Elections Matter

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Yes, I know. This dirty business of elections is just what Bismarck meant when he spoke of sausage making and how you’ll never want to eat one again once you see how they’re made.

But elections do matter.

Consider what just didn’t happen in Virginia, because Glenn Youngkin was elected governor. Youngkin may not be Thomas Jefferson – or even Rand Paul – but he just vetoed 30 (not a typo) “gun control” bills that had been put forward by the Leftists who control the state legislature, who wanted to control people’s right to defend themselves by criminalizing it. If the bills these Leftists put forward had been signed into law, it would have become criminal to possess many kinds of guns as well as  illegal to buy or sell “high capacity” magazines, among other things. It would have become a criminal offense to carry a gun in many of the public places where it is currently legal – such as restaurants where alcohol is served. Even if the person isn’t drinking.

Even if the person already possesses a concealed carry permit.

None of these bills will become law – because of Youngkin. More finely, because Youngkin rather than his Leftist opponent in the last election, the Clinton apparatchik Terry McAuliffe, was elected. Had the latter won the election, he would almost certainly have not only signed into law every one of those bills but proposed even more laws transforming citizens into criminals for nothing more than possessing the means of defending themselves.

Elections matter.

This is not to say elections are good – much less perfect.

Morally speaking, it is despicable and appalling that anyone’s rights can be voted away. It renders the concept of “rights” a transitory and insecure thing rather than an inviolate thing, as a right ought to be.

It either is – or it is not.

Subjecting anyone’s rights to a vote every so often is like having them live at the foot of a leaky dam, leaving them in perpetual dread that tomorrow will be the day the dam bursts and washes away their life along with everything they’ve spent their life life working for. No one should ever be put in this position. More finely, no one should ever be in the position of having the legal power to vote to have the state take away anything from anyone. 

Nor control him a priori in any way. Meaning, leave him be unless he’s actually done something that resulted in a tangible harm to another person or another person’s property. That – and that alone – is the sole exigency endowing government action with moral legitimacy. Anything beyond that is by definition some form of thuggery made “legal” – by people who voted for it.

If that is allowed – if that is considered acceptable – then it is inevitable that civilization itself will be eventually be voted into oblivion, because it is impossible to limit abuse of people’s rights once a little abuse is accepted.

But that doesn’t mean voting isn’t a necessary exigency. That it isn’t justifiable, morally – as a defensive measure. Just the same as you have the right to try to block a punch – and punch back – when a punch is thrown at you. Voting for a Youngkin to stop a McAuliffe – in order to block Leftists such as those who control the legislature of Virginia – has blocked the Leftists (at least for now) who want to take away people’s rights in the state of Virginia and make it a criminal offense to exercise them.

I’d say that election mattered.

Wouldn’t you?

So also the last presidential election. The Orange Man is obviously not Thomas Jefferson – but the thing that was voted into office (so we are told – and not permitted to question) is doing a fair job of channeling Stalin, via the by-now-obvious suppression and even persecution of dissent, which will transition into a criminal act if that thing is voted into office again. The thing says it will be so, openly. To not clap with gusto – as per the audience of fearful apparatchiks at a Party Conference where Stalin was orating – being a threat to our democracy.

Yes, Orange Man “warp speeded” the mRNA drugs that didn’t “stop the spread” of anything – other than myocarditis and Bell’s Palsy – and served as the willing poodle of the drug cartels pushing these drugs. Very bad. But would it have been worse if he hadn’t been elected?

Would she have been any better?

What would the Supreme Court look like today had she been elected, then? Would the justices (sic) selected by that thing have ruled in favor of the granting power to unelected state bureaucrats – to Leftists – to summarily remove people they don’t want us to be able to vote for off the ballot? Would Roe have been repealed – and the matter remanded to the states?

Yes, I know.

Take the guns now, due process later. Bumpstocks. And many other things besides.

But these and worse things are assured to come if not thwarted by contrary votes. It is thus a horrible but necessary thing to vote in opposition to such things – assuming you prefer that the horrible things be thwarted, at least somewhat.

At least for now.

Which – though far from a reversal – does at least buy some time and if you don’t think that’s worth anything, ask a besieged commander who withdraws to a more defensible position in order to buy time to regroup and mount an eventual counter-attack. Or at least, hold the enemy in check.

So, yes – certainly – voting is distasteful and even nauseating. It is understandable that a moral person wants no part of it. But a moral person also wants no part of a fight he didn’t ask for – and once he’s forced into it, he damned well better fight using any tool or tactic he can avail himself of.

Else he will lose the fight for sure.

And perhaps more than just that.

. . .

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    ‘The “Biden” administration on Friday announced a regulation designed to turbocharge [sic] sales of electric or other zero-emission heavy vehicles, from school buses to cement mixers, as part of its multi-front attack on global warming.

    ‘The EPA projects the new rule could mean that 25 percent of new long-haul trucks, the heaviest on the road, and 40 percent of medium-size trucks, like box trucks and landscaping vehicles, could be nonpolluting [sic] by 2032.

    ‘The regulation would apply to more than 100 types of vehicles including tractor-trailers, ambulances, R.V.s, garbage trucks and moving vans.

    ‘The rule does not mandate the sales of electric trucks or any other type of zero or low-emission truck. Rather, it increasingly limits the amount of pollution allowed from trucks across a manufacturer’s product line over time, starting in model year 2027.’ — NYT


    Now they are messing with basic infrastructure: the trucks that deliver food and parts, and cart off waste; and even freaking ambulances.

    Red guard Regan has gone too far. His boss ‘Biden’ must be ejected at all costs. These rules will sabotage the US economy by inconveniencing, impoverishing and ultimately starving Americans. Fight back against these marauding communist traitors.

    • LMAO! I cannot wait for the stories of the liberal crybaby parents when they realized Joe and Jane did not make it to work because the damned EV bus ran out of juice before it could get to school, and got stranded in BFE. Or better yet, hear Joe and Jane complain about how damned cold the bus is, because it cannot afford to heat the cabin, and still make it to school. Cue the liberal tears!

      • Just wait till they call 911 because the electric snow plow’s battery ran down.

        Sorry folks, all the cop cars and fire trucks are out of juice too, since the power went off. 🙁

        • Or the ambulance ran out of battery juice getting someone to the ER, and said patient died. Whoops, awful sorry about that (borrowing a line from Nancy Sinatra’s one song).

