The Covert Joint Mobile Mission

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It’s like a Monty Python skit – except it’s not funny.

The Covert Joint Mobile Mission. Sounds all rugged and special ops, doesn’t it?

But these body-armored geeks are just jacked-up traffic cops looking for seatbelt violations and such. In a blacked-out tour bus, these low-rent Rambos prowl the North Texas highways looking for offenders. The height of the coach giving them a bird’s-eye view inside your car.

And if they see you’re not buckled up for safety or texting then – Hut! Hut! Hut! – they radio to a colleague in a car who Hot Pursuits the dangerous scofflaw.

All beady-eyed and buzzcut, their mirrored sunglasses reflecting their resolve.

“A good observation platform,” explains one bullet-headed Geek …while his partner earnestly scans traffic, walkie-talkie in hand, ready to pounce.

“Ok, this other white Dodge with paper plates… they were texting while driving.”

Lock and load!

It’s just like Kandahar – only the “indigs” are just people trying to get to work rather than working on IEDs.

Of course, these Heroes are not themselves buckled up for safety. Apparently, the laws of physics do not apply to those in special costumes.

Much less the laws we’re expected to obey.

Like the laws against exceeding the speed limit, ever – for any reason. It applies to us but not to them.

Never point this out. It is like trying to teach a pig (whoops!) to sing. It gets you nowhere and it makes the pig angry.

Remember, it’s all about keeping us safe. We are delicate Faberge eggs and they are our conservators and guardians, vigilantly watching over us for our own good.

According to a news report (see video) unternehmen sicherer Fahrer (the German – so appropriate – rendering of Operation Safe Driver, the aktion authorized by the Covert Joint Mobile Mission ) resulted in the issuance of 86 pieces of paying’ paper in just three hours.hut! hut! hut!

Which ought to just about cover the cost of fueling the tour bus and trolling the highways of Texas for three hours.

But not the cost of the bus.

Which was either seized (that is, stolen) extra-judicially as part of the “war” on possessing various arbitrary substances the state has decreed we’re not allowed to possess… or stolen by proxy – by stealing money from ordinary working people to buy the thing.

We are fleeced to finance our further fleecing.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

The Geeks are, of course, a lost cause. They literally screen for low IQs and authoritarian personalities. Order followers and order-barkers. It takes that kind to participate in something like the Covert Joint Mobile Mission. Hut hut hut 2

Thinking people tend to be decent people and would be put off by such activities. Which is why thinking and decent people are scarce commodities on the other side of the Thin Blue Line these days, as the profession has morphed from being at least nominally concerned with keeping the peace to enforcing the law.

Rigidly, mindlessly… often, zealously.

Imagine your mortification – assuming thoughtfulness and decency – had you joined up thinking you’d be serving and protecting only to find yourself spending your days harassing and collecting. Riding around in a tour bus scanning the horizon for seatbelt violators and sail fawn scofflaws. It’s enough to make a man throw up.

But of course, we are not dealing with men.

What grates worse, though, is the adulatory media coverage – of a piece with the coverage performed by media “embedded” (that is, controlled and compliant) with the “troops” (the real Hut! Hut! Hut! Hutters!) who are “fighting for freedom” (that is, serving as mercs/cannon fodder for Kellog Brown & Root and General Dynamics) overseas.

It’s the same principle, though:cop sucker

Make a buck.

These dangerous dumbkopfs in uniform are not bright enough to appreciate their role. If they did, perhaps they’d have second thoughts. But the media people ought to and probably do know better – yet steadfastly amen the Party Line. Whether it’s “fightin’ for freedom” or cruising the highways for “our safety” you will never hear a questioning or contrary word.

Yessir, they are are Heroes... not geeks with dangerous toys that ought to be taken away from them and who have entirely too much time on their hands- and their hands way too deep in our pockets (among other places).

No media person would ever hint at such a thing.

