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Today is emergency day.

That is to say, it is Nahhhnnleven – to say it like The Chimp did (and does). It was not so much the day terrrists and “enemies of freedom” attacked the United States as it was the day emergency – dial 911! – became not just a day but every day.

And all the time.

We have been living in a perpetual state of emergencies – plural – ever since. One after the next. After the first event, terrorism – state sponsored – was imposed upon travelers, who for the past 22 years have been treated as if they were terrorists. Worse, actually. Because there is some dignity in being a terrorist – and none at all in submitting to being handled as if you were one. But that only applies to us, of course. The political terrorists – the ones who imposed terror on us – fly private and so do not get handled. They just board – and laugh.

At us.

They have turned what used to be easy and exciting into something dreary and Soviet. It was the first real stab at restricting personal mobility in what was once not the Soviet Union. The first national, coordinated effort to habituate the general population to the kind of indignities formerly visited upon convicted criminals only.

The enemies of freedom had a plan, all right.

In 2020 another “emergency” was declared as the old one’s power began to wane. A “virus” even worse than terrrrrr was used to terrorize us. And tyrannize us. The original emergency’s powers could only be felt at airports; if you didn’t fly, you still felt like you were living in a sort-of free country.

But the enemies of freedom never rest.

Somebody coughed. The flu became “COVID” – and wouldn’t you know it? A new “emergency”! It was the one used to get rid of the Orange Man, who was the man who declared the “emergency.” He never un-declared it, even after it had become obvious there wasn’t one. Even after it had become obvious that the “emergency” was being used to assure the Orange Man’s removal – which either the Orange Man was too obtuse to see and understand or was part of his own removal.

As in playing his part.

Now he wants to play us – again. But that is a subject for another time.

In the meantime, we can expect another – a new (again) – “emergency,” to give a kind of booster shot to the ongoing one. We already know – this time – what the “emergency” is because it has already been announced. It is the climate “emergency.” Or – rather – the “climate” crisis. It has been hot, you see. Never mind it being summer. Never mind this summer has been cooler in most places. The rhetoric is much hotter. So also the “reporting,” which foments the impression of an “emergency. ” This sways impressionable people.

The cases! The cases! The heat! The heat!

It is all the same.

Kids used to read stories that caused them to think while being entertained. Stories like The Boy Who Cried Wolf! Adults who read that story as kids were intellectually inoculated against rhetoric about “emergencies” – especially those that never seem to end. Particularly those declared by the same people who declared the last “emergency.”

Today, most kids watch TeeeeeVeeeee. And peck at their phones, like a seagull at the beach enraptured by a piece of aluminum foil.

They have been programmed to respond to “emergencies.” They do not look around them to see whether – as in the prior “emergency” – the bodies actually are stacking up like cordwood, the hospitals overflowing – and so on. Instead, they hear about the cases! the cases! or that the oceans are boiling and they believe there is an “emergency.”

Their lying eyes notwithstanding.

And so it will continue until this crisis passes. Which it won’t, until most of us develop an instinctive suspicion of those who shriek at us about the latest “emergency” that requires us to give up more of whatever remains of the freedom we used to have before all of these “emergencies” were declared – and never ended.

. . .

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  1. 911,2001 jewbankers declared a war on the world. 22 years later, take a good look around you at the wreckage and despair. Take a real good look, these fuckers have no intention of stopping. Tommorow will be more horrific shit, the next day, more. They want you goyim fuckin dead…how people do not see this boggles my mind.

    • Hi Celt,

      Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that “jew bankers declared war.” If so, they used (and have used) white, Christian (ostensibly) men to “front” their efforts. Like The Chimp, for instance. Think about that. From a racial point-of-view, what does it say about “our own people,” i.e., our fellow “aryans”? It says – to me – that many of them are either incredibly stupid (the supposed point-of-view of the “Jew elites”) or so greedy and treacherous as to be exactly what “the Jews” are held to be by some.

  2. A lot of good 9/11 points, here.

    Like many, I don’t know what really happened that day, just that the official story doesn’t so well match the phenomena observed.

    One other thing: Cell phone calls from a plane doing over 500 mph, thousands of feet above ground, especially in 2001. How works that?

  3. Looking back through history, the USA is presently at the same stage as the former Soviet Union right before its collapse.

    We are being “governed” by geriatric criminal career politicians who already have one foot in the grave and are pretty much “brain-dead”.. These criminal politicians are entrenched and are reluctant to acquiesce their power and finally “pass the baton” to younger political aspirants.

    Political criminals like Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, and others are well-past their ability to make good decisions and are all “brain dead”. All three of them (and many more) are drooling, babbling idiots who are well past their prime and should have retired a long time ago.

    None of these politicians care about the country. Instead, they are lining their pockets with impunity, figuring that (((they))) cannot be touched.

    The former Soviet Union was also “governed” by geriatric criminal career politicians who were well-past their intellectual capacity and yes, were partially brain-dead, attempting to prop up a failing political system.

    Another fatal aspect in American polity is that of “dual citizenship”. We are being “governed” by those who pledge fealty to another country—israel. That is to our detriment because we are doing “what is good for israel”, NOT “what is good for America”. A prime example of “dual loyalty” and “loyalty to a foreign country” is that of Florida Governor Ron Desantis, He signed bills limiting the Constitutional rights of Floridians while in israel. If this is not treason, I don’t know what is…

    If there ever was a need tor a massive political “house cleaning” in the USA, the time is now.

    • ‘We are being “governed” by geriatric criminal career politicians.’ — anarchyst

      Yesterday I asserted that “Biden” — or at least the cabal which jerks his strings — is trying to start WW III.

      Overnight, the Ukies attacked a Russian shipyard in Crimea. Who egged them on?

      While appearing on ABC’s This Week, ‘Blinken’ was asked if he was OK with Ukraine using long-range ATACMS to hit targets deep inside Russian territory. His response:

      “In terms of their targeting decisions, it’s their decision, not ours,” Blinken replied.

      Evidently, the D-party’s only hope of retaining the usurped presidency is to make “Biden” a war president.

      Therefore, Russia will be goaded mercilessly until it finally responds as desired, by hitting a NATO target. That is, unless we hit it ourselves, and merely blame the Russians.

      • Hi Jim,

        I agree – this is ominous. I also think Putin has acted with remarkable restraint. I now wish he’d just end this Keeeeeeeeeeev business. Not with nukes, of course. But with the conventional military power of Russia. Surely, he has the troops, tanks and air support to roll over most of Ukraine – right up to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev, itself – then turn the portion he holds into a neutral buffer state and leave Zelkensky to rule over the rump state of Ukraine. Problem solved.

      • By the way, last September the US blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, then absurdly blamed the bombing on Russia, despite it being their pipeline.

        Must. Do. Better.

