircraft are the main source.
      Drone aircraft seems more likely.

      • Hey Helot,

        “Year round? Day & night?”

        Well, no. That’s why some days you see contrails vanish fairly quickly as the plane passes over, and other days, they seem to remain and expand.

        I can’t speak to the idea that drones are being used in some way. That’s a different story and would be a more likely method.

        • Why is it that on some days you see contrails vanish fairly quickly as the plane passes over, yet numerous other planes leave long lasting lengthy trails within the same space?
          All appearing to be at about the same altitude?

          Are clouds, or at least haze, necessary in order for there to be a water-vapor-saturated sky?

          If so, why do horizon to horizon chemtrails appear over say, a desert on a sky blue day when it’s 110 degrees, or in January on a sky blue day when it’s 40 degrees below zero?

          On a cold day when I step outside and I can see my breath, why is it that my breath does not expand to the point I cannot see in front of me, yet chemtrails expand and get wider and wider until the Sun is blocked out?

          RE: “A little shake, and it will turn to slush right before your eyes.”
          Yet, can it expand to 15 times it’s original size while maintaining the same density? Chemtrails do.

          • Helot,

            “Are clouds, or at least haze, necessary in order for there to be a water-vapor-saturated sky?”

            Well, no. I’m sure you’ve been somewhere in which the humidity is near 100%, but the air was transparent, or mostly so? Then, there is fog, which is a cloud on the ground, right?

            “If so, why do horizon to horizon chemtrails appear over say, a desert on a sky blue day when it’s 110 degrees, or in January on a sky blue day when it’s 40 degrees below zero?”

            The weather is much different up there than it is on the ground?

            “On a cold day when I step outside and I can see my breath, why is it that my breath does not expand to the point I cannot see in front of me, yet chemtrails expand and get wider and wider until the Sun is blocked out?”

            Well, that would be a cool trick. Perhaps your breath simply isn’t a significant enough nucleation event? A jet engine emits much greater heat, with exhaust impurities, and also the plane cuts a path through the air, leaving a temporary low pressure trail.

            “Yet, can it expand to 15 times it’s original size while maintaining the same density? Chemtrails do.”

            The beer is inside a bottle, so no. That example is just to illustrate a point regarding the “tipping point” phenomenon.

            • RE: “A jet engine emits much greater heat, with exhaust impurities, and also the plane cuts a path through the air, leaving a temporary low pressure trail.”

              That’s the thing, there’s nothing temporary about many of the chemtrails. All day long, is not temporary.

              And, yeah, I know the beer is contained within the bottle. I too, was just illustrating a point.

              How does a chemtrail expand exponentially all day long and still maintain the same density or thickness or Sunlight blocking ability?

              Wish I had more time today to type out some better replies.
              …Got stuff to do.

              A photo of temporary:


              • Hey Helot,

                “How does a chemtrail expand exponentially all day long and still maintain the same density or thickness or Sunlight blocking ability?”

                Perhaps those contrails are all through the same relatively stable layer? That is to say, there is no significant wind to move them, and they expand through that atmospheric layer from the central nucleation line (contrail).

                Of course, Helot, I’m not all-knowing or anywhere close. These are just hypotheses. How do you believe that chemtrails work, if this is their hallmark? I know there are many geoengineering schemes.

                You could seed with silver iodide, for example, if you were looking to cause rain, but that is used on pre-existing clouds. I’ve heard of possibly using sulfur dioxide as an aerosol, and there is some sulfur content in jet fuel, but would it precipitate this phenomenon, or would it just create acid rain?

                Also, I’ve heard of using aluminum salts or oxide particles. I think that an aluminum “chemtrail” would behave and look a bit different than a water-vapor trail. And why would it expand in such a way? Such a trail may behave as a nucleation line as well, but if that’s the case, why could a typical contrail not do so? Also, such aluminum particles would eventually fall to Earth, right? Could ground level atmospheric testing detect fluctuations in such compounds/particles that would correlate somewhat with the supposed chemtrail?

                Again, I’m game for such experimentation. Have to tend to the homesteadin’ first, but sooner or later, I’d be happy to contribute!

                • RE: “and they expand through that atmospheric layer from the central nucleation line (contrail).”

                  Key phrase, “and they expand”.

                  My car blew a head gasket, the expansion of the moisture out the tailpipe for the 15 miles I drove it until it froze up… was limited.
                  Have you ever taken the time to watch a chemtrail expand?

                  …As an aside, I’ve never seen a jet displace such trails.
                  Could be they are always & everywhere at higher or lower elevations. Idk.

                  Also, RE: ” such aluminum particles would eventually fall to Earth, right?”

                  I’ve read how particles from the above ground nuke bomb tests can stay aloft for decades.

                  Anyway, RE: “Of course, Helot, I’m not all-knowing or anywhere close.”

                  What’s wrong with you? Get to work, man!

                  Thanks for the replies.
                  I’m dead-dog tired, one eye open, & done for the day.

                  • To clarify, “I’ve never seen a jet displace such trails.”

                    If you look at the photo link I posted, the grid pattern the trails create,… another jet never flies through that trail and creates a break, a wake, or anything.

                    I thought that was interesting.

                    Sometimes, the shadows they seem to throw above them, too.
                    Makes it look like a black line in the sky.

              • “All day long, is not temporary.”

                It’s only a quibble, and I don’t mean to come off like I’m picking on ya or anything, helot, but that’s the very definition of “temporary.” Might take longer for one to dissipate than the other, but “longer” is by no means a synonym for “permanent.”

                • Very true, Mike Hendrix.

                  That’s a perfect example of why I wish I had more time to spend creating my answers & questions.

                  Words Do have meaning.

            • RE: ” Well, no. I’m sure you’ve been somewhere in which the humidity is near 100%, but the air was transparent,”

              My point was (& I could be mistaken) there are Always clouds or haze when there is moisture present in the sky. Fog is certainly a haze.

              When it’s 100% humidity at the surface, is it true there are Always – at least some clouds – in the sky? Otherwise, the Sun ‘burns off’ the humidity.

              And, 100% humidity shows up on weather radar maps. I don’t know if moisture in the upper atmosphere is always detected by weather radar. A sky blue day (like my examples of the desert & January 40 below) is one without the presence of moisture on a weather radar map.

              Also, you mentioned, “Perhaps those contrails are all through the same relatively stable layer?”.

              Sometimes, you can see the winds cause a chemtrail to drift a bit, looks somewhat like a sawtooth. Never once have I seen the winds break apart, or even cut a section off of a chemtrail. If chemtrails were just fragile moisture easily disturbed by jets flying through, why does the wind not break up the long trails?

              At any rate, a key observation for me was a week of clear blue skies on Thanksgiving week one year. Zero storms from Canada to Louisiana & Montana to S. Carolina, yet for the whole week there were only one or two aircraft overhead on any given day.

              That was in stark contrast to the previous week & the weeks after (with the same lack of storm systems nation wide) when hundreds of jets would cris-cross the sky each day turning the sky above into a grid pattern.

              If regular commercial jets were the cause of chemtrails, why were there almost no jets Thanksgiving week?
              There weren’t any major storms requiring a re-routing of flights.

              Again, wish I had more time to flesh out better questions & replies.

              • Helot,

                You know, an easy and perhaps interesting and informative procedure would be to record time-lapse photography of suspected chemtrails, and juxtapose that with what is suspected to be plain ol’ contrails.

                • I wish there were more hours in the day.

                  I’m not clear on what you’re suggesting here, BaDnOn.

                  My camera has video capabilities, I don’t own a sthmart-phone.

                  I should put more effort into understanding & demonstrating what’s going on.

                  … If only, I were rich.

                  I watched Doug (DougandStacy) on a video ask people, is it windy where you are?
                  The response was, yes, everywhere in America.
                  And, like here, prolly intensity X 10 since ~ 2018?
                  Unusual stuff, it seems.

                  I live in the country-side in Iowa. Unlike city-bound people & those with mountains all around I can see from horizon to horizon every day.

