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One of the new things the New Year just ushered in is a ban – in California – of the use of any heavy truck (or bus) made before 2010 on public roads in California. This includes out-of-state trucks attempting to deliver – or pick up for delivery – goods in California, which will mean higher costs for the rest of the country as much of what comes into the rest of the country comes through California first, after having arrived via sea at California ports.

So, what has just happened – it went into effect yesterday, January 1 – is that California’s bureaucrats, whom no one in the rest of the country voted for or over whom the rest of the country has any electoral control over – have just-like-that assured we’ll all be paying more for what Californians voted for.

“When we passed the regulations in 2008, it was to reduce community exposure of toxic air contaminants, it is 100% to protect public health,” said Gerald Berumen, one of the California bureaucrats whose reach extends nationally. 

The assertion made by Berumen is of a piece with most assertions made by his fellow government bureaucrats – such as those that asserted “masks work” and that Big Pharma’s drugs are “safe and effective.”

How much this is going to cost all of us is not easy to quantify but some idea can be conjured via extrapolating what it will cost truckers and trucking companies to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars each of perfectly sound machinery and “invest” in new – compliant-for-now machinery that will also be forced off the roads and onto the scrap pile by the next bureaucratic decree, the one that will disallow the sale or use of any rig that isn’t electric from operating on California’s roads.

That’s coming as certainly as nightfall, too. 

Meanwhile, heavy trucks that cost hundreds of thousands each have been decreed useless by decreeing them unlawful. Owners of these rigs – individual owners and trucking companies that own them – will be denied registration renewal and if that proves inadequate, an enforcement unit will be sent hither and yon to Hut! Hut! Hut! those who dare to defy the bureaucracy. The latter being peopled by wealthy bureaucrats such as Gerald Berumen – who can afford whatever costs his kind impose because they can force the people to pay them. In Berumen’s case, $132,922 or more than twice the average family income in the U.S. 

In addition to what it costs them to comply with Berumen’s decrees. 

There are an estimated 200,000 “non-compliant” heavy trucks and busses in the state, which amounts to about 10 percent of the commercial vehicles operating in the state. Throwing these away and replacing them with “compliant” trucks will cost tens of millions of dollars. But what’s money when it’s not you that’s having to pay it?

Of course, it is we, the peons who’ll be paying it, in the form of higher costs for everything that’s shipped out of CA. Given that 40 percent of the total of “containerized” goods  that enter the country arrives in California – the bulk of that coming from Chyna – you can imagine how much more we’ll soon by paying. 

Joe Rajkovacz, who is the unfortunate soul whose job it is to be Director of Government Affairs for the Western States Trucking Association, says that many individual truckers and trucking companies have “simply decided they’re not going to go out and spend $150,000 (the annual salary of a “staff engineer” at the California Air Resources Board) on a truck that could lead them to bankruptcy.” 

He warns of the effect this will have not only on the cost of things but also on the supply of things. Fewer trucks on the roads in California – and fewer trucks coming into California, from outside California – will inevitably mean fewer things coming out of California. The same basic thing that happened during the “pandemic” and just as artificially induced. 

But perhaps this will turn out to be a good thing – if it results in the rest of the country or even parts of it deciding the time has come to do their own thing. We all know what that means. It is a thing most prefer not to speak of openly but which has been percolating for decades; a thing that most would rather avoid – unless it is unavoidable. Just the same as it was once-upon-a-time, when – after years of trying to make it work – the men who founded what became the United States realized it was not possible to come to a reasonable understanding with unreasonable people.

It was a long time coming then, too.

But when the time finally came, nothing could prevent its coming. We are now very close to a similar time and may have already reached it. We may not even realize it until after it has started.

These people are are beyond unreasonable. They are insufferable. And there is just one remedy for that, which is to suffer them no longer.

. . .

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  1. Aren’t they still using the “glider” work-around?

    I.e. pulling powertrains from existing commercial trucks then installing in newer chassis?

  2. lithium battery powered large EV vehicles have a bad track record….

    Germany ordered 56 electric buses for 30 million. they are now sidelined taken off the road. their range was half of what was said and in the winter with heat on and going up all the hills their range was 30% of what was advertised. but the green agenda will go on cause they will not stop until they are taken out

    EV highway driving consumption
    The advertised range that many manufacturers brag about is the average or city driving figure. However, the highway range is much smaller, sometimes up to 50 percent less. But on the highway you need the range….lol…don’t go on the freeway…

    At WOT (going up hills or on the freeway), the range is 80% less, beware…..

    operating Li-ion batteries outside the safety zone (i.e. 20%–80%) state of charge, a loss in conductivity can be observed

    You can only use 60% of the advertised range (between the 20% and 80% charge, the useable range), in very cold weather subtract up to 50% more, so what is the real world range? 50% of 60%? = 30%…lol……exactly what germany got…..

    then this….lol…

    EV bus fire

    How do you extinguish electric vehicle battery fires?

