Netflix and . . . GM?

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Try to imagine the famous chase scenes in Bullitt or the French Connection running silent. Burt Reynolds quietly backing up the black and gold “Bandit” Trans-Am out of the semi, without the sound of the 6.6 liter Pontiac V8 accompanying. Not hearing the tire-chirping first-to-second gear change after he picks up Sally Field, either. 

Well, if you can’t, don’t worry. You’ll soon be seeing it. 

If you’re watching it.

GM – which is no longer an American car company but rather a “global company focused on advancing an all-electric future that is inclusive and accessible to all” – has partnered with another purveyor of Wokeness, Netflix, to “give electric vehicles (EVs) the stage they deserve, reflecting society’s increasing excitement about an all-electric future.” 

Italics added.

To borrow an old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto, who find themselves surrounded by Indians, with the Lone Ranger asking Tonto, What do we do now? and Tonto replying, What you mean ‘we,’ white man? – who is this “society” GM-Netlfix speaks of? And what “excitement”?

Once upon a time, Pontiac built that – but never mind.

The idea, apparently, is an old one. By making cars the stars of movies – and TV series – you sell more cars. It worked spectacularly for Pontiac, which sold hundreds of thousands of Trans-Ams after one starred in Smokey & the Bandit, many of them decked out in the same black and gold livery of the ’77 Trans-Am Burt drove in the movie. But it worked because that black-and-gold ’77 Trans-Am was exciting. Something an EV is like a bologna sandwich is.

Less so, actually, because at least the sandwich leaves you feeling satisfied after you eat it. And you don’t have to wait hours before it’s ready to eat, either.

Never mind.

GM really wants to sell EVs – no matter how little “society” wants them. It’s “intent” is to “lead an all-electric future, and invite others to join the movement.”

Italics added, again.

It is a classic example of putting the cart ahead of the horse and yelling, giddyap!

Netflix will be “joining the movement,” which sure sounds like a political one. And that’s just what it is, in Netflix’ own words. This company no longer primarily makes and distributes entertainment, it makes statements. It “will increase the presence of EVs in Netflix-produced shows and films, where relevant, while also taking steps to enable more sustainable productions.

Italics added.

Just like GM.

Building cars that people want to buy – and making shows that people want to watch – are, for GM and Netflix, unlovely matters one must do, like going to the bathroom, for the sake of being able to do the things one wants to do, such as “enable more sustainable productions” and “advancing” a future that is “inclusive and accessible to all.”

Well, to all who can afford to spend $100,000-plus on an electric Hummer or Lyriq. Of course these electric vehicles are exclusive – but never mind that. Just as everyone was a “comrade” in the old Soviet Union – but some comrades lived much better than others.

Being able to live off all of the others.

This column pointed out the other day just how not-inclusive GM’s “Everybody’s In” electric future actually is, by pointing out that only about 857 people have bought a $100,000-plus electric Hummer so far while Ford has sold 100,000 non-electric Broncos so far.

But don’t worry! A $45,000 electric Blazer will be available this summer.

It’s worth a glance in the rearview now.

Back in the summer of ’77, one could buy a brand-new V8 Trans-Am for $5,456.  That comes to about $27k today. It is a big part of the reason why some 53,174 people bought a new Trans-Am (and about the same number of Firebirds) that year, as opposed to 857 electric Hummers last year. Seeing Burt jump his Trans-Am in the movie no doubt helped get people – what’s the word? – excited about buying a new Trans-Am. But the Trans-Am was exciting.

GM might consider why it was exciting.

It was not because the car was in good standing with the Safety Cult, which was at the time a minor aberration, like the People’s Temple of Jim Jones fame. It was precisely because it mocked the Safety Cult and all related sects of limp dick geekery that people loved the movie and the car. Smokey & the Bandit was a ten-stories-tall middle finger to all of that – and that is why it was the biggest hit of 1977.

Everything GM and the rest of the “Everybody’s In” crowd are doing now is the antitheses of that. Does anyone not see the limp-dick pathetic-passivity of Will Ferrell shilling for EeeeeVeeeees among a horde of  . . . zombies?

The walking dead is sitting in the car.

If Burt tried to (silently, no tire-chirps) escape justice in an electric Blazer, Sheriff Justice could simply flick the kill switch and the chase would end before it began. Car chases and get-aways are non-starters in electric cars. They have “ludicrous speed” that’s under the control of someone else and their use (at any speed) is conditional on their approval.

