In Sickness We Trust

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The possibility that anyone might get sick is now an intolerable prospect to the pathologically sick – the useful idiot hypochondriacs – and the Sickness Lenins who are using these weaponized hypochondriacs to further their interests.

In New South Wales, Australia, police state measures are being reimposed because one 90-year-old woman died. Because the death of one 90-year-old is now regarded as something aberrant and terrifying that can and must be prevented by whatever it takes. Or rather, whatever it takes from those not 90-years-old, whose deaths are not likely to happen for decades because people who are decades away from their 90s tend to live for decades, whereas people in their 90s tend to die, regularly.


Because they’re in their 90s.

‘Rona or no ‘Rona. It tends to happen to people that age..

No one wants granny to die – but if she’s in her 90s, she’s probably going to die. Soon. Because she is very old. Whether you isolate her in a hyperbaric chamber or not. Whether you “lock  down” the rest of the population or not. Whether you “vaccinate” them or not.

The fact – one of many, if they mattered – is that the majority of people who died “from COVID” actually died of old age. Most had already lived a normal life expectancy, which is about 70-something years, depending on the country. Most of the deaths attributed to COVID were of people over the age of 75.

They lived longer than the average life expectancy.

Death isn’t nice, but it’s not unnatural, when you’ve already lived a long time. Old people die. It is what they do. It is the defining attribute of old age. It is why – it was why –  when a person in their 90s – or their 70s – died, no one panicked. But now, it’s the basis for mass panic or rather, mass (worldwide) tyranny, here as well as New South Wales.

Defined by this demented push to “vaccinate” the “hesitant” – most if not all of whom are simply not interested in being “vaccinated” for a sickness that does not meaningfully threaten them with a substance that does meaningfully threaten them.

By a principle that threatens them even more so.

The principle that sickness – any sickness that could possibly result in the death of anyone – obliges everyone to submit not merely to whatever restrictions the government-corporate nexus decrees to be generally palliative – but also to treatment regimes for illnesses they haven’t got, on the basis that they might get them and might give them to others. And that to object to this (no mater how attenuated the might) is pathologically uncaring – evidence of mental illness.

This being a kind of variant of the way political dissent was pathologized in the old Soviet Union. If you objected to communism – to authoritarian collectivism – then you were ill, in the head. This diagnosis being as effective as a criminal warrant. They could (and did) literally take dissenters away, to the Funny Farm – which was of course just another form of locking down dissenters.

It is not a coincidence that Party Comrade Fauci refers to the “hesitant” as being political refuseniks, who are declining to be injected not because they have weighed the pros and cons of being “vaccinated” and made a reasonable determination that the advertised pros do not outweigh the known cons and for that reason have decided they don’t wish to be “vaccinated.”

This is no more a political statement – which Fauci insists those “making” it “get over” – than it is a political statement to say no thanks to living in the city rather than the country, where costs are lower and life is generally safer and better  . . . which of course is something else that Party Comrades such as Fauci are attempting to pathologize. And generalize, by exporting the pathologies of the city to the country, so as to even things out – styled “equity” in the argot of the Party Comrades.

The same technique is being used to pit the pathologically hypochondriacal against those who haven’t lost their minds – and guess who profits from that?

Having deranged probably half the population, which now lives in chronic fear of getting sick, the Party Comrades are leveraging that fear to direct the anger of the chronically fearful toward those who are not. The chronically fearful are dosed every day with new fears – of the Delta, Lamba and soon (probably) the Epsilon Semi Moron “variants.” Sickness abounds, everywhere.


It is an ironic turning inside out of the ’50s fear of communists hiding under every bed – by the communists, rebranded as “the science.”

And now, the not-fearful are being targeted – made aware that their “hesitancy” is being  duly noted by door-to-door-knocking weaponized hypochondriacs, the useful idiots being used to pit the sane against the insane in what may prove to be a war far worse than what is almost always misleading styled the “civil” war, which it wasn’t – the Southern Confederacy merely seeking to go its own way, as the American colonies successfully did. Neither sought to wrest control of the whole enchilada – the South of the North, the colonies, of Great Britain.

As he healthy – in body and mind – are trying to do, peacefully. If the pathologically sick will allow it.

We are entering fearful times. Because fear has been allowed to become the normal state of mind. It is the always-necessary foundation of a sick society. This is merely the first time that sickness, as such, has been used to found it.

. . .

