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Imagine if you actually owned your car once you paid the seller for it in full.imagine lead

Did not have to put little stickers and metal plates on it owned by other people (the people who – collectively – are the reality of this construct styled “government”) who have empowered themselves to simply take “your” car in the event you decline to put their little stickers and metal plates on “your” car.

Imagine being able to just go wherever you wanted to go, whenever you felt like going –  without having to obtain permission or explain yourself to random armed strangers. Without having to carry “ID.”

Cattle are fenced in and have ear tags.

Most people seem unable to draw a parallel.

Imagine your adulthood being respected. That it’s up to you to eat a balanced diet – or wear a seat belt.

How about being free to buy a car without air bags? Or a back-up camera? Or a tire pressure monitoring system? It’s probably a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in the house. But no one forces you to have one – much less have three in every room in the house, for “safety.”

Why don’t we have the same right to decide for ourselves when it comes to our cars?

Imagine riding around in the bed of a pick-up truck, wind in your hair, on a warm summer afternoon. Or the same on a motorcycle – without a helmet, if you wanted.non aggression pic

Imagine, in other words, being free to do as you liked – rather than being told what to do by others, or else.

America was once a great country – not because it was powerful but because its people were, for the most part, free. Their “safety” was their own business.

Which meant it was none of the government’s business.

The government’s business – if it had any at all – was to keep people from harming other people.

Not to parent people.

But then a strange thing happened. The people who comprise the government used the magician’s trick of misdirection, got people who were just people to think of the people in government as something more than just people. To assume for themselves the role of superior beings – whose superior judgment must be deferred to.

And – somehow – the people who don’t comprise the government accepted this. Probably, because they never thought to question it. Which is likely a function of their not having been taught to think at all.

Enter government schools. Which train people. If you haven’t read John Taylor Gatto, do so. Go here. One of his keenest insights about government schools is that they were modeled on Prussian schools. What are the Prussians historically famous for? Read and learn.

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And so it came to pass that things which, if done by an ordinary person, would be regarded as completely out-of-bounds (for example, the effrontery of ordering another adult to “buckle up” or demanding to see his “ID”) became somehow ok because the people doing them gave themselves titles and became a kind of secular priesthood, serving a god called government. Which those outside the government had been trained to reverence.

This god is jealous and patriarchal – as well as maternal.

But like all gods, he is really just men (and women). Pay attention to that man behind the curtain.

Gods – secular and otherwise – don’t do much on their own. They don’t event write books (or regulations).

Men (and women) do.

It is men and women, no better (and often, much worse) than other men and women who claim to be god – or that they hear him and are merely doing “his” bidding.

A fairly sizable percent of humanity has seen through the sectarian con and aren’t buying it anymore. The hocus pocus of the priesthood has lost much of its former power, hence its authority. More and more people, for example, see the pope as a well-meaning (well, maybe) old guy in a funny costume who never got laid.

Not as someone who has conversations with an unseen but omnipotent bogeyman and – accordingly – whose pronouncements carry the weight of omnipotence.Magna carta

But the secular priesthood remains as powerful today as the Catholic Church was prior to the Renaissance.

More so, actually.

Magna Carta, for instance, limited the power of the secular priests – denied their “divinity” openly, right there on the parchment.

But as the power of the secular god was restrained, the power of the sectarian god grew – to the extent that even to hold a “heretical” opinion regarding “him” or “his” doctrines (as transmuted, of course, by men) was enough to warrant a death sentence, usually administered in the most savage and painful way imaginable. Today, the church has no such power – much as its priests would no doubt love to recover it. But as power abhors a vacuum, the secular church has filled the void. It has assumed the universal (catholic, small “c”) authority once held by the church – including the power of life and death over ordinary people.

Perhaps one day the race will grow up and shed this seemingly instinctive need for gods – of whatever variety – and come to the realization that there are just people. Some of us smarter, perhaps – others less so. None of us perfect, let alone infallible.

