They’re Stacking Up

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It’s nearly 2024 and there’s a two-month-plus supply of cars – many of them 2023 models – waiting to be sold before they become last year’s models. Most of these waiting-to-be-sold models are electric cars that aren’t selling because (drum roll, please) buyers don’t want them.

Never before in the history of the car business has the cart been put before the horse – as it has when it comes to electric cars.

Government has been interceding between car buyers and car manufacturers for more than half-a-century, imposing requirements that new cars must have equipment such as seat belts and air bags and back-up cameras, irrespective of the buyer’s desire to pay for them or his lack of desire to have them in his car.

It has decreed bumper-impact standards and even gone so far as to require that speedometers be dialed back to register no faster than 85 MPH.

But not until just recently did the government (feeling its oats, no doubt) go for broke and order the car manufacturers to build only one type of car – the electric car – and never mind whether people will buy them.

We see the results collecting dust on new car lots all around the country.

Of course, this was inevitable once it was allowed to pass that the federal government had any legitimate (constitutional, moral) business interposing itself between car buyers and car manufacturers. This began half-a-century ago, when self-styled “consumer advocates” such as Ralph Nader presumed to “advocate” for “consumers” – who were implicitly too stupid to form their own decisions and use their buying power to influence the car manufacturers to build cars they were willing to buy.

These “advocates” succeeded in leveraging the government to impose on “consumers” equipment such as seat belts and air bags – both of which had previously been made available to “consumers” (loathsome term; it smacks of hogs at the trough) who were free to buy them if they wished.

And free to not buy them, if they didn’t wish.

That was back in the Before Times, when people who bought things were still customers – and had the power to buy what they wanted without interference from “advocates” (or the government).

They were not made to consume whatever was placed before them – like hogs at the trough.

Once the “advocates” got their way – even just a little bit (and so it seemed at the time; what was the harm, after all, in having seatbelts in cars?) the precedent was set that got us to where we find ourselves now. The government – suffused with “advocates” – insists  people must have electric cars and that the manufacturers must build nothing but.

A problem arises, though.

It is getting the horse to pull the cart when he has the option not to.

The government can (and has) decreed that nothing but electric cars will be permissible to manufacture – via being the only kinds of vehicles that are compliant with federal regulations pertaining to how much gas a car you choose to buy is allowed to use (and if that’s not sufficient, how much of a gas that does not cause pollution it is allowed to “emit”).

But it hasn’t decreed that buyers must purchase them.


But it will. Because it must. Because that is the only way the government will be able to clear the inventory glut of electric cars people don’t want to buy. And the way it will make them buy electric cars is by making it illegal to keep the cars they have that aren’t electric.

Or too costly.

The government will say: Due to the climate crisis, only zero emissions electric cars will be permitted on public (that is, government-controlled) roads. You may keep your non-electric car.

Provided it’s parked.

Or they will say: Due to the climate crisis, we are levying a carbon tax on every vehicle that isn’t a zero emissions electric vehicle. Never mind that plenty of “carbon” is “emitted” via the burning of hydrocarbon fuels to generate the electricity that powers “zero emissions” electric cars. These taxes will be exorbitant. Most people won’t be able to afford to pay them.

Via such means and methods, the government will – so it hopes – clear the glut of EV inventory that is collecting dust at new car lots all around the country.

Except for one other problem.

Even if people no longer have any choice to buy something other than an electric car, if they cannot pay for it, they still can’t buy it. The government might as well decree that everyone in the country buy an “energy efficient” $600,000 house – else live under a bridge. Paraphrasing Margaret Thatcher – from the Before Time – after awhile you run out of other people’s money to spend.

The government lacks the means to pay everyone who currently owns a car to buy an electric car because it has no means except those it extracts from those it is forcing to buy electric cars. At some point, the bill comes due – only in this case there’ll be no one left with the means to pay it.

. . .

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  1. If I can’t work on it. I don’t want it.

    I will stick with my 60 year old truck and my 81 year old coupe.

    The last thing I need is a tracking device that tries to drive for me.

    My freedom of movement is my business, no one elses’.

    My method of conveyance is my choice, not subject to anyones demands.

    If the environment was of such critical importance, why do the democrats fund perpetual wars? Bombing, burning, and killing is a dirty business.

    • Hi Rusty,

      They’re not Democrats. The ones pushing this are Green Communists. The first Earth Day, the Green Cross… all pushed by communists who decided to rebrand their poison as “environmentalism.”

      • I hear ya’ Eric,

        You’de a thunk, them all be dead by now.
        When the jab became hip, they started dropping. Last count was 31 of the 70+’rs I knew.
        There is still some of those old Hippy females running around with their wiring harnesses completely out of place.

        Smoking pot for the last 50+ years really screws up the brain. A nurse I knew been smoking it since 1964, talk about whacked out!

        • Hi Rusty,

          I can get along with honest hippies – but I despise hypocritical Leftists. The ones who pretended to be “free spirits” who hated war and loved free speech. Bullshit. What they hated was not being in control of speech – and the war machine. Once they got control, they showed in abundance what they really believe.

  2. Lot of talk here about Trump failures, which is a bunch of hogwash. Trump was hamstrung every step of the way in trying to deal with the deep state. How was he to know how badly things have rotted in the US government? Despite that, Trump turned the US into a self-sufficient energy giant and got the economy humming. The fact remains that Trump is an exceptional CEO and knows how to negotiate and get things done! If elected, he will also have the benefit of experience at being President to inform his decisions this time around. Bet on it!

    • Hi CeeJay,

      Was Trump “hamstrung” by the choices he made? Did anyone make him stand like a wooden Indian next to Fauci at the presidential podium for months on end? Who didn’t end the “emergency” – although he had the authority to do it? Who did absolutely nothing to prevent the mass absentee voting? Who let the Left turn election day into election months by doing nothing to prevent it?

      Maybe it’s all “5D chess” and “devolution.” Maybe it’s all a clown show.

      • If the republicans had resisted and undermined 0bama with a fraction of the intensity they undermined the President this wouldn’t be happening. He ran a campaign based on economic and social positions that been getting promoted by other republicans for decades. In years prior, they as a party would always make excuses for doing nothing to resist the radical policies of Clinton or 0bama. Woe is me, we don’t have the House. Woe is me, we don’t have the senate. Woe is me, 0bama/Clinton can veto anything we try.

