Our Independence

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Tomorrow is the 4th of July, the day Americans traditionally celebrate the independence of the American colonies that became states (plural) from Great Britain, which was not accomplished by asking for it.

The American colonists – some of them, a determined minority of them – took their independence.

And now the time has come to take it back.

Americans live in a consolidated state controlled by a central government so controlling it is challenging to come up with anything at all that it considers to be beyond its control. No one can be independent when subject to such control.

Americans are obliged to submit to such control at practically every turn. The only control they are permitted is to cast a single vote out of tens of millions for one of two controllers. We will not elect our way out of this. There is only one way out of this. It is the same way the American colonists got away from the control of king and parliament.

They got away from it.

Certainly, they had to fight for it. But what came before it came to fighting? The determination by a committed minority of Americans that they would no longer abide being controlled by king and parliament – and, implicitly, by anyone else. That was the spirit that animated the fighting, without which the fight would have been lost. The Americans who fought were out-manned and out-gunned in every battle that was fought, just about – especially the early ones. But it was what they were fighting for that made each man worth more than just a man (of which the British had plenty). Put another way, when a man fights for himself – and for his family and his friends – he has a lot more incentive to fight than a man who fights for a paycheck.

Give me liberty or give me death.

It is hard to fight men animated by such a sentiment. It is also hard to conquer them. John Adams, the second president of what became the United States (still plural when Adams was president) said that the fight for independence was won before the fight started when a minority of committed Americans decided the time had come to fight. Put another way, when those Americans came manfully face-to-face with the hard reality that independence would not be achieved by asking for it.

Perhaps a sufficient minority of committed Americans understands this now. Are you one of them?

Are you willing to take your independence back? For your own sake? For the sake of your children – and theirs, yet to be born?

The fight need not be physical – although that may end up being necessary, just the same as it is sometimes necessary to fight back against a schoolyard bully or any other kind of bully, who will not be persuaded by appeals to reason or human compassion. Who understands – and is deterred by – one thing only. That being the one thing bullies understand perfectly.

But perhaps it need not come to that. Perhaps a committed minority of Americans will be able to show a majority of Americans that it is possible to recover that which has been taken from them by the simple expedient of taking it back.

An example of this was shown during the height of the taking-away of what small degree of independence Americans still had before the “pandemic,” when a committed minority of Americans refused to be “locked down” in their homes and ordered to wear degrading (because useless and so absurd) “masks” in order to be allowed out of their homes. The few showed the many that independence was there for the taking. All they had to do was take it.

The same spirt of independence was shown later on, when a relative handful of committed Americans asserted their independence by refusing to be pushed into taking drugs. Their refusal unmasked the lies being told about the drugs that were pushed on Americans.

Just two of many such examples.

It is not easy to take one’s independence back from those who have taken it away, for they will not give it back. Frederick Douglass understood this. He said a man gets exactly the amount of tyranny he is willing to abide.

If you have tired of abiding it, then stop abiding it. If a committed-enough minority of Americans decides to do just that, perhaps in the not-so-distant future Americans will be able to celebrate their independence again.

As opposed to what has become the Farce of July.

. . .

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  1. This just in — a rare job opening for a white man:

    ‘Allies of Kamala Harris are discussing the selection of a white man as her vice president, as support for her taking over as the party’s presidential candidate grows.

    ‘The conversations were “based on the usual notion that the country’s prospective first black woman president would likely lean toward a white guy governor”, New York Magazine reported.

    ‘Names like governors Andy Beshear of Kentucky and North Carolina’s Roy Cooper have been suggested. Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania was also suggested. A strong supporter of Israel, Shapiro pointedly showed up at Goldie’s, a kosher restaurant which was facing calls for a boycott from pro-Palestinian protestors.

    ‘The Trump team is sharpening attacks on Ms Harris, with the former president calling her “Laffin’ Kamala Harris” and “Cackling Copilot Kamala Harris.”’


