“Authentic, Uplifting Campaigns”

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It used to be considered derogatory to suggest black people had different, race-specific likes and dislikes about cars, as cars were once upon a time just cars – just as we once agreed to hope (most of us) that people would one day be considered just people.

Well, never mind that.

Hyundai has “enlisted” a very specifically “black” marketing agency styled – with interestingly disingenuous non-specificity – Culture Brands – to “connect” with specifically black consumers through “authentic, uplifting campaigns.”

All of the foregoing in quotation marks because as with everything said by the Left – and that is who and what we’re dealing with here – etymological deconstruction is required to understand the meaning and so the intention of the words used.

“Culture Brands” means specifically marketing aimed at black people. Not just people. Herewith the company in its own – more direct – words:

“Yes, we’re marketers, but we like to consider ourselves culture shapers and shifters. We use our cultural fluency to inspire multicultural audiences by ensuring they feel seen, heard and valued in a culturally relevant and responsible way. . .”

And who is this “multicultural audience” the company speaks of? It is one specific “culture” – and it specifically excludes another one, not mentioned much less included. Not even in token. So much for the “inclusiveness” the Left often waxes orgiastically about, almost.

It is interesting to note that the Left equates “culture” with race. That “culture” is an elaboration of race. That is to say, we are not just people but inherently different people – defined by much more than just the color of our skin. Or – rather – that our skin color is what defines who we are.

Ergo, cars – which ones we like and don’t – are also about “culture.” Which is to say, they are about race. One in particular. Only we’re not supposed to talk about the race-obsession this reflects, the way it reduces just people to just widgets, according to their race.

Whoops, their “culture.”

The result is an ad campaign titled OKAY Hyundai – which is very exclusive, in that there is only one race included. Perhaps Hyundai imagines only that particular race might be interested in the car it’s trying to sell to them. Certainly, the reverse is implied by the commercial – and would be expounded upon with extreme unction, probably, if the ad campaign only featured actors of one other race. That would be “racist,” of course. Or at the very least, “insensitive.” There would be calls for “awareness” – of what was missing – along with “sensitivity” training.

The irony is lost on these people.

Insights into the vehicle target were honed through research and real time polls leveraged through Because of Them We Can®. OKAY Hyundai contains cultural references and nuances embedded into the creative messaging which is part of the Culture Brands recipe.”

And what might some of these “cultural references” and “nuances” be?

Eunique Jones-Gibson (of course) who is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Culture Brands explains: “OKAY is defined as a word that is used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance. In the African American community, placing OKAY before something is the quintessential way things worth noticing are acknowledged. Together, it’s the perfect nod to Hyundai and to our prospective buyers.”

In other words – in straightforward words – black people have black-specific language and it must be used, specifically and consciously, to market things to black people, exclusively.

Imagine a “brand” of a different color employing similar “creative messaging.”

Then there is this “messaging” – from Ford – about how “we” (decryption follows) ought to be “celebrating” women, without whom cars would lack heaters, windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights and GPS. Because men – those Neanderthals – would otherwise have kept such from ever being offered.

“For the first time ever, we’ve completely reimagined the automobile,” intones the male voice-over.  “Introducing the men’s only Ford Explorer… with no windshield wipers,  no heater, no turn signals” (the male voice turns soy and snarky here) “wait, no rearview mirror? No GPS? Are you kidding?” (the soy voice whines, with suitable femininity). “Ah. It’s missing all the parts created by women. Wow. Whose great ideas was that”?

Where to begin deconstructing this?

In fact, the earliest cars did have – or at least, offered – windshield wipers. The Model T Ford, for instance, came standard with them (as well as a rearview mirror) 100 years ago.  Not because women ran Ford at the time, either. Rather, it was because men and women appreciated being able to see where they were going as well as what was behind them. Just as men and women appreciate the self-starter (invented by a man named Kettering) as well as the automatic transmission, also developed by men, to make cars easier for everyone to drive.

Sexual equipment having about as much to do with the appeal of such things as having indoor plumbing is appealing to everyone, regardless of their equipment.