But all of us having the same equal and absolute right to be left in peace provided we ourselves are peaceful.

Someday, perhaps.

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  1. Imagine that 9-11 never happened. There is no evidence that any of the cockpit doors were forced open. Cellphone communications from one of the hijacked planes related that the hijackers were allowed into the cockpit after they began slitting the throats of first-class passengers. FAA “General Strategy” mandates: cooperate with the hijackers and take them were the want to go. They wanted to go to the World Trade Center.

    America is a country were most people go by the book, even when the book is wrong- especially the well educated and the military.

    • Lots of unanswered questions about 911. For me the big one is WT7, the third building to collapse that day. A near-symmetric collapse at what seems to be free-fall or nearly free-fall speed straight down onto its own footprint. I cannot grok how this could have happened as the result of random damage such as falling debris from the Twin Towers or office fires (no jet fuel, no high-speed impact from a jetliner). It just doesn’t make sense as a natural disaster. I could see a partial collapse; the building falling over, etc. But how do multiple structural columns fail at the same moment? Wouldn’t the floors still intact below slow the falling floors above? Etc..

      But if it was dropped on purpose – “pulled,” as they say – via controlled demolition… then down the rabbit hole we go. It takes days if not weeks to set the necessary charges. It could not have been on the day of (911) as a way to safely drop an unstable building that may have fallen over. Therefore, it had to have been done prior to 911.

      What does this imply?

      There are many, many more such questions.

      • I know that if I was the pilot with passengers having their throats slit, I would have landed as soon as possible while demanding an armed reception- no matter what FAA rules mandated.

        I know that I would have been the most hated man in America (assuming only one hijacking): if we have to follow the rules, RAMROD should too, he thinks that he is better than everybody else.

        I know that me and my airline would have been sued into extinction for allowing passenger deaths.

      • It doesn’t matter what happened. What matters is what people believe happened. Their belief by and large is what government told them happened. Even then government intentionally made it unclear leading them to believe things that were of political advantage.

        So 40 years from now it comes out that it was an inside job. Some people will notice. Most won’t. The present narrative will go on just like it has with everything else.

        • Very true.

          It could come out that it was an “inside job”. Just like it came out that Randy Weaver’s family was murdered by government agents and that it was government agents who lit the branch davidian compound on fire and killed women and children.

          The truth of those events mattered little to none to most when it finally came out. The narrative that people want to believe will reign supreme. especially when it comes with large doses of “patriotism”, flag flying and plenty of “love it or leave it” talk. Just as we have people who still believe Saddam attacked us on 9/11. The government never said that, just merely implied the idea and people ate it up.

          When the truth of many things come out years after the fact, most people don’t care. They stand ready and willing to eat the next line of bullshit that their government feeds them.

      • eric, it wasn’t “pulled” as purported. The owner said he was merely misunderstand and when he said “pull it”, which is recorded history, he meant to “pull it over”. I have heard him say this…..pull it over. It would only take weeks and a hundred workers to rig up huge cables to a couple dozen D-10’s to pull over a building like that, if even possible.

        I like the way they always show some thin lines hooked on to the booms of excavators but never the other ends.

        The very reason steel buildings are remove with explosives is due to nothing being able to pull one down. I recall in the 60’s and 70’s old steel buildings, not nearly as strong as current ones, were nearly impossible to take down, hence the use of explosives. You could amass enough machines or attach cables large enough in a month of Sundays to take down WT7, just one of those things they fucked up on.

        Same thing for the twin towers. If planes had taken them down it wouldn’t have been in their own footprint. And not being forewarned to not speak of it, fire dept. and police at the time told of series of explosions that were exactly like controlled demolition in places they’d been when it was used.

        People just have no clue(luckily for the perps, Israel, Saudi’s and Cheney’s crowd)what it would require to pull over a building with countless huge steel columns concreted hundreds of feet into the ground. Now imagine pulling over a building like that and you can see it can’t be done. It can be dropped in it’s footprint though with properly applied building demolition techniques.