    The answer is you can’t. A fine mist of water is sprayed on the fire to try to keep the temperature down until it finishes burning. It takes a few days until it is safe.

    Besides being highly flammable, lithium is the lightest metal, with an atomic number 3. Lithium is so light, it floats on water, so lithium will blaze away while sitting on top of water.

    Lithium melts at 180C / 356F, and burns at 2000C / 3632F – almost hot enough to melt steel, more than hot enough to destroy most composites and metals like aluminum.

    The fumes from a burning lithium fire are highly toxic, capable of causing death or long term dementia like brain injuries, so you need to keep members of the public at a safe distance. Fire fighters need to wear respirators if they approach the flame.

    Count on insurance rates going up with this nonsense…

    Thermal runaway is an uncontrolled reaction that can occur in lithium-ion batteries. Damage to the battery or a short-circuit can cause heat and pressure to build up in the battery. If this reaches a certain level it triggers chemical reactions that generate more heat and pressure, causing a positive-feedback loop.

    Thermal runaway can quickly spread from one battery to the next, leading to catastrophic explosions and fire. By-products of thermal runaway may include large amounts of flammable hydrogen and other toxic fluoroorganic gases.

  3. Each EV will use multiple batteries……

    Remember that to get the same level of longevity that petrol and diesel cars an EV will go through three battery packs which is hell of a large carbon footprint, and very expensive the tesla battery is $22,000, it costs you $22.00 per 100 miles just for the battery.
    3 batteries = $66,000, this makes ice cars look very, very cheap to own/run….haha
    now you know why very few of the taxis are EV’s, charging times, higher fuel costs and very expensive battery replacement, hybrids or diesels are far better.

    NOTE: tesla battery lasts 100,000 miles and costs $22,000 ( someone said there is also a $4500 recycling fee….haha) $4500 recycling fee…lots will probably get thrown in the bush…

    EV vans are worse as they will burn through five or six battery power packs to last as long as the existing ice vans. 5 times $22,000 = $110,000 very very expensive, makes zero sense….lol

    Re: EV semi trucks
    There is zero EV heavy duty semi trucks. Why? charging times, these trucks quite often run 24/7, worse fuel economy, with batteries it would drop 50%, very high battery replacement costs, NOTE: these trucks easily go one million miles with ice diesel engines.

    NOTE: EV vans are worse as they will burn through five or six battery power packs to last as long as the existing ice vans.
    So in one million miles the semi truck would need 10 to 20 battery replacements, these trucks weigh 5 times as much as a tesla car much so if the battery cost 5 times as much it would = $110,000 per battery replacement.
    10 to 20 battery replacements too for EV buses probably too….

    The only thing that works in these big heavy trucks is ice diesel engines, that will not change.

    There is zero EV heavy duty semi trucks, because these buyers aren’t stupid, they can do the math/research, they know about the EV bad fuel economy, very expensive cost to replace batteries, long charging times, fire risks, huge purchase prices, very short lifespan compared to a one million mile diesel…..only the general public is stupid enough to buy an EV.

  4. California failed to come up with a curtailment plan for the Colorado river basin 100 year drought. No idea if they even tried. Better to let it get to crisis levels and panic all the voters behind stupid ideas like castrating the transporation system. Those stories about dead mobsters emerging from Lake Mead sure were fun, and made sure “informed voters” knew that the west was drying out.

    Meanwhile the current snowpack looks to be well above 100% for this date, so maybe we’ll have a normal year. But the story will be presented as we dodged a bullet, not that climate is cyclical.

  5. Eric, there is a second thumb screw regarding trucks in California. The state has passed a law mandating the phase out of diesel trucks, in favor of EV trucks ( The deadline is 2040, however, bigger fleet operators have a much earlier target, and also, some amount of their trucks must be EV’s within a couple of years.

    Trucks are expensive things. Who is going to buy a diesel truck knowing that it’s lifetime in the state is, at best, until 2040? It’s madness. EV trucks don’t exist, diesels are being made uneconomical. I guess that our future is horse drawn buggies, providing there’s some way to shove a catalytic converter up the horse’s rear to clean up the emissions.

    • Hi, OL,
      Just for the record, the “mandate” is for “zero (tailpipe) emissions,” not electric power.
      I surmise that by 2040, if not before, hydrogen fuel cells will become economically viable, particularly for large vehicles, even absent a proclamation from the Ayatollah of Yahgottarolleh.*

      Already, in So Cal, we have 3 transit agencies operating fleets of buses on H2, and there is ongoing research in both public and private sectors to reduce the cost of H2.