Because they, too, have a job to do. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. Don’t count on the media to fight this. They were once charged to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Now, they are authoritarian with an emphasis on always keeping us safe (which, we sub-par, non-NYU-educated unwashed water-headed retard masses obviously can’t figure out for ourselves.) So they harangue us to look to the “experts” for guidance on everything from safe driving and proper child-rearing. Don’t even try to quit smoking or treat your aches and pains or soup up your car with “unapproved” (they always use passive voice when discussing government diktats) methods. So, of course the cops are the good guys all the time, especially when they are harassing motorists in the name of safety. This hero is protecting me from my neighbor, who might go careening down the street without his seatbelt, resulting in a catastrophe, such as … um, what, exactly? Not sure, but we know it’s bad!!! The only time I’ve seen reporters act even remotely anti-cop is when a white cop shoots an unarmed black man, which, obviously, should have been ire-inducing long before Ferguson. Thanks for writing and keeping this site. I love it. It feeds my rage.

    • Amy,
      For some of us, things were ire-inducing long before Ferguson.
      And the race makes no difference.

      And we also understand there might be a NEED to shoot first and understand later, allowing for accidents.
      What enrages us most now is, when poor judgement is uncovered, or a mistake is made, it forgiven from the annointed Praetorian – and the Great Unwashed of us is ALWAYS deemed at fault, even when innocent! The conviction matters more than the truth.
      It’s Don Quixote’s quest, as a nightmare. Replacing Justice or the Knightly Ideal with ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!!!! and MY GREAT CRUSADE AGAINST CRIME! (So I can garner even more power later… To garner even MORE power later… Even more power… Even more power… Even more power… Even more power… )

      I’m reminded of an old anti-drug commercial,a suit walking in a circle. I do cocaine so I can work harder and earn more money, so I can buy more cocaine, so I can work harder and earn more money, so…

      and it’s OK for them, but Verbotten for us.

      I feel my reptilian hindbrain taking hold today. The problem we’re now facing is that our rage is impotent, and we’re outnumbered. We need to stop pontificating and start acting, and that doesn’t mean voting in the fixed-result dog and pony shows. It means winnowing the ranks of the “1%ers” and the sheeple as necessary. Educating the willfully blind (E.G., the Free Shit Army) is an exercise in futility. Like talking to a Sanders supporter about the values of hard work and thrift… And earning your way. They’re all special snowflakes, and all DESERVE their “trophy” (Free college! Free Jobs! Star Trek Utopia where everything is FREE! but they still have greedy people who want more…. usually unearned.)

      It is ridiculous, and rather than hit the “reset” button, people want to keep working the system to “change it from within.” the assumption is, the system is broken.
      No! The system is working as designed. The PEOPLE are even the same, basically – with fewer restrictions on their greed and rapaciousness.
      So rather than resist, we play a rear-guard stalling action…. And the Clover-Sheeple majority grows, and intelligent people are more and more outnumbered and outmoded.
      And the intelligent-enough psychopaths seek power, and it gets worse, more cronyism (blocking new players’ entry to the field by erecting barriers to entry, which also ensures the contracts/funds go to the “right (thinking)” people…), more abuse of powers (the better to corral and coerce and silence you)…

      It’s too ugly for most to see. they turn their eyes in horror, and I don’t blame them. But while we USED to try and show people at least allegorical presentations about this, now we kiss their @$$ and give them a pass, and pretend the evil & ugliness doesn’t exist.
      Willful ignorance. Give me the child for 7 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever….

      Problem, perhaps?

  2. What these thugs are doing is just typical behavior. They are nothing but tax collectors for the state. That is how they justify their existence. And they still haven’t figured out why people hate them and call them “pigs” rightly. Hell, they are acting as judge and jury here and executioner. And the sad thing is, people continue to act like good little sheep and just accept continuing to pay to be fleeced. And not just fleeced based on monetary value, but the inherent right to freedom of travel and morality as a whole. These tax collectors should be in prison for violation of their sworn oath and affirmation to the Constitution. The violation of the sovereign individual here is just mind blowing.

  3. hesad, sick, irony is that these louts are trolling the highways in tax fleeced and funded dark window tinted, seatbelt-less behemoths while chattering on the radio (aka phones). Anyone from the propaganda Mills not notice this?

  4. The owner of a property, such as a highway, should be able to make the use of their property conditional on observing safety precautions, such as wearing a seat belt.

    Whatever happened to movies that made fun of the police?

    • “The owner of a property”
      First of all, the gunvermin are not legitimate owners of the highways, because they bought the rights-of-way and built the roads with stolen money.
      2nd, a private owner would be trying to maximize profit, and so would not make unnecessary restrictions.

      • Not to mention that at least part of the right of way is usually obtained by ’eminent domain,’ meaning directly stolen rather than purchased w/stolen money.