But the lecturing is all about how stupid – how stagnant – men are. That, absent the direction of women, we’d all be Fred Flintsone’ing it.

It is precisely because of the direction of women and those who who support women directing things – as opposed to people deciding things, for themselves – that there are no longer alternatives. For men – or women. As once there were, when people could buy what suited them, irrespective of sex or color – because it is what they liked and wanted.

. . .

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  1. “OKAY is defined as a word that is used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance. In the African American community, placing OKAY before something is the quintessential way things worth noticing are acknowledged.”
    Except if you choose the gesture version, immediately becoming a white supremacist.

    • Hi Henry,

      This stuff is done without any sense of humor, too – such as the “know what I mean, Vern” commercials of the ’80s – which made fun of white hicks but in good fun.

    • In fact, I remember jokes like “What three French words do all black people know? Coupe De Ville!” not to mention Sarah Silberman’s “Jewish People Driving German Cars” routine.

  2. “OKAY is defined as a word that is used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance in the African American community.” — eric

    Apparently, the failed Silicon Valley Bank donated an astonishing $73,450,000 to Black Lives Matter, which used it to burn cities, overturn police cars, and smash shop windows:


    Thanks to the Fed’s BTFP (Buy The Fucking Pivot) special purpose vehicle, ‘we’ have now picked up the tab.


    • Newsom and the chinese had a bunch of money in SVB too….and their depositors were big demonrat contributors……..another main…. big reason it got bailed out

  3. “Buy this car! What are you? White or something?” I fail to see how that’s a winning marketing strategy.
    Sarcasm aside, if you have been paying any attention to teevee commercials for the past few years, you would think you’re living in Ethiopia. All black. Apart from that they feature some gay or mixed race couple as prominent, like it’s a normal occurrence. Strange days have found us.

  4. The Mentally Retarded Shitheads(MRS) / Virtue Signaling Feebs(VSF), aka, Americans will just love this ad and go buy a shit-ton of Hyundais! Guaranteed! Just Brilliant!

  5. Tried to post this earlier and it must’ve gotten sucked up into some filter. Walmart has been repeatedly posting aggressive ads about “black businesses” on a white as snow water sports weather website I view daily. Weird, right? Wonder why this marketing seems strangely political and disconnected from something that might actually generate some profits? Here’s a theory. From a James Kunstler piece at LRC posted on 3/13 titled Everything, All at Once.

    To quote:

    I heard a rumor this week (yes, it’s just a rumor) that the Federal Reserve is bailing out WalMart, the Krogers supermarket chain, and other national food distributors in a stealth overnight lending operation. Their business model is shot. Nobody has the scratch to buy stuff. The never-ending Blue Light Special has finally gone dark. Make of it what you will. Could be some kind of fake news. But if it’s not, we’re talking about not just giant businesses in deep trouble and possibly going down, but also about a big problem with food moving around the country. Do you suppose that might get people’s attention?

    • I nave heard that walmart’s sales are down….the only thing people are buying now is food, because they are buried in debt and broke…they can’t afford all that other useless, low quality crap, made in china, they sell..walmart hates it because they say they don’t make money on food……

      walmart just destroys all the small local businesses, they are just like amazon…an outlet for chinese crap…they pay low wages and use all the infrastructure for free….they do that by putting all their profits through low tax….. tax havens….totally parasitic….

      shop at small locally owned businesses…the money stays, is spent locally

    • They probably will be nationalized when they have everyone herded into FMC 15 min cities/ghettos/prisons….

      The government will control all food supplies…the ultimate control…your daily insect meal will be delivered to you daily, from the government….if your social credit score is high enough or you have money left in your CBDC account which can be frozen for saying anti narrative stuff…people are catching on to this FMC 15 min city agenda and are asking questions…pushing back….

