Serial Sickness

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You may have heard that Whoopie Goldberg and “Dr.” Jill Biden have both come down with “COVID” again. But how can this be? Weren’t both of them “vaccinated” – several times?

How many times does it take?

Or rather, what will it take to make these people get that the “vaccines” they took “work” about as “effectively” as the “masks” they wore?

Never mind. “Dr.” Jill is wearing her “mask” again. And so – apparently – is the dementia patient in her care. Who also previously came down with “COVID” after receiving his “vaccine” – and “booster,” too.

Naturally, these people are pushing for more “vaccination.” And – soon – “masking,” too.

The latter is being urged – being defended – by Dr. Fauci, who is at least a doctor in that he went to medical school. Unlike “Dr.” Jill Biden. Both, however, are quacks of the first feather. Dr. Fauci re-established his bona fides the other day when he responded to a CNN reporter (!) who quoted at length from a peer-reviewed study that found no difference in “masked” vs. un-“masked” populations in terms of increased or decreased sickness, one vs. the other.

Never mind the science. “The Science” – that is, Dr. Fauci – says otherwise. “When you’re talking about at the population level,” he says – and whatever that means – “that the data are less strong” – meaning, there is no data to support the contention that “masks” serve any meaningful prophylactic purpose –  “than knowing that if you look on the situation as an individual protecting themselves or protecting them from spreading it, there’s no doubt that masks work.”

Come again?

He conceded – with obvious reluctance – that “the data are less strong” that “masks” serve any meaningful prophylactic purpose on the “population level.” But – somehow – they “work” on the individual level. Does this doctor really not understand that populations are composed of individuals? That if a supposed prophylactic does not work for a population of individuals it does not by definition work for the individuals within that population?

Never mind. Just wear a “mask.” Just because. It’ll make you feel better. It’l make others feel better. So long as everyone feels “safe” than all is well. Even if everyone is still getting sick.

And who keeps getting sick?

The “vaccinated.”

And they ask me why I drink . . .

. . .

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  1. RE: “what will it take to make these people get that the “vaccines” they took “work” about as “effectively” as the “masks” they wore?”

    Via LRC today: ‘How do we Reach the Brainwashed?’

    “The antidote to propaganda is art. […]

    I know how to reach them. Hopkins knows. It’s through art and satire.

    Facts don’t work on this crowd. You can send them all the carefully researched articles, documentaries, and books on the topic you can find to straighten them out, but they won’t be convinced; they are not even able to read them. Their minds have been closed and certain doors are bolted shut.

    However, through narrative, an author can get inside readers’ minds and show them a new perspective. Satire, subtle satire, is particularly effective because it first lures brainwashed readers in by reconstructing the skewed reality that they are used to and then slowly introduces a few details that can dispel the illusion.”…

  2. Put down the bottle before it’s too late!!! If people aren’t asking you why you own a gun, you’re woefully unprepared for what’s coming next Although I’ll add my own caveat that if you know how to conceal yourself like the Vietcong you won’t need a gun.

  3. I’ve said it before and will say it again and again and again: The Orange Man F’d up big time.

    Let me count the ways he F’d up:

    1. He failed to stop travel from China as soon as word got out that something was up—‘cause that’s raaaaaayyyycist!

    2. He let governors, state legislatures, mayors, county commissioners, and city councils run roughshod over their constituents.

    3. He did little or nothing to ramp up domestic production of essential goods, including and especially medical supplies.

    4. He failed to properly deploy the military to assist with civilian aid (those hospital ships never were filled).

    5. He failed to properly secure the borders and screen entrants.

    6. He dumped several metric shiploads of money into the economy, which set off inflation unseen in 40 years, and if measured properly, rivaled that of the 1970s, and possibly Germany in the Great Depression.

    7. He pushed the whole vaccination thing.

    8. He didn’t fire Fauci and Birx.

    9. He did not do anything to stop gain of function research and better secure biological laboratory facilities.

    10. He did nothing to get China to shut down its wet markets.

    11. He failed to protect the most vulnerable people from getting sick—like folks in nursing homes.

    12. He sat on his tiny hands when the AntiFart crowd ran amok.

    13. He failed to take on Big Food and their contribution to the known risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

    14. He let the teachers’ unions undermine kids’ education (not that they weren’t doing that already!)

    15. He engaged in conduct utterly unbecoming the office of the President—shooting off mean tweets (or mean X’s), made remarks about drinking and mainlining bleach, and making a first class fool of himself.

    16. He failed to ensure election integrity.

    17. He did not hold Big Pharma accountable and he failed to allow people the right to try treatments for COVID.

    18. He failed at letting “the science” work the way it should.

    19. He failed to own up to his mistakes.

        • Like how he pardoned Assange or Snowden? Trump is the swamp. What is going on in the news is nothing more than a Shakespearean tragedy for our benefit. Keep your eye focused over here, because we don’t want you to pay any attention of what we are doing over there. Do any of us really believe Trump will see time behind bars?

