Pill Popping Ohio Hero Charged With 38 Felonies

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Via TheNews-Messenger.com:

Sheriff Kyle Overmyer of Sandusky, Ohio faces several felony counts of deceiving physicians and pharmacists to obtain prescription pain medication on various dates beginning April 2014 through January 2015, including nine separate cases of seeking Percocet, five instances in which he sought Hydrocodone pills and one case in which he sought Oxycodone.

“He was indicted on various counts of deception to obtain drugs, filing a false financial affidavit, tampering with records and theft of drugs,” Hamilton O’Brien said Tuesday night.

The indictment, which was released by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Tuesday night, also alleges that Overmyer falsified financial statements between January 2009 and August 2016.

Several counts in the indictment include theft in office of monetary values over $1,000, but less than $7,500. The theft allegations detailed in the indictment range from November 2013 through April 2015.

Last January, it was revealed the state was investigating Overmyer in connection with the collection of take-back prescription pill boxes from county police departments, also included among the 43 charges in the indictment.

During this  period, Overmyer is alleged to have improperly collected the boxes from April through August of 2015.

Also included in the indictment were allegations that Overmyer tampered with records between November 2013 and December 2015.

Overmyer is expected to appear in court Wednesday before visiting judge Patricia Cosgrove.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine released a statement detailing the counts against Overmyer, including:

• Twelve counts of tampering with records, all third-degree felonies. Overmyer is alleged to have tampered with records concerning the departments Furtherance of Justice account.

• Twelve counts of deception to obtain a dangerous drug, all fourth-degree felonies. Overmyer is alleged to have deceived physicians and pharmacists in order to obtain prescription pain medication, according to DeWine’s release.

• Six counts of theft in office, all fourth-degree felonies. The sheriff is alleged to have improperly taken medication from prescription drug disposal drop boxes.

• Four four-degree felony counts of theft.

• One fifth-degree felony count of theft.

• Five first-degree misdemeanor counts of filing false financial disclosure reports.

Hamilton O’Brien, the Delaware County prosecutor, said Overmyer is still the sheriff in Sandusky County, and said she is working with Overmyer’s legal counsel to have him turn himself in.

The investigation that resulted in the charges is actually the second investigation launched by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations. The original investigator, Special Agent Jeff Cook, had to be removed after he told police chiefs from the departments Sheriff Overmyer had been improperly collecting the drugs from that the investigation was “trivial and minor” without issuing any warrants or subpoenas  and without interviewing anybody from those departments in relation to the matter.

The dozens of subsequent charges emerged after two other agents were assigned to investigate. Meanwhile, Sandusky Sheriff’s Deputy Sean O’Connell is being investigated and could possibly face charges himself for acting as a whistle blower by leaking files containing the information that justified those charges to Carol Hamilton O’Brien, a special prosecutor assigned to the case.

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  1. This article came up in the suggestions today. So I searched on this guy. Oh well guess what? He’s a rebranded “hero” now! I wonder how many people’s lives this POS destroyed over significantly less criminality?

    Article clip (Oct 2020):

    “Now he’s out, he’s sober and sharing his story of recovery.

    “Don’t ever be too afraid or ashamed to speak about your addiction.”

    That, Kyle Overmyer says, was his undoing. “That was my biggest hurdle to get over was shame. And who’d ever thought that the Sheriff of Sandusky could have a so-called weakness of addiction? And that was my biggest weakness I was ashamed to talk about it.” But talking about it is what Overmyer does these days in his role as a drug counselor at The Recovery Institute of Ohio.”

  2. Yes, I’ve been kicked out of several “CONservative” groups for noting there’s a term for cops who break the “thin blue wall”: Ex-Cops.
    Sometimes interchangeable with “corpses.”

    But they think there’s something wrong with ME for pointing out injustices. They’re just good little slaves from my perspective…
    Not enough bullets for them all…

    • Good god Jean,you can’t say anything negative about the anointed ones.

      After all, clovers are committing adultery on the side with this sort. Speak of it and they could both be culpable.

      WTF are you doing with “conservatives” anyway? You’re liable to catch a terminal illness, like stupidity.


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