Res Ipsa Loquitur

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It speaks for itself.

The phrase came to mind yesterday as I was serially responding to a commenter who identified himself as “law enforcement” but who would not actually identify himself. Perhaps because of the serial abuse this person hurled at myself and others here for having the effrontery to publicly criticize another cop who drove with criminally negligent recklessness – 74 MPH in a 25 MPH zone – and ran over (and killed) a young woman who had the bad luck to be trying to walk across the street when she was run over by the speeding cop.

I am a “shithead” for expressing disgust about this – and for daring to point out the fact that criminally reckless and even outright homicidal cops (vizPhillip Brailsford, the cop who shot Daniel Shaver dead while the latter was begging not to be and posed no threat to anybody) are rarely immediately arrested and languidly – if ever – criminally prosecuted.

I also noted the fact that no cop is forced to do evil things – as for example seize people’s money just because they have it on them (i.e., “civil asset forfeiture”) and could choose not to do such things. I expressed my opinion that choosing to do evil things is evil. And that it’s not a get-out-of-jail card (or ought not to be) to say, I was only following orders. Or if you don’t like the laws, change them.

As if that weren’t entirely beside the point.

And I pointed out that it’s telling – it ought to be a warning – that so many honest people who aren’t criminals regard cops as a threat and even as criminals, themselves – because of their unquestioning willingness (their eagerness) to enforce any law, merely because it’s “the law.”

No matter who gets hurt.

Well, so long as it isn’t a cop. Then it is a case of a “fallen hero” – and us “civilians” had better show suitable sorrow.

I had hoped to have a reasonable back-and-forth with this online cop, who initially identified himself as BlueShield (with “enforcer” as his email). But instead of a civil discussion about the facts of this particular case, I got lashed for mentioning them at all. And I got a serial lecture about my obligation to defer to the law and those who enforce it. Anything shy of that and I am a “shithead.”

I thought this spoke a lot for itself.

It told us what this cop – if it isn’t a bot – thinks about us “civilians.” And it gives us a window into why such cops treat us “civilians” the way they often do.

When I’d finally had enough of BS, I asked him to tone down the profanity-laced abuse. When he did not do so, I used the site’s monitoring tools to prevent his profanity-laced abuse from being visible unless I approved it. Control freak authoritarians do not like being controlled – even when it is nothing like the control exercised by control freak authoritarians with badges and guns and the weight of the state behind them.

So – rather than be civil and at least try to debate the facts and points made in the article and subsequent comments, BS changed his name to another made-up name  (“Trashtalker”) and continued to post abuse.

Or at least, he tried to.

I think it speaks for itself, don’t you?

. . .

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  1. There is a petition on, to terminate Daniel Auderer. The email I received was entitled “Jaahnavi Kandula deserved better.”

    According to the person who started the petition, Auderer has been the subject of multiple (internal affairs) investigations throughout his career. What a surprise, right?

  2. In the Declaration of Independence:

    “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

    Hey Blueshield…sound familiar?

  3. While Lahaina rots, Zelensky is coming to D.C. next week so they can fork over another 24 billion in pork to that murdering sleazebag.

    24 billion for Ukraine – for a war that can not be won – while citizens of Hawaii get shit on – and prevented from going to their properties.

    And at the end of this month, the government will be shut down unless some new spending bill is approved. Can you believe this clown show? Already this year the budget deficit is two TRILLION.

    So if the USA is in a deficit and funding crisis, why is even one penny being wasted on some god forsaken county for some horrible blood soaked war? Only the insane could support such a waste of money and lives.

    Needless to say, the Biden regime needs to be terminated. Traitor McCarthy needs to be also removed immediately, as he is just another spendthrift who is playing opposition.

    I say shut it down and not a penny for Ukraine. The war ends as soon as the USA turns off the spigot. If you actually care about Ukraine and her people, then ending the war should be your priority.

    Of course, the right solution will never be achieved. What is going to happen is more spending, more war, more distress, more inflation, and interest rates going to the moon. No Fed pivot either.

  4. Nothing more irritating than cuckservatives holding “back the blue” rallies. When will they ever learn that rank-and-file cops are not on our side, follow orders from their higher-level freemason captains and chiefs who take a knee and report to their Soros owned politicians. We have to arm and protect ourselves.

  5. Here’s a perfect example of the fallen hero treatment. His death was marked by mournful news coverage and a police procession with fire trucks flying a flag from ladder trucks. We also learned that he was recently engaged and that “service to the community was in his veins.”

