Arizona Says “No” To Recording Cops… Even in Your Own Home

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Here’s one that demands pushback – as much as can be sent its way.recording cops pic

Arizona lawmakers want to make it illegal – a criminal offense – to film cops on private property.

In (air quotes) your home.

The air quotes being necessary to impart the appropriate irony.

If SB 1054 becomes law, anyhow.

If it does, AZ residents will be required to obtain the permission of any cop before they may lawfully record his actions. The legality of the cop’s conduct is ultimately irrelevant. He will be able to arrest you, if you film or otherwise record him without his prior ok.

This is an important point.

Legally speaking, any video made without prior permission stands on shaky ground as potential evidence – even if the video shows a cop committing crime. The video could be suppressed, dismissed – or more likely, destroyed. And the destruction could be – probably will be – anointed legal because, after all, the video was made illegally.John Kavanagh

No surprise, SB 1054 was introduced by a Republican, AZ State Rep. John Kavanaugh of District 8 (see here for more about him). Even less surprisingly, Kavanaugh is an ex-cop. An ex New Jersey cop. New Jersey is a notably corrupt state, run by thugs like Chris Christie – who is known to have used his powers to abuse his political opponents (see here) and steer lucrative state contracts to family and friends like a real-life Tony Soprano (see here).

“Law and order” Republicans like Christie – and Kavanaugh – use the law to order things to their liking. La cosa nostra… this thing of ours.


SB1054’s first paragraph deals with recording cops out in public, setting forth a “20 foot” standard. Any closer and it’s automatically illegal – and you are immediately subject to arrest. But even staying back 20 feet doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested.

SB1054 decrees that one may not record from any distance if the officer “determines that the person is interfering in the law enforcement activity.” Which means he may arrest you at his whim, since there is no clear definition of “interfering with law enforcement activity” other than the officer’s “determination.”hero with gun drawn

That is, the officer’s opinion. His feelings.

Any guess as to how he is probably feeling when you pull out your iPhone?

But the most noxious portion of SB1054 is the next graph, which makes it a crime to record cops running amok inside your own home:

“If the law enforcement activity is occurring in an enclosed structure that is on  private property (i.e., your home) a person who is authorized (authorized? by whom?) may make a video recording of the activity from an adjacent room or area that is less than twenty feet away from where the activity is occurring…”

An adjacent room?

How does one record a beating being administered in the adjacent room? Technology has given us amazing capabilities – but can iPhones take video through drywall? And what happens if the person attempting to document events in the adjacent room dares to poke his head – or his camera – out of the adjacent room to get a clear view of the beating being administered (or the evidence being planted) in the next room?stop resisting!

Under SB1054, that’s “interfering in the law enforcement activity” – all the cop has to do is say it is – and off to the clink you go.

And if “interfering”  doesn’t cut it, there’s always that old standby, “safety.”

SB104 states that a cop may forcibly remove or arrest you by pronouncing the magic words: “… it is not safe to be in the area.”

Note that neither of these things – “interfering” or “safety” – has an objective definition. This is deliberate. The entire point of SB1054 is to give cops a free hand to stomp video recording of their “activities” at their whim, without fear of repercussions. To intimidate anyone who might be thinking about recording cops.

Illinois was (and still is) famous for arresting people and charging them with scary felonies – and serious time in prison – under “wiretapping” statutes. That’s been dialed back some, but the cops are pushing back there and elsewhere due to the dawning awareness in the public mind, courtesy of citizen recordings uploaded to YouTube and such, that “Officer Friendly” often isn’t. Public confidence in the decency of cops is at its lowest point since the Rodney King beatdown back in the ’90s – which virtually no one outside of law enforcement would have known about had it not been for a citizen recording.

Would that citizen have recorded if he’d known he might go to jail for doing so?

How about the recent summary execution of Walter Scott by South Carolina Hero Cop Michael Slager? Is there doubt in anyone’s mind that  – absent the video evidence – Slager would still be in uniform instead of awaiting trail for felony murder?

These are not “isolated” cases.