    • Hi George,

      Yes, but the problem is the roads are paid for by us – so (morally) we own the road. Also, the state enforces a monopoly on roads, leaving us with no viable choice but to use the roads we’re forced to pay for.

      And in re safety precautions: It’s one thing to expect people to act in such a way as to avoid causing harm to others. But what a man does to himself is his own got-damned business and no one else’s. Period.

      Besides which, we aren’t even talking about actual harms. Just asserted possible ones. A guy not wearing a seatbelt might be hurt if there is wreck.

      Do you favor punishing people for things they might do? For harms that might happen?

  5. Wow!!! what a story Eric!!! I don’t even know what to say.
    And the “News Crack Whores” see nothing wrong with it.
    I wonder if the follow up story was Trump being a Nazi?

    What else do they have in store?

      • eric, it just continues to get worse in Tx. I’ve been mainly working building a highway so I get to see the same 40 mile stretch of I-20 several times a day. Rarely do the DPS stop someone just for speeding. I see people picked out because they’re young, brown or black and commonly, as in several times perday or more, see the victims getting searched and cuffed. It’s been out of all proportion now for the last several months.

        All these DPS are being shuffled to the border to address the problem the sheriff’s say doesn’t exist. When they rotate back, they’re quite literally, hell on wheels. I used to see people stopped for speeding(you can tell)but now it’s nearly always a two car deal with people getting searched while handcuffed. It’s out of control, way out. Avoid Tx. if you’re young, brown, black or have out of state tags. I didn’t really see it coming so quickly but it’s here. I even hear people repeating what the cops are now saying, people smoke dope and then kill kids. Wow,30 some odd years I smoked pot and never even thought of killing a child and never knew anyone who killed a child after getting high(or at any other time). They’re really desperate and some dumbasses are repeating this SHITE. Amazing, simply astounding and it keeps escalating.

        I drive a day cab. Sure hope they realize I’m not killing kids in my truck. But look at all those sleeper trucks. You never know what might be going on there……blood running out the doors…..

        • Hi Eight,

          Yeah, it’d depressing – especially because Texas is supposed to be a “free” state full of “freedom minded” people. But then, they love The Chimp… and that funeral director-looking little shyster Ted Cruz.

    • “I wonder if the follow up story was Trump being a Nazi?”
      Yup! And I saw a good one on FB, where when you blew up the image of the KKK member….? The hand was “melanin-enhanced.”

      We are being lied to. And most don’t care….

  6. It’s funny you said, “are just people trying to get to work “. I say that to myself *all the time* when I see people pulled over at rush hour. Yeah, those commuters are hardened criminals…. Then I say to myself, “Well, his number just came up” or “Usage Tax”.

    I’ll betcha that in a few years, you’ll have your car registration linked to a credit card or bank account, while you also have a receipt printer in your dashboard. The car will sense some violation of sort, (or will be prompted of such by telemetering data to the cops) and a receipt will automatically print out. Just like it does at the self-serve gas pumps!

  7. “first Mayor Daley in 1976. Richard J. Daley ”

    While you may use such terms as first or middle initials when differentiating the mayors Daley, we downstate simply say the big Dick or the little Dick.

    The big Dick holds a special place in my heart for his award winning performance at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. (Check YouTube for that one)

    The little Dick, longest serving mayor of that Windy City,
    made sure no one will ever enjoy taking off or landing along the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan again.

    That city has only had two Dicks for mayor, but for more than forty years they got Dick Daley.

    (At least the current one is circumcised.)

      • Well the folks in Chicago think they should run the entire state. Even Blagojevich spent more time there than his mansion in Springfield.

        At least until he started doing time.

        • “folks in Chicago think they should run the entire state”
          That’s common when there is a big shitty in an otherwise lightly populated state. See NY vs. NY, B-more vs. MD – although it’s close enough to DC for that influence to be felt as well. At least CA has San Fran up the coast to help balance El Lay. And the Republic of Tejas has Dallas, Houston, and San Antone, but Austin still thinks it’s ‘cock o’ the walk.’

    • Quotable – “My boss doesn’t like being called by his nickname, Dick. Especially since his name is Steven.”