        What happens when the guy who ran for President on those same policies wins and suddenly can sign off on issues like the repeal of 0bamacare, furthering energy independence and securing the border? First his own party running the house and senate dragged their feet for the first two years, then when that wasn’t enough you had dozens and dozens of candidates in safe districts all retire in 2018 and throw those safe house races into one’s that were up for grabs. They refused to repeal 0bamacare – setting it up to make McCain’s vote on repeal (one of the primary campaign promises McCain ran on) the vote that blocked it. They wouldn’t even allocate the 4.5 billion requested for border security on the basis that it was too expensive, yet they have signed off on more than 25x that amount in propping up the corrupt Ukrainian government.

        It’s worse than a clown show. Both parties are beholden to powers held in greater esteem and importance than the voters because as it has been made entirely clear that the US citizenry is viewed as a bigger enemy by its own government than any other foreign enemy.

        The public undermining of their own party’s President was just a fraction of what the republicans pulled for all 4 years of the President’s first term. Virtually everything implemented in that term was done via executive orders… all of which could be turned off like a switch once another administration was put into place. If that isn’t being hamstrung then nothing is. If it is all a headfake and nothing about that first term was genuine then we can just end all the pointless debates in policy, because who wins elections has nothing to do with what the voters want.

        • I agree, Marc –

          But Trump could have done what Franco would have done. What Biden has done. Act. Stop pretending these are normal times and that “the rules” matter. They don’t – to the Left. You cannot defeat the Left by playing by the rules when the other side doesn’t play by the rules. Franco understood this.

          Trump apparently doesn’t.

          I suspect because while he’s very smart, he’s not well-read. He does not grasp what he’s dealing with.

      • Got TDS? You’ve got it in spades. Now go back to your beloved Rachel Madcow for your hatefest talking points and kiss the backside of Biden while you’re at it; it’s what you do best.

        For those that still love this country, we’ll support Trump to win his ‘third’ time and he can go on with tearing down the deep state on top of the incredible economic actions that brought about low interest rates, prices, low unemployment, highest home ownership, conservatives to the courts, wall building, kept us out of wars, etc., etc. while you whine like a liberal in your mommies basement awaiting your next booster.

        When….or IF you ever get your head out of your a_s, you just might appreciate someone like Trump who had to face opposition within his party, the DNC, media and deep state 24/7, 365 days a year and kept going strong. You couldn’t last probably a couple of minutes before you puked your guts out. Like Kid Rock told Tucker “Trump is the toughest SOB on earth”.

        • Digger,

          I voted for Trump both times.

          Unlike Trump, I never wore a “mask.” I did not “whine like a liberal in your mommies basement awaiting your next booster.” The one Trump Warp Speeded, incidentally – and took, himself. I didn’t. I stood my ground – unlike Trump.

          Did you wear a “mask”? Even once? It’s a serious question and I’d like an honest answer.

          Trump chose to appoint people like Pence, Haley and Miley. But you act as though he’s not responsible for those choices. Everyone else is. He never is.

          He chose to let Fauci become Gesundheitsfuhrer. He did not have to make that choice. And yet, he did.

          “Whiney”? That’s Trump! It’s never his fault – and it’s all about him. He “saved millions of lives.” And he allowed the Left to turn Election Day into Election Months. Who banned bump stocks? Was that Biden? Who endorsed Red Flag laws?

          All of the above are facts. They speak for themselves.

          I understand your frustration – because I share it. People on the side of America are desperate to hear someone talk about saving it. But talking is not doing.

          It is just talking.

          Now, all of that said, I will probably still vote for Trump because there is no alternative. I liken it to being sent to a prison where (if you’re white) the choice is to join the Aryan Nations or get fucked in the ass by the Black Muslims.

            • Hi John,

              I understand this . . . and yet, there is the ugly fact that by electing not to choose, you also make a choice. Perhaps it is a better one, morally. But the choice we’re facing seem to me to be between trying to preserve some of what’s left – or give it all up. Maybe the latter will hasten a rebuilding. But it may also hasten something none of us want.

              • They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, regardless how anyone votes. There is no such thing as “good” government. They are all founded upon their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. Whether Trump or Biden or Hillary is in charge.

          • I suspect Marc Borror and Digger found this article through (that linked to this article in its headline), which is a decent site, but definitely skews Republican and “conservative.”

            I think a lot of Liberty Daily’s readers are used to pushing back against Democrat and “liberal” fuckery. When they see you criticizing Trump for his failure to have effectively dealt with the Left, they mistakenly view it as support of Democrats and “liberals.” While I see them as fellow travelers against the Left, I think folks like Marc Borror and Digger are unfortunately locked into the binary, tribalist world of Democrats vs. Republicans, rather than freedom vs. tyranny, which is what they should really be focused on.

  3. They’re stacking up because no one wants them, except a few liberal trolls. Demand is based, not on economics or technological advancement, but leftist politics. Their single digit share is similar to JoeBama’s true support.

  4. If you want an EV, go for it. If you don’t want one, you should not be forced to buy one when you need a vehicle. For driving around town, taking the kids to soccer, meeting your friends for a drink, EVs will probably work. If you want to haul, pull, move, travel a distance, actually accomplish something, best to stick with a gas or diesel engine. EV just isn’t there yet. It may get there, but not any time soon.
    Imagine your basic 53′ tractor trailer setup. If that were electric, a quarter at a minimum of its capacity would need to be battery. There would need to be charging stations at the top of every pass or another tractor they could connect and be on their way. Goods would take much longer to reach the destination.

  5. EV adoption is up over 50% YOY. I owned a lot of cars for many different manufacturers, my Tesla Model 3 is the best car I’ve owned PERIOD. My next car will be a Tesla.

    Instant torque, free charging at work, carpool lane, minimal maintenance and nominal registration fee.

    No brainer for me.

    • You CHOSE to get it. Everyone here is complaining about being forced to buy one. I notice you said nothing about that and simply did some cheap virtue signaling for Tesla in true lefty bugman fashion. This is why people generally don’t like leftists and virtue signalers. The world is bigger than your needs NPC.

      I drive a Telsa Model 3P too. Whoopee. It has MANY things I like, some things I do not. It is just a car not a religious totem. Get over yourself.

    • Instant torque, free charging at work, carpool lane, minimal maintenance and nominal registration fee.

      Funny how three out of five of “advantages” you mentioned have absolutely nothing to do with the car itself! That in itself is an admission of sorts…

      Oh, and your Tesla charges extremely slowly – that’s a disadvantage that won’t go away, not even if you literally close your eyes.

    • Consumer Reports just released a bombshell study that EV cars (Tesla) have 80% MORE problems than internal combustion cars. I guess EV owners have been taken hook, line and sinker. So why would any rational person want to own one?