    As usual, the D-party’s framing is all in the context of ethnic, gender and identity politics. No one is an individual. Rather, they merely serve as abstract symbols of competing demographics … or castes, as Kamala calls them.

    Why not elevate an untouchable — a lowly, despised white male — to a largely ceremonial position, to demonstrate our magnanimous tolerance and acceptance of a marginalized minority? That he will be obliged to undergo an orchiectomy to serve in Kamala’s court is not widely publicized as yet.

  2. Very well stated Eric. Yukon Jack, right on, as usual. Unfortunately, the clotshot psyop taught me most everyone is a conformist, go along to get along pussies. But I’m in a real shitty part of jewSA, I hope and pray righteous men with balls still roam the sticks with the hicks. We all got FEMA camp bullseyes on us, no different than Mother Russia, 1917. Same shitheads, same plan.

  3. Paul Craig Roberts and you folks DEFINITELY CROSS POLLINATE !!!!
    Talk about a “Mind Meld”!!🎯

    PCR preaching to the ep choir….🤔 saaaaaffty🤮
    In other news..

    😳 No 4th fireworks in Arecibo..

    Spent the day at a “micro agro cooperative “
    At a place called Manati north coast
    Total niche market supplying San Juan restaurant chefs with exotic fresh produce…and herbs..
    Super Kool hydroponic and regular
    Planting techniques…..

    • Hi Expat,

      I know Paul from my days working at The Washington Times; he was a columnist and I was on the editorial page staff. He’s a nice (and smart) guy. One of the good ones.

  4. Eric, et al,

    Worth noting this relevent quote from the late, great Robert Heinlein…

    Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.

    Let us in the Ericosphere remain free in mind and spirit….great community here and let the games begin…BTW, no going back, we all have to endure what’s coming and hopefully come out on the other side with a bunch of tyrants’ heads on spikes.

  5. Americans should be happy they are now pariahs and are destined to starve to death.

    The only freedom you have, stop eating and breathing, it’s for your own good.

    Before Trump became a politician, he made good sense.

    Just another thing in the swamp nowadays, lost his way, Trump became Swamp Thing. Biden is the Thing.

    At this point, what difference does it make?

    At best, it will be at least a fireworks display.

    32 dollars for one cigarette in the Gazan ruins, where all of the fireworks are these days.

    Gazans have nothing, so they should be happy.

  6. Watched National Treasure #2 last night. It was full of lies and garbage. Made Lincoln out a hero when he is the one that made these United States (Plural)…. The United States. He warred against a People that simply wanted their freedoms and be left alone,,, didn’t want to be used and abused by northern industrialists and their tariff schemes. Their northern neighbors , full of hubris, eventually passed the tariff. Lincoln tried to get the South back in the fold but his half hearted attempts was BS and the South knew it. He had tyrannical visions of Washington DC being the central power of powers. He destroyed great cities, burned homes and farms, killed and raped his way to victory. Corpgov loved it and even built a memorial for him claiming he freed the slaves. The slave problem was being worked on by the Confederate government and freedom for the slaves was to take place in the very near future.

    The coup of the Articles began the tyrannical track of corpgov,,, Lincoln finished it.
    There are few if any freedoms left. 40 million Fed workers make sure we stay in our place. “Step out of Line, the man come and take you away.” WE are surveilled, and herded like sheep.

    True Southerners should turn their backsides to this holiday.

    • ‘Corpgov loved it and even built a memorial for him claiming he freed the slaves.’ — ken

      Indeed, Ape Lincoln issued an Emancipation proclamation, applying only to Confederate states he didn’t control, and therefore without effect. Word reached Galveston on June 19, 1865, leading to a local, East Texas tradition of blacks celebrating Juneteemph with fireworks ‘n shit. As wayward chillun in the Big Thicket, we sometimes held our own Juneteemph with ‘Negro chaser’ fireworks [that’s a euphemism, son].