          He oversaw the greatest con in American history (the Scamdemic). Even his recent interview with Tudor Dixon about how we need a new vaccine and how many Americans he helped by warp speeding the other one. The only help he provided was 72% of Americans now have one foot closer to the grave.

        • Hi Vonu,

          It’s hard to trust Trump’s judgment (leaving aside other matters) given his serial failures during the last year of his presidency. And – after he lost (whether he “won” being immaterial as he is no longer president). Only now has he finally come out and said anything negative about “masks” – and he still hedges on the “vaccines.” Will I vote for him next fall? Assuming there is an election…? Well, if the alternative is Biden – or Big Mike – then yes, I will. But I no longer trust him and doubt he’ll do anything (again) other than talk about what he’s going to do.

          • Hi Eric,

            I am not doing it. No way. No how. I cannot pull the lever for him. My money is still on Nikki Haley and her Veep Tim Scott being on the ballot of clowns. She is a good RINO and can easily be controlled by the Asses on the Left and the Neo Cons on the Right.

            If I vote I guarantee it is a write in. Since voting is purely fiction maybe I will choose Superman or Mighty Mouse. On the other hand, I may just say “screw it” and just start drinking early that day. I will be three sheets to the wind by the time that “winner” is announced later that night and won’t give a damn.

            • Hi RG,

              I think I’ll be hitting the bottle that day as well! A friend of mine who is active in local politics wants me to be as well; to be a poll worker, etc. Maybe after half a fifth of Jim Beam…

              • Trump getting elected may actually bring down this phony baloney govt. as the reaction to it will be completely unhinged. Just the thought of the tears that will be shed by liberals would be enough for me.

                It’s all a charade anyway so inflicting maximum pain on your enemies is the most you can hope for.

                • The only purpose of Orange Fail being selected would be to enact lockdown and Warp Speed 2.0, gun confiscation, or some other tyrannical travesty a blue teamer like Brandon could never get away with. But at least he triggers the libs, har har!

              • I agree with you teacherspet, but don’t be surprised if the PAC donations that were originally going to DeSantis and Ramaswamy find a new home.

                She is easily influenced and she is portraying herself as a moderate. The “Republican” donors loves their RINOS. I don’t believe Trump is going to make it to the national ballot. Somebody’s name is going to be listed. I will be surprised if it isn’t Haley’s.

                • Haley will lose maybe 35 states. She will be the GOPs sacrifiical lamb.

                  I had a big problem with Trump’s entire term. He fumbled the ball too many times for it not to be a show.

                  None of the Trumpers will vote for Haley though. Turnout will drop to new lows.

                  • I disagree swamp. She will bring out suburban moms since she is toeing the abortion line. She will win over many Independents and the Never Trumpers. Those that can’t stand Biden (or Harris) will vote for her to vote against them.

                    Trump will not win the Presidential campaign. He is too divisive. The only hope that he has is that RFK Jr gets into the race as a third party candidate which will take away a portion of the Democratic vote making it harder to cheat.

                    Trump pushed the vaccines and put Fauci on center stage…he ignored his gut instinct. He (and Biden) made this country hell on Earth for three years. Neither one of them deserve the title of President.

    • The fact that you include several “failures” that have to do with the imaginary virus shows that you are a covid believer. Until you wake up and turn the TV off, you don’t have any room to talk about the failures of anybody besides yourself.

  4. The “miracle injections” were never intended to solve the Mysterious Case of the Wuhan Flu. They were only designed as a psychosomatic aid to make people believe they were getting injected with a cure when they were really receiving a placebo. Or worse.

    Do I have to state that I just made a statement of opinion? Well, I just did.

    When the world keeps seeing advocates for a solution getting the problem that their supposed solution was supposed to cure, there should be a reckoning. How many more times will people believe the person in the surgical gown and diaper when that person’s illness is showing that their “facts” are wrong? When will those snake-oil peddlers reach their use-by date?

    • Hi Gil,

      Well, the fact is people were generally healthier in those days. Two out of three people weren’t obese, taking meds for chronic health problems, etc. A healthy person with a strong immune system catches a cold – if he catches it – and it’s just a cold. A chronically sick, obese person catches a cold and it may just kill him.

  5. I’ve been saying it to whoever would listen, and am sadly being vindicated. “Round One” was a human-engineered dry run, a “compliance check” designed to see how far the masses could be pushed, rolled out by a coalition of globalist forces (WEF, WHO) in March of 2020 in order to prevent, inter alia, the reelection of Donald Trump. Because the likes of Klaus Schwaab, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates already believe in their divinity, they’ve not been reticent in revealing their true motives (they are agents of evil, a force that can only be suppressed in the short term, but never eliminated, a force that will always re-emerge). I told folks then that the “Alpha” version of global COVID hysteria would simply fade away, without fanfare or declarations of “all-clear”, but that it could, and would, be resurrected. with the figurative “flip of a switch” as needed, which is happening now, as the 2024 election looms. The brilliance of this scam is that it is non-perishable, with no shelf life, fueled by “useful idiots” who will become disposable “useless eaters” once their usefulness is exhausted, after which their fates cannot be guaranteed. We are living in dark times, the likes of which we’ve not seen since the rise of totalitarianism in Europe during the 1930s, and it’s not going to get better on its own.