    Contrast this with the treatment of the poor woman who was killed in the crosswalk by the cop.

  6. I don’t think it’s fair to take the comments of one person and say it’s how all the members of that group think or act (I am not a cop) but there are a lot of police people in the world and they are as different as in any profession.

      • Yes of course, but as a libertarian I do not judge each person due to their membership in some group. Each person is an individual and should be judged on their actions. It’s right to condemn cops that act irresponsibly, but wrong to judge them all by the worst of the group.

        • I’m afraid you’re not a libertarian as cops aggress against peaceful people all the time. Such action does not comport with libertarianism. Also, a libertarian would not advocate for the killing of prisoners or somebody who runs from the cops to save taxpayers money as you did in your post below.

          You claim to be a libertarian, but you’re not being honest.

          • Sorry, ML, but I am going to respectfully disagree with you.

            None of us get to decide what someone else believes. He may not be a libertarian in your view of the word, but if he wishes to label himself as such, he can.

            Tom is right we judge each individual on their own merits and not as a group.

            Don’t worry I realize I am probably agreeing with someone who works for the NSA, but I am debating the point, not the person.

            • Morning, RG!

              A person can label/define themselves as they wish, certainly. But if the facts don’t jibe with the label then the definition is erroneous. The obvious example being a dude who defines himself as female. He is free to do that. But he’s not a “she.” And it’s right – as in objectively true – to observe that he isn’t.

              Political definitions are a little murkier, obviously. But there are certain core principles I think a libertarian must agree with in order to be one. Just the same as to be a Christian, I think you must be a person who believes that Jesus is the son of God. If you don’t, that’s ok – but I don’t think its possible to accurately label/define yourself as a Christian.

              Similarly, a libertarian who does not accept the non-aggression principle as the foundational principle is not really a libertarian but some other thing…

              • Hi Eric,

                Except the libertarian view on what a “libertarian'” is far and wide. The Libertarian Party, themselves, cannot agree what makes a libertarian.

                The man vs woman case is boiled down to biology (what used to be termed as real “science”).

                Politics (unlike gender) is fluid . Let’s be honest is the Democratic Party of today the same Democratic Party of the 1960s. I think we can all agree that the answer is a solid no. The Libertarian Party that was overseen by Harry Browne is very different than the Libertarian Party of today. Hell, they actually enforced mask mandates during campaign stops. How libertarian is that?

                My only point is that we cannot judge (accurately) what someone posts in 7-8 replies. When Tom mentioned “good there will be less people.” I took it more as a tongue in cheek, sarcastic reply then how he truly feels about humanity. Sure, maybe he was serious. I don’t know the guy, but it just smacks of hypocrisy (at least to me) when someone comes onto the site and in under ten posts we have already declared them that they are not “one of us”.

                So what if they don’t agree 100% what everyone else agrees with. None of us on here do. I much rather take someone’s word for what they believe in. Sure, they and I may only see eye to eye 60 or 80% of the time then piss off somebody who shares similar values and viewpoints.

                • RG: The sine non qua of a libertarian is the non-aggression principle.

                  Also, who ‘declared them that they are not “one of us”’? He referred to himself as a libertarian and I told him the reasons why he is not, based upon HIS words.

                  • I stand by my original post to TomHorton, RG.

                    “Mister Liberty September 17, 2023 At 10:53 pm
                    I’m afraid you’re not a libertarian as cops aggress against peaceful people all the time. Such action does not comport with libertarianism. Also, a libertarian would not advocate for the killing of prisoners or somebody who runs from the cops to save taxpayers money as you did in your post below.

                    You claim to be a libertarian, but you’re not being honest.”

                • Hi RG,

                  Well, yeah… But does the fact that someone who claims to be a libertarian who doesn’t agree with foundational libertarian principles a libertarian, regardless? I understand there are nuances and legitimate differences of opinion about all kinds of things. But libertarianism isn’t libertarianism without the non-aggression principle. It is something else, calling itself that. Just the same as “Christianity” without Jesus and the remission of sin isn’t Christianity, whatever it wants to call itself.

                  One of the things I admire about libertarianism is precisely that it does have a foundational principle. Unlike, say, “conservatism”! And liberalism!

                  • Where did Tom state he did not agree with NAP? Because, he made an off hand comment.

