Five Hero Hogs Take Out Adam Kokesh

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For the “crime” of partaking in a marijuana legalization rally:


  1. “Adam Kokesh is a fraud who is working against the American people. He is on the Obama for America payroll and he proudly calls himself a Revolution Czar. Is this a “real” job title? Probably not. Although, it would be just the kind of title someone like Adam Kokesh would give himself. Is the job description “Fomenting unrest” real? Possibly. That is the purpose of the Obama for America. Whether it is a real title or a real job description or not, he takes considerable pride in it. Adam Kokesh hates America and everything it represents. This is just his way of getting even for some real or imagined offense of which he cannot let go.

    I was hesitant to say it so plainly before, but now there is no doubt. This picture is real. It is a legitimate copy of a facebook page that would be very difficult for the average person to fake. Yes, Obama for America is behind the Open Carry March of Washington DC, and smart Americans will stay home on July 4th and watch the fireworks.”

  2. Adam Kokesh, #130524, released with his felony charges reduced to citations which he refused to sign. Says: “Played hardball and won.
    I’ll talk to you on Monday.
    – – – –

    Adam Kokesh – just some guy who got tired of being paid in devalued federal reserve scrip. Tired of the outrageous always increasing prices at the company store. Tired of being put in a cage, just because he wants to use the scrip he worked for to buy some plants the Company, the Union, and The Government don’t want him to buy.
    – – – –

    When a government fails to follow its own laws, violates the fundamental human rights of its citizens, threatened the free press, created institutions that block and eavesdrop on communication, waged war at for special interests that threaten public safety, kill hundreds of children with drone strikes, imprison and destroy the lives of countless individuals for victimless crimes, stifle economic opportunity to maintain the dominance of the elite, steal from the people through an absurd system of taxation and inflation, shackle and enslave future generations in debt slavery, and suppress all political opposition, it is unfit to exist and it becomes the duty of the people to alter or abolish that government by whatever means necessary to secure liberty and ensure peace. A new American revolution is long overdue.”

  3. I’m not going to be one of the tax cattle who feeds himself into the Just Us system. I’m wide awake already after a few trips through that system.

    Here’s what I think: there will always be a huge majority of people who are willfully ignorant of what’s going on around them. I make it a point to remember that the root word of ‘ignorance’ is ‘ignore.

    • Good point.

      I try to turn a blind eye to it, but my friends and family not “fully awake” yet are just ignoring whatever does not directly inconvenience them.

  4. This was obviously done to send a message about the upcoming march Adam planned.

    It’s perfect, arrest him at “one of those dumb rallies” so the sheeple masses won’t think twice about what his arrest really means. “He should’ve been smarter than to be at one of those dumb rallies” they’ll tell themselves…

    • When it come to “the sheeple” I expect the worst, but hope for the best.

      Kokesh’s page says

      4,461 going to the rally
      3,949 maybe going to the rally
      87,194 invited to the rally

      Going through the financial and legal wringer of being arrested and having your firearm confiscated isn’t an option for everyone, buy I hope enough people do it, so that millions more of the sleeping tax cattle awaken and prepare for when DTK. (Der Tag Kommt).

      • The Sheeple will follow a Judas Goat all the way down the rabbit hole. There is no end to their Wonderland (self delusion.)
        It’s like they’re on a permanent Acid trip.

        The CORRECT method of doing things here is to use Kokesh and his march as a distrction; amass another 5-10 K people in VA and MA; and then quietly infiltrate the city, raise hell, and let the chips fall where they may.
        “Cloverism=Disease” asked, When and where will it end?
        It MUST be ENDED, with and BY us. Ain’t no hero gonna ride in and do the necessary. I KNOW people don’t want to hear it, even (especially?) smart people. Most people want to be left alone and allowed to do whatever they want. They don’t notice how bad things have gotten until they get f*cked in the @$$ by a spiked, barbed dildo. then they usually only complain about the lack of lube. 😛 You just can’t wake these people up. They are herd animals. and when it happens to someone else, well, that person’s Latino/Black/Gay/Transsexual/Evangelical christian/(something that idetifies them as “other”). Pre-event, “They did something to deserve it.” “Must’ve done something wrong.” “Only Da Jooz (whatever that “other” group is) are treated like that.”
        Post event? There is no WAKEUP moment, no Eureka! The Clover/Sheeple just bemoans the cruel vagueries of Fate and tries to make ends meet, and life goes on, Oh Well.

        These people cannot be counted on as allies. They might be counted as enemies, especially if “informing” were to be incentivized. they don’t understand that the Farmers (Animal Farm analogy) are NOT subject to the same laws, nor are the subject to the same justice, nor are they even AT RISK most of the time. They are insulated from dealing with the public, we “great unwashed,” and they LIKE things that way. It’s All Our Fault anyway. ANYONE with proper effort (and the right degree from the right university with the right contacts and the right products and the right timing and the right publicity and the the right friends and the right sponsors and the right cushion of money to fall back on) can do it! Any one of us could be Donald Trump or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, if we just APPLIED ourselves properly… (IE, it’s all about the effort. Not fully true, but “they” don’t realize how far the social network actually goes, they’re not aware there’s a CURTAIN, let alone a man behind it pulling levers.)

        I’d note, I specifically named the NEW money types. These aren’t Blue Bloods on Carnegie funds. These people DID make something. And then promptly made it even MORE difficult for competition to be born. And it’s getting worse.
        I am a mid-level nobody WRT breeding (grandparents were immigrants), medicore college, not even top of class, but I (used to) work hard – there were days I worked 20 hours, went home, changed my shirt, came back for an 8-10 hour day. The near-miraculous results – my terms, since I asked and no one else could’ve done it, makes it miraculous, if you will – got me… IGNORED. My efforts were ignored. Telling people I’d been there all night and made things work, meeting deadlines, solving issues, reporting bugs – all ignored. I was told point-blank, finally, that I’d never be promoted into a managerial role. Ever, managerial in ANY way. So, I was pigeon-holed into a “productive” role for the rest of my time at that company. I left on bad terms – but had a few friends there afterwards who filled me in. It was found out that the power company was blowing our power supplies. that took down TWO sun Clusters and an EMC cluster, plus one Cisco switch @ $10,000. Shortly afterwards, the VP was “asked” to leave.
        But we great unwashed – like me, doing my job – WE are the problem. ???

        So, yeah, I have attitude problem, and I’m amazed by those who don’t. But more amazed by those who are SO FAR ABOVE the hoi polloi (us) that they think they did it all, when all they did was get a guaranteed job, that they would’ve had no matter what they did on their own, even if they had NO degree and were druggies. (Come to think of it, I personally KNOW one who IS a druggie.)
        Cattle will never wake up. They prefer somnambulence.
        Make your plans, keep your powder dry – you might need it.
        And a LOT of friends to keep each other alive.


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