An Interesting Congruity . . .

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Donald Trump – and some of those who still follow him – have an interesting thing in common with Dr. Fauci and those who still follow him.

The latter continues to insist that “mask” wearing is sensible rather than farcical. His followers continue to  . . . follow him.

Which is farcical.

The former continues to insist that the “vaccines” have “saved millions of lives” – and his followers continue to  . . . follow him.

Which is inexplicable.

Both seem blinkered by their politics. The Faucists “mask” – and defend “masking” – because they understand that not defending “masking” undermines everything the Faucists – who are Leftists – are seeking to achieve, via “masking.”

Including “vaccinating.”

Trumpers defend their man because he is their man.

In both instances, it is a kind of religious orthodoxy expressed politically that keeps them in “church.” No matter how unsafe and ineffective the “vaccines” have proved to be, the Orange Man is still taking credit for “warp speeding” them into circulation. And his followers – most of whom know the “vaccines” aren’t safe or effective and deeply resent being pressured to take them, continue to follow him.

Worse, they continue to apologize for him. Conjure endless 5D chess excuses for him. It is “devolution”! It is all about “giving the enemies of America the rope they need to hang themselves with!”

Wait and see!

It’s even worse than the still-“masking” followers of Fauci, who are at least consistent in that they have always supported “masking” as well as “vaccinating” because they are herd-animal Leftists with a psychological need to be told what to do and to tell others what they must do. And Fauci is their shepherd.

But what to make of the followers of the Orange Man?

Are they also sheep?

They are largely people who understood the evils of “masking” – from the beginning. Because they understood what it represented – and where it would lead. They supported their man because they thought he stood in opposition to everything “masking” represented – including this ugly (and deadly) business of all-but-actually-forcing the population to submit to “vaccinations” that are no such thing. Including – never forget this – essentially helpless children, who had even less choice about being “vaccinated” than their parents who were given the “choice” to either be injected or be ejected, from their jobs.

School-age kids (including college kids) were told the same and made to do it, in god-knows-how-many cases, by their parents – who made the “choice” for them. The kids had no choice, at all.

The Orange Man made that “choice” for them. By giving them a Hobson’s Choice to make.

And now they know it.

Yet they are not angry with him. They abide his ongoing pushing of these dangerous drugs, excusing it by saying evasive things like he never mandated that anyone take them. True. He presented them with a fait accompli. “Choose” to take the drugs – or choose to no longer be employed. Choose to have your kids take the drugs – or choose to take them out of school.

The Faucists – the ongoing “maskers” – are some combination of obdurate and idiotic, with politics leavening the mix. But at least they are consistent. What are the ongoing followers of the man who continues to not merely defend but advocate for the unsafe and ineffective “vaccines” that probably nine out of ten of his followers violently objected to being all-but-actually (as in physically) forced to take?

How can they justify continuing to follow this man?

To their credit, Fauci’s followers would probably stop following their man, if he were to walk back “masking.” If he publicly admitted he’d made a big mistake and given bad advice, however well-meant. His followers would regard this as a breaking-of-the-faith, which is exactly what it would be.

But it is the opposite as regards the Orange Man. Or at least, it ought to be. His followers ought to have stopped following him when he broke the faith. After he continued peddling drugs. And helping to facilitate something worse, which is the precedent set by this dirty business of government colluding with drug-peddlers to push drugs on people in an “emergency.”

We’re not done with that yet, even if the “pandemic” is all-but-finis. There will be new “pandemics” – as promised, by the hair-plugged man.  And when they arrive – probably just in time for the mid-terms to be done from home – new drugs will be pushed on us.

And the man who was supposed to be the bulwark against such atrocities is the very man who continues to defend such atrocities.

The question is, why do his followers continue to defend him?

Apparently, because facts matter as little to them as they do to the followers of Fauci.

. . .

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  1. A lot of damage has been done.

    Was reading comments at Mark Crispin Miller, In Memory of Those Who Died Suddenly entry, one commenter, Boris, stated that a facebook page, Suddenly Dies News, has over 226,000 members, up from 50,000 when he joined the private group two weeks ago.

    The masks are off, won’t be long before the gloves come off too.

    The mask wearers are in denial, they don’t want to believe they’ve been duped. Come back to living like a real person, take off the stupid mask and never wear the thing again.

    The denial is going to come to a screeching halt. The anger is beginning to build, a nascent shoot at this time. A wake up call or something.

    The culprits will run and hide, live in fear for the rest of their days.

    Klaus is now public enemy number one, Fauci is on the lam, they all are. Pelosi is drunk, Hillary is drunk, Trump is drunk with ambitions of power.

    They will be held accountable, responsible. The wanted posters are at the ready, get them laminated so they last a long time.

    Insurance companies and funeral directors know the score.

    Nobody dares tell the truth, all in denial as to what has happened. Won’t last forever.

  2. It seems as though the different meanings of the word “follow” have been conflated in order to make everyone a “follower” of some “leader”. I don’t mean by Eric, I mean intentionally by the people pushing the establishment narrative.

    I “follow” what someone says or writes. I follow a website or a column or (nowadays) several substacks… to see what is said and to see what I can learn or use from it.

    I am not a follower of anyone period. I have no “leader”. I’m not on some freaking combat patrol for god sakes. My manager is not my “leader”, neither is the chief engineer or even the team lead.

    Team leads are a good example. During the time that you’re actively working on the team — like a combat patrol — then the team lead, leads the team. Nobody individually considers the team lead their “glorious leader” like it’s North Korea or some crazy shit.

    But this is what common discourse has been steering people to believe and not-so-bright people play along. This makes it super easy to divide and conquer — oh you’re a “Trump” follower! Indeed people are. Like the man is their savior. After all Trump was figuratively nailed to the cross, huh?

    Fauci saved the world, right? Didn’t he also walk on water and make wine from it?

    What is wrong with people? I guess it’s scary to face the simple fact that you are alone. It’s all on you. You make it happen or you don’t.

