Maxima Clover!

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Rolled up behind this Clover the other day – the day after it snowed. By which time the roads were clear and dry. But Clover kept his speed around 33 MPH (posted 45-55 zone) just to be saaaaaaaaaaafe!


  1. I don’t have to see the video. It’s a Maxima. All I need to know. So common for the model that I have come up with my own unclever saying: Car Maxima. Driver Minima.

  2. I’m sure this one has been mentioned before, but I had a recent encounter with the ‘Courteous Clover.’
    In the 4 blocks between my workplace and I-270, there is a shopping center entrance 1/2 a block from a traffic signal. Folks wanting to come out of the center can easily go to the next access, AT the traffic signal. During rush hour, when the light on the street is red, traffic backs up past that other access point. Then the traffic wanting to come out of the center starts to back up as well.
    When the light finally turns green, Courteous Clover will wait for one, or even 2 cars to come out of the center before going on himself. Meanwhile, traffic behind her is continuing to back up. The other day I had to honk – 2x – at the Clover in front of me to keep her from letting a 3RD car out ahead of her.
    Total disregard for the inconvenience of all those behind her in order to unnecessarily ‘convenience’ those choosing to come out of the center NOT at the light.


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