    • Hi Pete,

      I worry about the same. Specifically, I worry that the “vaccinated” are sick. That their immune systems have been shattered by the “vaccines” and that – right on cue – they are going to begin getting very sick, very soon. This will be the next “pandemic” – and it will of course be blamed upon those who did not get “vaccinated,” who will be said to be “spreading” the new “virus.”

      I hope I am wrong.

        • Hi Pete –

          Amen. Same here. If I am right, it will be apocalyptic. Supposedly, some 80 percent of the population has been “vaccinated.” Imagine what it will be like if most of them start getting really sick all at once. Imagine bodies actually stacking up like cordwood. Imagine what it will be like for those of us who will be blamed for it – and targeted. It is not something I like to think about. I hope I am wrong. And I hope the reports I’ve read – about how these “vaccines” have crippled the immune systems of those who took them – are exaggerated. But I know directly of a fair number of people (in my circle) who have been “vaccinated” and keep on “catching COVID.” At the same time, everyone I know who did not get “vaccinated” is healthy.

          • Howdy Eric
            I’ve always liked your articles and the comments that they generate.
            What you and Pete are refering to, as you stated, “apocalyptic”, is not always appreciated as it should be.
            There is a lot of reference paid to things mentioned in Scripture. Apocalyptic is one of them. Revelations is one of the most often quoted books.
            I think you are very aware of how many things are attributed to in this and other books of the Bible. The funny thing is that as much as people like to quote these points, how much do they honestly believe that they are true and accurate? There is so much prophecy about the end of the world and how things will be and yet so few who actually seem to believe in it.
            “Wars. Rumors of wars. Famine. Earthquakes. Pestilence. Etc. Etc.” So much so that “…unless those days were shortened there should be NO FLESH SAVED.” And now many are thinking about the end of humanity if Ukraine continues to escalate. “…But for the elects sake those days shal be shortened.” That does not mean that I’ll make it through alive but some will. I can hope that I will. Hope is a precious thing. Have you ever just thought deeply what it would be like to have “No Hope”? None! “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.”
            That’s how it will be for some. NO HOPE! NONE!
            So much speculation about “The deep state. TpTb. Whose really in control? WEF. Davos. Nato. This foundation. That foundation. Some other foundation. Gates. Shaweb or however you spell it. Soros. Suckerburger. Bezos. Musket head. On and On but nothing ever finalized or proved. There is One Head who is in charge right now. Wanna guess who? But what gives me hope is He who has the final say.
            But the cold hard fact is that something is going on that has never gone on before and a few of us know that it cannot continue in-definately. Yukon Jack does a lot of pointing. He admits that he comes across radical at times but that does not mean he’s wrong.
            The writer of The Book of Revelations was told what to write and what words were to be used. I’ve wondered what John must have thought when he tried to imagine the things he was describing.
            How could he comprehend it all?
            But the bottom line is that there is so much of his and Christs’ prophecies to be seen and felt now that’s it’s a WONDER how few seem to be able to “SEE” and believe what they are “SEEING”.
            As you said, ” It is not something I like to think about. I hope I am wrong.” I think that many people feel that way, but way down deep they just can’t quite deny it. It’s like falling into water and then trying to believe that you are not all wet.
            I recently came across a statement about the solution to our problems. It involved three possibilities.
            The Ballot Box.
            The Jury Box.
            The Cartridge Box.
            I hope that is doesn’t have to come to that, but many believe it will.

            • Hi Roger,

              The game is afoot, no doubt. It is also in the final stages of a very long game that has been under way since at least the Wilson era and possibly longer ago than that. Whether there is a spiritual aspect to this is beyond my pay grade. I wish I knew, though.

