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Police raid wrong home, throw innocent woman into yard half-naked

News story here.

“Sometimes innocent people are present and inconvenienced,” a county spokesman said, after a family was terrorized.


SAN BRUNO, CA — An innocent family was terrorized when masked, gun-wielding police officers performed a surprise pre-dawn raid on their home. One woman was flung into the front yard unclothed and a 93-year-old grandmother was so badly traumatized that she had to be hospitalized.

The intrusion resulted when the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force performed a sloppy investigation of a man suspected of wearing “gang colors” and getting high without government permission.

The raid team managed to strike the address listed on the warrant, but — as we have often seen — the warrant itself contained false information.  The error stemmed from the fact that the listed address was a building comprised of 3 separate living units, two of which had nothing to do with the investigation.  The warrant made no distinction, exposing completely unrelated parties to an unsolicited helping of law and order.

The San Mateo Daily Journal describes the incident as described in the lawsuit:

At 6:30 a.m. July 2, Lisa Yeager was dressed only in a bra and panties while dressing for work when the masked officers arrived with assault rifles, according to the suit that states she opened the door and was thrown into a wall with such force she lost control of her bladder.

Yeager was dragged from the home onto the front lawn where her dog had relieved himself and was restrained half naked in urine-soaked underwear for more than 15 minutes “for the whole world to see,” the suit stated.

Yeager’s adult son, Jesse, was similarly manhandled and ordered to “crawl on his knees in the dog feces to join his half-naked mother in clear view of the onlooking neighbors,” the suit states.

Elizabeth Batchelor, Yeager’s grandmother, finally begged the officers to cover her.

Once allowed back in the house after officers determined they were not in the Uribe residence, Yeager showed her bruised body and was told by an officer that “a little bit of ice and it will be OK,” the suit stated.

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    • Hi Vox,

      I think it’s important to not speak in their language, accepting their premises.

      They do the victimizing.

      We may have to defend ourselves against it.

      • Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to.

        Morally, there’s a distinction; the language is still the same, but it’s all they speak.
        Moral man must understand sin, so as to not sin.
        But to defend against a rabid dog? One shoots the dog. Even if the dog is doing nothing, menacing no one at that time: It is is rabid, unpredictable, and dangerous, and needs to be put down.

        THAT is the language we need to start with, to understand THAT is the frame of our debate. We are discussing WHEN and HOW, not IF.

        Our hand has been forced at this point, especially with 24/7 monitoring and NSA snooping and tax by the mile and mandatory “recycling” of our vehicles… And confiscation of our guns introduced in a bill, and limits on free speech, government “deciding” who is and is NOT a “JOURNALIST” who should have free speech….

        Same thing, same result. We either come together soon, Hang together – or we WILL hang seperately.

  1. “It’s always unfortunate when innocents are present when a warrant is executed, but it happens. The nature of the activity is that sometimes innocent people are present and inconvenienced,” Beiers.

    But Canny said her clients were more than inconvenienced.
    “You can’t do a crummy job of your job all in the name of the war on drugs,” Canny said.

    The family was told nothing more than the officers were looking for the home of someone arrested for methamphetamine sales, Canny said.

    The family filed claims against the county and city of San Bruno, both of which were denied.

    San Bruno City Attorney Marc Zafferano could not be reached for comment.

    Canny said all they wanted was an apology and acknowledgment of wrongdoing but that the county appears to prefer spending money to defend its employees’ behavior.

    “My sense is they thought those people were gangbangers they don’t think that when they do this kind of stuff, even when you get it wrong, that anybody is going to call them on it,” Canny said.

    Says it all doesn’t it?

  2. “I support LEO’s. I believe that the vast majority of LEO’s are good, and decent and patriotic Americans just like me.” – A comment I saw on SHTFPLAN.

    When I read that comment I thought of this blog entry, and the many just like it. I guess the keyword is: “I thought”. The Clovers of the world don’t do that. They just ’emote’ or something?

    • CA Hero Hut! Hut! Hut!

      love the title, but is being quirky and vague a winning title technique from a traffic standpoint?

      Your insider joke is great for us regulars, hilarious and uniquely yours. but it may be a poor article link title that won’t generate many clicks. i don’t know.

      i took the liberty of calling it this:

      Cops raid wrong home, drag innocent woman outside wearing only a bra and panties

      it’s your second highest response so far. Your article received 221 Bad Donuts (96% upvoted) (with only 9 downvotes) (same idea as shtfplan voting system)

      Consider clicking on my name and taking a stab a reddit, it’s not that daunting. I only started this upon Bevin’s advice, but I think it’s been very helpful.