      • Hi Chief,

        Th EV thing seems to track with the “vaccine” thing. A lot of people just buy what they’re told – and then they find out (later) they ought to have been a bit more . . . hesitant.

    • Hi Ham,

      No one here takes issue with you or anyone else buying a battery powered device, if that is your preference. The issue is that cars are being forced off the market – via the regs – so as to push those who can afford it into a battery powered device such as your Tesla.

      • The issues should be that he gets “special treatment” like the HOV lane , subsidized registration, and tax credits. That he gets to charge for “free” at work (another UNTAXED perk) is between he and employer, but like that outfit also gets tax credits or “carbon offsets”.

        A taxpayer-subsided plaything for a snotty libtard of some means.

    • Already planning your next car huh? Not expecting this “best car you’ve ever owned” to last too long I guess. Enjoy your disposable appliance while you can. It will be in a landfill in a few short years, but you’ll still have your perpetual payments.

      In our fleet of 5 vehicles, the newest is 13 years old and the oldest is 52 years old and all are still going strong. And paid for.

      • Hi Flyer,

        His Tesla can’t even go 300 miles (unless it has the “long range” battery) which means it can’t go as far as a Corolla that costs half as much that can be refueled in less than 5 minutes to full (as opposed to partially recharged in 30 minutes, maybe).

        But Ham will respond: My Tesla is quick! Well, so is my Trans-Am. But no one’s being forced to buy Trans-Ams or subsidize them, either.

  6. It is pretty simple math. There is no return on investment.
    If you buy a 2 year Old Honda Civic or an Camry. You will pay around $15-20k for that vehicle. That is a difference of $50k for a $70k Electric Tesla. It will cost you about $2,000 a year to operate either a Civic or Camry — in fuel costs. Without including the cost of the charging station in your home and the additional electric costs for charging in your home; it will take over 20 years for an EV ROI.
    But what about the govt rebates? Well in that case it is about 15 years for an ROI. The other big problem. You cannot take an electric car on a road trip.
    The state and federal governments make an unusual amount of money from the “gas tax”. What will they do when that disappears?
    I am not anti electric car. I am pro free market.

    • I bought a 2013 Chevy Volt in 2016 for $13,500 with 35k miles. It now has 128k miles on it.

      This is a plug-in hybrid with a small battery about 20% the size of a full electric. Fully charged the car goes 36 miles then the generator comes and it runs at 35 mpg. The lifetime mpg is 106. Divide 35 by 106 and you get 33%. This means over the life of the car 1/3 of the time the car was driven on the gas generator and 2/3 was battery charge. So even though the car has 128k miles on it, the engine/generator only has 40k miles.

      I pay 25 cents per kilowatt hour for overnight charge at only 8 amps or 800 watts which is like a hairdryer set on medium. I get almost 4 miles per kilowatt hour so that’s 25 cents divided by 4 or about 6 cents per mile or a gasoline equivalent of $2.15 per gallon.

      It’s still on its original brakes due to the regeneration system. The battery has its own heating and cooling system which has kept the battery from losing range.

      I had a problem with the electric passenger window armature which I replaced myself. I also had the entertainment center go out but I could still drive the car. The dealer wanted $1,200 to replace it but I got a used stock replacement unit off eBay for $150 and paid a guy $100 to clear the VIN in the radio so when I booted it in my car it married the unit to the car since the VIN was blank. eBay saved my bacon on that one.

      All and all it has been the most trouble-free car I’ve owned in almost 50 years of driving a dozen cars or so. Chevy stopped making them because people weren’t buying. Too bad. This car is great and so is my 20-year-old backup Civic.

      • Hi Voltimar,

        The Volt is arguably the perfect electric car – because it doesn’t suffer from the functional problems that beset electric cars. But it’s not acceptable to the Green Communists – because it still has an engine and (they say) it “emits” the dread gas carbon dioxide. Almost none, of course – and not that it matters. But it’s still the excuse, you see.

  7. If there’s one issue that evidences the abject stupidity of the left it’s this.

    – Cost is prohibitive – (average is $61K) – unaffordable for majority of population
    – Charging stations are fossil fuel dependent
    – Travel time increases by as much as 2/3
    – Charging takes an enormous amount of time and is 4-5 times more expensive
    – The batteries emanate unhealthy electromagnetic energy
    – Charging causes electromagnetic interference in cardiac devices
    – There will never be a sufficient number of charging stations for over 290 million vehicles
    – Components require a vast amount of timber clear-cutting and strip mining
    – Lithium, Cobalt, & Nickel mining exploits labor (slave & child) in Africa, China & elsewhere
    – Environmental damage of mining is tremendous
    – China controls 1/3 of lithium mining
    – Cost of battery replacement is ridiculous (average $10K)
    – Batteries are enormous in size, can only be partially recycled, recycling cost is enormous
    – Increased danger of fires
    – EV’s lose value twice as fast

    • This joke is on the American people who spent a small fortune buying EV’s because it made them feel virtuous and hip…….sucker…!

        • I’m happy you are satisfied with your purchase. It’s good that this vehicle works well for you. It would not work well for me in my situation. Should I be forced to buy an EV instead of a vehicle that better suits my circumstances?

          • His, “free charging at my work” bit reminded me of free turkeys on Thanksgiving & X-Mas bonuses.

            Long gone, for most.

            …I posted a link to a WEFer woman saying, “Up, up, up, up” … I guess that has to materialize. ?

            …Then, poof. ? Idk.

            What’s that saying? “The only free lunch, ‘er um,…cheese, is in a mousetrap”?

            • Hi Helot,

              It’s be “free” – in re this charging at work business – until it’s not. Then it’s going to cost. No business is going to pay a monster electric bill (for powering up a fleet of worker EVs) anymore than businesses provide “free” health care.

      • Ptolemy XIII instructed Septimus to assassinate General Pompey.

        Pompey was stabbed in the back then beheaded. Cleopatra was presented with Pompey’s severed head pulled up from a clay pot, must have been in vinegar or wine or meade, something.

        Justice was meted out, Ptolemy drowned in the Nile River.

        Pompey Assassins meet their Waterloo

        General Pompey was a very popular Roman general, Romans admired General Pompey. Caesar was taken aback when he saw Pompey’s signet ring.

        Kind of like what happened to General Soleimani. Looks like they’re always pulling some stupid thing, no matter when or where here on this Godforsaken earth.

        Be careful out there.