              • Eric
                Yes, I believe it began long before Wilson. I am not a preacher or highly educated in anything except maybe simple living. I’m 83 and didn’t begin to learn anything of real importance until I was over 40. That was when I met a man from the backwoods of Missouri. He showed me how to understand what was written in The Book.
                At that time I began to be really drawn to find out what was really what. Up until that time I had just been meandering along and not really worrying a lot about anything.
                As far as your pay grade goes? There are promises made, and it’s absurd to even think that God would not keep His word.
                Christ said that no-one can come to Him unless the Father first draw him. In 83 years I’ve only met one preacher who does not say that all one has to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart, etc etc.
                Jesus says that unless the Father first draws you, you cannot come to Him. And if God does begin to draw one, that one will come.
                I think that the key here is the desire of one to know the truth. When that desire reaches the point where everything else is secondary in importance, I believe God will began to draw that person.
                Most people believe that they want to know the truth until you begin to tell it to them. Then when they realize that the truth is not what they want it to be, they decide not to accept it. Too uncomfortable or makes them have to change the way they live or believe. Like the Covid scam. How many want to believe that their government is out to kill them, or doesn’t give a rip what happens to them?
                But Christ says “If a son asks a loving father for bread will he give him a stone?” That “bread” is not made of flour and other material things. That “bread” is the “bread of life”. It is spiritual “bread”. We don’t have to ask God for bread to eat. He’s already provided everything we need physically. It’s wise and right to thank Him for it. The “daily bread” spoken of in The Lord’s Prayer is “spiritual bread”. It comes only from God directly and not out of the ground or from a store. In the original wording it is called “supersubstantial bread”. But how many know that?
                I’m sorry that I seem to be rambling but when you said, “I wish I knew though.”, I had the feeling that you were very sincere and I thought “How can I not at least try to help you with that.”
                Have you ever heard the saying “He had his heart set on it.”, or words to that effect?
                In the Book of Daniel we read about the vision that Daniel had and it troubled him so badly that he vowed that he would not eat or drink until he was given the understanding of the vision he had seen. Three weeks later the angel appeared to him and said “From the first day that thou set thine heart to understand, thy words were heard.” He was then given the answer. He had his heart set on knowing. That, I believe is how we must be if we truly want to know the Truth about what is going on and why. I don’t believe we have to stop eating or drinking but I do believe that we have to set our hearts as Daniel did. God saw that Daniel was sincere and determined.
                I believe that if you are truly determined to “know” and don’t stop wanting to know, God will at some point begin to show you. How and when will be His decision, but if you are sincere He will certainly know that too.
                What in all the earth is more important than knowing the truth? If we don’t know the truth about life, what is life worth?
                I wish you the best Eric.
                One of my grandsons is a self taught auto mechanic and very successful at it. Has his own business and does very well. His name is Eric.

                • Hi Roger,

                  Thank you for taking the time to write what you have. I agree with Solzhenitsyn (and others) who spoke of the importance of the truth. One of the problems this society is reeling from, in my opinion, is not merely a lack of respect for it but an incapacity or unwillingness to acknowledge there is (objective) truth. This manifests in such phenomena as the assertions made regarding “gender” fluidity; i.e., the idea that being male or female is a fungible thing, a matter of belief. It is a symptom of a serious disease.

                  On spiritual matters: I like to think (and hope I am) open-minded. I think there is almost certainly much more that is unseen than seen. I often am amazed by the seemingly intelligent coordination of the natural world. I do not dismiss (far from it) that there may be an intelligence behind this. But the specific nature of this intelligence boggles me.

                  And then there is the question of evil – transcendent evil, that is more than just people being evil. It is clear, certainly, that there have been and are evil people who believe they are serving (or deriving power from) an evil that transcends their own (viz, Alistair Crowley) but is there truth to it? Once again, I wish I knew. I know they intend evil and are motivated by evil – but does it encompass something more than their own evil?

                  We see through a glass, darkly… Or at least, I do!

                  • One cannot know divine power or evil power. Like you, I acknowledge it, but can’t describe it. In fact the Bible says you can’t. We don’t know exactly WTF is going on. But we do know there is good and evil. It becomes ever more evident.

                    • John and Eric
                      The Bible says lots of things that are “…hard to be understood.” But not all of it is. Otherwise there would be no reason for it to have been recorded, let-alone been maintained for several thousand years.
                      Speaking of Revelations St. Jerome wrote that there are more mysteries in that book than there are words.
                      But the Bible tells God’s people to be ”…wise as serpents and simple as doves.” I think one of the biggest problems people have is making things too complicated. Example; What’s the first thing one thinks of when they read the word serpent? A serpent of course. Of course common sense tells us that it’s not snakes that are being talked about here. These serpents are people, or at least they appear to be. Scripture is clear in identifying “That old serpent the dragon which is the devil and Satan.”
                      So what’s really going on? It’s called “The conflict of the Ages”. It’s God verses Satan. From the very beginning. That Serpent who is more subtle than any beast of the field.
                      He was chained for a thousand years while Christs church grew into the most powerful religion. Even Kings bowed to it. But then Satan escaped from the bottomless pit and went out to deceive the nations. It’s been at least 4oo years in the doing, but look at the results.
                      As I said above, many things are hard to understand but some are not.
                      This super revealing clue is so simple it’s hard to imagine someone not understanding it, but here it is.
                      I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “Like father, like son.”
                      Hear Christ: “You are of your father the Devil, and the desires of your father you wil doe. he was a mankiller from the beginning, and he stoode not in the veritie: because the veritie is not in him. when he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his owne, because he is a lyer , and the father thereof.” John 8:44 Rheims translation of the Latin to English. 1582.
                      The key to understanding here is to know who Christ is speaking to. Four verses later “they” answered Him.
                      This is what is going on today and for the last 400 years or so. Murder and lies. The perpetrators are the sons of their father. It really is that simple but who and how many will believe it because it is too simple. Yukon Jack “sees” them. He’s not afraid to speak out and accuse because he has the truth and he knows it. He also knows that he will sound radical and extreme, but today that’s what The Truth is.
                      I can accept that you may not agree or like what I have to say about this subject, but if so it only makes me sad. But I can hope that sooner or later God will decide to draw you to Him. When He does that glass won’t seem be as dark when you look through it.
                      Eric you said: “On spiritual matters: I like to think (and hope I am) open-minded. I think there is almost certainly much more that is unseen than seen. I often am amazed by the seemingly intelligent coordination of the natural world. I do not dismiss (far from it) that there may be an intelligence behind this. But the specific nature of this intelligence boggles me. ”
                      I’ve never doubted that you had an open mind and this proves it to me.
                      I’m reminded of an old movie that I think was titled The Halls of Montezuma. The good guys were trying to find out the location of the guns that were blasting them to pieces and there was a Jap officer there whom they had captured. He was laughing at them and he said, “You Americans always overlook the obvious.”
                      Speaking of things hard to be understood. In one episode of Star Trek Spock said to Kirk; “Just because you don’t understand me doesn’t mean I’m confused.” I often think of God saying this to us at times.
                      Don’t stop searching for the answers because they are there to be found if one sets their heart on it.

