RINOS and Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!

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Remember when the Left opposed war? That was also back in the days when the Left supported Free Speech and Choice (but only when it comes to abortion; otherwise, it’s not your body, apparently – and it is the government’s choice what you do with it).

Now we have the Egg On Chorus, led by the personally pusillanimous but rhetorically Napoleonic Lindsey Graham, a Republican, who urges that Russian President Vladimir Putin be indicted, tried and convicted for war crimes a la Nuremburg – the penalty for which is death – something that would never induce Putin to go for broke in Keeeeeeeeeeeev by sending missiles to DC.

“You label Putin’s Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism [and] you create international tribunals so we actually can try [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and his cronies in the international court like we did after World War II,” he declared the other day. 

He also suggested that America send F-16 fighter jets to Keeeeeeeeeev – which, from the Russians’ point-of-view, would be regarded as exactly the same thing as it is from the U.S. point-of-view, when it is done by any other country egging on an enemy of this country and giving that country the means to attack this country.

But, never mind. Putin Bad! Zelensky good!

Some on the Republican side are appalled by this egging-on, especially by the likes of Lindsey Graham. But they are unfair to Graham. He is in fact the ideal Republican.

Keep in mind who essentially founded the Republican Party and was its first president. That would be Abraham Lincoln. He loved war, especially when waged to put an end to “democracy.”

Unless, of course, you are a typical Republican – who believes the South had no right to depart from the “union.” No right to form a government of its people, by its people and for its people.

Spare us, please, the cant about “slavery.” Lincoln and his Republicans enslaved us all. What do you own, exactly? Is it your home? The one you must pay the government forever in order to be allowed to continue living in it? Your car? Which you must also pay the government in order to be allowed to use? On roads you must also obtain the government’s permission to use? Can you open a business – or do business – without the permission of your massa?

Lincoln waged war upon democracy without mercy, against civilians explicitly, sending the mid-19th century equivalents of SS-Obergruppenfuhrers marching into the South to literally scorch the earth, so as to reach the recalcitrant Southerners all about “democracy.” The same kind of “democracy” that the same blue-suited Obergruppenfuhrers – Sherman and Sheridan and Custer – brought to the Indians of the American plains, after they were done with the South. The same “democracy” that Biden – and Graham – seek to further in eastern Europe.

In everywhere.

For there is nowhere on this Earth that is to be left free to decide its own course. The only course is that of modern American “democracy,” which is a philosophy both the Left and the Republican “right” agree upon. It is a philosophy that says Our Way is the only way and if you do not like it, tough. And if you resist, we will destroy you.

Even if it means destroying the world, for their world is one of unassailable power that, if lost, costs them everything. And that is why they are willing to make sure no cost is spared to preserve it – and that all of us pay it.

The take-home point here is that Republicans such as Lindsey Graham are not Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). They are the most authentic and faithful Republicans. The truest expositors of the philosophy imposed at bayonet-point upon the United States (North as well as South) that “democracy shall not perish from this Earth.”

And then everywhere else, from here to Keeeeeeeev and beyond.

Even if it is necessary to burn the Earth to a cinder toward that end.

. . .

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  1. Populist Inc. (Claremont Institute) has been pushing a lot of anti-China propaganda lately. Sadly, a war with China will have enough public support.

  2. The Republicans started as a big war, big government, Anti American progressive party and haven’t changed since. Sadly the Democrats joined them by 1900.

  3. I also remember a time when the left and the right understood that you don’t mess around with a nuclear power. Now I increasingly hear of winnable nuclear wars. They will have those who survive shivering in the dark, cold and hungry. But Putin will be expelled from Ukraine even if it means the world must be destroyed to do it.

    The Russians will never again permit foreign armies on its soil, and they have the means. They have been invaded too many times throughout history. The Russians took a terrible toll, but every invader was ultimately removed. Putin has drawn his line, and if he must, he will nuke the US and its NATO, but no Western army will set foot on Russian soil.

    I have never been more embarrassed by the foolish, war-mongering, left and right politicians that are running this country into the ground. It’s long since time that we minded our own business. Has anyone noticed we are now provoking war with China over Taiwan? How are we going to stop the Chinese if they want Taiwan? Do any Americans want to die in that war? How much of our navy do we want to lose? How many Americans will die because their life-saving medications are manufactured only by the Chinese?