      How Thetford Community are fighting back


      • FMC 15-minute cities/ghettos/prisons…….. a trap marketed as utopia….

        you’ll go nowhere and be happy…lol…and own nothing….

        the politicians and the wef have contempt for the people

        The elite nobility, their billionaire friends and their we f…..
        When you consider the positioning and branding of the W EF, with their certitude and paternalism, it all makes a lot more sense when viewed as a cult instead of a cabal. Cultists know all…. they have the inside track …… and most importantly, they claim moral authority over us all by Divine Right.

        techno-utopianism was ultimately a Luc iferian construct. …… that the aspiration to “usurp God” was Lucif erian in character …..the wef/marxist/cultists see themselves as the new gods…. they claim moral authority over us all by Divine Right.

        They call the people, the useless eaters on the bottom an invasive species now, destroying the planet…and they must be dealt with….

        the first step is to herd the invasive species into FMC 15 min cities, where they can be monitored and controlled…until dealt with….

        the people on the bottom have to realize they are dealing with a cult….a cult that sees them as a highly destructive…. invasive species

        the good news is….lol….the politicians have been paid to implement the wef agenda….kiss your nice life goodbye…

        these people are pushing back now……


    • Now I’ve got 3 Anon1 replies. The first one, okay. The next 2? I want to believe this isn’t ChatGPT but hmmmn…

      • ai bots don’t write anything anti wef/marxist narrative…the ones so far all have a leftist/communist bias….the conservative bias bots aren’t out yet…..

        any complaints about an anti wef narrative are all ai bots…hello bot….lol

        • I’m sure that these learning machines can be programmed with any “bias” you’d like. Whether they can communicate it in concise, contextually coherent full sentences with proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, that’s another story.

      • I rarely enter a Walmart but that has been my impression as well, for years now. However, my local Kroger, which used to get pretty busy at times in years past, seems extremely quiet these days. One checker lane open and never a wait. People buying a few items bodega style. Rarely a full cart. Also, the first thing I encountered upon entering the other day was a huge rolling cart near the front door selling expired produce for $1 each. This kind of thing used to be tucked in the back of the store on occasion but there it was, front and center. We know Kroger is all in on woke, vaxxes, and all the current things. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it, like Walmart, is a 100% gov’t operation, far beyond being just a major bennies collector.

        • Kroger really wants to buy Albertson’s/Safeway. Not sure it will go though at this point. The claim is neither can “compete” with Walmart. DK why, I pretty much only shop at Safeway and Costco, even though Kroger (City Market) is all over the place.

          My guess is the O’Biden adminstration will block the merger though. Safeway is a union shop, Kroger isn’t. Oh, wait, the Democrats aren’t the working man’s party anymore, so who knows?

  6. Virtue signaling with a side of pandering.

    That is all this is.

    I worked in advertising for a while (graphic designer). There is NOTHING “authentic” about advertising. That is the reason why most advertising is ineffective, because it is hard to be “authentic” to people and then sell them something. Relationships take a long time to build, and you only got 30 seconds….

    “Hi, I’m your friend, well I will be if you buy this from me. If you don’t, you won’t see me around too long because I have things to sell.” It’s like when you have a not very close friend that starts selling Amway, Avon or Cutco knives. You hear from them for the first time in five years…. Barf….

    Funny how stuff like this isn’t consider racist.

    • Back in college in 1995, I was one of those dupes who got suckered into selling Cutco knives. We had to buy a special demo knife set and bother friends/family/referrals with a canned presentation in their houses. I sold a few sets, but my travel expenses actually ate up the meager commissions I made. I was going into debt nearly traveling out of state to try and sell the products. My Plymouth Duster V8 didn’t get good gas mileage. I lasted two weeks and quit!

  7. >men and women appreciate the self-starter (invented by a man named Kettering) as well as the automatic transmission

    Well, my grandma Gretchen drove a stick shift back in the 1930s, before synchromesh. She also did a few other scandalous things, such as smoke cigarettes and make wine from dandelions.

    She wasn’t all *that * much of a renegade, though, having married a banker. My granddad’s boss in later life was Mary G. Roebling, who was the first woman to head a major U.S. bank.

    As well, my Mom, an NYU grad, was a commissioned officer in the U.S Army during the second World War (as was my Dad), and always had her own professional career.

    So, the doors have always been open, for those who are qualified.