  3. There is definitely something wrong with people — how they desperately want to worship a leader/dictator. I don’t think we can fix stupid. We sane people left just have to start a new society. Eric & most/all others here give me hope for humanity. We’re obviously smarter and more moral than the rulers that rule over us, so why shouldn’t WE run this world? We should.

    TV has destroyed peoples’ minds. And poisons (like the quackcines) have destroyed their brains.

  4. “Men cannot abandon their religious faith without a kind of aberration of intellect and a sort of violent distortion of their true nature; they are invincibly brought back to more pious sentiments. Unbelief is an accident, and faith is the only permanent state of mankind.”
    Alexis de Tocqueville

  5. Eric,
    How could any libertarian have voted for Trump?
    Surly it’s known that the current election process
    is a fraud, and any Republican or Democratic
    presidential candidate is a bought-and-paid-for
    politician, or sociopath, or worse.

    Refresher: The Rs and Ds control the election
    process, doing their utmost to keep everyone
    else out. The Rs and Ds have gotten control,
    from the League of Women Voters, and
    determine who participates in the
    presidential debates.

    A “wasted vote” is voting for any these characters.
    Or, is the “the-lesser-of-two-evils” still in vogue?

    • “Given that, the voter can only express a non-influential moral opinion; more often, he votes for the same reason that he applauds at a sports game, that is, not to change the level of noise but to entertain himself.” Unknown

    • The first time Trump ran, I did not vote for him. It didn’t seem to matter and that’s beside living in deep-blue communist Maryland. I voted third party as I had done most of my life.

      But when he ran the second time, I correctly sensed the danger of Biden. I voted for Trump the second time.

      After the un-fucking-believable degree of fraud perpetrated in our faces for that election, I have had enough of the farce. I canceled my voter registration which was difficult to do — very telling. There is no online page like there is to register. You have to write shit on paper and mail it to some county commissioner that has to review your request and reply via old-fashioned postal mail.

      Fuck this noise. I know many (most?) people disagree. I will not legitimize that absolute farce with my participation and subject myself to “jury duty” besides. It’s not real. I think even Three Card Monty is less deceptive.

      There has been a coup. The country is lost. We have no voice. Period. Any attempt to have a voice is directly used against us. That’s the real situation.

  6. Easy to point out Trump’s faults, he’s got a lot of them. Fills oodles of books of faults, if his faults were S&H Greenstamps, you could redeem them, make him pay the price for having so many faults that it hurts.

    All he had to do was quit, not playing the plandemic game. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! But no, Donald donned the presidential mask pronto.

    He was badgered, was mistreated, berated and belittled, was railroaded into doing what he was told to do. The Zapruder Syndrome, I suppose. Have to generate some sympathy for the poor soul, was never given a chance.

    Trump could have fired himself, cleaned out his desk then just walk away, might have to back away quickly. Don’t want to get burned.

    When they’re out to get you, it is of no use. The beatings will continue, your morale will improve.

    Worldwide Stockholm Syndrome, mass psychosis in mass quantities Conehead style. You are being scammed, worth a lot of money. You are psychologically assaulted and battered. Physically if you got the clot shot.

    Nobody wins, the losses are immense.

    Can’t always point with pride and view with alarm. Doesn’t work that way.

    Reminds me of a quote by Old Four Eyes:

    “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

    Theodore Roosevelt

  7. Well, Eric, I’m sure you’ll understand soon.

    I have it on good word that Jeffery Epstein will be swearing in Donald “Duck Orange Juice” Trump as soon as the beginning of October. October surprise. And then the Great Works of His 5th Dimensional chess efforts will be revealed to you.

  8. I fully agree, how could anyone follow Fauci or Trump?

    You know Eric, one day you might conclude that the average person is insane. I figured that out one day when I was arguing with a religious person about death, I made the point that no one knows what happens when you die, and anyone who says they know is a damn liar.

    “There’s simply no polite way to tell people they’ve dedicated their lives to an illusion.” ― Daniel Dennett (popular author who writes about physics and consciousness)

    “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” – H. L. Mencken

    Most people on this god damned planet are religious. I eventually figured out why, fear of death and non-existence. Humans, being self aware, know they are going to die, so to beat that fear they agree to a myth that they don’t die.

    You can not tell them their faith is based on wishful thinking. Likewise you can not tell a Fauci believer that Fauci is a mass murderer. And this widespread denial of reality also extends to 9-11-2001. Anyone who studies it soon finds out Israel played a major role. But you can not tell most people that, they will cringe in horror, especially those fundamental Christians who think you must love Israel to get into heaven.

    So Amerikan Christians love Israel, the nation that did 911, and go along with the bombing of nations not involved in 911, like Afghanistan and Iraq. Amerika laid waste to two nations that even by official accounts had nothing to do with 911, and ignore any retribution to the nation that actually pulled it off, Israel.

    Gen. Wesley Clark Reveals Middle East Invasion Was Pre-Planned & Iran is NEXT

    Humans have this unique ability to ignore reality and facts if it suits them, and they have a built in need to believe in something. The real reason is the big self aware brain that humans have. When you look in a mirror you know it is you. That awareness leads to belief systems that beat death. Those beliefs can be manipulated by the political scum to get you to support Israel, which is the deadly enemy of our once free nation.

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” – Bibi Netanyahu

    Here is your god damned Congress clapping like penguins high on crack for the architect of 911:

    • You are 100%. right. Thanks for commenting.
      That being said, israel “authorities” (I use that term loosely) actually did Palestinians a favor by denying them access to the “clot shots”.
      While israeli jews are being forcibly poisoned by their government, the Palestinians are riding high and are much healthier than their jewish “neighbors”. A good thing.

    • Yukon Jack,
      “You can not tell them their faith is based on wishful thinking”. And likewise they cannot tell you that you can’t prove them wrong. We DON’T know what if anything follows death, and there is only one way to find out. Which leaves faith as the only guide to what MIGHT follow. Whether it be your faith in your conclusions, or another’s faith in their different conclusions.