    • Amen, Robert –

      It’s boggling on so many levels. One being the obvious: How does it benefit Keeeeeeeeev if the U.S. precipitates a nuclear exchange? Do these maniacs think that Keeeeeeeeev will escape obliteration? The maniacs say that what they’re doing will preserve Keeeeeeeeev. But Keeeeeeeeeeeev is not threatened by Russia. If Putin’s intent had been to destroy Keeeeeeeeev or even occupy it, he had the means and could have done so. What he wants he has clearly stated – that being NATO out of Keeeeeeeev and the Russian parts he took back remaining part of Russia. These are reasonable things, from the Russian point-of-view (those who say otherwise must explain why it was reasonable for us to insist the Russians backed off of Cuba) as well as objectively.

      This idea that Putin is maneuvering to take over Europe is nonsense ginned up by hysterics – and worse.

      This idea that Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev is worth pushing the world into a nuclear exchange is simply insane.

      • Hi Eric,
        You are just a Putin apologist! I get this label all the time when I post to comment sections suggesting that it would be beneficial to mind our own business and/or try to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

        • Hi Howard,

          Of course. And it often comes from the same people who shrieked about Bush and his wars… These people are not well-meant. They are sociopaths who will take any tack that furthers their power. “Keeeeeeeeeeeev” is as incidental as Face Diapers. Both are merely tools used to further a much deeper end.

        • Howard & Eric,

          There were even media figures who called attendees & speakers at last Sunday’s “Rage Against the War Machine” rally PUTIN LOVERS! Speakers and attendees at that rally were from all walks of life and political beliefs. Speakers included a veteran of the “War on terror” & fmr Congress critters Tulsi Gabbard, Dennis Kucinich, and Ron Paul. Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters (who is NO right winger) even had an online speech against Biden and this proxy war. I suppose the Rachel Maddows & Joy Reids of the world called him a “Putin Apologist” too!

  4. Eric,
    Intersting articles you always write. I remember some time back you also did a brilliant one about how Lincoln wasn’t the “hero” and what the civil war actually did. I cant find it somehow – where can I find it (it was around 4th of July some years ago). Want to share with some – hopefully wake up some….

  5. The piece below is a good one by Andrew Napolitano. The Constitution states that CONGRESS declares war on a country, NOT the President. However, Congress made NO such declaration against Russia, and the senile old FOOL continually pledges weapons and BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars to “Keeeeeeeeeeev!” while Americans continue to suffer from things like vaxx injuries, environmental disaster, higher prices on practically everything, etc…..


  6. Hi Eric, et al,

    I have been reading The White Pill, a Tale of Good and Evil by Michael Malice. This book details the horrors of life in the Soviet Union, first under Lenin but most famously under Stalin. Malice, whose parents got him out of Ukraine at the age of two, postulates that people in the West don’t have the capacity to comprehend how bad it was in that era. I agree….Solzhenitsyn agreed. To tie this to current events….people in the West have never known such experience, even in the days of chattel slavery. But the trend is towards just such a system and your observations are cogent. I don’t have any answers, only questions. I really do perceive pretty much all of the power brokers in D.C. to be like unto the Bolsheviks but in point of fact, what we have developing in the West is more akin to what some refer to as the managerial corporate state….you see all sorts of power brokers who have bought the politicians and bureaucrats. Right now we have gone through the Covid hoax, brought to you by big pharma and the medical industrial comples. Currently we are going through endless war with Eastasia(from 1984), brought to you by the military industrial complex. If we survive that, we can look forward to climate change tyranny brought to you by the environmental industrial comples. I have friends who have bought into the concept that a nuclear war is survivable….it’s sheer stupidity and I tell them so. It’s almost enough to make me start drinking again. In any case, empires come and empires go….hopefully the collateral damage this time around will not include extinction of the human race. Thanks for providing a sane viewpoint here, Eric, and thanks to all you other folks in this community for providing interesting interchange of ideas.

    • There was actually a New York Times piece admitting that mask mandates didn’t freaking work, in addition to a recent LARGE study showing that face diapers DIDN’T “Stop the spread of ‘Rona.” However, there are people out there who STILL cling to face diapers like Linus does to his security blanket. Now the media is even discussing the durability of natural immunity, whereas 3 years ago it was dismissed as “Conspiracy theory” and doctors who brought up natural immunity or questioned the push for MASS VACCINATION were cancelled or lost their license. The other draconian measures that were foisted on the masses didn’t work either, though they did cause MASSIVE damage that will likely last years if not decades.