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  1. TV is the virus, the cattleprod to shove you down the chute. They had the jab before the “virus”. Some people want alot of other people dead, disabled or completely controlled. This is nothing new. History repeats. Hopefully people wake up, quick.

  2. Via cnbc : “Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNBC on Tuesday he expects U.S. drug regulators to eventually grant full approval to Pfizer, Moderna and J&J’s Covid vaccines. …
    I would be astounded if these vaccines, namely the mRNA and the J&J, didn’t get full approval,”

    Does this mean a mega-ton of employers will begin mandating them, or you’re fired? It kind of seems so.

  3. So, I posted this to CFP earlier this eve. As for Biden sending “Covid Canvasers” door to door to convince people to take the death jab, how about a bunch of us apply for those jobs and go door to door but splain to folks why they SHOULDN’T get the jab. Be gettin’ paid to throw sand in the gears…..

  4. And here we have it:

    FDA to announce new warning on J&J Covid vaccine related to a rare autoimmune disorder, report says

    They claim only 100 out of 13 million effected, but we know that the adverse reporting is anywhere from 1 – 13% of actual harms, so could be as high as 10,000

    What else will they discover in the coming years from these experimental medicines?

    • It’s always “rare.” So what? What if you or someone you love is one of the 100? Why are horrible, debilitating – often permanent – side effects and death simply dismissed as “rare”? As if that makes it somehow ok. Until and unless they can tell who is at risk and why, then everyone is at risk. Death, autoimmunity, myocarditis, clotting, and God only knows what in the future months and years, but don’t worry, it’s all rare.

    • Restaurants and taverns are also places that people meet up to discuss resistance. If it were solely about food, they’d include the grocery stores and outdoor food markets.

      • Good analysis, cjm. You are right. It is about killing conversation. I expect to see grocery stores added soon, but probably as a last resort.

          • Indeed, Helot –

            Social isolation – the “lock downs” – for just that purpose, then and now. To keep people apart, keep them from talking and make them feel alone.

          • I am not a trained psychologist, but I seem to remember reading that social isolation can cause people to be insensitive to the feelings of others. and if you cannot see someone’s face, it makes it more difficult to tell what heshe is thinking, or feeling.

            Which leads to this question:
            What becomes of these school children in the long run?
            Antisocial monsters? Ruthless criminal sociopaths who are utterly unconcerned about the welfare of others?

            I wouldn’t bet against that, myself.
            Now is the time to start building the massive increase in (adult) detention facilities which will be required, in the long run.

            Look on the bright side, though. Little Johnny & Janie are being behaviorally indoctrinated in “prison preparatory facilities,” complete with bars, armed guards, and in-facility lockdowns, since early childhood. They will be well prepared to assume their assigned role in society.

            But who will pay for their upkeep? Time to put the “useless eaters” to work… But what sort of work is there, for ignorant beasts, in a highly sophisticated technological society? Perhaps they will simply become…food. Roasted “long pig” may become a sought after delicacy, at least in some circles.

            Either that, or they might become “parts bodies,” whose organs could be “harvested” to extend the lives of their Overlords. Need to get them young for that, however. Come to think of it, once the internal organs are harvested, it makes no sense to waste the meat.

            in conjunction with a “protein recovery facility” to harvest the donor meat, might become reality.

  5. The vast majority of people in the world have a fear, aka “mental illness”, of dying.

    Too bad that these people did not live their life to the fullest and pray for salvation and the gift of Heaven.

    • Exactly. I am starting to think that these “mentally ill” people either feel sure that this life is all there is, so desperately cling to it, or are afraid that it isn’t, and don’t want to find out. Either way, we all will leave this earth someday, 1 out of 1 dies. Best way to have peace is to be sure where you will spend eternity.

      • Hi Anon,

        “I am starting to think that these “mentally ill” people either feel sure that this life is all there is, so desperately cling to it…”

        Even if one believes that “this is all there is”, it is irrational to favor a longer life of fear, timidity and conformity to a shorter one of courage, independence, spontaneity and joy. I’m sure Jason feels the same.


    • Many of us out here don’t believe in myths, legends, and fairy tales. However whatever one believes or doesn’t believe, everyone and everything eventually dies. No way around it, might as well accept it.

    • Ask the ferrets how this worked for them in the 2011/2012 studies….oops, we can’t because they are dead. I see a new vaccine I will have to defend not giving my dogs in upcoming vet appointments….it never ends.

