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Voting against Hillary.

You may have heard that a California appellate court (see below) has ruled in favor of California laws that give government bureaucrats the power to deny citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon unless they show “good cause.” This “good cause” to be defined by the government bureaucrats and which definition does not include ordinary self-defense.

The bureaucrats use the “good cause” verbiage to effectively outlaw concealed carry (and thus, armed self-defense outside the home) for ordinary citizens.

It is the polar opposite of “shall issue” requirements (as in my state, VA) which compel the government to issue a permit to any citizen who applies, who has not been convicted of a felony.

This case will almost certainly become a Supreme Court case – and in that case, it will decide national policy regarding concealed carry.

And, perhaps more.

If Hillary becomes Dear Leader, she will almost certainly appoint at least two and likely three new “justices,” all of whom will be (like her) very much interested in “sensible gun control.” Which (if you need me to translate) means: No guns for you.

It is a certainty that a Hillary Court will rule in favor of the appellate court. Which will result in more states enacting “good cause” requirements and possibly rescinding existing “shall issue” requirements and quite possibly concealed carry and open carry altogether.

Except, of course, for the Hero Class.

And the criminal class.

Or are you among the Elio who believe that criminals obey laws?

Again, this is a point of clear distinction between the two alternatives we are presented with. Neither are my preference, but the ice cold truth is that one of these two is going to be president.

There is no third option.

The choice we are confronted with, therefore, is either the absolute certainty of determined attempts to severely abridge our right to self defense, with a strong probability that these will succeed as a result of a fuhrerbefehl (executive order) outlawing possession of “assault weapons,” certain calibers of ammunition, heavy taxes on ammunition, mandatory gun insurance (to make owning a gun onerous, financially) and so on – or via a Supreme Court ruling with the same effect.

As opposed to at least a chance those things won’t happen if Trump defeats her.

Trump may simply be making the necessary noises to assuage his supporters, but he would have to go back on numerous public utterances he has made decrying “gun control” and in support of the Second Amendment.

I grant that he might.

But with Hillary, we know.

If the choice is between metastasizing cancer (Hillary) and a localized case of hemorrhoids… the choice seems pretty clear.

From the appellate court document.

The court affirmed the district courts’ judgments and held that there is no Second Amendment right for members of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public.

Appellants, who live in San Diego and Yolo Counties, sought to carry concealed firearms in public for self-defense, but alleged they were denied licenses to do so because they did not satisfy the good cause requirements in their counties. Under California law, an applicant for a license must show, among other things, “good cause” to carry a concealed firearm. California law authorizes county sheriffs to establish and publish policies defining good cause. Appellants contend that San Diego and Yolo Counties’ published policies defining good cause violate their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

The en banc court held that the history relevant to both the Second Amendment and its incorporation by the Fourteenth Amendment lead to the same conclusion: The right of a member of the general public to carry a concealed firearm in public is not, and never has been, protected by the Second Amendment. Therefore, because the Second Amendment does not protect in any degree the right to carry concealed firearms in public, any prohibition or restriction a state may choose to impose on concealed carry

Keep in mind as well that Hillary’s election assures the permanence (and expansion) of Obamacare. That we will be forced to pay money each year to the private, for-profit insurance mafia – the amount to increases each year, as surely as the cock crows in the morning. Obamacare will be used to shove the snout of the government into everything we do, as everything we do “affects” our “heath” – which is now no longer our business but the government’s.    

With Trump, there is at least a chance that Obamacare will be repealed or scaled back. Again, I grant it may be smoke and mirrors. But with Hillary, the situation is as crystal clear as a jug of 190 proof grain alcohol.   

I do not like compromising my principles. But a vote in self-defense is not a compromise of one’s principles any more than it means you concede the legitimacy of the income tax because you filed a 1099.

We are under duress.

Arguably, we have an obligation to do what we can to limit the harm caused to ourselves and others, to the extent it is in our power to do so.

Is there any way to stop Hillary other than voting for Trump?

If there is – please – tell me. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

Will you help us? 

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  1. So which is more genuine? The 24/7 huckster Trump. Or the fake accent maestro Clinton. Maybe they’re both fake in their own way. Maybe the joker and thief are both wrong. And there is no way out of here. And you can’t vote yourself no relief.

    Clinton adopts southern accent at first campaign stop in south

    It’s weird that you’re supposed to remain faithful to the accent your controllers programmed you with. That you’re somehow fake if you learn to talk in the various regional dialects. Truth is their isn’t much social truth available in America. It’s Mi6/CIA false constructs all the way up.