        There were hundreds of Israeli citizen working in those towers but only one didn’t get the call to not go to work that day. One person. Shit, clovers are idiots.

        • I learned in the Air Force that a jet plane had never burst into flames. Jet fuel is similar to diesel fuel. Try starting some on fire by itself.

          In 1945 a B-25 crashed into the Empire State Building without damage to structural integrity.

          • Hi Ramrod,


            I focus on WTC 7 because it eliminates debate about whether the impact of a heavy jet, the effect of this (and subsequent jet fuel-fed fire) on the structural core of the building caused the collapse – since WTC7 was not hit by a jet and the fire was an ordinary office fire fed by paper and wood and so on. The argument that the Towers’ steel core was weakened by the impact and fire simply cannot be applied to WTC7.

            So, how did it happen that this steel-framed building, held up by a dozen or more core columns, experienced a near symmetric collapse onto its own footprint at or near freefall speed? How does such a building (appear to) begin its collapse from the top down? Why does it appear that none of the floors offered much if any resistance to the cascading collapse of floors above them? Structural steel is pretty damned strong. Common sense suggests there’d be some resistance. A partial collapse. Some floor trusses failing. But the entire building just neatly accordioning down onto its footprint? As a result of debris falling from above and ordinary office fires?

            It’s very disturbing to raise this question because the answer suggests pre-meditation. Which indicates an event that was planned.

            If WTC7 was imploded (and the evidence I’ve seen strongly suggests it was) then the entire narrative of “911” must be called into question.

          • RAMROD, they were blowing smoke up your skirt if they said that. Diesel is harder to ignite than gasoline but I’ve seen planes and trains and big rigs burn to nothing from it. The heat of any of those engines is enough to ignite diesel.

            In the case of the towers though the heat didn’t go far enough down to cause them to pancake. It’s said that it weakened the structure enough that the upper floors caused it to weaken and then as the upper floors gained velocity collapsing into the damaged part it was finally enough to take the entire thing down.

            My question is why, if the beams held the building up all the way to well below ground level, how could the upper part simply bending down into the lower part exert enough pressure to make it go down at the speed of freefall. I’ve seen lots of scenarios created to show how each floor took the outside beams out allowing one to pancake into the other. I’m not saying it’s impossible but the entire debacle is clouded in so much lying it’s hard to readily accept some paid for shill’s word. There was thermite found in the air on many buildings in the smoke area that had air samplers that showed this. It was hushed immediately.

            BBC reported WTC 7 as having collapsed while the camera was on the talking head(woman)and the building standing there as she said this. Who told her it would collapse and why would she have that info?

            Daily Sheeple has some questions too.


            These are by no means all the unanswered questions since they don’t even get into the redacted pages of the 9/11 commission.

            • I guess that my instructors at Fighter Pilot University in Victorville CA were wrong. Nobody is perfect. By the way, can you provide one example of a jet plane that “burst into flames”?

              We had one fellow with a shot up engine. The floor of his cockpit got so hot that he had to punch out. His F-4 did not “burst into flames”.

              • I’m sure you’re aware any appeal to authority is a logical fallacy.

                Also, it’s the internet, where anything can be claimed whatsoever.

                At least this YouTube guy has 3/4 of a million views. That gives me at least some measure of confidence.

                Jet Fuel VS Diesel VS Gasoline how they burn and what color are they.

                Firefighters mistakenly pump jet fuel on fire instead of water

                Do you yet admit philosophically that tax feeding military jet pilots are a problem, or do you still consider them some kind of heroes?

                • Do you admit that every country on the face of this earth capable of building a runway has “tax feeding military jet pilots”?

                  Do you admit that every settlement on the face of this earth since the beginning of time had seen the need to arm themselves?

                  Don’t ask a timid question. Explain your viewpoint about the subject that you brought up.

                  • Settlements don’t arm themselves.