    • OK, if the boogie-virus had to jump species from a bat to humans (according to early reports this alleged “respiratory virus” was transferred by dirty Chinamen eating bat soup… so apparently ingesting cooked soup will allow you to get a respiratory virus), and the “experts” claim that such jumps are rare events, precisely WTF are these idiots thinking??? Pricking zoo animals? This is beyond crazy. This is beyond criminal. These religious cultists, these vax whackos, these… Just f#$% them all!

  6. Someone made a comment to me the other day about a diapered freak and how they must still be unvaccinated. To that i said no, i guarantee that person is fully vaccinated and still living in fear. I said to him no unvaccinated person is walking around with a diaper over their mouth. They have done their research, weighed the possible benefits vs all of the risks and have made an informed decision that the unknown risks of the jab are just not worth the known risk of the infection from a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, if they were to even catch it. I got a so you are not vaccinated question to which i replied. That is no one’s business but my own and i can make my own decisions on if the side effects of an experimental vax are a benefit to me to protect me from a so called deadly virus i supposedly had and quickly recovered from 5 months ago.

    I guess my response was admitting i didn’t get the jab without coming out and saying no i didn’t get the jab but of course i got the VARIANTS!!!!!! follow up question to which i pointed out that both Israel and england are claiming more vaxed than unvaxed are catching these oh so scarry varriants and that while variants are usually more contagious they have this uncanny ability to be much less deadly. I could see the wheels turning in this guy’s head. Almost like free thought in his brain hadn’t been used in 16 months. Clearly the msm had been doing his thinking for him.

    • We saw a friend over the weekend that we have not seen since this fearmongering started and he has fallen for this b.s. hook, line, and sinker. “You all got your shot, right?” (Me: “No, you’re welcome to mine if you want it.”) Absolute fear and loathing, squawking I need a mask and babbling all of Fauci’s lies was the result. Fun times.

      Now the PTB are gearing up for the booster shots that I’m sure the already-hoodwinked will be queuing up for en masse. “BUT THE VARIANTS!! THE VARIANTS!!!”

      I am so absolutely frigging tired of all this crap.

  7. It amazes me how never before in human history has so much knowledge been freely available, yet ignorance is the default setting of the majority. I read through one of the threads from last week and it contained a wealth of info on a range of health matters. Things which you only hear in places like this. Things which you would have to pry out of the white coats.

    It seems that back in the day people lived on average into their 60s/70s. Death was a part and parcel of life. just a transition to what came next. people were more stoic and grounded in reality. Of course that was back in the day. The day before the current day. The day where you might regret getting a tattoo, after all only bikers, sailors, and convicts had them. Cutting off your Johnson was out of the freaking question. It seems something is most defiantly in the water and the air to cause such mass delusion.

    I went back and watched ‘They Live’ again this weekend. It doesn’t explain the why, but certainly explains the how. Its a good movie for those who still haven’t seen it. Thanks for all you do Eric. You’re like the energizer bunny of resistance thought. Keep it up.

    • I attribute a great deal of the lack of ingestion of available knowledge to the preference for watching a video over reading an article or a book. Fortunately for me, my preference runs exactly the opposite. If nothing else, reading will teach you the language in far greater detail than watching someone speak.

      • Agree with you John, I prefer books over videos. My point was more that with all the knowledge available in (videos) I marvel that people spend their time watching stupid cat lady videos.

        Most people just use the Internet tools at hand to fill their minds with worthless twaddle. We are 30 years past the time where we should have watered the trees. I attribute this to public education working hand in glove with Pharma.

        • Indeed, public education is by far the most successful, and long lived psyop in human history. It was created to deliver exactly the results it has, about 100 years ago. Rather than being “hand in hand” with Pharma, it is, like Pharma, just another tool in the tool box of the Sociopaths In Charge.
          It’s no wonder that a culture lately devoted to instant gratification has devoted itself to the instant gratification of videos that fulfill that desire. In parallel, the addiction to a debt based economy.

    • In my genealogical research I’ve found that people 1-300 years ago routinely lived into that 80-100 year old range. The change has been in the number of childhood disease deaths- once you reached adulthood after a childhood of not very clean water and unrefrigerated food, you were likely immune to most of the pathogens in the environment and toughened by hard work, clean air, and unadulterated food, as well as traditional remedies like opium, cannabis, etc.