So, unlike the way it was back in the summer of ’77, what you’ll be watching on Netflix is a kind of silent-film iteration of what was and can never be again, in an “electrified” tomorrow.

“Entertainment has a huge impact on culture. We want to make EVs famous on streaming, small and silver screens to build an EV culture through storytelling that incorporates the experiences of driving and owning an EV,” says GM Global Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl. 

Naturally, you will see – but not hear – EeeeeeVeeees in shows such as Love is Blind and Queer Eye

Are you “in”?

. . .

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  1. Past couple days, somebody at work has been parking a 2023 Corvette. Not sure which model but it has 4 tail pipes and looks like a Lambo or whatever. Pretty cool. There’s many things I’d rather do with that much money but I can’t say I hate it. Last of it’s kind (ICE).

    Which reminds me. I might be bidding on a 2016 GLE 53 AMG-S today. If I win that, that means that I’ll be canceling my order for the 2023 GV-70. How can I resist? It’s AMG. It has a 5.5L bi-turbo V8 with 577HP. Massaging front seats… the works! And, did I mention, it’s AMG!

    It probably will go quickly out of my price range but I ain’t letting anyone get luck with that bad boy! If anyone is getting lucky, it’s gonna be me today!


    • Hi XM,

      Good luck on the AMG Benz!

      On the Corvette: For me, the fact that it does look like a Lambo is off-putting. But the automatic-only totally ruins it for me. This is supposed to be a sports car, after all. And an automatic sports car is like a “trans” woman. In that it ain’t.

      • Well, the auction went $8.5K beyond my limit and was still “reserve not met”. I think I was delusional about getting lucky on that bad boy. I need to either come to terms with paying more (doubtful) or adjust my sights down to a GLE 43 AMG (V6) or perhaps an older model ML63 AMG.

        Like I told my wife, I’ll be delighted to have a brand new GV-70. That certainly won’t be settling but for some reason, I just can’t shake the spell of the AMG.

        Maybe if I owned one for a while the service would cure me of that particular ailment!

  2. I really don’t watch any TV, not even “streaming” services anymore. I mean, TBH, once in a while the wife pulls me over to watch something on Amazon and *maybe* Netflix. But really she watches the British/Aussie shows on Acorn (via Amazon) mostly.

    After reading this article, I’m asking her if she still watches Netflix. Because I’ve had enough of their limp-dick woke faggotry. Even from a distance. It doesn’t cost much in dollars but the price is legitimizing that putrid brain-damaged ideology.

    Hey BTW, I’m reading that the woke climate doom fuckers are gonna be making that bologna sandwich out of cancel cells soon. The original will be hella sexy in comparison.

    Better get your fill of packaged food, take out, restaurant, etc, because they’re about to sneak it into ALL of that shit just like Netflix with the EVs.

    • Yay! Wife doesn’t want Netflix! I’ll be canceling it. Fuck those limp dick, gender confused, wamen with man-made vaginas and the rest of the gaggle of shit that runs it.

      • Hi XM,

        We also threw Netflix in the Woods. The only streaming service we pay for is Paramount, which as the old Star Trek shows as well as some not-bad new shows, such as 1923.

    • XM, that’s one reason I could never get married! Probably impossible to find a babe who doesn’t watch TV, and I couldn’t countenance anyone who did, nor tolerate one being played in my home.

  3. “We want to make EVs famous on streaming, small and silver screens to build an EV culture through storytelling that incorporates the experiences of driving and owning an EV,” says GM Global Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl.”

    Five bucks sez Debbie can’t drive a stick shift.

    As far as movie references go, I think we’re like Josie Wales is living in a Cuckoos Nest with Cool Hand Luke.

    • Ten bucks says, even when she was in her twenties, she sucked in bed. And undoubtedly is a Grand Master of Hen Pecking, like fucken Princess Leia or the woke follow-on to Leia whoever the hell that was. Super Jedi Girl or whatever.

  4. Don’t forget the 1976 movie “Gumball Rally” — another great big middle finger to the Safety Cult and Green Energy.

    Great sound track, too. The roar of the Cobra and the wail of the Ferrari weave a symphony through the movie that bests anything done by Mozart.

  5. Have the urge to watch Burt again now and the Trans-Am! Maybe the Cannonball Run instead. Of interesting note, Burt was in a movie early on that parts of were shot not far from me. The last scene in the movie ‘Deliverance’ is the exhuming of the old Mt. Carmel Church graveyard. It now sits at approx 140′ full pond. I’ve dove it several times. Lake Jocassee is clear water and a weekend scuba haven.