    • Pete, it is also highly probable that for “Round Two” that there will be a much smaller percentage of “vaccine” formulations of sterile saline solution. Therefore a much higher percentage of “vaccine” doses composed of mRNA spike protein generating poison than were passed out in “Round One”.

  6. It has been verified that Faucci is directly responsible for the existence and possession of covid 19 by the Wuhan lab. Why this MF hasn’t been imprisoned and/or shot by some random family member of a victim is beyond me. Apparently it isn’t any problem, because the man responsible for this crap even existing is a fucking ‘hero’. A ‘virologist’ that was also so incompetent that he was telling people in the early 1980’s that HIV was transmitted by toilet seats. Anyone that goes along with ’round 2′ of this insane bullshit should be locked up as well. One way or another, the assholes that keep trying to paralyze the rest of us are going to end up in prison, or six feet under before this shit stops.

    • BTW, the same group of psycho butches above were just recently blaming the desert flood-out of the insanely idiotic ‘burning man’ ritual on Trump’s policy of NOT strangling the energy industry and causing more ‘climate change’. Again, these are the completely brainless alarmists doing everything possible to draw attention to their ignorant selves by wreaking havoc when there absolutely is no crisis whatsoever. These people need to be in prison or be air-dropped in to Cuba, Venezuela, or Haiti.

  7. “Doctor” Biden isn’t a medical doctor, not even a Ph.D. She has a Ed.D which is considered much lessor than even a Ph.D, let alone a medical doctorate. Most people holding Ph.D’s and Ed.D’s generally don’t expect to be addressed as doctor (nor should you do so), because they aren’t medical doctors.

    Taxpayers waste large amounts of money on these Ed.D’s and Ed.M’s degrees. These are useless degrees for mainly public school teachers, administrators and other “educators”. They almost never pay for those degrees themselves, the school districts do so under the guise of “professional development”.

    The private high school that I work at does require teachers to earn master degrees (if they don’t have them yet) within a few years of working there. But degrees in the subject they teach, not an Ed.M. A few teachers have Ph.D’s in the subjects they teach (mostly the science department), but doctor is never put on the room signs (Just Mr. Mrs. Ms. etc), nor do the students address them as doctor. Most of the teaching staff think very little of master or doctorate level “education” degrees. Most think little of having to earn a BS in “education” to be able to be licensed to teach. Most would have preferred to have majored entirely in their subject (many have though), finding “education” classes a waste of time.

    • Funny, ain’t it, that shrinks and educators can hold Bachelor of Science degrees in disciplines that are not sciences. Psychology and education are arts, not sciences.

  8. Vax murderers by John Kaminski
    Thursday, 04 August 2022

    “Doctors, politicians, editors
    deserve the death penalty
    for conspiring to commit
    premeditated genocide”

    that article links to:

    “Fauci has LITERALLY been getting away with mass murder for DECADES orchestrating one fake pandemic after another! This is a presentation given by Dr. Robert Willner where he accuses Anthony Fauci of genocide. Dr. Willner exposes Fauci’s first major criminal fraud, the HIV causes AIDS hoax. Fauci realized he could hijack the newly invented PCR process, call it a test and used it to manufacture the perception that a pandemic was occurring by simply controlling the number of cycles used in the process. This total FRAUD that HIV causes AIDS is STILL responsible for killing a never-ending stream of innocent people to this very day. It’s a fraud that has generated well over half a TRILLION dollars in profits for Big Pharma by KILLING people with the most toxic drugs in existence.”

  9. Joy Behar is a man – just like Michelle Obama. In case you don’t know the Hollywood Satanic “inversion” cult likes to fool you with he’s turned to she’s. The reason is that Joy Behar’s underlining masculinity comes through, and they use that to establish authority of an outspoken female in your mind – because the idea is to control you.

    Here is “Big Mike” before he became a she:

    Early 90’s Vhs tape has surfaced of a younger Big Mike Obama work out video.

    And (((they))) want to make that monkey president.

    Like I always say, you can’t make this shit up. In the video, before Michelle had become fully female, Michael Lavaughn Robinson was “transitioning” and had a girlie face with make up, go to full screen and you can see it.