      Unfortunately we’ve greatly increased the survival rate and reproductive ability of the stupidest and most venal, and the computer revolution has made possible veritable deluges of official looking lies.

      • amen.

        not to be crass but (anecdotally) all these allergies, adhd, and various other ailments that seem to be prevalent these days in children were unheard of (at least by me) growing up.

        there would be a few of these things, but now it is everywhere.

        I don’t know the cause, but has medicine gotten so good that it allows those who would have not survived childhood to reproduce and introduce more difficulties into the population?

        are these more “fragile” people also more scared for their health and willing to [make you] go to great lengths to protect themselves?

  8. The Nazis now speak english now (have for many years). I’m home in Hawaii this summer and the paranoia concerning “unvaxed” people is rampant. I can’t even get together with my childhood surfing buddies. They think that the “unvaxed” people are going to give them covid when it’s the other way around. The vaxed are shedding spike proteins and prions (folded proteins that cause brain degeneration and dementia). People are wearing masks walking, riding bike, in their cars, to and from their cars to the store. I’m mask on/mask off going into the stores, that’s the only time I wear it, and I take it off walking to the exit. Even the tourists are smarter, wearing masks only when necessary in the stores. The “delta” variant is BS too, publicized to create more fear. The numbers are all lies, it’s a great deception.

  9. Why should I care if I live or if I die? WGASA?
    And what business is that of Dr. Fauci?
    His statement contains a fundamentally flawed assumption.
    I have had my “three score and ten,” plus damned near two “bonus years.”
    Que será, será.

    And if (someone else’s ) granny is “vaccinated,” she has nothing to fear from me.

    Should the government decree that I am prohibited from contact with all other humans (may happen), so what? My business contacts are all online, anyhow. All my ancestors are deceased, and I have no descendants. My siblings all live at some distance. Should they wish to visit me in person, they are free to do so. I will not inflict myself on them by traveling to their domiciles.

    Food can be had via Instacart, and clothing via online purchase. Gasoline purchase requires no interpersonal contact (I pay at the pump).

    GFY, Tony.
    I am not interested.

  10. Not sure how this idea that nobody can be allowed to die got started but it’s contrary to God and science. I had two aunts die last year, both in their 90’s (one was 99), both in nursing homes with not much quality of life. While it was sad for the families it wasn’t unexpected and was the natural order of things. My mother died at 78 after being hooked up to a respirator for 6 months (many years ago, pre convid). She was lucid and could write out her thoughts and when it looked like she would never get better she decided that was enough and wrote out a note to her doctor to disconnect the ventilator and leave her in peace. The doctor agreed and she passed quietly with my dad, sister, and I praying together in the room.
    After that I got a health proxy with instructions to never put me on any form of artificial life support; that isn’t living, it’s existing. No thanks, I’m ready to go when my time is up, I trust the mercy of God to let my spirit into heaven.

  11. What happened to Oz? These folks live side by side with 9 out of 10 of the world’s deadliest animals, and they cower at a cold virus? What generation has replaced Crocodile Dundee and his knife? What are they putting in their vegemite sandwiches to think they can possibly achieve zero covid or that they should even try?

    • its been lost a long time. Full blown communists now sending their idiot kids to fight in Afghanistan or wherever else theyre told to stick their nose. .New Zealand is sending some fat dude to the olympics to represent womens weight lifting.

  12. ‘the Southern Confederacy merely seeking to go its own way, as the American colonies successfully did’ — EP

    Because of this intolerably inconvenient fact, more statues are coming down: the latest that of Robert E Lee, in Charlottesville.

    By the time they are done, Virginia’s pre-Reconstruction history will be a blank — all erased.

    Presumably, before the reign of the Great Emancipator, only noble savages dwelt there, in a state of nature.

    School children will be taught that Pocahontas was the sole notable historical figure in pre-1865 Virginia.

    Madison? Jefferson? Washington? All soon to be canceled, no doubt. They were bad, bad men; very bad. /sarc

      • It is happening….look at the controversy about Washington and Lee University in Lexington. Along with Lee, Charlottesville, also removed Stonewall Jackson, Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea! Sacagawea was removed because they did not like her placement crouching behind L&C. 😳 There has been talk for years regarding Jefferson. I have no doubt all Presidential homes will have a warning before entering. “This person, circa 1740, owned slaves and was a racist. Yes, they created a great many inventions that are still being used today and they fought against the tyranny of England, but that is unjustifiable, because they should have known living between 1740-1820 that what they were doing was wrong. If you enter these premises and appreciate the contributions to society that this person made then you also, are a racist.”

