Nuremberg, Forgotten

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After the defeat of National Socialist Germany – “Nazi” is a pejorative acronym coined by the Left;  that is to say, by socialists and communists (the latter being the higher-proof version of the same thing) to mask the fact that the “Nazis” and they had much in common – trials were held in Nuremberg, where many “Nazis” were found guilty of moral crimes, having “followed orders.”

That is to say, for following – and enforcing – the law, as it was in “Nazi” Germany. This was not considered exculpatory, then.

Why then is it, now?

Hundreds of millions of Americans were simply ordered to close the doors to their businesses – without any due process of law and no compensation for their losses. Many owners of these businesses ended up having to close the doors to their businesses permanently. Those who attempted to keep them open – so as to avoid being forced out of business – were forced to close them, by enforcers who were just following orders.

Such enforcement continues, too – as in the case of Gourmeltz, the Virginia restaurant that recently received a visit from a half-dozen law-enforcing order-followers as retribution for ignoring prior orders to “mask” employees and customers. And for keeping its doors open in defiance of orders to keep them shut.

The entire population was subjected to a deliberate, orchestrated campaign of mass terror based on lies. Ordinary people were set at each other’s throats. Families torn apart. Old people left to die alone. Children conditioned to be terrified of seeing “unmasked” human faces. All of this leading to a Mengele-esque medical experiment involving not just a few score victims at a camp but an entire nation – an entire world. The latter has cost thousands their lives and quite possibly millions their future health. Most of these people were coerced into “participating” in these experiments; all were lied to about the nature of them.

If it was justifiable – if it was right –  to hang the “Nazis” convicted of moral crimes at Nuremberg – including fomenting hate toward a whole class of people, marginalizing those people, abusing the rights of those people, harming those people economically and physically – irrespective of the fact that those who did these things hadn’t broken any laws – then how is it that the enforcers of morally indefensible laws in our time, in this place, not only aren’t punished (even to the extent of a fine) but rewarded for “just doing their jobs”?

The answer to that question is as easy as it is unpalatable.

It is – simply – that the “Nazis” lost the war and what happened to them was victor’s justice.

One of the leading defendants at Nuremberg, the former Reichsmarschall and head of the Luftwaffe, the air force of “Nazi” Germany – said so openly and bravely, knowing he was going to hang and wanting to go out like the man he was, whatever else might be said of him.

Reportedly, his American analog, Air Force General Curtis LeMay said essentially the same thing. That being if America had lost the war, he probably would have found himself swinging from a rope – for having followed orders (lawful!) to purposely bomb German civilian targets.

Now, at the time of the trials – and the verdicts – an innocent-minded person might have understandably believed that the court was dispensing justice rather than victor’s justice. For the “Nazis” were certainly guilty of heinous moral crimes.

They deserved to hang.

But 76 years hence, it is harder to be so innocently minded – because of the serial, brazen, never-held-accountable actions of enforcers of the law. Precisely because they have the law on their side – which the “Nazis” in the dock no longer did.

Consider the example of the war criminal – by definition, if the Nuremberg standard applies generally –  George W. Bush, who literally did exactly what the “Nazis” did but was never brought to trial, much less convicted and punished for his crimes. But first consider prior precedent.

In the autumn of 1939, the German “Nazis” wanted to invade Poland – and did so, after claiming Poland represented an existential threat to Germany.

A faux Polish attack was even confected – Operation Canned Goods – to provide what the “Nazis” hoped would be cover for their invasion of Poland.

Mass slaughter ensued.

Six years later, the surviving “Nazis” who had leading roles in the dirty, murderous business were duly convicted and hanged.

In the spring of 2003, the military forces of the United States launched an attack upon Iraq, a country that had not attacked the United States. This unprovoked attack was preceded by a deliberately confected faux assertion of an “imminent threat” of an attack, with “weapons of mass destruction.”

Based upon these lies, mass slaughter ensued.

But the war criminals responsible – Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney – were never indicted, let alone hung. And all of the order-followers who were “just doing their jobs” in Iraq – which included killing lots of Iraqis – were likewise never held accountable for their moral crimes.

Because America was the law.

And so it will be until it once again becomes a moral affront to “just follow orders,” irrespective of the legality of those orders. I’ll go farther, because it is necessary. There will never be an end to “just following orders” until it becomes lawful once more to defend oneself against such moral affronts, regardless of their legality.

This principle was not only understood and respected at the time of the Nuremberg trials, it was held up as an example of moral courage. One thinks, for instance, of the people who shielded Anne Frank from those “just following orders” – and of those who took good care of the Reich Protector of what had been Czechoslovakia before the “Nazis” invaded and occupied it and styled it the “protectorate” of Bohemia-Moravia. A handful of brave Czechs took out SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich, much as one might take out the trash.

No one regarded them as “criminals” – except, of course, the criminals themselves.

As it is in our time.

. . .

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  1. Te modern-day ‘Murican equivalent of ‘just following orders’ is “They were just doing their job”. OOoooohhh! So if they’re getting paid and following orders, whatever they do is just fine?! I can’t count the number of times I hear “They were just doing their job”- even uttered by the very victims of those doing the job- especially when the ‘job’ is that of an armed enforcer/leech. Every time I hear that phrase, I automatically translate it to “They were just following orders”, as the internal mercury drops another few degrees with the chill that washes over me with how accepting of that Nazi mantra everyone around us has become- and not at just how they justify the evils they see being perpetrated by having adopted such a mentality, but at how that mentality will thus embolden them to also abandon any allegiance to morality, their fellow man, and responsibility which they might have had.

  2. The Left has an obsessive hatred toward any and all opposition to their beliefs and agenda, and would CRUSH them if they could, as evidenced by their behavior just toward people who questioned “The narratives” on COVID, face diapers, the “vaccines”, the 2020 & 2022 elections, and climate change. And now they also hate Elon Musk for Twitter’s recent document dump PROVING that Twitter colluded with the Biden campaign and people in the federal government to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story to HELP Joe Biden WIN the 2020 Presidential election. Had it been the other way around and then President Trump was colluding with Twitter to censor a story that was damaging to his campaign for reelection, The Left would have accused him of being a dictator trying to hold on to power.

  3. I have nothing but respect for the communists that have taken us all over. They are fucking RUTHLESS. As the recent sham elections demonstrated, the mask is off. It’s in the open. If you want power, then probably not a better way to get it than dispense with any pretense of a shred of morality or decency and just grab it. The question is whether it’s a permanebt shift or not. And whether folks who would just rather be left alone say fuck this and rise up. TBD

    • I agree, Mark –

      The Left is serious. Until those opposed to it are, even more so, the Left will continue to advance. Franco understood this. And dealt with the Left. I think we need a man like him again.

      • I agree and I have said the same thing for years. Franco was fundamentally a good guy who was red-pilled on what the left truly is, and knew how to deal with them.

        That being said, by the time you have reached the point where you need a Franco, make no mistake that you have lost a hell of a lot of freedom and you will never get it back. When a guy like Franco is in charge, there is going to be no classical liberal/libertarian debate, there is going to be no unfettered ownership of firearms, there is going to be no criticism of the government, there is going to be no open journalism. You are either part of the Falange, the Guardia Civil, or the army, or you’re not. That’s all that matters.

        The guys in those organizations are going to have a default perception that you are a left-wing scumbag until proven otherwise. If you’re not part of their team you are not going to be trusted.

        I think a good analogy is the way the cops beat the shit out of the hippie scum in Chicago in 1968. A LOT of them deserved it. But not all. Those of us on this site tend to dislike police. Sometimes the cops beating the shit out of the Left is necessary — maybe they should have beaten the shit out of Antifa and BLM. But the problem is when you get to that point there is no nuance any more.

        Again, I admire Franco in a lot of ways, he kept his country from becoming a satellite of the USSR, but there is a price to be paid for everything and Falangism wasn’t free.

        • Hi X,

          And I, in turn, agree with everything you’ve written with regard to Franco. It isn’t the option I’d pick – if there were a better one. But if that’s the best option there is, I’m in.