      In 2022, the propagandists largely moved on from “Vaccinate every last human!” to “Support Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!” However, the reports coming from alternative media outlets has indicated that the REAL CRIMINALS in this war are NOT Vladimir Putin or Russia, but rather our own government. There was also a “Rage Against the War Machine” rally in DC last weekend, but what does establishment media do? They label people opposed to the war or attended that rally as “Pro Putin”! What next, are they going to label people who don’t want an EV as “Pro pollution!”, given this push to FORCE the masses into EVs.

      • Correction: “the REAL CRIMINALS in this war are NOT Vladimir Putin or Russia,” … and not even, our own goobermint.

        Rather, it’s the clueless, mindless, Dummkopfs who support all the SHEET which is being shoved down the throats of everybody.

        “Two Twin Cities lawmakers have introduced bills to ban the sale of new gas-powered lawn mowers and Zambonis in Minnesota.”


        And, ya know, a truck load of URL’s could be piled upon that one.

        ….Turtles,… all the way down.

        • Helot,

          There are people who’ve fallen for the HEAVY propaganda about “climate change” in the same way people fell for the HEAVY propaganda about the ‘Rona, face diapers, COVID “vaccines”, and “Keeeeeeeeeev!” and they BEG government to “Do something now!” The problem is, whatever government does in response to COVID or any other problem tends to create MORE problems.

          As for that bill in Minnesota, what is it with DEMOCRAT politicians who’ve gone ALL IN with the technocractic/ globalist agenda? First they were largely in favor of mask and vaxx mandates, and now they’re in favor of BANNING gas stoves, gas powered lawn equipment, gas powered vehicles, etc. In Oregon, there’s an unelected bureaucrat at the state’s “Department of Environmental Quality” who decreed that ALL new cars sold in the state will be ELECTRIC by 2035. There’s even a climate change zealot group running ads with propaganda about it, claiming that ALL new cars sold under that decree will be “100% clean!” What will these politicians be in favor of next, carbon footprint trackers for the masses? Mandatory bug consumption? Mandating that ALL humans take the next mRNA “vaccine” Pfizer makes or be turned into human/ machine hybrids ala the Borg from Star Trek? I’m sure Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harrari are just dreaming of that.

  7. Lindsey Graham, how the fuck does a JAG officer get a Bronze Star? What combat does JAG engage in? In my day they were called REMFs –Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers. Chairborne Rangers.

    Let him fight his war. Russia is not my enemy, Ukraine is not my friend.

    • I would be very happy to parachute Lindsay Graham, Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Dick Cheney, and a handful of others directly onto the front lines of a war of their choice.

      I would not, however, support sending any Americans to die in such a way.

  8. Does the problem lie with Lindsay, Mittens, and the Turtle or the people who elect them? The Amerikunts who slobber over the Orange Ass, cream their jeans every time Israel bombs a nine year old Palestinian girl, ooh and aah as war machines scream over their football game, and who vowed to “never forget” WTC building 7? Wait – I made that last one up. This country sits here smugly, secure in thinking we are insulated from the death and destruction we sow elsewhere. This time, when the rockets red glare are flying over their own hamlet, I wonder how their bloodlust, battle hymn singing, and flag waving will fare. When they get a first row seat to what the horrors of war are really like. When Putin delivers to them the whirlwind.

    • @BAC

      The problem indeed lies with the people who elect these monsters, which leads to a realization of another big problem. People like us are in a puny minority who recognize this simple fact, and by pointing it out we are now subject to – like it or not — irrational bias, predjudice, intolerance, and finally, persecution & oppression. Why am I beginning to feel the discomfort of a Hebraic European living in the 1930’s?

    • No one pays attention to the day-to-day activity of the Congress. When election season rolls around they vote for the incumbent because they have some pork project that they can point to. And about the only thing that seems to matter is seniority and party in charge.

      Ultimately voters are selfish and happy to steal from their fellow citizen as long as they’re removed from it.

  9. That’s so desperate and gay. No, not just Lindsey Graham, but the entire idea of “we gotta try Putin for war crimes! 😭😭😭” Go ahead! Let’s see it happen. I double dog dare ’em.

    And OBTW… I thought Keeeeev was marching on Moscow any day now? Surely they’ll just scoop up Putin and burn him at the stake after disemboweling him. Right?