                    Sorry, Eric, but have you not had tirades against the masked and wanting to punch them? Is that part of the NAP? A comment made out of anger does not make you any less libertarian.

                    I am going to give Tom the benefit of the doubt. I may regret it. I may not. But, if his worst post is being supportive of some police officers I don’t consider that a travesty.

                    If we can steer people to a more libertarian way of thinking, I am all for it. I sure as hell don’t want them to comment and feel they are not welcome because they don’t measure us to someone else’s standards (whatever those are).

            • RG: I really can’t add more to Eric’s response, other than to say I prefer honesty. I don’t think TomHorton is being honest with us.

              Also, you say: “Tom is right we judge each individual on their own merits and not as a group.”

              I wonder if you would stick to that position and walk alone at night in a crime ridden area of a city. After all, you shouldn’t judge those nice folks without first making a determination as to each of the individual gang members own merits, right?

              • As seems typical you are unable to think clearly on these matters. A “gang” is not an individual.

                It doesn’t make any difference though. You should be prepared at all times in this situation. If you are in a crime ridden part of the city you should be aware of the possibility of crime and prepare accordingly. You may run into some very nice people. You may not. But even in a non-crime ridden area you should be prepared for any eventuality.

                Same advice for the police. Be aware that there are some bad ones and be prepared. But there also some good ones. So blanket statements that they are all steroided-up bullies that want to hurt and bully, is incorrect.

                • Hi Tom,

                  I agree there are some cops who try to be decent. The problem is this desire to be decent is at odds with what they’re paid to do – that being to enforce the laws. All of them. They are not supposed to exercise discretion. BS is exactly right on that point. This puts a decent man in the position of not “doing his job,” which is both risky and demoralizing. Imagine it is your job to hassle people who don’t “buckle up.” Or “mask up.” What decent man wants to have anything to do with such work?

                  So – yes – it is reasonable to generalize in this context. Just the same as it would be if we had peace officers rather than law enforcement officers – only in reverse!

                  And: It is prudent to generalize in other contexts, as outlined by Mister Liberty. This does not mean that everyone in a bad neighborhood is a bad person. But it does mean that you’d be a fool not to assume bad people are around.

                • TomHorton:

                  I say “each of the individual gang members. . .”

                  Your non-sequitur response is: “A “gang” is not an individual.”

                  Now help me understand. Who is it that’s not thinking clearly?

                  TomHorton also says: “So blanket statements that they are all steroided-up bullies that want to hurt and bully, is incorrect.”

                  Where did I make this argument? You’ve just erected it as a straw man. This is the kind of tactic used by “influencers” like yourself.

              • Hi ML,

                I was born in Prince George’s County, Maryland. You are coming to have to do better than the crime ridden neighborhood argument. As a business owner I have walked through my fair share of “not fun” neighborhoods, parked in creepy looking parking garages, had to leave office buildings late at night. I have a companion. Her is Betsy and she and I go everywhere together.

                When we start looking at everybody as “gangs” or “us against them” then we can forget about finding any common ground.

                Libertarians talk about individual rights, but the first thing we should do is throw someone else in a group?

                I would absolutely abhor it a client came to me and stated “oh, you are a woman it is inconceivable that you know anything about taxes, because women suck at math.” White men face the same stereotyping today. “Oh, you are a white guy you must be a racist and part of the Patriarchy. ”

                It should be insulting to us all. Judge not lest you be judged.

                • “throw someone else in a group”?
                  If they are cops they have thrown themselves into the group of those who are willing to kill to enforce the will of the state. All governments are founded upon the assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. Cops are the primary means of that authority. There is no such thing as a libertarian cop. With any moral foundation or ethical standard, they would not seek such position, and if they found themselves in such position, would resign immediately. The only good cops are those that quit early on.

                  • Hi John,

                    Why did the Sheriff’s Office and police disobey the will of the New Mexico Governor? If their job is to enforce the law why not enforce it as the Little Authoritarian wanted?

                    I am of the thinking that there are good and bad people through all walks of life. I am not willing to paint such a wide brush stroke.

                    • That’s one instance of refusing to enforce an edict, which is not a law. The rest of the time, they are all in on it. The most murderous may occasionally do good. It doesn’t make them libertarians.

