Monday, September 27, 2021
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Sticker Shock is Only the Beginning

Buying a new car can put you one step closer to living in a van down by the river. New cars cost about $25,000 on average for the typical family sedan -...

Old Bike Oil Change: Step by Step

Owning a vintage bike is great - but there's a catch. Many dealers won't work on a bike that's more than about ten years old (let alone 20 or 30) and...

What’s in Your Toolbox?

A garage full of tools  is a beautiful thing, but not everyone has a garage - or the money to spend on a full array of tools. Or even needs them. But having...

Logan’s Run … on Four Wheels?

Maybe the biggest single negative about modern cars is this: When they reach a certain tipping point - about 12-15 years after they left the factory - fixing them is either...

The AWD Con… .

Are you thinking about buying an all-wheel-drive car? You might want to think about it a little more. I can tell you from my test driving that the AWD version of a...

Five Winter Car Essentials

What's the best car for winter driving? It's one of those questions with no one size-fits-all answer. But I'll tell you what I think makes for a good winter car: * It's older...

Let’s Look at Leasing

Leasing a vehicle is a lot like renting an apartment. You pay a monthly fee to use it - but you don't own it and aren't making payments toward ownership. You...

Not So “Smart” Air Bags

Will your car's air bags work when they're supposed to? Probably - but not necessarily. They may have become too "smart" for their own good - and ours. All '04 model year...

Gas Saving Tips That Don’t Work

Are you following bad advice when it comes to saving gas? Here are some tips you may have heard about that don't work as advertised:  * Using premium fuel instead of regular...

Oil Change Intervals Changing: What You Should Know

It may not be necessary to change your vehicle's oil and filter as often as you once did. Recommended service intervals have been increasing over the past few years from as...
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