Citizen video has merely made what’s been going on common knowledge. And that – from the point of of law enforcement – is something that’s got to be dealt with.

Remember the scene in Star Wars when Chancellor Palpatine is exposed as Darth Sidious? Unlimited power!

Basically the same thing here.

SB 1054 is an example of the vitiation of law, an essential prerequisite for… unlimited power.

Laws are supposed to establish boundaries. Clearly define what people – including cops – may and may not do. SB1054 establishes boundaries, alright.

For us.

We may do as ordered.

And when we don’t, we’re subject to being tackled and Tazed, cuffed and stuffed.

For the “crime” of recording official crime.

Franz Kafka, phone home. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. I live in Arizona and I reserve the right to flip on every recording device I have in my possession whenever a cop pulls me over or comes on to my property.

  2. I didn’t bother to read all the copsuckers’ ignorant complaints about the nature of reality (there is no such thing as a “good cop”), but I wanted to point out one thing to them: If you make it a crime to record cops committing evil, it leaves less room for any alternative short of killing the vermin in defense of life, liberty, and property. If that’s the way the cops and their fan club want it, they’ll keep acting like entitled bullies who can’t be held accountable. By supporting “laws” such as this. Their choice.

  3. I just read the bill. It basically forbids any and all filming of a “law enforcement activity” without permission from a “law enforcement officer.” Yet, I could not find in Arizona statute or in the bill the definition of “law enforcement activity.” If this passes, then some creative defense lawyer somewhere will end up advocating for the definition of “law enforcement activity” to include anything where law enforcement officers are called and asked for, causing videos of legitimate crimes to be inadmissible in court. The loopholes and chaos this bill could create if it were to become statute! This bill is anti-law and disorder (just like what should be the motto on the Brazillian flag…Disordem e Regresso…anyway, I am digressing and rambling now, so I’ll stop).

    • Hi Shoal,

      Yup. It deliberately uses vague language to give cops virtually unlimited discretion to arrest or at least harass people recording them. A cop could plausibly argue that simply being in uniform and on duty constitutes “law enforcement activity.”

      After all, he is there to enforce the law, right?

  4. I started viewing this site for the information on autos, etc. Even gave donations to help save it.

    But now, I have to look at it again and see if I really want to continue going to this site and even more, any future donations.

    Sadly, this site has become one of the latest to just “Hate and Despise” the local Police. Are we trying to make yourselves victims of police investigations or unlawful actions when we are at fault for a lawful violation?

    This page is always coming up with foul name for the men and women in uniform that protects everyone from the real criminals of our society.

    When questioned or stopped by the law officers, do not give them a reason to suspect your actions as one of criminality. Answer the necessary questions if asked and cooperate with the officer and things will most likely be OK.

    Criminals have reasons to be afraid of the police.

    And the police have reasons to be fearful of some citizens, look at the recently assassination attempt of the policemen in Philly. Shot multiples times while sitting in this automobile.
    Or the past killings of the different policemen and women across this Nation. No cameras or parades in protest on these murders…. after all, they are just “cops”

    It is sites like this and BLM that saying that policemen lives are not worth anything and the criminal minds and mentally incapacitated are having an “open season” on anyone that looks like a policemen.
    I guess it is just “our opinion or race or culture” that is really important…not facts or everyones’ lives, every race or every culture.

    Most Americans are law abiding, regardless of religion, race or culture.

    There are two sides to these issues. I do not think that I will be finding many objective, both sides articles on this site. Sadly, it has deteriorated and decline in its content, in my eyes.

    There are more objective and informative sites out there.

    I wish everyone well.

    And maybe this site will find its supporters that will donate to keep it going for those of this ilk and leanings.

    • “This page is always coming up with foul name for the men and women in uniform that protects everyone from the real criminals of our society.”

      Another “goodbye, I useta be a donor” post. Well, don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good lord split you. Anybody who could write such a line as the one I quoted from your (first?) post is unlikely to have read “this page” and still have made a donation.