        • We thought Trump was going to be our “Cuadillo”, but no one’s going to pick up a rifle and fight for him as the Spaniards did for Franco.

          What’s interesting also is that only a few years after the Spanish Civil War ended, when Hitler ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union (“Barbarossa”), some 47,000 men, mostly “Falangists”, answered the call for a volunteer legion to join the Germans in their “Drang Nach Osten” to fulfill their “Crusade against Bolshevism”. This outfit, known as the “Division Azul” (Blue Division, after the dominant Falangist color), after their initial training in Bavaria, upon being transported by train to the pre-war Polish-Soviet border (where the European-gauge rail lines ended), embarked on a month-long, 600-mile march to their positions with Army Group North near Novgorod. Later, in early 1943, this division, known to the Heer as the 250th Infantry Division, withstood a massive attack on their position near Leningrad, enabling the siege of that city to go on for another year.

    • I don’t respect those communist scumbags one bit. It’s easy to “win” when you’re moving with the prevailing (leftist) currents; anyone can do that. What the communists do is tantamount to entering a bodybuilding contest all jacked up on steroids when your fellow competitors are all natural. Of course you’re going to win, but it’s only because you played dirty. The ones I respect are the countertrend freedom fighters–people like Eric and Peggy Hall (to name just two). Very few have the guts to go against the dominant trend, but when they do, they are worthy of our respect.

  4. The Twitter Files, Part II excerpt:

    7. What many people call “shadow banning,” Twitter executives and employees call “Visibility Filtering” or “VF.” Multiple high-level sources confirmed its meaning.

    8. “Think about visibility filtering as being a way for us to suppress what people see to different levels. It’s a very powerful tool,” one senior Twitter employee told us.

    9. “VF” refers to Twitter’s control over user visibility. It used VF to block searches of individual users; to limit the scope of a particular tweet’s discoverability; to block select users’ posts from ever appearing on the “trending” page; and from inclusion in hashtag searches.

    10. All without users’ knowledge.

    Larger point: this strategy applies to ALL social media — first and foremost, Google. Subjects or posts that Google doesn’t want you to see are difficult or impossible to find.

    Filtering information flow invisibly steers the Narrative. It looks legit, but it’s tilted. This started in fedgov courts, where unapproved defenses are not allowed. Thus the bizarre phenomenon of defendants sitting silently, not testifying as they are condemned.

    And it’s “all legal.” 🙂

  5. Fortunately we have firearms and many are able to use them. Bring on the drones. Anybody ever shoot skeet? When the pudding hits the pot, things will get real.

    • Incredibly easy to disprove. It is an amzing feat of real life complete BS thaeter. Wasn’t even a thing until thre 60s after Mossad/CIA assasinated Kennedy.

  6. Nuremberg was an utter disgrace and a farce.

    The idea of the SOVIET UNION — which committed the Holodomor, the show trials, the purges, the liquidation of the Kulaks, the execution of the Tsar’s children, the execution of the entire Polish officer corps at Katyn Forest, and the gang rapes of millions of German women — sitting in judgment of Germany, along with the U.S. and the U.K., which massacred countless German grandmothers and toddlers by carpet bombing Germany (and Japanese grandmothers and toddlers massacred by the U.S.) is obscene.

    But the outrage didn’t end in 1946 — to this day, 90-year-old Germans are dragged senile from nursing homes and put on trial for being 18-year-old conscripts in the 1940s.

    Right at this very moment, these nutjobs have a 97-year old woman on trial as a so-called “accessory to murder” for being a TYPIST in a concentration camp when she was EIGHTEEN:

    They even put a 93-year-old woman in PRISON for supposedly “denying the Holocaust”:

    What kind of sick society does this kind of thing? One need not approve of or admire National Socialist Germany, which surely did commit many atrocities, to object to such insanity.

    Maybe our own society is a bit more totalitarian than we are led to believe, and this is all psychological projection?

    Methinks they doth protest too much…

    • It’s not about any sense of “Justiz”, it’s about keeping the “narrative” alive as long as there’s still a (wo)man to be “shown”, so the “crime” can be shown by the persecutor, er, I mean, prosecutor.

      Indeed, charging a very old woman for the “crime” of being EMPLOYED, and not as some allegedly sadistic guard like Isle Koch or Irma Griese, but for typing letters, filing, and answering the phone. Gee, if the bumbling Colonel Klink had somehow committed atrocities at Stalag 13 during his command, would the Allies have gone after “Fraulein” Helga?

      At some point, EVERYONE that was either in uniform or on the payroll of every Nazi KZ will pass on…which shouldn’t be too long, as we’re going on 78 years since the camps were liberated. Who will the Zionist regime kidnap or assassinate, or whom shall the groveling FRG “de-Nazify” THEN?

      • It gets worse. This generation of jews will not let their “cash cow”, holocaustianity go. You see, “jewish suffering” is unlike any other.
        The zionist jews have a new scam that will assure that “holocaustianty” payments will go on forever.
        Two jewish psychologists have come up with a new scam…”holocaust transference syndrome”. This new scam states that not only relatives of “holocaust survivors” (many who never left the USA) but ALL jews are susceptible to this “disease”. They claim that memories from “holocaust survivors” infects future generations, even those jews who are unrelated to ANY jew who lived during the “holocaust”.
        Follow the shekels.
        The “holocaust” needs to be consigned to the ash heap of (false) history, once and for all…
        It’s time for the scam to stop.

        • Well, there is the answer to Doug’s question, then.
          If Jews can “inherit” memories, replete with PTSD, from members of their tribe (including those they have never met), then, clearly, all Germans will inherit culpability for the alleged misdeeds of previous generations of Germans, thus working corruption of blood.

          But, this is superfluous, since Everyone Knows that all persons of even partial German heritage, wherever found, are Inherently Evil by nature, regardless of patrimony, and must be exterminated upon discovery, to prevent them from preying upon the innocent, such as Jews and Englishmen.

          Time to flush out those certificates of Aryan ancestry, and start rounding up the Usual Suspects, nicht wahr?

    • It’s jewish revenge.
      For the first time in their lives jews had to perform manual labor.
      The shekels were gone, being replace by “scrip”.

  7. I’ve come full circle on the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction. Yea, I was taken in by 911 and thought Saddam surely had something to do with this, if nothing else clandestine support of the terrorists since Saddam had nuclear ambitions and nerve gas in possession at one time. I was wrong and shame on me for being takin in so easily. GWB lied. We lost over 5000 of our best and likely over 50,000 injured in this lost cause.

    So, have liberals been willing to admit when they were wrong? Never. Anything their leadership does is ideology which is rewarded with praise and honors.

    Was causing a coup in 2014 a good idea in Ukraine; for them it was because in became their corrupt playground and money laundering supported by a country. Was blowing up a natural gas pipeline a good idea…yea because it was Putin’s who caused Hillary to lose the election in 2016. Was it a good idea to support a crypto currency fake company which duped many (Kramer) that took US tax dollars for war support from Ukraine and funnelled it back to the Demo-Marxist party via FTX? Was Covid a bio-weapon developed by Fauci to *off shore* his illegal research? Was Covid released intentionally or just a mistake or does this matter since it became pretext for mail-in voter fraud?

    We’ve all lived the lies and but it time to not allow the lie to pass thru me (as Solzhenitsyn once wrote).

    • I have been studying geopolitics for decades now, and have been able to put “two-and-two” together. Do the research yourself. I don’t expect anyone to take my analysis as fact…
      Here is my “take” on the Ukraine situation.
      Israel is on its way out for many non-semitic jews. Yes, many European jews have NO “semitic” ancestry or DNA and as such should be considered long-term “converts” to judaism. (((They))) falsely claim to be “semites” to cement their “jewishness”.
      Many of these European jews HATE israel proper, the climate, the proximity to true “semites” (Arabs, Palestinians, et. al.) and prefer a four-season European climate.
      Ukraine is “ripe for the taking” and will be the next jewish “homeland”. What better way to extend the reach of zionist criminality into the European continent.
      Once again, zionist jews are getting the “goyim” Europeans and Americans to do their “dirty work” for them.
      In fact, the zionists’ favorite battle hymn is “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

      • There are some good points here but Ukraine is about the Jews hating Orthodox Christianity, I imagine all the international zionists would prefer Spain, France, Southern California, etc. Ukraine is about destroying Russia, the last Christian nation on the planet, thats all.