                    Human beings are discrete granular actors.

                    For instance, this site is incrementally funded by unique payments from interested parties able and willing to put their money where there mouth is.

                    Your fuzzy assertion that a settlement just does things beneficial to itself is a flimsy smokescreen and total evasion of the question.

                    Your claims to do violence to “our common enemies” are probably perceived as neither here nor there.

                    How exactly does one kill himself to freedom. Walk me through the path where the deaths of hundreds or even millions of “evil-doers” is going to help any of us out in any meaningful way.

                    You don’t owe me an answer, but if you were really for individual liberty, I doubt you would completely sidestep such a simple and easy question.

                    Do you see a difference between what Eric is doing here, and what an author for “Stars and Stripes” who’s ultimately being paid by the DoD is doing for a living?

  2. Eric you don’t understand. These tags and fees are just small offerings we make to the omnipotent deity of the state, who is the source of all that is good. After all, Government created the automobile, the radio and even the Internet (the last one through the guiding hand of Al Gore). The genius and hard work of individual inventors had nothing to do with it.

  3. If you fantasize about being free , you better imagine living in another country. The U.S.A. will never be free because safety is more important.
    1) Last year, stop signs were installed at every corner of my residential enclave because some residents complained about the danger.
    2) Parking is not allow on the street at night. My neighbor told me that statistics show that this reduces crime.
    3) Our park is closed at night because it is dark.
    4) At a village meeting about this proposed ordinance, one resident after another related horror stories about their confrontation with teenagers walking down the middle of street. When I related my tactic of rolling down the window demanding: “get your black ass out of my way”, they were dumbfounded.
    5) When pay phones were popular, residents demanded an ordinance to limit their concentration because of the potential problems. My suggestion: “check yourself into a padded cell” was not well received.
    6) At a special meeting dedicated to allowing our gun store to remain open even though it was across the street from a church, I gave a lecture about the meaning of the second amendment until the police sargent escorted me out.

    • “get your black ass out of my way”

      Confronting selfish/rude people in this upside down culture is considered unacceptable so people pass laws. If we did more confronting unacceptable behavior this would be a much better place to live all the way around. If were socially unacceptable to behave that way and people would make it clear then it would go away.

      Since we live in an upside down culture we get all these laws which are then selectively enforced. Like the ‘park is closed’ laws. There’s a park that makes a nice shortcut for me to get home when walking or biking, but after 10pm or whatever time it is I have to legally go around the park. It’s just stupid.

    • Have to close parks, the anti-sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking, noise, smell, rowdy clovers insist on it.

      The American clover is in a heightened state of offense awareness at all times.

      Normal people have a hobby and things they enjoy. The clover enjoys only limiting what his neighbors and citizens can do so that he is never offended or bothered by each and every annoyance on his 10,000 mile long lists of things he is annoyed by.

      Whatever happened to San Diego’s lovers’ lanes?'-lanes-or-make-out-points-in-san-diego.html

      The clover is allergic to living beings and life itself. Any unexpected variance immediately riles him up into the stratosphere of defcon 20 until finally someone in authority somewhere does something because there ought to be a law and his need for morgue-like conditions is provided him above all else.

      • Clovers are everywhere. The U.S.A. is the only country that puts them on a pedestal and caters to them. After the Oklahoma City bombing, the police came to my friend’s house at 2:00 AM because a neighbor reported the Ryder truck parked in his driveway.

  4. Oh, you own it, at least when it comes to fixing it or insurance. But the state needs to provide protection in the form of “grand theft auto” investigations and other “services,” without which you might have some “problems” down the road.

    See Eric, they’re only trying to help you. All you have to do is relax and let the sedatives (mass media) do their job and you’ll be just fine.

    (for those of you who have no sense of humor, that was sarcasm)

  5. Everything right or wrong in this world, simply leads back to property rights. At its most fundamental level, you own yourself. Everything else originates from there. Somewhere along the way, totalitarians came up with ideas whereby–for your own good and safety–you give up some of those property rights. People never even thought to question why. Later generations are born into the system and “that’s just the way it is”.