  4. Eric,

    What you say about the weather is true. I own a NOAA weather radio that receives NWS broadcasts. In the morning, they recount various statistics, such as average temperatures, high temps, low temps, precipitation, heating degree days, cooling degree days, and so on. They cite these statistics, then compare them to daily, seasonal, and annual averages. Cooling degree days, or CCDs, measure how hot it is; more CCDs means it’s been hotter. The NWS, at least for my area, has said that the CCDs are 173 days below on a seasonal basis; i.e. it’s been a cooler than average summer.

      • Hi Jack,

        I grew up in Northern Va and worked in DC at the time. Anyone familiar with the area knows how many tourists are out and about taking pictures and home movies. Also how many security/surveillance cameras there are. It is not believable that there is not one video recording or photo of the “jet” that supposedly flew into the Pentagon. People would have heard it coming and been on the alert for just such noise, given what had already happened in NYC. Yet no one – not one person – managed to snap a picture or video of the “jet” coming in? We have multiple such of the 757s hitting the Towers in NYC.

        Also, early local news coverage of the Pentagon hit showed a too-small hole, with no damage on either side (windows intact) or above. Where did the wings (and engines, hanging underneath each of them) go? What happened to the vertical stabilizer?

        • Or the black box(s)? If the narrative is as claimed why didn’t they release the cockpit recordings? Many pilots talked about just how difficult it would be to really fly the way the terrorists did. The investigation was able to put seasoned pilots in simulators who were able to recreate the sequence of events, but they didn’t try it with students who had minimal experience with single engine prop planes.

          I play on desktop simulators. Nailing landings is hard enough, hitting buildings? No way. I suppose if I had enough practice I could do it on a desktop sim, but that’s nothing like the real thing.

          • Hi RK,

            Yup. A guy I knew back in DC was a military pilot (Vietnam, combat carrier pilot). He told me that in his opinion, it was improbable to the point of impossible for an amateur who’d never actually flown anything more than a single engine (low speed) prop job to fly a 757 the way the one that supposedly hit the Pentagon was flown. Especially the last “leg” of the “flight” – just feet off the deck and straight and level at several hundred knots and then into the side of a low building.

            • I’ve been saying this all along…no way the purported “hijackers” of AA 77, with only a few hours time in a light single-engine piston job (like a Cessna 172) and some simulator time for a Boeing twin-engine airliner could fly one, ON THE DECK, hit the side of the Pentagon at the first and second floors, and NOT have the engine nacelles leave huge RUTS in the surrounding grounds as it bore in! Never mind, as with the WTC towers, IF you have an airliner, even going in at barely above stall speed (BTW, both aircraft that struck the WTC towers were 767s, which are considerably larger than a 757), making a direct impact on a building, once the engines impact, being rather SOLID as compared to the airframe, they’ll leave distinct HOLES in whatever they hit. Also, it’s been shown, especially with the Boeing jets, that airliners are surprisingly DURABLE, i.e., look no further than something like the 1979 Air New Zealand 901 tragedy, where “whiteout” conditions caused a DC-10 to slam directly into Mount Erebus, near the USN’s weather station at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Distinct pieces of the fuselage and TAIL section were clearly visible. We see NOTHING like that with the purported AA 77 crash site, nor any holes in the walls spaced approximately at the width of the engines on the 757! Never mind that the biggest risk, in trying to fly a large airliner “on the deck”, is actually “pancaking” on the ground, prematurely, and causing the aircraft to “skip” like a flat stone on a pond, MISSING THE TARGET, if indeed the objective was to use AA 77 like a kamikaze!

              Who knows what ACTUALLY happened to AA 77 – flown “into the drink” (Atlantic Ocean) perhaps?

        • Not to mention that no steel framed high rise had ever collapsed like that before, and none have since, from any cause except intentional demolition.

          • Oh, and don’t forget that the Twin Towers were DESIGNED AND BUILT to sustain a hit from an airliner! You have to remember that there are three major airports in close proximity to the WTC: EWR, LGA, and JFK. EWR can be SEEN from where the Twin Towers stood! Combine that with the fact that a B-25 hit the Empire State Building years before, a plane hitting a building is a possible scenario. The Twin Towers were designed and built to sustain a hit from a Boeing 707, which was the largest plane in existence when design work on the WTC began in the early 1960s.

            • Hi Mark,

              Yup. The 707 was also fast. A four engine’d missile that packed a lot o’ kinetic energy. I can see major structural damage occurring, though. And I can see partial, asymmetric collapse. But the way they collapsed into their own footprint? It defies common sense. But, maybe. On the other hand, there’s WTC 7. This one was not hit by anything – other than falling debris. No jet fuel-fed fires. Just office fires (paper, wood, etc.). Yet it, too, collapsed into its own footprint and even more symmetrically. I do not believe this could have happened without controlled demolition charges set and fired to destroy the building’s core supports all at once.

              • …”We know that enormous explosions ripped through the basement of each tower shortly before they fell. A photographer named Rick Siegal actually captured these explosions on film from Hoboken, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The quality of Siegal’s video was excellent because his camera was set on a tripod. Moreover, it was also equipped with audio so he was able to record the thunderous noise which carried across the river.

                […] the placement of the Uranium charge at the bottom of the WTC elevator shaft explains the seeming absence of radiation. The nuclear reaction in these simple but effective weapons proceeded slowly, at first. As the heat from fission built up, the Uranium charge melted down into the granite.”…


              • Eric,

                That’s true; the 707 was fast. I did some quick and dirty math after 9/11, so I looked up the stats on the 707 and the 767 that hit the North Tower. The 767 is a bigger, heavier airplane; it packs more mass. However, because the 707 is faster, it packs more kinetic energy. The upshot of it is that, if they were both traveling at their top speeds, then the kinetic energy they’d deliver would be about the same.

                Now, here are two other things to consider: 1) Frank DeMartini’s comments about the WTC’s ability to sustain hits from an airplane; and 2) what I could never find out is how fast a hit the WTC was designed to take.

                There’s a History Channel documentary about the WTC; it came out in early 2001. I’ll include a link to it. In the documentary is the WTC’s structural engineer, Frank DeMartini. Mr. DeMartini said that, thanks to the Twin Towers exoskeletal construction, that the towers could take multiple hits; he said it would be akin to a poking a pencil through a screen. You can see that documentary here:

                As for the Twin Towers’ ability to sustain an aircraft impact, this is true. What is unknown is whether or not they were designed to sustain a full speed hit or a slow speed hit. Since you have the airports nearby, particularly EWR (Newark Liberty Int’l), arriving and departing airliners would be traveling at slower speeds. Whether taking off and climbing out or on approach to landing, they would be traveling at slower speeds; even during takeoff and climb out, they’d be well below full speed. The question to which I could never find an answer is the speed of impact the towers were designed to sustain.

