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It just takes a spoonful to ruin a gallon of ice cream…

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    • Yup.

      It’s pretty devastating. EPautos used to make close to $2k a month from Adsense. Now, the site is entirely dependent on independent ads (not many) and direct reader support.

      It’s much, much harder to keep afloat.

      Fred makes the exactly right point that Google – for all practical purposes – controls Internet advertising. You either “work” with them (that is, for them, on their terms) or you don’t make a living.

      People could easily end-run Google – the economic strangulation and enforced PC dictatorship of Google – by supporting sites like Fred’s (and mine). But most people won’t do it.

      Which means guys like me and Fred are forced to kowtow to Google, go broke – or just give up.

      • I was just looking over my latest Amsoil order. I hope people are still using their ad for their Amsoil needs.

        I know how it feels to lose income. 25,000 of us are reeling from the slow down in the patch. I had 24 hrs last week and less the week before with none so far this week. That won’t cut it and refined oil dropped 2 million barrels a day this past year. And all those off-loading stations and storage facilities we built last year have lines of crude haulers waiting to unload. We have a glut of production now.

        Oil usage in this country has been declining for some time now. One wonders perzackly why we need to cut back on fuel useage via CAFE so badly now.

        If they really are considering backing off the upcoming numbers, now would be a good time to reverse them.

        • Yeah… if he got five or so orders from this site per month, I think he’d renew…. I’ve left the ad up (no charge) in the hope that it might happen.

          • Dang, you’d think there would be more people that used Amsoil than that. If people took the time to go to their site and look over all the stats of Amsoil and all the other oils, I don’t see how anyone could NOT try it.

            It’s funny that every vehicle I’ve changed over had well over 100,000 miles using conventional oil and only one didn’t use less oil if they used any, which most did use a small amount. The one was a Tahoe that had been on Mobil 1 and if he had used it for another change or two, I suspect that it would have done better than M1. That’s been my experience and I’ve used it for nearly 15 years.

            it’s difficult to find an oil or air filter that compares with Amsoil too. Their air filters can save some serious money for vehicles used in dirty conditions like mine. I haven’t found an oil filter that compares very closely to Amsoil and their by-pass filters are in a class by themselves.

  1. Eric,

    Good video demonstrating your point.

    That (42 in a 55 zone) is just over 20% below the PSL. A grom can travel faster than that speed. 😉

    It (42 in a 55 zone) is fine when you are the only driver on the road. If there was a line forming behind me and I wished to continue traveling 20% below the PSl, then I would look for the first safe place to let the traffic pass me. This would be less stressful (and safer) for all.

    • I’ve been on two lane roads with a 65mph speed limited truck before when the traffic was brutally thick. I’d see big rigs and everything else coming up on me and look for a spot(not necessarily a good spot)I could simply get off the road and safely bump tires and drink something cold and maybe make a call.

      When I see a vac truck go by I know I can wait a bit longer to avoid having to stop for him. What’s a few minutes to a company that’s too frugal to get a tractor turned up to well beyond the PSL or at least to that point? If everybody’s waiting on pins and needles they can wait a few more minutes.


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