  8. Well, no, GPS was *NOT* “invented by a woman.”
    In fact, it was a team effort, which required the skills of many very intelligent, highly educated humans over the span of many years to develop.

    According to Wikipedia:

    > Roger L. Easton of the Naval Research Laboratory, Ivan A. Getting of The Aerospace Corporation, and Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory are credited with inventing it.

    As it happens, I was personally acquainted with one of the many engineers who worked on this project. He was full blooded Japanese-American, educated at U. of Washington, and a very smart man, as are all his descendants, male and female.

    His granddaughter, Lisa, graduated first in her high school class, graduated UCLA, now runs a software company with her husband, a UC Riverside graduate. Besides that, Lisa is a drop dead beautiful woman, just like her Mom.

    So, there are real world examples of “diversity.” There is no need to make shit up. All that does is destroy the credibility of those telling the lies.

  9. Never paid any attention to color or sex until the 90s. I worked offshore platforms and watched a young woman weighing about 100 lbs trying to hammer wrench off 2 inch nuts on a pipe cap. She almost fell off the pipe with every swing of the sledge hammer. I laughed (it was funny) and walked off to finish my work. Turn out it wasn’t so funny when I was called on the carpet and almost fired for not helping her. When I asked why they hired her knowing she could not do the job it only enraged them more.

    Then I noticed some of my black and Latino friends were beginning to avoid me. I guess those TeeVee commercials were affecting them. Then many would form into groups during break times.

    Over time we stopped communicating. Pretty sad.

    What I have noticed is, it was ( and still is ) mostly Whites that were/are promoting these divisions. There is money involved everywhere in the hiring and education establishments from the federal, state and local governments. With mostly Whites as owners or board members they would push for more laws to ‘help’ women and those of color. They have made literally billions in the form of government subsidies which only enticed them to double down.

    Today colleges are making a fortune allowing many entrance that cannot do the work. Many grade on a sliding scale that easily makes a ‘D’ student an ‘A’ student to keep the federal funds rolling in. Today they are allowing women and those of color entrance without even looking at entrance exams saying that to do so is racist. Any failure of the college itself is marked up as ‘White Supremacy’.

    Same for the workplace especially the large corporations. I worked for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the US. Every month we were terrorized with some sort of anti-white propaganda disguised as a anti women and minority discriminatory program. Our yobs required we follow the dictates no matter what or no yob.

    This is probably what happened to SVB and Signature banks. They were more interested in numbers and woke policies than the business itself. Because of this I suspect they’re will be more failures due to woke policies but it will never be mentioned.

    It is a shame that the nation that used to be described as the melting pot is now self destructing because of division all perpetrated by federal, state and local governments and Whites making a fortune selling division.

  10. Talk about “authentic(?), uplifting campaigns”:

    ‘Is it surprising that Signature Bank failed?

    ‘Their executive team spent millions of dollars to produce music videos & TV shows about themselves.

    ‘Try not to cringe as you watch this:’


    Who knew that working in a dull bank cubicle was all about dancing, high-fiving, and singing diversity anthems?

    How did that work out for y’all …

  11. @ John Kable:
    In my years as a framing carpenter in So Cal, I never saw a woman on a job site, except to drive the lunch truck (a.k.a. “roach coach”), and it was not because of “discrimination.”

    All the assembly operations were piecework. Prices were set such that a young, fit male with the requisite skill could “make breakdown,” i.e. accomplish enough work to at least equal the hourly wage required by the union contract. Fact is, no woman I have ever met has the physical strength to even attempt these tasks, let along the skill to carry them out, any more than a woman could play in the NFL, NHL, or MLB.

    So, no men, no houses.

  12. I must be in the minority (no pun intended), but I’m not offended by the Hyundai ad. This sort of marketing has been going on probably since humans resided in caves. Review a magazine from 30 years ago aimed at people of color and look at the advertisements. They were often very different from ads in the magazines aimed at more general audiences. Arguably those ads once mostly limited to publications serving people of color are only now more mainstream.

