Low on the Dipstick

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Hi all –

I know I posted a fundraising appeal just the other day – and big thanks are due to a couple of people who responded almost immediately. But we are still way low for the month (46 percent off as of today, April 24) with about a week left in the month. If things don’t pick up between now and next Friday, we may end in the red for the first time in three months, ending what’s been a very positive trend.low dipstick pic

I know the economy sucks – notwithstanding all the MSM Happy Talk about “recovery.” If you’re a government “worker,” then perhaps you’ve recovered. It’s easy to do when you can force other people to pay you for the “work” you do.

I can’t do that – and would not, even if I could.

Coercion is not my bag, baby.

In my last article (here) I wrote about the positive signs amid the seemingly daily onslaught of bad news. In particular, the fact that more and more people – not yet a majority by any means, but a larger minority than has existed in the course of my life so far, at least – are backing up the cause of liberty via word and deed (as by supporting victims of government abuse, decrying such abuse openly… and so on).

Independent media will survive – or not – on the same basis. EPautos is not NPR – thank the Motor Gods! We won’t shove our hands in your pockets and “ask” (ugh!) you to “help” at IRS-point. If you don’t agree with what EPautos advocates, you’re free to click on something else and hope we go away.

But if you support the work of EPautos, please consider supporting EPautos.

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

PS: I will be a guest on the Bill Meyer show tomorrow at 10:30 eastern time. I will also be a guest on Kate Dalley’s show sometime next week. I’ll have both audio clips on site, too.


  1. http://www.simplypsychology.org/robbers-cave.html Realistic Conflict Theory, Robbers Cave.

    You’ve been told you’re members of arbitrary made up groups by authorities of vastly higher wealth and power than you: California. Texas. America. Christians. etc. Why do you fall for such obvious statisms?

    People who inhabit cages near you. People who have the same wardens as you and work in the same chain gangs than you, don’t necessarily have anything to do with you. Put in the effort to find those you truly have something in common with. Don’t fall for their ancient husbandry schemes.
    – – –

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/compassion-matters/201309/the-benefits-feeling-competitive The benefits of feeling competitive.

    http://www.active.com/tennis/articles/the-winner-s-mind-a-psychology-of-competition-3068057 The winner’s mind. A psychology of competition.

    “Unconscious fear of failure saps the will to win by distorting perceptions and causing competitors to hesitate to compete, procrastinate, lie to themselves, blame others, fail to finish tasks, and panic on the verge of victory.”

    The drive to best others and possess more territory still exists…. Only now, instead of fighting for food and shelter, we fight for the CEO parking space and the corner office. Or console ourselves by pretending that avoiding competition results in some kind of moral victory.
    – – –

    How the Baltimore Riots Were Started By Police Psychological Warfare Tactics. They Violently Agitated and Manipulated Naive Ghetto Schoolchildren.


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