EP on The Tom Woods Show

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Here’s the audio of my appearance on Tom Woods’ show last Friday.

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  1. Running Man 1987 Script

    I guess this has most of what’s in an Alisa Rosenbaum story. But if you only get it from here, from guys like Stephen King, you can keep your fuzzy delusions about somehow the top down imposed order can be made workable.

    Why ever gamble, take a short cut, let a clover continue is his idiocy even if it kills him or few million of his kind. Sure the Jews own knowledge informed the dense Krauts who then parroted what one Jew previously said about another. That way, the smart people, like Romani and them Gypsy types who run up debts and then skulk away in a wagon in the dead of night, leaving your daughter knocked up and your garage emptied to boot.

    If only we all become self sufficient handymen without debt and obligations to evil employers who prey on our fellow humans.

    It is great that at last there is a forum where high aptitude mechanical and industrial men can feel safe to converse with one another, without that ubiquitious uncle recording your IPs and threatening to shut down your internet access and bar you from the web. There is just no free place where men can use their real names locations and talk about their real jobs and family life.

    Oh wait, thats a problem pirate hydras like myself have, trying to keep some semblance of freedom on the web and in the poorer neighborhoods I sometimes harvest and work among unseen and unknown for who I truly am, all the while more and more smiling normals cant fill out every info box that appears in their browser fast enough and happily enough. Especially they like Apple products, who wont so much as let you use an unapproved word without a real headache.

    Yes sir, I am Ray Babbit 408 Oak Street and I am thankful for your one name one record system and the order it brings to my life. I would hate for my credit score to be wrong, or for my Experian social history to have an incorrect address or anything inaccurate about me. Otherwise how can capitalism work?

    Its those scofflaw trolls and spammers leeches who have lots of facebooks emails dummy addresses and all the rest. Slimy cowards all. I alone am the shining Texas Hold Em champion gambler of the world.

    So good, I play with my two hole cards showing everyone else so I don’t gain anykind of immoral advantage over a fellow meatspace genius deception free non smoker non liar non deadbeat wont have a kid until I have 100K in the bank and a wedding cert in my pocket, its just my own John Wayne kill a commie pirate flimflammers for breakfast kind of hero story I tell myself out in the empty echoing woods where no one really ever existed.

  2. Loved your perspective on TW Show. I’ve sold cats for 20 years. People just don’t understand how bad Cash for Clunkers was. The worst part is that it was a transfer of wealth from the taxpayer at large to older, richer people AND stole cars from the market, cars that were perfectly functional.

  3. Nice job. Always like when you’re on the TW podcast, a meeting of two great Libertarian minds!

    One thing you touched on that I wonder about was the automotive press’ lack of enthusiasm over cars. I wonder how much of that is due to the journalist being taught that “objective” reporting is the goal, even though in no time in history has the press ever been objective (after all, what’s the point of owning a printing press if you’re going to stick to the truth?).

    The other problem seems to be a complete lack of understanding of the fields they report on. I see it mainly in the tech press, where the default is to completely fail to grasp even the most basic of computer operation. If an automotive reporter were asked to, for example, point out where the ignition block was, would they know?

    I’ve heard that the way to break yourself of the idea of truth in journalism is to read a story about yourself, or at least a story you personally witnessed. At least when we read Stereo Review in the 1980s we knew they were shilling for the advertisers. I wonder if kids today understand that?

    • Thanks, Eric!

      My take on journalism: News reporting is one thing. What I do is not news reporting per se. It is news analysis and that is necessarily done from a certain perspective. That said, I do not hide mine. What grates is news analysis that pretends to be be news – written by a person who denies their perspective. This, in my view, is why MSM journalism has lost its legitimacy.

      On car journalism: It has gone corporate – just like the car business itself. You should attend a car press event. You’d think it was an accountant junket. All suits – on both sides.

      Except for me.

      • So does O’Reilley make it clear enough he is a pundit. Or does his wardrobe and makeup wearing. And his slogans make him deserving of being thrown in the woods.