    Car companies other than Hyundai also seem to be trying overtly to appeal to minority audiences, in different ways. For example, some of Cadillac’s television ads for its (hideous) Lyric EeeVee seem to be aimed directly at people of color.

    But the Hyundai ad suggests a tantalizing line that as far as I know has not yet been crossed. That is, cars designed, built, and marketed for and to specific racial and cultural groups. Will be see a Hyundai “HipHop” EeeVee? Imagine how that might be decked out, not to mention the customized versions. The mind reels. Amidst a shrinking car market and fewer buyers resulting from boring styles, unnecessary and unwanted Rube Goldberg complexity, and prohibitively high costs, car makers seeking a profit may become willing once again to take some head-turning risks.

    But perhaps Hyundai knows something that non-people of color do not know. Once the “reparations” bills are passed, one group will have money to spend and others may have a lot less.

    • I could be wrong but, it’s the fact that Whites have been told to be “inclusive” while other colors demand to be “exclusive”.

      Exclusivity is fine if it’s applied to all.

      Can you imagine a car company advertising to people who might want a car done up like the General Lee? I think you know the answer.

    • Reparations, Taxes, Fees,,, all the same. Thievery. The fact that governments may make it ‘legal’ doesn’t change the fact. Reparations being the worst of them. Robbing people that didn’t even exist when the ‘event’ was committed is thievery of the worse kind.

  13. Hyundai is a South Korean corporation and a couple of slant eyes aren’t in the commercial? Another outrage in the new great reset.

    How many blacks live in South Korea? Must be targeting blacks who want to buy a new car.

    When Ronald Reagan was the candidate for president of the world, he promised to reduce marginal tax rates on incomes. The 70 percent rate was reduced to 50 percent.

    Then you know what happened? Every black professional athlete voted Republican for president in the election of 1980. Black professional athletes know who butters their bread the bestest.

    The at one time liberal Democrat Ronald Reagan, criticized corporations for being greedy and profiting at the expense of labor, woke up and saw the light.

    “One hell of an engine,” said Joe the mechanic about Hyundais.

    BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street hold about 14,000,000 shares of Silicon Valley Bank.

    Those guys aren’t happy, zero times any number big or small is still zero.

    • “One hell of an engine,” said Joe the mechanic about Hyundais….haha

      do a search on how many class action suits there are against hyundai because the engines break/explode/fail

      my friend’s hyundai 130,000 miles…engine blew…piece of junk…

  14. The corporate types who push this race-based advertising are doing their corporations a disservice.
    Placing blacks in situations that rarely exist (for them) can easily be seen through by “the rest of us”.
    Mixed-race couples such as black men with white women are particularly offensive and results in my taking my business elsewhere. I make it a point to let them know why, as well.
    Even Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) was against race-mixing as he stated in his interview with Alex Haley. One of the most offensive ads is the progressive insurance “tv dad” ads. What the hell is Warren Buffet thinking? In every ad nowadays, there is always at least one black person despite that being the exception, rather than the rule in most cases.
    Yes, I am “racist” and damned proud of it.

    • Another offensive ad is the one for “Gain” laundry detergent. The fat black woman is swooning over her detergent while the white male is shown wearing a tie that is too short and pants pulled up sharply, being portrayed as a low-iq “geek” and is but another example of the denigration of white males.
      Procter and Gamble doesn’t get my business…

    • Really, you are offended by Carl Winslow? The Family Matters dad? Not once in this commercial did I think of a racist slant, just a small trip down memory lane from a TV show from the 1990s. I would have thought the same thing if they put in Tony Michelli or Tim (The Tool Time) Taylor.

      • Yes, I am offended by seeing a black man lecture a family, making decisions for a family that is not his.
        It’s denigration of a white family’s decisions that is offensive.

  15. My father told me decades ago that the amount of advertising is in direct proportion to what is not selling. In other words, it is meant to create a desire that doesn’t already exist in great numbers. If the sales were there, they would spend the millions to advertise.