                    • It’s funny – I can’t think of one instance I came across (doesn’t mean there weren’t any, only that I don’t recall seeing mention of one) of police refusing to enforce lockdowns or diapering or restaurants refusing service to the unclean. Quite the opposite, actually – plenty of videos of some pretty heavy-handed enforcement efforts. There were even those flashing mobile orange highway signs out in my town warning of fines and arrest for using playgrounds or ball fields during the lockdown phase (my sons and I played on the ball fields anyway, as a big FU; no oinks showed up to give us a wood shampoo though). But it’s curious what the swine decide they will enforce or not, and to what extent. Still, they showed who and what they are in those days, and never once intervened on the side of good. Their condemnation is justified, and no props will be given from me from their bullshit pronouncements that they weren’t going to enforce the NM edict – they absolutely were, the opportunity just didn’t have time to present itself.

    • “I don’t think it’s fair to take the comments of one person and say it’s how all the members of that group think or act…”

      I can safely say no one ever leveled that charge during the online “debate”. You’re simply erecting a straw man.

    • Hi Tom,

      You write: “… there are a lot of police people in the world and they are as different as in any profession.”

      Well, let’s consider it:

      One, all cops derive their pay via compulsion; i.e., we are forced to pay for their “services” – which includes forcing us to pay for them, directly (via taxes) and indirectly (via “fines”). That’s not an honorable way to earn a living, is it?

      Two, the nature of the work is such that people who are humane and intelligent tend to shy away from it while people who are inhumane and unintelligent are attracted to it. Remember: We are not talking about the fantasy that cops are “heroes” who spend their days “keeping us safe” from criminals. Yes, of course, they do go after criminals, sometimes. But much of what they do is arguably criminal in that it entails “enforcing laws” that are unjust because “violators” of these laws have caused no harm to anyone. How many cops spend most of the day patrolling for traffic law “violators”? And remember: There are quotas for these – and cops who don’t “ticket” enough (because they’re maybe trying to be decent) tend to not be the ones who get rewarded/promoted while the most aggressive “ticket” writers are.

      • Hi Eric,
        I noticed that “hero” crap started right after 9/11, most likely on cue to the Mockingbird media from their overlords at the CIA. Now every dumbshit in a costume and badge thinks we “civilians” need to genuflect before them and dare not question their authoritah.

        • Did they always shut down I-93 into Boston during rush hour so they could parade a fallen costumed enforcer’s corpse, or did that start after nahnlevin?

        • It actually began in earnest during the Reagan administration. He often celebrated “law enforcement” during his addresses to the nation. At the time i could overlook it because old Ronnie wasnt about passing a bunch of laws that made criminals out of average people. Or did he? The 55 mph speed limit wasnt relaxed until 87, over reagans veto of a highway bill because of “pork barrel spending.” This basis for cop worship began with tv during the 60s like Highway Patrol, Dragnet, Adam 12, and progressed with Kojak and others in the 70s. Only the Rockford Files cast a side eye on police.

      • I’m not clear on your position. You say you support cops that just are “keeping the peace” and criticize “law enforcement” for their enforcement of victimless crimes. But you also criticize the fact that they are paid by taxes. Wouldn’t “peace keepers” also be paid by taxes?

  7. Am I the only one who hears the Soviet Union national-anthem in the background when the Thin Blue Line types cultishly profess there admiration and love for the State?

  8. It speaks volumes of how they view us; of how abusive they are; of the reasons why they chose to become mercenaries of the state; of their low IQ; of the type of people politicians choose to arm with a state-issued gun and badge and unleash on “the voters”.

    The asshole behaves like that on an internet forum where the only things being exchanged are ideas…imagine how the prick would act on the side of a dark road at night! These creeps are nothing but predators- and are truly the ones we need protection from- much more so than from any ‘criminal’.

    One can only hope jerks like him encounter a big heavily-armed nigger on that dark road one night…but then again, being the cowards that these pigs are, he either wouldn’t dare pull such an one over…or would just shoot him first with no provocation.

    Maybe his alcoholism or abused wife will get him first…..before he “gets” any more decent people.

    • Amen, Nunz –

      The work attracts bullies, whose egos are inflated by power. Many are – as you’ve noted – low IQ types on top of this. Psych screening is often brought up as a palliative but the problem is the work is pathological. Thoughtful, humane people have great difficulty doing such work – and so don’t. They either avoid becoming cops or stop being them after they come to realize what the work is really all about.

      The only way to fix this is by abandoning the concept of “law enforcement” entirely and reverting to the concept of keeping the peace. People who are not causing harm should not be harmed. It’s such a simple, logical – moral – concept. And yet, only a few consciously defend it.