    That is the person Barak Obama fell in love with, and now even Tucker admits Obama is a homosexual. Go look up the Larry Sinclair claims he was Obama’s gay lover.

    And you know those Obama children, they are rented, as Michelle is a man and never had kids, and if you don’t believe me go find Michelle Obama’s pregnancy photos, nursing,or children when young. They don’t exist.

    The Obama’s fooled Amerika just as NASA fooled us with the “moon landings”, an even bigger hoax. NASA has been completely busted, because the moon rover was the same prop used in the different Apollo missions – it had an oil leak and that axle oil leak is identical on different missions.

    Plus you can see the moon rover on the moon with no wheel tracks – because they air brushed the set of prints before the shot. Go look it up, and break the spell. NASA lied.

    And the moon walking astronots were in guy wires – because they were in a studio.

    But the biggest bust of all, and actually really funny, is that when filming takes of the first man to step on the moon, the studio lighting fell on the set:

    Go to odysee dot com

    search moon landing hoax

    moon hoax lighting

    • You all remember Neil Armstrong first step on the moon moment in 1969?

      “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

      That scene on TV was shot on earth in a studio.


      So if they can lie to you on that scale, do you think they have the capability to lie to you with the Corona hoax and death jab?

      And does anyone believe that Pfizer Pfuckwad Albert Bourla, who is the highest paid pharma executive will ever get prosecuted for mass murder?

      How many people who actually pulled 911 were ever prosecuted?

      The answer is zero.


      And how do they fool you? They love to misdirect your attention to the petty criminal Charles Manson, but in reality Joe Biden is a far more heinous criminal, who has killed hundreds of thousands, making Manson a piker in comparison.

      Here is what Wikipedia says about Manson

      “Charles Milles Manson (né Maddox; November 12, 1934 – November 19, 2017) was an American criminal, cult leader and musician who led the Manson Family, a cult based in California, in the late 1960s. Some of the members committed a series of at least nine murders at four locations in July and August 1969. In 1971, Manson was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of seven people, including the film actress Sharon Tate. The prosecution contended that, while Manson never directly ordered the murders, his ideology constituted an overt act of conspiracy”

      Let me rewrite Manson’s summary for Joseph Biden:

      “Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (/ˈbaɪdən/ i BY-dən; born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States, is an American criminal, cult leader and pedophile who led the Biden Crime Family, a cult based in Washington D.C., in the early 2020s. Some of the members committed a series of million dollar bribes from China and his son Hunter Biden was accused of meth use and underage child sex, but was never convicted.
      Biden was never convicted of first-degree murder and genocide of Ukraine, and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of several million people in a proxy war against Russia. The prosecution contended that while Biden never actually murdered anyone, his warmongering ideology constituted an overt act of conspiracy, but the Liberal Left jury found him innocent.”

      • Joe should issue an Executive Order to mandate all Americans have a Swastika tattoo-ed on their foreheads just like Charles Manson’s.

        That’s how evil it all really is.

        Zenarchy has to rule.

      • Dude you’re funny. All famous women are really men? Taylor Swift? That’s one hot tranny! It would be easier if you just listed the famous woman that are really women. Is Hillary Clinton a women? Jill Biden? Nancy Pelosi? Diane Feinstein? Kamala Harris?

  10. Whoopi and Jill are just propaganda tools for the NPC’s. And since their is no proven test for covid, the question is,,, How do they know they have it? I’ve known many that claim they’ve had it multiple times! When I ask how they knew it was covid,,, they say “a positive PCR and my doctor said so” The PCR is not a test and has been supposedly dropped by the CDC (They lied, it’s still used) as useless, the other an anti-gen is even worse.

    I wonder if these are the same doctors that push the killer vax and swears masks work! Yes,,, a few dollars slipped into the bank account does wonders. $100 – $200,000 per patient leaving a hospital with a covid toe tag. Thousands just for simply ‘diagnosing’ covid. But of course Doctors are above all that! How dare I even suggest!

  11. I can’t be the only one with PTSD like symptoms from this shit.

    God give me the strength to deal with this Madness again. My one kid is starting high skool and we’ve already decided to pull him out and sue the school if they attempt any forced masking or other Covidian rituals that might violate his rights. I’ve sent formal notice to the superintendent and principal to that effect this week.

    Of course suing won’t get anywhere but I’ve got plenty of cash for little legal harassment.

    Just two maskholes in the supermarket last night. Looked like two middle aged fags.

  12. See, THIS is the type of horseshit that has given a bad name to ACTUAL scientists, many of whom have busted their asses for their entire lives in an effort to elucidate the truth! Fauci is no scientist, no matter if he believes himself to be “The Science”. He’s an authoritarian propagandist and he needs to shut the fuck up and get back in coffin, because the sunlight is beginning to hit him. Or maybe, hopefully, he’ll just be vaporized this time.

  13. About those masks…I learned something very interesting, when I began to do research when the “ScamDemic” first started. Remember the flu of 1918 which killed millions, it wasn’t the virus that killed but the bacteria embedded in the cloth masks gave everyone pneumonia, which was untreatable at the time due to the lack of antibiotics.