  16. A Japanese colleague, Kenji T********, once remarked to me about his country being the only ‘colored’ people (meaning, lacking the pinkish skin tone of northern Europeans) in the G7. Though when it came to minority status, Kenji identified more with [largely self-segregated] Jews than with American blacks.

    Do Koreans lionize American blacks, in their celebrity roles as athletes and screen stars? Kim Jong Un’s affinity for American basketball player Dennis Rodman suggests that maybe they do.

    What Koreans may not grok is that tolerant Americans are getting fed up with force-fed artificial diversity.

    Last weekend I happened to see the film 65, a thin parade of CGI horrors set in Jurassic times. Space ship pilot Mills [Adam Driver], from a distant advanced planet, and a nine-year old girl are the only characters in the Earth-based portion. But in a brief prequel on his home planet, Mills is shown with his African-American wife and mixed-race daughter. Nudge, nudge! One can’t help noticing the intrusive implication that advanced planets of course feature mixed marriages.

    On Earth, Mills’ nine-year-old charge, awakened from a cryogenic pod, is made up to resemble an exotic Native American or South Asian princess. But her real-life name is … Ariana Greenblatt. Hollywood values, comrades: when you don’t actually have much ethnic diversity, culturally appropriate and then fake it till you make it! 🙂

  17. This ranks up there with colleges and such hosting/promoting “black only” events. Imagine the hair-on-fire hysteria for any organization promoting “white only” events.

  18. What a racist world is being created now. My god, just after finally getting most everyone to accept the concept of not giving a damn about skin color, sex, national origin, and all the other immutable characteristics people are born with, now we get these fools who want to do the opposite. Do B-lack people not understand that their being here-at least the ones who can trace ancestry back a ways-is a legacy of slavery? The same legacy they urp up anytime they want to white guilt someone into agreeing to something stupid.

    Meh. Only gets better until after it gets much, much worse.

    • Hi Mike,

      I have come to appreciate good jazz. I start my mornings with it. I end my days with it. I can’t even watch the propaganda that makes TV what it is in this day and age. If it wasn’t for Eric’s blog, I would have no idea these commercials even exist…thank goodness.

          • Hi RG,
            I usually only catch maybe 3-4 hours a day at the most (I don’t sit at my desk all day) but, it seems like the largest playlist of any genre’ I’ve ever heard. Months will go by before I hear a repeat. Heck, they even have some Tom Waits and Lyle Lovett every now and then.

      • “Good jazz” like “good” any art, is purely subjective. Especially as regards “jazz” which encompasses many forms, from big bands to Dixie Land, to progressive, and all in between. The former two I like, the latter I despise.
        Likewise, I don’t watch TV. I don’t even have the capability to watch it. No antenna, no satellite service, etc. It never was all that good, and of late it’s much worse. I used to watch it for sports, but since “sports” have gone full woke/Covid, I’m uninterested in them as well.

      • RG,

        Totally get it. When my wife was still alive, she watched television from the time I got her up until I put her back in bed.

        For myself, teeeveee is limited to a few shows. On history channel (The Food that Built America), Science Channel (How the Universe Works), RFD (AgPhD), and older movies on TMC (e.g. Bridge Over the River Kwai).

        Besides, if we can ever warm up, most of my time is spent outside.

  19. Maybe SVB bank made their loan decisions on race and sex and not competence and ingenuity?

    I am so sick of watching TV ads with either 100% of the people depicted are from one race originating from a specific continent named Africa, and the other races appearing as dolts and dumbasses. This is racist. Not buying their products nor their fouled ideology.

    We’re headed for a bad place very fast.