        At this point all I can hope is the Cuban people do overthrow their dictatorship. It would be nice to have a country in the world that understands the horrors of cancel culture and communism. The USSA is no longer it.

        • Morning, RG –

          Yup; I agree (sadly) with you. I like to visit Poplar Forest – Jefferson’s country home near Lynchburg – once a year. I expect it to be closed or torn down due to threats of violence by the Woke Mob. This business is getting very serious. It’s a genie that, once let loose, is very hard to put back in the bottle…

    • Since all these historical figures are being demolished because they’re “racists”, and now all white people are “racist”, who do you suppose will be demolished once all the historical “racists” are?

  13. I don’t understand how more people aren’t calling politicians out on the incredibly recent provenance of their “concern for grandma”. How on earth did they manage to conceal their solicitude for seniors, pre-2020? I don’t recall any speeches from that time, about protecting oldies from flu and pneumonia and the other health conditions that mow them down annually.
    But now it’s like Saint Joan has dropped from the clouds, to champion their right to be immortal.
    Bogus credentials – and track records – on everything, these politicians…

    • Hi ffox,

      “granny” is the new “what about the children?” – and it’s more effective, psychologically, because “granny” – unlike most kids –
      does die… so when she does, it can be cast as some kind of avoidable tragedy.

      • Or, that the people behind this are the grannies and grandpas now – our septuagenerian and octogenarian overlords who, now are faced with a threat to their perceived immortality. And who believe the rest of us are obliged to accommodate them.

      • Eric, it is worse than that. My mom is 82 and has dementia/Alzheimers to a horrifying extent. I call to hear her voice and have to listen to the same conversation, the same sentences every 30 seconds. I’m ashamed to admit I sometimes pray for her deliverance from this. We all die, it is how we live that matters. The vermin using the children and the grannies against people living their lives are a real and serious disease.

        • Hi Ernie,

          It’s horrible; I’m dealing with exactly the same thing. I call my mom at the prison for the elderly and she barely recognizes my voice. I remind her of who I am and she wanders off into segues about my wife and kids (I have neither) and then asks how I’m doing and then asks it again 30 seconds later… and again, 30 seconds later. She’s alive but gone and it’s incredibly depressing.

  14. The next phase is to set up a Vaxxed vs unvaxed. Also by September CDC will announce that boosters are recommended every 6 months, the delta scariant is cover for all the ADE vax deaths this fall and winter, mask mandates comeback as well lockdowns in some places which will be blamed on the unvaxed.

    The manufactured anger towards us will be obvious.

  15. I read an interesting, in other words horrifying, take on the “strike forces”. Are they paving the way for methods of firearm confiscation? We should inform the firearms “census” workers that this will not be nearly as pleasant as the vaxx “census” is.

    • John,

      There are WAAY more of us, than there are of them. And they know it, and they fear it.

      The Census doesn’t visit anywhere near everyone, and that’s a giant Charlie Foxtrot every 10 years as it is.

      This is mostly just saber rattling and a photo op. Sure, they’ll send some people out. Most of them will probably make it back (I think). At some point they will figure out it isn’t playing well, and we’ll see what happens after that.

  16. Jen Psaki and various government sycophants said the federal government won’t be doing the door knocking, but will enlist “trusted sources” in the communities to do it. Interesting how they openly acknowledge the federal government is not, in fact, one such “trusted source.”
    Gee, I wonder why not?
    But it won’t work anyhow. Even if my own mother was nagging and “educating” me, I wouldn’t allow someone to inject me. And they already tried this concept with Trump, nagging him to tell his fans to get jabbed. Didn’t work. They love him, often to unreasonable excess, but he doesn’t direct their personal lives and health decisions. He was never about that.
    There’s no one I trust over my own conclusion and weighing of the potential side effects vs. benefits, as well as factoring in my distrust surrounding the creation of this substance, suspicions about why they’re pushing it so hard on everyone and all the lies we’ve been told since the rona first showed up.

    • The door-to-door “surge team” proposal is too fraught with political peril for me to believe they’ll actually go through with it. Does anyone remember contact tracers? They never went through with that, so why would they send people–even “trusted” sources–to knock on our doors and start nosing around in our business? It’s likely just a “head fake” designed to stir us up and keep us on edge.