    I’m from Texas say it right. Look the part. Have the attitude. I’m from New York. SIR. LTP. HTA. I’m German. I’m British. I’m Nigerian. I’m part of the Global Battlestar Earth Tactical. So much shiite. Be yourself.

    It’s all a bunch of PTB bullshit. They certainly don’t keep to any of it.

    Maybe just resign yourself to being a clown. And make others laugh and have a little fun. Maybe sometimes its at your expense, but what does that matter.

    • Neither of these Dear Leader prospect appeals, but – again – that thing in the pants suit is as frightening to me as the prospect of waking up next to Clover in the morning. Worse, actually.

      • eric, I can’t think of that thing without the old song “Dead Babies” coming to mind. I’d like to do to it as was done in Inglorious Basterds and brand its forehead with a big BK, maybe add a swastika on those big old saggy cheeks.

  2. I stumbled across this today.

    Apparently Ken Burns, Lincoln hagiographer, addressed the graduating class at Stanford this year.

    Liberals, having concluded that Burns “pwned” Trump, are cackling with glee.

    I’m not a defender of Trump, and won’t vote for him. One key reason is Trump’s promise that anyone who shoots a cop will get the death penalty under a Trump administration.

    But I can’t help noting that Burns’ oblivious state worship utterly discredits him and those who agree with him.

    EPIC: Ken Burns, in Stanford Commencement Address, takes down Donald Trump

    “You know, it is terribly fashionable these days to criticize the United States government, the institution Lincoln was trying to save, to blame it for all the ills known to humankind, and, my goodness, ladies and gentlemen, it has made more than its fair share of catastrophic mistakes.

    But you would be hard pressed to find – in all of human history – a greater force for good. From our Declaration of Independence to our Constitution and Bill of Rights; from Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Nineteenth Amendments to the Land Grant College and Homestead Acts; from the transcontinental railroad and our national parks to child labor laws, Social Security and the National Labor Relations Act; from the GI Bill and the interstate highway system to putting a man on the moon and the Affordable Care Act, the United States government has been the author of many of the best aspects of our public and personal lives.

    But if you tune in to politics, if you listen to the rhetoric of this election cycle, you are made painfully aware that everything is going to hell in a handbasket and the chief culprit is our evil government.”

    Burns’ state worship is jaw-droppingly oblivious.

    • Mateen’s Father running for President of Afghanistan, is pro-Taliban. Has met with many US political leaders. There’s even pictures of him meeting Charlie Rangel, Dana Rohrabacher and Ed Royce in 2016.

      Mateen Sr. Has A YouTube channel and show: Durand Jirga.

      • Of course the Taliban were the ‘good guys’ back in the 80s when they were fighting the Russkies. Funded, and probably trained, by ‘the Company.’
        See Charlie Wilson’s War.

        • PtB, yep, they were all the rage. I recall sitting in a beauty shop in Odessa, Tx.(guess I should have posted a warning here)reading a Look or Life, yeah, Life….and it had a huge spread of photos of Taliban and Afghan’s (94% Afghan’s vs. 6 % Taliban..,,,,radical-assed religious terrorist, but let’s not quibble)regular people who would gather and kill them if they could. They had pics of Taliban making rifles on ground forges. They weren’t particularly accurate rifles but a woman who let her heel show while picking up sheep shit is ripe for vengeance. Charlie Wilson’s War was a bit of neocon bullshit, ok, a lot of neocon bullshit. It was the Russkies who were trying to protect the general population from the goddamn Taliban.

          Here, by all accounts, you have 6% of a population that terrorizes the other 94% and Life is speaking of how “religious” these fuckers are.

          It was hard enough to take the smell of all those killer chemicals they use to perform a “permanent”, which I think got it’s name from what happens following the application of said chemicals. Ever notice how the women who were always getting perms had the same IQ as the chipmunks they kept a feeder for in the backyard?

          My mother went to the “beauty shop” for perms and gossip. I’d sneak looks through the window to see how many cigs the crew could smoke but the choking laughing got to me and they were fairly boring anyway. But men were banned anyhow… if one would want to be in there.

          I remember a guy, one of those women’s husbands who once came to the door(I was watching from the side yard)and acted like he was completely embarrassed, like the slave who had to deliver bad news to massa. Scared, embarrassed and dreading dark when he almost had to come in the house and see how things were flying with the curly headed witch. Yep, those were the days.

