Big Hipped Park Pork

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Watch this Hero – a roomy gal – hassle people out for a walk on a trail:


  1. In one night, a smart mob of people could dismantle so much of their garbage. Wouldn’t have to even be that many. Or that smart even. Wait til it gets dark, and then everyone goes out and takes down all the signs and barriers on the “roads” and the “parks”. Paints over or paint removes all the white and yellow lines. Tear down rest stops, weigh stations, brochure kiosks. Rip up all the fences to “public land.” And the lights and utilities. And by dawn, it would all be gone, everywhere. And no one would miss it. And everyone would wonder why those who so easily could’ve didn’t just do this a long time ago, it was so easy.

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  2. There are no such things as public trails.

    Nor state parks.

    Believing in such idiocies is North Korean level insanity.

    Tear down the signs and fences. Paint over whatever they’ve marked. Tow their unattended cars into a lake or push them over a cliff. Burn down their buildings. This is an easier battle, because there’s often no one around to stop you.


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