      Personally, I cannot see electric powered heavy trucks as a viable option, due to the usual reasons familiar to most folks who read this site. (How many *tons* of batteries, per truck, did you say? What size copper cables, and how many hours to charge? With electricity from where? Effective range per charge? etc.)
      *famously titled, “My weh, or off the High weh.

      • Adi, I didn’t even consider H2, because H2 is a net-loss in terms of energy. Yes, you get zero emissions in the truck, however, the production of the H2 is worse in terms of energy efficiency than burning fuel.

        H2 comes from cracking from natural gas (which takes lots of energy), then enormous amounts of energy are used to pressurize it to 10,000-ish PSI. No matter how you store it, it seeps through its containment vessel at some rate.

        So, yah, you get zero emissions trucks, at the cost of more emissions elsewhere, though these won’t be sooty diesel emissions.

        • Hi,. OL,
          There are many ways of producing H2. Steam reforming of methane is only one of those.
          As I stated, there is active research, both governmental and private industry, into more efficient means of producing H2.

          I do not have figures on energy balance of compressing H2. If you do, why don’t you provide them? Really, I (and maybe some othe4r here as well) would like to know.

          >it seeps through its containment vessel at some rate.
          Do you have a reference? “Some rate” is extremely vague. What are the numbers? To measure is to know.

          We do know, from Eric’s research, that EV batteries bleed charge at a significant rate. My understanding is that onboard H2 tanks in motor vehicles are made of composites, because they are lighter than steel, for the same strength. I do not know typical wall thicknesses. If H2 diffuses through the composite, it should be possible to find out. Do you have some numbers? If so, please provide them (i.e., cite an actual technical reference or two). It would be interesting to compare the “energy leak rate” of an EV battery and and a composite H2 storage tank.

          The main point I wish to make is that, at least in my opinion, the “winner” in the long term sweepstakes for cleanest, most efficient propulsion system for motor vehicles has not yet been determined. It may turn out to be one of several existing technologies, may be something which has not yet been invented. Time will tell….and for that reason it is a huge mistake to attempt to force the adoption of a specific technology which may well turn out to be the wrong one in the long run. (I am pretty sure I am preaching to the choir, by saying that on this site).

          An all electric Tesla may be a great VSD (Virtue Signaling Device) for some rich f*er who lives in Malibu, where it doesn’t get cold, and he/she can delude himself there is no pollution caused by his auto because the pollution from the coal fired power plant which produces the electricity happens hundreds of miles away.

          In his mind, there are no line losses, of course, because Watermelon Man believes that the Holy Fluid which powers his auto magically seeps out of the walls of his clowndominium at night, for free. And, there is no energy use penalty for lugging around half a ton of lithium fireworks to store the Holy Fluid, because the ideas of that strange Englishman who invented a type of fig cookie, and dabbled in something he called the “Method of Fluxions” (who ever heard of that nonsense, anyway?) were just too weird to possibly be true.


  6. Government parasite Berumen earns whopping wheel barrows of golden shekels for his green shilling:

    Gerald B Berumen (2020)
    Air Resources Supervisor
    State of California

    Gerald does nothing productive in transportation, he is not protecting the air, he is a shill in a power pyramid and getting paid handsomely for parroting the official narrative.

    Berumen produces nothing but chaos, he does nothing for the productivity of the state, he is destroying efficiency based on myths, myths that carbon particulates from trucks are harmful, when in fact the amount of carbon particulates from frequent wildfires is millions of times higher.

    California has gone full Satanic evil, they have legalized human composting, and selling it as fertilizer. New York followed this week. They call this “book ends” when CA and NY pass laws which eventually leads to all fifty states.

    FauxNews “New York has become the sixth state in the United States to legalize natural organic reduction, popularly known as human composting, as a method of burial.”

    No gravestone, no cemetary plot for you slave, and in fact no one will remember you when they push the computer key “ERASE” and the digital you disappears down the memory hole. You will have lived and died, and they will erase you completely, and the last memory of you is when some prisoner in the gulag is having a hotdog made from soylent and complains about the funny taste and smell. “Man, that hotdog smells like Bob”.

    Now why do you think they are suddenly pushing composting granny laws right away the vaxx death jab? And if you talk about this as a conspiracy, well Bob, you are a dirty anti-semite holocaust denier. How soon until cemetary plots and coffins are declared a threat to the environment?

    Soon, you will own nothing, die some horrible death in misery, and never be remembered. That is the Demoncrap master plan to save the earth.