    • I happened to be in Chicago when they began destroying that airfield. It was the middle of the night and the machines (literally and figuratively) were breaking up the concrete. If they’d done it during the day, they never would have gotten away with it. By morning, the damage was already done. Despicable cockroaches.

      • I remember that too. They ripped big X marks through the concrete of the runway (X’s, usually painted, are used to mark a closed runway). There was about a dozen planes parked there that had to use the tarmac to leave the airport. One plane was too big to take off from the much shorter tarmac, and it had to be taken apart and trucked off the site. The owner billed the city, don’t know if they paid it or not. Probably not.

        Its Meig’s Field for all those who want to read more about this sorted affair. Chicago has probably the worst government in the US. Now the site is a park that is hardly used, instead of a convenient downtown airport, it was a ten minute WALK to the loop, and the convention center is right there too. How many major cities had a downtown airport? Not many.

        • Daley moved to the near southside sort of close to Meigs. I once lived several blocks south of there and Meigs was no noise issue except when the military stopped in for the airshow. I could be on the bike trail out back of McCormick place and watch jets take off and the noise wasn’t worse than that of the ‘L’ in my apartment. He called it an airport for rich people. It was a general aviation airport, which means either charter services or private planes mostly just like all such airports. He said it made Chicago unsafe. What it really did was make downtown Chicago controlled and monitored airspace. Now it’s not.

          It was strangely attacked for very strange excuses. Who knows what the truth is, but the unique little airport is no more. My guess is it was sucking up money that could be used other place if you get my drift.

  8. Has anyone seen the Go Pro helmet video of the cop standing on the side of the road spraying pepper spray at motorcyclists riding by him? Absolutely psychopathic.

  9. Ah, the Blues Brothers………interesting you reference that film.

    For those of you not from the Chicago area, the Blues Brothers (shot in 1979-80) was one of the first major movies shot in the city after the “de facto ban” on filming ended after the death of the first Mayor Daley in 1976. Richard J. Daley HATED, hated, hated movie and tv making, and even though there never actually was a law against film production, there was virtually nothing shot in the city.

    The only thing I can think of that shot in the city during the Daley the First years was Lee Marvin’s “M Squad”. And the city was less then cooperative with the producers of that. So the footage of the city you see in that show was the real deal since they were not able to close streets, use public buildings etc. They just set up, shot what they could including passer by, hoping they got it done before they were shut down by the real CPD.

    There would have been NO way Blues Brothers would have been shot in the city before 1976, let alone at the city-county buildings you see in this scene. Especially with the way the police and other city employees are portrayed (bumbling idiots).

    They even slam the late mayor in the fancy restaurant scene, where a caller on the phone is told by Mr. Fabulous “No, sir, Mayor Daley no longer dines here. He’s dead, sir.”

    • Hi Rich,

      That movie (like MASH) reflects an America in which over-the-top Authority was the object of ridicule rather than reverence, as today. Looking back, the more I think about it, the wheel turned during Ronald Rrrrrrrrrrreagan’s presidency. The cop-sucking and worship of cammo and the red white and blue. That oily thug Oliver North became a saint. Remember?

      The longer I live, the more I like Nixon better.

      He was an honest crook, in his way.

      • I was only five years old in 1979, so at the time of the production of the Blues Brothers, I had no idea about the politics (or what the Blues Brothers was for that matter) of it all. But it sure is one of my earliest memories though. There was plenty of excitement that Chicago was going to be in a movie that didn’t feature 1930’s gangsters. It was big news if a film crew showed up in your neighborhood even if it was the second unit.

        The story goes, Jane Byrne (mayor in 1979), was reluctant to allow the scene at city-county halls, until the producers proposed the bluesmobile crashing the plate glass window at Daley Plaza. She realized at that point that they were mocking Daley (who had been a political rival) it was quickly green lighted.

        Ironically enough, since I was only five at the time I didn’t actually see the actual movie until years later. One of my friends actually appears in the movie, as one of the kids dancing in the Ray Charles scene. Since my friend is blind, he ended up meeting and talked with Ray (who had been impressed that he had been able to pull off the dancing). I probably would have been one of the dancing kids too, had I been able to dance worth a s**t. D**n two left feet…….

        Your right about the politicians though. Richard J. Daley didn’t really care that people knew he was a crook. Richard M. Daley was a different story. He didn’t want that image at all, and did all he could to whitewash himself, even though he is arguably more corrupt then his old man was.