          In the mid 60’s a friends mother accused me of being “dirty” cause I had long hair. He responded(supper table,him, his dad and his step-mom(bitch))….So mom, I live with the guy and he’s clean to the point of being too clean. He often washes his hair twice a day when he’s working hard…,, how often do you wash your hair?

          Well, I get my hair “done” every Saturday. That’s really great mom, so no matter if we have a pasture fire or you just work in the yard and go to school and be around all those people all day and sweat down, you wash your hair once a week. Then she said “You treat me worse than a dog” to which he replied “No mom, if you were a dog I’d take you out and shoot you”. It was one of my best defenses by proxy.

  3. These “conservative” judges you speak of appointed by “conservative” presidents had no problem trampling our rights in the drug war. There is no conservative in office , merely shades of progressive grey.

  4. There ought be a law and debt spending so In America, a man ought to be able to express his support for a candidate or a political viewpoint without being attacked by thugs.

    Why should Trump have to pay for his own security. Why must I be made to pay.

    I have no love for the latinos and blacks who were thugging at the rally. Nor for the useless pieces of shit largely white and suburban and poor urban aMoricons who waste their lives attending such pathetic prole masturbation shows as a Trump rally.

    Fuck all the Kabuki theater goers. Feed Trump Huitzilopochtli the same fish heads as the liberal and progressive Huitzilopochtli. To claim one is better than the other, while possibly true, is completely missing the point. Throw it all in the got dam woods already.

    • I’m not supporting Trump here, Tor. I’m just not cool with people who can’t restrain their violent tendencies. I don’t like “Illinois Nazis,” either. But they have every right to say, “Wake up, white people!” without being thug-scrummed as I have to advocate for a society based on the NAP.

      If anyone is subject to physical abuse merely for expressing a point of view, we’re all abused – in principle. And, inevitably, in fact.

    • Hi Tor,

      I’ve met Fred; we worked at the same outfit once. He’s not an asshole. Irritable, perhaps. But very smart and sensible. As I read this column, he is critiquing people who assault others on account of their political views (e.g., the anti-Trump people who threaten and actually do attack pro-Trump people).

      I support him on this.

      A man ought to be able to express his support for a candidate or a political viewpoint without being attacked by thugs.

      Again, I am not defending Trump. I am defending free speech.

      Even Clover’s.

      And also the NAP.

      I despise his views, but I would not threaten to beat him up or attempt to intimidate him physically in order to shut him up.

      Because that’s what Clovers do.

      They use threats and violence to get what they want.

      • eric, I felt the same way. I have friends in Ca. They’ve always spoken of what a Democratic screw up city SF is when it comes to nearly everything including taxes. They dream up crazy stuff and shove it down everyone’s throat.

        Of course, let’s keep in mind RR was the first to demand a gun ban to protect his white massa’s from all them dirty old niggas they was all so scared of. How dast a darkie complain in public and have the uppitiness to carry a legal gun. Why, they woulda had a necktie party for them boys…..if they hadn’t been armed.

      • The clovers as you see them want to impose a false reality on everyone and forcing others to pay for it.

        Fred, who usually I idolize, is in this specific article, being an asshole. Because he wants to force all of us to pay for the restoration of the American Order of his childhood.

        Most nights I listen to old radio shows as I go to sleep. I agree that the 30s 40s and 50s America were a better place and time. And had better art.

        But the flaw was the art was imposed by fiat and cages and violence.

        I don’t consent to any kind of manufactured reality or order. It seems a clear case of cognitive dissonance for you or anyone to say on one hand you hold individual liberty as an absolute.

        But that you then also accept a conflicting absolute that we all have to be taxed so that people can attend whatever political realities they want without any fear of competing “mobs” disturbing the “official reality” of the duly elected and authorized government mob.

        Don’t Idolize the Cabal of Reality Artists That Want To Build A Zoo of Their Imagination And Get You To Believe It’s Reality

          • now why can’t good things like that be on the radio. Instead it’s millions to buy a radio station and the conglomerates that own most of them play the same old stale drivel over and over.

            What if there was free radio like there’s still free internet. That would be something.

            vid with most views

            Robert Earl Keene’s Merry Christmas from the Family

  5. Does anyone elae find it strangely coincidental that just last week a federal court made the assetion that the 2A doesnt mean that citizens can carry loaded concealed guns on their person in public and that one of the highlights being initially reported about the terror attack in FL was that the gunman was a concealed carry permit holder?