  7. these cocksuckers might want to check how Rumanian leader k cashed it out back in the early 90s trial,verdict ……firing squad

  8. I am all for states’ rights and so on, but nonetheless there are some legitimate federal powers in Article I of the Constitution and regulation of “interstate commerce” is one of them. And, while I disagree with the precedents, the feds have for the past eight decades applied the power over “interstate commerce” to wholly “INTRAstate commerce” for things like guns, narcotics, and farm crops if they are deemed to have an “effect” on interstate commerce.

    And trucking surely does have an effect.

    This should be a slam-dunk no-brainer to get overturned in the courts, because we are talking about COMMERCIAL vehicles here, that are registered with the federal DOT. Trucking falls under the regulation of the DOT and the ICC. Trucks operate on federal interstate highways. CDLs are now more or less federal trucking licenses even though states still issue them.

    If a truck met federal regulations when it was built and continues to pass safety inspections, no state should be able to summarily ban it.

    If course, the problem is that the feds generally WANT to force all of us to get rid of our old vehicles and force us into EVs, so despite their obvious power to quash the California regulation, they won’t. Certainly not under Transportation Secretary Pete Butt-gay-gay.

    • X,
      Yes, when they started regulating anything with an effect on interstate commerce, they usurped regulation of all commerce, since there is NOTHING that doesn’t have such effect. Including how many sheets of toilet paper you use per wipe. Wickard v Filburn was the SOTUS decision that granted that usurpation, if I’m not mistaken. Hard to get SCOTUS to decide against themselves, after so many decades.

  9. “There are an estimated 200,000 “non-compliant” heavy trucks and busses in the state… …Replacing them with “compliant” trucks will cost tens of millions of dollars.”

    More like $30 Billion, if each truck costs $150,000.

    Separation looks better and better, even if it’s just California that would fracture into 2 or more states that more effectively represent their local populations.

    Or I’m good with the Lex Luther plan, which ever is easier.

    • Watch: Electric Bus In Paris Spontaneously Explodes

      First responders in many parts of the world aren’t adequately prepared nor trained to handle lithium battery fires amid the proliferation of EVs on streets and highways.

      This happens when buses get 5 or 6 years old and after repeated fast charges of the lithium battery pack – this causes the battery’s interconnects to overheat and then short out. So far 149 Paris BlueBus have been taken off line and the bus system transport system has almost collapse. Same reason the US Post Office did not buy thousands of electric cars.

      It takes +20 tons of water to extinguish a Tesla vehicle battery fire. A combustion engine needs, on average, 3 tons of water to extinguish. Not so ESG-friendly are EVs?

      It should be mandatory for EV vehicles to have mechanical door latches to facilitate an easy bail out in case of fire. I don’t believe Teslas have this. People have been burned alive. Nobody talks about this.

      Congratulations to all nerds that bought an “electric car” with li-ion batteries to save the planet.
      Soon to they’ll be forbidden and only allowed the ones with batteries that are certified not to enter into thermal runnaway/explode: LTO, Lipefo4…

  10. The Interstate Commerce Clause probably can find California in violation of the act.

    “The Dormant Commerce Clause refers to the prohibition, implicit in the Commerce Clause, against states passing legislation that discriminates against or excessively burdens interstate commerce. Of particular importance is the prevention of protectionist state policies that favor state citizens or businesses at the expense of non-citizens conducting business within that state.”

    IOW, California commits interstate commerce crimes.

    California wants to export tyranny.

    • I don’t see the Biden regime doing anything to enforce that ICC rule. But for certain California is in violation. No state has the right to deny entry to a vehicle registered in another state, even if its rules are less strict.

      And I hope nobody “invests” in a new truck to comply. Just don’t serve California, even if you have trucks that are new enough. Just don’t. I am guessing with it’s high costs already, giving up California business may not be as bad as you think. You are probably making less money already. Sometimes its best to let very low or no profit business go. I know some hate losing business so much they keep clients that they need to fire. To all my truck driver friends, fire California.

      Guessing their rules probably prohibit California only surcharges too, as they want to exports the costs of their rules in that way too. In my opinion high cost areas like most urban areas should pay more. Truckers are more likely to have modern docks, less traffic congestion, less crime, lower fuel costs serving suburban and rural areas, so those clients should pay less.

      At least the Panama canal has been enlarged and many ships from Asia are already bypassing California ports already. Most southern US ports have increased capacity so they should be the ports of call.

      • If the auto makers had fired California back in the 60’s and 70’s, we’d all, including the automakers, be much better off.