    • Your comment spurred me to find this image I saw years ago, which reflect a bit of what you describe, in this process in 1930’s Fascist Germany:


      The image is at the top of the free PDF book, ‘Vampire Economy’ found, here:

      In looking at that flow chart (if you substitute a .gov dept. such as OSHA etc. in place of defense industry dept.) can you easily see many American companies having to do just about the same, today?

  8. One law that never came up during the opening discussion of EV’s was making the charging systems solar panels only and not allowing EV’s to be connected to the electric grid. The fuel needed to charge an EV on the electric grid makes EV’s an oxymoron. And what about overloading the electric grid during heat waves and Arctic cold fronts, crickets.

  9. There is no such thing as a “climate crisis” period. The alleged scientists who are advocating it are wanting more funding for their bogus research because they are greedy phds playing the system and us as fools. You want to see panic in DEECEE? Let a group of companies pool their resources to challenge the epa as to its constitutionality and try to shut it down for good, the epa like all the other alphabet entities in the government is unconstitutional and should be thrown back to the several states and let them decide as they should have it or not, California did and you see what is happening to it.

    • There is a climate crisis in Russia right now, temperatures are reaching new lows, minus 70 F will make for a three dog night. Minus 50 and 60 F all over the place. The Arctic Ocean is all ice about now. The sun is responsible for all of the cold, sue the sun!

      Who knew so much heat causes northern hemisphere cooling, that and the fact that the sun’s rays don’t go above the Arctic Circle, getting close to the time for no sun above the Arctic Circle. No sun, no heat, cold prevails and invades all the way to Texas and Oklahoma.

      Climate change is a real thing, SC 25 is going to be colder than normal. Over in Russia is the proof, everyone’s lying eyes can see that easy.

      Winter kills, winter is a war of all against all. Winter kills plenty of people. You seek warmth and shelter, or else.

      Lots of snow back in 2010, dead deer all over the place. Snow and cold take their toll.

      Think of the Caribou!

      Global warming is all bunkum and bosh, so you go to somebody with money, the dot gov people, do the chicken little routine, then beg for some money.

      Trust the science!

      Someone, turn the heat on – Gary P. Nunn, London Homesick Blues

    • The eepeeyay was created out of nothing by an executive order. No legislation. Any actual legislation came about after the fact.

      But, hey, if the president does it that means it’s not illegal.

  10. EVs are toys for immature US adults, and as such, their Demand model is steep. So even with a price drop, without the utility of, say, 400 miles per charge while carrying more than merely the extra weight of the driver, then EV will never conquer any measurable share of US transportation. Other parts of the world, though maybe, but no one outside the USA enjoys anything close to our freedom and range of individual, ad hoc travel. The reat of the world already has been living like penned livestock in their 5-minute neighborhoods for centuries, so EV as a concept is suitable for them.

    • Hi Tom,

      Yup! The EV narrative is peddled by city people – and those who would like to push people into cities, where it is easier to control them. The Left seeks to destroy the middle and working class, which prefers to live as far away from cities as possible because their lives are materially better there.

      A storm is brewing.

  11. EV’s use more oil than gas powered cars. That’s a fact. They cause more misery than can even be imagined for those in the countries where the elements are minded to make the batteries that double the weight of every car and wear out in a year or two. This electric car bullshite is just more of the stupidity that is the left. REject them! Always say NO! to them. Ridicule them (they hate that). And take care not to discard that older car or truck. It just might be, in the end, the only transport you have.

  12. An EV is not a car, it’s an appliance. The fact the EV’s are not selling is what is behind the EV scam. Government: “okay don’t buy an EV but your old IC car is now outlawed. Good news for you there is a new 10 minute city going up in your area”.

  13. Eric,
    “At some point, the bill comes due – only in this case there’ll be no one left with the means to pay it.”
    By this time, everybody will likely be herded in 15 minute cities, so this will suit the PTB quite fine. Everybody will be a perfect slave to them, like a duck in a cage raised for fois-gras. The auto industry can be expensed, it’s a small change. In fact, they’ll ditch anything for that goal. It means a lot to them. Maybe it’s religion, maybe it’s simply that they need to farm us like animals. You see their POV now?

    • Hi Yuri,

      Yes, I do see it. I hope more begin to see it. If enough do, we have a chance to deal with it. If not, well, we who do see can stand up to what’s coming as well as we can.

  14. Whilst reading this I’m using a wood stove to heat my house. Some how I know they will ban those before ICE cars are banned. At that point Tesla will be offering battery powered stoves (hand truck not included) that you bring in for fast charging.

  15. But it hasn’t decreed that buyers must purchase them.


    Except in Norway, where, according to the “goal” of Norwegian authorities (which is treated as a mandate by importers and car buyers), the only new cars to be sold will be EVs from 2025 onwards. That’s a little more than a year from now!

    And of course, Norwegian car importers are wary of inventory that won’t be allowed to be sold, so expect them to stop selling real cars already in 2024. In fact, some importers have already officially announced that they’ll be selling EVs only starting in 2024, including the importers of VW/Audi and Lexus, with more likely to follow suit.

    So it looks like Norway will be the first (unless sanity prevails, which is unlikely), expect the same to happen elsewhere real soon.

    • In Virginia, beginning in 2035, no gasoline powered cars or light trucks will be sold. Gasoline powered cars can still be used and older cars can still be sold, but nothing new unless it is an EV. I guess this is how they push people into the 15 minute cities. No transportation for you!

      Personally, I don’t see this taking place. Does the government have enough taxpayer money to fund the car manufacturers for the next eleven years before EVs become mandatory? The economy and grid have to self destruct by then, right?

      • I fully expect that things will have to first get much worse before they’ll get better. As things get worse, there will be more pushback. A good example were the jabs. The pushback got too great and they had no choice to fold.

        Saying no and working around the shit that’s being pushed works eventually. We just have to be steadfast.

    • Let’s hope the Norwegians wise up and follow the example of their Dutch neighbors. Kick out the control freaks and elect their version of Geert Wilders to stop the insanity.

      • The Norwegians are an odd lot, more cussed than the Russians. They will speak nicely to your face and then call the cops on you, and won’t mind being miserable so long as you are more miserable. I live among Norwegian farmers, expecting them to stand up to illicit authority is a stretch.

        • Wow, as an Iowan, I find your description of Norwegians to be utterly & absolutely, repugnant.

          Nevermind; that some Iowans can be just like that.

          • Oh, I have plenty of kin in Iowa, that’s how I know it’s an acronym for Idiots Out Wandering Around… and I’m not complaining, simply observing. Every culture is due some criticism, Norwegians are just easy targets. On the plus side of the ledger they gave us (along with Danes, Swedes, and Low country Germans) Vikings. Vikings were admirable.