  6. Well, this morning’s non government massacre in Orlando will have the cow (Hitlery) and the negro (Obombya) both calling for more gun control measures. You can already hear the screaming for it by the dumb ass talking MSM pundits. They know full well the laws banning firearms in bars (creating gun free slaughter zones) don’t stop anyone any more than laws banning firearms will. They don’t want to ban firearms actually. They want to ban mundanes owning firearms. Of course, criminals like the one that carried out the Orlando debacle don’t give a crap about any laws.

    Also, I like how the media is lying when they say this is the largest US mass murder in history! LOL! This probably is the largest non government mass murder in history but the largest US mass murder? Not by a long shot! The slaughter of Lakota at Wounded Knee Creek is estimated at 300 people and that is just one incident where the US gov slaughtered whole encampments of people, men, women and children.

    Propaganda crap all of it. Told the wife there is no way the government didn’t know this was going to happen. The government tracks all internet communications. However, the government will allow acts like the Orlando incident to happen so they can push their sick agenda.

    This is why I never go out in public except to buy necessities and items for home maintenance like lumber and columns for the porch or to go to work.

      • PTB, technically you are correct but the political discussion on a national basis has most people viewing O bomb ya as that. They view him as the first negro/black presickdent. They conveniently forget him being half white. Shrug, if they want to call him a negro who am I to argue? Fact is he will use this incident to shove more gun control laws through the legislative process.

        I did read elsewhere that the Orlando shooting may guarantee a Trump win by proving his assertions that the united States is allowing radicalized Muslims to enter the country although the alleged individual in this incident is said to be a uS citizen.

        Another person posited a theory that there was more than one person involved in this incident. Their assertion was a hundred casualties is very high for a one man operation. I, myself, have pointed out that airports being GFZs are great targets for a multi-man operation and could, in larger airports where the TSA create huge back up of lines of passengers, result thousands being killed/injured in a relatively short period of time.

        Additionally, I don’t know anyone that has any training with full auto firearms that use full auto continually. That is with the exception of machine / chain guns. Military training with small arms allows for full auto with 3 round burst. Indiscriminate use of full auto depleting a 20 round mag was/is highly frowned upon. Some witness testimony from the scene of the Orlando shooting has the individual(s) using full auto indiscriminately. Either there was more than one shooter so it seemed like the rate of fire was continuous auto or if there was one shooter and he wasted a butt load of rounds. Continuous full auto is a terror tactic meant to keep the enemy’s head down in an effort to keep them from returning fire. This is why a belt fed machine / chain gun is effective.

        In any case, expect the government not to let a (manufactured?) crisis go to waste. They will use this as a bludgeon to push their sick agenda down the throats of the people of the united States whether they want it or not!


        • David,
          One thing most people don’t know, is what gunfire sounds like.
          Especially among the liberal crowd.

          I’d wager (since reporting is biased and shoddy) the AR-15 he used was either modified illegally and/or the witnesses don’t have a clue (eyewitnesses are highly unreliable).
          You get people at the range now and again, “Hero Shooting” – pulling the trigger as fast as possible to fire, with usually zero accuracy. But it’s pretty rapid fire. You can get a 10-round magazine emptied in a matter of seconds.

          The purpose of this (presuming it’s a false flag operation) is to further demonize the AR-15 (civilian version of the current military rifles, M-4 and M-16, m-16 is select-fire last I heard, the M-4 carbine I believe is semi-auto only), and to show the police are powerless (unable to maintain order; libs will want UN troops soon enough, cons will want more guns, divide and conquer), and to get more mental health limits removed (everyone is mentally ill, therefore all wards of the gov’t – not allowed to vote or own guns/weapons).
          Probably other things, I’m on a meeting right now. but there’s a lot being done here, all meant to make our reasonable positions further divided and – best of all from the magic nigger’s POV – he’s aiding and supporting the enemies of the US, in this case Islam. (There’s a lot of chatter that the shooter is gay, too. Interesting. Makes sense, too, since there was a rumor that what set him off was that he saw two men kissing. Now, if he’s closeted, maybe he was going there regularly for hookups, and saw one of his paramours with someone else? And since homosexuality is a sin in Islam, there are no gays in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. Just like there’s no “down low” in the black community. You follow, right?)

          Truth is, we cannot be polite any more. If gun owners were ALL rabid fiends, even the sheep would be armed to the teeth and rabid. Just self-defense. Common sense.
          But instead, because there was alcohol there, all the targets were disarmed… And the SWAT went in hours after the initial exchange, I understand (2 hours, was it? Or 3?)
          So WTF good is SWAT and disarmed targets, when a lunatic (of any stripe or reason) shows up targeting people? He’s armed, no one else is. That’s a shooting gallery….