  11. “When we passed the regulations in 2008, it was to reduce community exposure of toxic air contaminants, it is 100% to protect public health,”
    Gee, I thought eating was an integral part of public health. I guess I was wrong.

  12. It seems as if a challenge to the SCOTUS by other states who have standing (and much to lose) based upon violation of the interstate commerce clause and restraint of trade should be filed to declare the law unconstitutional.

  13. Hmm- I believe Mexico has good Pacific ports, and there are really nice highways through Mexico into Arizona, Texas, New Mexico. Perhaps someone will sense a business opportunity? The distance isn’t all that great, and an enterpreneur could avoid the longshoremen/union and the Communist/organized crime California government.

    How much incentive does there have to be before this happens?

    • Failing that…
      Hello, Port of Houston.
      Just be sure your container ship fits through the Panama Canal.
      Speaking of which, I recall reading there may be Chinese interest in building a new, wider canal somewhere through Central America

      • Nicaragua was seriously considered, before Panama.

        Might be worth looking into wherever the alternative site was supposed to have been, and it’s feasibility.

    • I think that is a thing already. Mexico has some good ports and lower costs.

      Also with the Panama canal expansion, many shippers are bypassing California for ports in the southern US in the gulf of Mexico.

    • This would probably work if Sinaloa would properly resurface the D15 Autopista and the Boarder Crossing would be streamlined.

  14. The regulation clause in the constitution is exactly meant for situations like this. Regulation meaning in the 18th century was “to make regular” and not the bowel movement type. However, with a regime in place that likes dictates it will proceed. The short-term outcome will be Ca truckers hauling to the state line and then others taking it from there. Which means more costs we all pay. I hope truckers have a National Day of Strike to protest.

  15. When the F is that wretched state just going to fall into the ocean?! ….And that there are millions of people who would stay there and tolerate all of their BS, and fuind it!

    • N, it is a beautiful state with tremendous natural resources and used to be majority conservative. The problem is the communist political machine- when the end justifies the means, it is pretty easy to maintain power.

      A much more aesthetically pleasing solution would be serious federal probes of the corruption and serious use of the RICO act to take California back from the communists. Good luck with that, however.

      • Only about 15 miles inland from the coast would need to fall in for the nastiness to be overcome and the ability to use those many natural resources to be restored.

  16. My childhood best friend built a trucking company with his own two hands. He liquidated everything recently. Specifically he blames the dementia joe economy with its high diesel prices, parts shortages, unwillingness of people to work, and high taxes.

    OT: Alabama is officially constitutional carry as of yesterday. Good thing too.

  17. Cali will use their deep water ports like Long Beach to hold the country hostage. Much is shipped to Cali, however if the Truckers all just say “No” and refuse to work in Cali then it will only be a matter of time. The Gulf and East Coast ports should up their capacity if possible.

  18. Very good, Eric. And I hope “the time has come.” I also hope I’m wrong in saying the time has not come, yet, as my seismic sensors detect no significant rumbling in the fluoridated, medicated, tv-addicted population.

    Meanwhile, I mention for the second and last time that I made a video as a Yule gift to all here in the community of It’s about 30 minutes of talking about the end game, what kind of government to have, how to ensure generation after generation that only our best obtain leadership positions, and I visit 1933-45 to help our men realize that the same liars “group” (Kissinger, FDR, Bernanki, Fauci, et al) selling “greenhouse effect” and climate change and “safe” poison jabs also told us what to believe about WW2.

    This time, I’ll link the video on the WorldTruthVideos platform, to help introduce people to that admirable website.

    Discussion is invited there and on my own website.

    • I think it should be obvious by now that the best government is no government. Yeah, I know…. anarchy! ( the governments definition! )

      Look around. Wars, wars and more wars. The destruction of money and tax theft. Tax on taxes, permits, licenses, Debasement, Boondoggles galore with no appreciation of where the money came from to fund them… usually from the printing press. More people died from murder inc, (government) than all wars combined. Pandemics under the guise of a fake viruses. Kill shots disguised as vaccines, Murder centers disguised as hospitals. Tyranny disguised as democracy. ad nauseum…

      Sure is a good thing we have governments to prevent all this. (not!)

      Personally I’d risk a peoples anarchy over government treachery any day.

      • I sympathize. But just for starters, if there’s no government, the most ruthless, rich, well-armed bully in your area will be your RULER. All roads will be toll roads with a toll booth every mile or so. That’s just for starters. In my video, I make it clear, I think, how to avoid hellish government. A persuasive collection of knowledge (not opinions, not beliefs) would be too long for comments, which is why I made the video.