    • Denigration of whites has been going on for a very long time…
      All one has to do is observe “who owns Hollywood” and that they fear White male power…
      Let’s look at American “popular culture” and see how the White heterosexual American male is portrayed and treated.
      Today’s popular culture and the culture going back sixty years or so has portrayed us White males as bumbling idiots, controlled and insulted by, a know-it-all domineering “wife”, with snotty and bratty children insulting him at every turn.
      Us adult White males are not looked upon as leaders and protectors of society and their families as we once were, but are relegated to the lowest level of humanity, to be used and abused by everyone else.
      It doesn’t stop there, Hollywood’s negative portrayal of White males, with minorities being in positions of power and responsibility, the (inferior) White male is always answering to a black superior, supervisor or leader, despite reality dictating otherwise.
      The “education system” is no better, being geared for females, who have totally feminized the system, relegating boys to the status of being dysfunctional, to be drugged and even ostracized, just for being boys.
      The LGBTQXYZ movement is another more recent “nail in the coffin” for heterosexual White American men.
      The condemnation and marginalization of us white males is almost complete. It is long overdue to take back our rightful place in society. Start out by boycotting Hollywood and letting program sponsors know why…
      As an addendum, Norman Lear’s “All In the Family” sitcom has actually backfired on his Hollywood-imposed views disparaging White men. Young aware Whites who watch this sitcom today agree with Archie Bunker…a good thing.
      On a worldwide basis, Whites comprise approximately 12% of the world population. It is us Whites who should be considered an “endangered species” and cherished.

      • Everything you say is 100 percent true. I was sounding the alarm about that in the 1980’s when Michael Jackson was lightening his skin color and presumably got surgery to feminize his face. What was disturbing was that the public liked his performances.

        I remember also in the 1980’s that there was an increasing acceptance of the lesbian thing going on. Women began doing it with each other and men applauded it. Straight women became fag hags and would rather hang out with some fag than a normal straight man. Of course, there are always differences between the sexes, but women began pulling away during that period.

        Regarding Archie Bunker, a lot of people liked the guy, but many more didn’t. Only recently, did people begin liking him in a big way.

        The predominant culture in this country has become more conservative, but the predominant culture is increasingly marginalized by the usual cacaphony of idiots and is becoming fewer in gross number.

        To illustrate the idea that the country is becoming more conservative, look at the make up of the House, the Senate, the governorships and the legislatures. In 1977, there were 63 Democrat Senators and more than 290 Democrats in the House. The Democrats predominantly controlled governorships as well. The “people” elected some pretty lousy radicals who got a bunch of bad crap through. The EPA, the OSHA, the 55 mph speed limit, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education being a few. People were electing far left Democrats to positions of power much like they do today. The difference today is that the elections are rigged in a way more sophisticated way and the Democrats are much more consolidated than they are today while the other side is atomized through internal corruption.

        In the 1970s, we had Bella Absug, Barbara Jordan, Patricia Schroeder who just croaked, and Elizabeth Holtzman. In the center of the country, we had Humphrey and McGovern. It was pretty awful then, too, but not like now. Agreed.

  20. Why does Hyundai wish to destroy black wealth? Aren’t these the same cars that one only needs a USB cord to steal, because they were manufactured without engine immobilizers making them one of the easiest automobiles to pilfer? Hyundai (and Kia) allowed this to continue for almost a decade. It looks to me like Hyundai wishes to keep the black community improvised. Maybe if they made a sedan that wasn’t so easy to tinker and take off with, they could save some advertising dollars and individuals would purchase their good.

    I absolutely abhor this man vs woman, black vs white, etc. segregation that continues to be invoked by the media and advertising execs. How does this aid any of us? The majority of “unwoke” businesses do not perform litmus tests on our clients. Why? Because gender, race, culture, religion, or sexuality is irrelevant when it comes to customers. It all boils down to money. Yep, that green stuff that most people carry in their wallet or purse…it makes the world revolve. Pissing off half of the country (or more than half of the country) to virtue signal some point will only execute an organization’s exit.

    Does anyone want to know a deciding factor in advertisement? The price point. Yep, the amount and costs of goods and services. Shocking, huh? That is what the clientele decides on and that determines who a business’s clientele is. Over the last decade companies have forgotten this and then wonder why their bottom line is suffering.

    The DIE (diversity, inclusion, equity) philosophy will only expedite a business’s failure. Focus on maintaining and manufacturing a good product or service. Patrons will purchase it. At the end of the day isn’t this all that matters? People happy about a quality product. No exclusion necessary.