    Yeah right. Right after their asses are handed to them and magic fairy dust makes it all better again.

    • Hi XM,

      Putin’s picture could accompany the dictionary entry for “serious white people.” This is a man – and one to be respected. I find myself liking him. He’s admirable in a number of ways. Unlike the bag of dicks running what’s left of this country.

      • Eric, I agree. Russia is in the right on this thing. And I envy them for having a head-of-state who’s a grown-up. If there isn’t a nuclear end to human civilization, we’ll have Putin’s calm and rationality to thank for it.

      • I agree.

        I don’t always agree with Putin. But it’s clear that he’s patient, strategic, and logical. He seems to act pretty much based on his own country’s best interest (which is what he’s supposed to do). He plays the game very skillfully, and my perception is that he is one who is not to be fucked with. Yes, I respect him. I don’t think I want him to be POTUS but I’d rather have him as an ally, or at least not be on his bad side.

  10. ‘Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) are the most authentic and faithful Republicans.’ — eric

    RINOs are statists to the core — a degenerate cult of secular gov-worshipers.

    They completely share with Democrats a commitment to a leviathan fedgov whose plenary powers are unlimited. Glory to the welfare-warfare state, and its mighty works!

    Envision a long, stately boulevard in the imperial capital of DeeCee, with Democrats suspended from every lamppost on the left (naturally), and Republicans hanging from every lamppost on the right.

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the horde
    They are trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored
    They have loosed the fateful lightning of their terrible swift sword
    Their purge is marching on

    Battle Hymn of the Republic

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup. One of the great problems is the lack of a political alternative. The Republican Party was born to suppress everything the Declaration and Bill of Rights described; it is startling that many now take it as the party of “liberty.” It can be no such thing until it repudiates its founding – and its founder, Abe Lincoln.

    • Hi Jack,

      There was a worthwhile article on LRC the other day; it was was about the Cuban Missile Crisis and basically how JFK and Kruschev prevented WW III. Each was being pushed to push the button. JFK by the Joint Chiefs and Kruschev by Castro. The bearded sociopath was furious that Kruschev would not nuke the U.S. over Cuba. The author’s point was that we were saved because neither JFK nor Krushchev were sociopaths – but today, at least one of their modern analogs (Biden) is.

      God help us.

      • The big news is all the hem and hawing to get China not to send arms to help Russia has failed. Little pipsqueak Lindsey Graham said it would be “dumber than dirt” of China to support Putin with weapons. “It would be like buying a ticket on the Titanic after you saw the movie,”

        Have you noticed that all the pandemic hysteria has been shoved to the back burner? And notice that when the blizzard strikes Los Angeles tomorrow they probably won’t hype global warming until that passes.

        And let’s see China just finished up with a big get together in Tehran, and on Friday Xi will be in Moscow talking to Mr. Putin about those cool new drones China will supply. Both Moscow and Tehran are smack dab on the BRI route, Iran is a key state for Chinese trade going west.

        It looks to me the Ziopigs dream of toppling Russia from Ukraine plan is not working out like they hoped. LOLROFL

        IMO China is going to act in it’s self interest, and not kowtow to arrogant D.C. clowns. China does not want Russia to fall and get balkanized, I am sure China loves 5,000 miles of Russia protecting it’s north and west. And I know China knows how to push Uncle Sam out of it’s sphere of influence, because they did it before in Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. That Belt and Road Initiative is the new Ho Chi Min trail. All China has to do is give Russia enough support so the west gives up and leaves. China has unlimited manufacturing capability, and they have unlimited troops they can send also, and that includes North Korea.

      • And it’s quite the coincidence that both Kennedy and Khrushchev met their end under suspicious circumstances almost immediately afterwards…

    • No. Biden could tell the country he likes to pee on little children and still win. The machine and the ballot makers rig it for The Donkey crats.

      • This^^^^
        If I run as a Constitutionalist Libertarian Anarchist, and I get 51 percent of all possible votes- why they will somehow get 52%.

        It was never intended to be a Democracy- democracy is communism/fascism/mob rule lead by the evil. The big Con requires that the fed and the various states have a republican FORM of government. Which is subtly but distinctly different than a republic. What we had in colonial times, at the time of the American Revolution, was a disciplined anarchy- there were no rulers but there was a culture of natural law. Slavery was no exception to this and no argument against it.