        • JLaffrey,
          Excuse me, but is that not exactly what we have with government? Each and every one is founded on its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. They cannot function without that authority. In other words, governments are socio/psychopathic.
          If some local bully were to try such a thing, they could easily be disposed of. Not so much with a ubiquitous omnipotent central government. Thanks a lot A. Lincoln.

          • OK, you’re excused, Mr. Kable. You wrote seven sentences. Five of them are obviously wrong. I’ll check back once more tomorrow in the hope for an indication that you actually watched my video. For fun, let me say that if you and I and Eric and a few others here established a government, it wouldn’t be any of those things you’ve stated. A historical note: From 1776 to 1787, the U.S. government, truly a “federal” government — with states retaining their sovereignty — worked pretty well. In 1787, cabal members George Washington, James Madison Jr., and Alexander Hamilton contrived a meeting supposedly only to “enhance” the Articles of Confederation. Congress granted that request, stating that the meeting’s purpose was to enhance, to improve the Articles of Confederation. The meeting, led by those three and their cohorts, was made secret from the public, and they brought an already written “constitution” to it. And that’s what I call the CONstitution. Patrick Henry and other true White Founding Fathers were opposed to it. But the cabal of liars called themselves the “federalists” when in fact they were for a supreme central government. And the liars duped the public and foisted their omnipotent central government on the country, 1789. Please note that the signers of the CON are a different group from those who signed the Declaration of Independence.

            I agree with your implied negative view of Lincoln. He sent troops to kill fellow Americans who only wanted to peacefully secede from the voluntary union. Lincoln made BLOODY obvious what was already in the CON’s text in the “supremacy clause.”

            My article on the CON:

            • JLaffrey,
              I did not watch your video. I’m rather severely hearing impaired, not quite deaf, so I don’t watch many.
              The only error in my comment I see is “If some local bully were to try such a thing, they could easily be disposed of.” Perhaps not easily, but at least possibly.
              The very fact that the Articles of Confederation were so easily overthrown is a perfect demonstration of the futility of depending on any such document. The only one of the Bill of Rights not currently being trounced upon is the third. I think. As far as I know, troops are not being quartered in private homes.
              Please point out the other four errors. And your source of refutation. I truly enjoy learning from my mistakes.

              • Hi, Mr. Kable. Actually, you could watch and READ my video because I display my text, my script, in the video.

                The four sentences, each with a reply, are below, though in brevity probably not persuasive to you:
                “Excuse me, but is that not exactly what we have with government?” The question implies “government” as a ruthless murderous bully in all countries and in all history, which is not true. Some were good. Some monarchies were good. Russia under certain czars was good. In the U.S., some early state governments were good for a while. Specifics would take too much space.
                “Each and every one is founded on its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey.” I gently say that you don’t know each and every government, even among just our White people, in history (nor do I). An example: Norse governments, such as of Vikings, would banish wrongdoers, not kill.
                “They cannot function without that authority.” In all-White populations, they could and some did function without that authority. In multiracial populations, though, that authority seems to be necessary.
                “In other words, governments are socio/psychopathic.” I already gave examples to prove the all-inclusive statement not true. Again, would a local government formed by the best of us on EricPetersAutos automatically be socio/psychopathic? Of course not.

                I must stop myself here, as the comment is already plenty long. I can only hope you’ll READ my video and read my article on The CON, which is linked above.

                Oh, “sources.” My source is my self-educated brain, and the best of my published sources are listed on my website on the CREDENTIALS Page and the BOOKS+ page.

                I am done with this comment thread. You will have the last word, if you choose to exercise it. Thank you, sir.

                • JLaffrey,
                  Good to know. Now I can quit paying taxes and ignore laws and regulations. Since they won’t kill me for disobeying. Tell me, how did those Vikings banish those who would not comply? There can be no government without the threat of death, because any who choose not to acknowledge it, would simply skate. Enforcers will come, and if you successfully resist, for so much as a parking ticket, they will kill you. As it ever has been, so shall it ever be. “would a local government formed by the best of us on EricPetersAutos automatically be socio/psychopathic? Of course not.” But it would in a relatively short time, or they would no longer be “governing”. For that matter, we would never be ALLOWED to govern, because we wouldn’t govern. Too govern, is to control, with a threat of violence, since there is no other way to control, and we are not into that. At least I’m not. I would agree, there have been “good” governments, usually a monarchy withy a benevolent monarch, but they never last long. A psychopath will soon grasp the reigns. Any government will work, as long as its voluntary. Including socialism. If I can’t simply walk away from it, it’s not good.

                  • Things are hurtling down the drain of tyranny in Canada where the government passed Bill C36 in British Columbia.