                Even if the towers weren’t designed for a full speed impact; even if they were to collapse from a full speed hit; they’d do so at an angle. How on Earth do they collapse into their OWN FOOTPRINT? According the laws of physics as I understand them, that shouldn’t happen.

                I don’t know what caused WTC 1, WTC, 2, and WTC 7 to collapse on 9/11. What I know is that the official version is BS…

                • “Full speed” near the ground isn’t full speed. Air density plays a part. At cruising altitude the less dense air allows for 460 kn/hr but there’s a lot of asterisks with that number. Even if it was possible to move that quickly near ground level, at that speed the video footage should have showed a plane moving about 25 feet every frame, or one plane length per 6 frames, not the lazy slow approach taken, at least by the second aircraft.

              • Eric,

                Thanks to those low bypass turbofans the 707 used for engines, it could go faster than today’s modern airliners do. Modern airliners have these big, wide, high bypass turbofans that are both quiet and fuel efficient; however, those big, wide fans result in slower speeds.

                I have an interesting detail to tell you. I once worked with a guy who was a boom operator on the KC-135, the tanker version of the 707. In recent years, many of the KC-135s were re-engined with CFM-56 high bypass turbofans. This not only extended the life of the KC-135; it enabled it to remain aloft longer, carry more payload, and use less fuel.

                HOWEVER! However, the re-engined KC-135s couldn’t fly fast enough to refuel the SR-71; for that job, a special version of the KC-135 retaining the old, low bypass engines was used. Why? Because, with the original, noisy, smoky low bypass engines it could fly fast enough to more easily refuel the high speed, high flying SR-71…

                • Even at the speeds the original KC-135 was capable of (more based on the original four-engined Boeing prototype than the actual 707, which has an additional fuselage “plug” behind the wings as compared to the 367), it still took the technique of matching the stall speed of the Blackbird with the max speed of the tanker, both aircraft in a controlled descent during the refueling procedure. It got further complicated by the Blackbird getting heavier as it took on fuel, although the tanker did get a bit lighter to compensate.

            • Have a look at the videos of the twin towers collapsing. I have not put a grid over the any of videos and measured positions of debris frame by frame, which would be a useful exercise. It *appears* to me that the ejecta follow trajectories which include an *upward* component as they are expelled from the buildings. If that can be confirmed, it implies there must be a force which is pushing the debris upward, and the question becomes, what is that force?

              Newton’s second law, F=ma, is a *vector* equation. Collapsing floors from above will exert a downward force due to gravity, and the air inside the building will be squeezed sideways due to pressure from above and very little resistance to lateral motion (only the window glass).

              If there *is* an upward component to the debris trajectories, that implies a force which is acting opposite to the direction of gravity. What is that force?

        • Thank you for reiterating this point! I was saying it (almost word for word) days after it happened. I was looked at like I had the proverbial “dick” growing out of my forehead but most if not all who I talked to!

        • Yes, the whole official story is utter bullshit, and many knew it from day one.

          It was a self inflicted wound to give the military industrial complex permission to bomb the shit out of the middle east for Israel.

          General Wesley Clark, 7 countries in 5 years

          The Zionist control Amerika. They did it for a very specific reason – to destroy the nations around Israel. Get a map of the M.E. online, then find Israel, then find the nations we destroyed – Arab states near Israel.

          The United States is controlled by murdering demons, what we do is beyond Satanic.

        • Eric,

          In fairness there was a great deal less surveillance before 9/11. If you were an inner-city liquor store you probably had a tape, but a lot of businesses didn’t. And the iPhone was about 6 years into the future. Most people had a cell phone by then, but it was probably a “dumb” phone that may or may not have had a camera, and probably only took stills.

  5. Who knew?

    Amr I. Elgindy tried to cash out an investment on Sept. 10, 2001. Elgindy was a market maven, a crook, that shorted a stock called Nuclear Solutions. Must have had some inside information, stated that the stock market would fall to 3000 on 911. Elgindy spent some time in the hoosegow. A mystery as to how many and who all were involved. An obvious plethora of cover-ups, easy to see that.

    Paul Brown was the CEO of Nuclear Solutions, Brown died in a racing accident in Idaho, had a plan to use spent nuclear fuels to produce more energy.

    He was scheduled to testify against Elgindy.

    Strange Death of Paul Brown

    “Said Brown in a press release last November: “We have a technology whereby we can render nuclear waste no longer radioactive. We can make it stable. The real beauty of this process is it actually produces power, so we have a safe, clean, efficient method of generating power that just happens to burn nuclear waste” as fuel.”

    Paul Brown was threatened and accused of criminal behavior, was targeted. So was his company’s ticker symbol.

    Elgindy died in 2015. Karma did the job.

  6. This wikipedia page is very instructive regarding the use of “emergencies” to basically just issue effectively never-ending diktats:

    One goes back to the Carter administration! Look at HOW MANY are still there from Bush, Obama, and Trump! Also, look at some of the older ones. They last like 45 fucken years!

    It’s insanity. Until some law is passed that limits emergency powers, our country (never mind us people currently living), will be subject to unlimited tyranny.

    • The only place a federal emergency act is authorized is in Washington DC and its military bases. States can easily override and nullify them BUT,,, the feds always attach millions/billions of freshly printed up fedbucks to the emergency act effectively bribing them.

      Working for the telephone company, broke equipment were left broke until a hurricane blew through. They would be marked as hurricane damage and the feds would pay for the replacements/repairs.

      Citizens take as well. I know many that had 6-7digit incomes get free generators,,, then sell them later.

      Corruption is a top down thing…..

  7. During the last election cycle, Texas avoided continuing the Bush dynasty — at least for a while — by passing on a fourth generation of the clan, George P., son of Jeb!, as Attorney General, which has been a stepping stone to Governor as of late.

    • That is why Ken Paxton is being impeached. He committed 2 sins; one was beating a Bush and two, being a conservative. The RINOs and the communists/ democrats in Texas want their pound of flesh.

      • Paxton also bailed out Griddy’s customers and protected the Clinton cronies who ran the company. Another typical Texas RINO — I’m not going to shed any tears if he’s removed from office.

  8. Sept 11, 1991

    At the beginning of the movie The Big Lebowski, The Dude, writes a check at the grocery store for $0.67, the date on the check is Sept 11, 1991.

    George Bush was talking on TV, “This aggression will not stand.”

    The Big Lebowski was released in 1998.

    You have to attenuate the negative and accentuate the positive.

    Everybody is really skeered something might still happen.

    Must be National Twin Towers Destruction Day, along with some kind of destructive device slamming into the Pentagon.

    There is no rest for the wicked, nor any hope.