  9. I don’t understand the still wearing mask thing either. Every time I see someone wearing one, I want to be mean to them verbally or even physically, lol. Was at a Chinese buffet the other day. Not a fan of buffets, but it was close and convenient. As I was checking out, obese woman comes in with a mask on. I leaned down and told the cashier I was glad they weren’t wearing masks. She didn’t say anything, but looked at me like, I agree and gave the woman that had just come in a look, like you don’t need to be here—-doing more eating. The cashier was an attractive Oriental woman of course.
    I think you have mentioned this before too Eric, every time someone gets the sniffles, they take a ‘Covid’ test. I don’t understand that either. I have a lot of friends that take the test every single time. I have never taken the test and never plan to. A couple of months ago a friend got to feeling bad, turned out to be ‘Covid’, she let me know since we had eaten out together a few days before. I told her as I always do, I don’t care, I’m okay, not worried about it. I never got sick. The only time I have been sick (besides CA) in the last two or three years was back in early February of this year. Don’t know what it was–flu?, never tested myself, just rested and drank fluids. That’s about all you can do.
    It pays to be old, mean and grouchy. Keeps your immune system strong.

    • Hi Elaine,

      I inadvertently called one an “(expletive) idiot” the other day. It just erupted (Tourette’s-like) from me. I was walking around in Lowes. A “masker” was walking toward me with the thing over his mouth but his nose exposed. I just couldn’t stop it. “(expletive) idiot” came out. The “masker” kept on walking.

    • Hi Elaine,
      I don’t get the constant self-testing either, maybe they feel left out and want to join the cult. I’ve had a few people over the last year or so contact me to tell me I might have been “exposed” to covid; so what? I’m not sick and even if I do get sick I certainly won’t bother testing myself, just do the usual drink fluids, chicken soup, etc. I definitely am not going to quarantine myself.

      • Hey Eric, Bad and Mike– yep, all of us sane people are going to develop Tourette’s from being around all the crazies. I really like my friends, but they all know how I feel about the masks and testing. I let them do their thing and I do my nothing. They all keep getting sick too, even with being stuck at least twice and very religious about the masking way back. I just keep walking around not getting sick. It never seems to sink into their brains what they do is ridiculous. So many of them and so, so many others are true believers in all the Covid mess. It’s actually scary.
        About a month ago me and the ‘church women’, yes I am one of them, lol, had gone on a little fun trip. Ate at an overpriced little restaurant, I was walking in front of a friend and her 40ish daughter. Overheard the daughter make a comment to her mother about the male cashier at the restaurant saying something about the ‘plandemic’. My friend told her daughter yes she had heard the comment—–didn’t really hear the rest. I guess she told her to just ignore people like that. I wanted to say something so bad—-you know like you stupid, expletive, expletive, etc—-but since it was a church group, didn’t feel like that was really the time or place, lol. They were/are true believers. People cannot think for themselves.
        Someone else in a post around here somewhere asked, what had caused all of this? Was it John Kable–do I have his name correct—answered with one word—education. People are getting dumber and dumber.

  10. I endlessly repost “Orange Fail was a success” and “Orange Man Fires Fauci”, because they opened MY eyes.

    I had already hung up the red hat, but those articles clarified my misgivings.

    Now I just feel embarrassed I got suckered, but, thanks!

  11. Trump’s bragging about his pushing of the vax would be akin to Hitler, had he had the opportunity) running again and boasting that he killed more Jews than anyone else!

  12. Eric,
    I usually agree with you, but have to part company with you when it comes to the “orange man”. Your “trump derangement syndrome” is showing. I have never agreed with everything the “orange man” has done. He has made some great blunders.
    Yes, he was (and is) dead wrong on the vaxxes and the whole covid plandemic, but just try to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was bamboozled along with the rest of us. Yes, his actions were wrong, but not unexpected, given the push by the world powers who were bent on destabilizing the world, to which (((they))) were successful.
    Over two years ago, no one knew what was involved in this plandemic fraud as it was being promoted and pushed on all of humanity on a worldwide basis. His “operation warp speed” was an unmitigated disaster, with “big pharma” licking their chops at the massive profits they were about to reap, dispensing poorly, if tested at all, poisons. Once “the genie was out of the bottle” it was almost impossible to reverse course. The “orange man” has always reacted positively to crises as it is his nature to act. That was his downfall. In the plandemic case he was totally wrong. This was all planned to “bring him down” by those comprising the “deep state”.
    I did my homework and refused to “mask up” or take the “jabs” at all. I made enemies among friends and even relatives for refusing to mask up or take the jabs. It’s their loss.
    “Orange man” no longer has an official state-sanctioned “platform” (meta, facebook, twitter, etc.) yet still is able to amass crowds who “want something different”.
    “Orange man’s” problem was trusting those who were (and still are) out to “get him”. His appointments to federal positions were not his decision alone but were required by the senior executive service.
    His attempts to reign in federal agencies, mandates, and previous executive orders were all reversed with a vengeance by the present occupant in the White House.
    You can bet that there would be no EV or”green” environmental mandates if the “orange man” was in office. This country would be flush in oil, the Keystone pipelines and other oil production facilities would be at maximum operation.
    I would never state that the “orange man” is perfect, not by any means, but he did more to reverse previous detrimental policies than the previous ten presidents than any other man. Let’s not forget that the “election” WAS stolen by the very people who want us all dead.
    Have you ever wondered why his assassination “was not in the cards”? “Orange man” KNEW that assassination was always a possibility so he interspersed his own private security detail within his Secret Service detail, something (((they))) vehemently protested against, but were unsuccessful. “Orange man’s security detail was essentially “assassination proof”.
    Give the “orange man” a break. No one is perfect.

    • Hi Anarchyst,

      I’ve said before – and will again – that I don’t fault Orange Man for making mistakes, at first. I fault him for continuing to make them.