                  What I see does not appear to be rational, IF contrails are nothing more than water vapor.

                  I read you guys ‘talking’ about EV’s and the pollution levels coming out of the tailpipes of IC engines and I wonder why you all don’t tackle High Bypass Jet engines the same way?

                  …Ya know, I’d love to be absolutely wrong about everything I’ve posted on this thread. Love to.
                  …From what I’ve read, the facts, the filed patients, the observations, they all suggest otherwise.

                  … “Disbelief enfeebles you. It makes it hard to assess reality and respond accordingly. Analysis paralysis writ large. At least 2/3 of would-be freedom fighters are stuck in a state of disbelief, which is exactly where your opponent wants you.” …


                • After I hit the ‘Post Comment’ button I went outside to get some fresh air. I looked up into the cold crisp dry cloudless night sky lit up with an almost full moon and saw a chemtrail coming out of the eastern horizon. It veered off above me to the North in a sharp loop.

                  Have you seen those?

                  I see that same thing too often. Sure, it could be they had an equipment malfunction, or the pilot had a vaxxident, who knows? Do you see any adverse wether events on the weather map? I don’t.

                  As if getting a flat tire in the same stretch of road, I see that same thing too often.

                  It’s like with: one day All the jets fly so very high you can barely see them.
                  The next day, it’s like they are flying so low… almost below the clouds.
                  Is that routine?
                  To change altitude on regular flights?
                  I do not know. …On a fuel use basis, economically wise, why would they do that,… IF these were simply commercial flights and there’s no adverse weather?

                  In crime stories, there’s: means, opportunity & motive.

                  Should people give our overlords the benefit of the doubt on this issue? People such as Dan below, seem to me, to think so.
                  I don’t know why people think our overlords are benevolent & do not have the means, opportunity & motive.

                  Again, I’d love to be wrong.

                  However; who are we talking about here?

                  ‘Everybody Knew CV-19 Vax Was a Criminal Bioweapon – Karen Kingston’

                  ” . .This information is just the tip of the iceberg, which show how really sick and perverse these CV19 injections are.””…


        • Hi BaDnOn,

          Yesterday, I was at my gym doing sit-ups in the upstairs room that has a sheet of glass window you sit in front of, to do your sit-ups. I looked up at the sky and saw 3-4 seemingly endless (I could not see where they ended) white streaks across the sky, all of them getting wider. At the same time, I also saw a jet at altitude, with a narrow and small white trail behind it that did not persist or wider.

          What could account for both of these very different streaks in the sky?

          • Hey Eric!

            In a word, altitude. Commercial jet cruising altitude can anywhere between 30,000-39,000 ft or so. Private jets can cruise even higher, perhaps to even 50,000 ft. This is a wide range, and can easily include several layers of weather, temperature and humidity. This range often includes both the troposphere and the stratosphere.

            So, this could easily explain why you see what you saw.

            I’m, of course, not a meteorologist or a pilot (yet!), so if we have any around who could add some commentary…

            • Eric & BaDnOn,
              Two words: Winds aloft.
              More words: Local temperature profile of the atmosphere.
              More words: Moisture content of the atmosphere (relative humidity) at a given altitude.
              All of which are variable, and are just an elaboration of “altitude dependent.”
              Research “atmospheric temperature lapse rate,” or ,to be more precise, “dry adiabatic lapse rate,” as well as the more familiar “temperature inversion,” if you wish to know more about this subject.

              Like BaDnOn, my early academic background is (physical) chemistry. My first full time employment was as a junior staff member with GCA Corp, Bedford, MA, founded as Geophysics Corp of America, which was a spinoff from USAF Cambridge Research Laboratories @ L.G. Hanscom Field.

              GCA was a very “dirty” company, which had been heavily involved in chemical warfare. You may have heard of the Skull Valley sheep kill, which I believe was their accidental doing, based on offhand statements by my supervisor.

              When I worked for the company (1970-1971) they were transitioning from military contracts, which were drying up, to EPA, which was on the rise. The science is the same, whether you are characterizing industrial pollutants or injecting toxins into the atmosphere.

              So, I did learn something about diffusion meteorology, and used computer codes developed by GCA’s Dugway office in programs which I wrote to model power plant emissions. Nothing difficult, folks. It is just Gaussian diffusion from a known point source (the stack plume fuel analysis) coupled to wind speed and direction. The isoquants over time generally follow a log normal distribution, because the pollutant concentration can never be less than zero (duh!).

              I *did* see, in my idle time whilst calibrating SO2 sensors, a *rejected* proposal for “battlefield illumination” by dispersing chemiluminescent compounds into the upper atmosphere.

              Based on the above, I seriously doubt the U.S. Government is, or has, injected large quantities of toxic substances into the atmosphere. Would they do it if they thought they could, to control the weather? Yeah, absolutely. There is, and has been, absolutely *huge *military* interest in such programs.

              My assessment, FWIW, is that the military *probably* gave it up as a vain hope, except for possibly severely localized applications. Clearly, if you can make it rain on your enemy’s parade, you can make life very difficult for him. Witness: Operation Barbarossa.

              But, in practice, I see no motivation for any branch of the U.S. Government to poison the civilian population by injecting huge quantities of toxic substances into the atmosphere.

              JMO. YMMV.

              • RE: “I see no motivation for any branch of the U.S. Government to poison the civilian population by injecting huge quantities of toxic substances into the atmosphere.”

                Who The Flack said anything like that?

                We’re discussing: controlling the weather.
                Along with that, crop production & controlling populations.

                Doing so is just, ‘collateral damage’.

                …Are you familiar with that phrase?

                Do you have any understanding of how our overlords think of the people of this world?
                Or, are you just that wrapped up in text books & lab applications that you do not understand ‘they’ want us all dead?

                To say that you see, “no motivation for any branch of the U.S. Government to…” is completely Bonkers.

                They have Every motivation.
                They have the means.
                They have the opportunity.

                Fluoride is good for you.
                Consume large quantities of corn syrup.
                Polysorbate 80 – yum.
                FDA approved Red dye # – gulp.
                It’s The Science! The Shot is safe!
                …Nevermind, ‘Died Suddenly’.

                ‘They’ want to destroy Western civilization and replace it with ESG BS China-style tyranny.
                ‘They’ want to destroy the concept of national borders.
                ‘They’ want tp destroy every notion of culture & tradition.
                ‘They’ want to destroy The idea of families.

                …And you think they wouldn’t release poison into the atmosphere?

                Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

              • Thanks, Quick – and all who’ve been adding information to this discussion. I am (like many) attempting to sort through it and come to some understanding of the matter.

              • “But, in practice, I see no motivation for any branch of the U.S. Government to poison the civilian population by injecting huge quantities of toxic substances into the atmosphere.”

                Regardless of your inability to find a motivation, there is clearly pattern spraying completely unrelated to normal flight paths. If you haven’t seen them already, look at images results for a “chemtrail checkerboard” search. Also some interesting photos of spray nozzles in action at (the interior tanks I find less conclusive).

          • Addendum:

            Let us experiment!

            Probably the best experiment would use weather balloons to directly sample the suspected chemtrails. But, I imagine, the “authorities” would take issue with us launching weather balloons through commercial air lanes, so that might be risky.

            Indirect means might be employed. IR, and UV/Vis spectroscopy might be of use, using the Sun as the light source. This could give us absorption and reflection spectra. Some chemical information might be obtained in this way. In a similar way, light-scattering analyses might be of use.

            Perhaps even doppler-radar might give us some useful information. Let’s get creative!

      • If spraying a chemical from an aircraft is necessary, it’ usually requires a BIG one. Something on the order of either old Air Force tankers, like a KC-135, or a retired airliner, converted to something like firefighting…as a few DC-10s have been. Either way, rules out most drones.

        Crop dusters work with small aircraft simply because in most cases, the aircraft is “buzzing” the fields, and different formulas are used depending on the crop and whether it’s being de-infested or fertilized.