    “Couldn’t care less if I didn’t have a friend, but some folks would say I’m crazy. Wouldn’t work, ‘cuz I don’t need money, but the same folks would say I’m lazy. Say sour grapes, you can laugh and stare, say sour grapes, but I don’t care.” – John Prine, Sour Grapes

  9. One might think folks would realize we’ve been living with viruses and extreme weather ever since we showed up on the scene, and neither have ever turned into an existential threat. EVER. I mean we are still here, right? Then the Psychopaths In Charge got nuclear weapons. They are the one and only REAL threat we should fear. But instead we grovel at their feet. Lest you forget, we have already had a nuclear war. Only one nation has ever decided that using nuclear weapons was a good idea, and did so, twice. Just to watch them go bang and kill a lot of people.

    • What I cannot figure out is why we need to be 100% secure? Who decided this was the goal? I understand that if there’s a way to prevent the worst from happening it might be a good idea to take that action. When people put thought into attempting to prevent every possible bad outcome, real or imagined, that’s where the line has to be drawn.

      That sort of thinking only ends up in one very bad place.

      • For one thing RK, trying to be 100% secure is far beyond possible, it’s ludicrously insane. We are bags of jello with some bones inside. We fall down wrong, we die. Safety is an illusion at best.

      • RK,
        We live in a “Sealed For Your Protection” society. GovCo gives its stamp of approval on any and all things and situations in this country. That which is not permitted by GovCo is prohibited. We have this drummed into our heads 24/7.

        It something exists it MUST be safe because everything is GovCo approved…or so we think.

        • My parent’s generation grew up with polio, war and financial depression. And heart disease, social upheaval and destruction of money. They fear germs, excess and filthy hippies. They love routine, authorities, and Holiday Inn style replication. They trust big: Big companies making big products in big factories. They fear what’s not approved or inspected, because they’ve been brainwashed to believe capitalists will wilingly poision their customers if they can -while ignoring the big companies who actually are. They follow the rules, even when it goes against their best interest.

          9/11 and COVID played right into all their primal fears. They were played like fiddles by people who clearly don’t have their best interest in mind.

          • RE: “My parent’s generation grew up with…”

            Well said, ReadyKilowatt.

            They were played like fiddles,… and, my late Generation-X brother & his baby-momma with children in tow fell into/under the same damned spell.

      • “What I cannot figure out is why we need to be 100% secure? Who decided this was the goal?”

        I hate to say this, but it’s when women started leaving the home and becoming business women and politicians. Women in general place safety above freedom. It’s understandable from an evolutionary standpoint. It’s just bad for society on many levels.

        • Oh, but male and female are a social construct! You’re reenforcing stereotypes! The patriarchy came up with that idea to supress women (which are a social construct).

        • RE: “Women in general place safety above freedom.”

          How about, they place ‘safety’ above family?

          i.e. their survival (and, being accepted by, ‘The Herd’, in a go-along-to-get-along sorta way) is More important than the health & survival of their very own children.

          …Lotsa metro-sexual fathers fit into the same slot, too.

          I dunno, just thinking out loud, combined with what I’ve sadly seen over the last few years.

      • RE: “Hold on, the bombs dropped on Japan saved hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides in avoiding an invasion of the mainland.”

        …Man, you’re absolutely, totally, ignorant & clueless.

        “The stark fact is that the Japanese leaders, both military and civilian, including the emperor, were willing to surrender in May of 1945 if the emperor could remain in place and not be subjected to a war crimes trial after the war.”…

        • That is flat out not true and there is no way the author would know that. You believe any propaganda that supports your view so your opinion on the subject is meaningless.

          • I would love to read your well-researched, pointed rebuttal to the aforementioned article. I’m sure it will consist of much more than, “That is flat out not true…”

            You produce some of the more ridiculous comments on this site.

            • What would be the point of that? Any information that contradicts his point of view is discounted as coming from a source he doesn’t like. I’m not going to get into it with someone that doesn’t believe anything he doesn’t like.

              • Thanks for admitting you don’t have the requisite knowledge to disprove the information contained in the article. My point is that if you don’t have the time or desire, then STFU. It’s exceedingly annoying when people dismiss something with a wave of their hand.

                • The”requisite” information is easily found. Wikipedia has a very good page on both sides of the issues. It is almost certain that the bombs saved lives. Certainly Japanese lives. Many more civilians had died in fire bombings then in the use of the nuclear weapons.

                  The Japanese had been training civilians including woman and children to attack invading troops with sharpened bamboo poles and to strap explosives to themselves. At Iwo Jima only 216 Japanese troops surrendered out of a force of over 22,000. 62,000 Americans died at Okinawa, and the US had intercepted info that the Japanese would fight to defend the homeland to the last man. As Winton Churchill put it: the ones in favor of not dropping the bomb were not the ones that would have to leave transports under fire to go ashore.

                  • krusty,

                    Are you serious? There is no way for us to know how many more Americans or Japanese would have died. It is hypothetical.

                    What happened if this was Japan’s thinking about the US? “More Americans lives will be saved if we drop a bomb on NYC and Chicago. They will have no choice but to surrender.”

                    This why the Republican/conservative party absolutely sickens me. They are war mongers.

                    The atomic bomb was an unconscionable crime against humanity. The people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima had nothing to do with the attacks on Pearl Harbor, but in your justification, it is okay for their lives to be lost.

                    Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki military installations? No, they were innocent people going about their day. The US picked these two cities as a psychological game: 1) kill enough innocent people and the Japanese would surrender and 2) everything would be impressed with the new bomb.

                    Two words describe this: f’ing disgusting.

                    • Hi, RG,
                      More Japanese were killed by the incendiary bombing of Tokyo than died in either of the atomic weapons attacks. Had the nuclear weapons not existed, the USAAF would have used incendiaries everywhere else in Japan, as they and the Brits did in Germany. General LeMay is on record as stating that, had the Western allies lost, he and Arthur Harris would have been the ones tried as war criminals.

                      My Dad, a bombardier in the USAAF, was about to ship out from Carlsbad, NM to the western Pacific when the war ended. Had the war not ended when it did, he would have been dropping bombs on Japanese cities from a B-29, unless he got shot down.

                      Air crews had notoriously short life expectancies. My DOB is 2 Sept 1949, the 4th anniversary of V-J day.

                    • RG,
                      Don’t know if you know this, but the U.S. Gov’t built a model “German Village” and a model “Japanese Village,” both designed by an architect to be as authentic as possible, in order to study the most “scientific” way to destroy them, along with their civilian inhabitants, using conventional incendiaries, which included white phosphorus and napalm.

                      This program of extermination of the civilian population was conducted against major and medium sized cities in Germany via night bombing raids, in which bombers followed the fires set by the leaders. Subsequently, fighters strafed the fire brigades, machine gunning the fire fighters as they attempted to extinguish the fires, asphalt melting beneath their feet. This truly was a “holocaust” (burnt offering), but the victims were only German (and later, Japanese) civilians, so their lives do not count.

                      History repeated itself during the so-called First Gulf War, in which the USAF deliberately targeted an above ground air raid shelter in Baghdad. holing the roof and boiling the occupants alive.