    • The words “We can do this” at the end of every one of the Fed’s jab spots I hear on the radio lately, invoking the image of the WWII poster sold in museum gift shops as an empowerment icon.

    • And not only do they divide, they also insult the very groups that they are trying to attract. What self-respecting black woman would respond favorably to an ad featuring a carful of giggling airhead black chicks?

    • Yes, prices are still the major driver. Hyundai offers it’s customers the most features for the buck these days. But, there is no truth to get woke go broke maxim. That’s because in the woke world, you never go broke. You just somehow hitch your wagon to a pipeline of endless money from the securities markets and probably hidden government grants and the printing press only available to those companies who do the most damage to ordinary americans.

      As for Hyundai, I don’t understand why they seem to need to advertise to black people exculusively. They already have a huge piece of that market. Close to 7/10 Hyundai drivers are black as it is. This is just a set aside for likely some friends Hyundai Of America’s internal marketing department.

      Hyundai will do what they do for the same reason that Disney will do what it does. Disney has gotten worse over the last 10 years, not better.

    • Japanese cars are supposed to be good quality….except for the locks and ignition switch….easy to steal…very soft weak metal….

      It almost looks like they like it that way…never fixed the problem….then you can sell more parts, replacement cars….$$$$

      The german cars have very strong locks….far harder to steal…

      • “Read’em and Weep”?
        “Please Don’t Be Scared”?
        “Bermuda Triangle”?
        ‘Some Good Things Never Last”?
        “When the Good Times Come Again”?

        I figured “Mandy” and the “Copacabana” probably weren’t it. 🙂

        • Manilow penned the State Farm “Like a good neighbor” jingle back in the day. The legend is that it was done for a flat fee of $500.

          Depending on the cut of the flick, if you pay attention, in addition to his normal contributions to the soundtrack of “Foul Play”, you will hear the Manilow jingles, including State Farm, Band Aid (“I am stuck on Band Aid brand …”) and McDonalds.

          I saw endless reruns of “Foul Play” on HBO in the afternoons as a kid. I had no life.

  21. In my 25+ years of plumbing I never once saw a woman risking her life in a sewer ditch. No men, no indoor plumbing. Welcome to the feminist out house.
    I fail to see any possible positive outcome from separating us all into this or that demographic, defined by sex, real or imagined, skin color, mother tongue, etc.
    Except for the Psychopaths In Charge. Much easier to tyrannize smaller sub groups than to tyrannize every body all at once. Instead, this demographic group praises the tyranny inflicted upon that demographic group, and vice versa. Who knew that Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, written as satire, would become our guiding light?

      • No one saves a single life. They may extend it, as plumbers do, and doctors sometimes, or they may shorten it, as doctors often do, and the state does as a SOP.
        Nobody gets out of this alive.

      • Plumbers, engineers, electricians, mechanics. The “lowly” tradesmen, almost always men, who gave refrigeration, HVAC, cheap efficient transportation, and safe housing, are responsible for ALL the longevity gains of the last 200 years. Doctors and quack medicine have done little.

        • Not to mention clean water, which is dubious now. Who are at most risk in heat waves and deep freezes? Infants and the elderly.
          The third highest cause of death, that will never show on a death certificate, is medical error. About 250k Americans per year.

          • re….The third highest cause of death

            In a June 2010 report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, authors said that in looking over records that spanned from 1976 to 2006 they found that out of 62 million death certificates, 25 million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors.

            The total number of deaths due to the American allopathic medical system of drugging, unnecessary surgeries, infections, medical errors, etc., is nearly 800,000 people per year!

            This is more than people who die from heart disease with over 600,000 deaths per year and cancer with over 500,000 deaths per year.

            According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 100,000 Americans die from reactions to LEGAL prescription drugs each year, making this the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.
            The death toll from ILLEGAL drugs stands at only 10,000.

            the biggest killer worldwide is malnutrition…starvation….that is why the control group is taking control of all the food supply…and gates buying all the farmland….the most efficient weapon for these eugenicists is starvation….their favorite weapon……

            lock them into FMC 15 min cities (death camps)… where they can’t buy or grow food…then starve them to death…


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