  6. As a chemist, there is something to be said for the phenomena of nucleation, condensation and precipitation.

    Precipitation can be a beautiful and wonderous process when observed in a beaker. It serves to solidify one’s understanding of what happens in the sky with clouds and rain.

    With regards to what is seen with “chemtrails”: I believe you are witnessing nucleation events, initiated in a water-vapor-saturated sky when a plane and its contrail passes through.

    You can have a saturated or super-saturated solution of a salt, for instance, which will be perfectly clear until there is a disturbance, such as a single crystal of the dissolved salt added. In some instances, the whole solution will crystallize into a wet solid!

    For a more plebeian example, take a Corona beer (due to its transparent bottle) and put it in the freezer. After an hour or so, if it was done correctly, you can remove the beer and find it is a super-cooled solution. The beer will be liquid, but only while it is undisturbed. A little shake, and it will turn to slush right before your eyes.

    Now I’m not saying that there haven’t been plans to seed the sky with some kind of aerosol or whatnot, and either block out the Sun or poison the populace. But, I somehow doubt it is done wholesale, everyday. To put that to rest, perhaps a sampling of the nation’s jet-fuel should be done at point-of-use. The samples could be analyzed for adulterants. I believe adulterated jet fuel is probably the only way such a program could be done without alerting everyone, that is to say, hiding it in plain sight.

  7. The Chemtrail program fits like hand in glove with the climate crisis narrative. It is alleged by conspiracy theorists that they can engineer weather crisis and blame it on climate change. That way the public believes the ludicrous narrative that a trace gas, CO2, is changing earth’s climate in a dramatic and dangerous way.

    The news media lies about everything. They also fake things to get their ratings up – like the news anchor with the microphone standing in knee deep water, but looks like he is up to his waste, because he knelt down to exaggerate the hurricane flooding. They have a saying in that industry, “if it bleeds it leads”. They need drama to capture your attention.

    That kind of faking is relatively harmless, but what Bill Gates wants to do will end all life on the planet. He wants to spray sun reflecting aerosols in the upper atmosphere, using huge balloons, they want it way up there, above where planes fly. They are battling the myth of global warming by CO2 increase. I say it will be the last thing we do as a specie, blotting out the sun on the edge of ice age inception.

    Such a claim is patently nonsense since earth’s CO2 has averaged above 3,000 ppm for billions of years – with no adverse effect like runaway warming. Secondly it is a trace gas, and the warming effect is almost all in the first 20 ppm.

    CO2 levels are measured daily at Moana Loa, and are around 420ppm right now. So is 420 ppm too high? They are high compared to ice age standards, where CO2 only recovers to 280 ppm normally. The current ice age started 2.6 million years ago, and ice ages can last tens of millions of years, maybe even hundreds of millions of years.

    The public does not understand that at all. The typical sheep thinks we are in runaway climate change right now – which is laughably insane, as we are in an ice age, at the tail end of an interglacial, and on the threshold of “glacial inception”. A trace gas like CO2 has NO EFFECT on ice age progression, the ice age is controlled by two things, solar output and orbital cycles.

    And get this, more CO2 in the upper atmosphere has a cooling effect – exact opposite of the claim. They are worried about high altitude CO2 because it doesn’t fall out as fast as terrestrial CO2. NASA put up a satellite to measure it, and it measured cooling! More CO2 up there means less sunlight making it to earth. The reason is the double bonds in the O=C=O capture and release the incoming solar radiation – it comes in parallel and is released in all directions – thus CO2 sends the incoming radiation back out to space and less makes it to earth.

    Don’t believe me? Look it up, it is straight up atmospheric physics and you can bet your sweet ass that no one on the boob tube is going to tell you any of this because they are paid to recite a narrative and not contradict it.

    On the tube you have actors that tell you the science. Greta Thunberg is a teenage actor, never took a single collegiate level science course. Same for the Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio and now climate dupe – a high school graduate with no science training whatsoever. Al Gore, the climate dunce, also never took any college science, let alone climatology. Yet these three fools are the experts telling us the science. Politics is a clown show, the Three Climate Stooges of “Climate Change” is what you will find on the boob tube.

    • Yukon,

      What’s also insane is that claim from the “Climate Change” Cultists that eating meat somehow “Changes the climate” and thus WE need to eat bugs, plants, and artificial meat grown in a lab.

    • Well said, Yukon Jack.
      Something wrong with a society in which any idiot with money and a microphone can pose as an “expert” on any topic he/she chooses, and have legions of ignorant “believers” hang on his/her every word. Money, and/or “celebrity,” does not equal intelligence, in my opinion.

      IMO, BillG is an ignoramus. A very rich ignoramus, but an ignoramus nonetheless. He really should stick to the topic he knows best, which is how to make obscene amounts of money in the software biz by appropriating other peoples’ ideas, and peddling his products using fear, uncertainty and doubt.

  8. In Winter, at least for me, it’s difficult to even think of water shortages.
    Here’s a fairly recent interview with Dane Wigington, if you’re so inclined:

    ‘Radical Drought Caused by Military Weather Weapons – Dane Wigington’

    “Climate modification is the Crown Jewel weapon of the Military Industrial Complex. It’s not just for foreign adversaries, but for their own populations. They can bring them to their knees without them ever knowing they are under assault. Think how absurd this is when we have climate modification operations cutting off precipitation to tens of millions in the U.S., and nobody seems to have a clue. Nobody is willing to acknowledge this elephant in the sky.””…

  9. Alcohol is a natural biochemical when imbibed, it changes how you feel. After alcohol metabolizes and enters your bloodstream, you can become inebriated if you drink too much.

    Efficacious means something causes a positive result, does not harm, improves your physical being, effective. Negative efficacy is an oxymoron. Just can’t be, no such thing.

    Silver iodide is used to seed clouds to produce rain and reduce hail, maybe. NaCl is used too. Those are chemicals used to influence the weather.

    Flew to Denver about eight years ago, while in the sky at 30,000 feet, the plane crossed paths with another jet, looked like a military jet, USPS, no commercial markings, don’t know what it was.

    The jet flew above probably less than 1000 feet from the Embraer, a Brazilian built average-sized jet, bought a seat. Nice ride. It’s all fly-by-wire now.

    The exhaust from the jet that flew above the commercial jet was not white, it was a cloud of grey/brown color. You know they’re moving when they’re gone in no time. Exhaust from that jet was no way clear.

    When you see a vapor trail from the exhaust of jet engines from the ground, the sunshine reflects white, what you see.

    Makes me skeptical, not a cynic. You need evidence, show me, what they say in Missouri.

    The government would never do anything to cause harm to anyone. Tell me another one.

    The High Altitude Atmospheric Research Program, HAARP, is real, not fake. Obviously they’re using Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Cloudbuster gun to shoot the upper atmosphere to control the weather and climate.

    Triangulate the coordinates at the right time, you can possibly change the weather, control it.

    Nitrogen is in the atmosphere, combustion in a jet engine will result in NOx emissions along with the evil Carbon Dioxide, they are then chemtrails. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, a spark and you’re moving at 880 kph. Three elements that can improve the human condition and governments don’t want them anymore, it’s crazy.

    In 536 CE there was an eruption that blanketed the world in a pyroclastic cloud of volcanic dust. Epic change, the worst time to be alive, so they say. Millions did die.

    On June 6, 1912, Novarupta erupted up in Alaska, ended up the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, an eruption believed to be larger than Krakatoa. Did a number on weather and climate. The heatwave of 1919 was miserable, women would keep their infants awake so not to succumb to the heat. It was bad. Could be related, the cause.

    When Mt. St. Helens erupted, the ash cloud deposited tiny ‘rocks’ of volcanic ash fallout 1300 miles east.

    Eastern Daylight Time is Atlantic Standard Time.

    Central Daylight Time is Eastern Standard Time.

    Mountain Daylight Time is Central Standard Time.

    Pacific Daylight Time is Mountain Standard Time.

    24 time zones spaced 15 degrees apart, when the sun is shining onto ocean waters, it heats up the air above ocean water to a constant 81 degrees F out in the middle of the Atlantic at the equator. Have to use base 12 to count and measure time.

