Hero Shoots Hero

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Georgia Deputy shoots Georgia Deputy, who’s also the firearm’s instructor, in the leg while conducting an “active shooter” and “stress” course. According to WSB-TV:

Sgt. Michael Cunningham said the deputies were training on an active shooter scenario when the shooting happened just before 3 p.m. Friday.

A source told Channel 2 Action News a deputy was checking one of the weapons when it fired, hitting the instructor in the knee.

“There is a great deal of concern,” Cunningham said about the incident.

Did he just say, “a great deal of concern?” Ah, duh dude, one of your cops shot another cop. Even when it’s this obvious the police still don’t take logical action. I get that the newbie cop wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, but if you shoot someone while you’re learning how NOT TO SHOOT THE WRONG PEOPLE, then I think your career should be over. At least for a good year or two until you can prove you’re not a complete idiot who accidentally shoots people.

I hope for all of our sakes that this wannabe cop is NOT allowed to continue the process, or has his badge taken away, for this. Some people might find that to be harsh for an ‘accident.’ Yet, IMO, if you can’t shoot the right people in training, how the hell are you going to shoot the right people on the street?





    Lisa Ruiz SALT LAKE CITY, UT 10 months ago Liked 2
    Dillon was a good friend of mine and a great kid.

    Shandrea rutledge HEBER CITY, UT about 11 hours ago Liked 1
    He wrongfully killed a young man. If us as citizens were to do that we would be locked up. How should he be treated any different?

    Alexander Martinez SALT LAKE CITY, UT 10 months ago Liked 1
    im tired of seeing police getting away with murder

    brandy hernandez SALT LAKE CITY, UT 10 months ago Liked 1
    Police officers are supposed to serve and protect our community but are instead putting fear into our hearts. How are we supposed to leave our homes while feeling at peace if we feel that an an officer may turn against us? Or hurt our children? Murder is murder regardless of the situation. Just because you’re an officer you are not granted extra rights.

    Andy Carp BELLEVUE, WA 18 minutes ago Liked 0
    This is disgusting, the officer should be tried for manslaughter.

    Lyall-symone Burst CHRISTCHURCH, ENG 25 minutes ago Liked 0
    I’m signing this petition as frankly the behaviour of American police is disgusting! it’s time for a change! the police work for the people not the other way round! They are there to serve and protect us not kill innocent people!

    steven hottle AUBURN HILLS, MI 26 minutes ago Liked 0
    An innocent kid died and nothing is being done

    Lynn Fontenot WEST VALLEY CITY, UT about 1 hour ago Liked 0
    This is unjustified… & it could happen to my son.

    Candace Rollins WASHINGTON, DC about 1 hour ago Liked 0
    No reasonable person would have considered this guy a threat. The officer either used very poor judgement or is a liar and murderer, either way the officer is the threat to society.

    juliet pelesasa ANCHORAGE, AK about 3 hours ago Liked 0
    I don’t appreciate dirty cops.

    Jesus Aguado SALT LAKE CITY, UT about 4 hours ago Liked 0
    The police need to be more observant and notice that he oblivious didnt hear them because of his head phones plus there are other ways to defend them selves if their life was threaten .

    Maureen Mcguire SOUTH JORDAN, UT about 6 hours ago Liked 0
    enough is enough,

    Marcus Garcia SALT LAKE CITY, UT about 7 hours ago Liked 0
    This is bullshit

    Butch Foeller NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA about 7 hours ago Liked 0
    Officer Bron Cruz, Is a murderer.
    Plain and simple.

    caitlin steiner LAS VEGAS, NV about 10 hours ago Liked 0
    Because this officer is a piece of shit… There needs to be consequences.

    Manfred Weston about 10 hours ago Liked 0
    The system is fucken broken

    shayna hulbert SALT LAKE CITY, UT about 12 hours ago Liked 0
    dillion was my friend. And he deserve justice

    jerrail taylor LOGAN, UT about 15 hours ago Liked 0
    I’m his brother n I gotta live with this shit everyday of my life n bron cruz needs to be charged we need justice

    Petition For Dillon Taylor Needs 5,000 Signatures

    • The whole thing’s just so depressing….

      Legally, there is a huge “bar” for a civilian to even “brandish” (that is, display) a gun. And if I or you or any other person were to point a loaded gun at someone’s back – even if we did not pull the trigger – it would be grounds for a felony arrest.

      Morally, what this cop did was beyond despicable.

      Cold, deliberate, murder.

      I do not grok what goes on in the minds (let alone hearts, if they have any) of these “heroes.”

  2. Bron Cruz is the murdering hero in the vid.

    Cruz, Bron. 801-799-4601 Police – Pioneer Patrol – 1040 West 700 South, SLC 84114

    Salt Lake City Corporation Maggot Directory Starts On Page 65

    Justice For Dillon Taylor

    Photo from JFDT Facebook Page

    Disregard everything you read in the corporate media that covers for the Salt Lake City Corporation . Going thru this facebook page gives you a pretty good idea Dillon was just a normal guy.

    • Jesus.

      And of course, “exonerated.”

      Meanwhile, in most states, an ordinary citizen must usually be able to demonstrate absolutely that he was actually in imminent mortal danger and had no recourse (i.e., could not escape/retreat) even in his own house before use of deadly force is considered legally permissible.

      Why are cops held to a much more forgiving standard?

      Should they not be held to a much less forgiving standard than an “untrained” citizen?

      • eric, about 30 years ago, maybe more, a local I knew, had known my whole life got on with the DPS. He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and didn’t do much good as troopers go, not aggressive enough. Every year they have to re-certify with firearms so he’s with this large group and they’re firing their .357 Mags at these targets(hopefully, .38’s). He tries to reholster his gun and it fires giving him and everyone else quite a start. They then went into the office to a class. After few minutes a trooper sitting behind the guy whose gun went off says “Hey, Jimmy, why don’t we go get you looked at”. He had shot himself in the butt and was going to simply go on. I think they moved him on into an office job like DL testing. A couple years later he quits or gets fired. I never knew what really happened except he was no longer an occifer.

    • I live less than a mile from this 7-11 and shop there often, which is located on 2100 South and State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. This happened months ago and no one ever mentioned it until now. About 1 week later they also shot and killed a man in the Avenues for soliciting show shoveling in the neighborhood he lived in.

      I would rather be exposed to Ebola than a police officer in SLC. And for the officers in this video, karma is a bitch!

      • Hi oooorgle,


        The cop has his gun out and pointed at the guy’s back. What has the guy done at this point?

        His capital offense was ignoring the cop. Failing to immediately “comply.”

        The cop is a murderer because he drew and pointed a gun at a man who in no way had threatened him. The cop needlessly escalated the situation, created the “pretext” for the subsequent summary execution. The guy turns around and finds himself facing a gun leveled at his chest. How would any of us react? Imagine: You are just walking out of a 711 and out of the blue there’s a cop screaming at you, with a gun drawn. Probably, we’d do something “stupid” – like flinch, or reach for a wallet or as here, an iPod – and that would then become the “threat” that justified our murder.

        And this murdering costumed cretin just walks away.

        • eric, I’m going to sign the petition Tor posted. I’d like to think everyone who reads this will do that also.


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