        • Zelinsky just ordered Christian churches to close. Not one synagogue will be closed. This is the same situation that existed in the Russia when the (((bolsheviks))) took over…
          History repeats itself…

      • I think that you are correct about Ukraine being eyed as the new Jewish superstate/homeland. The jews have been purportedly kicked out of 110 countries, since the time of Christ. Some jews say BS, they’ve never been asked to leave from anywhere. It seems whatever the true number, even if the truth falls, as it often does somewhere in the muddy middle, between 0 and 110, thats still a lot. A lot of countries, just like that, for no reason at all, that came to consider jews persona non grata.

        To the casual observer like me, it appears a ton of earthly treasure and filthy lucre are being stockpiled in Ukraine. Kind of becoming the tribes BOL as it were. I’m not racist or inherently anti Semitic, however, I can see plenty of up side, if they were given their walking papers from the entire American continent. Many of the ills that poison our society are directed by, managed by, and funded by jews. Not entirely, but certainly out of proportion for only being 2% of the population. Sorry to any good ones out there, that is just a fact. Not trying to scapegoat an entire group, but since they seem unable to police their own, much like the police, they have turned a few bad apples into a whole rotten barrel

        If they’re unhappy with Palestine, then fine, give them Ukraine. They need to take the UN with them, and every one of their agents and crypto enablers, who produce nothing but misery and dissension. Its really hard to determine which of their pets does the most damage. The list is long and growing longer. Central banking, Feminism, Media, edge u muh kay shun, homo worship, religion, race baiting, open borders, Pharma/illegal drugs, and on and on the list grows.

        The US needs to stop carrying their water. That mess has been going on my entire adult life. The zionists have never seen a war they wouldn’t like for the US to fight. We always hear how great and resourceful they are. Well now is the time for them to prove it to the world. Leave with nothing on your back, stop and beg forgiveness at every darkened doorway, of every American family who lost love ones in the last thirty years. Its a banker war against humanity, more specifically white people, and it wont end until the day of days.

        • Good comment Norman, agree one hundred percent. And, another great article. I read somewhere the Anne Frank thing was fake. Was a very convincing article.

          • Yes, Anne Frank and her “family” were not “poor innocent jews” but were part of an extensive black market operation who were about to be arrested for crimes committed. This is why they went into hiding.
            In fact, Otto Frank (Anne’s father) was treated in a hospital and lived long after the summation of WW2. What is a hospital doing in a “death camp”?
            He screwed the publisher of Anne Frank’s “diary” out of shekels. The “diary” was partially written with a ball-point pen not invented until well after WW2. There is a certain amount of valid speculation about Anne Frank being molested by her father. Supposedly there is a letter from Anne expressing gratitude about being taken to a camp to get away from her molester father.

            • For that matter, Anne herself was transferred from Auschwitz to another prison camp because she was ill, and the authorities believed she might get better medical care elsewhere. Unfortunately for her, things did not work out, and she died of disease. According to the “holycost” narrative, an ill teenage girl should have been immediately killed by poison gas at Auschwitz, which did not happen.

              • She died, it’s believed of typhus, in March of ’45, only a few weeks before the camp was liberated. Her father DID survive, he was ill with tuberculosis and was sent to Theresienstadt, which was for the infirm and elderly inmates. A simple question: if the supposed Nazi policy was to immediately exterminate the “useless eaters”, as precious food and housing wouldn’t be expended on anyone not capable of work, then how was it that Frank, who’d had only white-collar occupations, none of them useful even in a desk job, was not simply dispatched once an examination would reveal his lack of fitness for labor? His very survival, never mind all the inconsistencies involved with the purported “diaries” of his daughter, is alone a strong refutation of the “Holohoax”.

        • Norman
          Wiki: Expulsions and exoduses of Jews

          It is an amazingly long list.

          1290 King Edward I of England issues the Edict of Expulsion for all Jews from England. The policy was reversed after 365 years in 1655 by Oliver Cromwell.

          Just 37 years later the Bank of England was formed and the rest as they say is history.

          2% of the US population is about 6 million, their oh-so-liked number. Expelling them is not enough, fractional reserve banking has to be declared the fraud it actually is along with fiat currency or they will simply run this fraud from elsewhere.

          • Andy

            The worst of their grifts is the fractional reserve system. Without it they are just a bunch of powerless drama queens. The fact that this small (hat) cabal was able to gain this power at a time when the country was arguably filled with a higher quality of people says a lot. The fact that they retain this power 109 years later says even more. Especially since that power was supposed to belong to clowngress.

            Its funny in a way that 2% equals their favorite number, I hadn’t thought of that. Of that roughly six million in the US, if we striped the top six hundred of all their worldly assets, then imprisoned them for treason and mass murder, I’m sure the world would be an infinitely brighter place.

      • Interesting analysis. It does fit with the facts.
        All sensible and pragmatic peaceful solutions rejected by Zelenski. Ukraine women and children are leaving, it’s either that or starve and freeze to death, the young men are either deserting and leaving or dying as canon fodder. What will be left? The most fertile area in Europe with no or few powerless people ready to be repopulated by them.

    • ‘Was causing a coup in 2014 a good idea in Ukraine; for them it was because in became their corrupt playground and money laundering supported by a country.’ — Hans Gruber

      Today, in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, an effort was made to brake the brazen money laundering by starting an audit. It failed, 26-22.

      “There will be plenty of time to look at transparency and accountability,” Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.) said. “Right now we’re in the middle of a war.”

      Uhhh … what? ‘We’ are at war?

      News to me. Clowngress hasn’t declared a war. Sending a hundred billion to an abjectly corrupt regime in eastern Europe doesn’t mean ‘we’ are at war — though ‘we’ soon may be, if Russia logically concludes that the US has made itself into a combatant.

      Kongress Klown Konnolly makes the familiar, degenerate claim that because it’s [allegedly] an emergency, the Constitution goes out the window. It’s the same claim the kovidians made to implement their shutdowns and mandates.

      When the rule of law is gone, what do ‘we’ have left? Not very damned much. 🙁

  8. Nuremberg was revenge for Germany’s successes in the 1930s. while the rest of the world was mired in a persistent depression, Germany was an economic miracle. Two things Germany did that world jewry did not like:
    1. Germany threw out the Rothschild banks.
    2. Germany monetized labor–giving labor true value on a par with stockholders. No other country or banking system has ever done that since.
    These two thing had to be stopped, lest they topple the existing worldwide “fiat money” system.

    Now, on to the Nuremberg trials themselves.
    1. Normal “rules of evidence” were completely suspended. Not only “hearsay” was allowed, but was encouraged. Witness after witness was paraded through and false “testimony” was put into the court record.
    This is how the phony “holocaust” gained traction. From “masturbation machines” to “electric floors” and “jewish soap”, it was all entered into the court records and stated as “gospel truth”. To this day, these examples and many more ridiculous claims are used to bolster and legitimize the holocaust fable.
    2. Defendants were not allowed to call witnesses on their own behalf. “Confessions” were forced; statements were signed under duress. Every Nuremberg defendant was tortured. Crushed testicles were a normal form of torture.
    3. Judicial notice” was the order of the day. The Nuremberg trials were run under soviet auspices–“show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”. Judicial notice disallows entering into evidence “anything that counters the commonly accepted narrative”, EVEN IF THE NARRATIVE CAN BE PROVEN TO BE FALSE. Even some American jurists spoke out about the dishonesty of these “show trials”.
    4. Actions that were not crimes were “criminalized”. Ex post facto (invented) crimes were the order of the day.
    These same tactics are used in today’s persecution of “holocaust revisionists”. Ernst Zundel in Canada, and Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, and Sylvia Stolz among many others have been prosecuted and imprisoned utilizing these dishonest court tactics. In the case of Ernst Zundel, his legal team eviscerated the claims made by the court, evidence countering holocaust claims were not allowed to be entered into the court record, but was still convicted. It took the Canadian supreme court to overturn his convictions.
    The Nuremberg trials are a poor example to use for covidian “justice”.
    That being said, REAL trials with “normal “rules of evidence” must be convened to bring the covidians to justice.