      • Exactly. Very well said, cops have low IQs and a lack of morals, while decent human beings have no interest in beating up others, forcing laws (many unconstitutional, or immoral) on others.

        The fact of the matter – during war – cops enforce the draft and will KILL you in you resist being tank fodder. That makes them the mortal enemy of freedom, as your life is most precious thing you have – and they are willing to take that from you on moment’s notice as long as it is the law.

        And the politicians who make the laws, and impose the draft, have zero morals and compassion, they are criminals and monsters.

        Online, people have posted video clips of the Ukraine grandpa, over 70, being seized by thugs and sent to the front line. Over a war that can not be won. Russia begs for peace talks but puppet Jewlensky refuses – because he is a paid Rothschild actor – paid to lie and deceive and murder his own Ukrainians.

        What is going on in Ukraine is monstrous Jewish criminality – and those same Jews run the USA, and they are pumping the Covid death jab because the plan is to cull the Goyim. Those are hard cold facts. And if they start a war, they couldn’t care less if you do not want to participate.

        In fact the war and the death jab have the same goal, to kill you. They do not care about your rights whatsoever. And just remember it is the cops who enforce the laws of the criminal political class.

        To call cops pigs is an understatement. They are demons from hell.

  9. I imagine most of us are here for what is ultimately entertainment. The world would be a little less interesting if Eric shut down the site, but we’d get on. I wonder if the Troll is here simply for entertainment or because (s)he’s paid to spar, perhaps by a political organization?

    Because there are only 24 hours in a day, and Eric needs time for rest, fitness and nurishment, that means that every hour he spends feeding the troll is time not spent writing articles, not spent promoting the site, and not spent reviewing cars. I’m not saying he cannot manage his time, but I know how one gets to be obsessive about dealing with these folks. As I write this, there are 256 comments on the post. I usually stop reading comment threads after about 50 or so, just because by that point there’s not much more to be said. Hats off to all you who keep the comments coming. But really, some of you guys need to get away from the screen!

    BTW, that’s also why I got off Twitter/X. Conversations tend to rot after a few minutes.

    I am reminded of the the line from one of those Batman/Joker movies: “Some people just want to watch the world burn,” as if Mr(s) Trashtalker was just in it for the LULZ. And maybe (s)he is, they’ve got nothing better to do on a Friday night. Or just maybe they are getting paid to sew dissent and drain time and effort. Because up until now, the powers in charge weren’t worried about the small bloggers. Now that it looks like they’re going to lose in the courts (finally), they have to go after the people who can’t afford to fight back. Mr(s) Trashtalker getting a rise out of our little community just might be the opening salvo.

  10. Good job Eric, always stand up to tyranny and never give evil an inch. And there is a reason why cops are universally called pigs. A bully with a gun who enforces the criminality of the state should not be respected. They are literally highway robbers. And traffic tickets these days are huge.

    The authority is a giant scam of the ruling class, as they cheat on voting anyways, so in reality, all authority flows from the barrel of a gun just like Mao claimed – he was being honest about state power.

    Mark Passio explains Order Followers:

    An even bigger scam are these insurance providers, who lobby to get state laws passed that you must insure your car to drive it – and then the taxpayer funded cops enforce the insurance laws.

    The insurance companies are raking in billions yet don’t have to shake you down for the money – the state does it for them.

    All the judges are in on it also.

    If you want proof cops are pigs – they all drive huge brand new muscle cars.

      • TomHorton, … ’cause, most average people -usually- unless they got a rich Dady or, are otherwise fortunate (or, are just stupid with money) cannot afford the how-much-a-month club it takes to drive one.

        …At least, in Fly Over Country,… maybe it’s different where you are?

        Odds are, if it’s hella expensive supped-up ride, their either: black market money, or cops/firefighters.

        …Generally speaking.

        • I checked on line. Several sources listed $63,000 as the average annual salary of police, the range was between $58-$68k.
          That does not seem like a salary range much different then many people.

          • Hi Tom,

            The difference (one of them) is that we are talking about government workers. They force us to pay their living. I do not resent a plumber or a lawyer or anyone else who gets paid by people who want to pay them for what they do. I do resent being forced to pay for what I neither asked for nor support.