                      C’est la vie, c’est la guerre, c’est la mort, as they say.

                  • krusty,
                    Never the less, only one nation on the planet ever decided that using nuclear weapons was a good idea, and did so, twice. Despite the horror they entailed.

                    • The Wikipedia page “Debate over the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki” is a pretty good page. Has the complete point of view of the pro and con sides. Both are very persuasive.

                    • Hi Krusty,

                      I read and have read a great deal about the WW II era and from that I have concluded that (a) FDR and his circle needed to get the United States involved in WW II – because the “New Deal” was failing (economically) and a war economy would turn around that failure, among other reasons – but the American public was overwhelmingly opposed to America becoming involved in a European war. FDR tried to goad the Germans repeatedly (as by Lend Lease, as by the Navy shadowing German naval units – including the battleship Bismarck, incidentally; another story, for another time) but it wasn’t working. So, efforts were directed at the Japanese. They were maneuvered into the position of essentially having to either attack – to protect their interests – or back down and accept U.S. (Western) in interference in what they – reasonably – considered to be their affairs, in their area of the world. Mind: I am not suggesting either National Socialist Germany or Imperial Japan were “good” nations. I am pointing out that nation states – including the United States – pursue their interests. Rather, the rulers of nation states pursue them. As Lincoln did, to subdue the “rebellious” Southern Confederacy. (Hitler admired Lincoln, by the way; he also was astounded – rightly – by the effrontery of FDR lecturing him about the wrongness of his lebensraum policy in view of America’s fundamentally the same policy; e.g., the pushing out of the Indians to make room for white Americans.)

                      Anyhow, by late summer 1945, Japan was beaten – and knew it. Was it necessary to annihilate hundreds of thousands of people – the majority civilians? Perhaps. Japanese resistance at Okinawa was ferocious and it is true the home islands were being prepared to resist similarly. I know that hindsight is 20-20 but I wonder whether the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki might have been avoided by detonating a bomb off the coast of a major Japanese city, where people would see – and prefaced by a warning that if the government did not surrender, then the next bomb would be detonated over a military target such as the capital city, Tokyo.

                      Meanwhile, in Europe, rather than National Socialist Germany occupying half of Poland – the justification for declaring war on Germany – the Soviet Union occupied all of it. Plus most of eastern Europe, too.

                    • Perfect Words of a pawn/dupe, eh?:

                      “The Wikipedia page “Debate over the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki” is a pretty good page. Has the complete point of view of the pro and con sides. Both are very persuasive.”

                      ‘Cause, ya know, like, Brawndo makes plants grow!

                      ‘Idiocracy: Brawndo Has What Plants Crave!’


        • Both sides committed virtually unforgiveable diplomatic failures in the spring and summer of 1945. Had we communicated to the Japanese that, despite an American occupation, we’d give them great latitude in reconstituting their government, and the choice as to retain the Emperor or not, further hostilities, including dropping the atomic bombs, might have been avoided.

          • Japan was just an excuse. The Soviet Union was, or was about to become, the new bogeyman and official enemy, and thanks to Klaus Fuchs, they had the U.S atomic secrets.

            Hiroshima and Nagasaki were weapons tests (one for each type of nuclear bomb), to put the Russians on notice as to U.S. nuclear capabilities. Japanese cities and Japanese civilians were the test subjects.

    • Kind of funny, those A-Bombs. Both used material that has thousands/millions of years half life where nothing will be able to live. Funny that both cities are thriving with green farms all around only 79 years later. Yep,,, kinda funny.

      • A softball sized amount of those fissile materials, spread out over a city. Life on Earth is surrounded by low level fission and has lots of defensive mechanisms to deal with it.

        And the actual fission byproducts had half-lives much shorter than the refined uranium.

  10. One thing that strikes me is how The Chimp just wantonly squandered a great deal of political capital to do (and not do) certain things that badly needed to be done (and not to be done).

    We should never have engaged in nation building or spreading democracy—we should have retaliated with massive destruction on any countries complicit, up to and including nuclear strikes and strikes on Islamic sites. And we should not have tried to rebuild the rubble we reduced them to. If we are the Great Satan, we should open the gates of hell to our enemies.

    We should have truly sealed our borders with a military presence on both sides, greater physical barriers, and orders to deport anyone caught.

    We should have declared an indefinite moratorium on legal immigration to vet all immigrants on visas and deport any overstayed visas and other violators. We should have prohibited immigrants from working near sensitive areas, such as hazmat transportation.

    We should have barred immigration from countries known to support terrorism and prohibited students from those countries from studying sensitive subjects in our colleges, such as nuclear engineering.

    We should have implemented best practices for airline security from El Al and European countries—which actually work, unlike TSA “gate rape,” taking off your shoes, dumping your liquids, and having your junk touched and scanned.

    We should have taken real steps to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, like opening up land to drilling and told the greens to go pound sand. Would you rather inconvenience some caribou or get people killed?

    We should have started a Manhattan Project 2.0 to find truly viable alternatives to oil (not this EV business!) particularly synthetic fuels and next generation nuclear power. We should have taken a page out of the JFK playbook and set a goal of energy independence by 2010.

    We should have quit trying to police the world and focus on keeping our country safe and punishing anyone who threatens us. That includes rethinking a lot of our military obligations.

    We should have toughened military training and thrown out all the PC and woke nonsense. Our enemies sure aren’t PC and woke.

    We should have stopped being ashamed of our Northwestern European, Judeo-Christian culture and heritage, which has proven to create wealthier, healthier, and happier societies than those not.

    But we did none of these things…and I’m sure you know why.

    • First of all, let’s get rid of the term “fossil fuels”.
      Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons are “abiotic”.
      Hydrocarbon products are constantly being created deep within the earth by yet-unknown processes well below the layers that contain fossils. Keep in mind that hydrocarbons migrate upward and pass through “fossil layers” picking up remnants of “fossil” material; hence, the present-day scientists’ stupid mistaken assumption that hydrocarbons are derived from “fossils”.
      Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits well below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
      As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
      “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited dishonest concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
      Follow the money.
      Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons have done more to advance civilization than any other influence. It is the discovery, creation and utilization of ENERGY that propels civilizations upward and onward.
      For a good treatise on abiotic oil, please google L. Fletcher Prouty. He is a scientist who gives a good explanation of “abiotic oil”.
      We have more oil underneath our feet than the rest of the world. Oil will never run out.
      The “oil crisis” of the 1970s was not the “lack of oil” but lack of refinery capacity.

      • Living through the period I remember dozens of tankers anchored off of Texas shores for some reason not being emptied. Could it be that……… nahhhh Conspiracy Theory!