      • When Norwegians want to protest, they create a Facebook protest group, and that’s basically it. Would you believe, gas in Norway is $9/gallon, road tolls are ubiquitous and rates are constantly increasing, and Norwegians simply put up with it. And those who think it’s too expensive, adapt by switching to EVs…

    • Norway has a population of the same size as Alabama or S. Carolina (about 5.5 million). It’s a very small market. But it’s also very cold there. I can’t imagine that’s going to work out so well during the winter months.

  16. “The government can (and has) decreed that nothing but electric cars will be permissible to manufacture”

    If they do that, are they going to keep out gas cars produced outside of the jurisdiction? I predict cars you finish assembling, car kits, like Heath kits. The person running against all this insanity is the “bad orange man” and is leading in the polls, see for yourself:

    Click on charts, my bet was on Newscum, but he bombed in that debate against Israel first candidate Ron DeSantis – and you can see the vertical drop on the chart. Biden is not a viable candidate, so that means Trump is way ahead of all others.

    I don’t vote and I surely would never vote for any Zionist WHORE like Trump, but he is in the lead because he is instinctually against the EV agenda – and thus has support of the entire conservative nation which loves F-150s.

    So what is going to happen I and others have been predicting for a long time, the nation is going full tilt conservative authoritarian, as the collapse progresses, like what happened in Weimar Germany, the people will instinctually react strongly to save themselves – from what now has become obvious – that Amerika now has a full-on Jewish Left wing run Communist government.

    How many people agree strongly with “fuck Pelosi” and “fuck Schumer”? Are you sick of trannies in your face, are you sick of moral degeneracy everywhere? Are you sick of the wars? Are you sick of how these Zionist warmongering lunatics waste our money? I bet you are, and the one candidate who best fits return to normalcy is Trump – which explains why he is riding high in the polls, and will continue, because there are no other candidates.

    Thus what could happen, or will happen, is a huge shift to the right, and all these pie in the sky rainbow unicorns are shit canned by Trump and executive orders. So we’ll see how this proceeds, but it is obvious the electorate is getting desperate for salvation, and it would go exponentially if the system goes full tilt into a deflationary crash like the 1930s.

    Out here in Oregon, over half the state wants out, and has been voting to consider joining Idaho, and thousands of people are fleeing milder climes for the safety of pro-gun, ultra-conservative Idaho. McCall Idaho has this infamous story when some out of towner thought he could just rob the local gas station Maveriks, he ran out of the store and tried to hijack a car and the young couple in the car almost ran him over, not in fear, and were not about to let him have their car, so this guy ran down the hill from Mavericks and went into the forester saloon and in moments was shot dead. The Mormon cops came, took the body away, no charges filed, and the story didn’t even make the newspaper. True story. Idahoans give no quarter to Leftist lunatics and their freeloading ways.

    We sure live in interesting times. What needs to happen? The new president stops all this money outflow to Israhell, and Jewkraine. The new president stops the illegal immigration. The new presidents rounds up the illegals and sends them home. The new president prosecutes the Left for stealing the 2020 election.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy, no more bullshit. But can Trump do it, or is Trump just another stooge dangled in front of us to fool us? The way to save Amerika is to just say no, and stop participating in the utter lunacy, like climate summits. Fuck those lying parasitic assholes at COP28, we are in a ice age for Christ sakes. The problem I have with Trump is that he is fake, he appointed all Neocons and got little done. He is weak, not good at pulling the levers of power. But he did keep us out of these ridiculous Zionist wars, unlike Biden who is neck deep in that evil.

    • I agree with your summary, Jack –

      Trump may prove to be America’s Franco. Or possibly even der Chef. And just as it was in Spain (and Germany) people will have to choose sides as there will be other choice. The only upside is that (assuming “Franco” wins) people on our side will fare better, at least in the short term.

      • “Trump may prove to be America’s Franco.”

        Not even close. Look, I voted for Trump. Twice. Because he had the right enemies, and because he was right on the issues like bringing manufacturing back from China and controlling the border.

        But let’s get real, here, he was always a carnival barker and a narcissist who needed to have center stage at the circus. The past seven years have proven that he was in way, way over his head.

        Franco was a serious, educated, intelligent man who went to the Spanish military academy, an experienced combat veteran, and a rising star who quickly rose to the rank of general at a young age and commanded a Spanish army in Morocco. He knew exactly who he was up against and exactly what needed to be done with them.

        If Trump had truly been a Franco, he would have had Hillary and Comey thrown into prison (or shot) on Day One instead of just shooting his mouth off on Twitter until they impeached him and arrested him.

          • In my opinion it’s hard to find a fair account of Franco or Pinochet. The left appears to have corrupted the history of both of them.

            If anybody has any recommendations I’d love to hear from them.

            I recently tried to get a truthful account of Mandela and just gave up. Everything is a hagiography of him. I have heard he was imprisoned for being an accomplice to the murder of many white South Africans. I get it that apartheid was morally reprehensible, but every account of him is that he was a saint.

            • Apartheid wasn’t morally reprehensible, it was the only logical choice. Look at South Africa today for godsakes, They had one the best militaries, revered special forces and even nukes. Threw it all away so all their farmers could get murdered and their women raped.. I believe Mandela was convicted for a bombing.

            • You’re correct — the commies control the narrative on guys like Franco and Pinochet, and it’s a negative narrative, because those guys killed communists without apology (both were U.S. allies during the Cold War, FWIW).

              Franco and Pinochet had a bit more clarity about what needed to be done because a) they were military men and military men are decisive when it killing enemies, and b) the communists had already taken over, it wasn’t incremental or a hypothetical that they “might” take over some day.

              In Spain, the communists, backed by the USSR, were murdering people, closing churches, raping nuns and confiscating land. And they had won elections, so they were the “legitimate” government. In Chile the socialist Allende had likewise won elections and was about to institute communist “reforms.”

              The problem is that by the time you need a Franco or a Pinochet on your side the clock has already struck midnight and it’s too late to settle things amicably or through elections or debate or free speech or any of that. It’s either they are going to arrest and kill you, or you are going to arrest and kill them. By the time you need guys like Franco or Pinochet you’re either on their side or you’re not, there is no in-between, if you are some libertarian guy criticizing both parties equally you are the enemy as much as the communists are.

        • You’re right, X –

          Franco understood the Left – and how to deal with the Left. Trump has proved he doesn’t understand the Left and that he is impotent to deal with it.