    Paradise Island out there somewhere, if you can find it.

    Just wake up at 4:00 am during standard time and 5:00 am during daylight time.

    Every downtown business in my hometown moved the opening time from 9:00 am to 10:00 am after daylight savings time began.

    Midland was playing at the Tractor Supply Store over the PA system when there today, I’ll be a returning customer.

    “Shoot the moon right between the eyes I’m sendin’ most of me to sunny countryside.” – John Prine, Clocks and Spoons

    • Hey drumpish,

      I thought efficacious, or effective, means producing an intended result, not necessarily a positive result. Beneficial means “something causes a positive result, does not harm…”. Isn’t negative efficacy just a clunky way of saying ineffective?

      Kind Regards,

      • The medical definition of efficacious includes the word ‘intended’ then ‘beneficial’ before ‘result’.

        Negative efficacy is clunky because it makes no sense.

        Putin’s special military operation is effective, efficacious for Putin if more land and ground is gained, a positive result, Putin’s might makes right.

        Efficacious for Ukrainians too, however the result is not beneficial, indeed is negative. Putin’s efficacy shows positive results.

        Negative efficacy would be a positive result for Ukraine, they wouldn’t be harmed by Russian aggression.

        Negative efficacy for the SMO would be a negative result for Russian forces.

        It is always efficacious, one result can be negative, harmful, albeit intended. Efficacious with a positive desired result is then beneficial. A positive result for Putin if the results are negative for Kiev. Ergo, positive negativity is the same as negative negativity. The goal is reached, you bomb Kiev into submission.

        Negative efficacy can then be both, a point of view is the difference. Then becomes confusing, makes no sense, a conundrum, then all the way to oxymoron.

        Both fit the intended result, both are efficacious. One result is positive, one is negative, still the same result.

        The Cambridge Dictionary doesn’t recognize the spelling: ‘inefficacious’.

        Just an opinion not worth two cents.

        The need for equanimity is vast.

        • Hey drumpish,

          I didn’t realize you were referring to the medical definition. Still, I’m confused by your response as some of it seems to contradict your previous definition, “does not harm”. Efficacious and beneficial are not synonyms.


          • Jeremy,

            I will continue to argue to add to the debate.

            Vioxx was a pharmaceutical manufactured by Merck that when prescribed to people 65 and older resulted in an increase in deaths in that population group by 50,000 per year. It was removed from the market and the increased number of deaths each year was halted. Nobody at Merck was hauled into court then to a holding cell for involuntary manslaughter.

            Clearly malpractice, not intentional, Vioxx was killing people, time to stop. Obviously did not help, very ineffective, didn’t work. Somebody is at fault. Not the intended result at all.

            Is it then positive efficacy? How? Vioxx was ineffective, people died, not the desired result.

            What would be effective, efficacious, would be Merck executives in orange jumpsuits for a few years. Negative efficacy for Merck executives then. Positive efficacy for those harmed by Merck’s folly, some justice.

            Gotta convolute words until they don’t mean a thing.

            Trevor Williams authored the book ‘Drugs from Plants’.

            The author does discuss how plants can effect human behavior.

            A Hopi medicine man would give, prescribe, peyote to Hopi braves who were a little too aggressive. The mind-altering substance did have an effect on the psyche of a misbehaving Hopi brave. It calmed him down, an introspection or something.

            The Hopi medicine man didn’t conjure up some concoction on his own in hopes of achieving an intended result, he used a natural substance, peyote buttons to see what could happen. He’s the medicine man, he has to know a thing or two about a thing or two about Hopi medicinal practices. The Hopi medicine man knows what will happen.

            Peyote buttons were efficacious for Hopi braves, makes them stop and think, gives them food for thought. The intended beneficial result is to get them to behave, essentially.

            You can say it is positive efficacy, the intended result. However, it is not a substance created in a lab by a chemical engineer, it is a natural substance that does the altering of the Hopi brave’s delusional perceptions, becomes mind-expanding to create a more open-minded clear conscience.

            Peyote is then efficacious all on its own, no humans involved other than ingesting a couple of peyote buttons to calm you down.

            If you taint food with arsenic to poison someone for any kind of reason, money, revenge, the intent is to kill them, then the arsenic is efficacious, it provides the intended result. Has to be positive efficacy, it worked for the perpetrator. Negative efficacy for the victim, they’re dead, the intended result.

            Efficacious is a word that has been corrupted, bastardized.

            The natural definition would have origins in how effective different substances, plants, minerals, what not, naturally derived, able to do something that causes an effect that is not harmful, but helpful.

            I can go to the river bank and harvest some water hemlock, it’ll look a little like celery and smell like it too. If you eat some, a stalk, you’ll be dead in a little more than two hours.

            Has a deadly effect, but is not efficacious. The desired result after eating it is to nourish you, not to die. Practices then involve ethics.

            All sorts of absinthe and Jimson weed in grass biomes, plenty of plants that do have mind-altering effects are out there.

            Hence, the study and experimentation, books are written and published, you then learn that Hopi medicine works too.

  10. I’ve been hyper-aware of this the past few weeks. Agree with the comments here generally. Intent is likely to block out the sun, because the sun has physical and mental health benefits. And is necessary for life generally. Or to just increase misery. Or to poison us slowly – another thing, like all the other things, to inhibit us. One day you’ll look up and not see a plane in the sky. Or if you do, it will have no trail at all. Another day there will be planes with small trails that are very short and do not stay in the air. Another day the planes will be lower, and spraying the white toxin. The shit stays in the air all day. Blocking out the sun and doing who knows what else. I believe every (negative) conspiracy theory by default until proven otherwise. Whatever the official story is, you can be sure that that is NOT what the truth is.

  11. Hey All,

    I recently watched a flashback episode of the Corbett Report that discusses this.

    It was interesting.

    The show notes link to two documentaries, “What in the World are They Spraying”, and “Why in the World are They Spraying”.

    I haven’t seen either yet, so cannot vouch for them. But, the interview was interesting enough that I am going to watch them.


  12. Does ol’ Billy “The American Farmer” Gates have any stakes in the making of jet fuel? Or any of the processes needed to make fuel for these airplanes? We know he’s mentioned cooling the planet by blocking the sun, and after reading RFK Jr’s book on him and his buddy Fraudchi, I wouldn’t doubt his money is involved.

    I’m quite sure some large level of Fed-head oversees airline fueling and maybe adds chemicals to it whilst no one looks.

  13. I’ve noticed those ‘chemtrails’ for years too. Probably slowly poisoning us.
    I’ve also noticed more and more articles on ‘dying suddenly’ and have seen it too. Told you a couple of weeks ago my uncle had a stroke, he died Nov. 22nd. He turned 80 in October, but led a very healthy lifestyle, could’ve passed for 70. He was vaxxed of course. Even my aunt questioned the connection between him being vaxxed and the stroke. Just Monday 75 year old woman at my church ‘died suddenly’. She was found sitting up on her couch, said probably heart attack or stroke. Don’t know vaxx status, but betting she was. Again, healthy lifestyle, younger looking/acting than age.
    I know these were technically ‘old’ people, but I don’t think they died from old age. I think the vaxx hurried it along. Just too many ‘coincidences’ of dying suddenly from all age groups. …..and it always seems to be stroke or heart attack for cause of death.
    I always go back to my standby, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

  14. I can’t comment on condensation trails or jet fuel. I can comment on the greatest conspiracy against mankind ever conceived.

    I see a glimmer of hope with DeSantis recently. Watch his comments on the Jab and Covid. He is starting to lay down the gauntlet on the needle and damage done. This is a direct challenge to Trump, that his warp speed was morally warped. In my opinion, DeSantis can distinguish himself from the Demo-Marxist forced jabbing and Trump by ramming this vaccine damage down their collective throats. I am encouraged and hopeful, but we’ll see how DeSantis plays this out or not.