  11. A few days ago, from Kiev, GWB decided to let loose more war mongering rhetoric that justifies the US continuing its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Here are some ridiculously stupid quotes from the failed US President who oversaw the deaths of countless innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    On Putin: “He is always looking to prove his strength. But he saw Russia as a weakened state, and so he felt resentful of the whole world,” said Bush, Jr.”

    “There are isolationist tendencies in both parties. Therefore, someone must explain to Americans why Ukraine is so important. Should Ukraine fall, what will be the fate of its neighbours, particularly Poland or Romania?”, he said.”

    “The former US president also believes that Washington has no right to impose peace terms with Russia on Kyiv: “The US may advise, but not impose its idea of peace.”

    “And finally, I have something else to say. Glory to Ukraine! And stay strong,” he said.”

    • “There are isolationist tendencies in both parties.”

      GWB using the term “isolationist” is an immediate “tell”. These politicians would never dream of speaking the Ron Paul preferred “non-interventionist” term. It’s forbidden in their circle. They want you to think that the opposite of interventionism is isolationism. The manipulation never ends.

  12. They keep playing the Mighty Wurlitzer of Fear and the masses keep dancing to the tune. Until the masses wake up to their manipulation the tunes will go on.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    Happy Pick-A-Scab Day. May the bloody shirt of Nahn-Levn fly high.

  13. The biggest change since 9/11 has been in mass media. Remember when events were so shocking, so important, so BIG that every channel broadcast the event? The moon landing was one of the first, but once the infrastructure was in place, why not use it? And in the 1990s all the media hype over trival events, like LA car chases -the penultimate being Al Cowlings’ white Bronco carrying OJ. Mixed in with horrible tragedies like Waco. And who could forget the wall-to-wall-to-wall coverage of the first Gulf War? (I know I’m out of sequence) Truth is, that’s how I got my first job in television, because there were so many people wanting to advertise on CNN the company had to bring on an extra producer. LIVE became the attraction.

    Meanwhile some nerds at Cambridge set up a camera on a coffee pot so they didn’t have to waddle over to the break room if there wasn’t a fresh pot. Sure it was black and white, low res and took forever to load, but here I was in Pennsylvania, looking at a coffee pot in Cambridge England, in real time. Or a fish bowl at the headquarters of Netscape. Then Nokia put a camera on a cell phone just because they could. And because the best camera is the one in your hand (or pocket) everyone decided that bad video is better than no video.

    As people stopped watching broadcast and cable, the ad dollars migrated to online -which promised to answer John Wanamaker’s dilemma of which half of his ad budget was wasted, and led to the mass measurment of everyone and everything. This had to carry over to the real world, that feedback loop closing was extremely important to ad brokers to “prove” their effectiveness. Of course all that data was a treasure trove to DHS, who will only have safety when they have all information. So of course they had to have it.

    But the old guard media started to get desperate as the money started to dry up. So back to the old saws of LIVE blood and gore… and fear. And now the system is a parody of itself, and sold out to the advertisers. No one can say anything bad about the advertiser… and the worst, most corrupt people and entities are now the advertisers. Politicans, drug companies, law firms and banks. No one really needs to buy ads anymore, but they do anyway to stay in the good graces of the news outlets. Otherwise some “credentialed” journalist might report on their business practices.

  14. With all of these “emergencies” that somehow grant politicians special powers, perhaps it is time for concerned citizens to declare our own emergency: An emergency of tyranny. Perhaps this will grant US special powers.

    Perhaps our own “emergency powers” grant us the ability to have and carry any weapon we choose, possess any substance we’d like, drive anywhere we’d please (excluding the private property of others) and at any speed we feel is prudent, without any licensing or registration requirements. Perhaps we even have the power to keep the money we’ve earned.

    Yes, perhaps the Citizens’ National Emergency Declaration is imminent…

      • Thanks, Eric. 🙂

        It just occurs to me that if whatever emergency de jure lets these despots out of whatever constitutional contract gives them any legitimacy, well, our own defined (and justifited!) emergency can let us out of a contract we never signed in the first place.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          The constitution is only a contract insofar as it sets the limits on what GovCo is allowed to do. Since we know they’ve been violating that since at least 1913 then its already de facto null and void. Meaning my rights are those I can exercise and keep.

          As for contracts I never singed, that sounds like the so called social contract, which is easy to opt out of. I did this decades ago. After watching the powers that be use the social contract as something to wipe their asses with, I decided those ‘rules’ don’t apply to me. ‘My brothers keeper,’ ‘all in it together,’ and all the other annoying attempts at guilting people are BS. They have the nerve to stick with this while they continue to supercharge their crony capitalism. In a sane world, Privatized gains and public losses should convince everyone to opt out, refuse to comply, and using every tool in their tool box to drive a stake in the heart of the Vampire Squid.

          All the things you cited above, we’re currently free to do in AZ. Maybe not the speed part. I find it rare that DPS enforces speed limits, especially if you are in the flow of traffic, which is usually 10-20mph over. Also the sorry state of our roads demand you slow down at times anyway. At least they’ve smoothed out the I/17 south of Flag, I’ll give them credit for that. Still seems like they’re playing wackamole across the state as a whole.

          • They’ve been violating the Constitution since before the ink was dry. They instituted a censorship law that made it a crime to criticize FedGov or even speak badly of it back in the 1780s or 90s. I forget. It was practically the first legislation they passed. It was left in place until Jefferson became POTUS and flushed it. So if that’s the standard, it’s always been null and void.

            • Interesting, Mr. Kable. Can’t say I’m not surprised, however. The Fed Lord contingent has always been present, initially championed by Alexander Hamilton and others.

              Problem is, that group has steadily grown in number and power, and internal resistance has all but disappeared.

              As an aside, I saw a show claiming that A. Hamilton actually fired into the air on accident during his duel with Burr. Apparently, his pistol was found to have a hair trigger mechanism, meaning the fucker tried to cheat and got some instant karma.

              Again, I’m not surprised.

            • Technically, Jefferson didn’t flush anything. The newly elected Republicans just let the law run out (Christ, that party has been useless since 1792.)

            • If they violate the contract consistently and persistently for 250 years or so…

              At what point is the contract considered unenforceable/null/void?

              Who gets to declare it to be so?

              Who, indeed?

          • Hey Nornan,

            I’d say it’s rarer than it used to be to get pulled over by Officer Friendly, but I still often see them with a “customer” and flashing LEDs on the side of the highway.

            Now, as far as states go, I like AZ’s laws better than many. But, if I’m doing 80 in a 65 (I think of Route 66 in certain areas: Nice peaceful drive, but the road totem is far too conservative), and/or I just decide to to throw my license plate in the trash, some AGW will soon come to “help me”.

            Now, if I have a little cocaine in the car, or even an open beer, plus an automatic weapon or two (righteous weekend?), I’ll be in some deep shit. Doesn’t matter if I have, or ever will, hurt anyone.