          As you say, Franco was a serious and intelligent man – with serious experience. America could use a man like that now.

        • “If Trump had truly been a Franco, he would have had Hillary and Comey thrown into prison (or shot) on Day One instead of just shooting his mouth off on Twitter until they impeached him and arrested him.”

          Exactly. So what to expect if he is elected again. Same, he will appoint the wrong people and not prosecute the criminals. Thus why waste your time with him? Each day the situation is getting worse, we all know it, we all see it, yet the only apparent choice is this orange CLOWN.

      • @Eric, I am not a historian so I will have to research Franco. Be sure that Trump is NO Hitler. Trump loves Israel and Jews – the very people causing our problems – which I have articulated here – and to my good fortune – you all can no longer deny these Zionists are evil indeed and running our government.

        Hitler came to power in dire times, 75,000 Germans were committing suicide from the great depression they were in caused by Weimar hyperinflation, caused by WW1 sanctions. It was a dire situation for them, so they voted in a fascist who did something – Hitler ousted the banksters and put everyone to work – he saved Germany until he decided to march on Russia, taking the same route as Napoleon, and had huge losses – so as the war dragged on Hitler had saved Germany, then being a warmonger like Zelensky, he took the nation further into the pit of hell.

        Hitler lost 2,25 million out of 2.3 million going into Russia, then the allies bombed the shit out of Germany. Only like 20k German soldiers survived – and death was the best part compared to a longer suffering death in the Russian gulag.

        Now we have this Jew Zelensky, who has sent every young Ukrainian male to their death, and now is drafting woman to die as well, 500K dead, 2.2 million wounded, 14 million left the nation for good. It is a total disaster for them, just like Germany.

        Hitler articulated the Jew problem (which we have squared) and then he rounded them up and put them in work camps. Not death camps, work camps, the Holocaust is a gigantic lie to create sympathy for the Jew parasites – who hate work – which is why they detested “work camps” and changed it into a much more dramatic story to screw Germans, who now are not even allowed to question the bullshit Jew narrative.

        We want to steer clear of any war, here or abroad. Keep our money, clean out the riff raff – the illegals coming in are not vetted – that is insane. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the Europeans fighting Russia. And they are talking about doing just that! Yeah, let us all go fight mother Russia, lol.

        The world is going to tilt nationalist, France, Hitler, Mussolini all came to power when the stock market crashed – which could happen here.

    • A one-eyed Jack is what you see on the road. Only one headlight, get it fixed.

      I take it you don’t stand with Israel?

      Since the Jews are so magnificently successful, sciences, medicine, Herod built the Wailing Wall, maybe engineering, that is doubtful. And since they are successful at maintaining themselves, those Wandering Jews can plant themselves in northern Australia, the coast of the Indian Ocean will be a groovy spot, let the Jews go.

      They even know how to bomb people into submission, even without the bombs, people submit obsequiously, see Warshington, District of Criminals. Like Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Ain’t that the truth.

      Hey, you Jews, get lost.

      They can do it all over again in Australia! Why not? Good luck to them!

      There they were, gone. Thank God!

      • We have a big problem, 500,000 Jews just evacuated from Israel, because of the war. They can come to Amerika with NO passport. And we already host half of the world’s Jewish population.

        This chart explains Amerikan foreign policv:

        If I was a moderate Jew, and that pig demon Satanyahu started this total war on A-rabs, I would get the hell out – faster than you can say kike. If I was in Atlanta when Sherman approached, I would of hightailed it out of there, if I was a Jew in Germany and saw Hitler coming to power, I would of taken the first train to the border.

        And depending on Trump or his successor, I might have to flee for my life, or maybe not – we’ll see. Don’t ever be a fool and “die for your country”, it is not your country, it is owned, and you are the cow being farmed. Like the cows, they don’t know what the farmer is planning on doing with them once the milk dries up.

  17. It’s not just the EVs that people can’t afford, though. Gas-powered car and truck prices are insane — insofar as they even make “cars” any more, which they mostly don’t.

    In January 2017, I bought a left-over 2016 Ford Focus with a 5-speed stick. Year-end discounts and rebates brought it into the $12,500 range, with tax and shipping it ended up being something like $14,200 OTD.

    But full sticker on it was only $18,000. If I could buy that exact same car today for full sticker, I would buy TWO of them — cash — in a heartbeat. Of course, I can’t — they don’t manufacture it any more, and everything comparable like a Chevy Cruze is also gone.

    It’s gotten to the point where people think a $30,000 vehicle is “cheap” and nobody bats an eye at paying $40 or $50k.

    Hell, I don’t want to spend $40,000+ on any vehicle, ever. Unless it’s an airplane.

    • 100% accurate. It is very strange to me how things just cost new and exorbitant amounts and nobody misses a beat just paying for it. As if it isn’t REALLY weird that everything is double the price it was just a few years ago.

      This applies to everything and nobody says anything or seems to even notice it or care.

      “Affordable” cars went from about 20K to 40K in a very short amount of time as if things just double in price over a few years.

      Houses went from 200K average home price nationwide to north of 400K. Again, like that is just a thing that happens in 2-3 years.

      Food. Eggs were always 12 dollars a dozen right?

      We have always been at war with Eurasia, I mean Eastasia…

    • Absolutely spot on. Good luck finding a worthwhile light plane for 40k though. My take is this is finally the crack up that I’ve been expecting since I got out of school and learned some real economics. The dollar is doomed, there is no possible way to avoid collapse and wretchedness, and maybe it’s worth wasting money now with such ugliness charging at us. Personally I’m still fighting it, but the temptation to indulge grows stronger…

  18. This guy gives us a tour of Scottsdale AZ dealer truck inventory:

    Eric’s review of the F-150 Lightning prompted me to take another look at F-150 Platinum with the 7.5KW inverter in the bed. The “build and price” web page totaled out over $88,000! That’s ridiculous.

    The productive class is tapped out. The new middle class, government employees (and by proxy, government contractors), are sucking them dry. But there aren’t enough government workers to support the market’s ability to produce product. Chat GPT estimates there are about 22 million government employees (all levels) in the United States. Compare this to private sector employees at 138 million, but let’s assume a big percentage (10% for back of the envelope calculations) are working exclusively on government and military contracts, so 13 million. That’s 35 million people or roughly 25% of the working population.

    But that’s not all! The average wage (again, according to Chat GPT) for federal employees in 2021 was ~$90,000, vs ~$70K for private sector (which I’m pretty sure is inflated, I usually see about $40K). So rob from the poor to pay the rich.