      Two weeks ago I went to the post office and found a hand-lettered sign on the door: HOLIDAY. WTF? Oh, Juneteemph — now ludicrously taken national by Clowngress, to patronize blacks and earn a few dozen votes for Democrats this fall. Told an old white guy in overalls just emerging from his pickup that the post office was closed for Juneteemph. He regarded me with disbelief. I assured him I wasn’t lyin.’ Then his face colored and he clutched at his throat, gargling incoherently as he attempted to curse, but found himself unable to produce any words in his mortification at the shambles the country’s become.

      I turn my backside.

  7. Perhaps, consider that in the future, we may all be looking back at 2024 as a time of great freedom & liberty, much like how many people today think of the 1980’s, or the 1950’s, or even the 1700’s:

    “This can be easily seen in the rants and promises of the right’s political god Trump, as he is working his so-called MAGA crowd into a frenzy over this issue, which will in turn become the impetus for total control of every single individual. He promised to build a massive wall to block all borders; a lie and an asinine position to be sure. But he has now come up with another solution; a biometric solution using AI so that every person in the country, coming in or leaving, could be continually monitored, surveilled, and controlled. This solution is what the deep state has wanted all along. Digital everything, including all financial, all movement, all monetary processes, (CBDCs) and all transactions, so that this entire society would be completely restrained, restricted, regulated, and measured from birth until death.

    The Biden crowd and the left, pretend to want government to open borders to every human by bringing them in by the trainload, and supporting them for life, in order to get them to vote for and promote a communist state. This idiocy is also insane, but still has little to do with the immigration problem. They also want total digitization, as both sides always seek the same outcome, even though they pretend to be enemies when in the light.

    So by now, you should understand that the only problem is the ruling class, including all government, all government enforcement, and all the big corporate and banking cabal running the show.”…


  8. But is it a “Happy Independence Day!” in the United State? There are many things wrong here and abroad, sure things are better here than in a lot of other places but are they even as good as they were 5 years ago? I don’t think so. Perhaps the phrase “Become Ungovernable” should be our watchword? It’s a lot harder to coerce a group that has no debts, savings that are separate from the banking system and live within there means. Think Amish or LDS. What happens if enough people call in sick for a few weeks or say there is a family emergency to deal with? You can drag people into work but you can’t make them do a good job. Or as the old Soviet saying went: “they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work”.

    One example of the rot is our glorious leaders insist on telling us free trade deals are great for the country and our exporting manufactures; I wasn’t aware there was a high demand for Chevy pickups in Europe and now that China is moving into the passenger jet aircraft market combined with abysmal quality at Boeing you can be sure the Chinese planes will sell. Before WW2 you could buy virtually everything you needed and probably wanted and it would have been made here, now of course if it was made ‘here” it has a tag that says “Assembled in USA with US and Global materials” or something like that but it makes you wonder when all the package contains is a solitary hacksaw blade.

    I’m curious how many people ask themselves what the Founding Father’s would have said and done about the world we live in today?

      • Hi Helot. Thanks for the link to the article and I failed to consider the bureaurats making the operation of boilers and such with hydrocarbon based fuels extremely difficult too impossible in such a way as to get an economy of scale.

        Free trade agreements with country’s that did not impose such regulations would just be the final nail in the coffin of industry.

        I guess that’s why we are not allowed to build nice things but must import them from country’s that realize that industry is an important part of national security.

  9. Happy Independence Day!

    Here’s some history:

    On this day, July 4th in 1876, the news that Custer and all of his soldiers were dead and gone, hit Washingtonians rather hard.

    June 25-26 in 1876 had a serious impact.

    Nobody gets out of here alive, just how it is.

  10. Regarding the colonial war of secession, as Andy L. noted above, without Fench military and naval intervention, Washington would likely have failed. And It should be remembered that in 1789 France paid a tragic price, The French Revolution was due in no small part to the exhaustion of its material and financial resources during its support of the American colonists.

    • Now would be the time for GM to tell the Fedgov to pound sand, based on the recent “Chevron deference” ruling by the Supreme Court; let’s see if they have the balls to do so, or are completely whipped.