      So long, vjc, old pal, old comrade in arms old shoe, old thing. We’re gonna miss the shit out of you.

    • Don’t remember the exact spec right now, and will not waste the time to look it up, but IIRC less than 20 ‘LEOs’ were killed last year in the US, some of them by their own reckless driving in high speed chases.
      A civilian was killed by police approximately every 8 hours. Very few of them were criminals. Many were unarmed, many were trying to surrender. Several were innocent bystanders, what the military call ‘collateral damage.’ So your arguments don’t wash.

    • I made it all the way to “but now” before I knew for sure you’re a copsucker. I can only speak for myself….but I’ll miss you like a new hemorrhoid.

    • vjc, the only thing that changes views like yours is personal experiences. Mine started early in life because I live in a particularly corrupt state. Mine are relatively minor but I do know that I have more to fear from cops than any other ‘gang’. I also know that my fellow man is of a little danger to me and would be so even if cops vanished because its in his best interest. And furthermore your advice is what one would give a slave, a serf, or someone who isn’t free. Your advice is to be submissive. It may work for short term survival but it’s not the behavior of men in a free nation. It’s basically an admission this country isn’t free and you accept it not being so.

      • Brentp, are there any states that are not corrupt? All governments of the western world are engaged in corruption. There is not one that is clean and moral or ethical.

        • It’s a question of degree. The power of the state creates the corruption. The greater the power the greater the corruption.

          The same themes are everywhere. Try pointing out to people that what North Korea’s government does to kids in schools is just a matter of degrees worse than what government here does to kids in schools but the same thing and they’ll get angry. Same with pointing out that Iran really isn’t conceptually different than the USA and that will make them angry too. We have different cults and systems but government is government the world round. It’s too difficult for people to comprehend, often not in the interest of those who need to comprehend it, so it will never get fixed.

    • Hi VJC,

      First, some context: I’m a college-educated, middle-aged, married white guy. I despise violent people; people who steal, people who hurt other people.

      Which is why I dislike cops.

      That is, law enforcement.

      Because the majority of their work involves using violence against people who’ve hurt no one, nor plausibly threatened to. Seatbelt scofflaws, “speeders.” Those who “possess” arbitrarily illegal “drugs.”

      Most of the laws being enforced are statutory rather than moral. In legalese, they are malum prohibitum (against the law) rather than malem in se (actions that are wrong in themselves, regardless of law). It is now illegal to not buy health insurance. Inevitably, cops will be deployed to force people who’ve not “signed up” to pay the fines. You support this sort of thing?

      I don’t need a law – or cops – to keep me from committing murder or rape or theft or assault. Most people don’t need laws or cops to keep them from doing such. So, you’re right that most people follow the law… moral law. It’s the other stuff I take issue with – and you ought to, as well.

      If cops restricted their activities to keeping the peace, I’d support their work enthusiastically.

      It ought to tell you (and them) something that more and more middle-class, college-educated white people are coming to loathe cops. Not because of animus toward peace keeping. But arising from a justifiable contempt for law enforcement.

      Use your brain, man.

      Slavishly reverencing laws because they’re laws (no examination of the underlying morality of the law) and worshipping those who enforce the laws is exactly that… slavish.

      • What’s scary, Eric, is how many American “law enforcement” agencies are being trained by Israeli retired military on methods they’ve employed to subjugate Arab and Palestinian peoples in Gaza and the West Bank. And we know just how “benevolent” Israel has been to those folk. I’ll bet Herrs Hitler and Himmler are having a great chuckle from down there in the ‘nether regions’ over this, but I don’t want the joke to be at American’s expense!

    • “the men and women in uniform that protects everyone from the real criminals of our society”
      Sorry, but often the men and women in uniform are the real criminals of our society. Not saying always, or even mostly, but increasingly.

    • Well, maybe you can ‘splain me why so many Copologists object to my use of “Enforcer”. Ahh, but that’s right, you’ve decided to not darken this website again. Enjoy your time in West Korea.