  2. “The U.S. isn’t a Democracy but a Republic” means there should be no general right to vote and that later Constitutional Amendments were wrong? Heck the Founders didn’t want a general right to vote. Isn’t H. H. Hoppe right that Monarchy is the closest historical example to free market rule? The difference between in a free market the owners are free to pick their successors instead of inherited rule.

    • Gil,

      The problem isn’t voting, per se. Voting only becomes a threat to liberty (and property) when others can vote to take it away. Ergo, restrictions on voting – such as a property or tax-paying qualification – are a necessary bulwark. This is a key part of a republic vs. a democracy, in which everything is voted on and the majority rules. Which means the individual is always at the mercy of the mob.

  3. Hi Eric,

    I’ll have to disagree with you on this issue. Voting is fake anyway and if you take part in it, the only thing you do is you legitimize the system. It’s like going to casino. We all know they are all rigged, right? So if you go there and sit at the table, you’ve already lost. The only way to win is not to play. Same with voting and everything else. Not voting is probably the simplest and easiest thing that you can do. But you can do more, like not going into dept, consuming less, not dealing with mainstream medicine, not reading MSM news, etc. This will benefit you in many ways and make you more independent from the system. And if you do all that and disagree with this slave system, they should let you go from this prison planet, eventually.

    • Good morning, Yuri!

      You write: “Voting is fake anyway”

      Well, then why not vote? What’s the harm?

      You write: ” if you take part in it, the only thing you do is you legitimize the system.”

      I disagree, as already explained. The element of being under duress is key. It legitimizes acting defensively. If a slave is offered the choice to work in the house or the field and “votes” to work in the house, he has not legitimized his condition. He has done what he can in the moment to make it better. It does not preclude his planning escape. It does not mean he “yessa massa’s” his condition.

      The take-home point being voting and seeking to not have to (or not be placed in the position of having to) are not mutually exclusive things.

      This fall, Americans face a binary choice. It will be either that loathsome kid-sniffing geriatric tool of sinister forces or it will be a slightly less geriatric buffoon who may undo some of the latter’s worst. And not do some of the things the latter is certain to do. I understand it is not a great choice. But – like the choice to work outside in the field or in the house – it is a choice. And that’s the one we’re presented with.

      • Eric, if we just manage to have “None of the above” on every ballot then we could truly express our opinion. I am sure they would never do that, for obvious reasons.

      • “If a slave is offered the choice to work in the house or the field and “votes” to work in the house, he has not legitimized his condition. He has done what he can in the moment to make it better.”

        He HAS legitimized his condition! Instead of voting to remain a slave, why not kill the master and free yourself? If you are willing to take justifiable, but repugnant actions to improve your situation, why not take it all the way? Cowardice? Self preservation?

        Self preservation is understandable, but you will still be a house nigger.

        • Hi Philo,

          Yes, but there is also such a thing as biding one’s time. In not being suicidal. Why not take what advantage you can while waiting for the opportunity to “break free”? I see no incongruity. One does not preclude the other. In fact, it can be wise to act only when the action is likely to be successful – and foolish (no offense meant) to take a stand when it’s certain you’re going to lose.

          Here’s an example: I get “pulled over” by a cop. Do I resist his depredations? Call him an asshole? Is it not wiser to minimize the harm to me?

          I understand that a point comes when it is necessary to be direct. But there are times when that’s not the most effective strategy. I learned this stuff from an old dude by the name of Sun Tzu.

          • Hi Eric,

            It just depends on how much a person is willing to put up with, and the individual’s temperament. Temperance, concessions, and strategic retreats have led us to where we are now. Seems a lot of people are “biding their time, waiting for the opportunity to break free”. The leftist authoritarians ACT, damn the law, while we bide our time, not wanting to create too much discomfort for ourselves.

            The balancing line between self preservation (no fight) and self defense (fight) slides one way or another for all of us. It’s up to us as individuals to decide where that line falls. In the meantime, the enemies of freedom progressively advance.

  4. The latest pejorative used against people who stand up against the establishment, be it refusing to be guinea pigs for the medical-industrial complex, refusing to shut down a small farm to please the likes of John Kerry and Al Gore, refusing to give up eating meat & a gas vehicle for frankenfood and an EV, or something else, is “Far-Right”. Other pejoratives such as “Anti-vaxxer” and “_____ Denier!” didn’t seem to work at destroying the character of those such pejoratives targeted. There’s a funny satire video someone recently made titled “We’re all far right now!”


  5. quote: ” Leftists who control the state legislature, who wanted to control people’s right to defend themselves by criminalizing it”

    Hmmm… I wonder WHO these LEFTISTS ARE


    Supporting gun control is the Jewish thing to do

    by Michael Harvey Rabbi (PATHOGICAL LIAR)

    “I wrote after Sandy Hook, after Las Vegas, after Orlando. And here I am again, writing because somehow we have not moved an inch as the blood of men, women, and children cry out from the ground. ”

    Note – Jews stage false flags to take away our protection

    “ewish thing to do
    Apr 19, 2021, 2:35 PM


    Please note that the posts on The Blogs are contributed by third parties. The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. Please contact us in case of abuse. In case of abuse,
    Report this post.

    As a rabbi, I’ve had the horrible privilege of writing and speaking about the countless mass shootings that have occurred in this country. I wrote after Sandy Hook, after Las Vegas, after Orlando. And here I am again, writing because somehow we have not moved an inch as the blood of men, women, and children cry out from the ground.

    In the mid-19th century, Rabbi David Einhorn stood at the pulpit of Har Sinai in Baltimore and gave a sermon on an issue many would have considered a “hot topic” of the time: the topic of slavery. He stood in front of his congregation, many of whom were slave owners and slavery supporters, and gave a well-researched, emotional sermon about why slavery should be abolished, why it was immoral, and why as Jews we should stand against it.

    The sermon, as you can probably imagine, received a great deal of negative response: congregants walked out, congregants disagreed, congregants complained. But Rabbi Einhorn remained quiet all week, listening to the words of his congregants, until the next Shabbat, when he once again stood at the pulpit. That week, he gave a stronger sermon as to why he identified as an abolitionist and why his congregation should as well. He began his sermon with these words: “It seems I was not clear last week.” And what happened? Congregants walked out, congregants disagreed, congregants complained. A week went by, and the next week, he stood at the pulpit for a third time and said “I apologize for my last two sermons. Apparently I have not been clear,” after which he gave one of the strongest Jewish sermons ever recorded against slavery.