                    Disagreeing with the government’s medical procedures will be deemed a sign of mental illness and the government can “act accordingly.”

                    so….coming soon……disagreeing with anything the government says will be deemed a sign of mental illness and the government can “act accordingly.”…. you will get maid?

                    This bill “redefines” what informed consent is and provides power to the government to force medicate citizens for any illness while allowing the censorship of anyone that dissents, and, get this — NOTE: to seize their property and imprison them.

                    The DSM is the American Psychiatric Association’s standard reference for psychiatry, which includes over 450 different definitions of mental disorders….and drugs/cures for each one.
                    so injection hesitant will be number 451?…The DSM also lists the cure…for #451…MAID?

                    these leftist/communist G7 countries are all copies of the the ccp….in china if you didn’t like communism you were classified as insane and drugged, reprogrammed or an organ donor….

                    Canada, a country that prides itself on its open-mindedness and tolerance, has the most permissive rules on euthanasia in the world – and the results have been frankly terrifying.

                    Last year, more than 10,000 people in Canada – astonishingly that’s over three percent of all deaths there – ended their lives via euthanasia, an increase of a third on the previous year. And it’s likely to keep rising: next year, Canada is set to allow people to die exclusively for mental health reasons.

                    For reference, Canada has killed more people with “assisted suicides” than the bat germ killed.

                    The article goes on to tell the story of Canadian army veteran and Paralympian Christine Gauthier.

                    Only last week, a jaw-dropping story emerged of how, five years into an infuriating battle to obtain a stairlift for her home, Canadian army veteran and Paralympian Christine Gauthier was offered an extraordinary alternative.

                    A Canadian official told her in 2019 that if her life was so difficult and she so ‘desperate’, the government would help her to kill herself. ‘I have a letter saying that if you’re so desperate, madam, we can offer you MAiD, medical assistance in dying,’ the paraplegic ex-army corporal testified to Canadian MPs.


      • There is a town in Mexico that went that route, they got rid of all government employees, no mayor, no police, no government….they just formed committees and handled their own problems, fixing roads, policing, crime, courts, etc., it worked very well, no more crime, no tax dollars being stolen by government officials…liker a paradise…..

        • They have convinced people that government is needed, which is a lie….probably a lie pushed by tyrants…like Jordan Peterson says…if there is a source of power you have to take control of it…if you don’t some tyrant will, that is exactly where we are today….tyrants have grabbed all sources of power and control it…..guns, police, courts, the army, printing money (borrowing money in the taxpayer’s name)….that is a big one…it gives them unlimited money to advance their agenda…, legislation, taxation and…..a very important one…the medical system,

          The wef controls everything now….they just bribe politicians to sign all the legislation they send them…they actually run the country now….

          The who controls the medical system in the G7 and many other corrupt countries, they signed off with the who giving them complete control of all medical mandates….but who runs the who?….china and the UN….which is run by the criminal/communist/marxist tedros….

          • The who controls the medical system in the G7 and many other corrupt countries, they signed off with the who giving them complete control of all medical mandates…

            but….some countries wouldn’t comply…..

            nicaragua booted out the kill shot pushers on day one…deported…

            note: nicaragua did great with no lockdowns or masks, no injections, no mandates, no deaths or cases, nothing, complete rejection of the whole wef/who/cdc bat germ narrative, a paradise for 2 1/2 years…lol…….so the leader didn’t get his $1 billion bribe like all the G7 leaders…..

            Turkmenistan……in 2020 someone commented that if you said “covid” there you would be arrested….lol….they wanted no part in the covidian hoax bs narrative….


            Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in 2020 via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: he refused it, he has more ethics than these other leaders.

  19. Say what you will about Elon Musk he is not stupid….and can sense an opportunity (scam to be exploited) miles away. He recently made the big announcement of his Electric Semi Truck with a range of 500 miles which might be possible in mostly flat Southern California….you ask….what about cooling the cab….won’t that effect range? I will bet they will have a “magic” propane fueled cab/battery cooling system. It also just so happens that the distance from Yuma to San Diego or Los Angeles is 225 and 270 miles respectively. So here is the plan….Electric Semis Move the freight to Yuma from the ports and the trailers are then hitched to a conventional Diesel Rig for movement east or north….kind of Brilliant in a Devious Way.

    • >Electric Semis Move the freight to Yuma from the ports
      Have you ever heard of railroads?
      BNSF runs E-W within horn sound of my doorstep.
      Nearly all the freight is container freight.
      Across the valley is the UP, running through their Colton yards.

      Nearly everything transported by truck out of Port of LA & Long Beach is likely headed for local warehouses, which are huge, and encompass Western U.S. distribution centers for many Asian companies, such as, e.g., Toyota.