        The real problem is that there are people who mean to, and believe that they are entitled to, rule and reign. And everything they stand for is destructive, deadly, and evil.

        • this –> “The real problem is that there are people who mean to, and believe that they are entitled to, rule and reign. And everything they stand for is destructive, deadly, and evil.”

          Yes, and much discussed on other sites, and my view is that the reason power is corrupt because no one actually has any authority over another. And that power, which is against natural law, attracts the worst of the worst, and thus is always corrupt.

          How is it moral to vote? What right do you have to give government the power to coerce others? Larken Rose examines that:

      • Swamprat,

        There are people who voted for Biden simply because they HATED Trump, though some of them have ended up regretting their vote. However, their blind hatred led to a senile old FOOL getting into office whose policies have not only caused great damage to this country, it has also caused us to be dangerously close to nuclear war. Biden has done all sorts of things that would have gotten any other President impeached.

        • You will notice that the junta got together and decided that the whole insane clown car contents in the Democrat primary field of 2020 got together and now share illicit power. They are all now afflicting us- from chestfeeder Pete and Commie LaWhorish- including of course what’s this in my diaper Joe the Corn Pop thrasher to- well did any of the clown show not get into a position of executive power?

          Trump mangled a few words. God I miss him!

          • Ernie,

            Trump was in East Palestine, Ohio yesterday. The Biden Thing all but IGNORED the disaster there until Trump’s announcement a few days ago he was going there, and Pete Buttigieg announced he’ll be traveling to East Palestine. He must have “found time” for it.

  11. https://prepareforchange.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/twowings.jpg

    They say there is one party in Washington D.C., THE WAR PARTY. Amerikan politicians are beholden to “The Lobby” (Zionists), Banksters, defense contractors, big donors like Sheldon Adelson. And they all want war, endless war for endless profits. McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed Martin can’t make record profits unless someone is blowing up their products so they have to make more. So the fact is they lobby our representatives for war, and thus we have war after war.

    I like to call D.C. the “District of Criminals”. But that is an insult to criminals, what goes on in DC is way worse than any normal criminal, it’s mass murder, treason, false flags, fake wars, child sacrifice, adrenachrome guzzling. There was never a mob boss who can match the pure evil of Amerikan politicians. Over at Unz, they posted an important Larry Romanoff essay, America’s Dirtiest Secrets.


    Basically, everything you think you know about American history is not just wrong, it is way worse than you can even imagine. Amerikan politics is not criminal, it is demonic. It’s not just war and killing and profits, it’s nation destroying, child raping, women trafficking, drug trafficking, organ harvesting, skullduggery that could only occur in a place called hell.

    But what do the people think? They are indoctrinated to believe they live in the greatest nation on earth or ever was.

    • I’ve often said that compared to governments, common criminals are barely a nuisance. In the entire history of the US, there have only been about 20 years that its military has not been actively engaged in killing people.

  12. Send Nancy to Ukraine. Send Trump to Ukraine. Send Biden back to Ukraine, can’t come back. Send Fauci to Ukraine, Mash Units there need a Frank Burns.

    Old Grandma Graham doth protest too much. What a wuss.

    All 535 members of Congress can board a few jets and land in Kiev, take a hike to the front lines. Be good for them.

    Good luck to all of them, gotta do something to stay in shape.

    Isn’t Putin kind of pulling a Kennedy? The Soviets were building a missile arsenal in Cuba and Kennedy said no way, Jose or Fidel.


    Putin said you can’t build medical labs and expand forces in arms at the border to cause harm, strife, suffering, misery, death and destruction. Time to pay the price.

    It’s shit-kickin’ time from now on.

    War is Peace

  13. Funny isn’t it, how Joe Biden spent Presidents Day pledging MORE money for “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!” while AMERICANS in East Palestine, Ohio are suffering from possibly the worst environmental disaster we’ve ever seen in the U.S., and the Biden Thing and that disgrace of a Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are effectively out to lunch.

    They, along with the EPA, will concoct LIES all day long about the disaster in Ohio, but lecture to the masses about how gas stoves and gas powered vehicles DESTROYS THE PLANET & CAUSES CLIMATE CHANGE! The past 2 years under the Biden regime have effectively become a dystopian nightmare, and yet they still have MORE dystopian plans for the masses.