  6. Two companies destined for bankruptcy and defunctness in the very near future- Nutflicks and Government Motors….. Good riddance to both!

  7. Pretty sure all the eevee batteries will be classified as toxic waste within the next 10 years. Like everything the government mandates, it all turns to shit.

  8. One of my favorites was in 1979, Corvette Summer. GM has gone crappy now, like all the rest. Their new EV ads are the worst. They actually ask “Why not an EV?”, apparently ignoring every fact as to “why not”.

  9. Sorry, the biggest hit of ’77 was Star Wars. Smokey was #2. My dad took me to Star Wars but wouldn’t allow me to see Smokey until it was on TV and all the language was dubbed over with stuff like “Scumbum”.

  10. “It was precisely because it mocked the Safety Cult and all related sects of limp dick geekery that people loved the movie and the car.”

    Yeah, but consider who’s running GM today. It’s not the John DeLorean types, it’s Mary Barra and “Global Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl.”

    In other words, it’s run not merely by limp-dicked geeks… it’s people who don’t have dicks at all!

    When you have a society in which you have single, fat, childless women, a below-replacement fertility rate, and one-third of them consider themselves “non-binary” or “genderqueer,” even limp-dicked geekiness is going to be an improvement over what you’ve presently got…

  11. > Naturally, you will see – but not hear – EeeeeeVeeees in shows such as Love is Blind and Queer Eye

    FWIW, I won’t even see them on shows such as those because I don’t watch that crap. I’ve been cable-free for the better part of 10 years, and don’t miss it a bit.

  12. As an employee (within engineering) of the lower case car company I waited with bated breath for you to write this article. Thank you! I’ll turn as many people here on to it as I dare. The “walls have ears” as they say!

    • Hi Rob,

      It was my pleasure – and my sadness. I have great affection for what GM was. I also know a number of GM execs whose names I shall not mention who feel the same. It is truly a tragedy of Shakespearean dimensions what’s happened. Sic gloria transit mundi…

  13. Smokey and the Bandit was a hit movie in that they were going against the police (government authority) to have a little fun at a party to deliver beer. The were bootleggers of a sort going against national nuisance regulations on transporting beer across state lines.
    Also, from that time; Nascar was founded on the bootleggers’ cars being modified to outrun the law (Hence Stock Car Racing).
    Back in the day, having fun was breaking the rules a bit thereby sticking your finger at authority. Cutting school and going to the beach and getting away with it. (Still getting good grades btw).
    Today it is compliance to the new order of woke. No thanks from an old rule breaker.

  14. Picture a new 2025 Pontiac “Trans” with the multi-color LGBT+ flag painted on it’s front trunk lid stuck at a fast charger with the message “We’re sorry,,, Your request for funds to charge your EV has been denied by your local CBDC branch of the Federal Reserve,,, Please wait for the authorities.”

  15. So does whoever show Smokey & the Bandit blur out the real Georgia flag in scenes where the front of the TA is shown? S&B was my equivalent of my father’s Thunder Road. He said they always had a raucous cheer for the bootleggers and a raucous boo for the federales in chase scenes.

    OT: Read on Liberty Daily that Subway is now installing chargers for EeeeeVeeees. First of all, Subway sucks. Secondly, I’m looking forward to the fistfights that the oh-so-slow fast chargers create.

  16. “Does anyone not see the limp-dick pathetic-passivity of Will Ferrell shilling for EeeeeVeeeees among a horde of . . . zombies?”

    I don’t understand Will Ferrell. I’m sure he has millions in the bank, so why is he shilling for the woke crowd? Maybe he’s a believer or he’s just a Hollywood prostitute.

    • He sold his soul to get where he is, and it’s part of the price he’s gotta pay.

      He was never really funny either, and now is just an old obnoxious has-been

      • I thought the part of the commercial where the EV catches on fire was funny!
        “What is that scent? Is that pine?”

    • Hi Euro,

      Me either – and I’m far from being rich! I’d rather be not – than be a shill, if that’s what it takes. But – having become rich by shilling, why continue to? I guess once you sell your soul, you just keep on doing it.

    • I saw this commercial for the first time during the Super Bowl and at the very end I laughed out loud. Hubby looked at me quizzically and asked “What is so funny?” I said, “the ending of the commercial, the sheer irony of it.” He shook his head and said, “I don’t understand.” My response was “Ferrell turns into a zombie. He starts off as a healthy, vibrant, man and as the ad continues he becomes a lifeless human being at its finality.”

