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They used to have to rely on crude threats to get us to do what they wanted. The old “or else” always hanging over our heads.Gesichterbuch lead

And court orders to pry into our affairs.

We (most of us) were suspicious of them. Did not trust them. With reason.

Then came a genius. Not Zuckerberg. The guy(s) behind Zuckerberg. The three-letter guys. First letter being C. We all know who we’re talking about.

The real creators – or at least, the real backers – of Gesichterbuch.

It has become the data aggregator of … everything. For everyone.

Freely given.

This is spectacular, in a depressing kind of way. Just twelve years ago, Gesichterbuch didn’t exist. Now it is everywhere, like Jesus and Coke and Elvis.

Most people willingly sign up and then make their own page, onto which they promiscuously post details about their lives, their doings, what they’re interested in (including their political views) the people they know and associate with…all sorts of useful information that – be assured – is used. By corporations, for targeted advertising and product pitching.

And by the government, for other things.gesichterbuch 2

Every web site, just about, now has a Gesichterbuch button and urges you to “like” them by clicking it. That is, to let Gesichterbuch know you like the site.

A long time ago, another entity – one whose acronym begins with an F – was discovered to have been keeping track of certain people’s library habits as well as many other things. Secret files were kept, dossiers put together. These were used to deal with the targeted people, in the event they became dangerous.

All without the knowledge, much less the consent, of the people being kept track of.

There was outrage… then.

But now? the people of our time do not esteem their privacy. It is no longer considered base and slightly disgusting to open the book of your life – so to speak – to random strangers. Which the F men certainly were. There was an archaic phrase, no longer in currency: Mind your own imformation awarness

Gesichterbuch changed all of that. With lots of funding from you-know-who. The people whose names you have never heard finally figured out that they were going about it the wrong way. Don’t use menacing-sounding terms like Total Information Awareness. Call it something that sounds college dorm-like and goofily adolescent. Gesichterbuch! (And Twitter, too.) We’re all just happy Napsters, aren’t we…

Now that’s marketing.

And don’t hide what you’re doing, either. Or ask for the intel.

They will give it to you, freely, if you appeal to their childish narcissism.

People – pretty much the entire population – willingly open the buch of their lives to random strangers now.

They do this without being compelled.

Because there is no longer any social stigma about baring one’s wares in public like a guest on Jerry Springer or Geraldo (remember him?)

Everyone a Kardashian!Kradashians

There is also tremendous social pressure to have a Gesichterbuch page, to post and visit regularly. One risks being looked upon as odd if one does not face the buch. Obtaining and maintaining corporate employment virtually requires being plugged in to “social media.” People list their page on their vitae – and on that page had better be things pleasing to the corporation. Keep in mind that everything you’ve ever posted on Gesichterbuch is permanently recorded somewhere – deleting doesn’t really delete – and they have access to it.

And if you do not have a buch page? It is fast becoming the mark of the asocial – like not worshipping a professional fuhhhhhhhttttttttttball team or having a sail fawn.

Notice, also, that it is becoming very hard to post an anonymous comment anywhere online – and most particularly, after a news or opinion piece on major media web sites. Gesichterbuch hates anonymity. This is perfectly understandable. A scorpion stings. Only a fool expects it to purr.

What’s hard to grok is the lemming-like adoption of the “like” button by almost every web site, its pushy presence everywhere. At the movies, for instance. Even there, you are urged to “like” the theater via your sail fawn. Images spring to mind of lab rats conditioned to push a food bar dispenser button whenever a red light comes on in their cage.Facebook last

Wasn’t the whole point of the Internet to bust up the monopoly control of information? To promote freedom of expression? How is it that two almost certainly Dark Funded entities – Gesichterbuch and Goo-guhl – now effectively own the Internet (control being the thing that functionally defines ownership)?

Gesichterbuch’s front man says privacy is no longer a “social norm,” that the age of privacy is over. He has also been caught on mike openly cooing about the use of social media to enforce codes of political correctness – chiefly, by deleting or not publishing heterodox views. Like withholding dope from a junkie, threatening exclusion from Gesichterbuch or loss of privileges is an extremely effective social compliance tool.

This site will never have a Gesichterbuch “like” button.

For whatever that’s worth…

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  1. In theory, Gesichterbuch is harmless, because who obeys instructions from a tin can with lights and sound. Why not choose Mickey Mouse for your name. And Disneyland for your address.

    In reality, holy shit. Humanity has so completely devolved, average Americans would attend their neighbors public lynching because he knowingly entered false data in a duly authorized internet interview form.

  2. “control being the thing that functionally defines ownership”

    This again brings the question, at what point does something become a de facto (even if en nomine privately-owned) part of Government?