  9. We all know people who are adamantly unwilling or mentally unable to learn the truth:
    – about electric vehicles and how our enemy-infested government and enemy-infested media are pushing them on us.
    – about CO2 (carbon-dioxide) and the whole Climate hoax and how our enemy-infested government and enemy-infested media push that hoax upon us.
    – about Germany and WW2 and how the SAME ENEMY lying about EVs and CO2 also lied to us from birth against our fellow Whites of Germany and in favor of themselves — the Self-Chosen People.

    Apparently, there are far too few of us who can and do learn the truth. We wait for more to join us to form a critical mass for action. Meanwhile, we suffer under the ubiquitous, destructive ignorance of the general population allowing the Self-Chosen People to rule us into increasing misery and early death.

  10. Tom Woods recently said it well: “The other side [the left] has no principles except whatever advances the revolution. . .” Thus, if “just following orders” happens to advance the revolution, then it’s ok. They engage in this shit on a daily basis with their selective prosecutions.

  11. I have read and accepted that WW2 was a contest between 3 different flavors of state socialism, i.e. Soviet Communism, National Socialism. And Roosevelt Democracy (leaving aside imperial Japan who were never going to win due to their logistical issues).

    Having said that, I’ve come to believe Nurnberg was itself a crime, “victor’s justice”. I find the Romanian precedent with Ceausescu far more inspiring.

    Or perhaps even better the Italian Mussolini precedent, where an angry mob of real people dragged him out and hung the tyrannical bastard, the icon of American media.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  12. The anti-vaxxers want Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Albert Bourla to hang. But they will never face justice and do you know why? Because all three are just front men for the owner’s agenda. They will be portrayed by the MSM as heroes.

    Bourla, the mad man behind Pfizer’s death jabs, not only got a million dollar reward from Israel, he then got the Israel Noble Peace prize. It is obvious that Israel is the front state for the owners, thus the owners must be Zionist Jews. Simple logic.

    The NAZIs were hanged, and do you know why? Because they went against the (Zionist) owner’s agenda. National Socialist Germany went against the western Zionist bankers, they bucked the system, and when the lost the war, they then lost their lives. (Some are said to have escaped to Argentina.)

    It is still popular to bash Hitler. In fact, any politician who goes against the Zionist agenda is painted as the new Hitler. The MSM painted Trump as the new Hitler again and again, and they now paint Putin as the new Hitler also. It is clear anyone who opposes the agenda is the “Hitler”, Kanye West is the new Hitler. If you say white lives matter then you are a Nazi, see how that works?

    But Amerika is in the exact same situation as Weimar Germany before Hitler, so as things go from bad to worse, Weimar Amerikans search in desperation for their Hitler to save them. Hitler did save Germany, at least initially, he changed the monetary order and put everyone back to work. Hitler made Time magazine “man of the year” twice.

    Trump is the obvious candidate who is opposing the Zionist agenda, he said he wanted to Make Amerika Great Again. He tried to appease Israel, he gave Israel everything they wanted. But that didn’t matter, when Trump did not attack Iran, Bibi threw a fit, and demanded Trump be removed, and Trump was removed.

    David Goldberg, a D.C. insider, told us what happened, when Trump did not attack Iran, Bibi said “flush Trump down the toilet”. If you search the web for “david goldberg flush trump down the toilet” you will be hard pressed to find a clue, because it has been scrubbed, (but I know about it because I blogged on it at the time.) Look up Project Pogo :

    The ultra hard core Zionists want to identify and round up all the patriot nationalist Amerikans who oppose the Zionist world order. (Also called the New World Order, or the Jewish Wprld Order) Thus we have a stage of traditionalist Americans against the impose tyranny of Rothschild Zionism.

    It is clear the Zionists (a front for the Rothschild Banking cartel) own Amerika. Now read what Bibi said in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem:
    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    – Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

    (Benjamin Netanyahu was in a meeting at Finks bar in Jerusalem, a well-known Mossad watering-hole. Here is what he said as taken directly from the transcript of the recording, which was witnessed and which has been 100% fully authenticated.)

    (you can also find this info on Veteran’s Today which originally published it)

    So, it is a no brainer that the forces pushing Amerika into the brink of despair will cause a push back reaction, and we have the stage set for a civil war. Today, the published Henry Makow’s piece that the NC Power Sabotage Opens Civil War?

    I am predicting Amerika is in an epic death spiral, that soon our current troubled times will be looked back as the best of times. Amerika is very close to becoming Syria or Ukraine.

    • It is laughable to observe the number of commentors spout the old propaganda canard: Nazi=bad-Communist=good.
      The “American History Channel” in the USA should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel” for all the falsehoods and propaganda that it portrays and disseminates about WW2, Germany and Adolf Hitler.
      According to programs on the “American History Channel”, Hitler was a drug addict, impotent, riddled with syphilis and other STDs, yet possessed highly technical “superweapons”, possessed “alien technology”, advanced flight and anti-gravity technologies, and still could not “win” WW2.
      Anyone with an open mind who watches the Hitler lies and fabrications on that channel can easily see that it is all BS, especially when the so-called “holocaust™” is inserted into just about all of these programming “gems”. The same old photos of emaciated typhus victim bodies are constantly being paraded around to remind “us” how evil Hitler truly was. (Yeah, right).
      Germany was much more advanced than even the USA of the time, hence “Operation Paperclip” commenced in which the USA snatched up Germany’s greatest scientific minds after the summation of WW2.
      Looking at the big picture (which is usually ignored), the “German state” was attacked by the rest of the world, and held on to its principles for far longer than expected.
      Hitler’s greatest “sin” was the monetization of labor (giving labor true “value”) and going against the Rothschild banks. Going against the jew-run banks made him “enemy #1”.
      He also KNEW that there was a subset of Bolshevik jews who were fomenting communist revolution within Germany. Most people are unaware of the secret agreements that he had with the zionists to “encourage” jewish emigration to what was then known as Palestine. These agreements were celebrated by both the German government and the zionists at the time. A commemorative coin was even issued to celebrate the agreement. THAT aspect of history is never mentioned on the “American Hitler Channel”.
      When it comes to WW2, Germany, and even the Allies, the “American History Channel” is 99% propaganda and 1% truth.
      If those of “the greatest generation” could see the world of today and what it has become, being jew-controlled, they would have thrown off their American uniforms and fought on the side of the Germans…

    • The comments are outstanding, very knowledgeable people here. I have no idea what will happen next, and I do hope for the best, yet it is prudent to prepare for the worst. I am very thankful that I am not a Palestinian, as they live in a real hell, and I am thankful I got out of the military before the Iraq war, and that I not live in any of the countries around “our greatest ally” which are all being turned into bombed out shitholes.

      While doing my job yesterday, I happened to talk to this very nice Ashland, Oregon woman who was so generous as to host living quarters for a Ukraine family. Her family took in a Ukraine family, 2 adults and 3 kids into their home. She told me they don’t speak a word of English, and they have to use google translate just to communicate. I told her she was an angel of mercy – and she is, because she is making it bearable for them. I suggested that those people will never being going back to Ukraine.

      IMO earth is literally a hell planet. War all of the time, and when you are not in war, you are being worked to death and forced to pay taxes to the criminal state. I really don’t like it here, and I really resent the level of misery our leaders put us through. But I also know, from Elliott Wave and other business cycle studies that we probably just ended the best of times.

      And if so, and if Amerika is the new Weimer Republik, then as things deteriorate, the people will become very desperate, and we are already seeing this with the Trump rallies. This is very Hitleresque – but of course Trump is not even on par with Hitler, first of all he loves Jews, and second of all he will never take on the establishment because he is part of it. Hitler was a bottom rung army corporal, and in poverty all of his life, while Trump lives in the lap of luxury. Trump is a dufus and a poseur, so I do not expect anything but the same from him. He failed the first time, and if elected I expect the same.