      • They all should. It would change everything. But then it also opens up the 3rd world cars arriving in mass, which would destroy the big 3 and their union workers. Maybe that’s what should happen. IDK.
        IF we had any real manufacturing left, real manufacturing, which is making things from raw materials, we would be OK. The epa destroyed these things too.
        For example, there were 10 foundries in my deep blue state in the East, all gone over the past 20 years or so.

  11. Interesting how we celebrate the time when we told the British to shove it after we had decided to to shoot them; whereas, if you even talked of such things today, you will get an all expense trip to the cell block.

    You will be called unamerican. I guess Washington, et al were unamerican.

  12. Lockdowns, mandates, Jan 6, ect., have proven there is no will to rebellion. Too risky while you still have something to lose.
    However, I have often wondered why a perfectly legal, no risk protest strategy hasn’t been more vigorously promoted. A 6 month tax strike. Every filer of a 1040 may request a 6 month extension for any reason, or none at all. I imagine that if some millions of income tax cattle simply filed an extension on April 15, a potential some hundreds of billions 4/15 shortfall in revenue might gain some attention, no?
    The worst that could happen is a little interest on what you “owe” on October 15.

  13. Great article Eric:

    I believe there is one thing that many fail to consider. It explains why an underdog like the colonists could win against a global superpower possessing better arms, training, funding, and education:

    The side with nothing (or not much) left to lose does not need to be nearly as careful of the side that does. The consequences of a mistake are much higher for the side that already has everything. This alone gives any underdog a major advantage.

    There is nothing as dangerous as a man with nothing left to lose.

    Ask an escaped convict.

    • The signers of the Declaration were wealthy landowners and successful business men. They did have much to lose and, by all accounts I’ve read, most of them did pay dearly, some with their lives.

  14. Our independence was discarded and trampled at the “Constitutional Convention” in Philadelphia that illegally disposed of the legal Articles of Confederation. And we end up with this. A nation founded upon a criminal act.

  15. Bad day for America’s Hessians:

    ‘Russian forces struck nine Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 fighter jets over the past day in the special military operation in Ukraine, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

    “Also, nine Ukrainian Air Force aircraft were hit over the past 24 hours. A combined strike by precision weapons against an airfield destroyed five and damaged two Su-27 planes of the enemy’s Air Force. Another two Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-27 aircraft were shot down by Russian air defenses,” the ministry said in a statement.’ — TASS

    How many F-16s can Russia take out in a single day? ‘A lot,’ hopes defense contractor leech General Dynamics.

  16. In 1798 the the Alien and Seditions Act was signed into law.

    Hardly 20 years on from the Revolution and the elite were already hard at work limiting freedom.

    The whole celebrating independence thing is yet another example of propaganda engineering.

  17. >American colonies that became states (plural)
    Please note for future reference:
    “United States” is plural, not singular.
    Proper usage is “the United States *are*”
    “The United States is” is incorrect, and misleading.
    Language matters.

  18. I vividly remember the darkness that hung over July 4, 2020. The contrast of the idea of liberty and freedom which the Declaration of Independence stands for vs. the absolute tyranny of worldwide “lockdowns” overwhelmed me beyond words. There were maybe one or two people I knew that were not swept up in the mania, and even they were a bit wobbly.

    I’ve said this a number of times, but it bears repeating (over and over). The island of sanity that was EPAutos during those especially dark days was immensely important. The U.S. is in a better place today. I credit the small but active minority of people like Eric Peters and the regular commenters here for bringing about the awakening and change for the better.

    Happy Independence Day to all.

    • Right on Mister Liberty. It was the non-mainstream media, like EP Autos, and a few others that simply questioned the mainstream narrative. Called critical thinking.
      For me, the tell was how much they were ‘selling’ it. Didn’t make sense. Hard sells too. Mandatory hard sells, etc…..
      Glad my immediate family trusted me enough to at least say no in the beginning. It got harder cause both my kids were in college and the pressure was immense for young adults being chastised, etc…. They were yelled at in front of whole classes by professors, labeled, etc….. My daughter was called out on the college radio! My son was brought in front of a tribunal of 6, even with a Psychologist! They almost caved.
      My answer was always, fight, stand up, do not sit down, and we will support you if you have to quit. When they did not sit down, and refused to quit, publicly, they attracted other like minds that were silent at the time.