      How is this “deranged” of me to point out and criticize?

      You point out all the Orange Man’s prior-to-“pandemic” accomplishments. But these are all now irrelevances. And as far as the rest – that all of the post-Orange mayhem would not have happened – if Orange Man had prevailed in 2020 – well, perhaps. But he didn’t prevail. He failed. And why? Because the imbecile did nothing to prevent it by enabling mass-absentee balloting, enabling the mass counting of unvetted mass-absentee ballots.

      He wouldn’t even hold mass rallies, giving support to the “COVID” narrative. He didn’t end the “emergency” he declared – and he let Fauci terrorize the country for all of 2020.

      Are these not facts? Is it “deranged” to point them out?

      And he still takes personal credit for the “vaccines.” This latter cannot be rationalized away. It is unforgivable.

      PS: I have been just as “deranged” about “masks” – for which many have thanked me. I will not abide evil idiocy – especially when it emanating from putatively “our side.” Ask Richard Green about this. I landed on him like a ton of cement over his “mask” enabling.

      • The plandemic was a worldwide effort. The “orange man” was taken in by it along with the rest of us. At the time NO ONE KNEW how fraudulent this plandemic was…You are correct about Fauci. He, along with Birx and Walensky should be tried in Nuremberg-style trials.
        Let’s not forget the governors who imposed illegal, unconstitutional draconian measures on their populations…
        How could have the “orange man” have prevented the election fraud? Elections are administered on a state-by-state basis. It would have been impossible for him to take any action. The “fix” was in as only certain precincts in a few states were fraudulently “flipped”, throwing the election to the present occupant in the White House.
        He tried by demanding that the election not be certified. His “vice president” Pence should have invalidated the election, but he was part of the “deep state” cabal and refused to do so.
        Nope, you are being too harsh on the man.
        We can agree to disagree.
        Best regards,

        • Currently, Trump is locked in combat with a corrupt, Marxist-infiltrated Deep State which invaded his home. Trump scored a court order appointing a special master to review the seized materials. Now the Beria-Garland ‘justice’ department has responded with a scathing, bordering on contemptuous, motion to vacate the special master appointment. Excerpts:

          ‘The Court’s order … unnecessarily requires the government to share highly classified materials with a special master.’

          ‘There is no valid purpose to be served by a special master’s review. Compelled disclosure of those materials to a special master is itself an irreparable harm.’

          ‘If the Court does not grant a stay by Thursday, September 15, the government intends to seek relief from the Eleventh Circuit.’

          Unbelievable — DOJ is imperiously issuing ultimatums to a district judge. What is the smoking gun in those documents that impelled DOJ-FBI to take the insane risk of raiding an ex-president, and now defying a federal judge?

          Whatever it is, we need to know. Trump is in a unique position, as an ex-president with expansive privileges, and by virtue of being wealthy enough to pursue this costly litigation, to shine some sunlight onto what is likely damning evidence of long-running institutional corruption.

          One can support Trump 100 percent in his legal battle — AND I DO — without in any way wishing him to return to public office.

          Ubi maior minor cessat … loosely translated, focus on the big picture; ignore the minor stuff. Trump’s showdown with a predatory Deep State is the most important thing happening in Washington, rendering quotidian partisan politics and personalities simply irrelevant by comparison.

        • Hi Anarchyst,

          I wasn’t taken in by it. I knew it was bunk from the start because of the way it was obviously being exaggerated and manipulated. I never wore a goddamn “mask” – even once. I never “practiced” Kabuki, either. That said, I agree it’s fair to give people a pass . . . for about the first three months of 2020. After that, it was clear – the evidence was in – that the “virus” was at worst an attenuated threat to the very elderly and the already sick. That “masks” were bunk.

          Now we have these “vaccines.” Trump continues to tout them in spite of the clear, incontrovertible fact that they are not vaccines and aren’t “safe” or “effective.”

          The man is an ass – or something worse.

        • “NO ONE KNEW how fraudulent this plandemic was…” -anarchyst

          I knew from day one. Suddenly all the powers that be were in lockstep and the propaganda was absolutely massive and obvious. This was an early tell-tale sign. It was also obvious to me that life on planet Earth was not going to suddenly become toxic.

          Trump also knew as well. He initially said that the touted sickness going around was only flu-like and would go away when the weather got warmer. He was correct when he said that. Somewhere along the way, he succumbed to and embraced the holy virus, along with HIS “tremendous vaccine that saved millions of lives.” Despite all the evidence to the contrary, he maintains this position today.

          • Absolutely Mister Liberty!! I knew from the outset that it was bullshit as well. And, as I’ve said before, it wasn’t from some supernatural clairvoyance. It was, and remains, dumb fucken obvious to me. And not just me and not just you but to plenty of people as well.

            Granted, plenty of people were “right” about that for the wrong reasons (e.g., some 5D chess, aliens, or whatever the hell). But the crazies being right for the wrong reasons doesn’t discount that they were on the right side and doesn’t disqualify the people that were right for the right reasons.

            It was always a scam, plain as day. I had absolutely no doubt and never have since. I remember Trump saying as much and I originally thought, “Good then he’ll turn this shit around and we can get on with our lives.”

            Then that all-too common “something” happened. Somebody “had a word” with him or whatever the hell. And here we are. Controlled demolition and conflagration. Trump could have done the right thing, the hard thing, made the sacrifice but nope. He joined forces and here we are.

    • Sorry, Anarchyst, but there are no legitimate excuses left for Trump.

      If he was “duped”, then he would have to be more incompetent than Pedo Joe to STILL continue to be duped.

      If, as some contend “He was shown the Zapruder film”, then why would he still be playing along and contending to once again be their puppet? (Not that anyone who has had billionaire-level dealings with politicians, and who has managed to be propped into the highest position in their political charade would somehow be ignorant of such things…).