      So we’ll see how it all goes down. I am also thankful I went through extreme hardship to move my family upwind of all the nuclear targets, and plopped down in SW Oregon, the safest place on the map.

      Putin warns us of nuclear war almost on a daily basis. Everyone ignores him. We have a senile child molester and unelected imposter in the White House, or maybe it is an actor, who in the hell knows. But the danger to us is real, yet because of normalcy bias, no one seems to care.

      • If there is a nuclear detonation, it will have israel’s fingerprints all over it.
        Think about this:
        Israel has blackmailed the world with its “Samson Option”.
        If a nuclear device is “lit off” in an American or European city, it will have Israel’s fingerprints all over it. Israel is desperate to keep the American money spigot running, as well as sabotaging the Palestinian “peace process” that the world wants it to take seriously.
        NO delivery systems are needed as israel’s nukes are already distributed in-place in major cities all over the world.
        Israel “targets” in the United States of America are Los Angeles, Chicago or Atlanta. New York City is “off-limits” because of the proliferation of jews residing there. Of course, the “jewish message service” Odiga could be used to warn jews to leave, just as what was done before the twin towers came down.
        European “targets” will start with Rome (Vatican City), Paris or Brussels. Jews would LOVE to target Rome, being the center of its nemesis, the Catholic Church.
        In fact, if a nuclear device is “lit off” anywhere in the world, it will have come from Israel’s secret nuclear “stockpile”. With today’s situation in Iran, Israel may just have to “light one off” to get its “American lapdog” to respond appropriately.
        There was a “power outage” in Atlanta that was a convenient excuse for Israel to perform a logistical “sleight of hand” as an Israeli plane was allowed to land and take off during the “power outage” without receiving customs clearance or inspection.
        This is one of many Israeli companies that possesses a “special exemption” granted by the U S government that frees it from customs inspections.
        Just maybe another one of Israel’s nukes was just being pre-positioned or nuclear triggers (tritium) were being renewed, getting ready for “the big one”.
        As most Americans are tired of all of the foreign wars being fought for Israel’s benefit, another “incident” on American soil would be enough to galvanize the American public, once again, (just like WTC 9-11) to support another war for Israel’s benefit (Iran).
        Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them as most of them are not in Israel, proper.
        No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already in place. Look for another false flag operation with the blame being put on Iran or Syria. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.
        American foreign aid is prohibited from being given to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (the Symington Amendment)or refuses to abide by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines regarding its nuclear devices.
        Guess what??
        Israel does not abide by EITHER and still gets the majority of American foreign aid. This prohibition also applies to countries that do not register their agents of a foreign government with the U S State Department. Guess what?? Israel (again) with its American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) still gets “foreign aid” in contravention of American law.
        Let’s not forget the “security grants” that American taxpayer dollars fund, 95% going to israeli companies.
        There are forty or so congressmen, senators and thousands of high-level policy wonks infecting the U S government who hold dual citizenship with Israel. Such dual citizenship must be strictly prohibited.
        Those holding dual citizenship must be required to renounce said foreign citizenship in order to remain in the country. Refusal to do so should result in immediate deportation with permanent loss of American citizenship.
        Present and former holders of “dual citizenship” should never be allowed to serve in any American governmental capacity.
        In addition, any American citizen who serves or has served in Israel’s military (Israel Defense Forces) should automatically lose their American citizenship and be immediately deported to Israel.
        When Netanyahu addressed both houses of congress, it was sickening to see our politicians slobber all over themselves to PROVE that they were unconditional supporters of Israel. It was a scene out of the old Soviet Politburo which no one wanted to be the first one to stop applauding.
        Just who the hell do they work for?
        Certainly not for the interests of the American people and the United States, at the least they should renounce their United States citizenship and be deported to israel. Being indicted, tried for treason against the united States of America would be appropriate.
        Let’s not forget the “loyalty oaths” to a foreign country (Israel) which American politicians are required to sign in order to receive “funding” from israel. As much as I despise the two muslim woman politicians, they were absolutely right to call out the rest of the politicians for signing “loyalty oaths” to israel.
        Even Republican “darling” DeSantis is an advocate of “loyalty oaths” to that sh!tty little country” in the middle east.
        Go figure.

  13. The death sentence isn’t a severe enough penalty for the culprits, the usual suspects now. A good horse-whipping prior to the hanging will help, unbearable pain is okay. I suppose you could be more cruel, would help. A week of bread and water before the hanging is a soft punishment, psychologically terrifying.

    Unusual punishment would be to place a dog collar around Fauci’s neck and add a hundred wood ticks into the funnel. He’d have something to eat. He’d be screaming, record it all, collect the data.

    Be kind of fun, you know, treat him like an experiment.

    Look at what has been done.

    Cruel and unusual punishment is being forced to mask and being vaccinated with a deadly substance that doesn’t work.

    Cruel and unusual to be locked down for what is full three years soon enough. It is cruel and unusual to be fed propaganda and be indoctrinated, that is happening too.

    Cruel and unusual to not allow the population freedom of movement and to pursue their careers and jobs.

    It ain’t no fun.

    Crimes against humanity and nobody is supposed to notice.

  14. “Because America was the law.”
    Which will continue to be the case until the dollar folds. Which it will. As all fiat currencies always do. Always.

  15. Victor’s justice – correct. But since the current struggle is an internal one, and there seems to be no will or ability to do anything about it, there will be no victors this round.

  16. Turns out our parents and teachers were wrong after all, might DOES make right.

    Until the order-takers are more afraid of US than their paymasters, nothing will stop them.

    Whenever discussing or debating the issue of laws, morality and such, sometimes the question of law enforcement comes up. I sometimes will use as an extreme example: “If the law said it was legal to rape babies, the police would enforce your right to rape babies.”

    and they would.

    • andyL,
      And Mao was right, power does come from the muzzle of a gun. Fortunately, so far, the people of the US retain a right to have those guns. Which may induce the order takers to fear us more than their masters. After all, the thing most feared by professional criminals is the armed resident. Let’s hope the AGW criminals fear us as well. They may need help doing so.

  17. The American left’s greatest victory is the popular association of ‘nazi’ with the political right.

    Neal Boortz (retired quasi-libertarian radio host from Atlanta) used to describe it as:

    Communism = state ownership & control of means of production
    Fascism (aka nazis) = private ownership but state control of means of production
    Capitalism = private ownership and control of means of production

    The modern American left lay between fascism replete with their own brownshirts (ironically named antifa) and full blown pinko commies.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, “The Left” has smeared the right as NAZIS ad infinitum for years. Now they even call the right WHITE SUPREMACISTS, FASCISTS, etc.

      They’ve even resorted to calling those who spoke out against “The narratives” on COVID and/ or refused to become guinea pigs for Big Pharma ANTI-VAXXERS, SCIENCE DENIERS, COVID DENIERS, etc. They’ve also gone after longtime liberals such as Robert F Kennedy Jr and Naomi Wolf.

      • Communists and nazis are both socialists, one just left of the other. The modern conservatives/libertarians are somewhere to the right of the socialists. There never has been a really right wing party.

        Note how the leftists communist/nazis say the conservatives are nazis…this is more inversion, the leftists communist/nazis are the nazis.

        the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists… is white….. up is down….bad is good….

        do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
        leftists lie 24/7

        Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
        leftist = nazi/satanist.

    • Mike,
      The American left’s greatest victory was mandatory public education. The longest running and most successful Psyop ever.

    • the leftists are luciferian….

      The WEF Isn’t A Cabal, It’s A Cult

      When you consider the positioning and branding of the WEF, with their certitude and paternalism, it all makes a lot more sense when viewed as a cult instead of a cabal. Cultists know all, they have the inside track – and most importantly, they claim moral authority over us all by Divine Right.

      techno-utopianism was ultimately a Luciferian construct. Not necessarily literally Lucifer, but that the aspiration to “usurp God” was Luciferian in character …..the wef cultists see themselves as the new gods….