    • I have zero respect for police. they dont do anything besisdes collect six figure paychecks and gold plated pensions here in chicago. nothing. If they all quit tomorrow no one would notice. if you ever need one youre screwed.

  5. Governor Doug Ducey is big pals with Senator McCain, “national security” neocon champ, and Ducey has some scary connections in the Manhattan financial community. Ducey would be happy to sign any bill giving “law enforcers” more power. Let the legislatures continue this path, eventually cops will drag them out and shoot them because why have any politicians bossing them?

  6. Even the courts in nanny state Mass. have ruled (repeatedly) that it’s perfectly legal to film cops in public. That still doesn’t stop the porkers from harassing people who do, but recently one pig was forced to apologize by the police commissioner for seizing a camera from someone filming/videoing him in action. Be curious to see if the mayor keeps said commissioner when his term is up or boots him due to pressure from the cop union.

    • There’s an upside to no vids as far as I’m concerned. No vids, no “legal” vids and no one can identify whoever offs a porker. If they get down and dirty hard on everyone, it could leave the porkers at the mercy of those they abuse. of course, a vid of someone killing a cop will be the exception. Exceptions for the rulers and their muscle is the order of the day anyway.

  7. Just pigs looking out for each other.
    So then the mundanes won’t be able to record some pig while he rapes their fifteen year old daughter. Or shoots their ten year old boy.
    I get it now cover everything up with enough shit and it will be ignored.
    All you pigs stink. We don’t need you. We can create our own police forces without the lot of you fat, bloated, lying psychopaths and do a better job of it without murdering, raping, brutalizing and robbing from the people you’ve sworn to intimidate and victimize.
    As for the FOP and the pigs union; they should be run out of town.

  8. Kavanaugh reminds me of a saying among the old folks back home:

    “He’s gonna keep that shit up till somebody whips his ass.”

    That’s what “societal pressure” amounted to back in the days when the standard was that if somebody called the law on your ass, they were giving you a break. Somebody who got into the habit of making trouble for his neighbors would just get his ass whipped. If he was a big son of a bitch, it would be done by as many neighbors as it took to whip his ass.

    That usually worked better than “calling the law on his ass”, as we used to say.

    • Ed, where I live it’s the same. Somebody gets too radical and won’t listen to reason somebody, generally a couple somebody’s will put the word on him/her as is next time there’ll be gunpowder involved and they won’t get another chance. And that’s was it should be. I can’t call the “law” so anybody jacking with me or mine will be found in their burned vehicle or just not heard from again. I always know where there’s been some dirt work done and can load everything, vehicle and backhoe, onto a big rig and haul it there. Dig a hole, shove it in, set it on fire and cover it up. A twist on the 3 S’s.

  9. AAAAAAAAAARRGH! This fascist pig asshole is going to force me to sign a petition or write my state representative and senator – in other words, he’s forcing me to reach out to politicians, something I’ve so far been able to avoid for at least a decade.

    This state is certainly not known for its mental candlepower, especially when it comes to politics (remember, this is the state that has kept John “War Criminal Collaborator” McInsane in the Senate for 30-plus years), but I sincerely hope that even the sun-kissed inmates of this desert aren’t stupid enough to let this pass.

    • Me too, Liberranter. I’ve actually been at a gun show and had McCainiacs try to solicit a donation for McCain’s campaign. I’m mild mannered, but have little tolerance for stupidity – I actually caused a scene. I despise that warmongering piece of crap as much as I do Bareback Osama. May all the asshats who are shoving this up our tailpipes rot in hell – and quickly.

      Oh – and Eric – big loss on the “former donator” who is such a copsucker he is pissed about you WRITING about this abomination. I’ll sing a hymn in his memory – “Him, him, fuck him…”

      I’ll make up his donation later this year after paying off some medical payments. Hope other will do the same.

  10. The headline and opening paragraphs of this article are wildly misleading. This is one bill, introduced by one legislator a few days ago.

    Does anyone else in the entire legislature support this terrible bill?

    Unfortunately, the statists who get elected to office propose incredibly stupid shit like this all the time. In saner states, those ideas never get a committee hearing.