            Worse, and not mentioned initially, are the building code laws, which I’ll be consistently “violating” on my land…

            Also, the roads have been steadily improving, it seems, but there are still some hairy highway experiences out there.

            • Hi BaDnOn

              The building codes are a problem. For the most part I ignore the ones I don’t agree with. I think most people getting pulled over these days are driving impaired/vaxx affected/too old.

              While driving, with, or without the proper papers, and with or without rolling dirty, I have little fear. If Officer Friendly pulls me over and acts unfriendly, my only interaction is, ‘am I being detained, or am I free to go.

              Now if I was inebriated then all bets are off. Thats one of those things, don’t know if its Libertarian or not. I do a lot of different things under varying different influences, don’t ever get behind the wheel. Know someone who got pulled over with a decent size bag of weed in the open. He drove away unscathed, cause he convinced O Friendly he was sober, all without getting out of the car.

              I like AZs laws better than any other. The only place I’ve found better is the coastal Islands off SE Alaska. Place is like the real Wild West. No property tax, in some places. No gun laws. No hunting, fishing license needed on your own land.

              Does sound like a righteous weekend. I hide my weapons, beer, blow, and any other prohibited items when driving so he’d have no reason to bother me if he stopped me.

              • A nice thought to end the night after encountering so many not-so-nice thoughts today:

                “Place is like the real Wild West. No property tax, in some places. No gun laws. No hunting, fishing license needed on your own land.”

                …’The Far Blue Mountains’.

              • Norman,

                “Know someone who got pulled over with a decent size bag of weed in the open. He drove away unscathed…” Luckily, things have changed a bit for the better in some ways, though it still depends on the AGW.

                “I hide my weapons, beer, blow, and any other prohibited items when driving so he’d have no reason to bother me if he stopped me.” A wise precaution. They have no need to know what you have or what you’re doing. Just have to avoid the ones who like to bring along a nosy puppy.

    • It’s coming…. I’ve suspected, although I was denied The Club membership, that this entire farcical regime in place right now was by design on purpose. Why?

      To overthrow in some orgiastic conflict of blood and terror of which most of us would grin, and rightly so.

      But if the Bible people are right, the savior born out of this coming French-style turning will be the real antiChrist.

      Either way I’ve got plenty of popcorn, ammo, and water at hand. I also have a place for the New Jesus to stay if he needs some room.

    • On a related note, I always thought about using the “for reasons of personal security” argument (similar to their “for reasons of national security”) when I don’t feel like answering their questions in their courts, if I ever found myself in the situation to do so.

  15. Seeing that picture of the Chimp makes me want to punch out the computer screen. The Mossad was behind 9/11 with some help from the Saudis, the Chimp was the useful idiot who implemented the police state we currently suffer under.

  16. A few years after 9/11, I had the misfortune of having to fly commercial for work. In my other job flying C-130s for the Reserve, I usually flew on an Air Force plane, but not this time. It was not long after the “Shoe Bomber” threatened to take down a flight and the Smurf Morons in the TSA decreed that travelers were “strongly suggested” to remove their shoes before boarding the plane.

    Since I was catching a redeye to be at an early meeting, I said “No.” They forced me to go in a room (thankfully, I still made my flight) and a National Guardsman pointed his M-16 at my head and demanded I remove my clothing and shoes. I told him “No” again and I also told him if he didn’t point that rifle elsewhere, it was going to be shoved up his posterior. The TSA agent found my wallet, my military ID and I heard an audible gasp when they realized that I wasn’t your normal business traveler. I told them both that I intended to make a full complaint, both with the TSA and with my chain of command.

    I also gave the National Guardsman the only real dressing down I’ve ever given anyone in the service, telling him the first and last words out of that rancid, brain-dead, goose-stepping sewer of a mouth would be Major at all times and I hope he would enjoy cleaning latrines and clearing mines in Iraq (which I had visited a few month before).

    Unfortunately for the NG guy, my wing commander was buddies with several people on the staff of the big boss of the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, the HMFIC. I don’t know what happened to that power-tripping fool, but I doubt it was pleasant.

    The whole shame of all this is that most of the people we allegedly “served” don’t have the ability to go after these fascists as I did. They have no chain of command. They have no ability at the ballot box to affect ANY of this. We have two choices and they both suck.

    Nobody voted for being scanned naked at the airport, or waves of foreigners invading our shores or censorship of people on social media or institution of safety gizmos and pointless electric cars (cost twice as much, go half as far). But here we are. I am sad those people died on 9/11, but NONE of this would’ve happened if we actually had control of our borders and would not have let these people into our country.

    But to our ruling class, NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE. Hence everything is a crisis.

  17. ‘Today is emergency day.’ — eric

    And so is tomorrow, and the day after that.

    The “Biden” Thing is overtly malfunctioning, as you can discern by watching the video of his confused, bumbling presser in Vietnam.

    Amendment XXV sets out a mechanism for the vice president (Kamala) and a majority of the cabinet (all DemonRats) to declare the president incompetent. But partisan football being what it is, the D team isn’t going to admit weakness and dismiss their senile old quarterback in mid-game.

    As in the case of Woody Wilson — in which his wife Edith and chief of staff Joe Tumulty ran the country while Wilson languished in his darkened room after his Oct 1919 stroke — a shadowy cabal is actually governing the US now in “Biden’s” mental absence. But we don’t know who they are.

    With an election looming, soon enough push will come to shove. Exactly what kind of formal emergency will be declared to sweep “Biden” and the unelectable Kamala off the stage? And by whom?

    Shit’s gettin’ real, comrades …

    • “Exactly what kind of formal emergency will be declared to sweep “Biden” and the unelectable Kamala off the stage? And by whom?”

      Excellent question, Jim.

      Joe was brought in because he would not question the narrative and would sign anything in front of him. Kamala has to be drugged, nobody could possibly be that dumb. I used to think Dan Quayle was missing a few brain cells, but he looks like a Rhodes Scholar next to her.

      Are we taking bets on who the new Democrat contender will be? Right now my money is on Newsome (he is pretty dumb and easily bought), but it could be a surprise that we don’t see coming.

      • ‘It could be a surprise that we don’t see coming.’ — RaiderGirl

        Gotta be! All the best Lawfare minds are working on this knotty problem, in the bowels of Merrick Beria Garland’s Cheka … errr, ‘Justice’ Department.

        Ultimately some combination of the Ron Brown/Paul Wellstone ‘air accident’ and the Old World remedy of defenestration may prove the most expedient.

        She was there one minute and then she was gone the next
        Lying in a pool of herself with a twisted neck
        Oh she fell from the roof to the ground
        There was glass lying all around
        She was broken in a hundred pieces
        When her body was found

        Did she jump or was she pushed
        Did she jump or was she pushed
        Did she jump or was she pushed

        — Richard & Linda Thompson, Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?