      Elitism is of the essence here; only powerful spiritual adepts and Luciferian masters deserve to occupy the higher realms and to enjoy the the benefits found only there.” the elites think they are at a higher level then the useless eaters on the bottom….

      “Davos Man”, because the entire elite ontology (or what passes for it) rests upon radical material reductionism.
      And materialism, at its core, is pure nihilism.
      There is no spirit. We have no souls. There is only matter, and lower humans are merely “hackable animals”……the useless eaters are animals, only good for lab experiments

      Participants in a cabal will abandon it the moment it ceases to serve their interests… but cultists will double-down. They will burn themselves alive and eat their children. They are ideological berserkers…..the wef is a cult……

      The Party at Davos is under the impression that they are the vanguard of neo-Darwinist evolution – when it’s looking instead like they are functionaries of a larger morphic field that is distinctly Luciferian or Ahrimanic in character. This field encapsulates transhumanism, techno-Marxism, technocracy and social credit.

    • “The modern American left lay between fascism replete with their own brownshirts (ironically named antifa) and full blown pinko commies.”

      On August 1, 2020, there was an explicitly anti-Nazi march in Warsaw, to commemorate the Uprising. Antifa was there to protest against it.

  18. The world was awfully close to repeating the horrors of Nazi Germany, as certain countries were building “COVID camps” for interning people who were “suspected of being sick with the ‘Rona”, refused to follow nonsensical, draconian measures such as lockdowns, “social distancing”, and face diapering, or refused to become guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry. And to think, there were people CHEERING what was being done to those who stood up to COVID tyranny or spoke out against “The Narratives”, which turned out to be one BIG LIE after another. Why, in a CNN town hall last year, when asked whether first responders should be fired if they don’t comply with vaxx mandates, Joe Biden said “Yes!”, and the audience at that town hall applauded. Shortly thereafter, he even tried to make it MANDATORY for companies with at least 100 employees to have ALL their employees “fully vaxxed” until the Supreme Court (thankfully) struck that down. And now, after the CDC unanimously voted to “recommend adding COVID jabs to the childhood vaccination schedule”, they’re going after children, as there are public schools and states itching to make those jabs MANDATORY for children to go to public school, which in itself is another reason for parents to take their kids out of gubmint school.

    Fast forward to near the end of 2022, and the Biden Thing and corrupt public health bureaucrats are STILL pushing COVID jabs and boosters, and once again pushing face diapers, even though it’s now widely known NONE of those things are effective. Hopefully this time there’ll be MASS PUSHBACK, because if there isn’t MASS PUSHBACK this time, we could well be reliving Nazi Germany, but on a worldwide scale.

    • ‘[Biden] even tried to make it MANDATORY for companies with at least 100 employees to have ALL their employees “fully vaxxed” until the Supreme Court (thankfully) struck that down.’ — John B

      On Jan 13, 2022, the Supreme Court issued an injunction halting enforcement of OSHA’s mandate. OSHA withdrew the emergency temporary standard on Jan 25, 2022, probably not wanting to go to trial, lose, and establish a precedent limiting its claimed sweeping powers.

      But as for the kinder, the FDA issued a fresh befehl this morning:

      Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration amended the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) of the updated (bivalent) Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines to include use in children down to 6 months of age.

      “More children now have the opportunity to update their protection against COVID-19 with a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, and we encourage parents and caregivers of those eligible to consider doing so,” said FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf, M.D.

      “Vaccines remain the best defense against the most devastating consequences of disease caused by the currently circulating omicron variant, such as hospitalization and death,” said Peter Marks, M.D., Ph.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

      Robert Califf and Peter Marks: two child-murdering perps who richly deserve to face capital charges at Nuremberg II. Hang ’em high!

      • Jim,

        OSHA may have withdrawn their “Emergency temporary standard”, but the Biden Thing still tried to push COVID jabs and tried to hand over U.S. sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats at the WHO via a “Global pandemic treaty” until some African countries helped slow it down if not halt the thing altogether. Giving WHO that much power would have been analogous to handing Tony Fauci unlimited power to dictate health policy for the WHOLE planet.

        Not only that, but they called for implementing Digital vaxx passports for international travel. The Biden regime would have LOVED to institute such a scheme for DOMESTIC travel as well.

        As for Robert Califf, IIRC, he used to be with some pharmaceutical company and was Obama’s FDA head, so I can’t say I’m surprised that he’d be pushing COVID jabs AND “updated booster jabs”, especially when the FDA gets about half of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Peter Marks also sounds like someone acting as a salesman for the drug companies instead of a DOCTOR.

        And Biden himself signed some sort of executive order a few months ago that would effectively push the interests of the biotech industry under guise of “Preparing for the next pandemic” and “Advancing human health”. As a result of that, the drug companies could conceivably concoct an mRNA vaccine for some other virus or disease and the federal government might try to MANDATE it under guise of “Emergency”.

    • Actually the first modern-day concentration camps were invented by the British. The German camps were “work camps” not “extermination camps”.
      In fact, what riles jews more than anything is that for the first time in their lives, (((camp resients))) had to work at manual labor at the direction of others.

  19. IIRC, Gen. LeMay’s quote stemmed from the Tokyo firebombings he ordered. He served in Europe, but he was later transferred to the Pacific Theater. There, he took command of the air force. Since the high altitude bombing raids weren’t having much effect, he ordered the lower altitude firebombings instead. It was known that many of Tokyo’s buildings were constructed of wood, so he decided to firebomb the city. The firebombings killed more people than either A bomb did.

    • MarkyMark,
      As did the similar attack on Dresden. US bombers pounded it to kindling with high altitude bombing using TNT, then the British low altitude night bombers dropped incendiary bombs to set it on fire. Like Hiroshima, it had little to no military significance.

      • The American government had hired noted Architects to design “typical” German and Japanese civilian housing, which were constructed, and destroyed, for the purpose of studying the most effective way of destroying civilian infrastructure. The firestorms were hot enough to melt asphalt pavement. Clearly, it was intended that no one should survive. But, just in case, they sent fighter planes to kill possible survivors, including those fighting the fires.

        Fighter planes came, and machined gunned the Dresden fire brigades. Pure, cold blooded murder. And the same routine was repeated in many other German cities, not only Dresden.

        These were truly “burnt offerings” (a.k.a. “holocausts”), for which there is documented proof.

      • The excuse for hitting Dresden was that it was a critical rail junction for Army Group Center, defending Berlin from an attack along the Oder river towards Berlin from Marshal Konev’s First Ukrainian Front, and Vienna against General Petrov’s Fourth Ukrainian Front.

    • LeMay was some piece of work, he once said that if the US and Russia ever got into a nuclear war and destroyed each other and every Russian died but one American survived then the US “won”. Right, Pyrrhic victory doesn’t even come close to describing how totally demented that is.

      • General Turgidson, meet Doctor Strangelove.

        The real Dr. Strangelove was, of course, Edward M. Teller, a Hungarian Jew, not the blond haired Aryan portrayed by Peter Sellers. Many scientists who were part of the Manhattan Project gave up weapons work at the end of the war and returned to peaceful pursuits, but Teller stayed on the Dark Side for the rest of his life.

        From about 1943, the U.S. leadership was aware that the Third Reich had *NO* nuclear weapons program, because Werner Heisenberg, Hitler’s top science advisor, made a special trip to Copenhagen to inform his friend and colleague, Niels Bohr, of that fact. Heisenberg’s wife documented that in her diary. Heisenberg’s estimate of 1946 before a nuclear weapon could be operational (not a bad estimate) caused Hitler to ditch atomic weapons in favor of rocketry and other advanced conventional weapons.

        So, the entire U.S. nuclear weapons program, from that time forward, was based on the known-to-be-false premise that Germany might develop such a weapon. Niels Bohr certainly would not have kept that knowledge secret. Since Bohr knew, Oppenheimer knew, and since Oppenheimer knew, General Groves also knew. The entire program was based on a lie.