    • True. Wacky and unreasonable laws get proposed all the time, but the very fact that SOMEONE proposed them is scary enough. That one of these assclowns got elected should worry us all.

  11. This is about typical for “carpetbagger” politicians in the affluent areas of the state. They’ve tried similar “Help protect our police” laws before and they never gain much traction. This guy’s legislature bio reads like the backstory for a cheesy “family of cops” TV series. From Fox10 news:

    “Kavanagh said he was inspired to write the bill because of an encounter he had as a police officer in New York in 1974. He says he was trying to arrest a member of musician Wilson Picket’s band at the airport for drug possession when Wilson distracted him and the man tossed the drugs away. He did admit the bill may need to be amended to address people recording their own interactions with officers.”

    So we wait 41 years and hastily concoct a bill to compensate for our own failure to maintain focus on our job? How pathetic is someone’s life when he stews for 4 decades about his own incompetence ruining his one shot at making the front page by arresting a celebrity for a misdemeanor?

    For reasons totally unknown, the rest of the USA ships their weirdos here to chase their political dreams. This guy just fits in with the rest of them.

    We pretty much haven’t had a viable option run against McCain for Senate, since the Democrats will only put their craziest candidates on the ballot, and the Republican challengers haven’t been exactly the brightest bulbs on the string.

    • In a land of selectively enforced laws what sort of person harasses Wilson Picket and band over something like that?

      Just admitting he did that should tell people this guy is some sort of nasty control freak.

      • Two operant words answer your question”

        New York.

        Swelled heads prevail, those not yet swelled sufficiently strive to be so. SImple equation.

    • Hi El Guapo,

      Yup. And this cretin is proud (apparently) of having harassed Picket over his possession of “drugs.” Yet I’d bet you an oil change that Kavanaugh has beer/wine or liquor in his home.

      • Eric,

        It is virtually guaranteed. I think he might be on his fair share of drugs as well.

        Kavanagh has been a significant embarrassment to the state with his weird legislative pushes, like pushing for maximum security and death row prisoners to be in the hands of private contractors, making national news with his war on transgender bathroom use, trying to get the name of a Sikh gas station owner murdered by an ignorant redneck in “vengance” for 9/11 removed from a 9/11 memorial, and the list goes on. He even got his ass in a sling for racist jokes at a roast for Joe Arpaio and narrowly missed a recall attempt.

        This clown has also pushed bills to exempt spouse and children of cops killed “in the line of duty” from paying vehicle registration, to force the DMV to give personal information to private investigators and “civil process servers” without consent, to allow “process servers” free access to all sorts of private/secured property, and a few other perks for our friends in “law enforcement”.

        But, firmly entrenched in the more affluent neighborhoods of the Valley, he will be a hard one to get rid of. Thankfully, the more moderate legislators can keep his laws off the books and he can keep making an ass of himself to varying media outlets.

      • In Texas, Willie finally wised up and quit sleeping in his Mercedes and getting busted on the side of the road. At 82 I reckon he’s settled down a bit.

    • “he was trying to arrest a member of musician Wilson Picket’s band ”

      He was trying to put a charge on one of the Swampers? That’s treason, ain’t it? Kavanaugh should be dragged to death behind a slow horse for trying that.

      Think of the millions of people who have enjoyed the music of Wilson Pickett and his backup musicians and compare that to the number of people Kavanaugh has given any kind of enjoyment to in his pointless life. Fish heads for Kavanaugh.

      • Morning, Ed!

        It requires doublethink to support the “war” on (some) “drugs.”

        I’d venture to say 90 percent – probably 98 percent – of cops partake of alcohol, a drug. They do so (one assumes) without causing harm to others and would (one assumes) consider it absurd and vicious to arrest a grown man for “possessing” a six pack of his favorite brew. Yet they enforce laws making it a criminal offense to “possess” a bag of pot.

        Of course, these same cops probably would enforce alcohol prohibition, too, if it came to that.

        On others, that is.