      • Yep – not only do they want us to think this surge team nonsense is inevitable, they also want us to think the “co[n]vid passports” are inevitable, diapering and lockdowns forever are inevitable, etc. Head fake. Meanwhile, Rand Paul is introducing legislation to end the mask nonsense on flights…not sure if he is intending to remove it from all “public” transportation, as the “law” that keeps being vaguely cited is in fact, “only” CDC guidance. But that should settle it once and for all, and hopefully at least one or two airlines will then offer competition to the maskhole airlines.

        Re Amy’s comment, I think TPTB assume that everyone wants to take orders from their favorite celebrity, whether that is Fauci, Trump, or anyone else. This may be largely true, but not as true as they think.

        Some of us will always resist.

      • A lot of contact tracing was/is done, some very overt and much, much more quietly via cell phone apps/tracking. In my county in NC they provide just about weekly public reports of positive cases of convid and “convid-like-illness” hahaha! (normally between 15-30 in a county of 30k+, wow, right!) and how contact tracing was conducted on each one with results grouped. In the past, it seemed some were speculatively “traced” but many were clearly inconclusive. However, you can bet a lot of data was mined. Nowadays, they simply say “person caught it from contact with the un-vaxxed.” I think this vax “strike force” stuff is a further foray into data collection, now for more explicit political purposes.

  17. I think the attempt by the usual suspects to keep up the fear to push the vax with the my vax protects you, your vax protects me, only 100% uptake works. b.s. just doesn’t work with most people the same way it did with diapers. The vax propaganda is extremely cognitively dissonant and I think most people default to believing (falsely, of course) they’re “vaccinated” or “inoculated” against something as opposed to being genetically modified with experimental medical procedures to purportedly diminish symptoms of the common cold.

    • Diapers are uncomfortable and inconvenient. The vaxx might kill you, and that information is spreading. I would venture to say that there are no “vaccine hesitants” to speak of. They all either got vaxxed, or are refusing to do so. What’s left are those of us who are aware they’ve been lied to at every opportunity for the last 16 months, and are STILL being lied to. The local “experts” and “officials” in my area are still putting forth the lie that the vaxxes are “safe and effective”, a literal quote, in spite of the avalanche of evidence they are neither.

      • I agreen with John. The problem with that my mask protects you bs is that most people who went along with the bs mandates did so out of not wanting confrontation. They wanted to get into a store get what they want and get out and never really beleived in all the bs. They were willing to go along with that even if they hated it to function but for many of those same people the experimental dna altering drugs are a bridge too far. They will finally draw their line in the sand and say NO.

        • “They were willing to go along with that even if they hated it to function but for many of those same people the experimental dna altering drugs are a bridge too far. They will finally draw their line in the sand and say NO.”

          I Hope so, Antilles… I am not a specifically religious man, but I pray so, too.

          • Only reason i feel this way is because my wife, father, sister, grandmother and a few cousins & friends all went along with the diapers only to not be hassled. None of them are willing to get jabbed. Grandma is 94 and is not willing to take the jab, dad is 73 and was considering it till my sister and i talked him out of it(wasn’t really that hard) but he got his doc to give him hydroxychloroquine instead. My wife can’t stand my diaper militancy but outright refuses to jab or to even consider it for the kids. Same thing with some friends all willing to go along to get their groceries but not willing get experimented on by fraudci and his cabal.

            • Hi Antilles,

              My external family is the same way. They went along with the masking to get into the stores and not deal with silly Karens, but they will not get the jab. That is their line.

              Although many adults are getting the jab there are still 75 million adults out there that have not. You may find 15-20% may break to not have to deal with the disruption, especially if travel and businesses are closed off to them, but the majority of the non jabbed will not break. Masks are considered an inconvenience, the shot is considered an invasion.

              • Raider Girl,

                I kind of feel like at this point with all the free giveaways anyone who really wanted this or could easily be coerced into getting it have already been anointed.

                You also have many who had bad reactions to the 1st or both jabs who either won’t go through with the 2nd or have told their family and friends about their reaction and to not get it themselves. Deapite socialst media’s best effort word of adverse reactions is trickling through to the uniformed. You have nurses and doctors who would rather be fired than take it. That should be very telling. I think your 15 to 20% # is closer to 5 or 10%. The rest are not going to play ball no matter what hurdles they throw in front of us. Add the fact that many of that 75 million + is armed and you have an powder keg situation that once that powder is lit it will be dam near impossible to stop the chain reaction that will occur.