      Trump’s actions and inactions, both while in office, when departing, and now, tell us all we need to know. He is nothing other than another member of the club. We have suffered the greatest advance in tyranny under his watch than at any other time in history, and he has dutifully enabled the expansion of that tyranny which has occurred since his exiting stage-left.

      • Hey anarchyst,

        I wasn’t fooled by the sniffles. As well, many here and on ZH screamed from the very start “ITS JUST THE FLU BRUH.” If you were taken in, I’m sorry. Glad you didn’t give in to the clot shot. You are a pureblooded brother/sister. We are few and far between those of us who survived with our original DNA intact.

        As for why Trumps assassination ‘wasn’t in the cards’, it simply comes down to one indisputable fact. He did what (((they))) wanted him to do. He could have ended the fraud a hundred ways from Sunday. Instead he chose to ‘warp speed’ it and for that, I cannot forgive him. There will be no honest opposition going forward. It is all for shoa.

        As someone who supported him from the get go, at this point I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. I have seen with my own eyes what this terrible “quackcenne” does to people. Since he continues to push the death jab, he is, as Eric has said, either complicit or obtuse.

        • Hi Norman

          The first clue that the official narrative was bs was this………

          the official bat germ narrative was it came from a bat mating with an armadillo in a wet market….lol

          There was people who didn’t believe the official narrative after the first couple of months, they might have had some of these things in common……..

          access to alternate news sources on the web, main stream media is 100% lies

          a naturoparh a long time ago told them vaccines are dangerous

          they knew vaccines are just a belief, religion, have no science backing them

          they took the time and effort to research, fact check the official narrative

          they already looked after their health using alternate natural methods, didn’t use or trust big pharma, knew big pharma’s track record of harm

          they didn’t trust the government or big pharma

          • Hi Anon,

            I smelled bullshit immediately. The concerted fear-organ’ing being one obvious measure that it had been planned. The sudden, as if one cue, appearance of those plastic barriers that could not have been mass produced so quickly. But when they all began hysterically screeching about “the cases!” I knew it was bullshit. Because – as a guy who grew up around doctors – I knew what a case is, medically speaking. It is not a positive result on some test. The fact that every “authority” wasn’t explaining to people that these “cases” were mostly people not seriously sick – or even symptomatic, at all – told me it was bullshit. Then the “mask” and “social distancing” bullshit. A child could see through it.

            But Trump somehow couldn’t.

            Conclusion? Either he is gullible (or incurious) to a degree such that he ought not to be trusted to deal with anything more complex than a TeeeeVeeeee reality show or he is a coward-opportunist and/or complicit.

            What other reasonable explanation is there?

            • Hi Eric

              You are high IQ obviously, you passed the test.

              The believers? maybe it just shows how stupid the average person is.

              The belief and trust in government and big pharma by the average person is proof, maybe partly because they watched too much TV, plus the billions of dollars spent over the last 120 years brain washing people with big pharma’s narrative, pushing allopathic death medicine.

              It may have back fired on them to some extent, maybe fewer people trust injections from big pharma now…..

              RFK Jr. who is highly intelligent/educated, used to get regular vaccines and thought nothing of it, later when he started suing drug companies he figured out he had been vax injured (have you heard his voice now?), now he is one of the biggest forces pushing back, suing big pharma.

              He is very intelligent but was sucked into getting vaccines, he probably didn’t realize they are just a religion backed by zero science, after researching now he is fully aware of this dangerous religion, fake science bs.

              He is very careful to not be labeled an anti vaxxer because that is a political thing (it also is a religious thing), his line is…… if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it. NOTE: this has never ever happened yet in history for any vaccine ever….

              this latest one they threw together in a weekend and said it was safe and effective and force injected billions of people….

              Big pharma has lost the trust of all the injection caused dead and injured, (the injured can still cause them problems…lol), other people are hearing stories or knew people that were killed/injured so the level of trust is dropping. even some injured karens are becoming anti vax…lol….

              the intelligent people that did lots of research on this have become even more anti big pharma poison in all forms, they created a stronger anti big pharma group.

              The doctors and scientists co operating with big pharma in this fake science, religious death cult have now lost all credibility and smart people’s trust.

              • In a related WEF depopulation program there is the same religious, fake science, bs typs narrative being used…

                An intelligent look at the inside of the wacko green movement killing off ice cars, with Patrick Moore…

                People in the environmental movement are now just political activists, social activists, entrepenuers trying to make money, just a way to get a huge amount of cash, they have no formal science education, they just use fake science, their beliefs, so it is just a religion. they are intellectualy and scientifically bankrupt.

                They take more and more extreme positions to keep the good guy bad guy narrative going, like banning all hydrocarbons, which is impossible and insane.

                They hire the best PR firms to push their bs narrative and their main focus becomes just fund raising, just a racket.

                They lie and use photo shop to back up their lies, like the island of floating plastic in the ocean twice the size of Texas, ……it doesn’t exist it is another lie…….it is remote so it is hard to fact check

                They pick something that is invisible or remote or both, like CO2 so it is harder to fact check. Big pharma did this with the bat germ narrative (bat germs are invisible) they just used a cgi image…lol.

                All the environmental problems they talk about are all lies, it is all fraud. Some of them are being charged with fraud now.

                CO2…plants are actually starving for CO2 today, it is too low.

                Under obama the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant…but is the most important food for life on the planet.

                Because the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant, which is a lie, all ice cars are being banned….

                CO2 went from 2500 ppm a long time ago, when there was huge forests everywhere down to 180 ppm in the ice age (150 is when all plants die) back to 400 ppm today….plants are actually starving for CO2 today, it is too low.

                These liars are banning all ice cars because of CO2, they are insane…..