        Why is Alisa Rosenbaum still so popular. Is it on merit. Or is there someone unseen that wants her to remain popular. Some Randian Cabal, eager to take the reign and whip us tli our skin breaks and they are the new PTB exulting in the Purple Rain of proletarian bourgeoisie and intelligentsia blood, They only want see each other laughing in our purple rain…

        • O’Reilly strikes me as a bully. Also a Republican. They kind of go together!

          On Rand: I think the popularity of her works stems from her having treated the philosophical idea of individualism in prose novel form (as opposed to a philosophical treatise as such). She deserves credit for having popularized individualism as a philosophy even though she herself was not always logically consistent.

          • O’Reilly is registered as an independence party of NY’er. Same party that got “us” Perot, Jesse Ventura, briefly supported Buchanan and Giuliani., considered Nader. Delivered lots of fusion votes for Bloomberg.


            In the 2000 elections, IPONY initially backed Reform Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, but then switched to Natural Law Party candidate John Hagelin. This resulted from squabbles between Newman’s faction and the Buchanan campaign. The Independence Party chose Hagelin as the nominee over Ralph Nader.

            U.S. Senate
            While the Independence Party considered New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for its U.S. Senate nomination, when he declined to run, the party ended up endorsing party member and Watertown Mayor Jeff Graham against Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Rick Lazio.

            Mayor of New York City
            In 2001 the Independence Party endorsed Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire Republican candidate for mayor of New York City. IPONY offered each of the five county organizations within the city $5000, which all but Staten Island (Richmond County), still led by Hamilton, accepted.

            Bloomberg also created his own independent ballot line, which he named the Students First Party, which was merged with the Independence Party’s line on the ballot. The votes he received on the combined Independence Party/Students First Party ballot line, which counted toward his total under New York’s fusion rule, exceeded his margin of victory over Democrat Mark J. Green, who also appeared on the Working Families Party line.

            It is theoretically possible, though not necessarily probable, that Bloomberg would have lost the election without the IPONY endorsement.

            The following year, the New York City Industrial Development Agency (with agreement by the state) approved an $8.7 million bond to help finance a new headquarters for a youth charity controlled by IPONY. The media characterized approval of the bond as a reward from the mayor as well as incentive by Governor George Pataki to obtain IPONY support for his re-election campaign.

            Why I iz 4 sail??

            Taleb v Rand cage match, who wins?

      • eric, I get sick of hearing Fox is the only place you can get the truth from some people who then point out I couldn’t know what is said on Fox since I don’t watch it, don’t even have a tv.

        At that point I have to send them the transcripts I read of their bs and they reply…….nothing. I suppose it’s news to them that everything that’s broadcast on tv is recorded by computer magic into the written word. Let’s see, I got my first talk to text software back in 2000 or so. The ’98 it was originally produced for wouldn’t run it since it was a 3 GB system(huge, huge I tells ya) but the XP would. Well, I hear(and smell) a 60 series Detroit calling my name to put a little rock on my drive. Cheers.

  4. Looks to be eel Leo.

    Paul Elio Press Con

    No matter tho. Best not to fear any mere error in fact. Especially when they’re rare. It’s the errors in behavior that count in the end. This site is far better than a Rothbardian think tank catering to wealthy elite institutions and funds.

    This is a guide for how to live on this earth. Which is all objectivism aspired to be.

    I’m no expert on the TMZesque dossier on Rand. It’s not relevant in my eyes.

    Her worlds and Heinleins don’t yet exist but someday could become real. That is the positive opportunity and tag der kommt and diem we could carpe. Thats the secret weapon bigger than elite brutalisms and control systems could ever be.

  5. Eric,

    Good interview. Only thing that sounded odd to me was the Elio car. I thought it was pronounced ee-Lee-O instead of the people (the Eloi) from the time machine.

    I never heard Elio pronounce his name, so you could be pronouncing it correctly.


    • Thanks, Mith – and I probably did not pronounce it correctly. The name’s awkward in my opinion. I think “FU Uncle!” would have been much better! 🙂

      • At this point, I do not care (too much 😉 ) about the name. I want the car to be available (as it has been promoted, +80mpg hwy, under $8000 OutTheDoor, etc. ) for sale to the public soon. (or something else similar to it. It does not need to be this car from Elio. It can be from any company provided it is good value at a good price.)


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