    Enter religion. At first, religions are a divergent entity. They question the states authority, applying authority only to God. Conveniently, who , what and where God is can mean different things to different people. Then the state wraps their apparatus around religions, gives them IRS tax exempt status and viola, the first god they teach of is the god of the state. If they are obedient to that first rule and make God subservient to the state, everything is fine. If they teach that man has inherent rights that everyone must abide, including the state, things don’t go so well for them. Look at Mormons circa 1840 for a great example of this in the united states. The government felt “threatened” by their polygamy and other strange things they did. Since when did my neighbor having 8 wives affect me? It doesn’t, unless they become like the gay movement and use government to coerce me into employing, sheltering and involuntarily serving them.

    Now the mormons, are no different than the baptists, lutheran’s, and the plethora of other religions that came before them. They jumped in line–as did their predecessors–to serve the state. Their book teaches one thing and their church teaches another. So it goes when you learn the lessons taught in public schools. You become one of the millions of dumbfounded dipshits who never thought to question why our lives resemble so much the lives of cattle.

    It takes more than losing religion, in my opinion. Most people who lose their Christian religion never lose the religion of the state. They actually grow more dedicated to it. They cleave to it because they needed something to hold onto.

    I hold onto the idea that there is a God. I refuse to believe that he created me to be subservient to an aggressive, murderous apparatus called the state. The only god that makes sense is a god that believes in the NAP. End of story.

    Sorry to be so wordy, for those of you who made it through my whole mishmash of opinion.

    • ancap, I made it fine, was glad to hear you say this. While I have no more idea than anyone else if there is a god(s), I can readily admit it and don’t have to make strawmen or other such to support my views of “maybe…..who knows for sure?” as opposed to “I know it for a fact to be true”.

      The fact that the shrub has spoken to the Southern Baptist every year since 2002 tells me everything I need to know about some religions. Govt. is always best served with a good dose of religion, to the point that the two are inseparable. You need only look at Catholicism and Islam, both combining civil law and religion. Mind a cleric or have your ass handed to you.

  6. To the point about tags and stickers, add Vehicle Titles. Why does The State issue this piece of paper? Why isn’t it something the manufacturer issues?

    Oh, I see, it not really YOURS.

    • Mark, not a single thing is “yours” …..if the state knows about it. I used to do a lot of bartering, went to auctions, paid cash for goods and sold it for cash. I did well and my cash continued to grow to the point I realized one day should anything ever bring the state down on me(if I had only known), my stash would be gone… was later proved to me. Hence my term, “banking in the pasture”.

      They can’t take what they can’t find and pasture banking is as good as it gets. Materials needed: a watertight container, preferably something such as an Igloo water cooler of the half gallon or gallon variety, silicone sealant, a few Ziploc freezer bags and post hole diggers(narrow hole, nothing to see after a few days or a backhoe since you can scrape over a whole area making it appear as if you have been simply removing trees, etc. and always a good idea to do that, leaving the uprooted trees, bushes, etc. out there in a pile and over your hole……. or not, play that by ear). Never mix and match when burying anything. An Igloo water cooler is virtually undetectable by anything other than no such people and if they’re there, you’re screwed anyway but that doesn’t mean they’ll find your cash. Bury gold and silver together but don’t include gun parts since that’s a different signature and don’t bury much of anything detectable in one spot. Also, use an old piece of rusted iron on top of or near the hole a couple feet down as if it’s been there forever. Choose one you have dug up or one that’s really degraded. Sorta throw it in there at an angle, not perfectly flat. On the very rare chance someone might look for something like this, rarely will they venture below that piece of junk.