    Why did Rabbi Einhorn do this? Because he understood the job of a rabbi, and the role of a teacher. The rabbi must be the Jewish authority of a synagogue, pushing the boundaries, and transforming the minds of congregants, even in the face of adversity. It is up to rabbis around the country to speak out after this week of more gun violence, more death.

    The problem of gun violence in our country stems from not only white fragility, toxic masculinity, and fundamentalist beliefs of constitutional law, but mostly it stems from the issue of radical individualism in America. ”

    Note: .The fucking Rabbi attacks our Constitution because it is a threat to Jewish power

    • Isn’t the sissy form self-defense that of “only use force as a last resort when all avenues are exhausted?” The ol’ “walk away from a bad situation instead of standing your ground?” The real self-defense version of the Founders was dueling: if someone wants to offend you they had better be ready to back it up with their life because it’s now “on” – a real man would hurt or even kill the offender for such provocation.

  6. For the reason highlighted by Eric, plus the propensity of Trump to surround himself with poor counsel and his weakness in the face of insubordination, I can’t vote for him.

    Better than Biden? Yes, but fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, can’t get fooled again.

  7. @Eric – Is there any chance that the KKKlansman will be back in the Virginia Governor’s Mansion in 2026?

    I know, he’s The Coonman, but, to me, that makes him sound innocuous, along the lines of “The Old He Coon”, the late Lawton Chiles, former Governor of Florida.

    • When I was a kid the klan was more like the enforcer of civility and not a group of racist thugs.

      Man beating his wife. Call the klan and they’d take care of it.

      Break ins in the neighborhood. Call the klan and they’d take care of it.

      Parents drinking the rent money. Call the klan and they’d take care of it.

    • Hi Greg,

      I hope not! In re the (egregious) Ralph Northam – aka the “Coonman.” This man was almost Whitmer-like during the event marketed as a “pandemic,” with Face Diapers and “guidelines” abounding. Youngkin’s no Jefferson – as I wrote – but he’s at least less awful than Northam was. Thin gruel, I know. But we eat what we get, eh?

  8. Elections aren’t real in any federal or important state office.

    Even if ‘The guy we like’ gets selected it’s all a sham to prevent the villagers from doing what they need to do with pitchforks.

    Gun control laws are just another popular wedge issue that are used to divide and distract the sheep. No government really gives a shit what small arms you have
    because they’re useless without organized and disciplined villagers which we entirely lack.

    And this comes from someone who wasted years of my life “testifying” in front of three different state legislatures about firearm laws. I met a lot of great like-minded folks organizing two grass roots pro-2a groups (and the requisite federal agents) but looking back it was a collosal waste of money and time.

    So enjoy VA while the facade lasts long enough to quell the fire in some of the rebellious bellies but realize it’s just a matter of time until push comes to shove.

  9. quote:
    Morally speaking, it is despicable and appalling that anyone’s rights can be voted away. It renders the concept of “rights” a transitory and insecure thing rather than an inviolate thing, as a right ought to be.

    Rights are insecure thing. If 99% of people want you dead no law is gonna keep you alive. Paper becomes valid only if most people believe in it. Many countries have almost the same laws and radically different day to day life. Thats why I support direct democracy. How many people would vote for inflation or mass migration? Almost no one. Plus voting for a policy is way more intelligent than voting for a individual. Individual can always lie.

    • Direct democracy? A.k.a. mob rule.

      Perhaps, consider this?:

      “No man, and no group of men called government, have any right whatsoever to rule over any other man on earth. To assume such a position, whether this rule be consented to by any minority or majority, or unlawfully ‘designated’ to any so-called ‘representative, is illegitimate and immoral, and is the epitome of evil. This is without question, and those who would attempt to refute this truth, are not to be trusted. All power of one over another is criminal, therefore the delegation of such power is also criminal. This should bring forth the assumption that all those who participate in this unauthorized government, all those who support this system, and all those who vote to sustain this system, are behaving in a criminal manner. As should be obvious at this juncture, we live in a criminal country.”…


      Or, how about direct democracy in a panarchy system? That might be ok?

      • Quote:
        direct democracy in a panarchy system? That might be ok?

        Theoreticaly possible but would require tehnological advancements. It is not practical for now. You cant sleep eat and live in a house in US and be a part of comunity in thats situated primarly in china.
        But I like direction of an idea. Utopian goverment for me would be that each person has a small etnostate with poeple mentaly similar to that person. Best we can do for now free market with free contracts. But ideal world would be that similar poeple with similar ideology are grouped together and have their own laws which off course are commonly decided upon.

        • The problem with voting……

          In the old feudal system..an absolute monarchy…..the 1st son got to be king…the other sons got nothing….

          The sons that got nothing were pissed…

          Then someone dreamed up the idea…let the slaves vote…

          To provide employment to the other sons, they changed the system….to a republic……the slaves were given the right to vote…….all the sons took turns being the president for 4 years….

          The freemasons are the political arm of the slave owning aristocracy…. when you vote you get the choice of two or more freemasons…from the old nobility bloodlines only….no slave commoners allowed….an illusion of choice….all USA presidents have been Freemasons except JFK.

          When you vote you get two choices…one is a pure communist the other is a bit more to the right…so the lesser of two evils…..

    • Rights are insecure. There are no guarantees in life. If 99% of the people want you dead, they will probably get you EVENTUALLY. It’s up to you to be tough, and resourceful, and smart. It’s up to you to hide in plain sight, to be sure you are armed, to defeat your enemies when you know their treacherous intentions.

      Christianity/AKA western civilization was and is a better way. Christians (sometimes) practice forgiveness, jews and muslims do not. Forgiveness does not mean surrender or submission.

      If we as free men aspire to something more than the law of the jungle, we need to be something more than animals.

  10. Hi Eric,

    I voted in the 2021 VA Governor Election and I did vote for Youngkin. I don’t know if you paid attention to the votes coming in, but around 9 PM that evening Fairfax held their votes. I immediately felt that 2020 was about to repeat itself. What happened about 20 minutes later: 1) The outskirts of Richmond went Red; 2) The outskirts of Virginia Beach went Red; and 3) Loudoun County (although they went Blue closed the gap considerably). All of a sudden it didn’t matter what Fairfax County did because their votes would have no sway. Youngkin won. Fairfax County reported about an hour later with (surprise) all issues cleared up.

