Here’s Why Heroes Should Not Be Trusted With Guns

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A shocking video out of Brooklyn, New York shows a police officer shooting at a dog in a crowded area as bystanders scream out in panic.

The incident began when cops attempted to make an arrest at an address in Brownsville. The suspect wasn’t home, but the officers’ insistence on entering the property led to the dog getting loose.

The dog enthusiastically jumps up on a couple of officers but at no point tries to attack anyone. Seconds later, a cop fires his weapon at point blank range. The bullet misses and ricochets off the sidewalk.

The crowd immediately erupts in condemnation, with one man screaming, “No, no you wrong. You wrong. You’re dead *expletive* wrong for that,” before yelling, “Are you serious? There are kids out here.”

Eyewitness Jason Holley told WABC-TV that the shot almost hit his foot. A spark from the bullet struck a man stood behind him.

“It didn’t dawn on me it was a gun…you almost shot me,” said Holley, adding, “I’m pretty sure that’s not the procedure they teach these guys.”

Police later admitted that the suspect they intended to arrest was not at the house, but another individual at the property was arrested for “disorderly conduct”. The dog was unharmed.

The name of the officer involved in the incident has not been released and it remains unclear as to whether there will be any kind of investigation.

Over the past five years, there have been innumerable incidents of police officers shooting dogs that didn’t appear to pose any kind of threat.

Numbers of shooting incidents involving dogs differ significantly depending on the police force. The most trigger happy appears to be theBuffalo Police Department, which shot at 92 dogs from Jan. 1, 2011 through Sept. 2014.



  1. ” . . . not the procedure they teach these guys.” Apparently, the truth of the matter would surprise him! Just lucky the “well-trained pros” are notoriously bad shots.


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