  19. ‘each man worth more than just a man (of which the British had plenty … a man who fights for a paycheck).’ — eric

    King George’s hired guns included the Hessians, regarded with deep contempt by early Americans.

    Look at us now. The Ukies and the Israelis serve as our Hessians. ‘We’ pay them, equip them, and arm them to fight ‘our’ proxy wars against Russia and Palestine.

    The evils of the US fedgov make ol’ King George look like a laissez-faire sweetie pie. Washington, Jefferson, Madison et al would regard today’s DC entity with utter revulsion. Probably they would advocate nuking it for a decisive, clean finish.

    July 24 is anti-Independence Day: by inviting the murderous, greasy, smegmatic war criminal Netanyahu to address a joint session, Clowngress demonstrates that hardly a handful of its 535 belly-crawlers share any values whatsoever in common with us.

    Shun this disgraceful spectacle of groveling obeisance to a foreign entity that pollutes our elections and our culture.

    • Thank you for this:

      “July 24 is anti-Independence Day: by inviting the murderous, greasy, smegmatic war criminal Netanyahu to address a joint session, Clowngress demonstrates that hardly a handful of its 535 belly-crawlers share any values whatsoever in common with us.

      Shun this disgraceful spectacle of groveling obeisance to a foreign entity that pollutes our elections and our culture.”

      Which is why so many in the patriot community call it the “4th of Jewlie”. We are not free, we are owned slaves of the Jews. Our entire elected body slavishly worships a mass murdering, genocidial maniac psychopath. And most of us refuse to say it, let alone admit it. Why do Jews have a death grip on our consciousness?

      Bibi Netanyahu (real name Miliekowsky – Polish) should be arrested for war crimes, not adored or endorsed by our elected whores. But they are whores, they take AIPAC and other Jewish donor money (like Trump who gets huge wads from the Adelsons) then they pay homage to these Judaic monsters – who openly want to control and murder every soul on this planet – while hiding behind the anti-semitic holohoax canard that they invented as a trick to control us.

      No one really knows why Amerika fell to Jewish control, but the question begs discussion, and some writers actually have the balls to take the topic on:

      God, the Jews, and Us
      A Deceitful Civilizational Contract
      Laurent Guyénot



      • Thomas Massie (R) KY is one of a handful of TRUE American patriots who have not succumbed to the jewish “babysitting” scheme that most of our congresscritters have accepted.
        In fact, Massie exposed the jewish “babysitting” handler scheme that jews are using to get what they want.
        EVERY jewish lobbying organization as well as EVERY jew is complicit in treason against the united States of America.
        As Netanyahu (nee Miliekowsky) has declared that ALL JEWS WORLDWIDE are considered to be combatants who support the (illegal) state of israel, it’s time to take him at his word.
        At this stage of the game, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE.
        ALL JEWS WORLDWIDE must be put on notice that they are all responsible for not only the genocide in Palestine but for polluting and destroying the body politic in the various countries where they dominate and control the political process.
        Keep in mind that EVERY JEWISH “holy day” celebrates not only conquest, but total destruction of all living things.
        Mental illness is baked into judaism itself. There is only one solution…

        • I agree with everything you wrote 100% Jews are a menace to an open and free society. Jews in Amerika are doing everything they can to stifle our free speech, control what we read, hear, say. They are damn monsters that we can not coexist with.

          And they know it, it is about time we admit it. All non-Jews are Palestinians to them. These Israelis will be happy to burn Amerika to the ground after they get done using us like toilet paper for their wars. And I think they are literally already doing that, I read weekly stories of food processing plants being destroyed. It is no accident, and no coincidence – our food supply is being intentionally sabotaged. Another Holodomor by these neo-Bolsheviks.