    The smaller the election the less likely it is to hide voting irregularities. That is why local elections are usually pretty fair. Your electorate is only so many people so it is hard to slip in a couple hundred or thousand votes to turn the tide. It is a little harder to trace at the state level, unless (as in Youngkin’s case) the vote goes overwhelming one way. The federal level? Fair election? No way. There are so many voter rolls, corruption, and money flowing hands that it is impossible to trace and who votes and whom they vote for is meaningless.

  11. The old vertical rule system, the old world order…feudal system….the king at the top, slaves on the bottom…an absolute monarchy…..

    In the old feudal system..an absolute monarchy…..the 1st son got to be king…the other sons got nothing….

    The sons that got nothing were pissed…the only other place they could go and not have to work was the monasteries…after awhile they were stuffed full…a big problem….

    Then someone dreamed up the idea…let the slaves vote…brilliant idea….

    To provide employment to the other sons, they changed the system….to a republic……the slaves were given the right to vote…….all the sons took turns being the president for 4 or 5 years….

    The freemasons are the political arm of the slave owning aristocracy…. when you vote you get the choice of two or more freemasons…an illusion of choice….all USA presidents have been Freemasons except JFK.

    The new world order, horizontal rule….is worse for the slaves……it brought the huge world wars, with millions of deaths….but….in a republic you used to get a bit more 1A….soon to be ended….


  12. Oliver Cromwell made England a shithole, it took the monarchy to restore peace and quiet, everybody was happy. The Merry Monarchy removed the pall of puritanical rule, prurience was accepted. Charles II made an effort to make life enjoyable, about time.

    Who needs lockdowns, mandates, vaccines that don’t work, stuff that makes life just plain miserable and nobody can have any fun anymore? Bueller? Didn’t think so.

    Biden needs to learn a thing or two about a thing or two. Biden’s incontinent brain is ruled by Bibi’s lunacy. Somebody call Nurse Ratched.

    So they can all go just feck themselves. The feckless fools never learn, good riddance.

    In the beginning, Fat Tire had a killer biscuit malt flavor and orange citrus notes in the hops, one beer worth drinking all of the time.

    Flat Tire is just another beer on the shelf. Times change, you change beers too. Go to O’dell’s IPA, but if you can buy some Crooked Tree IPA, you’ll be happy, life will be good.

    If there is going to be an election for any kind of office, a craft beer should be selected as the candidate for the office of the presidency.

    Remove humans from doing any kind of governance, they can’t do it, can’t be done.

    The Big Picture tells it all.

    The marketplace of beers is wide open.

    The marketplace of ideas is deaf, dumb, and blind.

    Sawtooth Ale for President! Chief Niwot would approve.

    Not a good soul on the planet would bomb a brewery. Hundreds of years of brewing is the proof in the pudding.

    Bier über alles!

    Shake those election chains.

  13. I disagree. Voting is participating in their process they use to legitimize their use of force against you. Do so and you are an accomplice in your own subjugation.

    Hell, I don’t even believe we have any rights. The most fundamental supposed right is the right to life, but nature is always trying its damnedest to take that away. The human race is part of nature. Rights, like laws dissipate in a cloud of smoke once force is applied.

    We were given the gift of consciousness and free will by our Creator. What we do from there is up to us as individuals. We can claim rights until we’re blue in the face, but they don’t exist if they can be voted away by committee at the drop of a hat. Or instantly erased via political assassination. The fact that they use that tactic is proof that they know rights don’t exist! Ask Seth Rich or JFK or an endless list of others who were snuffed out, rights be damned.

    I use my God given free will to steer me to the path of morality. This means that I am free to disregard man’s laws when they are contradictory to said morality. If they make rules that say I can’t drive my car, or own a gun, or defend myself against criminals, I will still do all of those things. I was born on this planet and I will do whatever I please within my means and according to morality, and defend myself against those who would attempt to use force against me.

    This makes me an anarchist I suppose, though I hate labels. If Hitlery would have been selected instead of OM, I would still be living my life the same way. Bank on it.

    “I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.” Henry David Thoreau

    • Hi Philo,

      Yes, but a couple of rejoinders: The element of duress eliminates moral culpability. You are merely fighting back, as you can. And there is nothing wrong with that. I do not agree that I legitimize anything immoral a politician does because I voted to try to stop him from doing immoral things.

      Second: I see no conflict between doing what is possible and arguably necessary while at the same time working to achieve the ideal. Gentlemanly rules only apply when we are dealing with gentlemen. These people aren’t. Do unto them what they would do unto you several fold over. Ideally, before they even realize you’re doing it.

        • Roger that, Philo!

          George Washington (bear with me) was an interesting dude. Not a great general, but he was adroit at handling the various factions within the Revolutionary leadership. He has been accused – rightly – of acting cynically at times. Sometimes, this is necessary – to achieve a broader purpose. He was one of those men who did what needed to be done. This is morally paradoxical, of course; it causes the moral man to chafe uncomfortably. Robert E. Lee was such a man. It cost him – and the Confederacy – the war.

          Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do.

    • [This makes me an anarchist I suppose ]

      Anarchy is simply “without government”. What you have described is true freedom/liberty.

      Only slave wannabees want government that can transfer wealth from the producers to them. When you steal it is a crime. When government steals it for the good of the nation.

      Today government is stealing our nation. It is bringing in uneducated, unskilled, mostly criminals into our home our nation. And worse,,, the criminals in government are allowing them to steal our property that we worked to pay for. All over the country these criminals that government is allowing in are squatting on property owned by citizens and many are winning.

      [Illegal Alien Invaders Get Free Health Care, Food, Education, Housing, Cell Phones And Debit Cards While America’s Homeless Veterans Sleep On The Streets Because Invaders Vote Democrat] says a headline at All news pipeline.

      Not only stealing our property but some judges have ruled they can carry guns to harm Americans who are losing their gun “rights”. Any attempt to defend yourself or your property will put you in the slammer.

      Stew Peters has a video that might stir those who try to ignore all of it pretending everything is good.
      18 minutes.


    • I imagine a lot of folks thought like you in places like Russia in the 20s, Europe in the 40s, Eastern Europe in the 50s, Cuba in the 60s, etc. Like a lot of things, it works until it doesn’t.

      • Maybe, what do I know? What do I care? I’m only one person, alive now, in this time in history. This thought process that I was born with has worked for me for 50 years. It has gotten me where I am today and it will continue working for me until my death. It can be no other way. I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.