              • Big pharma has lost the trust of all the injection caused dead and injured,

                the injured can still cause them problems…lol…they are told they are insane, , their injuries have zero connection to the injections, they are given psychiatric drugs and told to shut up, piss off and die……

                the placebo injected laugh at them, but that group doesn’t realize their next injection won’t be a placebo….russian roulette…lol

    • anarchyst,
      Your name implies you don’t like an omnipotent ubiquitous central government. Trump was a part of that, and did nothing to hamper it. He made some decisions that weren’t too bad, and an abundance that were. The good ones he made were most likely because he likes to irritate people. Any people. But especially those that don’t like him.
      His entire cabinet and all his Covid staff were the worst choices he could have made.
      So the senior executive service actually runs the executive branch? Funny, I don’t recall ever reading about it in the Constitution.
      He’s turned into a politician. Which means he’s one most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. I don’t know which he is, sociopath or psychopath, but he is most assuredly one or the other.

      • I adopted a long-term “wait and see” attitude about the plandemic from the start…and did not believe the “powers-that-be” who were predicting people “dropping like flies” if they did not get the “jab”.
        Thankfully I had (and still have) a good medical team that discreetly advised me to “wait and see” about the “jab” and never pushed it at all. There are good medical professionals out there.
        There are a lot of unconstitutional things being done,not only the “senior executive service”. From the Federal Reserve, ATF, DEA, EPA, FBI and other federal agencies that should not exist, making “rules” without input from congress, we’ve been on this downward slide for a long time.
        Bringing up Trump once again, let’s go back to Ronald Reagan’s quote: “Are you better now than you were four years ago?” Under Trump we did have not only a booming economy, but saw many regulatory reforms and “rollbacks” which benefited us all. Was Trump perfect? Absolutely NOT. I make no excuse for Trump’s errors in judgement, mistakes and other foibles. He is just a man, no better but no worse than the rest of us.
        You could have a beer with Trump (I am aware that Trump does not drink) and be comfortable doing so. Try that with 0’bama, the Bushes or other career politicians.
        Keep in mind that Trump’s statement: They’re not coming after ME, they’re coming after YOU” still applies. Biden’s statement on MAGA types (over half the country) being the “enemy of the state” is chilling.
        The FBI has been weaponized and is going after anyone who speaks out against the present administration. If THAT doesn’t scare you, nothing will. Keep in mind the Jan 6 “protesters” who are rotting in jails (illegally) without trial for over a year.

        • Im sure I have made many eff bee eye lists, some probably multiple times. If they want to come for me, then let them come. I’ve expended considerable energy to never again live in fear. Its not necessarily easy, but everyone should try it, your outlook on everything immediately improves once you jettison fear from your thinking.

          He did nothing to de-weaponize the FBI in his four years. He had access to the same blackmail tapes they did. Why did he not have the courage to show these people doing their dirty deeds?

          As for the Jan 6 ‘insurrectionists’ Trump could have pardoned all of them before leaving office in Feb. He could have also pardoned Assange. Another unforgivable decision IMO. Instead he ran around pardoning his dumb as dirt daughters pets.

        • This is the first site I read every morning as part of my routine. Reading the comments is enlightening mostly. I agree with many of them, but on this subject I lean toward ‘anarchyst’ a bit. Was Trump all things? Nope! Was the Covid Panic response perfect? Not even close.

          My bigger question is who? Who can go up against the Deep State and succeed? I’m not even sure anyone can when looking at the current crop of politicians. Heck, most of them are members. Gov. DeSantis? The Washington sharks will eat him too. Not even sure Elections matter anymore as I highly doubt 81mil voted for Creepy Joe.

          I’ll echo the question. Are we better off now or before?

          • Hi Manse,

            What’s frustrating about Trump isn’t that he was taken off balance by the “pandemic.” That was understandable. What’s frustrating is that he never regained his balance. That he let them weaponize hypochondria. Which enabled them to get rid of him – and undo what he had done – via turning Election Day into Election Months. By allowing the mass-absentee voting scam to work its evil magic. By doing nothing to assure that these votes would be vetted before they were counted.

            Then there is his obdurate, clueless – or complicit – “vaccine” peddling. Everything that can be credited to him is undone by this one thing. Has there been anything more general harmful imposed on this country than the “vaccines”? And he either doesn’t see it or refuses to admit it.

            What does this say about him?

            What good is a leader who doesn’t understand the forces arrayed against him? Who doesn’t take the time to learn the truth and then fight on its behalf like a lion? Trump talks a lot. He makes vague noises that sound like he might be a lion. But when it matters, what is he? A blowhard. A Trump-firster. A narcissist who looks out for himself.

            So – yes – Orange Man bad.

            • Cooperate for big enough payoff?

              more bribe $ for lockdowns

              lockdowns are profitable
              Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “C//ov…i,,d Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: he refused it, he has more ethics than these other leaders.

              • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
              • force them to wear face masks
              • impose very strict curfews
              • impose a police state
              • crash the economy

              Overall, the Belarussian approach has been the least authoritarian in Europe. Belarussian football went ahead as normal and fans were allowed to continue attending games. Theatres, cafes, restaurants and other social events continued and there was no shutdown of the economy. Victory Day Parades also went ahead on the 9th May.

              England and wales who had lockdowns had more excess deaths per million population than belarus, so belarus had a better outcome without lockdowns.

              note: nicaragua is doing great with no lockdowns, mandates or masks, it was the freeist nation in the world no lockdowns, no mandates, nothing.

              lockdowns don’t work they just destroy the economy, people lose jobs, businesses go bankrupt, the citizens lose all their rights, their life is turned into a nightmare living in a police state

              the big corporations owned by the .0001% cabal make way more money, the .0001% get richer. the politicians and their helpers and enforcers get richer through bribes, incentives and bonuses.

              the crooked politicians and their helpers took the bribes, if your country has a lockdown the leaders took the bribes.
              Some governors were paid $20 million to lockdown their states.

              $1 triilion was spent on the bat germ story is this where it went?

              Gates and Pharma are finding ways to control people’s health through unelected transnational NGOs which TRY to circumvent our Constitutional rights. money is routed through these NGO’s to crooked politicians

              How much were politicians, governors, mayors and health officials paid to lockdown, mandate masking etc.? How big is the bonus for the enforcers? How much for forced injection?