    • Hi Hans,

      DeSantis did hire Joseph Ladapo to be Florida’s Surgeon General. Ladapo has been RIGHT about certain aspects of the COVID response unlike Tony Fauci and his ilk, because Ladapo dared to speak what REAL SCIENCE was showing about lockdowns, mask wearing, and the mRNA injections falsely called VACCINES, and the public health Poohbahs didn’t like that. Fauci and others like him, on the other hand, regularly spouted “Science™️” or SCIENTISM instead, claiming obviously untrue things like “Masks, lockdowns, and COVID vaccines worked against the virus.”

      I suspect that we’ll see Fauci every Sunday morning on the “news” talk programs for the foreseeable future, spouting how we need to get “MORE people vaxxed or boosted” or TESTED prior to going to family gatherings for Christmas despite recent reports that the majority of COVID deaths are among the “vaccinated”, NOT the “unvaccinated”, and ever increasing evidence these jabs AREN’T what they were sold as to the masses.
      Not only that, but those PCR tests that were used enmasse to test people for COVID weren’t all that reliable either.

  15. Full spectrum dominance. Thats been one of Their things as long as I can remember. Seeding the atmosphere with CW7 or whatever its called is just another brick in the wall. Ten years ago you’d be a nutter for even mentioning it, now, not so much. The people who strive to exercise such dominance are as you describe them Eric, sadists, who love rubbing our face in it.

    The earth is a living breathing organism, just like us. The problem, as always, is human nature and the diseased heart of man. The self proclaimed protectors are nothing more than busybodies who delight in controlling others, and inflicting pain. All while unable to control themselves. From the lowly HOA informer, worried about your back yard, to the congress clown proposing further restriction on your liberties, all share a sociopathic trait of being unable to just go about their own business.

    I don’t think I can share a planet with these types anymore. To the ends of the earth they seek to imprint their stamp of approval/disapproval on every, single, thing. Last summer, hiking in ANWAR I thought how wonderful it was, the last frontier, just me and the critters, near the uninhabited arctic circle. The illusion was shattered as I looked up and saw a jet, 30000 feet up, spewing something from its tail.

  16. The USAF was tasked for decades to modify the weather, a famous quote “we will own the weather by 2025” is a good search term to find papers on this subject:

    Until the government officials admit to this program, it remains in the realm of conspiracy. I think it is real, because what I observe is that the trail spreads out and obscures the sky. A contrail is water vapor and can not do that.

    When you burn jet fuel you get about a 50/50 mix of CO2 and H2O, the water freezes, the CO2 does not. As the frozen particles of CO2 fall and dissipate, the contrail effect slowly disappears. A chemtrail spreads out.

    BTW a drunk chemtrail pilot spilled the beans in a bar near Portland Oregon, they have 3 air bases out west for aircraft dedicated to the program. I think Multnomah is one of them.

    Also, it is a routine procedure to dump fuel for an emergency landing. (Heavy aircraft have weight restrictions for landing and braking) I have seen this and you can actually see the fuel falling like a water fall and the sun through it makes a weird rainbow effect.

    By creating artificial clouds, you create a change in the heating effect of the sun on the earth, and then mad scientists in deep underground labs at Langley, can move the jet stream to create artificial droughts on a target nation for warfare.

    That seems obvious to me, and would be a coveted technology of the Zionist who want to punish Iran for nationalizing their oil fields. Someday President Greta will say “How dare you take our oil profits for ZOG empire!”

    • Thats a pretty good explanation of the difference between chem and con trails. Your links and comments are always informative and useful. Not sure whats actually in the vapor coming out the tails. I’ve read it contains some nasty stuff, but who’s to say. Probably only the guys who mix it up know for sure, and they ain’t saying.

      Art and life imitating each other, the movie Snow Piercer gave a pretty good extrapolation of how things such as this could go horribly wrong, leading to worse outcomes than the tiny thing being addressed. There is no problem that cant be made worse by the hubris and folly of man. Problem, reaction, solution.

      I worked with an old Air Force guy who refused to acknowledge there was any difference, even as we would sit outside and watch the ‘stuff’. Some instantly disappearing, some slowly dissipating, covering the sky, looking like runny clam chowder.

      His only retort was, ‘I was in the Air Force, and I’d of known if such a thing was real.’ even as he would deny the evidence right in front of his eyes.

  17. “Being sociopathic-psychotic people, they cannot stand it that any of us live lives of relative ease and affluence”
    That’s because any demonstration of our ease and affluence represents to them their failure to capture that ease and affluence for themselves.
    I have no opinion on contrails versus chemtrails. I do have on opinion on whether the Psychopaths In Charge would use them if they could, and get away with it.
    “It’s a hard thing to believe anyone in human form is capable of doing.”
    That is our weakness, that we simply cannot comprehend the evil and depravity a socio/psychopath is capable of. Rest assured, there is nothing they will NOT do to satisfy their psychosis. Worse than a drug addict, since it’s deeply imbedded in their mental structure, often from birth. Which as I understand is the primary distinction between psycho and socio paths. That the former IS imbedded from birth, and cannot be “cured”, while the latter is somewhat learned behavior, and might be. If a sociopath would ever stoop to seeking treatment.

  18. I tend to believe that there are definitely sinister reasons and they are likely spreading things in the sky. But privacy, data concerns, CBDC’s and the worsening slave/total surveillance state are more concerning. Plus, we know for certain what has been and is being done to advance that agenda. There’s no question about the issues and problems with facial recognition linked to your money.

    In my opinion people need to wake up to that. Chemtrails aren’t likely to win hearts and minds. And if someone all in on chemtrails doesn’t know anything about the above, what type of ally have you gained?

    I’m not saying that there’s no merit to chemtrails or that they aren’t true. Just level of time and focus. If the total surveillance state isn’t thwarted, we’ll never know about chemtrails and it won’t really matter.

    • Have you ever met a person who knew about geoengineering but was totally asleep about everything else you mentioned? I haven’t. Shit’s like peanut butter and jelly. The ones who don’t know because they are pretending to be asleep or their paycheck depends on not knowing are usually pretty consistent in not knowing.

      • Nope, but I have met people that know about chemtrails; that don’t know geoengineering and chemtrails are the same thing. If they have knowledge of the slave state being perpetuated, it’s shallow and they aren’t likely to be an ally of any value.

        On the other hand I have met people that are aware of data collection, privacy and the imminent slave state that don’t know much if anything about chemtrails. That’s an ally worth having.

        • Geoengineering and chemtrails aren’t the same thing. Chemtrails are an aspect of geoengineering. So knowing about chemtrails without any further context isn’t much knowledge at all. So, yeah, I wouldn’t expect too much from such a shallow minded person when it came to other equally valid topics like surveillance. That being said, I still haven’t ever come across anybody like that.

          • Bring up stratospheric aerosol injection to people that “know” about chemtrails and see where it gets you with many of them. If you haven’t met any of those, you have never been to any kind of a home school co-op. I probably know a half dozen or more.

            My knowledge of chemtrails is surely not vast and likely never will be because that’s at the bottom of the list issues I could have any impact on even if I were an expert in the field.

            • So now you’re talking specifically about “stratospheric aerosol injections?” Ok. Whatever. You seem to be allergic or something to this discourse. I’m sure when you bring up anarcho-capitalism, your nom de comment, in that same homeschool contingent everyone sits up and barks like a seal.

  19. One website that has been good at reporting what these technocrats/ globalists are up to is, from the climate change agenda to COVID “vaccines” to “Sustainable development” to CBDC to the WEF’s “Great Reset”. The guy who runs it, Patrick Wood, has been trying to warn people about technocracy for years, but many dismissed him as a conspiracy theorist. Over the past going on 3 years though, what Wood has been warning about has been all too real.

  20. A good place to start understanding is to learn how High Bypass Turbofan jet engines work.

    ‘Why High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines Are Almost Incapable Of Producing Condensation Trails’

    “High-bypass turbofan engines do not create condensation trails. The ratio of air-to-exhaust is much too high to facilitate the formation of condensation because the majority of air expelled from the back of the engine is not combusted. It is passed through the “fan” and simply blown out the back without mixing with any fuel at all.” …

    Even the short little ‘normal looking contrails’ are not normal, at all.