    • The good news is that gay Peetee Buttegg’s presidential aspirations are now over. He has proven himself as dangerously incompetent, and IMO he will never outlive it.

      • Hi Yukon,

        I think you might be right re any Presidential aspirations Pete Buttigieg may have going forward. WHY would anyone vote for Buttigieg for POTUS given he was effectively out to lunch re the Ohio disaster or screaming again about “Racist highways”. Joe Biden all but announced he’s running again next year, but most DEMOCRAT voters don’t want him to run again, and Biden is already the WORST President in my lifetime. However, we have Kamala Harris as VP, and most people, including Ds, don’t like her either, and as bad as Joe Biden is, Harris could actually be WORSE.

        As for other presidential candidates, I heard this morning that an entrepreneur named Vivek Ramaswamy is seeking the ‘R’ nomination for President against Donald Trump & Nikki Haley. I’ve never heard of him until today, but The Epoch Times had a story about him, and he sure says the right things re the WEF, Wokeism, the climate change religion, etc. He even wrote a book called “Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam”. Whether he’s genuine or whether his campaign will pick up steam as we head into the 2024 Presidential campaign remains to be seen.

      • ‘The good news is that gay Peetee Buttegg’s presidential aspirations are now over.’ — Yukon Jack

        To echo the great George W Shrub … ‘Heck of a job, Petie!’

    • I’ve often thought that the entirety of the “climate change” hysteria was to distract from the ongoing chemical poisoning of the planet. Let’s ask those in Ohio which is most important to them. A possible slight warming over the next 100 years, or being able to continue breathing today?

      • Shhhhhhhhh! How dare you ask that! Don’t you know that gas stoves & gas powered vehicles are the biggest offenders!? (Sarcasm)

        In all seriousness though, the media and the Biden Thing have either been trying to IGNORE Seymour Hersh’s report that the U.S. government blew up that pipeline or smear Hersh as “Just a blogger”. However, if Hersh’s report is true (I have little reason to think it isn’t given various actions from the Biden regime) that alone could be considered an act of war committed by the U.S. government and proof that the REAL WAR CRIMINALS are in DC.

  14. Stick a fork in it and turn it over its done.

    Saw a clip of a Ukroid Nazi on the streets of Keeev, hitting sum girls with a rubber dong. The alleged girls were alleged special women from a gypsy tribe in Rumania. With the P pass and the special person card being deployed, support for Z should end tonight. How in the world can we continue to support such an Anti-Semitic country as Ukraine?

    Pervy Joe has to know the fall is near.

  15. There was an Anti-war rally in DC this past Sunday called “Rage Against the War Machine”. Speakers included Fmr Congress critters Tulsi Gabbard, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich, who all had good speeches. Another speaker was a veteran of the “War on terror” who founded an organization to bring our troops home. Roger Waters, one of the co-founders of Pink Floyd, delivered an online message against this war and called out Joe Biden himself.

    There are also concerns that the Biden Thing will reinstate the draft. If they actually go through with that, I suspect we’ll see MASS protests against that and burning of draft cards like we saw during the Vietnam War.

    • I don’t think we’ll ever see the draft again. Unless the president wants to see a major drop in support, esp now when support for ukraine is already getting low.

      • Hi Dan,

        I also doubt we’ll see the draft again, but on the other hand, we’ve seen other insane things be rolled out (or attempted) the past few years, such as mandates for people to take an experimental pharma product, vaccine passports, digital currency, digital ID, etc. that in 2020 were deemed CONSPIRACY THEORIES. But if they do reinstitute the draft, what are the odds that the establishment media will smear people who oppose that or burn draft cards as “Putin lovers”, or even call it necessary to “Defend Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!” or “Protect our demoooooooooooooocracy!”?

      • Honestly,

        I don’t think a draft would work or be necessary. Following the path of Rome in it’s decline, the war machine will hire mercenaries whose loyalty to citizens of the country does not exist. Thus, when it comes time to implement open depopulation, there will be no hesitation. That said, just as in Rome’s case, no loyalty will exist among the hired mercenaries and that will contribute to the downfall of the empire. I’m thinking that it’s time for the U.S. of A. to go away in any case….let the fiat industries die a rightful death. The experiment was a failure, just like the Soviet Union and the Third Reich.