            Also, keep in mind that most “law enforcement” gets a free (to them) government-issued car to drive around, as well as the perks of government authority. They also get a very generous retirement deal that enables them to “retire” at a relatively young age and start another career – and enjoy a dual income – as well as the dual benefit of that LE pension and SS when they actually do retire. They live a pretty good life, materially speaking. And – again – I would ordinarily say, good for them – were it not for the fact they get paid by pointing a gun at us and making us pay.

        • Exactly. I just look at the driver haircut, if it looks like a butch marine or an SS mustache you can bet is a cop off duty.

          Meanwhile the rest of humanity has to be concerned about mpg, while they are so loaded with stolen taxpayer funds, they couldn’t care less – and look down on the sheep who are forced to conserve.

  11. I would bet a dime to a dollar that “bluesheild” is a long-time (ab)user of steroids. I know cops who “bulk up” with anabolic steroids and as a result develop mental deficiencies as a result of their steroid use. It is no secret that the use of steroids does negatively affect a person’s temperament and judgement. The changes are subtle and sometimes unnoticed.
    Almost every cop I know is divorced at least once and in some cases multiple times. It seems that the cop fraternity (gang) “looks the other way” and does not cite their “brethren in blue” for their steroid or other drug use.
    Many police union contracts specifically forbid drug testing of their union members.
    Bluesheilds comments should be a part of training packages for police departments to use in recognizing behavior that should not be a part of police “life”.

    • >I would bet a dime to a dollar that “bluesheild” is a long-time (ab)user of steroids.
      Unless, of course, “bluesheild’ and his ilk are just our host honing his playwriting/screenwriting skills. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? 🙂

      For sure, every time one of these cartoon character idiots shows up to “strut and fret his hour upon the stage,” and then “be heard no more,” it *does* get the comment count up, as the regulars (myself included) tune in to the “tale told by an idiot,” a veritable “Hollow Man, his headpiece filled with straw.” Now, *that’s* entertainment. 🙂

      Not saying this is “true”, just floating the possibility, either for past or possible future use. What say you, Eric? If it’s good enough for Hollywood and the U.S. Government, it ought to be good enough for EP Autos. 🙂

      • Interesting thought. The real problem with the hypothesis is that Eric has limited time to do things. Just taking care of his chickens and ducks, etc. I bet he has a garden as well. Then his livelihood commenting on cars which manufacturers send to him to review. Then doing all the other things we all do to live, eat, drink, sleep and be merry. I don’t think he has minions. I think the idiots that have been showing up recently are enemy action.

            • > the stupid are always stupidly dangerous.
              Point taken.
              Most people haven’t the brains to be evil, but, as you’ve said, they are just stupid enough to be dangerous.

              Which is why I really do not believe Eric is doing this. If he really wanted to joust against himself, he is certainly bright enough, and self respecting enough, to create a worthy fictitious adversary. 🙂

              • @Adi Heidler, “Most people haven’t the brains to be evil”

                Depends on your definition of “evil”. If you are treating others as pawns or objects to be moved about the board as you or your boss wills, that accomplishes pretty much all the evil that needs to be accomplished. “Just following orders”-level evil.

                What we see is a level beyond that. The powers that be see us not as pawns, but rather obstacles to their wonderful utopia (which does not include us) and these bosses push this sentiment onto their underlings, particularly onto the pointy end of the spear. That young lady was in the way. Collateral damage. That the thug thought the value of her life was less than it cost to fix the cop car puts it pretty starkly.

        • RE: “Unless, of course, “bluesheild’ and his ilk are just our host honing his playwriting/screenwriting skills.”

          That comes across as insulting & degrading. Jmho.

          Beneath the pale?

        • Morning, Ugg!

          Yup; the only minions we have are three cats and a dog. The cats do provide moral support as I type, though! I did manage to find time to crawl under the Trans-Am yesterday and – the shame – I found a few things that need attention due to my lack thereof. Details to come…

  12. There was a cop in my area (since retired) who was arrogant to the extreme and had a habit of getting physical with people. He was employed at a small town not far from I live at but soon resigned. He made the mistake of harassing a couple of good ol’ boys because he thought he could. So one evening those two good ol’ boys gathered up a few of their friends and jumped him. They nearly beat him within an inch of his life and told him he best leave town for good if he knew what was good for him. He good smart very quickly, left and never went back there. Anyway he got another position in another town several miles from where I live and his demeanor improved after that. To those boys, I say BRAVO, well done! This happened some 25 years ago and this really happened.