    Especially on FB, WE are the product – And we manufacture the content. It’s an unending cycle, and the best part (for them) is – they don’t have to pay the employees making content (that’s us), and they can then sell our data to marketing companies, who hope to make profit from us! A – L = OE (Assets – Liability = Owner’s Equity – basic accounting).
    We are an Asset.
    Payroll is a Liability.
    Payment for data mining is Asset.

    I’d rather shoot them all…

  3. I use fb to debate politics with people I well used to debate politics with in other ways and some people I didn’t before. Very little of my personal life goes on there and then it’s actually less important than I share here. I really don’t care if fed gov knows my politics or not. Considering they already know I supported Ron Paul in 2008 nothing I say or share is going to be a surprise. If things get bad and they come after people with views like mine I’m already dead so why shouldn’t I ‘speak’ where ever and when ever I feel like it?

    • Dear Brent,

      For most of us here, it would be a case of locking the barn door after the horse has already been stolen.

      With all the online essays and comments denouncing statism in that I’ve posted over the past 20 years, I’d be surprised if I wasn’t on several blacklists.

      People I admire, such as the contributors at Lew Rockwell and other libertarian/anarchist sites are all on these blacklists. Eric is obviously.

      As an erstwhile columnist at LRC, I’d feel insulted if I wasn’t included.

  4. I’m on it. I don’t want to be on it, but if I want to communicate with my family and a few of my friends I have to be on it or I’m completely out of the loop. But I never post anything beyond bland news stories about the weather and I certainly never add location or other data (although I’m sure my location is derived from my IP address).

  5. “None of your business” was a commonly heard phrase from the adults around me when I was growing up (am now 68), I’ve often wondered how that fell out of fashion. Now idiots get on national tv and can’t wait to brag about their perversions to the world, and everyone else thinks it’s normal. Not sure how we slid down that slope, but “mind your own business!” needs to make a comeback.

    • A related expression, used in response to someone who told us to stop doing something they didn’t like, was “It’s a free country”. It really wasn’t, of course, but we believed it was. Nowadays, saying it would be an obvious lie.

      Also related, I expect you remember when “busybody” was a pejorative description. Now it seems that the American populace is composed primarily of busybodies.

      • It is composed of busybodies….
        And they DO believe it to be a good thing – but they can neither spell nor understand “pejorative.”
        And they don’t care.

        After all, if it isn’t worthy of Instagram… If you have boundaries… You’ve got something to hide and are evil. (Especially find this true of the Leftists, but the Rightists are making great leaps forward in being fascists, too, and they are more supportive of the “Lawn Order” establishment. See “Leverage” tv show, “The Three Days of the Hunter Job”, Episode 18, Season 2 Ep 5. Relevant portion being, after they tell the journalist about the “bunkers to protect the Elites,” she points out that “her viewers think this is a good thing….” She only gets hooked when they show her bunkers, and then military denies her a “reserved space” among the Elites she thinks she is part of… It’s a con job, so there’s no bunker there, but this is a reality: She thought protecting “civilization” was essential, and her viewers would LOVE that there were “plans” to preserve civilization… And then she decided she wanted to be “preserved” herself, and she was going to show them a thing or two!!! when they told her there were no bunkers, so she couldn’t have a reserved space…)

        Not evil, just selfish and stupid. (And that’s what the whole Leverage episode hinged on, and most of them in fact do hinge on people’s immorality and greed.)

        Cute concepts in that show, but definitely part of the establishment’s Matrix of propaganda… (Much like A-Team and Knight Rider and Renegade and even Airwolf before them. Also think “Blue Thunder.” That police chopper would be seen as a wonderful tool by today’s standing army, I mean, PoLeez.)

          • LOL

            To be honest, I’m in the “I don’t know” category, and when it comes to solving the problem, “I don’t care” comes into the mix…
            If I can’t TELL you know AND care, you’re a target… Nothing personal – It’s just BUSINESS…..

            We had a “division meeting” (different name) here yesterday.
            I latched on to a few things…
            1. Blockchain and digital currency. Evil and wrong and immoral when Bitcoin did it – but WONDERFUL if co-opted for corporatocratic/gunvermin controlled! (Matches nicely with the push to ban physical currency mentioned previously elsewhere.)

            2. People as Product. We’re all monetized by the corporation.

            3. “Emerging Technologies” and “Risk Excellence” (Risk Control): We’re going to get int here and co-opt everything we can find, to make sure it’s “properly directed” – Like a Bonsai, we’re going to prune all the errant branches, and make sure “the society” is safe from change (risk).

            I knew I worked for the NWO.
            But I’m getting tired of the LACK of cognitive dissonance from my coworkers. If you’re going to be a psychopath – the only defense I have against your willful LACK of response (confirming psychopathy, BTW, no CogDiss means broken mind) is to preemptively execute you.
            I am NOT a number! I AM A FREE MAN!
            And if you want to be a slave – I refuse, and I’ll gladly defend myself to the best of my abilities. If that means your death…?


            Oh, well… your choice, I’m merely “fulfilling your order.”


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