      I predict that what very likely will happen is that many independent trucking owner/operators will be driven out of business, because they will be unable to afford all new rigs. This comes on top of “regulations” designed to destroy these independent businesses by decreeing them to be “employees”.

      Fuck Gavin Newscum and all his known, and unknown, associates.
      IMO, they are evil.

      BTW, I can scarcely wait for the fatwah which decrees that container ships must proceed the final 200 miles into Port of Long Beach on battery power. The towed “battery barges” will be something to behold…

      • buffett got the pipeline projects shut down….giving more business to his railroads… he behind the truck elimination….

  20. I hope all the truckers tell Commifornia to get stuffed and refuse drive anywhere within the state. Let’s see how long they can hold out when deliveries to the grocery stores and gas stations stop. Reminds me of an expression I heard a lot as a kid – “you made your bed, now sleep in it”.

  21. It seems that whatever insane law or decree California makes tends to spread to other states such as my home state of Oregon. About a month or so after California decreed a ban on the sale of new gas powered vehicles by 2035, an unelected bureaucrat at Oregon’s “Department of Environmental Quality” made a similar decree. I wouldn’t be surprised if that bureaucrat is an appointee of Oregon’s Ex Queen Kate Brown, who has all but destroyed Oregon during her 8 years as Governor, and her replacement, Tina Kotek, will likely finish off what’s left of an otherwise beautiful state.

    And people here at EP Autos may also know about a horrendous bill that California governor Gavin Newsom signed into law which punishes doctors who speak out against “Government/ health agency approved narratives” on COVID and the “vaccines”, even though virtually all the narratives that we’ve been subjected to have ended up being WRONG, or to use the government’s term, “mis/ disinformation”. Such a law could also spread to other states with authoritarian governors and legislators who wish to clamp down on free speech. They wanted to pass other insane COVID related bills but public pushback resulted in some of them being pulled from consideration. And with the one aforementioned law, what’s to stop California from expanding it to other health issues or government approved narratives that they don’t want challenged? They may one day seek to PUNISH those who speak out against the dictates of King Newsom or even the government approved narratives on “climate change”.

    • Hi John,
      To quote Seinfeld, “who ARE these people?” Since it didn’t fly at the federal level Commifornia wants to set up its own Ministry of Truth; I keep hoping the Supremes will step in and finally put an end to this unconstitutional garbage but I guess they’re on board too.

      • Mike,

        I’m not aware of anyone who went to the Supreme Court to challenge that horrendous law. California wanted to pass other insane bills as well, including one that would have effectively required ALL private sector employees in the state to be “vaccinated against the dreaded ‘Rona”, one that would have allowed children as young as 12 to be vaccinated (including COVID jabs IIRC) without their parents’ knowledge or consent, one that would have effectively defunded local police departments that don’t enforce (nonsensical) edicts from local health departments, etc., but pushback from CA residents resulted in those draconian bills being pulled from consideration in the CA Legislature.

        What does one want to bet that King Newsom will run for President in 2024?

  22. Is it possible for secession to be incremental and economic in nature? Interesting times we live in. I know California thinks it is the tip of the spear for globohomo’s green utopia. That may have been true in the past and even the present. Wait until they can’t get groceries and the poop won’t flush when you push the lever or the lights don’t come on when you flip the switch. Large groups of people will accept this incremental slide back to pre industrial revolution living standards, many will not. I
    mean hey, $30.00 for a gallon of milk is a small price to pay for our air being .000002% cleaner than last year! How long before metro dwelling Californians flock to Mexico to escape a collapsed and failed state so they can ruin IT too?

    • SSB, do you really think Mexico will allow them in? I guarantee you the federales will have special ways of discouraging that migration.

      Mexico is a very cool place- fairly solid culture, corruption at every level, but everyone knows it and works around the system. If you can pay off a few folks and end up more free than here, what’s not to like? The only real deal breaker for me is how hard it is for an honest man to openly own weapons.

      • Mexico is no more corrupt than the US. It’s just the US has legalized it. I feel much more free in Mexico and the prices are better.

        • I agree Doug- in my experience Mexico is LESS corrupt than the USA. Giving a little Morditas to the locals is actually more honest than the evil machine in the USA

  23. I guess food & fuel shortages aren’t a “health concern” for Commiefornia either. The fact that such a dump has this kind of backlash is beyond me. I have no intention of dropping dead along with the sheeple, and there are plenty of them here in VA, too.

    • gtc,
      It’s all coming undone, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it, except absolute tyranny. Which seldom survives for long, being totally absent any productivity. Even tyrants have to eat.

      • Unfortunately they can keep it going for a VERY long time with gulag slave labor and debt peonage for those not in the gulag yet.


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