              How much is the bonus for businesses, big corporations like walmart to enforce masking?

              $940 million for belarus…How much are bigger countries worth?

              politicians and their helpers get millions of $ in bribes and maybe offer you a few pennies in pandemic cash to postphone the revolution. while you suffer and go bankrupt.

              if you have to suffer through this you might as well make some money….should have been a politician, highest paid job right now, must be nice.

              gates has been handing out more bribe money to lock people down.

          • **” Who can go up against the Deep State and succeed?”**

            Certainly no one who is a member of their club- and make no mistake, that anyone who is proffered as a contender for a major part in the political theater can never even get to such a place unless they are a member of that club.

            These elections are nothing more than a closed system controlled by the deep state, designed to distract the gullible and make them think they have a choice and that their participation matters. It keeps the natives from getting restless.

            Make no mistake about it- no enemy of the deep state ever gets to run the show, or even have a voice. Not just anyone can decide they want to run, and poof, they become a contender, any more so than one can just decide to be in the running to be the pope[sic] or the leader of the Gambino crime family. Just look at how they marginalize Ron Paul, because he isn’t in the club.

            • Hi Nunzio

              did Trump see into the future what happens to non complying leaders? Actually a couple of non complying leaders in Africa had already been eliminated…

              japan dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, (japan does their own testing after they receive the vaccines, no other country does, they don’t trust big pharma)

              Japan stopped complying, they are using ivermectin only now, no more killshot very smart………then their prime minister Shinzo Abe got asassinated

              • Hi, Anon,

                …Yes, but if that were the case with Trump, why would he be running again?

                Secondly, how many JFKs can they pull in ‘Murica? Ya can get away with that where it hasn’t happened before or in turd-world countries ( 😀 ) but in a first-world country where it’s been done before, and where most know that it was government-orchestrated, they’d risk losing the obedience of the masses, which is the key to maintaining their power.

                Trump, of all people, knows how the game is played. He wouldn’t have been there if he didn’t. He played the game long before he even got into politics, both with the deep state and their bosses (Oy!) as a billionaire NY/NJ RE developer/businessman. No one gets anywhere even in that realm, unless they play and pay. Money alone doesn’t do it- and ya don’t get that kind of money unless you make the right friends and play their game.

                It is absolutely absurd to think that Trump is an ignorant and innocent participant. I GUARANTEE you, in his personal life, he ridicules those who support him and who buy into his fanciful lies and promises. He’s just playing a part. Wasn’t he even on a TV show for a while?

    • “NO ONE KNEW how fraudulent this plandemic was…” -anarchyst.

      Yeah, They did about three days in I knew it was all nonsense. No mask ever, no shot, no sheltering in place no flattening the curve. I literally told my wife when it first kicked off “this isY2K on steroids its a scam.” Yes I’ve been fooled before but ther were hundreds if thousands if people who were able to analyze data and discern the lies, moral and logical inconsistencies very quickly. MOST people chose to be scared little naive children and stay home till daddy said it was safe to come out. They took the extra unemployment bennies, took the PPP loans and were bribed to sit back and accept a lie. I liked Trump and voted for him the second time around but his pushing the vaxx and getting the 1/6 supporters riled up and then turning on them and calling them terrorists should be all anyone needed to see to realize what he actually is.
      He’s a fake, and a liar although a more likeable one than obama and quivering pedo-joe to be fair

      • Exactly, Sicilian! Sheesh! I’m a high-skool drop-out, and I knew before the damned charade even “officially” began (Nov, 2019) that it was going to be a huge psy-op/charade/power-grab when I started hearing people talking (I don’t watch TV or any mainstream media babble) “people falling sick in the street and bleeding from their eyes”. (Yes, those were actual [obviously planted] reports in the media. One I remembered involved an off-duty NYPD pig leaving an ER and supposedly suffering such a fate [If only!], only never to be referred to/heard about again).

        I knew “This was it”- i.e. what all the previous “test shots” (Zika virus, Ebola, murder wasps, West Nile virus…etc. etc.) had been prepping people for. Not to mention the ‘deadly virus’ scenarios of many recent movies (or so I’ve heard).

        Once one figures out the patterns used in their propaganda, it is very easy to get a reasonably clear idea of what is coming, and once the scenario actually materializes, it becomes crystal clear that it is the fulfillment of the intended plan.

        Same deal with 9-11. My first thought on hearing of it’s occurrence was “Oh great….now everyone’s going to be whipped into a patriotic frenzy and throw away what’s left of their rights to aid and abet the very government who committed this atrocity against their own people”. And sure enough…before the day was even over….

        But of course, the billionaire businessman who has been working the system longer than I’ve been alive; who has made “deals” with organized criminals and the highest levels of power in government (Forgive me for being redundant!), who was flying with Slick Willy on Epstein Air as far back as ’92 (Just what we know…likely even before that), who used the state’s power of eminent domain to steal old ladies cottages, and even under whose presidency watched as pandemic simulations were carried out, didn’t have a clue? LOL!

  13. I read an article yesterday that there is evidence from multiple sources that the vaccines actually *shed* and someone who is not vaccinated can pick up the spike protein via human-to-human contact. If true, and as we learn more about how damaging these vaccines are, then this is truly evil. Stalin nor Mao could have dreamed up this one.

    • Hi Hans,

      I’ve worried about this as well. I am hopeful it’s merely reasonable (given the times) paranoia. But, who knows? I have assumed that the “vaccinated” cannot “vaccinate” me… as by continuing to go to a gym where I am certain there are many “vaccinated” people. So far, I feel fine. No weird symptoms and – despite me being older than I have ever been – I’m stronger than I have ever been, too.

      Fingers crossed…

    • Hi Hans,

      I don’t think the jabs are aerosol bound, especially if the conditions that they were made under are as sinister as being implied. If shedding were to take place that means the elite could become sick as well. I am sure they have brainstormed all scenarios to make sure this does not happen.