          Maybe it’s time to be pro-active. Reveal them to be rabid wolves, ALL of them. Target only the important ones, but make it too costly for them to continue the farce. Pink Pistols, for example, has made several statements about this event…


          So, quick parallel, too.
          There is a saying, “Liberalism is a mental illness.” Now, Conservatives claim transgenderism is a mental illness…. And of course, the invasive government they decry, MUST, MUST, MUST!!! protect the poor women-folk from them evil nigger Perverts! How? Invasive, big-government, police-state tactics. Which are of course, OK, because “for the women (children).”

          A few facts to stitch things together: MRIs can identify differences in the brain structure between male and female brains. Further, transsexuals have a brain that matches their target “gender expression” (meaning, they have a brain that matches the target sex. MTF or FTM, no hormone therapy involved, to ensure no issue with contaminated results.)
          So, not unlike Thalidomide, there are physical symptoms of transgenderism/transsexuality.

          Jump of logic from that: I’d guess there are similar differences between the collectivist and individualist mind. Conservative and Liberal (Capitals, to delineate party affiliation as well.)

          Whether it’s truly mental illness is debatable. Based on limited information (David Reimer being the most well-known), it seems there’s a certain mind:body mapping. Maybe it’s the same for the Con/Lib aspect, but we don’t have the information yet – and right now, the rabbits (collectivists) outnumber us.

          We need to remind people it’s the extremist (excluding all other) view that is the problem. I’d like to FORCE these collectivists to exist on their own for a while, but… (a) never happen, (b) it could induce mental problems for them. They’re hard-wired to think a certain way. Nora Vincent ended up in a mental ward for a while after writing her undercover book, “Self-made man,” where she pretended to be a man so she could examine “male privilege.” Meaning: It didn’t work the way she thought, or had been taught.

          But how does one fight the tide of idiocracy, when outnumbered? THEY are fanatics in that sense. Their very fear of being alone makes them dangerous.

          • There also have been scattered, unconfirmed (at this point) reports that there were at least 2 and possibly more shooters.
            With 200,000,000 weapons and 12,000,000,000 rounds of ammunition in the US, if that were the problem it would be all over by now.

        • Of course the ‘usual suspects’ are calling for restoration of the ‘assault weapons’ ban along with limitations on the size and number of magazines owned. Yet witnesses in Orlando describe the shooter as stopping to reload multiple times. So a lot of good that would have done. But if the club had not been a ‘gun-free’ zone. even if everyone had been taken by surprise and ducking for cover they could have stopped him during a ‘break.’
          BTW, the accurate definition of an ‘assault weapon’ is full automatic, so they are already (even if unjustly) banned.

  7. Well said Eric. I will be holding my nose and voting for Trump as I am convinced that even zombie Zachary Taylor would be a better president than that succubus. In this election i think all the hyperbole about the fate of the country hanging in the balance is true for once. Hillary would be the straw that broke the back and destroy what little shreds of what this country used to be. De Tocqueville was right

  8. 90% of women in the US will vote for Killary solely because she’s a “woman”. No doubt rational people differ on this.

    Isn’t it amazing that women will castigate men for fighting wars, but yet will vote for a woman who wants to start the war to end civilization the mother of all wars, that is WW3. And we are supposed to trust their “judgement”? Their “maternal instincts”?

    I put it to y’all that the creation of the Fed happened at the same time women got to vote was intentional. The elite knew that women would gladly trade freedom and privacy for “safety”. We all know how that worked.

    We had a female PM here in Oz not too long ago. She got there by stabbing in the back of 1 of the most popular PMs here in Oz. Then 3 years later when her antihuman ideology proved to be unpopular with, get this, WOMEN VOTERS, she got restabbed in her back by the same man she stabbed 3 years earlier. That was so funny, esp. when the women got mad that their demon was removed by the same process the demon used to get in power.

    So we voters get a choice of voting for career criminals who have a cock and 2 balls, or a career crim who has an opening between her legs, and 2 headlights on her chest, and who desperately tries to be a 3rd rate male, rather than try to be a first class female. Proof that the system is so corrupting that elimination of the system is the only course to improving the human race.

    Women who vote for crims like Killary betray womankind, and the portrayal of women as nurturing and caring people. Women who vote for Killary betray their own sex.