    • Some of the N.American Natives are just starting their own independent, sovereign system….ignoring the existing one…good for them…sounds like a good place to live….

      The indigenous are starting their own government @ 09:30 in video

      The indigenous are making their own marshalls…police force so they can get control…fight back……@ 11:10 in video…

      The indigenous are also bringing in their own banking system and bringing their own currency…@ 12:45 in video

      The indigenous are starting producing their own food supply @ 03:00 in video

      Chief Muskwa Wahyaw Kayitapit, A Warrior For The People


  14. Eric, you make a good case for voting as a disagreeable duty. Way back in ancient times (2010), I wrote out a case for not voting, which I still think is correct. (For those who don’t want to click through, my case is based on the idea that voting in an election signals one’s consent to abide by the outcome; “you’ve had your say,” etc.) However, to show you how little convinced I am of my case on the gut level, I resumed voting in 2020, not because I thought the Orange Fail was worth spitting on, but because I wanted a cheap way of holding up my middle finger to the Goodthinker class.

    Besides, if I understand things correctly, voting every now and then keeps you in the jury pool. And you never know when some poor soul who’s being railroaded by the (in)justice system may need a juror who both knows what jury nullification is, and also knows not to say so. It may take 12 to acquit, but one can “hang” a jury, if he’s determined. So, I’ve returned to voting since ’20. I do wash my hands afterward, too.

    • > may need a juror who both knows what jury nullification is,
      Based on my experience, the prosecutor &/or judge will see that you are kicked off the jury if they believe you will not vote as you are told to vote. BTDT. IMO, “trial by jury” is a sham, in many cases.

      • Very few cases reach the courtroom. Most cases are ‘settled’. The DA offers you five years if you agree or if you disagree the prosecutor will try to lock you up for 20 years on bogus charges. Ask those insurrectionists most try to forget.

      • One person’s advice was…always plead guilty…but…it is a business (the court), so treat it like a business deal…I will plead guilty but subject to this and this..like maybe a $50,000 cash payment….if you plead guilty you are then an enemy of the state…no winning that….

      • I learned my lesson. I responded when asked if anyone would have a problem convicting a drug dealer.

        So, being an honest person I said if no one’s rights were violated, I would not vote to convict.

        Never saw the inside of that court again.

        Next time I will keep my mouth shut.

        • Dan, just remember that all of Pfizer’s executives are drug dealers.

          As a juror your job is to judge the facts and the man.

      • With respect, you missed the second part of what I wrote: ” … and knows not to say so.” I would not only lie to judge and counsel, I also wouldn’t say the j*** n************ words in deliberations. I’d just say: prosecution didn’t prove case beyond reasonable doubt; not guilty.

    • How to get a fair hearing in a court of law and a trial by jury.

      Trial by jury…by your peers….this used to be your right……..the law and the defendant are on trial…can’t get one now…it has been replaced by jury trial….

      Trial by judge….the reasonable doubt level is a lot lower then in a trial by jury….you get screwed…..courts run on emotion anyways…not facts…which aren’t allowed….

      Jury trial…the French system……replaces Trial by jury by your peers……..they just make it up as they go along….and the law is not on trial…plus…the jury is hand picked…you don’t get a trial by jury by your peers today….

      Trial by jury…by your peers….the law and the defendant are on trial…the slave owners don’t like this because….the law is on trial too….too many of their 5 million laws would be cancelled…..lol

      5 million laws…what’s with that?….must be a revenue thing….there is only one law…do no harm…period…..but then slaves would have too much freedom…..


      • If you want more nuance there are about 10 laws. They include thou shalt not murder, rape, steal, or defy legitimate authority, or set up illegitimate and corrupt authority as if it were legitimate, or lie to cause harm. People get hung up on the pharasaical phrasing and miss the underlying real truth in the Decalogue.

        • “murder, rape, steal, or defy legitimate authority, or set up illegitimate and corrupt authority as if it were legitimate, or lie to cause harm.”…..

          this is all covered in do no harm…..those things listed cause harm…

          no victim…no crime…

          defy legitimate authority…like what?…there is only one…. God…no other….

          slave owners say they have authority…but they don’t…so they use force…government is a tool they developed to herd/force/control slaves

  15. Look! A baby deer.

    It’s the other 30 some bills he signed I wonder about.

    [The governor did sign two more limited gun regulations into law, however — one that bans gun trigger switches that can make firearms fire automatically and a second that allows criminal charges against parents who allow children deemed threats to have access to weapons.]

    The part in bold is gonna really bite someone in the ass. lol.

    I keep thinking about that ‘infringement’ word mentioned in the 2nd. IMO anyone putting forth a bill, signing a bill that ‘infringes’ on the 2nd government restriction should be sitting in a cell awaiting trial for treason.

    But,,, I guess one win in a million is better than nothing.

    • Australian Gun Law Update;
      Here’s a thought to warm some of your hearts….

      From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

      Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real

      figures from Down Under. It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own

      government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars.
      The first year results are now in:
      Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
      Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
      Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!

      In the state of Victoria…..alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.(Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!)

      While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady
      decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed. There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.

      Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns….’

      You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.

      The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens

      Most gun crimes are committed by ethnic people against their own and often against white people as a hate crime……and democrats let them out of jail to do it again….

      • I have a friend in Sydney. He has willing to give up his guns, and we had to “agree to disagree” on the issue for quite some time. I told him I would never, ever change my mind on the subject, especially (as he well knew) given my past and where I grew up. Over the years, he has come to regret his decision. Maybe he can do some damage with his knives and swords when SHTF in his country.

    • Indeed, Ken, every infringement is an act of war and is treason as explicitly defined in the tightly worded definition in US Constitution. But they shouldn’t be in a comfortable jail bilking the tax payers, they should be promptly processed (with due process) by military tribunal and spend life in front of a firing squad.

  16. My main criticism of Trump is that he actually was considering an “assault weapons” ban (in quotes because semi-automatic firearms are NOT “assault weapons”) after the Las Vegas concert shooting. Thankfully, sane people around him convinced him that was a BAD idea politically and he resorted to the bumpstock ban. I had no knowledge of this until I heard David Knight mention it a while ago. There’s no way I would have voted for him in 2020 if he outlawed any firearms nationally giving the Left a big win. I can’t get a semi-auto in Connecticut anymore as it’s one of the most restrictive states in the nation, but I don’t want that to happen in any other state.

    These days it seems like no matter who you vote for you’re going to get raped in the bunghole with a rifle barrel.