  20. Medical freedom was even under attack during the “pandemic” when governments implemented mask and (subsequently) vaxx mandates. Free speech was also under attack (and continues to this day to be under attack), though it was framed as “Stopping the spread of mis/ disinformation”. Never mind the fact that people who were accused of “Spreading misinformation” on COVID, face diapers, and mRNA jabs got it RIGHT.

    And with this fear porn campaign about bird flu that the sociopaths wish to concoct, they likely will try this crap again, but expand it to chickens and cows. They could even try to implement MANDATES for people to implant trackers in any livestock they have and/ or vaccinate them under guise of “Stopping bird flu”.

    And then of course, the efforts to FORCE people into EVs under guise of “Stopping the climate crisis”. If there’s anything that people NEED to realize, particularly over the past 4 years, it’s that whenever government tries to FORCE people to do something, there’s usually some sort of sinister agenda behind it.

  21. The nation certainly seems to be splitting geographically. “Red” and “blue” states, cities or rural, Ketchup vs catsup (vs salsa). But how much of that’s always been the case? I remember in the 1970s there was Disco, certainly a divisive musical genre if there ever was one. But there was also stadium rock, country, singer/songwriters, and whatever David Bowie was doing. I imagine if you polled your typical customer of Studio 54 and someone at a Dolly Parton concert you’d get wildly different political ideas too. Interesting too that Parton is still around while The Bee Gees are pretty much forgotten, but that’s not my point.

    Difference now is that we all have this semi-uncensored view into the other’s world. And it is just a window -a flat 2D representation of whatever the other wishes to display. Sometimes we taunt each other, making silly faces in front of the window. Problem is, the viewer isn’t in on the joke and takes the windowed view as the whole picture.

    Where it all starts to fail is when the kids see us acting like fools in front of the windows. They never knew the time before the windows, before we all viewed the world outside within our cocoons. They don’t realize it’s all an act. I know when I was a teenager I thought what I saw on TV was real. It took seeing actual world and how narrow the lens capturing the view was. And that in front of the lens, everyone is acting, behind the lens, everyone is directing and editing.

    It’s all an act.

  22. True, a committed minority is necessary. But the analogy falls apart. Circumstances were much, much different for the colonists, than for us. For the colonists, there was a stark difference in who the rulers were and who the colonists were. Today, not so much, as the parasite of the State is infiltrated into every facet of our lives; education, medicine, history, transportation…it is literally us.

    Three facts that made the War for Independence possible to win:
    1. The British were already fighting a major war in Europe.
    2. The vast distance and expence of sending armies across the Atlantic
    3. French military and economic assistance, without which the colonists could never have defeated the British.

    • And the colonies were around for a century and had their own well established economies. Much of the structure was already in place, including schools, roads and ports, industry and exports. The landed gentry didn’t lose their heads, as what happened in France. In fact I doubt very much the life of the average free man in the now United States changed much at all. I’ll bet that silver coin with King George’s head still bought the same keg of beer or molasses. That copper hay penny bought a broadsheet newspaper or a few oz of pipe tobacco. And of course you could cut up a Spanish gold peso into 8 sections if you needed it.

      During the colonial era, local governments were elected. Landowners had a vote. Most colonies had a colonial assembly, towns had “meetings” which were a collectivist style rule making body. County officials such were elected. Of course the British had veto power over everything, but it wasn’t like suddenly everyone could just vote. There was already established norms. The big change was elections at the federal level.

      This is also why the dubious neocon “elections” in the various sh*thole countries failed. No one had ever done it before. So of course they’re doomed to fail. This stuff has to grow organically, over a few generations, before people get it.

  23. Channeling President Jefferson Davis, all I want is to be left alone. It’s increasingly difficult. Nearly impossible. Human nature trends towards tyranny; not just in government but in the workplace, social groupings, etc. Independence requires a clean break from all of it. Jerimiah Johnson had the right idea.


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