    • The distinction between a ducted turboprop versus an HBP turbofan is just about one of semantics.

      A simplification of combustion of most blends of jet fuels can be modeled by the combustion of decane (C1O-H22), which yields substantial quantities of water vapor, as the attached YT vid shows:

      It’s true that the turbulence induced by the surrounding stream of “fanned” air, providing thrust as an ordinary prop would likewise, will tend to mix and vaporize the water vapor seen in contrails, which is simply suspended water, as is a cloud. I disagree that a HBP turbofan won’t form a contrail in its exhaust; other factors include ambient temperature (pretty damned cold at typical altitudes for airliners) and impurities in the jet fuel that will attract water vapors. It also depends on perspective (i.e., angle of the view and viewing position) some contrails, while they exist, are practically invisible from the ground. They typically can’t be seen from the aircraft either! Having six or seven miles of the atmosphere to scatter light does make a difference in what you can see on the ground.

      Me, I’d be more interested in what those Air Force tankers (KC-135s, KC-10s, KC-767s, and the new and rather pricey KC-46 “Pegasus” are doing on their “Training” missions…as well as what any “Weather” aircraft (WC-135s, and any “W” versions of the other aircraft) are doing. While certainly a tanker crew would train with a load of jet fuel, “gassing up” Air Force aircraft likewise on training missions, are they flying around with ONLY JP-8 (replaces the older JP-4 which was about a 50/50 mix of kerosene and unleaded gasoline)?

  21. I don’t know about chem trails, but the memes embedded in your articles are top-notch. The Pfizer Advent Calendar, sickly symbolic as it is, is hilarious. And as I’m starting to see an uptick in face diapering, the guy getting pissed on is about as true as it gets.

  22. I’ve been seeing them most of my life. I believe the program was started in the mid-90s. If you’re up early enough you’ll notice they often target the sun. Commercial airlines do not have flight paths shaped like grids and X’s; that would be insane and dangerous. I understand that people have analyzed what eventually comes down to earth from these trails and they are mainly composed of heavy metals such as barium, aluminum and strontium. Weather warfare is part of its purpose (euphemistically referred to as geoengineering and cloud seeding), and HAARP can be used in conjunction with it. The book to read on that program is “Angels don’t play this HAARP” by Nick Begich.
    Some evidence we have of this purpose stems from a 1996 Air Force document titled “Weather as a Force-Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”

  23. If this is true , and I am not suggesting it is not, why can’t someone just launch a balloon up there and sample the cloud – and see if does in fact contain some sort of chemicals? Doesn’t seem too hard… right?

    • Here ya go, Robert Stewart:

      ‘Geoengineering Watch: Our First Ever High Altitude Atmospheric Testing’

      “After substantial difficulty and expense, Geoengineering Watch has utilized two types of aircraft to complete multiple atmospheric particulate sampling flights up to and exceeding 40,000 feet. One of the aircraft we conducted our testing missions in is also used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for their atmospheric testing operations. The Geoengineering Watch team carried out multiple sample gathering flights in the high altitude haze layer being emitted by large jet carriers.”…

    • Agreed, the burden of proof lies with those making the claim.
      I have heard chemtrails theory propagated mostly by the late night radio crowd for over 20 years. Makes nice talk fodder to keep truck drivers awake, but has never offered anything in the way of scientific discovery.

      Entertaining the thought; how would those in charge prevent themselves from falling victim to the same chemical result?

      I think it is obvious there is a class of people (WEF, etc) that openly seek to control the world, but going the way of lizard people & chemtrails makes people sound unhinged, which will repel support, not attract it.

      • Just like with the coof scam, you have to want to know then act to find out, rather than affect a studied not knowing. The proof, the whistleblowers, etc., it’s all out there for the finding. Conflating geoengineering with “lizard people” is the same thing as the folks who shut down discourse and debate with terms like “rayciss” and (insert identity politics moniker here)-phobe. Lazy.

        • That was a great way to put it, Funk Doctor Spidock.
          Short & to the point.
          I think it was Much better than what I came up with:

          Most of ‘scientific discovery’ is based upon direct observation.
          Do you ever observe the sky above you for any length of time?

          RE: “the burden of proof lies with those making the claim.”

          Oh, you mean like how the burden of proving The Shot is not a vaccine – and is dangerous – is on those paying attention rather than on those distributing The Shot.
          Got it.

          And, for sure, associating lizard people with chemtrails does indeed make people sound unhinged, so why are you doing it?
          No one mentioned lizard people except you. Why is that?

          As to, “how would those in charge prevent themselves from falling victim to the same chemical result?”
          Count the ways, it’s the same as with The Shot: they believe the scientism, they may think they are doing good and it’s harmless, more likely though, they’re psychopaths and as such they don’t even care about themselves.

          Anyway, Q: “did they ever announce the results of their sampling?”

          Answer: Yes, it’s a documentary called, ‘The Dimming’

          The documentary is just below the interview.

          • An important factor that impacts folks curiosity on this issue is making the judgment about the actual harms, if any, a person is subject to from geoengineering. Or is it just weird or pretty sky pictures? Some people have very little connection to the natural world in their daily life, so harms seem remote. From your comments, I know that you and others spend a lot of time outdoors and work on things like gardening and animal husbandry. I do these things as well. Such pursuits tend to focus a mind on the weather and its effects, as well as historical factors and anomalies. It underscores how altering the weather can alter people’s ability to not rely on the system for everything. When you begin to tie research to visual evidence and then subsequent negative effects, you notice trends and patterns and can see the cause and effect. It gets real. Worth investigating further.

            • RE: “notice trends and patterns”

              The light refractions called, ‘chem-bows’ is one such. Only within the last decade or so… I don’t recall ever seeing broken sections similar to rainbows in the sky, only they have fewer colors, they are made up of duller colors like orange and yellow. Never blue or green.
              What causes that, I do not know.

              For the first time in my life, I saw a double-rainbow this Summer. It was brilliant, vivid and sharply in focus, I guess you could say. Before that, I didn’t even know there was such a thing.
              Odd how there was mention of crowds seeing a double-rainbow in Florida just a few days later.

          • “The Shot is not a vaccine”

            This is exactly the opposite. Burden of proof lied with those claiming a vax is indeed a vax.

            And to FDS, lizard people is an apt comparison since 4% believe in those, while 5% believe in chemtrails.

            I would prefer scientific papers over documentaries (entertainment).
            What I can find doesn’t provide proof of chemtrails, regardless of name calling.

            I was unable to find peer reviewed papers supporting chemtrails.
            So, in the absence of any proof, it is just a theory that seems to make adherents quite defensive.

            • Ah, I see, you’re one of those, ‘I trust the experts’ & ‘the system works as it’s portrayed’ kind of guys.

              You’re not going to find peer reviewed papers supporting chemtrails in the same way you’re not going to readily find reviews and doctors going against the official narrative of the Plandemic.

              At any rate, “peer reviewed” means almost nothing.

              See this for an instance, why would you expect different in other fields of scientism?:

              “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

              And here is another one, from the editor-in-chief of the prestigious journal, The Lancet, founded in 1823:

              “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…”

              “The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of ‘significance’ pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale…Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent…” (Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief, The Lancet, in The Lancet, 11 April, 2015, Vol 385, “Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?”)


              Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the way a High Bypass Turbo Jet Engine functions. Have you looked at that?

              …Or, ignorance is bliss. I suppose.

            • I was unable to find peer reviewed papers supporting chemtrails.

              peer reviewed…that has been corrupted, screwed with too….these are highly skilled liars…

              for example….

              everything cv19 based on fake science

              nwo/who pcr test
              By Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist and writer based in London. He has a background in the life sciences, and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in genetics

              A publisher admitted it is urgently re-investigating research, following revelations that the PCR test it extols is defective, giving too many false-positives. The news comes as a new group plans a legal challenge over the checks.