    • Bill, please consider what you’re saying when you draw that straw man distinction that an “assault weapon is a select fire military weapon, already illegal under federal law”. Under federal law the NFA, GCA, and every such is null and void and may be ignored with impunity. Your problem is to avoid the terrorists who try to force you to obey it.

      If they can ban any weapon, they can ban any weapon.

  17. Its nice Virginia was given a reprieve. Still, this whole election business has been rendered fake and gay by the PTB. I wont get excited about voting for something that is already mine, has always been mine, and cant be taken away unless they come and kill me. The right to protect my property and family come from the almighty. Government is just playing (badly) at securing those rights for posterity.

    When the kind of fraud we’ve seen the last three election cycles is allowed to continue without the tiniest shred of reform, then what happened in your state is just kabuki theatre designed to keep us all playing along, holding out hope that we can peacefully change things.

    What happened in Arizona has convinced me there will be no voting our way out of this. They may even put the orange clown back in to quell some of the building anger, but no way this ship gets turned around until the world votes en masse to remove our exorbitant privilege. Best case, we don’t get distracted by their dog and pony shows that make us think we still have a say in things. Secession is looking better and better all the time

    • I will vote, but like you, Norman, think we are beyond voting to get our way out of anything. Up here, RINO (who may switch to Democrat) Lisa Murkowski kept her Senate seat (thanks to daddy Frank), with the help of her out-of-state-friends, by shoving rank-choice voting through. So even though Kelly Tshiblaka rightfully won, and Lisa Murkowski lost, Lisa still ended up winning. Well, the vote to take rank choice voting off was just put back on the ballot measure for a vote, as a group of citizens went around the state last year, and garnered enough signatures. I think we vote later this year on the issue, and hope that Big Money, and the “South Seattle”/ Los Anchorage folks will stay the hell away. However, given the “it is who count the votes that matter” seems to ring true, I would not be surprised if this ballot measure is defeated. The losers simply cannot win without cheating somehow, whether it be nationally, or state-wide.

  18. I’ve been thinking about the gun lobby’s claim that guns kill and therefore need to be removed. The thing is, I imagine most people aren’t carrying today, perhaps much less than 1%. Exceptions can be found (I’ve seen more sidearms at campsites than in cities because there’s no point in trying to reason with a bear… they’ve got small ears and big mouths after all), but for the most part a criminal doesn’t have to worry about getting hole punched in a crowd.

    I have to think there’s a Dirty Harry style “do ya feel lucky?” equation that goes through a criminal’s head before he chooses his target. Right now just about anyone will do. But imagine if 25% of the crowded subway train was carrying. And you have no idea which of that 1/4 of the train might be. You can make some assumptions, but 1 in 4 odds of getting shot just might make you rethink checking out the job boards for income instead of theft.

    It might not even be 25%. Maybe just 1 in 10 people carrying would be sufficient to stop petty theft. People are constantly warned to watch for pickpockets when they travel. I imagine that’s only the case where there are strictly enforced (and welcomed) gun restrictions in place.

    First politician who thinks this way, I’m voting for. Too bad she (Lauren Boebert) was brought down by her vices. (As if every other power drunk politician was a saint).

    • Lauren Bobert – Pro 2A, she’s hot and apparently she’s no problem with getting it on in a darkened dinner theater. What’s NOT to like?

      • She’s not THAT hot. She’s trailer park trash and went through a public trashy divorce. Her son got arrested. She almost lost her last election in her district in western Colorado and is basically guaranteed to lose this year so she is now running in a different district.

        Yes she is pro 2A but that is at least in part attention-whoring and LARPing. That bitch Giffords was pro-2A also, and used pictures of herself holding an AR-15 in her campaigns.

        Now her and her creep husband run a gun control outfit and want to ban them — despite the fact she got she with a pistol, not an AR.

        For what it’s worth, Kathy Hochul and Kirsten Gillibrand were endorsed by the NRA in the past, now they’re 100% Bloomberg gun-control shills.

        Whores, all of them.

        • I’m not gonna take the time to “man-splain” to you the difference between the half-jewess Gabby Giffords, her retired “Astro-Nut” hubby, Mark Kelly, who AZ will be stuck with in the Senate until January 2029, versus Lauren Bobert. Their anti-2A views were well-known even before the tragic 2011 Tucson shooting that nearly killed Giffords and ended her political career. Ms. Bobert, though obviously a bit erratic (she IS female and divorced!), has been consistent in her conservative views, even if they don’t strictly apply in her personal life.

          Gabby Giffords was shot by a crazed loner who slipped through the “system” that, in theory, ought to have caught him enough to prohibit him legal firearms ownership. He did have several busts for drug possession, but either they were reduced to an infraction, which doesn’t trigger firearms prohibition, or were sent to a “diversion” process, which also avoids taking away 2A rights. FWIW, the 1968 Gun Control Act reads “habitual” drug use, but in practice, this is left to the discretion of a judge, as being banned must be the result of a sentencing proceeding. Loughner simply never met that criteria in the opinions of the magistrates that dealt with him. He was also noted for anti-Christian views and general hostilities towards religion, though the ADL dismissed the notion that anti-Semitism was a motive to fire upon Giffords (well, if THEY say that…), and also an inability to maintain steady employement. Ergo, another lone nut that happens to get a firearm, in his case, quite legally, and does mischief with it, but it ends up being justification to “infringe” upon those of us that don’t abuse drugs, keep whatever nutty views we might have to ourselves, and actually hold down a job or run a profitable business.

          Finally, Ms. Bobert is running in a different district due to two factors: (1) post-divorce, she’s obviously moved (I believe she and her ex-husband had to sell the family home) and (2) Colorado was re-districted following the 2020 Census. It’s not a case of “district-shopping”.

          Given the corruption of the NRA (at last they’ve booted Wayne LaPierre), I’d not consider its “endorsement” to say much.

          • “Habitual drug use”? As in HUNTER BIDEN? Who lied on his ATF Form 4473? Yeah, let’s see how far that goes…

        • What’s the difference between a politician and a whore?

          The whore goes away and leaves you alone after she’s done screwing you.

        • Boebert is deep in middle age milf territory. Back when she was making me breakfast she was quite the looker. These days’s she’s wearing the TV makeup and probably having work done… as one does at that age when auditioning for a job at Fox News.