        • If the draft were to be reinstated, given the Biden Thing’s obsession with Wokeism in the military, wouldn’t they only draft those who pledge loyalty to “Keeeeeeeeeeeev!” and the regime, have the preferred pronouns “It”, “They”, etc., or believes there are zillions of genders? Or would they throw any dissenting draftees in some “Reeducation Camp”? I hope we won’t have to find out.

  16. Lady Lindsay probably has access to “top secret” information we do not. We have to take his word for it, Putin is a bad baddie who has to be put in his place. And if Grahm’s pals in the arms industry get to lend/lease a few more jets to Ukrane (that are just going to sit on the apron until they hire a few mercenaries to fly them), that’s just gravy.

    The playbook has been the same since the end of the Vietnam war. Fight the battle on the budget not the battlefield. Use dubious justification to keep it all going. When things turn hot, well, blame the enemy for your actions.

    • Lindsey Graham is a laughable effeminate war hawk. Like Mike Rivero always says over at whatreallyhappened.com is here is your rifle, here is your parachute. Want war, go get a uniform and go to the front line.

      About once a week he makes some grandios statement about the latest flailings of the Amerikan empire.

      Business Insider: “Lindsey Graham said it would be “dumber than dirt” of China to support Putin with weapons. “It would be like buying a ticket on the Titanic after you saw the movie,” Graham said.”

      China could care less what the little pipsqueak says or threatens. China will act in their own self interest, which is to support Russia, because they know if Russia falls, gets balkanized, they are next. Russia is a big buffer to their west and north. And China has committed itself to this huge Belt and Road Initiative:


      So all China has to do, with it’s unlimited manufacturing capability, is support Russia’s war effort so they don’t loose. They did this with Vietnam and Laos, and Cambodia. They helped the locals stand up to the mighty US hegemon until it got bored and went home. I believe they will do the same. And if ZOGmerika ups the ante, so will they, tit for tat, and I think they are skilled at this game.

      What I am predicting on other forums, is that if this war gets bigger, they could even send unlimited men and equipment to the front line. For instance, North Koreans are drooling at the chance of fighting ZOG after ZOG tried to wipe them off the map in the Korean War. Literally every single structure was bombed in NK and they would have all died (severe winters) if Russia and China had not assisted them.

      The Belt and Road consists of ports, rails, and highways. It is like the US interstate. If you study the BRI maps, their main entry points are Moscow and Tehran. Which explains why the Iranians and Chinese are now getting along famously.

  17. Isn’t interesting and ironic the change in positions between liberals and what was known as conservatives of the 60’s as compared to today:
    Who today is attempting to speak truth to power;
    Who today is anti-war and the government promoting that war;
    Who today is insisting upon my body my choice;
    Who today is exposing government cover ups and lies;
    Who today is insisting upon following government edicts without question;
    Who today is defending their president even though he has committed obvious crimes;
    Who got caught starting a false flag operation to use as casus belli for pretext for war;(Ok, that was Johnson and the Gulf of Tonkin vs Biden and the bells of the Baltic).
    I can go on.

    I always thought that liberalism’s bait and switch to the masses was freedom through sex, drugs and rock and roll. What they were really jealous of the power *the man* had and wanted to exploit that power just like Castro, Stalin and Mao.

  18. Leave it to ass-backwards America to condemn one of the greatest ‘statesmen’ [for lack of a better word] of the last 100 years- Vladomir Putin. T’wasn’t long ago that Reagan labeled Russia as “The Empire Of Evil”. Now the roles are reversed,and we are the empire of evil, spreading our filth around the world, and opposing any good which manages to raise it’s head, while we aid and support a neo-Nazi admin in the Ewe-kraine…….

    • But Nunz, how else can we keep that Niagara of money flowing to the Pentagram? Only so many balloons they can shoot down at $500k a pop. I hate these chickenhawks with a passion, always ready to send somebody else to get shot at while they hide behind multiple levels of security. Would love to round them all up and drop them into the front line of whatever war they’re pimping for at the moment. Have Dick Cheney push Kissinger’s wheelchair over a land mine – two birds etc.

    • It seems that the world requires an evil empire. Now the US is that empire, and most definitely without my consent.
      Over the last 30 years, who has killed more people on foreign soil, the US/NATO, or Russia or China? It’s not even a close contest.
      The US military has been engaged in killing people for all but about 20 years of the US existence. In response an acquaintance called us “Spartans”, I called us the “Mongol Horde”.


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