Ambulance Clover

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This is a classic – the Ambulance Clover.

Won’t move over, even for an emergency vehicle with flashing lights. Made the ambulance pass him on the right. Because Clover never moves over. Not even for an ambulance with lights flashing and siren wailing. Clover’s in no hurry…

Just be glad it’s not you (or someone you care about) in the back of that ambulance:

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  1. A few months ago I was behind a fire department pickup on the highway who had his emergency lights on. He was in the left lane and it took forever for drivers to move over for him. Finally we’re on a 3 lane section of the highway going uphill and he is in the left lane, I am behind him. In front of him is a car doing about 70, completely oblivious. We travel this way for about 2 minutes. I’m not sure why the fireman didn’t pass him on the right, but he was becoming visibly annoyed. So finally I moved over to the far right lane (leaving the middle lane open) , and when I was across from the lead vehicle I honked my horn and pointed behind him. Only then did he finally see the emergency vehicle with flashing red lights. He moved over, the fireman waved a thank you and went on his way.

  2. The irony, it was a clover complaining, just the other day here on epauto. About those of us that are not afraid of driving on a “snow” day, about MAYBE blocking a firetruck. And here is this a**clown ACTUALLY blocking an ambulance…………..


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