    • Hi David,

      Yup! And: I’m about to do something that is much more effective at keeping me from becoming sick – or becoming seriously sick, if I catch something. I am going to go run four miles in the sun. It beats a whole box full of Face Diapers!

  14. Well of course it’s back.
    “It” being a corona virus, which are as common as grass. The PCR test can’t tell one from another. Common cold or Covid? Beats me, says the test. Unlike most problems, this is one that will go away if you ignore it.

  15. I was out town earlier and spotted one individual, an elderly man, being a good obedient subject. I wonder how many more individuals whose “ light bulbs” never got past dim will be donning the slave masks? I do not drink but may start anytime soon to cope with the insanity of some in the population that would jump off a cliff if the government told them to for their own good.

    • I don’t have any issues with that. Especially for someone who likely is carrying multiple co-morbidities, one of which is old age. One should be evaluating his own risks and dealing with them as he understands them. To do anything else is to deny him his rights as a man.

      But along with that is that he has no “right” to infringe on anyone else’s real right to evaluate his own risk factors, and live his live as he sees fit, with or without masks, jabs, distancing, etc.

  16. ‘Never mind. “Dr.” Jill is wearing her “mask” again. And so – apparently – is the dementia patient in her care.’ — eric

    Right on cue, he-e-e-e-e-e-re’s “Joe”, catapulting the meme:

    Oxygen deprivation isn’t going to help “Biden’s” sclerotic, rancid old ratiocinative organ.

    Meanwhile, is “Dr” Jill taking her Paxlovid, so that she’ll test positive again next week?

  17. Let us hope that all the authorities and media talking heads die horrible deaths for perpetrating mass genocide of the Jew death jab on the public. Who created this horrible death by needle scam? Albert Bourla, devout Jew.

    Go look this man up, he is the highest paid executive in the health care world, and got top honors and awards in Israel for creating a death jab that kills Goyim. Try to figure it out, why is the Jewish woman Joy Behar pushing the vaxx? Do you think she is a loyal tribalist?

    Is is anti-semenitic to call it a “Jew” “death jab”? Yes. The truth about what Jews do to us is always anti-semitic, that is why they use that term, to trick us into silence when they commit crimes against us.

    Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was told this directly by a former Jewish woman councilwoman – look it up:

    Anti-Semitism – Its A Trick : We Always Use It

    Why do I call it anti-semenitic? Because the Jews are a penis worshipping cult. Rabbis perform oral circumcision on 8 day year old Jewish male babies, look up Bris ritual. Do an image search, use search terms like bris ritual oral circumcision.

    When Jews conquer a nation, they always erect a giant menorah to celebrate their victory – that is why the National Menorah lights up the White House and why all Christian traditional Christmas ornaments are long gone.

    The Jewish menorah, as a matter of fact, is a donkey penis. Shocking? Not really, many ancient religions worshipped the erect penis, apparently they were intrigued and mystified by it. Many Asian nations still have lingham stella in pools, etc. Penis worship was common in ancient Middle East and many artifacts remain.

    How do we know the ancient menorah was donkey penis? When Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70AD they carted back to Rome the temple menorah and carved a picture of it on the Arch of Triumph.

    (The donkey has an extra large penis and thus ancients were jealous and awed by it.)

    These ancient cults created the idea of authority (using the god meme) and holy books teaching you to obey authority and government. The erect penis represents that male will to authority – think of the Nazi salute. That lead to the current crisis today, where people under the spell of Abrahamic religious indoctrination, line up for the death jab or march into the latest war – AND DIE.

    I highly suggest all watch Mark Passio video “Order Followers” found on Youtube and Bitchute.

    If you think I jest, go read Romans 13 very carefully and what it says. God created governments so you must obey government. If that is the case, then God must be the devil.

    Following orders to get the jab is evil. You should not obey evil or the Jewish talking heads on the Jewtube – that could get you dead in a hurry.

    I am sorry I am so blunt, but time has run out, either you wake up to Jewish power or you will die.

    • Jack
      Probably one person in a million, maybe less than that, would know what a “semite” is if you were to ask them. They can’t even spell it correctly. “Shemite” as in Shem, Ham and Japheth the sons of Noah. The last thing I would ever be is anti-semetic. But I sure am anti-antichrist.
      This is one of the most mis-understood subjects on the planet.

  18. If wearing a mask is voluntary it probably does stastically indicate a benefit. Because if you’re so worried about getting sick that you’ll put on a mask, you’re also going to self-quarantine, take vitamins and otherwise avoid getting sick. Prior to the insane times I knew to avoid the rec center from late September through Thanksgiving because that’s when all the new colds were going around, as the kids would mix germs at school and bring them home. Now I know that I wasn’t on the death list for a cold, but I just figured it was better to be without coronavirus than with.