      For cash, wrap some plastic wrap around it and put it in a freezer Ziploc making sure to suck out all the air, repeat process a couple more times. Put this into the water cooler and use pure silicon sealant to seal the spout in the top and on the threads of the top. You won’t be able to screw the top off by hand unless you’re a huge handed person with great strength as in crazy strong. Make sure you have a vice large enough to grip this container and a wrench large enough to get on the top. I use a six inch Wilton vice and a 36″ pipe wrench for dis-assembly.

      For burying precious metals, scatter ferrous junk in a large area over it a couple feet down all the way to the surface to throw the metal detector off. Scatter some junk copper and brass also and it will appear to be an old scrap site. I have tried this using a high-dollar metal detector. It takes a real expert operator and a very good detector to convince you it’s anything other than what you find when you begin to dig. LEO’s are notoriously lazy so this is probably good enough for anything other than metals with some very high activity which you probably won’t have and surely wouldn’t want to have someone find since they’d call in the big guns at that point.

      For small amounts of cash, a few thousand dollars, there are many good places to hide that. The console in my pickup was large and had a very large single box for the most part. There was a cover that once had been lightly glued to the bottom to cover the hard plastic. I removed this cover, pressed out a few thousand in 100’s and lined the console with them and put a dab of sealant that didn’t set up hard in tiny places between the bills and then sat the cover on it and loaded it with all the crap I kept in there. The pickup was gone through thoroughly and the cash was still there, proof that it works well. I always kept a variety of things with all sorts of strong smells in my console, enough to screw up the best dog. A tube or two of RTV, a container of 2 part epoxy, a tube of anerobic gasket maker, a couple types of Loctite, pipe dope and a can of PVC glue and Primer. Primer is better to use than cleaner and it’s more volatile to boot.

      All this stuff is something I used and kept on hand anyway but a tool box would have been most people’s choice for storage(but I would use my console for this anyway since it doesn’t get as hot and not many things are heavy or sharp enough in there to mess any of this stuff up) of such as this.

      Oh yeah, if you’re storing gold like this, throw an old piece of lead roofing seal for piping through the roof a few inches under the surface and better yet, another one further down entangled in a bunch of other metals that would be hard to dig out. an old piece of babbitt would work well also.

      Finding cash as I have described stashing it in the ground would be virtually impossible. The deeper, the better. If you have some old scrap hide or tin, burying it all around a couple inches or more deep is a good way to render a large area not worth the effort after digging up piece after piece of rusted metal.

      I’d save the scrap metals for hiding metals(ferrous for ferrous, lead for gold, you get the idea) though and use nothing for cash in plastic. I once used a big old mesquite tree with leaf springs that had been grown into it right at ground level for metal parts. Once a shovel bangs off old leaf springs a few times it’s quitting time.

      Oh yeah, I always keep a shaker of salt(sealed), a shaker of black pepper and a shaker of cayenne pepper in my console since I like my food, if I’m having to eat near the pickup, salted and peppered. Cayenne is notorious for getting everywhere in the ziploc you keep the shakers in, or whatever you might use and it gets scattered around to some degree every time you open the container. It messes up dogs really well.

      I nearly forgot. If the ground is really dry, at some water on top to settle where you dig and pack it well before watering if it’s esp. dry. In a couple days it will be hard and dry and packed like it was before.

      As for finding it, I have always used something permanent, a tree, a fencepost, or anything else that won’t be moved. I’ll then take a measurement from this reference point and be right where I need to be.

      Make sure nobody will be doing serious dirt work in your area. I arranged for a guy to build a stock tank about 250 yds from my house. I got home late one evening and everything, including the creek right beside the house was glazed over red clay, a big dam where the creek had been, a large area covered by many feet of dirt and no trees, bushes, fence nor anything else I recognized were left above ground. I really wanted to extract several pounds of flesh for that. Somewhere, there’s about a quarter mil of goods out there. Not to be found with any detector, a dozer or backhoe nor anything else I tried. I have doubts it’s still there. I deigned to use torture to ascertain the whereabouts. If I had known for sure……….I just assumed finally it was about 15 feet down somewhere in a tank dam.


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