              Last week I reported on an astonishing review conducted by a group of senior scientists on a paper on which most Covid testing is based. It comprehensively debunked the science behind the Corman-Drosten paper, which described a protocol for using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique to detect Covid, finding 10 fatal flaws, including major failings in the operating procedure and potential conflicts of interest among its authors.

              The team behind the review demanded that Eurosurveillance, the journal that published the original research, retract it at once, as in their view it clearly failed to meet proper standards. This is of vital importance because the Corman-Drosten paper laid the path for mass PCR testing as the main source of data on the coronavirus.

              Almost all case numbers, infection rates and even deaths attributed to Covid are based on PCR tests (and all the attendant lockdowns and restrictions on people),

              The founder of the PCR test Kary Mullis said that you can’t use PCR to prove infectious etiology or to diagnose an infectious disease. Besides, you can manipulate the results PCR will yield by choosing how many cycles (amplifications) to run. if you increase them to above 35, it can make everyone appear positive. That is interesting magnify the test enough and everyone will test positive.

              the pcr test can’t be used to detect disease, saying it can and using it for that purpose is fraud. covid is a lie they can’t prove it even exists.

              Zizek: There will be no return to normality after Covid. We are entering a post-human era & will have to invent a new way of life

              But now, the organisation Retraction Watch have reported that Eurosurveillance is considering retracting the paper. In a statement, Eurosurveillance said that they were “seeking further expert advice and discussing the current correspondence in detail. We will, according to our existing procedures, evaluate the claims and make a decision as soon as we have investigated in full.’’ So no retraction yet, but it would not be surprising if one came soon.

              Call up Guinness World Records
              One of the 10 fatal flaws in the original Corman-Drosten paper was that it was unclear whether it had ever been subjected to proper peer review – before, that is, the panel of experts took it upon themselves to do so. The paper had been submitted on January 22 and published the very next day. Peer review, when it takes place, is normally a long, drawn out process with plenty of back-and-forth, even when it is being rushed as much as possible. That it could be done in a single day beggars belief.

              so the paper recommending the pcr test was never peer reviewed.

              But that is what the authors are asking us to believe, as they are still claiming that their article was “peer-reviewed by two experts on whose recommendation the decision to publish was made.’’ Eurosurveillance may want to consider submitting this feat to Guinness World Records as the fastest peer review of all time – it may not be too late to get into the 2021 edition.

              Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it
              Taking the government to court
              It is clear that the wars over PCR tests are hotting up, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. A new organisation in the UK, calling itself PCR Claims, has been set up to challenge in the courts the British government’s handling of PCR testing for Covid-19.

              The organisation describes itself as a pro bono network of lawyers, life scientists, and business advisers led by Jo Rogers, a lawyer who runs Navistar Legal.

              Rogers : “The intention is to expose the controversy of the inappropriate use of PCR in the context of pillar 2 community testing and private sector lighthouse labs.

              “PCR was not designed for mass testing because of the sensitivity and risk of contamination. There are serious flaws in many of the protocols employed, which were hurriedly put together, some without peer review. The operational false positive rate is unknown and therefore every positive test could be false, unless accompanied by clinical examination.”

              As an example of errors with PCR, the group points to a recent case from Cambridge University. “Our first priority is to gather evidence of the harms from restrictions to life whose policies were driven by PCR test modelling and/or ‘case’ results,” Rogers said. “We believe the cases are a pseudo epidemic, as seen in other places around the world using PCR testing.

              A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should
              “Legal action is progressing and further instances will follow as we receive the evidence of harms. The gathering of that evidence is ongoing nationwide, as well as our raising awareness of errors and negligence.”

              As someone who shares their deep concerns over these PCR tests, this is good news. At last, there is somewhere to go for expert legal counsel on the government’s persecution of free-born citizens. And thank heavens also for the stellar work of the entire peer review team for holding this bad science to account. If indeed it is retracted, it will be a major victory for those of us who can see through what Dr Mike Yeadon, one of the paper’s debunkers, rightly calls a “false positive pseudo-epidemic.”

              • death of science

                The word ‘Science’ has had it’s meaning altered by Jacobins.
                Asserting that existing words be interpreted differently and using new words for exiting objects or concepts is straight out of the Red Terror of the French Revolution.
                Science has not changed or been abandoned.

                Jacobins are attempting to alter perceptions by altering terminology.
                Jacobins are attempting to alter documents and contracts by renegotiating the words comprising those documents instead of honestly attempting any renegotiation of terms.

                Example: Up will be called anything but up. Maybe up will be called down. Maybe a new term will be contrived to replace up. No matter the new terminology demanded; the goal is to disrupt and move goal posts, to negate agreements and laws and contracts and narratives. The point is to subvert and alter. The intent is chaos. The intent of the chaos is to seize power in upheaval. ‘Chaos is a ladder.’

                The only place science lives is with independent scientists. Science financed by government or corporations, now often indistinguishable, always reaches the politically correct and/or profitability correct conclusion

                Scientism is not the same thing as the scientific method. What we are being brow beat to accept is NOT science but DOGMA

                quote: It used to be that there were lots of websites that presented the latest science findings and communications. Sites like ScenceNews,, etc . They have mostly all become sociology rags for universities and government. As a scientist, myself, I have become alarmed at the junk science that emerges from our universities.

                I have seen multiple people murdered by the covidian political left (refusing valid treatments to fit an agenda)
                If they cared about “the science” they would be handing out iverm ectin for free and banning the BigPharma mRNA injections.

                Science has been in critical care for years. As a healthcare professional in grad school, I studied biostatistics, the essential tool of good research. In 1985, it was easy to demonstrate that 2/3 of the studies published in the leading medical journals (Lancet, JAMA, NEJM, et al) could not claim the conclusions made by the authors, due to design flaws or statistical errors. Junk science. Most doctors do not have the education or time to analyse these results and toss out the bad apples.

                Medicine has been corrupted for many decades by Big Pharma. The two most “prestigious” medical journals — the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet are wholly corrupted. Follow the money. Dr Arnold Relman, former editor in chief of the NEJM, said this way back in 2002:

                “The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.”

                The article below details quite a few former editors of the NEJM and also the BJM (formerly the British Journal of Medicine) who have blown the whistle on the corruption and many medical journals’ significant conflicts of interest. Many doctors simply trust what they are being told by journals, academic leaders, medical associations, and corrupted federal oversight agencies:

                    • Of course, Science still works, and always will work.

                      Science is being skeptical of all Models, and testing them repeatedly with DATA
                      Religion is having FAITH and Belief in certain Models and Experts (the Follow-the-Science Religion); unfortunately, many are fooled and believe this religion, masquerading as science, IS science. “Climate Crisis” science and Co//Vid-1984 are two sects in this new religion:


                    • I have lost all confidence in any science, largely because of the rampant censorship. One cannot reach a viable conclusion about anything without ALL available information. Iverm ectin is the poster child for this notion. Iverm ectin censored for no reason other than “we don’t like it because there’s no money in it”. I’ve abandoned any confidence in any medical “science”. Pharma has bought it all, lock stock and barrel, except for those who are censored.

                      According to about 15 studies now natural immunity is at least 10 times MORE robust than ‘vaccination’.

                      true science is being corrupted but and even worse subverted FOR POLITICAL REASONS as I see it. As a person whose career was tied closely to the medical professional and its use of science for the best management of my patients….I “trusted” the major peer-reviewed authors/journals…THAT TIME IS GONE FOREVER now.

                      the scientific principles governing accurate drug studies and even medical management can no longer be trusted for they have undergone woke reviews and Big Pharma “reviews” which can not be trusted any more. The “vac//c..ine” is a perfect example of lack of trust yet it is now MANDATED…and you lose your job if ordered and you do not comply. Never in our history has they been such a demand compliance…insane

                • from the author….

                  Science has been in critical care for years. As a healthcare professional in grad school, I studied biostatistics, the essential tool of good research. In 1985, it was easy to demonstrate that 2/3 of the studies published in the leading medical journals (Lancet, JAMA, NEJM, et al) could not claim the conclusions made by the authors, due to design flaws or statistical errors. Junk science. Most doctors do not have the education or time to analyse these results and toss out the bad apples.