        • Ive been to a “Cop” party. I promise you there was a plethora of off-duty LEO’s who were on their asses drunk, and driving home. And most lived over 40 miles away. Then, of course, the next day, while sportin’ a nasty hangover, they bust someone not for their driving, but for blowing the wrong percentage into the machine. Hypocrisy, thy name is Law Enforcement.

      • Shove a 3 lb bass up his ass. Let’s see him get outta that one.

        He obviously isn’t one of the steroid abusing crowd but I’d bet he’d go way out of his way to protect them. Of course steroids aren’t dangerous for cops to take……just the rest of us…..when they take them.

  12. This really sounds like something that goes against Arizona’s heritage. In the old days, someone like him would be ridden out of town on a rail. These days, we’re a little nicer than that, but I wouldn’t be surprised that his chances of reelection just took a serious turn for the worse.

    • “This really sounds like something that goes against Arizona’s heritage. In the old days, someone like him would be ridden out of town on a rail. ”

      Not exactly. Arizona’s heritage is one of deeply depraved political corruption and murderous law enforcers. Tombstone was located in Arizona Territory. That’s where Wyatt Earp and his brothers (Tombstone town LEOs) murdered several local men who had the audacity to arm themselves before riding out of town. The presstitutes back then named the massacre “The Battle at the OK Corral”.

      The office of sheriff was so lucrative that sheriffs retired early as wealthy men. Kavanaugh is likely a typical AZ politician. He’s probably been reelected many times.

      • Don’t forget too that this is also the land of Sheriff Joke Arpiggo, he of “Tent City/round-up-and-arrest-anybody-whose-surname-ends-in-ez” fame. It speaks volumes about the residents of Maricon County that they’ve re-elected this self-aggrandizing douchebag Nazi at least six times. I would like to say that the county is getting exactly what it deserves (it is), but unfortunately, Arpiggo’s douchebaggery has a way of rubbing off on almost all of the state’s other counties’ sheriffs.

        I’ve always been baffled at how a decent human being and respecter of the Natural Law and liberty like Richard Mack EVER managed to get elected sheriff in any county in this state.

        • A friend convinced me to take eletters from everybody with political intent. He said “Know your enemy”. I did and still do. I get mail from Reps, Dems, radicals of every sort including Good old Joe. His supporters are rabid to keep him in office and give you twisted and perverted reasons galore why you should send him money. After years of it, I just couldn’t go it any longer. I unsubscribed. I still get all the other garbage just to see what new evil intent they have going. I’m never disappointed in that. They make out like everything their opponents do is just exactly what you don’t want…..and they’re right……but they should include everything they want to do also. How anyone could be taken in is a mystery to me or was until I called an old friend recently and interrupted his Fox news watching. He won’t use the web… all. I can’t get it across to him how wrong he is when he claims he can read a mag or paper and get the same news. And why he insists on not using the net is his paranoia of being watched through his screen, a damned desktop computer of his wife’s. If the bad guys are so desperate to see what you’re doing or listen to your conversations it’s easily accomplished without using the web. He called me anti-Semitic when I dissed his hero, Rand and hung up for god’s sake. I’ll talk to him next when he calls me……which will probably be never. He won’t spend the extra $20 a month for unlimited calling. Jeez….

        • First of all, Liberranter, it’s Maricopa County (not Maricon)…..
          Secondly, I would not be surprised if Sheriff Joe Arpaio was ever truly elected after the first couple of tries. You see, it is the Maricopa county Sheriff’s office that is in charge of security over the ballots every election….
          But as for this bill, I honestly do not see it standing much of a chance. If it is passed by the Legislature, the governor still has to sign it, and I doubt that he will. and even if he does, and it becomes law, the local citizenry has ballot access, and can put an initiative on the ballot over turning this particular piece of dumbassery.

          • The SOB would be out of bidness if pot was legal there. His entire “kingdom” is dependent on illegal drugs and illegal people. Take that away and the feds would forget him like a drained cyst.

          • First of all, Liberranter, it’s Maricopa County (not Maricon)…..