      Developing the chops to seemlessly integrate ourselves to the piranha tanks of the greater agora will be a necessary skill. I doubt I’m that good at it, surely there are many more capable than I.

      Anyway. Well done, consider offering many more of these hero decimation pieces please.

      Please also consider a few fun type pages tucked away somewhere on the site. For me they’re sorely needed here. The internet gets stodgy and stiff here sometimes, maybe because of people like myself I dunno. Courtesy of Darien:

      What about a mental dojo section where it’s proven visitors read and understand the type of books and articles they say they do. Otherwise we’re likely no better than the takers like clover who claims he’s a millionaire, yet is all talk, and no walk.

      You do well at exposing the fakers regarding mechanical aptitude.

      Yet populist anti-intellectualism can rear its head even here. What about those who do an intellectual drive by and occasionally bellow – “Ayn Rand sucks” and then get a pass as a full fledged freedomista? Challenge your fellows to show us what they know. Encourage everyone to demonstrate their understanding and mastery of market anarchist and voluntarist principles.

      tackling things like this is essential. if you don’t have pdf or other book viewing capability, get it now. this is serious freaking business mang. More of us should consider stepping up and discuss some of this stuff, what do you know that the rest of us don’t. What don’t you get or agree with? Are you a mentor, student, floater, here? What’s your malfunction maggot? Come on out with it already.

      It should go without saying that endless riffing on mainstream media subjects du jour no matter how deftly it’s done, will likely never get us the things we need to make us go. More of us need to be makers. Rise above being mere audience members and critics perched upon couches and office chairs.

      You are smart. You have things we need to make us free. We must all become better and more free. We need our own superior things that make us faster. We need our own things that make us go.

      Freedom includes: Freedom From, and Freedom To.

      Mostly we discuss Freedom From here; that which limits us; government, with its allies in church, media, in your face sheeple nannies, etc.

      To keep our brains balanced, we need to take “right-brained” examinations of Freedom To – that is, once the sovereignty of each of us is restored where it belongs, what kinds of things are we free to do? (Ride bikes and shoot guns for example)

      What is the purpose of our to-be-freed lives which, once we are properly in tune with our true nature as human beings, we’ll all be capable of fulfilling?

      Isn’t life’s purpose to “pursue happiness.” In America, there are three hundred eighteen million different answers to that, and there must be that many.

      Any fewer, and our society is still not be free. The establishment of freedom is not an end in itself but a means to an end; that ultimate end or purpose is that each person pursues happiness as he or she perceives it.

      If pressed to distill that individual pursuit of happiness down to one word, it is to wonder.

      To live unfettered and unshackled is to marvel at the immense richness of everything around us; to try to explore at least some of what exists would take many lifetimes to explore, and still not be completed.

      To wonder. And yes, having wondered, of course to be a maker and to create; reading may be followed by writing, listening to music by playing it, admiring mountains by climbing them, admiring fast machines followed by learning how to maintain and work on them.

      There is an infinity of things and relationships and ideas to experience! – it’s clearly impossible mention them all. Below is Just a sampling of what exists, you’ll see the name of a few and a subsidiary page on each. Click through them as you wish, wherever interest and inclination may lead. Add your own favorites to the mix.

      These might make good gateway pages to visit after stopping by of course. Throw the New York Times and other such media in the woods.

    • Dear Helot,

      Yeah. I left an acerbic comment about police brutality at one of the many police brutality whistleblower sites.

      Next thing ya know, two clovers, Frick and Frack, were calling me names and saying how “some people don’t know jack about LE.”

      I loved how they used the abbreviation LE. Probably “heroes.”

    • “I believe.”
      Core word: LIE.

      Ridiculous to see what’s going on – and Clovers are in lock-step with the statists, “It can’t happen here.”
      How long before people disappear? People like me, or you? DHS was checking bags during commuter rush again at Oak Grove T station…. Warrantles searches, with 6 effing pigs around, because the sheep of Boston are SO violent.

      Who benefits from all of this? Cops, Defence Contractors, and Government lawmakers. Certainly not the citizens, who are obviously TARGETS of these same tyrants.
      False Flag seems to be the order of the day.


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