None Shall Pass Clovers

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Here’s a video of the None Shall Pass Clover:

As is typical, this Clover (the guy in the left lane, blocking the left lane)  was in (not driving) a high-end/high-performance vehicle with three times the power and 50 percent more capability than his Cloverific self has any idea how to use, much less the inclination to use.




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  1. While I have periodically enjoyed your coverage of “Clovers,” I want to suggest another category … the “Plow-Over.”

    A Plow-Over is a driver who is going substantially over the speed limit and rushes up to within half a car length or less to intimidate you while you are in the left lane passing a slower driver.

    Or, in heavy traffic, screams up behind you and blinks his lights expecting you to move into the right lane even though there’s not enough room to safely do that because then you’d become an unwitting Plow-Over yourself.

    My rule of thumb on the interstate is to maintain my typical 5 or 10 mph over the limit, and ignore Plow-Overs just to increase their irritation. Not normally a dangerous thing to do, but of course I have a carry permit for my .357 magnum.

    I will also pull into the left lane if it is not too crowded to allow a semi to pick up speed going downhill. I figure the pro-driver is earning a living using an under-powered diesel to haul 25 tons of stuff to what might be my local supermarket.

    Of course, doing that sometimes irritates the guy or gal wanting to driver 90 in a 75 mph zone so they an get a latte-grande at the next rest area.

    Oh, buy the way, I do driver a VW diesel station wagon, any my diesel is not under powered.

  2. I can’t process the video right now, but if anyone wants to see it I can share in the next couple of days. I’ve been stuck about five cars back behind a slow box truck on a two lane road. A a light one lane becomes two. Everyone between me and the box truck goes to the right lane which ends after the light. I choose to get behind the truck. Why? Because in a line of six vehicles or so one has to be big fat clover.

    Guess what happens. A mini van driver is asleep at the switch. The box truck and I pull ahead. Then this clover wakes up starts passing me but loses his nerve to pass the truck and then wants me to let him in, in front of me. Um no. then he gestures at me once he falls in behind. Morons. This guy had every chance to beat the truck and then wants to force his way in front of me.

  3. OTOH, it is another reason I switched to an ancient (4+ ton) Ford F250 but need to attach the brush bar suitable for a railroad engine (see “cow catcher”) and the various 100W (usage) LED lights. Pity “Clover Mower” doesn’t fit in my state’s vanity plate limits.


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