            • Science. More like Carnegie science.

              Here’s the 2017 rebuttal to the Caldiera paper.


              The past 2 1/2 years has destroyed every last inkling of my trust in “science”, “scientists”, and their “peer reviewed” papers. Obviously, it’s your prerogative, at your own peril, to keep believing them

            • I would prefer scientific papers over documentaries (entertainment)….hahaha

              so you only read and spread the leftist/communist fake science bs……government troll?

    • Ok…IF indeed there were some “secret”, nefarious agenda to spray chemicals from military aircraft at high altitudes, likely to avoid the problems induced by the very scenario you propose; either the “secret” stuff is masked in ordinary cloud-seeding agents, or, it disperses sufficiently that sending a balloon, even with very sensitive equipment, isn’t going to pick up a significant concentration to reveal anything.

  24. I think it may have been 2017 when that year there was rarely a blue sky day. They were a milky white so consistently I began to wonder if we would ever see blue skies again. Our back yard has a 180 degree view of open space and I would wake up to blue skies and the promise of a beautiful day only to see the criss crossing tracks begin at around 7 or 8. It took about 4 hours to completely cover the sky. The most insidious part was that the pattern in which the tracks were laid. They appeared to be in conjunction with the location of the sun, so that as the day went on fresh tracks would appear near the suns current location. It was very frustrating. This year has not been nearly as bad with many blue sky days. I have noticed since the election ive been seeing more of them. Of course people would probably think I am crazy if I mentioned it. No one around ever seems to notice it. Which I find very weird.

    • Hi RS,

      I would give several dollahs to be able to go back in time to say 1985 and just spend a week there and see. I can’t recall whether these broad, intersecting trails were in the sky back then. I wish I could.

      • As far as history, I have photographs going back about a dozen years and have been analyzing subsequent weather patterns for about as long. It is important to realize that the technologies and processes involved are old, they have been “improving”, getting more sophisticated and powerful just like all technology. Like, what was a phone in ’85 to now. What may have been theories about the power of microwave technology and/or primitive cloud seeding then has morphed into actual installations of powerful ground and ship based ionosphere heater technology that interact with the aerosols. My personal research has pointed to a significant increase in geoengineering activity from say, even 2012 to now. Nowadays, almost every single weather event of note is preceded by the spraying, microwave signatures, and ice nucleation aspects. Just like what happened subsequent to your video. The gov’t document mentioned above “Owning the Weather by 2025”, we’re just about there.

      • As a child, around the year 1975, while playing football in a backyard at the top of a river bluff with friends I stopped playing because I noticed the large jets flying as low as the very low clouds and leaving numerous huge billowy trails over us.
        It was out of the ordinary enough that I stopped to look. I promptly forgot about it for 20 years or so.

        On a cold & clear late December night in 1976 I recall an adult pointing out the short ‘contrail’ behind a jet in the night sky. He said, “Those are as rare as shooting stars”.

        That, I never forgot.

        While walking home from a fishing trip in the Summer of 1982 or ’83 I saw what appeared to be one of the new at the time Space Shuttles leaving the biggest & longest plume behind it as if it were crashing into the horizon. I recall expecting to get home and seeing on the TeeVee that something big had crashed. Nothing had.

        None of that ‘clicked’ until the Internet came along in the 1990’s. Learning of chemtrails is what caused me to go down the path of learning about the history of money, things we weren’t told about in school such as WWII, or 1963, and then onto Libertarianism.

        I mention this to answer the question ancap posed above, “if someone all in on chemtrails doesn’t know anything about the above, what type of ally have you gained?”

        The answer is, one who seeks truth.
        That, imho, is one of the most valuable traits in a human being.
        A useful beginning.

        Because, at one point, none of us knew anything.
        Ya catch my drift?

        “only the most searching and rational can keep their heads” – Murray N. Rothbard

      • Nor do I recall that. Definitely not in the 70’s as I would have been in high school and my head was always in the clouds back then! Pretty sure I would have noticed the tracks. Also back then us gals laid out in the sun to get tans. We for sure would have been irate if some trails covered over that precious sunshine.

        • RE: “Pretty sure I would have noticed the tracks.”

          I dunno, the girls I spent some time with in the 1980’s would’ve just thought it was all clouds and went inside. …Same as today?

          Speaking of which, did you ever look up at the clouds as a child and try to make-out shapes from them?
          …You can’t do that anymore. The clouds today do not have the same sharp boundaries and forms, I guess you could say, as they did in the 70’s & even the 80’s.

          Same with snowflakes. In 1st grade or so, children would cut out intricate shapes of snowflakes from a folded piece of paper. All the snow coming down nowadays does not have that characteristic, it’s all either just blobs or round pellets.
          Perhaps, take a look this Winter, you might be surprised?

          One last thought, in some areas of the nation, clear blue skies may have been more the rule back in the day, than the exception, …for a reason & effect?

          A few years ago it seemed like we had no Summer, just one long greyed-out, white-out type of blocked sunlight season. Then, in Winter, when January was always known as many crisp cold sky blue days the weatherman would remark about how it’s been soooo many days since the cloud cover even allowed the Sun to peek through. …All by design? Idk.

        • Perhaps, you guys might take notice of the shapes of the snowflakes you see this Winter?

          I have only seen three types the last few years: blobs or round pellets, and perfectly formed six-pointed stars of two sizes. Every one, the exact same shape.

          It seems odd considering that:

          “Snowflakes form in a wide variety of intricate shapes, leading to the notion that “no two are alike”. Although nearly-identical snowflakes have been made in laboratory, they are very unlikely to be found in nature.” …

          I have not seen Any of the intricate shapes of snowflakes like in the photos from that Wiki link. I can just barely recall seeing them in the 1970’s, though.

          I wonder if any of you notice something different where you are, or the same?

          One piece of a puzzle?

      • They were. It’s a question of how much. And what aircraft was producing them. Back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command flew a huge amount of missions with B-47s, B-52s, B-57s, and B-58 bombers at what were then extreme altitudes for those types. The idea was to have enough assets in the air, and not vulnerable to a surprise Soviet attack on our military installations, to provide a credible deterrent. This was before the Navy’s SSBNs had the payload, range, and warhead accuracy in the numbers of the silo-based missiles of the Air Force. Even in the late 40s and well into the 1950s, the B-36s (“Aluminum Overcast”) also flew at fairly high altitudes, including their incongruously- named “Featherweight” versions, so yes, with “six turning and four burning”, you’d get contrails, alright. Tankers likewise produce them, but it wasn’t really an issue until the KC-135s were delivered and active.

  25. I just checked the radar and you have weather today (rain) from a larger system running from the Gulf of Mexico north. I noticed that tornadoes are forecast throughout the Southeast and an extreme cool down in the Midwest/Northeast. In your video, in addition to the criss-cross patterns there are “ribbed” looking cloud formations. These are the microwave signatures from the HAARP towers in your area that interact with the synthetic clouds containing ice nucleation chemicals and surfactants, which are then “seeded” with moisture drawn out of the Gulf of Mexico. Recent warm weather will be followed by a serious cool down is scheduled overnight tonight in your area.

    There is NO natural weather. This is not to say all weather is “engineered.” Just that it is all manipulated and intervened with using decades old, patented processes. It’s been going on since at least the 1940s.

    You touched on a few of the potential “whys.” Just like illnesses among humans, it’s never limited to one thing. Geoengineering is a weapon of weather control that is officially denied but is also being sold to the public gradually as “solar radiation management” to cool a warming planet using dispersion of aerosols and particulates to create clouds that block the sun. Dane Wiginton claims this type of misguided intervention has been going on for decades now as an attempt to cool down strategic areas for the US empire in the context of overall catastrophic warming of other areas of the country and globe. I know some on here will dispute this but he provides compelling data to back up this claim. Beyond that, one only needs a tiny bit of dark imagination to speculate on what else could be delivered by aerosol dispersion.


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