    • Hans Gruber:

      I didn’t worry about covid killing me (or granny.) I’m sure as hell not getting worked up over their gay-as-hell-squirt-stick-nano-sorcery-particles. Fear is the real virus

  14. The cult of personality. Which is why the worship of “celebrities”, which are usually entertainers with no more intelligence or insight than anyone walking down the street. Politicians likewise, except most have an evil heart to go along with their stupidity, or evil genius.

    • Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath if not a psychopath. There are few exceptions. Trump isn’t one.

  15. Shouldn’t the word ‘contrite’ fit into the scheme of things?

    Sociopaths don’t care, no guilt, no remorse, nothing. Just another day in their preferred hell they desire. Just your garden-variety dumbass, that’s all.

    I dunno, drives some crazy. You can always drink.

    All efforts to program, indoctrinate, the doctrinaire regarding the vaccines, the nonsense behind it all, and the loss of life resulting from the mass vaccination of millions needs some serious attention.

    Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep
    Even though there is nowhere to go

    The Tremeloes, Silence is Golden

  16. So is the kraken the vaccine mandates? Or leftists going ape shit and destroying what little of polite society and human decency remained? Because these horribles seem to be all that has been released since the day after. Yet, these MAGA cultists still can’t see that he is nothing more than a wooden idol painted orange.

  17. ‘Even if the “pandemic” is all-but-finis. There will be new “pandemics” [and] new drugs will be pushed on us.’ — eric

    Now the omicron wave is fading fast in the US. In a few weeks, it will be over.

    Right on cue, this month the drug pushers are launching bivalent ‘vaccines’ — a nasty cocktail of Covid Classic™ and omicron BA.4-BA.5 spike proteins — just in time for their obsolescence.

    What these obsolete strains do is to imprint the immune system to produce an off-target response to a new variant.

    Those who received Covid Classic™ shots and boosters fared more poorly than the unvaxxed during the now-concluding omicron wave. By sciency inductive logic, one would expect the same result from the new bivalent injections.

    This is malpractice on an epic scale: regulators and doctors turned into pimped-out prostitutes of Big Pharma. Their credibility and social status is in tatters. Just as well, perhaps: we’re on our own, as they conspire to cull us.

    Take this shot and shove it.

  18. Here in Michigan the only mask requirements are at doctor’s offices. They won’t treat you unless you wear a mask. The nurses will ask you to pull it up if you slip it under your nose. Which I always do. Mask under my chin while in the waiting room.

    I want to keep my doctor, so I don’t speak up. One doctor pulls down his mask when we talk in his office — I ask him to — he admits they do nothing. Two other doctors do not. That’s one hour a month for me. Painful to be surrounded by so many medical professionals who reject mask science. I read five mask studies in 2020 — they obviously don’t block viral aerosols.

    Masks do identify compliant people who trust the government, so I guess that’s one use. I have not been in restaurants for over two years, other than take outs. Yesterday we finally went for a sit-down lunch and the waiter was wearing a mask, Also the clerk in an eyeglass store that day was wearing a mask. Very rare to see two people wearing a mask in one day.

    I can live with a mask for one hour every month at a doctor’s office.
    Annoying, but not a big deal.
    The real problem is the vaccines.
    We avoided them.
    Almost everyone we know did not.
    They are a moot point in 2022, with Omicron — a common cold that is not prevented by a vaccine. If the subject ever comes up, we tell people who ask that we avoided the vaccine and boosters because we are smart people. And that’s all we say. They get the message.

    • Hi Richard,

      A serious question for you: Why would you trust a doctor so either ignorant or slavish as to wear a “mask” when you both know it’s absurd as well as evil? Would you not prefer a doctor you could trust? Who isn’t a tool of the pharmaceutical cartels and a corporate lackey?

      How is this business fundamentally different from dealing with a Quack who demands you wear a vial of Gypsy Tears around your neck to ward off evil spirits as a condition of his seeing you?

      • Eric,
        Good luck finding one. Practically all of them are a member of a corporate conglomerate of medical services. Private practice is rare. Very rare. It’s no longer a service, it’s an industry.
        Consequently, I don’t bother with them anymore. I will happily sacrifice an extension of my expiration date to avoid them. Especially since they are just as likely to shorten that expiration date. After all, they are the third or fourth leading cause of death in the US, depending on who you ask.

        • Hi John,

          Same. I haven’t been to a Quack in years – more than a decade – and I’m entirely healthy, somehow. Granted, there might be something wrong with me that I am not aware of. I am fine with that. I am under no illusions that I will live forever, nor that I won’t ever get sick. But I no longer trust Quacks to make me better. I consider that I am better off healing myself.

  19. It can be explained as blind faith. The 5 d chess move defenses can get really preposterous since the claims of Trump’s brilliance are limited only by their followers imagination. I have an otherwise level headed friend who insists Trump saved us from a far worse unknown disaster by pushing the vax. And he went after the pedophiles and sex traffickers. Even though there still seem to be a lot out of that still going on.

    • Hi RS,

      I have a friend like that, too. He assures me that I “don’t see” the deep strategy of the Orange Man, who is brilliantly but quietly orchestrating the undoing of all the traitors. He says – and he is serious – that when Trump says he “saved millions of lives,” it means he actually did – by “ending the pandemic” quickly and preventing an ongoing, world-wide lockdown.

      This friend is not stupid and he is otherwise perceptive. But when it comes to his Orange Idol…..

      • Things are so degenerate that a narcissistic bullshit artist is the most honest and decent “leader” we had in at least my lifetime. I still submit the orange one did Warp Speed as a placebo and probably saved a large number of lives by reopening the world. It’s also a decent assumption that benefit has been eclipsed by the continued consumption of the MRNA miracle. The damage caused will never be acknowledged. Orange knows this and hopes his supporters either think, with respect to Warp Speed, as I do or actually think the shite works.
        It’s telling that not one “leader” has had the juevos to say not only should they not be mandated, they should be avoided.


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