                • Hi Antilles,

                  I hope your 5-10% is closer than my 15-20%, but the largest age group out there that is unjabbed are adults between 18-29. I applaud them. They are listening to their gut, but they are also the ones more likely to cave if life gets too difficult. Where a hard headed 45 year old or 70 year old is not going to be swayed a 22 year old who is attending college, wants a career after graduating, or is barred from visiting friends at the local bar will likely succumb. Not all will, but I think peer pressure will push many of them over the edge.

      • Good afternoon Mr. Kable,

        16 months?

        I’m in my 40’s and cannot remember one time that the “government” told the truth about anything. The people masquerading as “government” have been lying abot everything for much longer than I’ve been alive.

        I do otherwise agree with your comment.

  18. Hmmm, speaking of “civil” war…

    I watched “The Forever Purge” last night, being both a horror fan and missing trips to the theater.

    Some might describe it was “woke-tastic!”, or some other loathsome term, as it had generous toppings of that ideology: That is, so many white people are psychopathic racists driven mad by their hatred of “minorities”.

    The story follows a couple of Mexican (illegal) immigrants: a caballero and his firearms-savy wife, as they cross the border and find jobs to begin life in America. The caballero finds a job at a ranch, his boss being what appears to be a borderline racist, but his boss’ father being noble and wise.

    *Spoiler Alert!*

    Of course, as happens in these movies, all hell breaks out during “The Purge” (which I’m told was originally based on the Red Hour from the Star Trek “Archons” episode, Eric). Unfortunately, this time, somehow a large section of the population has arranged to continue the Purge indefinitely (“Purge Forever!”) while they wipe out minorities and anyone “unAmerican”.

    Now, I actually liked the characters and enjoyed the story, and as nearly perfunctory as it was, it wasn’t terrible for such a movie. But the “wokeness” came across as fatuous and unlikely much of the time.

    At one point, before the wise old ranch owner is killed by Purgers ranting on about their class envy, he exclaims something about them being right, and “…The rich have gotten richer and poor have gotten poorer ever since we stole this land from the Native Americans!” Sorry, I don’t think anyone would say that in this situation. It felt contrived and silly, and there were a few such lines in the movie.

    What I thought was particularly laughable was that, when the Forever Purge had gotten clearly out of control, Mexico and Canada decided to altruistically open their borders to any unarmed Americans looking to flee. Uh huh. I’m sure THAT would happen!

    In the end, the protagonists, including a reforming former ranch owner, make it to Mexico, where they are providing generous medical attention to arriving American refugees. The flick ends with closeups on enormous, flowing Mexican flags with radio chatter about all of the American “Dreamers” beginning their new lives as the Forever Purge consumes what remains of America, with its fate uncertain.

    The Purge universe has always revolved around this idea that a large percentage of the population are actually murderous psychopaths. In this case, they’ve added the idea that most white people are also blood-thirsty racists, which, for Hollywood, isn’t all that surprising these days.

    They’re capitalizing on fear of the MAGA movement, which, to be fair didn’t help matters with the “Build that Wall!” obsession. Though I know most were/are fearful of importing more and more Democrat voters and making America a (an even more?) socialist country, rather than just being bigots and racists.

    I’ve oft found it strange that Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal (and I live around many!), are actually good, family-oriented, hard-working, entrepreneurial, and often times religious people. What the hell they have in common with the Democrat ideology eludes me! The only thing I can see is that Democrats make a great effort to sell themselves to this demographic, while MAGA and Republicans seem to be hostile.

    Mi dos centavos por la dia.

    • Interesting. I wonder if perhaps The Purge might be predictive programming for what’s coming–not for ethnic minorities, but for us. To that end, here’s a comment I stumbled across that speaks to that:

      “I don’t think [workplace vaccine mandates] are to actually force us all to get the poke. It’s to separate us out and make sure they’ve purged every member of the resistance before the next step. Before the lie is completely busted open and the people rise up, or before the vermin in control drop all pretense and start ordering arrests and reeducation camps. Either way, they have another stage coming soon, so they’re desperate to purge the ranks of anyone who has not fully joined the cult.”

      • That seems like a good possibility, Jim. At very least, the categorization is a bonus and will be used for further targeting/ostracizing/canceling of those in the Resistance.

