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He’s been quiet for about a week. I suppose he’s waiting for the government to reboot his EBT card. Or maybe the filthy animal has decided to go away for good. We can hope.

Meanwhile, things are swimming along. My rant about the “guest posts” resulted in one very good thing. They’ve stopped pitching me.

Message received.

I am going to install a kit to make my Trans-Am’s shaker scoop fully operational. Well, it already is – in that I removed the block-off plate that came with the car from the factory. But what I want is a rig like the ’70-’72 Trans-Ams had from the factory. An operational flapper door that opens as the throttle transitions to WOT. If you’ve seen one of these in operation, you’ll know all about it. The thing gulps air as the four-barrel’s secondaries open. (If you’re interested in this deal, see here).

I rode my sport bike without a helmet at high speed the other day, which felt damn good and not just physically. The spirit of Bugs Bunny and Natty Bumppo and every mythic and actual American knows and understands what I mean. How many of you are sick of being parented by these Pakled-esque Clovers (a mouthful, there)… ? Throw them in the Woods!

Which you’ve been helping me do. And which I intend to do a lot more of in the coming year, thanks to you.

So, that’s the jist of this note – me letting you know we’re in this mess together.

What was it Giles Corey said?

More weight! depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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