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No-knock SWAT raid leaves Texas father dead, family traumatized

A mass of inhumanity smothers Jermaine Darden.  (Source: WFAA)

Gun-wielding, black-suited law enforcers busted into a home with a battering ram, terrifying everyone inside and leaving one man dead. Newly released helmet-cam video of the incident shows in graphic detail how this violent no-knock raid produced yet another casualty in the vicious War on Drugs.

Police Officer Suspended For “Excessive Force” Resigns In Exchange For $35,000

gray cunningham

Embattled Fountain Hill police officer Grady Cunningham has resigned. In exchange for his resignation, which became effective Friday, borough council agreed to pay Cunningham $35,000 and give him a “neutral” reference. Cunningham was fired in February 2013 after he allegedly used excessive force on a suspect in June 2012 in the police department’s holding cell.

Indiana sheriff wants military vehicles because “the USA has become a war zone”

(Source: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty)

As the Department of Defense continues to flood America’s local police departments with military equipment, some cops are letting the propaganda and the free toys go to their heads.  One sheriff in Indiana let out a disturbing admission that he views America as a battlefield — making it imperative, in his opinion, to equip his deputies with gear fresh out of the hands of U.S. soldiers fighting overseas.

No Jurisdiction, No Problem: Local Police Make Up Their Own Rules

An investigation by 8News Investigative Reporter A.J. Lagoe exposes Richmond’s Public Housing Police Department playing by its own rules and making arrests—where they have no right to make them. VCU professor Jayasimha Atulasimha was pulled over by police. “I was just pulled over for whatever, a wrong turn,” he says. But this story is not about a driver’s wrong turn. It is about the wrong turn Richmond’s Public Housing Police Department took at its very inception.

Police Officer Stole Evidence — Prescription Pills

Ronald Anthony Duplechain Jr

A Sunset Reserve Police officer has been arrested and booked with malfeasance. Police Chief Alexcie Guillory Sr. tells The Daily World his department arrested reserve officer Ronald Anthony Duplechain Jr., of Port Barre, Sunday for allegedly tampering with evidence and theft of prescription pills.

Woman Accuses Cop Of Assault, False Arrest, Pressuring Her Into A Date, And Rape



Erica Noonan, 31, is suing the city and Police Officer Carlos Becker, who’s accused of pulling her over because he found her attractive, using a cell phone to video tape her rear end while she was handcuffed at a precinct, and pressuring her into a date by promising to clear up her case. The lawsuit also names a slew of other violations.

Sheriff’s Office Arrests Wrong Woman – Twice

Ashley Nicole Chiasson with her two children.  Provided by Ashley Nicole Chiasson

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has arrested the wrong person. This time, the sheriff’s office extradited Ashley Nicole Chiasson, a 28-year-old single mother of two, from her home state of Louisiana in January and jailed her for 28 days before being convinced they had the wrong person.

Police Chief On Paid Leave After Using Activist’s Information To Open Accounts On Pornographic Sites After The Activist Filed A Law Suit Against Chief


A police chief in western Wisconsin is being accused of using a Tea Party activist’s personal information to open accounts on pornographic, dating and insurance websites, after the activist filed a federal lawsuit against the chief.

Parents investigated by child protective services after giving birth at home

Fatima Doumboya poses with her brand new daughter after a homebirth.  (Source:

A woman says that after delivering her baby naturally at home, she received multiple visits from social workers to her home requiring her to prove that her baby was healthy and under government-approved medical supervision.

Feds perform guns-drawn SWAT raid while investigating campaign finance allegation

(Source: Utah Department of Public Safety)

A prominent figure in Utah says that his children had guns pointed at them during a violent police raid to investigate an alleged white-collar crime. “If they’ll do it to me, they’ll do it to anybody,” said former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

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  1. Also a recent one, D.C. pig arrested for running a child prostitute ring in his apartment….

    Or the pig caught selling AK-47? (Can’t find the link, saw it on Facerbook this morning, appeared cops was selling AKs out of his trunk while on-duty.)

    Or body cameras “malfunctioning”…?

    Seat belt checkpoints???

    And lastly, in MA, it’s a crime – a FELONY – to record cops….
    It’s considered “wiretapping.” WTF?

  2. reddit can’t get a thumb off this article. seems it only tries for the first pic, then gives up. is it because the copblock server is an imagecockblocker who won’t put out, I don’t know. damn you internet.


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