Colorado Hero Filmed Torturing Helpless Victim

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A police officer in Federal Heights, CO has pleaded guilty of attempted third-degree assault after video emerged of him beating and literally torturing a restrained suspect while his colleagues looked on.

Officer Mark Magness is seen on the video hauling a man out of a police car and smashing his face into a wall, causing him to bleed from the mouth.

The footage was all captured on police body cam, and Magness was fully aware of that fact, repeatedly yelling “F**k that! F**k that!” as colleagues tried to warn him that he was being filmed.

“Stand up!” Magness is heard saying to the man he literally threw on to the floor. The suspect can be heard saying sorry to Magness and begging for mercy.

In a moment of instinct, or perhaps stupidity as some might see it, the man attempted to fight back, which sent Magness into an all out rage.

The officer is seen throwing punches at the man’s head as he attempts to cover himself with his arms. All the while the cop is heard yelling “Stop Resisting!”

After handcuffing the suspect, Magness orders fellow officers to strap him into a chair. The man is again heard pleading for mercy, saying “I’m sorry, sir, I won’t do nothing else.”

“We’re gonna need medical,” another officer is heard to say, pointing to the man’s face, which was covered in blood at this point in the video.

“I don’t care, strap him to the chair,” Magness is heard to reply..

The officer is then seen jamming his fingers into the man’s eyes, his temples, and pressure points beneath the ears, as the suspect screams in pain.

The Federal Heights police department has not commented on what the extent of the man’s injuries were at the outcome of the incident, which occurred in December. However, last week Magness pleaded guilty in court. His employment status is not known at this time.

The officer has a history of using excessive force, and was even convicted of misdemeanor assault, having broke an innocent man’s arm in 2009 while responding to a call about fireworks being set off.


  1. Why anybody would be a cop is beyond me. Our governments have become democracies, with anything and everything subject to a vote. Then these cretins are tasked with forcing their betters to obey that blob of steaming rules. Little wonder they literally go insane and lash out. But yes, this is intolerable. At some point operation Phoenix WILL resume.

    • Hi Ernie,

      It’s beyond you (and me) because we’re not psychopaths.

      Or at least, we’re not bullies, not mindless rule-obeyers – and thus, the idea of being empowered to bully others and to spend our days forcing people to obey laws because they’re laws (period; no nuance, no judgment) is repellent to us.

      It literally makes me ill to contemplate it.

      So, rather than basically decent men who aren’t looking to screw with people, who becomes a cop these days?

      There’s your answer….

  2. Someone should execute the SOB and hang the body parts as a warning.

    They don’t understand it any other way. (And of course, they won’t get the message anyway, but it’ll put them on notice.)

    • Yep, but they need to make a video of a good torture session before slowly cutting his head off……with his own cam……along with his cam footage of the person he tortured and with a sign hanging around his former neck that simply says “Retribution”.


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