Thanksgiving Best Wishes – And a Forgotten Lesson

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Well, I’m a day late with this – but I wanted to extend my best wishes to everyone for the Thanksgiving holiday. Which holiday, as I’m sure most of the veterans here already know, wasn’t conceived as a celebration of random plenty but rather as a repudiation of collectivism.

The pilgrim’s colony had been based on the  same economic (and moral) ideas that Lenin had – and implemented – in Bolshevized Russia at the beginning of the last century. Bad ideas having a strange ability to endure.

Anyhow, the Pilgrims – like the Russians – starved. There was cannibalism. Because of the doctrine: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Strictly enforced, by commissars.

People tend to shirk work when there is no benefit to them; when they become the mules for those who don’t work.

It happened at Plymouth and it happened in St. Petersburg.

The Pilgrims learned faster. They abandoned communism and in short order, people stopped starving because they had reason to work. That reason being, their work meant they would eat (as opposed to their work providing food for others to eat).

But this true message of Thanksgiving is lost on people today – probably because it is not taught today. Instead, the holiday is an excuse to gorge and drink and watch fuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttball.

It is no longer the valuable teaching moment it was meant to be – and ought still to be.

And because it is not, the same insane idea that those who don’t work are entitled to eat – and those who do work are obligated to turn over the fruits of their labor to those who do not – has taken firm root once again.

It is why so many believe they have a right to health care  – i.e., to force other to provide it, though this is never stated so honestly. And “free” education. A “living” wage.

It is why Ilych came to power in Russia 100 years ago – and thus consigned millions to their deaths.

And it is why it will happen again, here, if the message of Plymouth Colony isn’t heard and understood before it’s too late.

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  1. Libertarian said:
    “If the elites and the 99% all support wars, debt, and tyranny, then who is the real enemy?
    The government is destroying the US and Americans scream for more chains.”


    That is why there is no fixing America (or the Western world, for that matter). The beliefs/blindness/brainwashing of the people, through government schools; the Zionist media; Caesar-worshiping churches; corporate culture, etc. have so thoroughly replaced the Christian concepts of liberty and individual dominion; and the most basic morality of private property/thou shalt not steal, etc. that what we are seeing is essentially the return of the pagan t5radition of emperor worship, and the temple and state being as one- controlling everything from the value of money, to the regulation of trade, down to the smallest detail of life- and rather than seeing it for the oppression that it is and rebeling, instead, the people love to have it so- and defend it, and sacrifice their kids to it (Sending them to government schools, where they are indoctrinated with the state religion, and then go on to become servants of the state, as cops, soldiers, bureaucrats, or agents/employees of any one of the myriad ABC agencies or of the government-created corporations).

    And such has now been inculcated in the minds and traditions of the majority for several generations now- to the point where it seems natural and right…and anything which counters or opposes such is considered heretical and worthy of extermination; because shining the bacteria-killing light of liberty and truth on their AIDS-riddled system, is not seen as the liberation that it indeed is, but rather as an afront to their hallowed beliefs and traditions.

    Ever watch somebody who is watching a political speech? The politician is standing there, using vagueries, euphemisms, flowery platitudes, and emotional appeals to make 1000 different people think that he is saying exactly what they want to hear- while he appeals to emotionalism, rather than sense and logic [especially effective and prominent since women were given the vote- and more so now that males are being turned into neutered soy-boys]- and you’re standing there thinking “How can anyone fall for this garbage? He’s saying nothing concrete or specific!”- and then you look at the others who are watching, and they are absolutely enraptured and in love.

    • Nunzio,

      “Americans scream for more chains.”

      I think the chorus is more along the lines of slaves singing “increase the lash.”

      Because chains aren’t PC, and freedom (from things like thinking and driving) really isn’t slavery.

      And of course, war is peace. Or not.

      I’m only sure of one thing Nunzio, we are fucked.

  2. Thanks for this reminder, Eric! You are absolutely right- the message has been completely erased from the current consciousness/narrative.

  3. Basic wage is just a way to make everyone but the Master the new plantation ‘nigger’.No thanks,nobody should have that happen to them.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving all. Thanks for reminding me what this holiday is actually about. The pilgrim lesson in school, I believe it was something like, “it would have all worked out, if only everyone had done their part”.

  5. My new favorite is “There should be a basic income!” To which I reply – “Have you run the math yet, based on the government numbers for subsistence living and tax revenues?” “How can we not do this?” “Because we can’t afford it. Do the math.”

    ($2,486,351,162,790.70 in annual BI payments to bring everyone up to the poverty line, based on 2010 census numbers)

    I am not popular in these conversations.

  6. It sucks we have to repeat history all the time. It’s especially sad when you consider that a high percentage of today’s “historians” are openly communist to boot.

    They not only think its a great idea, but often openly advocate for it.

    • Work harder and harder so others don’t have to is the theme of the political process these days. Every day seems to bring some new scheme where “privileged” people like me.


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