        • Or they let Joe stay in knowing he will lose. The day the MSM turns to show Joe stumbling through speeches, up stairs, and in life is the day that they have what they need from him. They know he will lose and have accepted it. Which should terrify the rest of us. Because what the hell is coming?

          • ‘Lose’ is not in the D-party vocabulary. As demonstrated in 2020, they intend to win at any cost, by whatever means necessary … up to and including another 9/11, requiring ‘continuity of government.’

            Zelensky is ruling under martial law (no elections, no opposition parties). ‘That could work here,’ Beria Garland enthuses, with a murderous gleam in his eye and a .38 snub nose in his jacket pocket.

          • They want a RINO in to place blame of the incoming sh*tshow. Bush (nahn-levn, 2008… of course he was responsible for both in large degrees), Trump (Flu season/recession of 2020).

            I don’t recall MASSIVE failures under Barry O or even Biden. And by failures, I mean media-mentioned failures. Of course both are awful sacks of crap and have contributed immensely to our problems. But when something needs to be consumed en masse, and requires fear… they need a RINO.

            • Biden is not even halfway through his term…give it time.

              If this country let Obama handle the 2008/2009 financial crisis, we would still be in it. It was the Fed and their quantitative easing that pulled the USSA out of that mess, but each time they tried taking the candy away the baby (Wall Street) would start crying. That is why we are in this mess today. Nobody knows how to say no.

      • RG,
        Joe was brought in because they didn’t have anyone else that was any better. Literally Their best candidate was one that would stay in the basement and keep their mouth shut.

        • Hi John,

          They needed someone to do their bidding. What is better to puppet than a senile, dementia patient who is past his prime and will not question anything.
          My blame goes fully to Jill. She did this to us and I hope there is a special place in Hell for her.

    • I think they are going to ride Creepy Joe to the bitter end. They can’t afford to replace him.

      They can hide Creepy Joe in the basement to avoid debates, but they can’t do that with Heels-up Harris. There is no way in hell that they would allow her to debate Bobby Kennedy.

      If they made that debate a pay per view event, it would pay off the national debt. It would be better than the Scott Horton Bill Krysol debate

      • Hi Horst,

        Yes – but will the old grifter last that long? He is 81 right now and will be almost 82 at the start of his putative second term. He would be pushing 85 by the end of it That’s old. Actuarily, he is living on borrowed time already. And people this old often deteriorate very quickly. My mom, for instance. She is only slightly older than Joe and was living independently just three years ago. Now she is living in a Memory Care (dementia) facility and has no idea who I am and speaks disjointed, unintelligible gibberish.

        • Hi Eric,
          Sorry about your mom, my dad went downhill the same way really quickly once he got into his eighties, died of Alzheimer’s at 88.
          Notice Nancy Pelosi is running for reelection at 83; what is it with these fossils that just can’t let go of their positions? Certainly have enough money from their decades of grift but true psychos gotta keep their power.

          • Thanks, Mike –

            Ordinarily, I’d be extremely sympathetic toward anyone (and their family) dealing with this. But Biden? The man is evil beyond his corruption. And his family, too.

            • And he’s been evil for his entire adult life. Possibly his childhood as well. He has no background of being a “good guy” to evoke such sympathy. Neither does his family.
              After encountering a Biden, one’s natural instinct would be to check their wallet, and the location of their children.

              • I remember well how Biden slandered both Bork and Thomas. I remember his plagiarism of Neil Kinnock during his 1988 presidential campaign. He told us we would not get COVID if we got jabbed. He has always been a pathological liar and manipulator. And now he can barely walk or talk – yet there he is, the leader of the free world, telling me how to live my life. What a joke.

                  • Most having gotten the ‘shot’ are dying,,, sick constantly,,, Brain Fog which most of these money hungry doctors/hospitals call dementia, heart attacks, AIDS, etc.

                    Across the street from me is a person that screams day and night. Down the same street is a couple that has their Christmas lights on. They wander around the yard in the evening picking up sticks,,, observing them then go and find another stick.
                    Latest data shows a good chunk of the USA dead in five to ten years. They’re hiding it for now. Check out Ed Dowds latest interviews.

        • Eric, as crazy evil as the democrats are, it wouldn’t surprise me if they enlist the help of Hollywood to do a real-life “Weekend at Bernie’s” just in case the American version of Joe Stalin kicks the bucket while in office. The media will no doubt help out with the deception and “Dr” Jill will too so long as she’s still given a queens treatment.

        • I went through the exact same situation Eric. My sympathies. The day your mpm doesn’t recognize you is heart breaking and traumatizing. I think they can still feel love and positive energy though, even to the end.

          • Thanks, Mark –

            Alzheimer’s/dementia is a fate worse than cancer in that the person’s mind wastes away. My mom’s body isn’t crippled, She could live independently, with some minor help, were it not for her mind. She cannot articulate anything beyond random words and sounds that have no meaning. She does not recognize close family. We visit her and try to communicate just by being present and hope that’s something she can still understand.

      • Hi Horst,

        My guess is that a Republican will win, it just won’t be Trump. I think they have the ball rolling with the new initiatives that they needed to pass. Put in a majority of the Republican contenders and the Dems accomplish two things:

        1. “See we didn’t cheat, your guy won.”
        2. Put in a winner that can easily be manipulated by their donors to not change out the rules/regulations/earmarks that have been put in place by the previous Administration.

        Haley fits that bill by avoiding the abortion debate, keeping the Ukraine train full of American taxpayers dough, and not searching for answers they don’t want her to find.

        • I’m thinking maybe they roll out Youngkin. As you know, an MIC guy who won in a purple state within which some elements had “gone too far” by, ya know, allowing tranny rapists in schools. He doesn’t have the “baggage” (according to them) of having resisted the coof tyranny a la DeSantis.

          • That is an excellent suggestion, Funk.

            Over this past weekend Youngkin just pardoned a Loudoun County father, Scott Smith, for speaking out at the School Board (back in June 2021) trying to cover up the incident with his daughter being molested by a boy pretending to be a girl. I don’t why it took so long, but it would make sense if he is to be included in the “bigger picture.”

          • On the Democrat side, I’d not be too surprised if Whitmer or Warren are brought out. They don’t have the overt toxicity of Shrillary, and they go along with the party line. Warren, though, is a bit too populist for the donors’ liking.

            • Doesn’t matter who lands in the White House. They won’t fix anything, and short of nuclear war, can hardly eff it up any worse.

              • Which is kinda spooky at the moment. All they have to do is tell creepy Joe, “push this button”, and off we go. And no one suffers any blame, other than toasting all the major cities and military infrastructure of course.

              • “Doesn’t matter who lands in the White House. They won’t fix anything, and short of nuclear war, can hardly eff it up any worse.”

                If Gavin Newsom is reading this, he’s saying….”Oh yeah? Hold my beer!”


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