    • Second that BRAVO, this needs to happen more often. The cop who thought it was funny to run over that girl in the previous post should get ambushed by the family and get his legs broken at the very least; make him pay the price rather than the taxpayers who will be on the hook for the wrongful death lawsuit.

      • Justice is definitely an individual prerogative. An eye for an eye, a life for a life. A Christian family may choose to make Justice with broken legs. Or they may not.

    • Same thing happened in North Korea during that massive state-induced famine in the ’90’s. Everyone was told that eating less was a good thing. Then they were told the food would arrive soon. It never did – and still hasn’t. Those who kept the faith and obeyed authority eventually starved to death, while those awful/horrible/immoral/selfish/evil people who knew what was up ultimately survived because they took matters into there own hands via a “black” market.

      • Hi Logan,

        Here’s another example of people surviving by disobeying government orders……those who refused government orders, aka mandates, to “Take that vaccine”. 2 years ago The Biden Thing effectively declared unvaxxed Americans “Enemies of the state” and even claimed they faced a “Winter of severe illness & death”. However, that claim never came true, and over time, it increasingly appeared that those who OBEYED government health diktats/ recommendations regarding the “vaccines” were the ones getting severely sick or even DYING, while those who DISOBEYED such health diktats are still here and aren’t getting sick over & over again, and they also don’t have permanent health damage. And with the obvious attempts by the establishment to bring back face diaper mandates, plus a possible attempt to MANDATE the “new and improved COVID-19 vaccines” being rolled out, people en masse will have to continue to yell out “NO!”

        • Seems like it’s more than just an attempt to mandate the face diapers, the shotz & the camps, more like, a done deal? Idk.

          …”All the basic rules of medicine were tossed out during COVID, and under the pandemic treaty, common sense and basic medical facts will be ousted forever. Nass goes through much more in her article, so I urge you to read it10 in its entirety.

          The Timeline

          The IHR amendments will only require a 50% vote of whoever is in the room at the time of the vote, which will take place at the World Health Assembly’s annual meeting, May 22 through 24, 2024.11 The amendments will take effect 10 months later for any nation that does not opt out.

          Nations that have not officially opted out will then be bound by the new terms laid out in the amendments. The pandemic treaty will also be voted on during that meeting. It will require two-thirds vote in favor by the members that are in the room and will go into effect as soon as 30 nations have ratified it.

          Thirty days after that, the treaty will go into effect for all the nations that have signed on. Any nation that has not signed the treaty will be excluded from its terms. Those who sign the treaty must wait three years before they can get out.”

          See also:

          ‘New York Pushing Boosters and Fighting for Concentration Camps’
          By Joseph Sansone, PhD
          Mind Matters and Everything Else
          September 16, 2023

  13. There are good cops, bad cops, and everything in between. I’ve worked with many of them and one thing all varieties understand is there is Yuge power in “officer discretion”. I’ve never met a single real cop like the bot/spammer you encountered who actually believes in enforcing the letter of the law unless it benefits them in the particular situation.

  14. I didn’t realize the rest of that occurred. But I guess that fits into my last response to BS about how they treat people.

    It does seem to be a mindset. I had a friend in the navy who went on to become a cop. Changed who he was. There is something about being in the bubble of that gang which infests the mind. In other context, this would be called a subjective reality.

  15. I monitored the thread yesterday and was amazed at some of the things he (bot) said. But that is the picture TeeeeeVeee paints of cops. The cops on TV are always beating up someone,,, or terrorizing someone they are interrogating. Then the kiddies grow up and make the fiction a reality.

    I watch some of the older shows such as Rockford Files,,, Mike Hammer, etc as I cannot stomach the newer ones with their zillions of indoctrinating commercials. Even then there was mucho propaganda. It is so easy to see if you look for it. Never noticed it when I was watching at the time as I was totally a NPC. Woke up after listening to McNamara (LBJ Sec of DEF) apologizing on a news show that there was no Gulf of Tonkin event. So all those boys bleeding out in choppers did so for nothing.

    Still doing it today,,, Africa, the ME, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine. Soon maybe China, Iran, N. Korea
    Yeah,,, but most still think we never left Kansas. Due to the propaganda Americans have very little respect for human life which is why it is so easy to get the medical establishment, pharmacies and gov cartel to push the kill shots.

  16. “It told us what this cop – if it isn’t a bot – thinks about us “civilians.” And it gives us a window into why such cops treat us “civilians” the way they often do.”
    At which time his usefulness came to an end, and good riddance.


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