  9. Wow. Let me try this again as my first comment got censored. The interview with Levonjhelm is correct. The citizens here were disarmed at the request of the US government to protect its spy bases here that are used to lure our armed forces to support US combat forces waging war against sovereign countries.
    What was removed from us mere mortals was the right to protect our selves and property. The armed robbery rate doubled after the buyback and has NOT decreased since. Only the crims, and their counterparts, the state sponsored thugs in blue who are becoming more gun happy in recent times, have access to guns. But our gov’ts here in Oz lie about all they tell us.

    The right to vote for women happened at same time as the fed reserve was created. There is a link. Women happily trade freedom for safety. But men know this doesn’t work.

    But this vaccine damaged creature, known as Killary for destroying the 2 most tolerant muslim states (libya & syria), wants to take all freedom away from the populace so the murikan gov’t can impose its fascist force against the people.

  10. I can see how that “thing” might appeal to women, esp. modern young women who all feel their probs are caused solely by “men”. Women are all perfect doncha know… So it’s entirely reasonable that the majority of women will vote for this vaccine damaged bitch who takes money from foreign entities dedicated to the destruction of all that is western.
    Just like that dumb bitch Gillard here in Oz who stabbed her master in the back, reaffirmed her distaste for all that heterosexuals stand for, then got dismayed when her backstabee then restabbed her in the back…. Ha ha ha ah ha ha

    Well, what goes around comes around, usually with much greater force…..

    When women vote for such a backstabber, liar, killer (Libya, Syria), and traitor like Killary, how can they expect us men to trust women in leadership roles? How can they expect us to believe that women are intelligent, capable of reason and logic, and are nurturers and carers of all humans, when this bitch is running for president of the fascist states of amurika? And glorifies the destruction she caused in Libya and Syria, who by the way were 2 of the most secular moozie countries on the planet, where all religions were tolerated. But are now bastions of moozies fighting each other, and now this fighting is spreading to Europe.

    This evil woman is the reason male “chauvinism” exists and is now becoming stronger. Because women will not stand up for freedom, preferring dictatorship instead of freedom.

    I bet Monica gave bill a much better blow job than Killary’s malformed lips could ever have done. I point out that America’s drive to fascism coincided with the vote given to women. All rationality then disappeared from politics, like the enactment of prohibition that utterly failed and was strongly supported by women.

    As for gun control in Australia, gun crime is 2X the level pre confiscation, but the politicians of course lie about this. Now only the crims have guns, and many of those crims serve in the police FORCES here in Oz, and they too have guns, which they like to flaunt. But in the rural areas the story is different.

      • bevin, Texas pays the fed for 16 other states. Tx. will be way ahead fiscally not to pay the fed and not to have military installations, as bad as some who get rich from them might scream. We don’t need a fence…..anywhere except maybe the north border to slow down the N wind…..and yankee influx.

        I wouldn’t even try to make the case of there being any less corruption than other states but maybe without fed influence we might roll back a great many laws. Search, seizure and forfeiture laws are already getting a beating in the public eye although as I just posted, SCOTX upheld bad warrants and still illegally taking property. It will be better addressed without the fedgov involved. We’d love(I speak for those who would and those who would if they were to come to their senses)to have you back.

        • Dear 8,

          Yup. Even if nothing else changed, eliminating the fedgov from the equation would be a vast improvement.

          In particular, gun laws would surely be very different. That’s one of my highest priorities, assuming we are still stuck with minarchism rather than anarchism.

          • bevin, running west on I-20 yesterday a guy on a big Harley passed me. He had on a t-shirt which the wind had pulled up enough to expose most of a large auto handgun in his waistband…..or either he’d just stuck it in like that. Either way, it’s no big thing in Tx. Hitlery will be intent on using that same law they passed in Ca. to disarm everyone in every state.

            • Mexican carry on a motorsickle?

              Large auto? I’m guessing it was an 1911 or variant.

              Hopefully it was secured firmly in an inside the waistband holster. Maybe with a hammer loop or thumbstrap even.

              Wouldn’t want it to slide out and get scraped all to hell on the road surface.

              • Looked secure back against the seat where it makes a jump up for rear rider. It was a plastic special of some sort, hammerless, Glock type of thing. Appeared to have plenty cheek to hold it….large automatic opening ha ha.

    • “If Hitlery wins, I suspect the secession bill that the Tx. Lege failed to pass will do so by a landslide.”

      That almost makes me want her to win.


  11. I wonder how seductive the chance to “vote for a woman” will be? We’ve just witnessed niggers prove out their stereotype in spades. Will dumb broads fare any better?


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