          Her origin story seems pretty manufactured these days, a young girl working late was concerned about homeless people out behind her little restaurant starts packing heat on the way to the bank drop. Then thought that might be a fun promotion for the cafe’ and encourages her hot young waitresses to wear tight jeans and thigh strap holsters. Fits in well with Rifle CO anyway, quite the hook. Pretty soon she’s holding concealed carry classes in the evenings to drum up a little more dinner traffic, and then gets on the Trump bandwagon when the old Republican retires and leaves an open seat.

          You know the rest. National attention as a parry to AOC and “The Squad.” Embarrassment to the elite liberal classes over in Aspen and the old money Republicans in Vail, so she had to go. Her date, a barkeep in Aspen, was a prominent local Democrat. Hmm. No set up there…

          Back in 2020 just about every political sign on the west slope was Trump and Boebert. I mean I didn’t see any Biden or Adam Frisch signs, bumper stickers or anything outside of the resort towns. And she still only won by a few hundred votes. Then there was someone arrested for tampering with the Mesa County vote, a Republican apparently. Messy business, counting votes.

    • Hi RK,

      I can speak to this hypothesis of yours. I’d say it’s a demonstrable theory – in that the facts support it. Here goes: Where I live, it is very safe in that there is very little violent crime. You can still leave your house door unlocked and your garage open all day – even while you are gone. Why? Because it is known that where I live everyone is armed. A person up to no good who is fool enough to walk into another man’s house here is likely to be facing the wrong end of a .45 or a deer rifle. You’d have to be an absolute idiot to do it. Most criminals – while scum – have a strong common-sense self-preservation instinct.

      It is almost an axiom that what is styled “gun crime” is low to nonexistent where the people are armed.

      • One county somewhere had a big sign saying at the entrance to the town…..in…the gun is the law….by law you had to be armed….the crime rate was near zero……

        • county = town?

          I don’t remember any sign so you are probably talking about someplace else but I grew up in Kennesaw, GA. It is the law there that the head of every household is required to own a gun and ammunition. The local crime rate took a serious dive after passage of that law

          In 2018, an article noted that when the law was passed it was a town of a few thousand. Now it is over 33,000 population but in the last 6 years prior to 2018, only 1 murder and violent crime rate below 2%.

      • Gun Rights Are More Important Than False Security And Appeasing Leftists

        leftists are not fully opposed to the idea of gun ownership as they often pretend to be. I think they would actually like to retain their own guns if possible, they just don’t want people like you and I to have them. Selective gun confiscation would be their ideal, which is the same exact strategy used by the Nazis, who selectively outlawed gun ownership for Jewish citizens and anyone politically opposed to the Third Reich but let all other Germans keep their weapons.

        I would note that whenever gun crimes and mass murders are committed by people that are ideologically opposed to conservatives, the media and leftists often conveniently stop caring about taking action. They only seem to care when the crime can be associated with their political enemies.

        We all know that leftists constantly argue that conservatives are inherently dangerous. It only takes one more step for them to claim that conservative thought is in itself a “mental illness” and that our guns should be taken by default…coming soon?….


    • RK, you might be surprised if you knew what fraction already carry concealed. (So might I, of course, because I don’t know, either.) Admittedly, my friends and I are a self-selected group, and not something to project statistics from. But there may well be more than you’d think.

      And, in today’s anarchotyranny, a concealed carrier is unlikely to use his firearm to stop petty theft, because, you know, our rulers will slam such a person into the hole forever while letting the thief go. Indeed, a carrier tends to be very peaceful and polite and forbearing, because he literally can’t afford to get into a fight, as an unarmed man can. The man who is carrying will fight only when his life, or the lives around him, are clearly threatened. Then, if he’s put in his time at the range, the fight is apt to start and be finished very quickly.

      I live in a “safe” area, and I don’t really expect ever to find myself in that situation. But, as they say, everything’s always okay … until the one day when, suddenly, it’s not.

  19. “Democracy is the road to socialism.” — Karl Marx

    “For it is very clear that in fundamental theory socialism and democracy are almost if not quite one and the same.” — Woodrow Wilson

    “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    Quoted by wlindsaywheeler, comment #13 in Thomas Dalton’s article on democracy at unz dot com today.

  20. The Virginia Declaration of Rights:
    Section 13
    That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.

    Note the “composed of the body of the people” part.

  21. Ron Paul was the only presidential candidate I was truly enthusiastic about. This go around I had hope for Vivek Ramaswamy but he still bent the knee to the zionist overlords.

      • “Ron Paul is the only candidate that I ever donated a dime to.”

        Yup, donated, bought swag, signs and tickets!

        Because the mans message and integrity are actually classic American.

  22. I submit that if Hillaryious had been on the throne, Warp Speed would not have been possible. Because there would have been no pandemic, the latter needed to boot the Orange Dufus out the door, and to send a measage. If my thesis is correct, then the 2016 election also mattered. We are not to choose outside their box, you see. Re-select Dufus at our peril.

    • I agree with this, BAC –

      Orange Man was, I suspect, meant to be a distraction. A clown show that got out of hand. Hillary was supposed to have beaten a McGOP candidate such as JEB in the 2016 election and the orderly transition toward World Order would have proceeded apace. But Orange Man got out of hand. He managed to win. And that set of a train-event of unintended consequences. The “pandemic” became the necessary method of trying to get rid of not just Orange Man but what he set in motion. If he manages to win this upcoming election, things are going to get very interesting. And also if he doesn’t. The die has been cast.

      • That’s a valid point: Look at how H1N1 was handled in 2009 under Obama. The Covfefe Virus would likely have been handled similarly with Shrillary in the White House.

      • I suspect that Orange Man has known all along that so many in the GOP (1) are simply the “controlled opposition” for those promoting the socialist agenda and (2) that in 2016, he was not expected to win, merely, at best, make it APPEAR to be a competitive race. Until that election night, the “script” was simply to ridicule the man, not that he doesn’t himself provide plenty of “fodder” for that! Where I believe the “script” was altered was that those actually in power behind the scenes saw what they actually were getting in the “Hildebeast”, and realized at the last moment that maybe it was better to give OM a crack at it…but first he had to actually win the thing, which he did by adroit campaigning to get sufficient electoral votes, despite a significant deficit in overall popular votes. Once he did, the wailing and caterwauling of the Loony Left began and never had since ceased. A mere annoyance, but useful in case OM went “off script”…which, of course, he quickly DID. Did these jokers that presume to lord it over us actually not observe him during his decades of celebrity, especially during the “Apprentice” show? When has he EVER stuck to any “script”? From their perspective, how could Trump being anything BUT a “loose cannon”?