    Can Ford sell half a million (per year) $100,000 F-150s to just 35 million people? With 4 other major manufacturers all trying for that same demographic?

  19. Nader, in the 60’s, looks like Jerry Lewis, and (still) acts like Barney Fife. He needs to be shaved, feet first, into a tree-limb shredder.

    • Somebody in the recent comments mentioned first sentence of Nader’s book “Unsafe at any speed,” so I had to find it. Yep, it’s quite revealing:

      “For over half a century the automobile has brought death, injury, and the most inestimable sorrow and deprivation to millions of people.”

      This is how the left have viewed cars since at least 1965.

      • Yes. It was me. When I read it for the first time in 1976 at 12 years of age, I was shocked by the sentence. For me, it was a ticket to freedom and mobility to access the joys of driving. I couldn’t believe that someone would be as one sided as Nader.

        My brother holds a similar, though not identical view.

        At least my brother was smart enough not to lament the repeasl of the 55 mph speed limit as “homocidal” legislation.

        Nader belongs in a looney bin.

      • Communists hate the rise and prosperity of the individual, exactly what the auto industry did for personal freedom and financial flexibility. Once people were no longer strapped to their place of birth by lack of mobility, individuals, and the quality of life for everyone, increased tenfold! Our nation’s mobility took us from horse & buggy to the moon in one man’s lifespan, namely, my grandfather.

          • Indeed, RK –

            It was only some 50 years ago that a blue collar man could support a stay-at-home wife and kids in a single family home. That is something the middle class is now struggling to maintain. And even the affluent are less so today in a number of meaningful ways.For example, the Audi A8 I reviewed recently, Almost $90k and all you get is a car about the size of a Toyota Avalon with a V6 that’s about as powerful as you used to be able to get in a Camry that cost $33k.

            • I think a lot of that had to do with implicit deals made after World War II. The people in charge saw what happened to Europe and Japan, along with the 1930s in the US, and quickly came to the conclusion that they’d better make sure to spread the wealth around. This is why executives weren’t paid 100X more than the front line workers, and also why most everyone who worked at a firm actually was an employee.

              After the 60s and after the defeated Axis powers rebuilt, it was expected that the good times would roll on. Government took an ever greater skim, workers started making (and getting) unreasonable demands, and Wall St got used to their fat dividends to make up for the lack of growth. When the disillusioned boomers realized greed was good, it became every scumbag for themselves.

              The rise of cheap asian labor just threw gasoline on the fire. And now every factory worker has to compete with a villager in Wuhan for work. Great for the C-suite, but not so much for freedom and liberty.

            • A blue collar man CAN still support a family with a wife at home. Every plumber, electrician, HVAC mechanic, and welder, that I know is easily making six digits. Anyone that wants to get their hands dirty, there is a job for them…and it pays well.

              • 6 digits doesn’t go as far as it used to. Between me and my wife, we are right there. In the span of a few years, we went from (finally!) very comfortable to lower middle class, having to penny pinch and cut expenses. Maybe at some point our wages will catch back up, but if I were to go to my boss and ask for a wage increase to meet inflation, I’d get laughed out of the place.

                • Lots of those jobs have starting pay equal to working at MacDonald’s here in Flyover.

                  A Master electrician is in a whole other league from entry level.

              • Yes, service workers generally are doing fairly well. But there’s only so much need for plumbers, HVAC techs and mechanics, even with the ever more complicated systems we’re installing these days. Most homes’ mechanical systems grind away for 10+ years without any maintenance necessary except a basic cleaning once or twice a year.

                • I disagree, RK, the average age of a tradesman is 58 years. Most young people today have no interest in working in the trades because it is hard, physical labor.

                  Very few tradesmen are residential workers, most work in the commercial and industrial fields, because that is where the money is.

                  • I think, “I understand what you are saying”.

                    I tried in vain several and many times to get construction and roofer guys out to my place, almost all in vain.

                    Out of about 10 guys, 3 showed up to look,… only one ever came back & did work.

                    One good guy I called said he was booked up til Spring.

                    That said:

                    Commercial Plumber- job post
                    Brockway Mechanical and Roofing Company, Inc.
                    3 reviews
                    4301 NE 14th St, Des Moines, IA 50313
                    $16 – $32 an hour – Full-time

                    MacDonald’s …is paying 20 Bucks an hr.

                    • It all depends on what part of the country one is in. It also depends if one is dealing with government contracts where there is a ceiling.

                      The journeymen in NOVA/DC are starting at $25-30/hr. if one is a licensed Master it is usually $60-$80hr. Add in OT or DT and the sky is the limit.

  20. Love the stories of people trading in their EVs. The best are the people who trade them in but say its for unrelated reasons like electrical problems. Anything except admitting the whole thing is one huge hassle. Otherwise why not just buy another EV? It is also interesting how the charging stations are set up so badly, some not working, none of them accepting credit cards, no shelter over them to protect from the elements when you have to be there for 30 minutes. I predict the whole idea is about to come crashing down. Because it simply doesn’t work and people have figured it out. The government hasn’t built one charging station? The tide is turning and no politician running for office will want to say they support mandates to buy a vehicle people don’t want. Or that they support outlawing driving their own cats.

  21. ‘The government lacks the means to pay everyone who currently owns a car to buy an electric car.’ — eric

    Remember EeeVee Subsidies 1.0? They applied only to the first 200,000 electric vehicles from each manufacturer, then expired — just a little push to get the market going.

    Now in EeeVee Subsidies 2.0, the tax credit is $7,500 per vehicle (with sufficient domestic content), and they are authorized for ten freaking years.

    No reason Big Gov can’t hike the credit to $15,000, or $25,000. It won’t cost as much they thought, since EeeVees aren’t taking over the market like wildfire (who coulda knowed?).

    Like so much we see these days, EeeVee subsidies represent inverted values. A populist government could underwrite cheap, simple Peoples Cars by offering regulatory relief for, say, a Peoples Ford Maverick pickup that’s 20% lighter and 20% cheaper than the $23,400 base model: sort of the Obamaphone of cell phones on wheels.

    This isn’t happening because the elite in DC are out of touch with the disappearing middle class. One reason for their savage persecution of J6 protesters is that socially, the US now has most of the ingredients in place for a revolution. Our rulers are shit scared as their thin veneer of legitimacy corrodes away.