        I highly doubt Rahm (current mayor) would ever allow a scene like that to be shot today. He has the same ugly arrogance that the first Daley had.

        But they sure made a lot more movies in Chicago after Blues Brothers. The first Daley single-handedly shut down that whole industry for decades. Just because he didn’t like it….. In some ways it still lags behind other cities. He basically chased jobs away!

        Later towards the end of the decade when I was in high school, the block I grew up was cast in “The Package”. Even though you don’t see my house, Gene Hackman shot a scene on my driveway. They even brought in snow machines to make snow. The funny thing, my block filled in for Arlington, Virginia! They also shot in the woods where my friends and I had played (unsupervised of course, it was the 1980’s, imagine that!!).

        • I saw the Blues Brothers in original run in the theater. It’s been a favorite since. It could not be made today. Best musical ever made as far as I am concerned. Which is another reason (besides Rahm and the current cop worship) it couldn’t be made today, they just don’t make musicals of any sort.

          • Most people forget too that most of the musicians in the movie were at very low points in their careers too at that time. For some their careers were largely over in the age of disco. It rejuvenated nearly all their careers and put those people in front of millions. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi weren’t bad singers themselves and loved the music that had really began to disappear. That is one of my favorite things about that movie, that it actually helped people in a good way.

            • That’s another great thing about the film, it’s all real musicians except for Aykroyd and Belushi who did their own singing and harmonica. Sure some of it is studio dubbed over but it’s all the people seen in the film.

              On another note a few years back it also got the an official rating as a good catholic film.

      • eric, I recall watching MASH and then trying to watch Patton. About half way through Patton I suggested we all go get high(er) some place with good vibes(I didn’t say groovy but I do now cause it makes me laugh…..groovy ha ha). Not that Patton was a bad show, it just didn’t cut it right after MASH.

        • Another movie from about that time that was totally opposite MASH, John Wayne’s “Green Berets”. I guess Wayne didn’t think the US government was doing that great a job selling Vietnam………………….

      • Old TV shows were filled with plots of corrupt politicians, ridiculing authority, and so on. Even the cop shows often had plots where the main character had to fight bad cops and/or corruption. What happened to that? It probably shaped me somewhat, but distrust of authority is good way to be shaped. Then there were the movies. “Dirty Harry” puts authority in a bad light. I miss that country where authority was inherently distrusted and it was a socially acceptable way to be. (yes I know some people wouldn’t accept it, but it was a common theme)

        As to presidents each new one is worse than last. for decades now. To get back to someone worse we have to roll back to Wilson, FDR, etc. But they are worse only in the sense they laid fundamental groundwork for today’s.

        • “Wilson, FDR, etc. But they are worse only in the sense they laid fundamental groundwork for today’s.”
          No, they were as monstrous as W and the Kikuyu. Both have been deified, but they were monsters indeed.

  10. what’s continually astonishing to me is … who would even do that job ? what sort of jackass would willingly sit on a bus with blacked out windows so they can spy on passers-by ? … and somehow think for one second that what they are doing is anything other than complete and total asinine harassment …

    I have talked to now 3 retired cops in 2 states – 2 retired sheriffs and 1 retired city cop about this sort of thing. All stated without me even prompting them that they would never in a million years choose to be a cop nowadays. They stated the training and job duty is not even close to a “peace officer’s” training and duties. It is openly military, they are taught to escalate conflict rather than resolve it, use force for what they seriously call “pain compliance” up to and including murdering the “civilian”, and they are openly and proudly vicious and hostile to the “civilians” in general. Just listen to the utter contempt with which a cop nowadays spits out the word “civilian.” These so called “police officers” are pathetic half-wits, eunuched psychopaths who willingly serve (and likely service) their “masters.”

    How about the cops solve real crimes ? Like, crimes against persons or property. How is my person or property affected if someone else is not wearing a seatbelt ? Oh yeah, that’s right I’m NOT affected. How is someone texting while driving affecting my person or property ? Before you answer … remember they are only texting and driving – they have not caused any accident. So, it’s future-crime again. Alan “might” cause an accident so Brian thru Zach must suffer asinine and onerous regulations and taxes …

    and folks literally can’t figure out why Trump is winning ?