        • Heisenberg actually met up with Bohr in 1941; it’s thought that the purpose might have been for Bohr to assist in mediating peace. Bohr, considered technically a Jew under the Nuremburg laws (his mother was a non-practicing jewess), feared arrest by the Nazis as they were clamping down on the ever-increasing resistance by the Dutch. For the prior three years after the Germans more or less overran their country in a few hours with firing very few shots on April 9, 1940, Denmark was allowed a significant amount of self-government. King Christian still rode his mount through the streets of Copenhagen, alone, and German soldiers would stand stiffly at attention and render a proper salute as he rode by. By 1943, the “honeymoon” was over, and it wasn’t looking good for Jews, or at least those deemed such, like Bohr; they were smuggled out of Denmark to Sweden across the narrow Skaggerak strait one night, some 4,000 of them, including the eminent physicist.

          Bohr would end up in the UK, and worked on the “Tube Alloys” program, Britain’s counterpart to the Manhattan Project. While certainly he was debriefed, especially as to his meeting with Heisenberg, there’s simply no evidence that he knew all that much about the German atomic program. Part of the reason the program was suspended was that even if Heisenberg believed a practical bomb could be built (he was dubious, having over-estimated the critical mass necessary for U-235, for a bomb, by a factor of ten), Uranium ore came from the Soviet Union, or the Belgian Congo. From neither did Germany have any hope of getting nearly enough to contemplate building a bomb, or of designing and running a breeder reactor to make plutonium.

          • >having over-estimated the critical mass necessary for U-235,
            My understanding is that, circa 1940, no one on earth knew, for sure, how much, and how highly enriched, uranium would be required. But, it was known that any type of enrichment plant would be an enormous facility. The gas diffusion plant at Oak Ridge was, I believe, the largest building in the world when it was built.

            Unlike the USA, which could locate Oak Ridge, Hanford, Los Alamos, etc., far from the coast, thus out of reach of enemy heavy bombers (which Germany never built anyway), Germany would have been vulnerable to air attack, unless these massive facilities were put underground, as was done with the rocket factories.

            In the long run, Bohr ended up at Los Alamos. Sterling Colgate, who was a student at the boys’ school which was taken over, recounts being introduced to “Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones,” whom he and his classmates recognized immediately from photos in their high school physics textbooks. One of them was Niels Bohr.

            However, there is also the problem of who would have believed Bohr, had he reported that Germany was not attempting to build a nuclear weapon. Reminds me of the scene in the movie, “Dr. Strangelove,” where Gen. Turgidson ridicules the Russian ambassador, and for the same reason. Are you rally going to trust your enemy to tell the truth?

    • Look up Operation Meetinghouse, the firebombing of Tokyo on March 9-10, 1945. More Japanese were killed that night in Tokyo than in the first 24 hours after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki COMBINED.

      “Old Iron-Ass” was right…if the USA had lost the war, it’d have been HIM in the docket at a “war crimes” trial.

  20. ‘After the defeat of National Socialist Germany – “Nazi” is a pejorative acronym coined by the Left; that is to say, by socialists and communists ‘ — eric

    Lots to unpack here. But Eric properly begins with the degradation of language in the term ‘Nazi’:


    1930, from German Nazi, a clipping of Nationalsozialist (“National Socialist”) (1924), earlier attestation (1903) as shortening of national-sozial, since in German the nati- in national is approximately pronounced Nazi [ˈnäːtsi]; compare the parallel pejorative terms Sozi (“socialist, social democrat”), Kozi (“commie, commo, communist”).

    A homonymic term Nazi was in use before the rise of the NSDAP in Bavaria as a pet name for Ignaz and (by extension from that) a derogatory word for a backward peasant, which may have influenced the use of that abbreviation by the Nazis’ opponents and its avoidance by the Nazis themselves.

    Historians have pointed out the universal, bizarre use of the pejorative term Nazi in postwar western literature and academic commentary. This aberration might be compared to Nixon-era US laws criminalizing ‘marijuana’ [literally, ‘Mary Jane’], a Mexican slang term whose statutory enshrinement sounds ridiculous and frivolous, when the substance it purported to control is called cannabis by educated persons.

    Nationalsozialist is a forbidden German word in the West, since it uncomfortably exposes the leftist, populist roots of Adolf H, an early anti-tobacco campaigner and proto-feminist. Under the notably similar “Joe Biden” regime, we recoil in horror upon recognizing their shared predilections and biases, including their propensity for stirring up wars of choice in eastern Europe.

    $37 billion next week for the Christ-forsaken Ukies … we can do this, comrades.

    • >Historians have pointed out the universal, bizarre use of the pejorative term Nazi
      Considering the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) was a political party, and never a majority party, it *is* certainly bizarre to read “the Nazis” substituted for the German military (der Wehrmacht). “Nazi armies?” C’mon, man.

      Does anyone today read, for example, that “the Christian Democrats,” rather than “der Bundeswehr,” are in Poland? Not on your life.

      How about in the U.S.? Does one ever read that “the Democrats took heavy losses in the Tet offensive in 1968,” or that “Nixon’s Republicans went down to defeat with the fall of Saigon in 1975?”
      Not a bit of it.

      I once dated a woman whose father fought in he Afrika Korps. He was a farmer by occupation, and after the war went back to farming, first in Ostfriesland, where his children were born, and later in Ontario, Canada. I never met Werner, but I imagine he was just the sort Herr Goering had in mind with his famous quote.

      • FWIW, many joined the Waffen-SS not out of any Nazi fanaticism, but simply b/c they got priority as to supplies…including FOOD. By D-Day (June 1944), the average daily ration of the Heer was slightly below the calorie intake necessary for sedentary garrison duty. German soldiers regularly plundered towns and farm villages out of simple HUNGER.

        Same reason that over 40,000 Irishmen enlisted in the UK’s armed forces…and due to manpower shortages, the Brits tended to overlook that many were suspected of being “Provos” (Irish Republican Army). As Edward “The Longshanks” the First is reputed to have said…”use up the IRISH…their dead cost us nothing!” Wartime Ireland, though the Irish Free State was technically neutral during the war, which irritated “Winston” to no end, was also close to starvation during “The Emergency”, as between Kriegsmarine U-Boats and the Royal Navy’s defense of the British Isles, which was a de facto blockage of Ireland, very little stuff got into Eire.

        • >average daily ration of the Heer was slightly below the calorie intake necessary for sedentary garrison duty
          Civilians, of course, were getting less than the troops, and undesirables (e.g. prison camp inmates) sometimes got nothing at all. I have read at least one account of a prison camp commandant urgently requesting food to feed the prisoners under his supervision, and being told no food was available.

        • Germany has been saddled with its own “Stockholm Syndrome” ever since the summation of the Second World War.
          There are some brave Germans who have gone against the “official narrative” of WW2 with Germany seen as being on “the wrong side of history” and as such are (still) considered to be “the bad guys”,but they are either too few or afraid of being “outed” as “holocaust deniers”, subject to punishment, and yes, Nazis (which is unfairly still a pejorative term in Germany and in much of the rest of the civilized world).
          This is especially bolstered by the (in)famous “jewish holocaust” which was created by the Allies in order to keep Germany permanently demonized.
          In fact, it was Russian jews who “rebuilt” Auschwitz after the war in its own propagandistic way, creating and amplifying engineering errors that the Germans would have never done.
          From non-sealed “gas chambers” with wooden doors that “swing the wrong way” to no means for inserting and ventilating the poison gases, using a delousing agent as an ineffective “poison gas”, anyone with an engineering background can easily poke holes in all of the claims made by holocaust promoters.
          Let’s not forget that jewish “holocaustianity” has been deemed to be a state religion in many countries from which no deviation is permitted. Prosecution, fines and imprisonment await those who seek the truth about this false, contrived event in history. If the “holocaust” is based on “truth” why not encourage a full impartial investigation into this “event”? What are “holocaust” promoters afraid of?
          Jews have always been excellent propaganda agents, tugging at heartstrings by always showing jews as being “downtrodden” and always being marginalized and victimized. This is a “feature” and not a “bug” as it has been successful in keeping the holocaust fable going to the present day.
          Jewish “holocaust museums” (actually jewish freak shows) display piles of shoes, glasses, clothing, and other piles of “who knows what” in order to claim that 6,000,000 jews were “gassed out of existence”.
          These jewish freaks shows get massive amounts of taxpayer-funded dollars despite being totally out of place in American society. Schoolchildren are brainwashed and propagandized in these freak shows, which is actually child abuse to allow children into these jewish freak shows.
          It could be safely argued that even Americans have been unwitting victims of “Stockholm Syndrome” especially when it comes to “all things holocaust”.
          It is long overdue to conduct a full, impartial, honest of all holocaust claims and to “let the chips fall where they may”.