        Yes, the 2020 “Plan-Demic” was exactly a desperate attempt to frustrate Trump’s re-election, but even it didn’t really work. Yes, “The Donald” took credit for the “Operation Warp Speed”, but you notice he doesn’t bring that up NOW! Still, it took blatant election fraud and interference to get his phony replacement into office…and the entire nation has paid the heavy price since. Will this election bring OM back? IF it’s fair and open, it should, but we’ve seven months to go, an ETERNITY in American politics. A LOT can happen on the way to November 5th…and please keep in mind that Trump will be 78 this year, and Xiden will be 81…of course, a bullet can fell a YOUNGER man…just ask RFKjr about his Pop and June 4, 1968.

      • Orange Hitler was not controlled opposition. The Uniparty never took him seriously. They thought he was just a crank candidate like Lyndon LaRouche or something. They were utterly shocked and in disbelief when he won. The completely off-the-charts reaction to the Trump victory was the result of the pure panic they felt when they realized they had lost their grip on power. That’s why they literally went to war against him like nothing we’ve ever seen in this country.

        They are not going to let that happen again, period. They will burn this country to the ground before they let him take power again. If they don’t incarcerate him before November, and if the election fraud doesn’t work, I guarantee you the riots that the Left will perpetrate will make the George Floyd riots look like child’s play.

        The funny thing is that Trump was never really that much of a threat. Trump was obviously a blowhard who didn’t have the political power or political skills to accomplish half the stuff he promised. There’s no indication that if he were to “win” in November he would be able to do anything his his second term that he failed to do in his first term, such as build the wall or withdraw from NATO.

        One man cannot “make American great again” — especially a carnival barker and a circus act. Hell, I voted for Trump twice and will vote for him a third time, but I have to honestly acknowledge that is indeed a circus act.

        But even a circus act is preferable to the alternative.

        • I think you bring up an important – if not terrifying – point: if Trump wins (and I will root for him, though not vote), the leftists will not go quietly into the night. The message has been sent, but we just won’t obey. So they will unleash unholy hell on us come November. Shock and Awe like never before, with their Antifa/BLM/pussy hat/sky screamer shock troops. They may very well burn the cities down. Or kick Putin in the balls to see what happens. In my estimation, to them, it’s on, should we maintain our recalcitrance.

    • Hi BAC,

      I don’t know if a Hillary Clinton Presidency would have had no COVID “pandemic”. The billionaire class has been trying to frighten the masses for a long time, and their climate change BS wasn’t scaring enough people, but their MASSIVE propaganda involving COVID did scare millions of people as seen in 2020. Even if Hillary Clinton was President instead of Trump, they might have still used this man-made virus to scare people into thinking they were in grave danger of dying if they didn’t comply with draconian “Public Health orders”. And then of course, we have the medical-industrial complex, who eyed making TONS of money off of an experimental mRNA jab.

      • If Hillary had won….it would be a patriarchy?….it is now…pelosi, aoc, etc….runs it?….brandon is a trick to make it look like a patriarchy to some…for votes?….

        With Trump in it was more a patriarchy?….so that made the matriarchy and their buddies …… LGBQT…heads explode?…..

        • If Hillary had won….it would be a matriarchy?….it is now…pelosi, aoc, etc….runs it?….brandon is a trick to make it look like a patriarchy to some…for votes?….

  23. Election day would be a good day to choose to have mass shootings in all 50 states.

    Mass shootings in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, Russia. Iran too, all over the planet.

    The United States can be another similar mass shooting venue, election day is the perfect day to choose.

    Who in God’s name wants this to continue?


    Stop counting your ballots, we’ve got bullets. har

  24. Any relief acquired by voting is only temporary. Perhaps as short as 2 years, or less. One has to remember, those you elect are already bought and paid for, or soon will be. Or the CIA may simply erase them if they gain any real power.
    “None of these bills will become law – because of Youngkin”
    But many other gun control measures WERE signed into law by him.
    Let me see, which psychopath do I want to give authority to kill me if I disobey?

    • Do you want to get killed by the knife or the gun? By the Communist Democrat who openly hates you, or the RINO Republican who just pretends to like you, but hates you just as much as the Democrat? Do you want your rights taken away all at once, or just piecemeal? It is not much of a choice, really.

  25. In 2020 I was told that if I voted for Trump the country would implode. I did. And they were right.

    One major problem is that two private organizations, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, have taken control of the government. No where in the Constitution are political parties mentioned, let alone given any authority to control said government.

    A return to the Articles of Confederation would be a start. But, without ending the control mentioned above and the fact that the nation has been fed a steady diet of socialist Kool-Aid for ~150 years it will probably take a total collapse to rid ourselves of this anarcho-tyrannical system we have now.

  26. ‘Morally speaking, it is despicable and appalling that anyone’s rights can be voted away.’ — eric

    Clowngress has changed over the past couple of generations. An example: when Nixon’s Watergate burglary came to light in 1974, three articles of impeachment were voted in the House Judiciary Committee. Seven of the committee’s 17 Republicans joined all 21 of its Democrats to vote in favor of one or more of the articles.

    That doesn’t happen anymore. Last month’s impeachment of HIAS ringer ‘Mayorkas’ was a straight partisan affair, passing by a one-vote margin. Forgot about quaint oaths to enforce the law and the constitution — now it’s just a partisan football game, with team loyalty expected and demanded.

    ‘Bipartisan’ is now synonymous with ‘nefarious.’ Here’s the latest ‘bipartisan’ gun pointed at our heads next month:

    ‘A growing chorus of Democrats say promising to protect Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) from a budding conservative coup could be their best chance to secure military aid for Kyiiiiiiv, which has been stalled on Capitol Hill for months.

    ‘Johnson left Washington last week vowing to take up the explosive issue of foreign aid [for Ukraine and Israel] when lawmakers return in mid-April from a long holiday recess.

    “The Speaker of the House should not put a Ukraine bill on the floor unless, or until, we have meaningful reforms to deal with our wide-open border,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) said Wednesday.’ — the hill.com

    Savor it: two parties, both comprehensively sold out to foreign interests, and happy to spend tens of billions of OPM (Other People’s Money) to get something they want. The real underlying issue here is not partisanship but treason. We know how the Founders — who called for and mounted a violent overthrow of their colonial government — felt about that.


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