Camry Clover

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Here’s a video of a Camry Clover. Clovers seem to love Camrys (also PT Cruisers and, of course, the Prius hybrid).

Almost as much as they love taking their time. And ours, along with it.

If only these Clovers would move over, no one would begrudge them their slow-driving ways. The thing that makes them Clovers is their refusal to move over – their determination to make others share their slow-driving ways!

PS: Send us your Clover vids. We’ll happily publish them – with commentary! E-mail to: [email protected] depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us!

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  1. I once mentioned back in 2007 the old slowpoke Caddy driver was now the new Camry driver. It’s really bad in towns, not so much on interstates although 2 lane highways have enough to cause accidents.

    I used to occasionally drive a truck that was speed limited to 65. When traffic was thick on two lane roads I’d let a line form behind me and then turn off at some place it was safe to get back on. You could nearly hear the sighs of everybody I’d been holding up. It didn’t make a damn to me for those 30 seconds I lost and gave me a chance to bump and “water” the tires… em down doncha know?

  2. BTW, it is your duty to lean on your horn and use sign language when you are forced to pass someone on the right.

    Unless you do they don’t even know that they’re doing something wrong. These people need to know in no uncertain terms that they’re being Dicks and that it isn’t acceptable since the cops won’t pull them over for obstructing.

  3. A couple of comments:

    1. Toyota (and some Nissans and lots of other car companies) have their speedometers set 3 MPH below the speed limit at 50MPH. They think they’re doing the limit but really aren’t. I first noticed this in my Nissan Frontier which is always 3 MPH optimistic (with stock tires) compared to GPS and my WRX which are within 1/10th of a MPH of each other.

    2. Clovers know where the passing zones (dotted lines) are! They accelerate when you get to them to prevent you from passing. Drives me nuts EVERY day some idiot does this.

    3. If they don’t accelerate, as soon as they notice your turn signal to pass them in these zones they slam on their breaks almost causing a rear end collision.

    4. In passing lanes they also accelerate thus causing the clover that only wanted to do 5 MPH faster to CREAP by by them thus holding up the entire line that was dying to get by the clover!

    5. Even if there is no clover behind a clover action to hold you up, you have to speed by an enormous amount to get by these now speeding clovers because heaven forbid you pass them.

    6. Cops lover the end of passing lanes/zones to nail those of us that dare pass clovers. GRRR. And they also LOVE to use instant on radar.

    • John, I can’t believe anyone but me has noticed vehicles that are obviously slow by speedometer. The patch was solid pickups and trucks of all sizes when the boom was on. When going out or coming back in I right away noticed 2012-2014 Super Duty Ford pickups would be leading a conga line sometimes miles long doing 72 on two lane roads you couldn’t get a break to pass. It was maddening one vehicle tailing the other and all held up by a single pickup. Most of those people if given the chance weren’t going to be holding anyone up doing 75 and many of them weren’t going to hold up anyone doing 85. This was worse at the end of the day but maddening no matter when it occurred. Other Ford pickups didn’t seem to have this problem. I couldn’t understand why the drivers couldn’t understand they were slow. These were roads where no speed was considered too fast even though they were shitty, narrow two lane roads. Take away those people and the general flow of traffic would have been 80-90…..except for waterhaulers who would pull out in front of really fast traffic and not move over and not get over 60 and then slowly slow and finally signal before turning into another facility. And then there were Koch and SAIA trucks that never broke 60 and never pulled over to let an endless stream of traffic around. What’s a few minutes anyway? For a lot of big rig drivers it was the difference between unloading with some light or in the dark, often having to get under another trailer and load it… the dark. For years I saw my wife briefly once or twice a day. Her sister couldn’t understand her not coming to spell her for a week. She couldn’t seem to understand I left hours before the sun came up and got home hours after it had gone down. It’s not easy to come in and cook and feed dogs and cats, make sure the cattle water wasn’t frozen, do a pre-trip inspection instead of doing it in the morning when everything was too cold to touch and going to bed knowing you could just crank up and leave without any drama. And in the warm months there were just that many more hours to work.

      • It often happens if the tire radius is changed through new ones etc. but because of government mandate speedometers MUST NEVER, EVER BE SLOW. So they started setting them fast. 3 MPH fast.

        SAD and VERY VERY VERY annoying. Just pull the hell over people!


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