            No, that wasn’t a typo; it’s definitely Maricon County.

        • Not really surprising. There’s Maricopa County (aka California East) and then there’s the rest of the state. Blaming the rest of us for The Toughest Sheriff in ‘Merica and Senator Bomb’s His Own Ship is crazy talk.

    • Electors make the final call, as actual land holders, NOT “voters” research to verify and wake up, and why ‘vote’ when technically said “law” only apply to actual employees to self ed xpressed “body politic and corporate” key word corporate for which Clearfield Doctrine applies, and when one knows what vs who one is by definition … none of it applies… as living private man upon land acknowledging God and living without fiction

  13. Too many of our wonderful police officers are being caught in outright murder and various other criminal offenses by these cell phone toting citizens.

    How are our police supposed to behave, as the criminal gangs the Israelis and American Jewish Groups trained them to be, with all the recording devices out their?

    No; the police must be able to get away with murdering the taxpayers that pay their salaries, and that is final.

    Tourists; Enjoy your visit in Arizona!

    • I have noticed that. I also notice that the same people who want to make it illegal to film the police are the same people who tell me that I shouldn’t worry about some new government intrusion if i have nothing to hide.

    • As if they care? Only mundanes have to conform to those decisions. The only time it ever worked to my advantage was when I visited the SIL who lives in one of those large yuppieville type places. The residents even refer to it that way and it’s a decent place to live except you have the wannabe rulers on the city council. They had a breed specific dog law to which I was treated to the specifics of it by a resident, referring to Cholley Jack, my best bud and an APBT to boot. My retort was reference to the new Supremes ruling that all breed-specific laws in the US were un-Constitutional. Nothing more was said by either party. Amazingly, nobody bothered(or maybe they did)to investigate. I didn’t take CJ on the walk I’d like to have though since they have plenty little turd dogs I was afraid might attack him.

      I will admit CJ can take a person down against their will and lick every square inch of their body. He’s an ear and french kiss specialist.

    • “Against a Supreme Court decision” does not mean the same as unconstitutional. Despite what ‘the man on the street’ and the Nazgul themselves believe, the Supremes are not the legitimate ‘deciders’ as to what is and is not Constitutional. They arrogated that role to themselves in 1803 (Marbury vs. Madison) but it is not in the Constitution. The 9th and 10th Amendments make it clear that the States have the ‘right’ to do things like this. Not that this law or similar things are ‘right,’ but the Fedgov does not have the authority to bar it.

      • Correct, Phillip. The “principles of ’98”, expressed in the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions (written by Madison and Jefferson, respectively) held that the states are the final arbiters of what is constitutional. That makes perfect sense, since the fedgov was created as the agent of the states for specific purposes. It would make zero sense for the agent to have final authority to determine what powers it has been given.

    • It does. SC overturned an similar Illinois law. It hasn’t stopped Illinois either, as they have just passed a new law not much different from the overturned one.

      I guess they figure the law will likely be enforced until the SC slaps their wrist again. Rinse and repeat, as lawyers retry and retry the same thing over and over and over.

      It’s like when the SC overturned the DC gun ban. It should have overturned Chicago’s at the same time, but nope, residents of Chiraq had to wait another couple of years for theirs to be overturned.

      But that is how government “works” today. Keep voting and voting and voting until we vote “right”.

      It wears out those that want to stop it, by continuing to push, even after losing a number of times. There is a local park district that has tried to win a tax increase six times over the last six years. They lose and next year, there it is again. So far the voters have managed to vote it down every time. One time they almost got the votes for the increase. I think they only reason why they haven’t gotten it, is the park boss is a major a****le and people are voting against him not the park department so much. So they will get it after he is out.

      • Hi Bevin,

        As someone else here already noted, it’s startling – when you think about it- that most people just accept the self-anointed power of the Supreme Court to decide what is and isn’t in the Constitution… when such power is manifestly not in the Constitution.

      • Supreme Court – a group of nine black-robed creatures of human origin who have forfeited their humanity in exchange for power – aka ‘The Nazgul.’