          • You may have read it but there is a book by Thomas Dalton, Debating The Holocaust which can be downloaded free. There is a chapter on Nuremberg.

          • Hi Anarchyst,

            I agree with you that the thing has almost certainly been exaggerated. But is that a defense of National Socialism? The regime would have sonderbehandlung’d you and I and pretty much everyone here. My “Aryan” blood would not have saved me. The issue isn’t so much how many were murdered but rather that the regime – like all authoritarian collectivist regimes – was murderous.

            • Not true.
              Jews lived comfortably during the entire duration of the war under German control in every country within the German sphere of influence, even in Germany proper. Not only were many jews not deported, many lived out the war unmolested by the government. In fact, there were many jews who served in the German armed forces for the entirety of WW2.
              The supposed “brutality” of Germany against jews is another false canard that is used to perpetuate the commonly accepted belief “Allies good–Germany bad”. It’s all a part of “jewish victimhood” that is prized so highly. It reinforces the big lie–the supposed “holocaust”.

              • C’mon, Anarchyst…

                There was – at minimum – a concerted, government-approved effort to demonize and marginalize Jewish people as a class. Der Sturmer. The fulminating speeches of Dr. Goebbels. Movies such as The Eternal Jew that were produced with state-approval. The laws passed by the state forbidding Jews to be in/practice their professions or to marry (or have sex with) “Aryans.”

                It is one thing to criticize the suppression of anyone who questions any aspect of the “official” Holocaust story. It is another thing to defend National Socialism and deny it abused Jewish people.

                We do not advance the cause of liberty, based on respect for the natural rights of each individual, by defending an authoritarian collectivist regime that considered the individual to have no rights, outside of his membership in the Volksgemeinshaft.

                • eck, Eric, it would have been bad enough to have lived here during WWII…. Imagine being opposed to the war, railing against the interment of the poor American Japs, and poo-pooing all of the “War Effort” BS with which this whole country was obsessed?! We likely would have been strung up (As they “fought for our freedom” ya know!)…… I could onlyu imagine Germany, where you either played the part of a ‘good Nazi’ …or else! Pretty much like how it’s gotten here now.

                  • Look what happened to Charles Lindbergh who was totally against U S involvement in “Europe’s war”…
                    He was marginalized for speaking TRUTH.
                    Patton “bought the farm” for refusing to demonize the German people…

                    • You don’t even need to go back that far. Look what happened to Ye and Kyrie Irving.

                      This is not our country.

                • Eric, have you studied Weimar Germany?

                  You and so many others believe Jews are irrationally persecuted when that’s rarely the case.

                  • For some reason I can’t reply to your other comment so I’m replying here. Regarding “Ye” and Kyrie Irving, I watched Louis Farrakhan in a video by Mag Truth where Farrakhan (who is, of course, sympathetic to them) says about those two, “you can’t say those things about “them”, and be on “their” payroll.” Think about that. Don’t buy into division schemes.

                    • Banning them from nearly everything just proves their point about Jewish power, no? Jonathan Greenblatt even slipped up said they have to “get” Ye in order prevent the spread of these “myths”.

                  • Hey Groyper,
                    I don’t know who Kyrie Irving is, but as for that “Ye” character….that is a perfect example of how the owner’s of the media work: Take some nut-case who may be telling some truth (And that jig is indeed a nut-case- a year or two ago, he was doing some kind of “Christian” thing where he was virtually claiming to be Jesus Christ) and give him a stage so as to discredit anyone who may ever reiterate any elements of truth that the nut-case uttered.

                    “Oh, you think there’s a Jewish conspiracy? You must be nuts like that Ye guy!”. And thus they silence any legitimate criticism, and make anyone who may be inclined to proclaim anything which coincides with what the nut-case said reluctant to express the truth.

                    Anyone who doubts that; just remember that the owners of the media control what the public sees, and unless they give someone a stage, that person and or his opinions would remain obscure.

                    BTW: What has happened to “Ye”? (I can imagine… Another tactic of the Owners: Set up a sacrificial lamb to destroy as warning to others.)

                    • Nunz,

                      Kyrie Irving is a basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets who refused to get the COVID “vaccine” and was given grief for it. He even released a book earlier this year.

                    • Here’s the thing: their black followers don’t care about optics. They also don’t trust the mainstream media like normie whites do, so the media’s gaslighting campaign simply isn’t going to work.

                      This is definitely a double-edged sword. On one hand, more people become aware. But on the other, people become fearful to speak out.

                • I don’t deny that (some) jews were abused by the turmoil within pre-ww2 Germany.
                  The marginalization of some jews was at the behest of their own zionist leaders whose goal was to make life uncomfortable for jews in order to “encourage” them to emigrate to what was then known as Palestine. Mos jews lived comfortable lives in germany and had no desire to emigrate to a foreign land. The “little jews” got caught up in the machinations of their own zionist leaders. In fact, it was zionist leaders who demanded that jews be identified publicly with the requirement to wear the yellow “star of david”.
                  Don;t forget, “world jewry (judaism) declared economic war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933).
                  Yes, there were excesses. Honest people got caught up in the turmoil of the day. However, most of it was caused by their own zionist leaders. The “eternal jew” film was a response to the book “Germany Must Perish” which advocated the total genocide of all things German.
                  That being said, I make no excuses for the excesses on ALL sides. Yes, innocent people got caught up in the turmoil of the times which is regrettable, but one must look at past history through an uncolored impartial lens, not the propagandistic lens that still colors history.
                  As an aside, obtain and read “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”…you may get a different perspective.
                  Best regards,

                  • Ah, thanks, John B. (Replying here because appropriate reply button missing).

                    Hmmm…”basketball player” makes me think one thing…but “wrote a book” makes me think another… 😀

                    Funny, the censorship is so blatant, yet the masses will unwaveringly deny it, eh?

                    • Nunz,

                      Oops, I was mistaken. It was Jonathan Isaac, another basketball player, who wrote a book earlier this year titled “Why I Stand”. We’ve had quite a few athletes who stood up for themselves and not cave into extreme pressure to take an experimental mRNA injection that has already proven NOT to be what it was sold as to the masses…..Other examples of athletes who stood their ground re the jabs include Aaron Rodgers and that tennis player who couldn’t play in a recent tournament because he wasn’t vaxxed. (His name escapes me)

              • **”Jews lived comfortably during the entire duration of the war under German control in every country within the German sphere of influence,”**

                Lucky bastards! I mean…. I knew a Jew who managed to escape being captured by the Nazis when they invaded Hungary, by hiding in an out-house. His mother and sisters got captured and he never saw or heard from them again. ….but I’m sure that they were very comfortable.

                If ya liked the Nazis, you ought to go down to any airport, where you can get a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be under a Nazi regime- only the excuse there is “Muslims”…but if you’re a Muslim you’ll likely get red carpet service or just be ignored, because the real War On Terror is a War Of Terror on our own citizens……

                • RE: “BTW: What has happened to “Ye”?”

                  Do you think he got, The Shot?
                  I noticed many in my own sphere who got The Shot act as if they are completely off their rockers.

                  Also, you got two pretty good bits I noticed, “If ya liked the Nazis, you ought to go down to any airport, where you can get a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be under a Nazi regime-“…

                  And this nice gem, “Don’t buy into division schemes.”

                  See also, ‘Why are Most People Cowards? | Obedience and the Rise of Authoritarianism’


                  “Don’t buy into division schemes.”
                  “Don’t buy into division schemes.”
                  “Don’t buy into division schemes.”

                  Imho, you’re working for our overlords, if you do.


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