    … sigh …

    PS – StuckinSoCal – really, Joey ? I watched the ‘murican version not long ago and couldn’t even make it thru first 5 minutes. but good news –

    • Agreed, Bert –

      As I wrote in the article, my belief is these “men” are uniformly low-IQ losers (i.e., otherwise unemployable) with no empathy or conscience. Who are either too unintelligent to realize that what they are doing is evil and tyrannical … or they just don’t care.

      Look at the specimens in that video. Parking lot attendant material.

      • hey, Eric, Dumb f*cks need to eat, too…

        We SHOULD have those imbeciles at Starbucks or McD’s, but… those places have standards.

        • “those places have standards” – yes, it’s called “If too many people get their orders screwed up, business will decrease and so will profits.” Same does not apply to gunvermin monopolies.

  11. Hey Eric,

    Watching these clowns just gave me a horrible thought. How long until they require “cab” cams in new vehicles. Display screens could easily be fitted with one of those laptop camera eyes. Think of the cloverific possibilities. Parents could monitor all of their children’s driving. “Authorities” could subpoena video in the event of an accident. Cameras could be remotely monitored if a cop claimed to see “suspicious” activity (tinted windows alone could count).


    • Already in play, check the new Chevy Malibu.
      Won’t play music until you’re safely buckled up,
      Parental oversight, too.

      fucking cunts need to have their head surgically removed from their anal sphincter.

  12. Just wanted to make a quick point…
    “But the media people ought to and probably do know better – yet steadfastly amen the Party Line. Whether it’s “fightin’ for freedom” or cruising the highways for “our safety” you will never hear a questioning or contrary word.”

    Eric, there’s another piece to this that makes it even more odious: When a Rethuglican is in office, there’s no end to the wailing about the wars and the taxes and how evil businesses are doing fine…. And the “little guy” is supposedly footing the bill.
    And it’s going to be a police state, too….

    As soon as a Demoncrap gets in, these same weasels are in lock step with The Agenda, and your freedom is increasing as the police stack the bodies… And the Little Guy is such a Big Deal all of a sudden, but he’s got it GOOD… (while his taxes go up and the corporations get a pass.)

    So, it’s a two-pronged attack that people refuse to see. As long as it’s OUR guy in charge, whatever sins he does are null and void. When it’s The Enemy in charge, there’s nothing he can do right.

    Makes it a zero-sum game, might as well get all you can and move out.

    What that does is make a police state inevitable. The partisans are so busy fighting the “good fight” for “their team” that the rest of us (those with an IQ above room temperature…. in Antarctica) can see it – but we’re shouted down and ignored.

    So far, that sort of person is the best argument FOR abortion I know of. A person who COULD be something, but has chosen to be nothing instead…

  13. Eric: Serve and Protect vs Harrass and Collect…Yep…well turned prose! That’s why you write for a living…

    Too bad they didn’t offer you a job on TopGear instead of “joey” from Friends…I miss the Terrible Trio of Jeremy, James and Richard…

    OK…back on topic…I’m sure you are referring to the “troops” who get their advanced training from the 4 Branches, and then their second career in the DHS, or your local costume shop, where they get to operate in the same fashion, probably with less rules of engagement…and they intentionally station them miles from where they live…less protect and serve that way.

    And they wonder why the electorate is furious!

  14. I sure am glad we live in a “free” country. Imagine what it would be like to live in a “police” state.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

    • OK Mark, get your tongue out of your cheek before it gets stuck there.
      I mentioned this on another thread a couple of days ago – it’s hard for the pheroes to see if we’re ‘buckled up for safety’ or using sail fawns if our windows are tinted, so we can’t do that either.

      • Just another sad side note…. Coming back to Texas for work simply reopened my eyes to the pernicious and simply nasty behavior of the Texas “trooper”. (Now that’s a rich designation if I ever heard of one.) Not that their bullying brethren elsewhere are any different mind you.

        As I currently shelter myself much like a dog while here in this ” great state of denial” I see how these knuckleheads will intimidate and downright violate at will the very laws and “safety” mantras they beat into you and everyone else on a daily basis. Tailgate the public at the posted speed limit on an otherwise empty road? No problem! Officer Safety can do that!

        Daily diktats that threaten the public through billboards and television “public safety announcements”. For example “The eyes of Texas” campaign where creepy cops are hiding and waiting to nab you, civilian slave, should you get out of line. Safety? Bullshit… It’s about the money and control


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