    Once you put out a requirement for the entire population it all goes out the window. And any study conducted from now on will be tainted because of the faithful idiots who think the mask, and only the mask, will protect them, no other action necessary (except the useless “vaccines” of course). The obese who can’t get a ‘scrip for Ozempic, the old fossils who refuse to acknowledge their age… they’re wearing the mask as if it will somehow save them from the rest of us unclean diners and shoppers, when reality is they’d be better off by just not shopping when we do… and they’ll have a nicer time without the lunch crowd. Hell, if they’d take 2 minutes to learn how to use an app they don’t even have to go inside the store. But being set in their ways, they have to go to lunch at noon every Friday and shop at Costco on Saturday, because that’s when the crowd is there. Not Monday at 2:00 when the place is empty.

  19. A mask is like Linus’ blanket, a child’s teddy bear, garlic to ward off vampires. Most of us grow out of these childish thoughts, but not our elite benefactors, who want to treat us as children to be controlled and manipulated for the express purpose of enriching themselves and increasing their power.

    Remember when the swirl around Clinton’s lying about Lewinsky was not whether he had lied, but whether he would get away with the lie? Will the elite get away with masking up a significant proportion of the population again? That’ll be the question – not whether masks work.

    And today we learn that DJT said “‘We Did Such a Great Job’ Responding to COVID, Got Economy Back to Doing Well”. (

    The elite is SICK.

  20. I sometimes wonder if some of these shows like The View and The Talk are fake. Fake in the sense that they purposely spout their extreme and wacky leftist views just to rile people up and get attention. Rush Limbaugh once admitted that he was really an entertainer and a lot of what he said was just to get people worked up. If you ever actually watch The View, especially Behar and Goldberg, I find it very difficult to imagine that these people really believe the shit coming out of their mouths. If they do, we’re in bigger trouble than I thought. It’s frightening to imagine that there are people who actually think this way.

    • This is an important thing to consider. Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson have stated they were entertainers under oath in court proceedings. Doesn’t mean everything they say is false but you have to be really discerning. It’s always in the back of my mind.

    • Of course it is all fake. They have their options of course, but they are playing a role. And they have producers in their ear feeding information and encouraging them to take a certain path.

      There was a show a few years back called Adam Ruins Everything, with the detestable Adam Conover. One episode pulled back the curtain on “reality TV” and how while it might not have a hard script, the producers would create a scene that the talent would then improv around. The producers would see a good thread and push the talent to expand and ramp up the action to an extreme. Same thing happens with these opinion shows.

      Hell, the only guests on CNBC are permabulls who never say anything bad about the top 5 stocks (and of course never mention CMCSA’s dismal five year returns). In that environment Cramer is a great stock picker.

  21. What’s driving the uptick in “cases” is kids going back to school.

    My grandma taught third grade for 40 years, and she would come down with a cold at least once before September 30th, and at least once between November 1st and January 10th.

    I’m surprised more parents aren’t taking their kids out of the publick skools in light of all this covfefe virus nonsense. Apparently people are willing to storm the Capitol, but aren’t willing to take their kids out of the publick skools.

    As an aside, you and your kids won’t get sick so often if you homeschool.

    Speaking of which, the only times I’ve gotten sick in the past three years (and it wasn’t the covfefe) were when I was working in an office.

    Just my 2 ¢.

    • Then it spreads to the office workplace, in the Airplane Ranch in Renton WA where I worked it was timed just like you stated. Kids back to school, something starts spreading then the idiot parents come to work sick and the rest of us got it too. Our contract had a “get paid for not using sick leave” so of course these selfish morons would bank the sick leave hours for that future payoff.

      The vacc’d 70 year old neighbor stroked out this spring but miraculously survived the fix it brain surgery and recovered all his faculties. Healthy, lean, strong guy not the usual overweight stroke victim.

  22. Pretty sad commentary on how some humans choose to behave and speak in this world. After that, they then expect you to listen and do what you are told. Fauci is a cad who never will care for you to begin with.

    About time it all comes to a screeching halt.

    “Cold blue morning, the game is done
    Nobody lost and nobody won…

    No we’re not outlaws or common thieves
    Just a few aces with cards up our sleeves…

    Oh, Crazy Mountain, they named you well
    White men and Red men, stories we heard tell” – Jimmy Buffett, Rancho Deluxe

  23. Of course Whoopi does not have “covid,” as nobody has ever had “covid.”

    This is all part of an effort to re-activate the leftist termagants that like to watch this type of regime propaganda.

    Big Pharma profits are way down and there’s an election coming, don’tcha know. Time to get the band back together.

  24. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for “Dr.” Jill Biden. Not only because she keeps the dementia patient in her care alive and Kamala Harris ensconced at One Observatory Circle, but, AFAIK, the First Lady lacks any comorbidities, which would make contracting the Koof about as serious as if she caught a cold.

    • I thought most of the elite would have been given saline, but maybe they did line up and roll up their sleeves. That is a comforting thought. Politicians are on the same ladder rung as the rest of us. All this proves is they aren’t in charge either.

      • I seriously doubt “Dr.” Jill Biden got a real jab, which makes her complete recovery even more important as a member of the sizeable control group for mRNA tech trials which remains in the US.


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