    • BaDnOn,
      “What the hell they [Mexican immigrants] have in common with the Democrat ideology eludes me! ”

      Overall, pretty much nothing. I always wonder why, instead of constantly bitching about the Latino vote typically going to the Democrats, the Republicans don’t at least TRY to lay the hostility aside and win more of their votes.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly care if the Democrats or the Republicans succeed at much of anything, but it seems like wasted opportunity

      • Gordita,

        I’m with you in that both parties are generally useless and malignant, anyway, true. There are few genuinely decent Repubs, and even fewer Dems. I would say the Libertarian Party tries for the Latino vote, in being welcoming, but they don’t really try hard enough for votes in general.

        It all seems like a calculated divide-and-conquer, which it is. The true division is between authoritarian and libertarian, which is to say between central control and “Live and Let Live”. Or even collectivist vs. individualist… But “left” and “right” don’t TRULY mean anything, and the idea that white people should be on one side and “minorities” on the other, is as arbitrary as it is senseless. But such things balance the scales to keep people bickering amongst themselves so they never accomplish too much. 😉

      • Hi La Gordita,

        I know a number of people from Mexico, including family (my Uncle married a Mexican lady; my cousins live in Mexico) and having been to Mexico myself many times I find they are people, like other people. The culture there seems to me much more tolerant of variety and differences (not the freak sort espoused here that have to do with sex and its supposed fungibility) but rather as regards such things as being able to buy food from street vendors and local/small-scale operations, bring your dog into a cantina – where you can smoke – and so on.

        I loathe the divide and conquer technique, chiefly because it is so damned effective.

        • “I loathe the divide and conquer technique, chiefly because it is so damned effective.”

          YES. It is so easy to get people to fight over the dumbest stuff. THEN, if they want people to unite for some reason, here comes the latest boogie man we are all supposed to be afraid of.

  19. In spite of months of experiencing it, I remain astonished that so many have fallen prey to this flat out lie. The local “experts” and “officials” have determined they need to “educate us about the safety of the vaccines”. Which of course they won’t. They will “educate” us with the lie that they are “perfectly safe and effective”, which they most assuredly are NOT. Pneumonia has often been called the “old man’s friend”, because it ends their ever increasing suffering of the effects of old age. Now it is expected that one should endure that suffering, for reasons obscure. Or are they? Certainly NY governor Cuomo was unconcerned when he forced nursing homes to take in those with active cases of the virus, resulting in the deaths of thousands of said old folks. Like every other piece of “science” put forth, they can’t keep their story straight, or have no desire to. They often contradict what they said yesterday. In other words they are lying. The
    CDC knows the masks don’t work, because they ran extensive testing that determined they weren’t against Influenza a few years before COVID. All the accounting of deaths, and cases have been grossly exaggerated, intentionally, by the most ridiculous means imaginable, ever since the psy-op began. Yet the cattle keep munching on their cud, and walk right down the chute to their destruction. Smiling all the way, as long as no one demonstrates their sanity by breaking with the herd. Well, as P. T. Barnum once said, “no one ever lost a dime underestimating the American public”.

  20. I’ve been wondering: Just who falls for this fear-of-the-flu hysteria? Most of the people whom I know in real-life, -though certainly not politically “awake”, nor Libertarian ( 🙁 ) don’t fall for it. I mean, my 96 year-old mother, even before waking up to what is going on politically, has never worried about the ‘Rona. My living older sister, now in her 70’s, who is a hypochondriac, doesn’t worry about it(Though she’ll happily play the Kabuki, and has even taken the shot).

    In-fact, of all the relatives, friends and acquaintances I know, only ONE of them truly fears the ‘Rona and buys into all of the official BS, and ironically, he is the one whom I would have bet money on being the last one to be worried about the flu, because he has always been very physically strong, never worried about health or saaaaafety, and has been a general maniac all of his life.

    So why did the person I thought least likely to fall for the ‘Rona BS become the veritable soy-boy for the Kabuki? He retired recently, and now sits around and watches CNN all day (And as such, has become utterly unbearable). The power of media mind control! (Prior to this, this guy had always spend a lot of time driving trucks and rebuilding cars, and doing other manly-man type things, and never had much exposure to the Tee-Vee)- A few months of solid TV-watching has now rendered this former tough-guy more fearful than my cowering hypochondriac sister! Amazing!


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