      What is a zombie? Someone that was once human that is now lifeless and speechless. Did GM realize the link to their paradox? Buy an EV and feel dead inside! Or is it tongue in cheek and GM realizes that the EV culture will die out soon enough and so will their company?

      Like everything in life we all have different interpretations. This is what I pulled from the advertisement.

  17. Eric – the thing you say of 100k broncos vs less than 1k hummers is interesting – if you look at the car press or car youtube – it seems like they’re more or less equal ! I guess all eight hundred and whatever have been purchased by youtubers/bloggers/instagrammers !!!

    • Hi Nasir,

      Yup! It’s of a piece, isn’t it? They – the “media” – work hard to create this ersatz reality, which is almost always exactly the opposite of reality.

  18. Heres a funny one – some months ago saw a movie on netflix. The car scenes were done by an Audi E-tron. Including the one where the protagonist (female ofcourse) drove the audi from London to the south of France in a day….. yeh thats going to happen with an electric car….

      • Practically all movies are only enjoyed with a willing suspension of disbelief. A skill that is deteriorating for me. I see too much that I can’t un-see. For example, scrawny, emaciated, near anorexic women in high heels and too much make up playing action characters. Which has been going on for more than a decade. I can’t un-see Kira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean. Toward the end of Curse of the Black Pearl, she has her hair tied up, exposing her neck, and my reflex is to go help her hold her head up, because it looks like her neck isn’t up to the task.

        • The unrealistic “reality” they portray in all movies is proof positive that these Hollywood liberal Zio-crats truly live in alternate reality and have no clue or connection to any shred of reality; anmd once you see through their BS you can not enjoy any of their garbage. Unfortunately, too many people live in a very narrow reality in which the vast majority of their perceptions are created by that very media- be it the ‘news’ or ‘entertainment’ media- so that artificial Hollywood reality ends up becoming actual reality, as iot programs it’s viewer’s perceptions, beliefs, and actions.

  19. ‘reflecting society’s increasing excitement about an all-electric future’ — eric

    That’s the same kind of ‘excitement’ displayed by the cadres in Soviet times after a 5-hour speech by Dear Leader. Inevitably, a one-hour standing ovation followed — for fear that the first one to stop clapping would be hauled outside and executed on the spot.

    Instinctively, I’m anything but an arsonist. Indeed, I was an arson victim: a disturbed college boy squirted fuel on the corner of my rented rural farmhouse and lit it up. Only the intervention of an orange hero cat named Bachalagu, urgently waking the two brothers sleeping upstairs before the smoke suffocated them, saved their lives.

    But when it comes to EeeVees, I must admit to a strange fascination with watching them burn — preferably without crispy critters inside. I envision a ‘bright’ future like Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, as summarized at Wikipedia:

    ‘Outside Jim suspects the presence of “The Mechanical Hound,” an eight-legged robotic dog that resides in the firehouse and aids the firemen in hunting EeeVee hoarders.’

    Bring it, Lord!

    • Ayn Rand proposed the ultimate refinement of ‘torches of freedom’: gold-leaf ‘$’ signs imprinted on the filter.

      ‘To get rich is glorious.’ — Deng Xiaopeng

      Today, why can’t one find similarly defiant pre-rolled cannabis ‘torches of freedom’?

      Presumably it’s because of the ‘limp-dick pathetic-passivity’ [pace Eric] of a dying currency. 🙁

      • Yeah, I noticed that too. Blatant and disgusting IMO. But the younger generations have been so thoroughly indoctrinated that they probably don’t notice..

  20. Oh, and Eric, Tom Cruise gave Porsche quite a gift of product placement in “Top Gun: Maverick”. Of course, they literally don’t make them like that anymore, either the movie or the car — both all shiny and 80s.

      • The original Top Gun was still military propaganda though. The Pentagon had “creative control” and the movie resulted in a huge boost in recruitment. USA! USA! USA!

        The original Top Gun shaped the American culture to fall in love with Operation Desert Storm. Ah yes, remember the glorious footage of JDAMs hitting their targets. Tie a yellow ribbon and enjoy the good ol’ ‘Merican ass kickin’!

          • Eric,

            Like Norman explains, Top Gun: Maverick really wasn’t “woke” like you might have been led to believe. I thought they did a great job, actually. They had women and minority pilots (which the military has now), but they didn’t make a big deal about any of that.