        • I agree with your post PtB, but a more fitting description of those parasites would be: a group of nine power-hungry people who are usually male creeps wearing black dresses that have forfeited their humanity in exchange for the power to bully their betters.

  14. Someone might ask what constitutes “private property”, the townhall is private property, as is the police station or a national park. People can be charged as trespassers in these “public places”. Your “private property” is actually a public resource to benefit public purposes(taxes) and as such is “public”. Confused yet? Within this concept that nearly everyone glosses over is the fact that once some property becomes “public”, no one can use it without authorization. This makes whatever is “public” actually “private” in fact.

  15. “Would that citizen have recorded if he’d known he might go to jail for doing so?

    How about the recent summary execution of Walter Scott by South Carolina Hero Cop Michael Slager? Is there doubt in anyone’s mind that – absent the video evidence – Slager would still be in uniform instead of awaiting trail for felony murder?”

    You may not be aware of this Eric, but said cop actually just got out of jail on bail.

    Yes, even though this video exists….can you imagine any scenario where a citizen doing a similar thing would be released on bail/bond?

    There’s one thing though that all the sycophants of the state don’t realize: There is a tipping point of the train of abuses they heap upon the common man. No one know’s there it is, but it exists- and surely as the boot stomps further on the face of humanity there comes a point at which the stompee no longer cares if he dies or not as long as he can at least bite it before expiring.

  16. Of course this is 100% pure grade BS, but here’s a scenario to consider:

    What if you have personal security cameras in your home in general, and the thugs just bust down the door and pin you to the floor, or knock you out, or whatever they like to do? Cameras are still rolling, but 4 seconds before they bust in, you were just on the toilet or sleeping.

    You never even had a CHANCE to turn off the cameras. so they are recording the cops. This becomes another crime to them now. But since you had no chance to “comply”, isn’t this the very definition of ENTRAPMENT for this charge? (i.e. committing a “felony” against your will)

    Or here’s another thought: What if you don’t record it, but merely “broadcast” or “stream” it to a server. the SERVER might record it, but YOU are not recording anything and the server is NOT yours. Their crimes are still bring broadcast to the world live, but this law clearly says “recording” and a lawyer might have fun with that one…

    • I thought the same thing. But then I realized the point isn’t to play the loophole game, it is to keep these sorts of screwball laws off the books to begin with.

      People of Arizona, vote these idiots out! Unless you actually these idiots represent your opinions. In that case, good luck and you’ll never see me in your state again.

      But please, please get rid of the evil McCain. The world can’t take much more war.

      • I’ve thought this before in other circumstances but in Insane McCain’s instance it would be fine if Sympathy for the Devil was playing loud anywhere he was. It would be fitting and I doubt he could be any crazier.

      • People of Arizona, vote these idiots out! Unless you actually these idiots represent your opinions.

        They won’t, and they do.

        If you’ve lived here for any length of time, or even spent any length of time here as a visitor, you’ll realize that when God was doling out brains, Arizonans showed up days after the supply ran out and the store closed.

        I love this state for its climate, its natural beauty (I’ve always been a “desert rat,” which is why I moved here), and its very deep respect for the 2nd Amendment, this being one of its few political positives. But with very few exceptions I would gladly relocate most of the population to Antarctica – especially the transplants from the People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of Kalifornia and the Northeastern SSRs. THEY (Kavanaugh being a prime example), having turned their states of origin into such insufferable Marxist shit holes that even they could no longer stand to live in them, are determined to “rinse and repeat” here.

        • Hi Lib,

          I know Scottsdale and Phoenix pretty well (my parents live in Scottsdale). Scottsdale has (as you note) lots of transplants from the two cancerous peripheries of the country, and many of them are older “law and order” types. Hence this – and hence Sheriff Joe.

        • Unless you actually these idiots represent your opinions.


          Geez, I need to start reading what I write, especially when I get fired up about something…

          Obviously that should read something like “Unless these idiots actually represent your opinions.”


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