  22. It took 80 years for the Soviet Union to kill itself, strangling and robbing it’s own economy to death. The U.S. GovCo is trying to do the same even quicker. Disarming and immobilizing the general populace should be obvious to everyone by now. Unfortunately, the sheeple keep right on taking it up the ass and bleating/bleeding for more.
    Russian culture has been conditioned into numb, apathetic acceptance of anything, as long as vodka is available. The U.S. is letting crack and meth do the same here. Criminals are not being incarcerated, just let back out to cause more chaos and incite more violence. This, among other lies & fairy tales concocted by GovCo, are convenient excuses for stripping everyone else of any and all freedom possible.

    • The irony is that the Russian people are nearly 40 times better off than they were at the “fall” of the USSR. There is largely more personal freedom in Russia now than in the US. True, you can’t speak ill of Vlad, but given the differences between Vlad and Biden, they certainly don’t have cause. Their economy grew while ours has stagnated for 50 years.

      They have choice in vehicles. We don’t. While the US was paying almost $5 for gas two years ago, they were paying $1.75. Their goverment has been buying gold. Ours is buying and shilling corporate debt and enriching corporate thieves like BlackRock Vanguard and others who are manipulating people out of their real estate holdings.

      We do keep taking it up the rear end. Apathy rules the game. It has for 50 years. At a minimum. I think it’s more like 100 years

    • The public has had 70+ years of constant drum beat of “If it weren’t for government evil businessmen would poison your children!” It has been so successful that the majority of the population is happy to bring their children in for 80+ shots of government mandated poison just so they can attend public school. Oh, vaccines aren’t poison, they’re lifesavers! OK well then why do the Pharma companies have to hide behind indemnification laws that specifically give them super legal rights?

  23. I always took some issue with the famous Thatcher quote. By definition _all government_ is other peoples’ money.

    As for the car manufacturers –not to worry, the taxpayers will bail them out again.

    As for the EPA bureaucrats –not to worry, they’ll retire at 55 and live comfortable lives on the taxpayer’s dime. Unless Vivek miraculously is elected and cans the bureaucracy as promised.

    • I would give them all their salary as long as they promised NOT to work. I don’t want them in the general workforce either. I like the idea of forced retirement for EPA and NHTSA employees.

  24. As with any parasite, they eventually kill the host. GovCo is no different.

    Just as has been said about going broke, “at first slowly, then quickly” the EV debacle is slowly beginning to unravel. A handful of “advocates” vs. billions of non-parasites is not going to muscle their way to success.

    In fact, the whole EnviroScam is unraveling.

    French farmers are making their sentiments known to the PTB in a rather pungent protest. Maybe the rest of the world will follow.

    • France has a long tradition of protests in the streets — without them getting rounded up and nailed with felonies for property damage, as is done here since the 1980s (except for BLM and Antifa, salted with FBI undercover agents).

      The farmers’ protest vivifies a plan I’ve advocated for years: filling the floors of the Federal Reserve, Hahhhhhvid and the Supreme ‘Court’ three feet deep with slop, and turning them into experimental hog farms.

      • You’re right. This crap started in the 1980s during the Reagan era. The Reagan era was a reaction to perhaps a perceived lenient justice system, a pretext to enacting tyranny in stages.

        There is no freedom of speech or assembly here. If you protest on “private property” like in front of a Walgreens, they can throw you off their “private property” parking lot. The Supreme court states that the constitution does ot apply there. If you do it on public property, say a street, you can be busted for impeding traffic or creating a public menace. There is no freedom here.

  25. This result was inevitable, since most, or nearly all that can afford and EV, and want one, has one. The Psychopaths In Charge hate the average American, and continue to make life painful, difficult, and at times impossible for all of us.

  26. How do the dealers keep the EVs on their lots charged without constantly moving vehicles or dramatically expanding the electrical capacity to their property?

  27. Lyrics from a song: “Set up, like a bowling pin…”

    ‘IMF Chief Calls for Public to Be Punished for Using Energy’

    According to IMF chief Georgieva, one way to squeeze citizens for more cash is to punish them for their “carbon footprint.”

    “We are very keen to give the biggest possible incentive for decarbonization, which is putting a price on carbon,” Georgieva said at the summit.

    “That price needs to go up, up, up if we are to speed up decarbonization.”

    The IMF boss also tried to justify carbon taxes by saying they would raise revenues for governments.

    “We are a huge proponent of carbon price,” she said.”…

    Pedal to the metal! Full speed ahead! Dam the torpedoes!
    Up! Up! Up!

    • Alive and grifting as planned here in WA:

      Fearless Leader Jaydolf Dimslee claimed it would only add “pennys” to the cost of gasoline. Uh huh. It’s north of 45 cents a gallon already. His response, the gasoline companies are price gouging. Really? They only picked WA? Idaho gas prices were about 90 cents less than WA last summer on my motorcycle trip.

      Then the governor and legislature tried to ban the energy companies listing how much the cap and trade was adding to everyone’s fuel bills. Pretty easy to figure out, from Oct 22 to Oct 23 my natural gas per therm went up 49%.

      What a win win for the ruling class! Extract more money from the commoners, and build more bureaucracy to enforce it. Our lapdog media ignores it completely now.
      There were enough signatures to get an initiative moving to repeal this nonsense not a sure thing yet.

  28. I hadn’t thought of EV’s as being, ‘a boobytrap’. Seems to be a fitting way to look at them.

    … “This year, a Los Angeles Times columnist declared she’s ready to trade in her EV because charging is such a hassle. She wrote that chargers are sometimes blocked by cars that aren’t charging, exposed to blistering sunlight, charging at lower levels than advertised, or “it may shut off mid-charge with no warning or reason.”

    The frustration seems to have no expiration date.” …

    Quicksand might be another good way to view the whole EV boondoggle, but the phrase ‘quicksand’ isn’t used anymore.


    • Then there’s the little mentioned scenario of a woman alone, late at night, at a charging station (or, even in broad daylight, as in this day and age it seems good lighting no longer deters some criminals) waiting for her car to “fill up”.
      That scenario sounds very much like the lead in to a Dateline true crime special: “She was alone, late one night…..her car was low on charge. So she stopped at a charging station, plugged in, got back in her car to wait, and that’s when he appeared…..”

      Sadly such a scenario could well come true, if it hasn’t already happened.

      There’s no way I’d want to be sitting at a charging station at night, even where I live (despite this being a relatively safe area, there is still some “petty” crime like muggings and robberies). I keep an eye out if I have to fill up at a gas station in a sketchy neighborhood, but at least at most gas stations there are a lot of people coming and going, and usually there is a convenience store (unlike charging stations, many of which aren’t manned). And the big plus – you can get in and out quickly.


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