            There was some really great action, I thought, especially when viewed on the Imax screen. I came out of the movie with a powerful urge to drive fast! It really gave me the “need for speed”.

        • Was bored one day and ended up watching against my better judgement. The wokies are minor characters. Gooses son and another white guy are the top pilots, except for Cruise. At the end of the day Cruise and Gooses son are saved by, you guessed it a white guy.

          It did contain the usual military knob slobery inherent in Pentagon produced propaganda. The worst woke thing in my mind, even though it was apparent the enemy was Russia or Iran, they never named them. It was some ‘rogue actor’ acquiring the dreaded nuclear weapons

          The truth of it is our military probably couldn’t pull off such a feat today. Its a narrative that only still lives in the minds of those who worship the red white and blue, fed on the wonders of deep fake CGI

            • I’m pretty sure they couldn’t give the enemy a name, but the mountainous terrain could have been the hermit kingdom. It was a pretty good movie other than that.

              • I thought it was Iran based on the terrain. Iran still has the F14 Tomcats and although there isn’t knowledge of them having the 5th generation fighters Russia and China both have them and I think they would happy to sell them to Iran just to piss off the USSA.

                They were the only ones that I could think of that were desperately trying to gather enough uranium for a nuke.

                • Hi RG,

                  This whole dirty business has the feel of 1962 all over again, with the key difference being that, in our time, the United States has a corrupt, addled sociopath as president. I am genuinely worried that we are on the cusp of what did not happen in 1962, which – had it happened – neither you nor I would be here to have this conversation.

                  Biden is no JFK. Whatever the latter’s faults, he wasn’t a sociopath and so wasn’t willing to push the button over Cuba if the Russians were willing to be reasonable. Thank God, Kruschev was. Whatever one may say about the latter, he was also not a sociopathm either – and so wanted to avoid a nuclear war, if possible.

                  And it was possible, because both men were reasonable and came to an understanding about Cuba and the missiles.

                  This enraged Castro, but neither JFK nor Kruschev allowed themselves to be maneuvered into burning down the world over him. Over Cuba.

                  Today, we have people like Biden – and Graham – who seem eager to burn down the world for the sake of Zelensky – for the sake of Keeeeeeeeeeeev.

                  It really wears me out.

                  • This is what happens when only idiots are left to make decisions.

                    We know Biden isn’t running anything. The question is…who is?

                    Are we living in scary times? Yep. I expect an EMP any day now. The USSA has grown weak under the Biden Administration who prefers pronouns over productivity.

                    I think our country’s moral decay is complete and I don’t see us being able to turn this ship around. A portrayal of weakness never wins.

                    If this country makes it through the darkness it will not be be because of human action, but the will of the universe.

      • I loved Top Gun:Maverick. I actually own the movie. I saw it in the movie theater with hubby after it had been out a few weeks. I felt it stayed pretty true to the original. The wokeness was pretty minimal compared to most of the crap that Hollywood is churning out today. If you look hard enough are there hidden meanings and narratives? Sure, but one can also sit back and watch a feel good movie and forget that life sucks for an hour or two.

        • Raider Girl!

          Haven’t seen you around these parts for a little while. Busy with “tax season”?

          And yes, I agree with you about Top Gun. Probably about the best movie of last year, though I know that’s not saying much sometimes.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            Hope you are doing well.

            Yep, I am working non stop…about 70 hours a week. I get home at 8 pm and am in bed at 830…pathetic, I know. 😉

              • I am up, too. I just prefer 7 am to 4 am. The night owl in me misses her midnight quiet time. I don’t think I have stayed up past 9 pm in two months!

                • RG and Eric,

                  Sounds rough, all of that!

                  I work remotely, for vast majority, and I think I’m pushing the day when I’m replaced by an AI with a short stick.

                  • Hi BaDnOn,

                    The accounting profession has been dramatizing the takeover of AI for almost a decade (hell, maybe two decades).

                    Has the software improved? Yes. We can download documents, bank transactions, etc. in a blink of an eye. I still find myself on the other side classifying, reviewing, and sorting.

                    Does the robot go to Tax Court and argue tax law? Does it respond to the IRS’s CP20 or CP2000 letter automatically? How many people enjoy contacting a large corporation and getting “Press 1 for this, press 2 for that” and then waiting on hold for 35 minutes until a real person picks up because the AI has no idea what they hell you are saying.

                    My family went to a restaurant recently in our town and we were served by a R2D2 looking thing. It was awkward. The robot repeats the same thing over and over and I felt like a moron talking to it. We decided not to go back, which is sad because it was long time favorite of ours.

                    Maybe this is the way the world is heading, and each generation will probably get more and more comfortable with this type of technology. As long as they realize they will replace themselves from existence.

                    • The higher the minimum wage goes, and the more kids can get paid for doing nothing, the more robots we will see. And the fewer young working people with any useful experience will be. A plumber may one day draw a million a year. The trouble being, how does one learn to be a plumber?

        • RG: I own a copy of “Real Genius” so Val Kilmer’s scenes were tough to watch.

          Even then, the casting of Admiral Iceman’s wife made me laugh.

          • Hey Roscoe,

            I love “Real Genius”! It’s also a great anti-Military Industrial Complex flick, to contrast it with Top Gun.

            But, yes, it’s really sad about Val Kilmer. He’s been one of my favorite actors for many years. I’m really hoping that somehow they’ll rebuild his voice, though I know that’s not bloody likely.

        • RG,
          Agreed. Actually a job well done. Only wished they’d had the danger zone song at the climatic finish! I’m confident it was Iran because, as you say, Iran wants nukes and it’s (sadly) the only nation that still uses tomcats.

          • Hi G,

            Aviation sidetrack: Much as the Tomcat is a magnificent aircraft, I groove on the old F8 Crusader. That thing was a Cobra 427 that flew (and shot, too).

            • Or the P51D with the 12 cyl Rolls Royce Merlin, 2700 litres.
              An acquaintance had an opportunity to fly one, and nearly crashed it on take off. He cranked the throttle as he usually did, but the massive engine torque against the propeller nearly flipped him. Made my eyes bug out to see it.

    • Don’t forget the motorcycle; I don’t ride myself but I admire the machinery. Just hope that govco doesn’t ban them or regulate them out of existence once they realize how much mobility for getting out of Dodge a motorcycle provides.

    • Wasn’t Tom Cruise seen on video screaming at the movie set staff because they weren’t wearing masks (while he also wasn’t) in summer 2020? Reason enough to not support anything he’s in.

  21. I remember getting lost on the way to the Golden Gate bridge and finding myself in the neighborhood where the Bullitt chase took place. Felt like I needed a set of skis and a lift pass to get through it. And that was in the Audi A3, at a “reasonable” speed. Couldn’t imagine running through in chase mode in a big wide Charger R/T, with ’70s handling and tires. Guess being allowed to trade paint with the camera car makes it a little easier.

    Thing is, cars in movies these days are as fake as the eCharger’s Fratzonizer. The same motion and ray tracing algorithms that are used in Grand Theft Auto are used to build scenes in Fast and the Furious films, just with higher end silicon. Might as well just let the “props department” give everybody a Batmobile, it’s just bits.

    • Driving a car is much like shooting a rifle. One can drive well, or shoot a rifle well, regardless of the handling or the trigger, it’s just a lot easier with better handling or a better trigger.

  22. Will Farrell hasn’t been funny in decades. As far as shilling cars goes, he’s no Burt Reynolds … and definitely not in the same league as Jack Lord.

    The commercial references “Army of the Dead”, but that series was shaping up to be a middle finger to modern Hollywood. I guess not now. Thanks Netfix.

    @Eric – Find “Army of Thieves”, the sequel/prequel to “Army of the Dead” if you haven’t seen it. The German kid directed the film so it isn’t “woke” either.

  23. Ugly impractical cars and a woke story line; what’s not to like? NOT, just another reason to never buy a new car and repair what I already own. It’s hard to justify buying an EV when you know that you will be stuck with a very large repair bill or have to scrap it when you can’t get a new battery. MADNESS.

    PS: Heck after reading reviews of new snow blowers and how they all seem to be lemons I combined the front of a 2002 snow blower with the back end of a 1995 snow blower and I’m hoping for snow to see if everything works as well as I hope. Will update with the results.

  24. “storytelling that incorporates the experiences of driving and owning an EV”
    Since somewhere around 80% of current EV owners say they won’t buy another, something tells me those stories won’t exactly help the GM EV market. I still think the EV market is near saturation. That most of those who want one and can afford one already have one. And about 80% of them wish they didn’t.

    • It is at or over saturation. And as the adopters find out how impractical/uneconomical they are, as they realize the folly of “free, cheap, clean” electric everything, there will come an awakening. Not before wrenching dislocations and (likely) billions of deaths though.


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